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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at noon. >> right now at noon rain on its way and ready to soak part of the weekend. clouds hanging low over boston right now as that rain approaches. an big news out of the tropics this noon. hurricane matthew strengthened into a major category i am kate merrill. >> i am chris mckinnon. danielle niles is tracking this all for us as we head into the weekend. >> let's start with hurricane first matthew yes a category 3 major hurricane with 115 mile her mor maximum sustained winds gusting to 140. the motion is ---mile-per-hour maximum sustained winds gusting to 140. arubea will see 2 to 4 inch of
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guard. same with cuba and weakening back into a category 2 hurricane and back into the da hamas middle part of next week towards wednesday. and then the east coast will be on eye remember the -- on alert but matthew may be scoop out-- scooped out to sea. lots to watch and hear at home with the rain advancing along the south coast coming up from south to north so there are a couple light showers from the ne mid to late afternoon the rain will advance north so. places along and south of the pike will turn wet and it takes longer to reach the mass new hampshire border. but there will be downpours in here. so your friday evening commute is wet in sports and overnight plans at areas of rain pushed through and continue heavy at times overnight tonight and our saturday does look wet. tomorrow morning this is even midday and areas of rain continue and then gradually
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showers tomorrow and sunday looks like a drier day overall. in fact not a ton of green on the map. perhaps a few scattered showers sunday morning and then the rest of the afternoon overcast but mainly dry. temperatures right now 60 in boston. 50s for some of us and that's what to expect this weekend. 55 to 60. more details on the weather chris in just a bit. good reminder to keep an eye on the rain as it moves in. check out the cbs boston weather app see radar fo and weather alerts for free search cbs boston in the google or apple app stores. a toddler attacked and police say it was at the hands of his sunkel-- uncle. >> and the man was trying to kale boy. nicole jacobs is following the story and has the latest from worcester. nicole. >> reporter: 21-year-old taj mcdonald is set to go before a judge today after he undergoes a mental health evaluation. all of this is connected to the
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kill his 3-year-old nephew. mcdonald initially called 911 telling them that he killed his nephew and left him inside an apartment at lincoln village. and an officer working a detail at the complex was the first to respond and they found the boy inside an apartment but he was alive. conscious and alert. police say he had been assaulted several times with injuries to his face and neck. the injuries are nonlife- threatening and authorities do mcdonald was actually baby sitting that boy while the boy's father was at work. wbz spoke with the man who described hearing a child in distress and saying he was screaming and crying and again, 21-year-old mcdonald is set to go before a judge today facing several charges including indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 as well as attempted murder. that's the latest from worcester this afternoon.
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the fbi getting involved in the investigation into a mother who went missing during a trip at sea with her son. last night police served asearch warrant at the home of linda carman. investigators were seen taking bags filled with items from the home. they are looking into whether her son nathan carman played a role in her disappearance. linda is presumed dead and her son nathan rescued sunday after spending 8 days in a raftch the boat took on water her disappearance but he was also a suspect in the unsolved murder of his wealthy grandfather. he was killed 3 years ago. right now federal investigators have a key piece of evidence as they try to figure out why a new jersey transit train barreled into a station killing one person injuring more than 100 others. brook silva-braga has the latest. >> reporter: federal investigators are reviewing
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train 1614 jumped barriers and slammed into a wall inside the hoboken terminal thursday. they will look at data from the train's black box that was found last night. >> we will look at operations mechanical and track signal issues, human performance and the survival factor. >> reporter: the force of the crash caused a partial roof dough lapse -- collapse and left wires dangling. >> it went over the bumper block and basically through the air. >> reporter: the team of experts are waiting to get the grli structural integrity of the building before they can begin examining the debris. >> we will have to wait to get parts of the canopy removed. >> reporter: 34-year-old fab lola bittar dekroon and more than 100 why injured including the engineer thomas gallagher. the engineer is cooperating. one of the factors they will examine is what the crew did in the 72 hours before the crash. the new jersey transit section of the station remains closed. slowing the commute for
