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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we have breaking news at 11, it is a very strange story on merrimack college her students were told to shelter in place after someone reported seeing unarmed clown. >> police on campus began searching buildings and within the past hour issued the all clear. wbz's julie loncich is live in north andover tonight. >> reporter: is cleared around about a half an hour, there was real concern and confusion on the campus of merrimack college after a possibly armed person parading around in a clown suit. hundreds of students were actually evacuated from the dorm just after 9:30 this evening, after campus authorities tell me a staff member saw an alert on what is called the clown watch twitter account, which warns people of
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that a staff member then alerted campus police. local and state police responded and the school sent out an alert to the student body at large. after 30 minutes, the all clear was given, nothing found. this comes in a nationwide creepy clown sweeting -- sightings, eliciting fears. reporting at merrimack college in north andover, julie loncich, wbz news. we have this breaking news from wilmington, superintendent arrested on an o.u.i. charge has resigned. she was arrested in august but committee members dust found out. tonight there was an emergency meeting that lasted hours. you may remember she was criticized last month for allowing a teacher charged with domestic assault to return to the classroom. breaking news along the green line in boston, there
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of a trolley slipped off the wheels at copley. that forced the t to use shuttle buses between kenmore and park streets. tonight, the t says trolleys were run on schedule in the morning. breaking news in melrose, police are investigating a crash that killed a landscaper. the man was outside of the truck with a trailer attached when the driver of a car hit him and then crashed into an suv. in all, three people were hospitalized. the driver is not facing charges. also breaking, hurricane matthew set to hit haiti hard flooding rain. >> it can also cause problems in jamaica. people are evacuating, heading to higher ground to escape the storm. within days, it could threaten the united states. >> the governor of florida declared a state of emergency calling the category four hurricane life-threatening. let's get over to eric with new details that just came in on his track. >> we got the 11:00 advisory
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just the opposite. it is getting stronger. we have a big area, central dense overcast, all of that bright red in the middle is where thunderstorms are racing upward, torrential rain and strong winds. right now, 145 mile per hour sustained winds, category four hurricane. pressure down to 9:34. it'll make landfall in the western sections of haiti overnight and, wind a problem, but flooding rainfall a huge issue in haiti as well as dominican republic kick -- dominican republic. it travels up through guantanamo and the bahamas by thursday. late thursday, very close to the coast of florida. the biggest change today has been a shift in the track to the west. it is going to move parallel along the coast from florida, right on up into north carolina. through the start of the weekend. that track is saturday night. after north carolina, this is where the track gets more difficult. will it arrive at the coast toward us or head out to sea?
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no impact until sunday. hurricane matthew is the strongest atlantic storm in years. here is a look from the space. you can actually see that very well defined eye of the storm in these images from nasa. liam martin is in the satellite center, we know that matthew is already a deadly storm. >> reporter: unfortunately we know that's true. a powerful storm has claimed four life and people from cuba, to haiti, all the way to the carolinas, are ready for the potential impact of jamaica is feeling hurricane matthew's outer bands, striking fear into residence, kingston, the nation's capital, home to almost 600,000 people, is a virtual ghost town. annette gerald headed for a shelter. >> my roof is not solid, and the hurricane is coming. >> reporter: matthew's bull's- eye could be right near haiti, which stares at it could
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potential catastrophe. it could cause flooding, mudslides, and storm surge, threatening people living in the poorest country in the western hemisphere. the storm will then move into eastern cuba where it could linger for 10 hours. 350,000 cubans have been evacuated at the u.s. naval facility at guantanamo bay. destructive weather might force the relocation of detainees. >> in jamaica, all of the roughly 1000 public schools have been closed indefinitely. many are being converted into live in the satellite center, liam martin, wbz news. for being honored at the white house, to a suspension, and now fired, a local police chief who made headlines for helping those who are fighting addiction is accused now of destroying evidence in his own investigation. wbz's ken macleod is live in gloucester with the story. >> reporter: the chief was essentially suspended with pay
