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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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why police are stepping up patrols and urging students to stay alert. >> and scary moments on another college campus. the threat that forced the shelter in place order and the connection to a national trend. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. good morning to you. it's 5:00 right now. thank you for joining us i'm chis mckinnon. >> i'm kate merrill. it's tuesday, october 4th . let's get a check forecast today with danielle niles. >> good morning to you. quiet weather wise here at home today. there's a dreary start to the day before the sunshine breaks out in spots. 58 in boston currently. it's 56 in lawrence. in the mid 50s from manchester to worcester at 53 degrees. mid 50s in concord as well. the sunshine will be breaking out but it takes some time. low clouds in place right now, even a spot or two of drizzle in some areas. then gradually the
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decrease through the afternoon. low clouds and mid 50s through rush time. lunch mainly cloudy, only around 60. sun and clear for the ride home at 57. the latest update from the national hurricane center just came out, matthew is a powerful category 4 hurricane with the eye just to the southwest of the western tip of haiti right now. we're going to have the latest updated track that just came out in just traffic and weather together. breanna. >> the ride in from any direction is easy right now. this is a look at the ride from the north. you can see that route 1, route 3, 128 all great options this morning. the ride from the south shore is easy as well. no issues to the brain tree split and then smooth sailing just like this along the entire expressway. just a quick 10 minute drive to the pike right now.
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regular green line trolly will resume this morning. it slipped off the rails at crossly last night. shuttle buses were used between kenmore and park street. again, the ntsb said regular green light service is resuming this morning. chris. >> breanna, thank you . breaking over night, a major water main break in charlestown. you can see water filling the streets. >> let's get to nicole jacobs live on the scene. nicole, what with you tell us? >> reporter: we are live at the and arrow street. this is lasting effect here of this water main break. this is a 2 foot sinkhole that sprung up as a result of this water main break. i can tell you right now they have isolated the area that is troubled. i do want to get you right to some video of water really filling the streets here. the major problem that happened just a short time ago was that water was not only filling arrow
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99 had to be shut down for some time. debris flooded that street as well as the water. a street sweeper came through about a half an hour ago, cleared that roadway. so now 99 is back open. if you take another live look here at arrow and old rutherford you can see they have blocked off this area. the issue that was problematic for residents here along washington street is that they residents there. that has since been restored. we are told one unit does not have water and that will be the case for another hour or so as they continue to really isolate this issue and fix what started this problem to begin with. that's the very latest from charlestown. nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. >> nicole, thank you very much for the update. also breaking over night, a house fear in revere. crews responded to the home on preston
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floor. no word on the extend of that damage though -- extent of that damage though. no injuries have been reported. a warning for boston college. a man was reported for a lewd act on campus. it happened between the 2000 and 2150 blocks on commonwealth avenue. the suspect may be in a white sedan. stay alert, avoid anything suspicious to 911. scary moments on another local college. >> the campus on alert after the report of an armed person in a clown costume. this following a series of creepy clown sightings nationwide. ana miler is live in north andover with this story. ana. >> reporter: kate, one building was evacuated and all the students were told to shelter in place while officials looked into reports of an armed clown on campus. it's the latest in a
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country. >> the creepy clown is now targeting school districts including the merrimac college campus. all the students were told to shelter in place. >> the staff member reported the threat after seeing it on a website. it showed a college clown inside a dorm holding a rifle. police didn't find anything all clear around 10:00 p.m. >> this is the latest of creepy clown costumes that started in south carolina. >> in houston, texas a threat to kidnap kids and kill teachers. they were kept inside at recess. >> we don't know if it's a
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that a sighting in agalawn went viral online. the clown was just advertising the new england scare fest at the big e. >> reporter: there's been reports of sharing at u mass amhurst. police are telling people not to believe the hype. ana miler, wbz this morning. a school superintendent arrested charge apologized and resigned. mary delai was arrested in august. delai was criticized for allowing a teacher charged with domestic assault to return to the classroom. police are investigating this morning after a landscaper is killed in a crash in melrose. that landscaper was standing outside a parked truck with a
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and killed. that car hit an suv and flipped over. three people in the car were taken to the hospital. so far no charges have been filed. 5:07 right now. residents from jamaica to the carolinas bracing for hurricane matthew right now. it's a category 4 storm moving there you the caribbean baring down on haiti with winds up to 140 miles per hour. cbs's mark strausman has the story from jamaica. >> jamaica has felt the outer kingston, the nation's capitol, home to almost 600,000 people is a virtual ghost town. >> jamaica will be in some way, shape or form hit by a hurricane. that will mean heavy rain, high winds, storm surge and that will cause significant damage. >> but matthew's bull's eye could be near by haiti. winds