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new york city friday morning. >> it's going to be -- i am going to be taking a bus for the month of october to kind of stay clear of all that. >> reporter: officials say the train's forward facing camera could also hold critical includes. brook silva-braga for cbs news. >> we will follow the investigation into the wreck and bring you the latest as it develops on air and online at cb is s two today -- two men are being hailed that had a edge. chantee lan it is live where the men face adjudge. >> reporter: kate and chris that arraignment wrapped up a half-hour ago. both suspects have been held without bail and look at this court have you haddie -- video they were allowed by the judge to hide behind -- hide mind a wall to pro-- behind a wall to protect their eye dentsies. they he prompted a massive manhunt and multiple school lock downs yesterday. they along with two others are
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homein hanson on main street. prosecutors say they were two of the four men seen by police running away from the home. police say they caught jorge with a gun and both he and marches lieno were charged with -- marches lieno were charged with armed home invasion and take a listen to what the prosecutor had to say. >> told police she was going to go walk her dog and she sa parties walking around the back wind yoi and she heard a binge from the back of the house and was in fear for her safety and ran to a essentially convenience store where she called her boyfriend and immediately there after hanson police department. >> reporter: there are two suspects still on the loose. two are in court are due back in court next thursday for their dangerousness hearing. live in plymouth. [audio not understandable] >> chantee thank you. today newton police are
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were hit by a tow truck at a bessy intersection. one of the victims suffered -- busy intersection. one of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries this happened at beacon street and leaningly road after 7 last nightch the driver stopped and so far no charges have been filed. braintree police searching to a suspect after two men were stabbed in a movie theater parking lot. it happened around 7 last night at the amc braintree 10 theater. both victims were rushed to south who are hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries and boston police investigat plain a woman said a man wearing a mask threatened her with a gun and took her cell phone and sexually assaulted her. she says it happened around 1:30 thursday morning in the area of gayhead and mendon streets. donald trump in michigan visiting a factory in grand rapid. early this morning he sent out a rant of tweets criticizing hillary clinton and former miss universe. trump said alicia machado has
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whether clinton helped a chado gain her u.s. citizen ship clinton called trump unhinged. yesterday clinton visited iowa anow ising more than 40 new endorsements from republican officials. -- announced more than 40 new endorsements from republican officials. a poll could spell for a bike shake -- big shakeup. jon keller ha we are talking about 2018. >> reporter: and it's little- known fact i can read your minds and i know what you are wondering who is the most popular politician in massachusetts. >> exactly. >> reporter: am i right? >> yes. >> reporter: okay bingo. well, i got the answer for you. for now, the champ reigns supreme and according to the wbz umass amherst of 700 likely voters the champ is governor bake wear strong 63% favorable rating with only 24%
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great news for baker. in second is boston mayor marty wall wash 53% -- walsh with a 53% approval and elizabeth warren with a 46% favorable rating. 43 unfavorable. now believe it or not the current election may be coming to an end, political insiders are contemplating 2018. which will feature races for governor, and u.s. senate and in trial matchups for the governor's amherst poll find bake we are beat healy by a healthy 18 point margin and also beats mayor walsh by 9 but look at this. 4th district congressman joe kennedy ties baker in a potential matchup. looks like the kennedy name still has clout around here. senator warren would face an easy reelection in 2018 if former red sox pitcher curt
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marge n but look at the warning signs for warren. our polls show beating lieutenant governor by just 4 points and defeating former governor bill weld by 3. both of those results are within our polls 4.1% margin of error. when we asked voters what word comes to mind when they think of baker and warren, baker resulting word cloud was dominated by age tifts like moderate -- ad moderate competent honest and fair and warren featured positive statements like strong and smart and fighter the single most prominent word for her was liar. and kate and chris that's a red flag for any politician. incumbents that are under 50% approval that's a little baste red flag though it's two years out. >> she has little bit of time. >> reporter: absolutely. >> thank you. >> thanks very much. good time to update you on
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debate between the vice presidential candidates they go head to head tuesday night at 9 watch it live on wbz. today the patriots are on the field at gillette gearing up for sunday's showdown with the bills. >> yesterday both quarterbacks were out practicing and it remains to be seen who will start on sunday. everyone has been happily surprised by how both jimmy garoppolo and brissett performed. last time the pats faced something like this was 2008 when cassell took over injured tom brady. >> we obviouslyy know -- you know thought a lot of good things until we played and you know was the starting quarterback it was different and we mod fight -- modified a lot of things along the year as the year went along. >> we will see who starts when the patriots faced the bills on wbz sunday start at 1 after the game stay with us for the 5th quarter show.
