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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. developing news right now at 4:30. a complicated rescue in a way moth are veen. at the bottom, a badly injured woman. >> a toddler run over. her sister started the car. >> plus from worst to first. the champagne celebration as the we're inside the locker room with reaction. . good morning. thanks for joining us. >> it is thursday, september 29th. it looks like we're kind onst of on repeat with the weather. >> another dreary, another dreary day. >> it is going to be cool, kind of raw feel, with that wind off the ocean. there may be some peeks of
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spots. so that will be a welcome change. 57 in boston right now. we are 52 in manchester. colder the farther north you go because we have some partially cleared skies. the wind is gusty out there. over 20 miles per hour in spots from the coastline back down to the cape, we're gusting over 30 in vineyard. we have locked in the clouds in a lot of spots. but notice the farther north you go, there's actually some clear skies in place so the planner goes this way, low clouds, gusty breeze, a patch of brings el. some breaks of sun especially in northern massachusetts as we head into the second half of the afternoon. sunset at 6:28. i'll let you know when? steadier rain comes back in the mix. >> construction inside the o'neill tunnel is happening this morning.
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tunnel are closed. make sure you're extra cautious around crews. construction has been wrapping up around 5:00 a.m. each day. it should not affect your morning commute. we begin with a developing story in weymouth in morning. a badly injured woman rescued from a roadside ravine. police and firefighters responded to the scene around 9:00 last night. we've learned crews had to use ropes to reach that woman and bring her 30 feet up. back to the roadway. no word on her condition she ended up there. this was a large crime scene set up in the area. we have a crew in weymouth this morning. we will bring you information as we get it. a young man rescued at sea said he did not harm his mother or kill his grandfather. 22-year-old nay nan carman says suspicious about his account are increasing his grief over the apparent drowning of his mother, lynn d.a. police searched nathan's vermont home. court documents also revealed he
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of his grandfather in connecticut. nathan's father says his son is not capable of hurting anyone. >> there's a -- they're the clog closest to my son in the world. and let me just say this, there's no way he would ever injure either one of them. >> police issued a warrant for his grandfather's murder. prosecutored said there's not enough information. police say she was by her 7-year-old sister. police in salem new hampshire say the children's mother gave the older daughter permission to start the car while she stayed inside the apartment. witnesses told police the toddler followed her outside, somehow the 7-year-old knocked the car into reverse and backed over his little sister. police do not think this was the first time the 7 year old was allowed to start the car. >> which makes this even probably a little bit more
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get in a van, start it up. really, where was you at? >> so far police have not released the name of the mother but they say she could face child endangerment charges. this morning, burlington high's varsity football coach is on paid leave. it's investigating claims of verbal misconduct. the school wouldn't go into specifics. there are two sides to every story. >> football is like a really serious sport, so you know, coaches they have to fete into it could be the players being oversensitive about it, or coach could have overstepped the bounds. you can't be too harsh. >> the attorney says they aren't familiar with the details but they are confident the school system will clear him. several students are facing punishment over this video. it shows them driving on school property waving a large confederate flag. it happened at newton high school on monday. a student posted it on social
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the students involved. in a letter to parents, the principal says they're taking appropriate action but did not reveal how the students will be punished. the red sox celebrating this morning. the yankees hitting a walk-off grand slam after some shaky sox pitching. >> the sox popping the sham antibiotic and partying any -- champagne and partying anyway. >> reporter: it certainly was a strange night in the red sox giving up the walk-off grand slam. toronto losing gave the red sox the eastern league east. they went in the clubhouse and began celebrating and celebrating and enjoying themself for what they had accomplished from day one in spring training turning around from a last-place finish in 2015 to a first-place finish in 2016. they are american league east champs and they're in the mix for home field advantage.
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they celebrated and got a good celebration in. it wasn't over the top though and now they prep for the next step. if they get past, on to the world series. overall, red sox happying to american league east champs. >> it's been a great journey. we're not done yet, but to be -- to do something like this with this group of guys has been, you know, the best thing. i think -- it's a brotherhood in here for sure. i think you guys see that out on the field. >> a little what does that mean to you? >> the same. when you know you've got to -- we have just to bring the same energy every day. >> you try to have three more celebrations after this. in your mind you've been on three world series champion teams. what will make the difference and what do you think about this group trying to get the challenge done. >>. >> you've got to, you know, be
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game. especially the second half the season. >> you're awesome. >> thanks, bro. >> reporter: still much more to come. the celebration of david ortiz will come. david ortiz is honored by the new york yankees and go home. ortiz will be celebrated friday, saturday, and sunday as they wrap -- wrap up the regular season. we'll see what happens next. for the stadium. i'm dan roche. donald trump will hold a rally in new hampshire today, trump will speak to -- at the sports plex in bedford this afternoon. last night we wrapped up a busy day in wisconsin where he stepped up his attacks on hillary clinton and painted himself as an outsider who will make america safe. hillary clinton in the meantime, made a stop in boston last night. she attended a private fund-raiser. earlier in the dade clinton
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younger voters at unh. vote clinton and sanders focused on free tuition. to expand charter schools in massachusetts, a report by the massachusetts taxpayer foundation shows charter schools have little impact on spending by local school districts. supporters of question two argue charter schools do not pose a financial threat and that report put district schools at a advantage. political analyst jon keller will have the results of our exclusive poll on what voters think about expanding charter schools in massachusetts. denmark's crowned prince and wife will be in boston for the next few days as part of a trade mission. the royal couple was in washington, d.c. last night. they will meet mayor walsh and governor baker tomorrow. the visit also includes a trip
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motive in a school shooting. >> new details this morning on the 14 year old accused of killing his father before shooting a teacher and two students in south carolina. >> also ahead, two goats attacked at the arboretum. who is responsible for the injuries. >> and it's national coffee day where you can score some sweet
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. a little extra perk for coffee lovers today, it's national coffee day. you can grab some deals on your favorite pick-me-up. cumberland farms is overing a free cup. du' coffee for 66 cents. pete's you can get a free medium coffee with a purchase of any fresh food item. there's a lot more going on with these deals. you can check out the website. since it's national coffee day, i'm going to bring my coffee right on the desk. >> can i bring mine? >> yes. it is 4:42. >> home brewed today, kate. >> very impressed yep. in today's watch, millennials looking to make some extra cash plus the new side jobs popping up.