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flatten the landscape of flimsy homes. flash flooding, mud slides and storm surge threaten people living in the poorest country. >> in the latest track it maintains the strength so it will be a major category 3 or stronger hurricane. >> matthew will then move north to eastern cuba where it could linger for 10 years. 350,000 cubans have been evacuated. >> as it approaches the eastern sea board a track that's going to bring florida, south carolina and north carolina coastline. >> kingston, jamaica. to campaign 2016 now . new hampshire senator kelly ayotte saying she misspoke last night during a debate with her challenger. she was asked if he was tell a child to aspire to be like trump and she replied absolutely i would do that. after the debate she thought about it and released a statement saying in part, i
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have set a good example. in the past ayotte said she will vote for trump but does not endorse him. a new cbs news poll shows hillary clinton with a 4-point lead over donald trump. tonight the vice president candidates will face off in their first and only debate. cbs's craig boswell is in virginia where that debate will take place. >> mike pence took aim at hillary clinton's record as secretary of state at a campaign event in virginia, tim kaine's home turf. and our enemies are bold and that changes the day that donald trump becomes the president. >> both vice president nominees are expected to go to great lengths defending their running mates tonight something that professor bill harbor of indiana university said could be harder for the indiana governor. >> given the controversies about trump's tax returns and the other issues he's raised i
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making up for some lost ground. >> pence also sought to make light of trump's controversies last night. >> we can parse that. are you with many sne me? he tweeted this. then they turn on the television the next morning and donald trump is still standing stronger than ever before and fighting for the american people. >> tonight's vice president show down here in farmville comes a little more than a week after the first presidential debate and in the first cbs news poll taken since that debate clinton nationally over her republican rival. >> tonight the virginia senator will try to keep the momentum on clinton's side. >> it's good. i mean, just got to beat myself. >> clinton and trump meet for their second presidential debate this sunday in missouri. craig boswell, cbs news, farmville, virginia. >> the vice president candidates go head to head in their only prime time debate right here on wbz starts at
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leonard campanelo was fire after the city said the chief deleted several hundred text messages from a city-owned cell phone that was part of an investigation. the investigation was about a relationship that he had with two women that may have feared for their safety. >> the chief would like to thank the hundreds and hundreds of people who reached out >> his firing is effective november 2nd. he has a right to a hearing before then in front of the mayor. 5:11. coming up right now on wbz this morning, keeping boston drivers on their best behavior. >> the new competition looking to reward the best drivers in the city. how you can get involved. >> plus, a giant taco at the center of a battle between the
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-- good morning, everybody vrm -- good morning, everybody. it's a gloomy start. the trend will be to bring out the sunshine through the afternoon. a cool on shore wind. a high around 60 degrees at the coastline today. i'm tracking a warm up and of course we'll talk about the latest track of hurricane matthew when we come back.
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day. >> the fire and police departments are going head to head for charity. they will face off at margarita's to see who can finish a 2 pound taco first. the winning team gets $250 for the charity of their choice. the runner up will get $100 to donate. >> a piece of cake. >> they all share the same taco, like drippings and everything? they all have to share it? >> i get through one. >> okay. >> so like how many members there are. >> that sort of wouldn't be sanitary. >> they were all like beating all the pieces of the taco. >> i would actually want to see that too. it would be funny. >> i'm nervous with the 2 pound taco because the shell would get soggy. am i thinking about this too much? >> i think it's going to take 60 seconds and it will be gone. we are keeping an eye on matthew. if you haven't watched
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we just got the latest update from the national hurricane center. matthew is still a powerful category 4 hurricane with 145 miles per hour winds moving 9 at miles per hour bearing down on haiti right now. the eye of matthew is just to the southwest of the western tip of haiti. obviously it's over warm ocean water. we have seen no signs of weakening. matthew will continue as a category 4 hurricane clipping the eastern side of cuba, moving up towards tomorrow. it will weaken somewhat but still a major category 3 hurricane. the latest track has shifted slightly wards the west. it parallels the eastern coastline of florida by thursday night into friday and then back up just off the coastline of south carolina. watch what happens after that. weakening to a category 2 storm but the outer banks on guard as we head into the over night on friday and the very start of the weekend. where does matthew go after that