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dealings at the pd. the mayor now says she is firing him for lying and destroying evidence. >> chief campanello's actions are unethical. >> reporter: gloucester's mayor outlined a tangled web which begins when a woman stepped forward and alleging an inappropriate relationship with nationally acclaimed police chief leonard campanello. >> reporter: she expressed concern for her safety., keep in mind, this is th his angel program which aims to help addicts get clean instead of busting them. >> his phone was asked for. we eventually found out he destroy the evidence. >> reporter: indeed, when special investigators demanded the chief cell phone to hunt for text messages, he said he did not have it. when it was anonymously mailed to his attorney, he said he knew nothing about it. investigators say there is
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who mailed it after deleting everything. >> it was discovered all content had been erased. >> reporter:'s attorney argues his client is the victim of a witch hunt. >> cheap would like to thank the hundreds of people who reached out to him during this expedition, who have expressed concern and their hope that he will continue to be a voice for those suffering addiction. >> reporter: gloucester residents are still trying to process it all. >> one year he was doing good. the other year, he was being naughty and not good. >> reporter: the soon angel program and hope that continues. the mayor says she actually wants to expand it. live in gloucester, ken macleod, wbz news. and armed robbery suspect is dead after a police shooting in lynn when says apartment decks shooting in -- shooting in lynn when investigators arrived at a reported shooting. when a 57-year-old man pointed the gun at officers today, they say they fired. the shooting is now under investigation. it looks like whitey bulger is out of options. today, the u.s. supreme court
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not let him testify about an immunity deal he claims a federal prosecutor offered him. he is serving life in prison for his role in 11 murders and decades of crimes. campaign 2016, a bloated donald trump charity foundation, the new york attorney general says it is not registered to ask for donations in the state and must stop taking them immediately. in colorado, trump defended himself against a new york times report that he declared more than $900 million in lost income in 1995. enough to let him avoid paying income tax for 18 years. the time is based that report on part of his 1995 tax return. hillary clinton was in ohio and left with basketball superstar, lebron james, endorsement. a new cbs new york times poll, the first one since the debate, shows clinton with a four-point lead. vice presidential candidates are going to go head to head in
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tomorrow night. you will be able to watch tim kaine and mike pence debate right here on wbz tomorrow night at 9. he is back. back to the office, back to work, tom brady's suspension is now over. tonight, he revealed that is something far bigger than deflategate has been weighing on his mind the past several weeks. steve burton is here with that story. >> tom brady has been dealing with a lot. today he returned back to work but in his weekly radio interview tonight, the focus was not on football, it was on his family. october is breast cancer awareness month and brady revealed that the fight has hit close to home. >> it is. we are all touched by it in one form or another. everybody has different challenging experiences. i have dealt with it in my own family, and am dealing with it now.
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great that the nfl recognizes this. hopefully it brings a lot of awareness. and raises a lot of money to do a lot of great things. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to tom brady and his family. the quarterback talks about getting back to work later on in sports. guys? meanwhile, julian edelman is moonlighting as coach tonight, leading athletes through drills on the field at gillette with plenty of feedback and even more fun. wbz's louisa moller is live with the female fans who are there, they will not forget this. >> reporter: o, no. julian edelman says he will not forget he says he loves teaching women the fundamentals of football, but there's something else he loves, something else he is excited about. you may have heard the news from his buddy, brady, is back. julian edelman was surrounded by women monday night, but his main man was also on his mind. >> every time you have a teammate comeback that hasn't been playing, it's always exciting. is always exciting to have him
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>> reporter: star quarterback tom brady can finally tread on the same turf as his teammates after serving his four game suspension after the deflategate scandal. in fact, he showed off his newfound freedom with a little practice in brookline on sunday. and, the ladies are loving it, too. >> i am so excited. he is going to score 100 points on the ground next weekend. i can't wait. i can't wait until sunday to see how he does. >> reporter: 400 to be exact, who practice their own football skills at a women's clinic hosted by julian edelman. >> how ball. the fundamentals my dad taught me when i was young. >> reporter: with no official sign of tom brady at gillette, yet, julian edelman will certainly do. >> he is so adorable and supersweet. >> reporter: as you can tell, there was back and forth about what the women were focusing on. the football or julian edelman.