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files for bankrupt. jill wagner is live at the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: good morning. flat bread is falling flat. the chain announced its filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. it is based in boston. it employed about one had you people. some franchises will remain open during the process. many millennials are working side jobs according to a survey. 44% of those ages 25 to 34 and jobs to earn extra money. it's compared to just 29% of 35 to 44-year olds and 22% of those ages 45 through 54. here's a potential side job, you could play tower guide in your own city. air bnb is extending its live like a local philosophy to
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you give me a tour? >> i can't promise you, even though i was born and raised here, that i know all the stuff because i've never taken the tours myself. so we'll just kind of do the tours of the stuff that i know, which is probably not the stuff you want to see. >> reporter: no, that's how you live like a local, right. >> all right. so we'll not go to samuel hall, quincy hall, all the stuff, i can't explain any of it. >> are you serious? >> i want the cute coffee shops. that i can tell you you. >> are you serious? you've never been to the freedom trail? >> no i haven't. i know it but i couldn't tell anybody else. i've never done the freedom trail, i've been to -- i've lived in a historic town, danielle and i've never taken the tour around concord. >> literally the start of the country. >> what are you doing? >> i live there so i feel like i just sort of know it, but i could not take anyone around. it's embarrassing i know.
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friends on the freedom trail and i had the app. so i was reading off of it like i was all official and stuff like that. when you live here, too you go around and okay, don't need to know the keets. dew points in the low 50s. 21 miles per hour right now, the wind is gusty. it will stay that way through the day today. persistent onshore wind. 59 in taunton. we are in the lower 50s here from wooster to manchester. we've had clear ses there have been actually some peeks of clearing right long the mass/new hampshire border. so the surprise today, or maybe not the surprise, will be the fact that the sun will break out at times. notice the hour-by-hour forecast, the clouds will be stubborn along the south coast. the coastline of essex county, but late in the day especially, notice what happens, we may get a few peeks that break out in northern massachusetts and through the interior, especially. i still can't rule out a couple patchy areas at the coast.
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dry. afternoon temperatures, too, in the upper 50ss to low 60s. we get a break of sun, we should boost in the mid-60s today. there will be clouds that fill back in tonight. some patchy drizzle as well. 52 for an overnight low tonight, although the suburbs will dip into the upper 40s in spots. wash, rinse, repeat again tomorrow. 55 to 60 for high temperatures. i think most of tomorrow morning and afternoon is try but then this next surge of moisture comes in some areas of rain tomorrow evening into the overnight as the next wave of low pressure goes by that will mean a soggy start to the weekend. great morning to sleep in, right? areas of rain. that will taper off in intensity through the day but there will still be areas of drizzle and fog saturday afternoon. monday we keep the threat of showers around. mainly cloudy for sunday, 1:00 p.m. kick off at gillette.