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and the special honor for the slugger from his fliestles and in the spotlight the adorable event with a littlest orioles
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my prescription costs keep going up. it's more expensive every year. it would be a lot cheaper to buy my medication from canada. kelly ayotte voted to block consumers from buying safe medicines from canada. and voted against lower cost generic drugs. kelly ayotte gets all that money from the big drug industry. hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. when you take all that money it just changes you. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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today former israeli president shimon peres was laid to rest. world leaders including president obooma and former president bill -- obama and former president bill clinton attend the funeral. he will be remembered opening secret negotiatingsan that led to the eye greement end -- an agreement leading to ending the conflict between israel and the palestinians. it has been studying more than two years and launched 12 years and flown past mars towards jupiter data collected by the space probe will be and eyed for years to come. >> we are talking about rain
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but people will head up to check out the foliage. >> we have had splashes of peak color in northern new england. if you are heading north this is in from the omni mount washington hotel you can see the reds there are-- they are nowhere near peak in overall color but flashes here and there and that's the case across northern new england up and down the pine of the green mountains northern new hampshire and northwest maine new england but there are pockets of eastern new england that have some color and it's that dull klor. we are behind in -- color. we are a little behind so there will be splashes of moderate county. 06 in boston right now. upper 50s in manchester and it's that cool onshore wind eshakes nor east en-- essential lay nor'easter gusting at over 20 miles per hour down to the
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couple of showers just start is to go creep up along the south coast now. so it's sprinkling in the vineyard and back towards hyannis towards cam chatham and should get a quick sprinkle otherwise you notice if we zoom out, there's more rain and steady rain positioned to the south make northward progress over over the -- so he ever next several hours -- so over the next several hours anticipate getting wet. the rain advances north notice the heaviest rain is focus aid way from coastline -- focused away from the immediate coastline. spotty areas of sunshine in boston and metro west. friday evening soggy in lot of spots. this it is the overnight period. it tints heavily at times over- - continues heavily at times overnight tonight and tomorrow with us a good chunk of the way. day. it will taper off lay in the -- late in the day tomorrow. by 5:0 the heaviest rain is -- 5:30 the heavy the he have is shipping off. there will be patchy rain and
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we get a batch. of -- batch of showers but the rest of the afternoon is dry. if you are picking a day in terms of outdoor plans sunday is it because it won't be as wet as tonight and during the day tomorrow. projectd rainfall totals this is one depiction but the purples indicate a inch and a half to two inches. that is bush -- projected rainfall totals this one depiction but the indicate a inch to a half two two inches. mid 50s tonight and highs tomorrow 55 to 60. that's it for the start of the weekend. very similar to today. by sunday we rebound a little bit. low 60s for some of us. and upper 50s right at the coastline. let's stalk sports. sox blue jays going to be damp tonight at fenway as we celebrate papi. chance of showers tomorrow and lower risk on sunday. pats and bills gillette stadium, cloudy and cool i put
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shower not a washout and the 7- day forecast shows we get improvement for the start of next week with sunshine temperatures in the 60s still kate. >> thanks. a big tribute to papi the outfield cut in portrait of david ortiz he's makes the final regular season return to boston. red sox slugger is retiring after this season. >> this weekend marks the final regular season home stand in boston. last night it was the phenyl game against the yank knees in the -- yankees in the bronx he was given including a leather book filled with greetings and well wishes from yankees past and present and an oil painting of big papi. >> i want to personally thank the yankees for taking their time and honoring me and my career he you know. it was a very mow professional and nice -- professional and nice ceremony. >> red sox plan their own
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keeping the plans secret. ortiz is getting a permanent honor brookline avenue bridge will be renamed the big papi bridge it goes across the mass pike and connects kenmore square to fenway. lawmakers says it's not just for his achievements on the field but charitable contribution off the field. >> he should get a contract for another year with a offer he can't refuse. >> i like that. >> a heckler called newt a putting him to the test but
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golf is a reserved game but at this ryder cop heckler shook things newspaper check out what happens -- cup heckler shook things up. >> check out what happened. >> he yelled out even i could make that so he says got. >> golfer mcriel yoi and henson pulled him out and -- mcilroy and henson pulled him out and bet him a hundred bucks he couldn't make the putt he lloyd it up. -- he lined it up. >> i will admit it was in the the greatest putt but it went in the hole. didn't think there was anyway it would go in.
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should have gone in the insurance salesman says that made the trip through the ryder cup. i imagine that made his life as well. >> no kidding. you get called out by pro golfers if you sank putt that's pretty good. up next too cute for words. >> the party fit for the littlest royals and they have a ball. first steps caught on camera
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i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million dollars, just last year. y from our kids' schools because they're already losing so much. i'm not just standing up for my own kids; i'm fighting for yours, too.
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac
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coming up today at 5, a special good night message from an entire new england city to sick kids inside children's hospital. this awesome story on wbz news today at 5. but finally this noon, the two youngest royals having a ball in canada. >> one-year-old in public as she went for the balloons she was with her brother and her parents at party for military families. so cute. >> that's adorable. >> oh my goodness. >> great timing. >> i wish we could have seen more of kate's dress but that's another story. >> rain is advancing in from south to north with us tonight and tomorrow and a little less rain but still gloomy for the start of next week and gradual improvements. >> thank you and thanks for watching. watch next newscast today at 5. >> have a great weekend
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>> billy: you are honestly not seeing what i was seeing -- the way victor and nikki were smiling at him like that? >> victoria: oh, yes. it's so horrendous. it's the ultimate reason to dump travis. he's actually being smiled at by my mother and father. >> billy: no, the point is victor likes him. >> victoria: yeah. >> billy: and when victor likes somebody -- >> victoria: yeah, maybe because he acts like an adult and made the effort that you never could. >> billy: oh, come on. that's really the problem? i didn't make a big enough effort with your father? maybe it's abbott and i actually stood up to him. >> travis: hey. >> victoria: hi. are you finished? >> travis: yeah. missed the big moment, though. >> billy: uh-oh. >> victoria: would you please stop? i'm talking to travis. what were you saying? >> travis: i accepted victor's job offer. >> billy: [ laughs ] of course you did. >> summer: i can't believe i had to miss faith's birthday party. she was so excited. ugh.


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