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it was always a blast. he did not totally miss outcome he carpooled here in a limo with very lucky ladies. we are live outside gillette stadium, louisa moller, wbz news. >> many selfies from that trip. >> it is a fun event. i like this gun report, that tom brady is going to score 100 points on cleveland this sunday. this one one major mess -- this was one major mess. >> a field that was trashed and who the mayor says should clean up. paying down student loans to bind the balance growing. started passing the baton. the new force behind boston's
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take a look at this mess. crews suspended the entire day cleaning up lawrence high school's veterans memorial stadium. this was the aftermath of a weekend brazilian festival. mayor dan rivera says city attorneys are now marking --
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cleanup. now to this i-team investigation, to pay for college, thousands of borrowers take out loans with the state education agency, called mefa. >> but, the i-team uncovered complaints that handles their billing. tonight, ryan kath asks, is the state holding the business part in her -- partner accountable? >> reporter: instead of tending to her parents from him garden, tanya says medical resident by now. after being accepted to med school, tonya was devastated to learn she could not postpone payments on her undergraduate loans. >> obviously getting into med school is hard, but then, having to cancel at the last minute because you cannot find a way to fix your student loan issue. >> reporter: her loans are from mefa, massachusetts education finance authority, a self- funded state agency created by lawmakers. >> their loan terms are pretty
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>> reporter: this boston attorney works exclusively on student loan issues. >> borrowers who have mefa loans in my experience are some of the most distressed and unhappy student loan borrowers. >> reporter: the problem for students and parents borrowing money from mefa is not just about the terms of the loan, it is about the company that handles the billing, a company called acs. >> in my exen >> reporter: the i-team found 500 complaints against acs filed with the consumer financial protection bureau. any saying the company does not properly apply payments to pay down principal. >> when i go and look at my payment history, the numbers don't match up. >> reporter: she shared this statement without which shows the amounts applied to principal and interest vary wildly from month to month. chuck from new hampshire posted a similar complaint online. his loan started at $46,000 but after paying $27,000 over 5
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he calls it financial terrorism. >> how aware is mefa about those complaints? human acs is mefa's loan servicer. >> are you aware? i can't speak to anything other than the relationship between mefa and acs loan servicing. >> reporter: director of public affairs told the i-team mefa is available to help advocate for families having issues. but, she refused to discuss the she also would not address the fact that acs was named in a class-action lawsuit, alleging its scheme to keep borrowers in debt, a case settled out of court. the i-team also learned acs is under scrutiny by the massachusetts attorney general's office. >> i can't comment on that. >> how concerned does that make you? >> acs is mefa's loan servicing provider. we work to hold our vendors to the highest level of accountability. >> reporter: tanya is not
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it over again, she says she would have postponed college and worked to save. late today, this acs spokesperson acknowledged they have identified issues with the way some consumers have been billed. the company is working to correct those mistakes for effective borrowers. for the i-team, ryan kath, wbz news. this just came in before 11:00, matthew intensifying in strength. this is a nasty storm. >> in places like haiti where they have taken such a just more bad news. >> there has been a lot of do for a station as well. trees tend to hold a lot of that so. when it rains heavily it does not run off as much. when you have fewer trees, all of that runs off and creates mudslides. that is a big threat out there in haiti where they could see upwards of 30 inches of rainfall as matthew lifts northward. that is more rain that we have seen in the entire boston area for the year.
