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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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parts of the ceiling of the terminal collapsing as a result. >> there were folks hobbling around, people holding their limbs, holding their backs and things like that. it was definitely some bad injuries. >> blood kind of like around their faces. people were, like, holding onto each other. >> we have no indication that this is anything other than a tragic accident. >> reporter: one woman standing on the platform was killed, new jersey reporters. christie and cuomo commended people for helping first respondersp. >> we're not going to speculate about the cause of the accident. >> reporter: the train operator is said to be in critical condition but cooperating with investigators. there is also video footage that may have been captured.
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well. we're live in hoboken, new jersey, louisa moeller, wbz news. >> stay with us on the air and online with the latest on the crash as information becomes available. our next news is on my tv 38 at 8:00. a development in the all- sought search for the home invasion suspects. >> heavily armed police swarmed a neighborhood and orders bill? >> reporter: liam, police said four guys broke into that white house you see in back of me. police were called. they grabbed two of them. the problem is, one of the guys they grabbed had a gun. so that brought out a lot of state police, environmental police looking for the other two. >> reporter: the policemen with the assault rifles. >> reporter: residents in this
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schools were ordered to shelter in place. police were posted there when classes injured. >> tonight the response is gratifying to know that we are being looked after. >> reporter: it started at mid- morning when four men broke into this three-unit apartment house in hampton. when police arrived, the suspects ran. two were quickly cult. one had a gun. at this point, police believe it was a random break- may be a b&e ring as there's been house breaks reported in pembroke over the line. >> reporter: mid-afternoon, the state police s.w.a.t. team re-entered the building that had been broken into in the first place, but they came out empty handed. still, local residents watched it all in disbelief. >> just a little concerned. especially when you see
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yeah it's concerning. >> reporter: right behind me at route 27 and 58, we're told police arrested a third suspect but one more is out there. i'm bill shields, wbz news. boston police just issued a warning about a sexual assault in jamaica plain. a woman says a man approached her on gay head street. she says and forced her into a dark home where he sexually assaulted her. local day cares are shut down parents go the a shock when they went to drop off their kids. >> a note on the door said it all. tomorrow, the day care closes indefinitely. they tracked down the owner and beth is live in revere with the latest now.
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offering little explanation as to how it got this far. the state's saying she ignored orders to improve operations even after numerous regulatory violations. tonight she spoke with a former employee who said worker $their best even as she had trouble getting paid. >> not being able to cash our checks, not getting our checks on time. >> reporter: lisa was laid off two weeks ago from the somerville location where she was the assistant she paints a picture of dedicated women caring for children and owner terry ba it. ano not so dedicated to her work -- terry batonno not so dedicated to her workers. >> reporter: what made you stay so long? >> the kids, the love of the kids. regardless of the working conditions, you want to make sure the kids have the best possible day they could. >> reporter: what about not paying employees, unclean conditions? she wasn't answering questions
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care locations for numerous locations and cut off funding for the vouchers she relies on to run her program. now she tells parents she'll have to close. >> dead mice and droppings that were never cleaned up. >> reporter: the revere housing inspector shows us photos he took last year of filth as he responded to parent complaints of deplorable conditions. >> it's mold and mildew from the rug that was never properly cleaned. >> reporter: employees paid food and drink for children, something lisa dwyer says she took care of herself. >> i would go to the store to buy formula, milk and cereal for breakfast and still haven't been reimbursed for it. >> reporter: the owner says without funding she cannot provide them paychecks, something she is working with the state to rectify. all of this has left a lot of
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reporting live from releer, i'm beth germano, wbz news. >> on election day, voters will be deciding whether to expand charter schools in massachusetts. tonight, wbz's jon keller has an exclusive look at new results from our wbz umass amherst poll. >> for more than 20 years, public charter schools provided an option for massachusetts families dissatisfied with the conventional public schools. thousands are on the waiting list to get into them. the teacher unions are pouring millions into a campaign to stop question 2 which would allow the state to authorize up to 12 new charter schools each year. the wbz umass amherst poll finds near majority support for lifting the current cap on the number of charter schools. 49% for yes on question two, 39% opposed and 12% undecided.