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so the entire east coast is really on alert here. i wouldn't be surprised if tropical storm watches or hurricane watches are issued for parts of florida later on this morning by the national hurricane center. so by saturday the hurricane is still off the outer banks of the carolinas. for us here at home no impact for the start of the weekend. by sunday and potentially into the start of columbus day where matthew goes depends on the jet stream an how it interacts with this cold front comingn. obviously at that point matthew would be in a weaker stage but it does look like if the storm were to track closer to southern new england we could feel some impacts in terms of rainfall if it interact with that front and we could see some gusty wind at the coastline defending on the track. the time frame would be sunday into the start of columbus day. until then we are pretty quite. running in the 50s right now. there's some low clouds in place. some breaks of sunshine. not a lot of weather
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gloomy start but the sun does break out. a blend of sun and clouds tomorrow, wednesday looks great, thursday and even friday. high pressure still in control, plenty of sunshine and a bit of a warming trend too. around 60 at the coast today. tonight into the 40s in the suburbs. highs tomorrow into the 60s. pretty normal for the beginning of october standards. and then a warm up. 71 on thursday looks beautiful. the mid 70s on friday. increasing clouds on saturday. th on matthew for the tail end of the weekend. breanna. >> the first spot s to get backed up with traffic but so far there's nothing there. that will probably change by 5:30. right now though 24 north is clear so is route 3. getting to the split is going to be easy. checking out the drive in from the west, there's some construction on worcester but it's on 290 by the belmont street over pass so your ride in on pike is wide open. in
5:19 am
good driver? the city of boston wants to put your skills to the test. mayor marty walsh is launching the boston safetiest driver comp -- safest driver competition. download the app, boston safest driver that scores you on five things, speed, corn cornering and speed distraction. the grand prize is $2,000. drive extra safe out there. kate. >> i didn't care what chris i'm the best driver this the building for sure. a massive mess of veteran's lawrence high school. thousands of concert goers left piles of bottled beer cans and garbage. they had to tow a coors light truck left on the field. >> for people to throw their garbage and not clean it up or
5:20 am
>> the school hopes to have the filed back in shape for the next home game. the lawrence mayor said they will look at legal options. the man accused of posing as an uber driver and assaulting a student will be in court today. 18-year-old samuel textador removed his gps monitoring bracelet and disappeared this weekend. a warrant was issued for his arrest. later today he orange line riders could benefit from the casino coming to everett. they hope to build a new orange line station on commercial street in mauldin. it's part of a long-term transit plan that's being considered in part due to the wynn report casinos.
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kwarn tees on pets with ray bies. it will be changed from 6 weeks to 4 weeks. that brings them in line with national recommendations. this will help clear the shelters more quickly making adoptions easier. coming up next, the red sox getting ready for the post season. >> a closer look at their schedule and when they're getting back to work. >> plus, brady is back and fired up. what number is keeping him motivated. that's ahead in sports. fsz
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in new hampshire, maggie hassan cut taxes for small businesses, protected education... created jobs. in washington, what's kelly ayotte done? voted to cut college grants, cut medicare. but kelly ayotte voted to protect tax breaks for millionaires and big oil. that's what the koch brothers and big corporate interests wanted. they're spending millions supporting ayotte. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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the sox back to work at fenway today. >> plus, brady is back. steve burton has reaction from the team and number 12 himself. >> good morning, everybody. yes, tom brady is final brady did talk to west wood 1 radio last night and he's chomping at the bit to finally play. >> t great -- it's great to be back in the building. it's great to be back to work. it's been a long 4 weeks but i'm ready to started on the preparation for cleveland. i'm anxious to get back out on the practice field. >> how mad are you?
5:25 am
shoulder when you were drafted in the 6th round at 199? >> i'm motivated to win for my teammates. none of that has changed. >> players said they didn't see brady in foxborough yesterday but are happy for brady's return. >> thrilled to have him back. we know what type of player he's been for this team. we know what type of leade's do with him here now. we're excited about the challenges that lie ahead. >> i'm excited. i know he's probably eager to get back here and get to work so he's going to be coming back here tomorrow and moving onto cleveland. we're excited to get back to work. baseball and here the alds schedule for the red sox and indians. games 1 and 2 in cleveland thursday night at 8:00. then back to boston for
5:26 am
if necessary game 4 on sunday and then if there's a game 5 in cleveland. they work at fenway later on today. >> that's sports for now. i'm steve burton. over to you. >> counting down to days to sunday. >> -- down the days to sunday. >> i feel like people are so excited for him to return it's going to be too exciting. >> the sox in the post-season and brady i problems on a busy road in charlestown. what it means for you morning commute. >> this is john kelly. the trump campaign said his tax avoidashs nce isance is genius. what americans think of the taxes we pay when wbz continues this morning. >> we have low clouds in play right now. there's going to be clouds in place for most of the morning commute and then sunshine does break out today.