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matthew. what happens in the days ahead? timestamp. wednesday and thursday, likely tracking through the bahamas very slowly. and as a very strong storm. i still think category three or four the entire time he goes through the bahamas. by late thursday night into friday morning it is off the florida coastline. this is going to be a really tricky forecast. if that eye comes onshore a little bit, that's the difference bet deal. if it stays 50 or 60 miles off the coastline. that's what we will watch for the end of the week as it moves along the shoreline, curling up toward north carolina by saturday. then the big question for us in england, we are talking toward the end of this upcoming weekend, is this old -- upcoming cold front. will it grab matthew and bring it up the coast and create a direct hit? or, will it kick this out to sea? i favor the chance of it moving out to shore, it could still bring strong wind and rainfall. the imminent threat in red, on alert, florida up into north
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we are still in that phase where we are watching the trends with hurricane matthew. any impact would not be until sunday of this upcoming weekend. we still have many days to watch how this shakes out. in the short term we had showers out there this evening. those are drying out but the clouds are thickening up and moving off the ocean. drizzle tomorrow morning, a gray start to the day and jacket weather out the door. after lunch, we get breaks of sunshine. things will brighten up and clear out as we head toward the evening. gloomy beginning, temperatures in the 50s ride home, temperatures in the 60s. with rosh hashanah, some districts not in session tomorrow. i temps, upper 50s to low 60s. a cool day, breeze out of the northeast, strongest winds tore the coastline. that's going to make it feel chillier outside. after that, not much to report. we can focus on what matthew is going to be doing. wednesday, thursday into friday, high pressure in
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temperatures near 65 wednesday, low 70s thursday, should get into the middle 70s by friday and saturday. we have a warming trend with a lot of sunshine that will run a step into our gross -- close brush with matthew as we look sunday into monday. here's your accuweather 7-day. dutiful stretch of weather after tomorrow morning's clouds, we will keep you updated. i put a blog post on my thoughts on matthew on >> a lot of people reading that this week. they will play in the postseason. tom brady fired up to be back to work in foxborough. the quarterback talking tonight about what is motivating him
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silly me. i thought there would be streamers, balloons, and cupcakes at gillette stadium all because brady was going to be back. >> the funny thing is, i thought we would see him today. he would be out in front of the cameras but even his teammates would not say if he was there. >> that is the patriot way. they play everything down. >> i want some cupcakes and
11:25 pm
>> as we mentioned earlier, tom brady is finally back. the media did not have access to him today but he was there. he did speak on the radio tonight and is chomping at the bit to finally pay. >> it was great to be back in the building, certainly great to be back at work. it has been a long four weeks for me, but i'm glad to get started on my preparation for cleveland. i'm anxious and want to get out on the prce have the opportunity to do it. >> how matter you that this has taken place? is this going to deepen the chip on your shoulder going back to when you were drafted in the sixth round? >> i was motivated 17 years ago and am motivated today. i motivated to win for my teammates and represent our city. >> patriots players said they did not see brady at foxborough today but are very happy to have him back. >> we are obviously thrilled to have him back. we know what type of player he
11:26 pm
what type of leader he has been for this team. all that being said, we still have a job to do with him here now. so, we are excited about the challenges that lie ahead. >> i'm excited. i know he is eager to get back here and get back to work. he will be coming back here tomorrow and starting on wednesday, moving on to cleveland. i'm excited to get back to work. >> to return today after serving a four game suspension for using a banned substance. the pats have until sunday before they have to activate ninkovich and brady but have opened up a roster spot by releasing a tight end. wbz has patriots coverage, starting with patriots all access friday night at 7. sunday, patriots game day at 11:30. patriots and browns kick off on wbz followed by the fifth quarter post game show on my tv 38. red sox are off today, the
11:27 pm
it started with rick porcello getting named al pitcher of the month. here's the schedule, games 1 and 2 in cleveland thursday night i 8, friday at 4:30. back to boston for game three sunday at 4. if necessary, game four will be next sunday at fenway park. if there is game five, it will be wednesday, october 12. that is the schedule from over to you. >> thank you so much. tonight, passing the baton. >> who is taking over the boston pops fireworks
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well, we can breeze -- brief easy. the future is sound for next year's fourth of july celebration. >> the boston pops will produce the show on the esplanade. the founder retired after this year's show, and it has quite a following. every year, more than a half- million people lined the banks of the charles river for fee music and fireworks. i would say we are in good hands. >> absolutely.
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because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] we have had enough gray days lately to appreciate the sunshine. >> it was beautiful out there for a while today. tomorrow starts cloudy but improves as we head into the afternoon. look at the stretch after that, gorgeous weather wednesday, thursday and friday. perhaps lingering into saturday. >> what is the weather in cleveland?
11:35 pm
>> tomorrow, it will be nice. gorgeous. >> see you tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs yes, young lady right there. >> did you see that guy at the ryder cup heckle team europe? >> stephen: oh yeah, an american golf fan, david johnson, heckled practicing a difficult putt, so they challenged him to do the putt. they even bet $100 that he couldn't make it. we actually have the footage of it.


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