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demographics, men, women, all age groups, all educational groups. the only folks opposed to charter schools are democrats and liberals. >> good news for a pro charter campaign that has gained extensive financial backing. presidential races tend to drought largest turnouts of any election. so it's anyone's guess how the demographics play out on voting day. a yes-vote was endorsed region's african-american newspaper. senator elizabeth warren threw her support behind a no-vote. better brace yourself for a bruges of dualing ads as this key education reform battle heads down the stretch. i'm jon keller at large, wbz news. tomorrow morning, who are the state's most popular politicians and who might challenge them when they run for re-election. jon reveals those results tomorrow morning on wbz at 6:00
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mystery at sea. >> why federal investigators are digging into nathan carmen's story. he was rescued, his mother disappeared and tonight what they say about his fishing trip. >> big papi gets the praise he deserves. the legislation in the works to give him a permanent honor. >> we could see relief as we head toward the weekend. bad timing with promising rain
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. new details tonight after a young man is rescued at sea, his mother, presumed dead, and tonight a boat mechanic tells us they were planning a trip to a treacherous spot. it's not clear what happened when nathan carmen and his mom went on a fishing trip off rhode island. >> police in three states are
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>> christina? >> reporter: well, i spoke with police in rhode island, who have been investigating whether linda carmen's son nathan took her to a risky fishing spot in a boat that wasn't safe. they tell me federal investigators are now joining in as well as police from other states. the case that first brought out the yellow ribbon is now bringing together law enforcement from three different states and the federal government. the old linda carmen presumed dead, lost at sea during a fishing trip that left her son nathan carmen stranded in a raft for eight days after his boat capsized. he cold "good morning america" he thought the boat was sea worthy. >> i didn't know if she had been dragged down with the ship. neither of us had been wearing life vests. >> reporter: at the marine that where nathan kept his boat there is an empty slip. he and his mother are seen on
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overnight trip to block island. ten days later, nathan pulled into government boston on a coast guard cutter after a freighter rescued him. they went to a spot his mother refused to go to in the past called the canyon. >> you are just in the middle of the ocean vulnerable to everything. >> why would you want to go there? >> all of the trophy fish are out there, like, marlon and tuna. >> in addition to the rhode island case, they are working on the nathan's wealthy grandfather. nathan is the last known person to be with him in life and a person of interest. >> i've had absolutely nothing to do with my grandfather's death. >> reporter: because this case is so complex and spans several states, local and state police from rhode island, connecticut, and vermont plan to meet with federal investigators at the coast guard academy in new
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and work on this case. in middletown, connecticut, christina hager, wbz news. we now have a hurricane in the tropics. >> erika, a lot to watch. it's still about eight to nine days from making a pass toward new england. so we have something to watch. it doesn't feel like it's that far away. matthew right now, 75 mile-per- hour winds rate in the middle outer bands in aruba and there is also a tropical storm watch in parts of columbia that sticks out a little bit. this is going to move to the west over the next couple of days. then it takes a jog off toward the north. it will make a close pass at jamaica. that would be sunday into monday. so jamaica watching this one closely. from there it likely moves over eastern cuba. there will be a big difference and the future down the road
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going right tend cuba and haiti or going over haiti, which would really disrupt the storm. that's something we'll watch down the road. early next week, we move to the bahamas. the imminent threat across jamaica, cuba, and hispaniola. on alert, across the bahamas and florida, for the east coast, we're just watching here. there's so much uncertainty and so many players that will dictate where it goes. ai impacts. so it's something to update you on and is too far out to say where it's going to ahead. in the short term, it's cool outside. areas north and west of the city enjoy the sun out there today. now clouds spreading across all of the area, and there's plenty of stormy weather to track as we head into friday, saturday, and sunday. so the clouds return tonight. it will be breezy out of the northeast. it will be cool in the upper
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as we look toward tomorrow, the rain lifts out. tomorrow morning, we'll have cloudy skies. i do think there will be showers breaking out across the south coast, the cape and islands tomorrow morning. as we head into the afternoon and evening, more showers are lifting northward. areas of heavy rain most likely friday night and clout the day on saturday. we'll be in and out of the rainfall cloudy skies and gusty winds with cool temperatures. tomorrow we're looking at mainly 50s to low 06s. as we look toward the weekend, there should still be lingering showers as we head into the day on sunday. all told it is a really damp stretch. temperatures are not going to move much. we're in the 50s on saturday. it is a great day to hang out doors and head to the movies. as we look toward sunday, i'm thinking scattered showers but not a washout day. all the while the wind is fresh off the atlantic. that will continue into friday and saturday and at times gusting over 30 miles per hour near the coastline.
