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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at 11:00. breaking news, 2 people hit by a tow truck at a busy intersection in newton and one of those victims is seriously injured. >> we want to get out to jim smith with the very latest on this. jim. >> well, liam, still a very active seen here. if you know the area, this intersection. langly road and beakon street. it's one of those flat bed trucks that you typically see at the scene of accidents ironically. now let's see some of the earlier scenes when this happened, about 7:30. 2 people struck tonight. apparently they were hit while trying to cross beakon street and the vehicle was a flat bed truck. the kind used by towing
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the scene. the os of all this still under investigation. there are reports that the people were elderly. they were both taken to a boston hospital. one of them with injuries more significant than the other one. this is still unfolding as we speak. newton police investigating with the assistance of state police as far as the cause of all of this, it's still ve everything. they will take a look at the speed, they will take a look at the lights and they will look at the lighting here in this intersection. it does appear to be a bit dark here but if that was a factor we cannot say at this point. but obviously a very serious situation. 2 pedestrians struck with significant injuries tonight here at newton center. also breaking tonight,
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for is suspect in a stabbing. 2 men were attacked at the movie theater, both 36 years old. they were rushed to south shore hospital with what are described as nonlife threatening injuries. this is also breaking. police have just served a search warrant at the home of lynda car men, the mother who was island authorities were seen taking out bags pr that home. tonight the fbi is taking a role in the disappearance of -- her son nathan was rescued after spending 8 days in a raft. he said their boat suddenly took on water and sank. he told good morning america he thought the boat was safe.
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dragged down with the ship. neither of us had been wearing life vests. >> investigators are also looking at the unsolved murder of nathan's wealthy grandfather. he was killed 3 years ago. nathan was the last person to see him and is a person of interest in that crime. there are new developments on the deadly crash in new jersey. it's too dangerous for crews to >> we are learning the identity of the woman who was killed on that platform. live in hoboken tonight. thousands of people are going to have to find a different way to work tomorrow. >> that's right the. it's going to be a very difficult commute tomorrow and it's also very difficult tonight because as you said, it is too dangerous for investigators to go in because
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the woman that was killed. we are told she lived in hoboken, had a husband and young child. >> will examine an event recorder from the new jersey transit train that plowed through its final stop into a waiting area in the hoboken terminal thursday morning. from the event recorder we hope to get information such as speed and braking. >> eye witnesses say the train was moving at a high rate of speed when as it entered the station it continued beyond the tracks, sending the 4 cars crashing through a main concourse barrier, then launching airborne into the platform arena. >> kakaboom, the whole place shook. >> debris killed 34-year-old -- as she waited on the crowded platform. more than 100 others were hurt.
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all the mechanical systems were working properly should have stopped this train. >> it will be required by 2018. the train's engineer, 48-year- old was released from the hospital and is cooperating with investigators. now, we are told investigators will go through gallagher's last 72 hours and take a close look at his medical history. we are live in hoboken. you heard a moment ago. today's crash is renewing calls for the system new jersey doesn't have. it's designed to automatically slow trains that are speeding and prevent them from derailing or crashing. the nba is working to install that technology and says all states have to install it by the end of 2018. witnesses say the train was traveling too fast, investigators are just
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happened and they cannot get into the station right now because it's too dangerous. we will bring you the latest at cbs things developing tonight. a chain of local day cares shut down after reports of dead rodents and -- tonight parents are scrambling to find care for their kids. >> the state has cited the over the past years and now terry's little pumpkin is relocated and say the company is now failing at that. >> dead mice found in the kitchen of terry's little pumpkins. they were feet away from kids playing. mom expressed this concern. >> my daughter's teacher said
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failed to take action on a list of things. insufficient staffing and late payment to employees. terry is in charge. >> have you not been paying employees. >> no comment. >> have you not been keeping your facilities clean. >> no comment. >> the state has now cut off money she relies on to run the centers. those centers are now closing word of mouth she needed to find a new day care asap. she and several staff members say the staff tried to make up for the chain's failures. >> brianna brought toys, supplies and food even though the paychecks kept bouncing. >> i don't even. >> with such short notice it's