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east-northeast breeze. meanwhile, tropical storm matthew is gaining strength. this is not the latest update, we're waiting on that in minutes. matthew now has 65 miles per hour winds, is now spinning to the west of bar bay dose, down through gra in a da. we're talking about a path that will take it in the caribbean and strengthen into a hurricane later on today and curb east of jamaica. we'll keep an eye on that time frame. otherwise, we see gradual improvements with just a >> danielle, watch out for construction crews inside the o'neill tunnel this morning. they are working in both directions. two left lanes on 93 northbound and southbound through the tunnel are closed. construction has been wrapping up around 5:00 a.m. each day. there is more construction on 128 this morning. that's also happening in both directions. just make sure you use caution. a pair of goats are
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arboretum. they were reported attacked by an unleashed dog. that goat got through an -- the dog got through an electricity phied fence where the goats were being kept. both goats are expected to recover. you can see the injuries right there on their legs. animal control and boston police are investigating the dog's owner. a firefighter is being called a hero for tackling a teenage gunman at a south carolina elementary school. police say the boy first killed his father before shooting a teacher and two students. schooled and didn't even attend that school. hannah daniels has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: townville elementary school remains closed and for the rest of the week as investigators try to figure out what led a teenager to open fire on school grounds wednesday. >> did he have issues at school? did he have issues at home, we don't know but we're going to run the gamut of everything. >> reporter: authorities say the 14-year-old suspect drove to the school, got out of his car, and
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the playground with a handgun. frantic parents were sent an emergency text and rushed to the scene. >> the school basically filled up with police officers, e.m.s., basically we were told at that point was on lockdown. we saw helicopters coming? >> reporter: a female teacher and 26 year old boys were wounded. an unarmed firefighter was one of the first on the scene. he tackled the teen and held him down until police arrived. >> ion amongst that doesn't believe the firefighter is absolutely a hero to us and the whole community. >> reporter: before the shooting officials say the teen shot and killed his father, jeffrey osborne inside his home, just three miles from the school. the teen then called his grandparents who discovered the body. >> they couldn't understand why he was crying on the phone and they couldn't make sense of it. >> reporter: officials at the school are offering grief counseling to teachers and
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two boston hospitals. >> plus governor charlie baker heading overseas to talk trade and taxpayers are covering some of the cost. >> and more samsung products coming under the microscope.
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p?p?o?gv . police cannot see the cell phone unless they have specific evidence. it was connected to a crime. that's the unanimous decision from the state's highest court.
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use cell phones to talk to other suspects, that isn't enough to override the right to privacy. investigators have released new sketches of a suspect in the murder of a massachusetts middle school teacher abducted in 1992. dna research to come up with this image of her possible killer. 91 grabbed lisa ziegler during the early hours while she was at her night job at a card shop. her body was found four days later. prent congress has created a dangerous precedent by overriding his veto of allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia. this is the first time congress has reversed one of the president's vetoes. the white house says this law could american diplomats, officials and service members to be sued in foreign courts. families who want to sue, say a lawsuit could offer new information and prevent future attacks. saudi arabia and its ally warn
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preoccur indications. investigators have identified two suspects taking a bomb. they left a pressure cooker device behind. that bomb did not explode but officials say the men were tourists and have since returned home to egypt. the new york times is reporting the fbi has submitted a request to the egyptian government to question the men. officials stress the men are potential witnesses, not suspects. governor charlie baker planning h commission in israeli. he's pitching massachusetts as a business hub. looking to expand in the u.s. administration officials say tax dollars will only be used to cover the cost of security detail. the this morning of the family of a soldier has a valuable art "f" from a his service. when the dog tags with the name his name were found along the road in ran dal, police appeal the public in hopes they can track downtown family.
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return the tag to the soldier's oldest grandson, hughes was originally from brookline. he was deployed from 1917 to 1919 when he returned, he settled and he raised a family in roxbury. two boston hospitals falling short when it comes to controlling certain infections. consumer reports gave both bring ham and women's and mass general low marks when it comes to preventing infection by a bacteria called the hospitals each had an infection rate higher ant -- than the national average. it is found in healthcare settings prevented by vent hand washing. new hampshire has its first flu case. health officials are reminding and encouraging everyone six months and older to get the flu shot as soon as possible. flu season runs from october through may. first it was their
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problem, exploding washing machines. a warning was issued yesterday they are investigating reports that some top-loading washers exploded while in use. the consumer product safety commission suggests customers only use the delicate cycle when washing bulky items like bedding, the machines were made between march 2011 and april of this year. coming up next, big papi trying out a new career. >> boston fans wild. access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible
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dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to live a full life. tomorrow. most people spend more time planning their vacation than they do for retirement. but i like to think of retirement like it's a 30-year vacation. so how are you going to get there? don't worry. it just takes some planning. and i can help. so if you have a question about retirement, ask me. sincerely, bernard tynes
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. big papi hitting the road in disguise. >> and giving fans a lig lift. >> who is your favorite boston athlete. >> papi. i think everybody is supposed to like. >> papi. >> he's pretty good. >> i like him because they tell me to like him. >> he ride-sharing service lyft to surprise passengers in boston i don't know if i believe this. how can you not it's not papi with that voice and terrible wig. >> the sun glasses give it away. >> i'm not getting in the front seat ever of a lyft or uber. i don't know. >> i want to know if that girl, they tell me to like papi if she would have recognized him. >> we'll get the i-team on this one and look into it. your top stories, weather
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>> the news at 5:00 starts right now. and developing right now at 5:00 a.m. a woman pulled from a roadside ravine in weymouth. what we're learning about the complicated rescue. >> a 2-year-old in the hospital after she was hit by a car in new hampshire and police say her 7-year-old sister was behind the wheel. >> popping the champagne the sox lose but still manage to clinch the eastern league east title. we locker room. . good morning to you. it's 5:00 right now. thanks so much for waking up with us. >> it is thursday, september 29th. another dreary day after a dreary day yesterday. danielle what are we looking for this morning. >> it looks like we may see, chris and kate, a few peeks of sunshine today. so that will be a welcome change. they'll be few and far between but there will be a few out there. 56 in boston out there right


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