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the air. in terms of rain totals, i think our biggest rain amounts will be across southeastern massachusetts where we can see 1 to 3 inches of rain. it's more like a half inch to maybe an inch and a half. here's your accu weather seven- day, and it looks like seattle in wintertime. it is a lot of clouds and showers as withle. that goes all the way into the end of next week and liam and lisa, you mentioned matthew is beyond day n. eric, thank you so much. if there was any question whether big papi would be in the lineup, it sounds like a celebration will be in it. >> i remember we said dan roche couldn't come home? >> right. >> david ortiz, that's his job. that's what we do. red sox are a.l. east champs. the top spot for the entire american league is up for grabs.
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on texas. the indians sit in third place. there's still a lot on the line. remember the top seed gets home field advantage throughout the playoffs. let's bring in dan roche live at yankee stadium and of course david ortiz. danny? >> steve, you know tonight begins really four days of saying good-bye to david ortiz starting with yankee stadium as the yankees honor him prior sox/yankees game. unless somehow they fall off and make the playoffs, ortiz will be celebrating with the pre-game expected to include brian cashman, the team and maybe a former yankee player or two. it's 53 home runs and 1780 rbi and has been a huge part of the rivalry for the past 14 years.
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worn the rivalry uniform for so many years, i think they will appreciate the career he's had, the player he is, and i'm sure tonight will work out fine. >> so when i step on the plate, i mean, it feels weird when it doesn't happen. it always happens so i'm kind of used to it. >> reporter: david ortiz expected to get two-at bats then likely game. good news for anyone going to the game, john farrell says no pullbacks from at-bats because the red sox have days off before they have the playoffs. for now, the red sox and yankee stadium, let's go back to you. >> thank you very much. over in patriot nation, we don't know who the starting quarterback is when the patriots take on the bills. the patriots aren't stressing about it, either. levan reid tells us leaning on
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>> just a walk through as they were enjoying the fall air. legarrette blount gets the gold star. the pats' runningback was named offensive player of the month. >> i know i get most of the recognition but it was a group effort. it triggers down from the offfencive line to the tight end to the fullback to the wide receiver. >> switching the defense. it's going to be hard work for that to continue. >> we can't come out here, i this i. we'll come out here and it seems a lint different and we've got to play to what their strengths are. >> it takes all types of players to balance out a locker room. some serious and some not. bennett, well, he keeps everybody loose. >> i fly around every day, so can't land this yet, you know what i'm saying? it's like having a private plane. >> the good news is 88 is very serious on the field.
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reid, wbz sports. for more on the pats and bills, be sure to check out patriots all access tomorrow nature at 7:00 on wbz. as for sunday, wbz has it all coming for you. kickoff is at 1:00 immediately file followed by the post game show. >> highlights at 11:00. guys, over to you. connecting with big papi for years to come. the plan for a lasting tribute
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. mes instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
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you know you are a boston icon, a beloved figure when you get your name on a boston bridge or tunnel. >> who is bigger than big papi? the governor, house speaker and senate president teamed up to announce they will rename the brookline ave. bridge the big papi bridge. fans have crossed that bridge to watch ortiz play at fenway park. the legislators say the honor
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but for his many charitable contributions as well. to me, those are more important than he did at the plate. >> and everybody will smile going under that bridge and even if they under traffic. >> a veteran's dog tags returned 100 years laterp. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00, the unlikely place they were found and the role social media played getting them back to the
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special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices for public education. please vote yes on question 2. for stronger public schools. please vote yes on question 2. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mrs. wagner's car to arrive for the airport, she can use fios to download the movie "up in the air" to watch while she's...up in the air. that's the power of fiber optics.
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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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as a mono tone forecast, right this would be it. >> i don't know how they do it in seattle in the wintertime when it's gray every day, what do they talk about? >> you talk about the ski resorts. >> so for us, it's clouds tomorrow, saturday and sunday. showers develop tomorrow morning. they will be most widespread in the afternoon and evening. looks like a wet saturday and scattered showersp. >> lisa, how does d. that weather sound again?
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four football field lengths of a boat dock.
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captioning sponsored by cbs a deadly crash in the the morning rush. >> everything shook. just shook, and everybody got quiet. >> pelley: a train packed with commuters plowed into a terminal in the shadows of new york city. at least one person is dead, many are injured. >> i thought we were going to get out. >> pelley: also tonight, a plea for prayers for a first grader shot at school. >> he's a hard little fighter, and you gotta continue to remember that. >> pelley: it's 40 days till the election, but the voting has already begun. fraud at wells fargo, the c.e.o. under fire. >> something is going wrong at this bank, and you are the head of it. >> pelley: and nearly half a


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