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like i said, the things that she was doing, she should have seen this coming. we should have been warned. >> brianna tells me she is owed a month's pay. and in a letter to employees they were told about state funding -- without state funding they would not be paid. >> frustrating on so many levels. breaking news tonight in wore tear a man will face murder charges is his 3-year-old nephew. officers got a 911 call that the boy was dead. >> said he left him inside the apartment. >> the boy was alive. the child had injuries on his face and neck. he is in stable condition tonight. police say his uncle was watching him while his dad was at work. developing now a warning
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a woman says a man aattacked her around 1:30 this morning. if you witnessed anything you are asked to call boston police. to weather now. hurricane matthew now gaining strength. eric, i know you just got some new information about this. >> a new advisory just came in and matthew looks much more organized tonight than it has. in fact a little drift south and west aruba. so very far south, it's up to 81 miles per hour winds. this is going to move west over the next couple of days, slow down and then take a 90-degree turn and moves up to the north. so right now jamaica and cuba. that will be late this weekend and into monday as it passes as a category 2 or 3. it should be
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week. still watching haiti, jamaica and cuba. we are watching it here but it would be about 8 to 9 days away. in the short term, some weekend rain. after a home invasion in hanson. 2 other men are already under arrest. police say they all barged into this home, one of them holding a gun and when police showed up they all took off running. police had place. this crime could be a string of home invasions. an accident on the job killed a construction worker. first responders were there at the scene. the da says an excavate or backing out of the garage hit and killed that worker. a 6-year-old boy is fighting for his life in south carolina after yesterday's shooting at an elementary
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on the playground. police say a 14-year-old gunman opened fire and hit jacob in the leg right in his female roll artery. that 14-year-old also shot another child and auto a teacher. to campaign 2016. donald trump campaigning in the granite state, rallying voters. trump says bernie sanders sold supported hillary clinton. tonight clinton in iowa slamming trump over a new report that he violated law by doing business in cuba. >> we already know about his tax return that he refuses to release, but today we learned about his efforts to do
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appear to violate u.s. law. >> an investigation by news week found trump's company sent executives to cuba to meet with officials there about doing business. the trump campaign is denying it it. the new wipe out ride got stalled tonight. rescued the riders the good news, nobody hurt. this rescue got messy, a dog stuck in a very tight spot. >> this pup. social media to the rescue, how thousands of people joined the effort to return a world war i's dog back. it will be here for our friday, saturday and sunday as well. we need the rain, timing not
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this new video shows rescuers saving a dog neck deep in mud. they pulled him from liberty square. a local vet is now taking care of the dog and investigators are hoping the owner comes forward. it's a mystery how he got in there. a ra found 100 years later and returned to his family thanks to police and thousands of people on social media. >> shows the treasure now safe. >> it was found on the side of the road like someone had just dropped some loose change when in reality it turned out to be somewhat of a discovery. >> comes from a long line of civil servants. >> we are a police family and
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military. >> it goes back to his grandfather, a man who until last week hughes new little about. >> he said very little but all he had to do was give you a growl. >> but a phone call and a knock on the door helped paint a clearer picture. >> i was getting coffee. my wife called me on the phone. she said there's a police officer at your front door. hughes as part of allege investigation -- an investigation on this. >> he looked down and found it on the ground and said wow. >> so randolph police started digging and traced the tag to a joseph e hughes. >> 101st infantry. >> officer kevin alleged red turned to facebook.
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picture of john hughes from 1917, the picture in his uniform and then the dog tag. i had people reply. >> those tips led the dog tag along with this picture back to where they belong. >> he probably had had it on his neck in france. >> with his oldest grandson 100 years later. >> to see the reaction of hughes' grandson when he showed up and saw the priceless. >> mr. hughes told me tonight he still hasn't decided where he's going to keep that piece of history. what he does know is this has inspired him to know more about that family history. let's hear it for randolph. >> it sounds like it's something they didn't know was missing. >> and a terrific effort to get it back to the owners.
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the tropics right now. >> and it's a good thing that the weather here is so calm. you have got a lot to watch elsewhere. >> very lame, not a whole lot going on. 58 until the city right now. the wind continues at 20 miles per hour. chilly all over. 46 in keen. and it feels chillier when you have the cloud compared to a night that may be say 38 de some clouds moving their way northbound and behind the clouds, the rainfall. out toward the ohio valley lifting up toward new england. some of those first showers arrive tomorrow morning. and then they will spread north as the day goes on. i think my midday we are all into showers. i would send the kids to school
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cool side in the upper 50s to low 60s and here we go to time it out. the clouds thickening up. i do think the rain showers will be spreading across massachusetts and then throughout the day, periods of showers moving through, just that gusty cloudy feel. it will continue on saturday which still looks to be the wettest day of this stretch. this wind will continue to be out of a little more east northeast tomorrow. they canceled a couple of ferries this evening. there might be some more ferry. saturday is the wetter of the 2 days. we will stay in the 50s. sundays i think there will be a few showers around but not a wash out day. maybe even some breaks of sun and lower 60s are expected.
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pretty widespread 1 to 3 inches of rain. in the higher totals should be in southern massachusetts with the lowest totals overall in new hampshire. how about the red sox, the last game looks wet and cool tomorrow night. the wind will be st. without much trouble. a couple of showers here, otherwise low 60s, here's your accuweather 7 day. it just keeps on rolling next week but stays cool and you note matthew is still not on there. if it comes our way it's about 8 days away. champion red sox now battling for position.
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david or tease.
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champions we may feel very differently. >> somebody needs to give them a wake up call. got swept. yankees in their pregame ceremony with some meaningful guests. presented a book full of we well wishes. helped unveil an oil painting, tipping best present was no booing from the crowd. struck out in his first at bat and walked in his 2nd. he was taken out of the game with a standing ovation. scoby gave the yankees a lead with this. as i mentioned they lose their 3 3rd in a row. remember, they are still chasing home advantage in the
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so here's the american league standings right now. top seed is down to one. let's go live to new york with dan lewis standing by in the bronx. >> well, steve, certainly an emotional time for david ortiz. his regular season coming up monday. here his last game here. he walked and struck out. after a walk he came out of the game and that was it. got from the yankee stadium crowd. and said good-bye. >> david just a thought on your night and the ceremony and coming out after the second at bat. >> i want to personally thank the yankees for taking their time and -- my career. you know. it was a very professional and
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reaction of the fans? >> impressive, man. it seems like everybody was happy that i'm leaving. >> the first time for everything, right. first time they cheered. >> yeah, first time for everything but it was very respectful, very nice. >> certainly david appreciating that and also he was blown away by the te present and past in that leather bound book. it may be the most meaningful gift ortiz has received all year long. for the red sox here, back to you. you could tell he was moved by it all. patriots, they had a walk through today as they prepare for sunday's match up with the bills. both were out on the field.
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the month. a preview of the game tomorrow night at 7:00 right here. and wbz has it all for you on sundays. we are in for a dynamic weekend, folks. steve, maybe he would have liked to be booed. >> no, you wave good-bye. >> steve, thank you. win a date with tom brady? >> and he's not the only one. next, the other two a st
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choice if you win this, a three for one dinner date with tom brady, matt day mon and ben afleck. >> and you just donate $10. >> we can talk sports or politics or maybe tom can tell you what his favorite movie of all time is. >> or maybe you can tell about the time you pressured him into wearing a jason bourn shirt. >> the money is going to charity. the more you your odds of winning. good luck. >> i think there are going to be plenty of people bidding on that. up next, eric is going to
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um balance. you're alright... with simply right checking from santander bank. ? are you feeling alright, baby? ? if we're looking for good news for friday, you said it's not going to be super wet. >> you definitely want to have
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>> that actually isn't that great. >> the silver lining. bye-bye everybody >> stephen: who are you? >> stephen: i'm you, stephen, from the future. i've come back to warn you, a terrible event will take it. >> stephen: oh, my god, has trump become president? >> stephen: i don't know, i've only come from next tuesday. >> stephen: then why do you have a beard? >> stephen: this? it's fake. i didn't want to freak you out. >> stephen: so what did you come back to tell me? >> stephen: oh, yeah, don't buy a sailboat. it's much more expensive than you think. upkeep is ridiculous, and you're not that good of a sailor.


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