5:27 am
at the bus stop shouldn't have any issues. recess is good to go in the 60s today. i'm tracking a warm up and hurricane matthew as well when we come back. >> stay with us, you're
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. is responsible for the
5:30 am
breaking right now at 5:30, a busy water main break in charlestown. streets flooding. >> the investigation of a house fire in revere. >> students at boston college on alert. the disturbing incident forcing police to step up patrols. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. welcome back, everybody. >> i'm chis mckinnon. is we're going to see is sun later, danielle? >> we will see the sunshine today. it takes a while to break out chris and kate. temperatures in the 50s, similar to where we were yesterday and you may need the wipers on in a couple of spots for a spot or two of drizzle. the low clouds a -- the low clouds from place but the
5:31 am
sunshine. low clouds, spotty drizzle, temperatures in the mid 50s. that wind off the ocean today is going to keep us on the clear side. gradual clearing by midday. that cool breeze, 59, 60 for highs today through the interior. a blended sun of clouds, nice for the ride home. sunset at 6:20. temperatures in the upper 50s. tracking matthew, the threat to places like cuba, haiti and then the east coast on alert through late week back up through the carolinas. and then for the weekend anywhere really from the mid atlan coastline of maine. i'm going to talk about the potential impacts here at home for matthew coming up. now weather and traffic together. >> braking over night, a big water main break in charlestown flooding the streets. that break happened at the intersection of old rutherford avenue and arrow street. water was gushing through the area pouring on the rutherford avenue and route 99. crews managed to stop the flooding. here's a live look at the scene right now.
5:32 am
a street sweeper cleared that road and it's reopened to traffic. meanwhile, the expressway is starting to get bogged down. a live look at the northbound lanes by columbia road. we are starting to see some slow and go traffic, especially on 128 near brain tree. you can see the congestion, the orange and yellow arrows on brain tree. 24 north is still clear as you make your way up to 128. kate. >> thank you. a house fire iner crescent avenue before 2:00 this morning. there's damage to the second floor. no word to to extent of that damage. no injuries have been reported. new from over night, a warning for boston college students. police are stepping up patrols after reports of a man committing a lewd act near campus. boston college police say it happened somewhere in the area between 2000 and 2150 commonwealth avenue. say they is suspect may be in a white sedan. they are asking students
5:33 am
suspicious to 911. an investigation this morning after police shoot and kill an armed robbery suspect in lindt. detectives went to an apartment complex on lindt shore drive yesterday morning to serve a search warrant. they say the suspect followed them into a hallway and pointed a gun. three officers fired at him. the 57-year-old man was the suspect in an armed robbery at the porthole public last night. the restaurant owner describes what happened. >> he put the and said do you want to live and go home tonight? we know where you live. >> the suspect's name has not yet been released. a new hampshire mother facing charges after her 7-year-old daughter ran over her younger sister. lynn bowen gave her keys to her 7-year-old daughter and told her to start the car.
5:34 am
sister. she will be arraigned in november. whitey bulger won't be taking his case to the supreme court. the justices refused to hear the gangster's appeal. he claimed the trial judge didn't let him testify about his i immunity deal. donald trump is dealing with criticism following a new york times report he avoided paying taxes for two decades. jon keller takes a look at how americans feel about tax breaks for the wealthy. >> good morning. the king of hot butt on issues, taxes, is in the news once again thanks to the disclosure that donald trump apparently took major advantage of a legal commonly exercised part of tax law that allows businesses to reduce or
5:35 am
den -- burden after losses. >> he said that reflects poorly on the tax code. hillary clinton's take is that this prove what is a lousy businessman donald trump is where how paying taxes is your duty. >> all this left me wondering what the voters think of the taxes they and others pay or don't pay as the case may be. so i looked it up. >> according to the gala poll, taxes we pay are too high with 37% saying they're just about right. for context, the highest negative rating every reported by gala was 69% in 1969. >> when gala asked people if they thought their income taxes were fair a majority said yes and it's been that way since
5:36 am
and corporations pay their fair share. fairly 2 in 10 of us believe they do. to recap, we think our taxes are too high but don't think that's unfair. what we really don't like are the breaks that the wealthy enjoy. >> clinton is trying to pounce on all of this, an effort that may be complicated because of her ties to big money. it's going to be hard for trump to put a 87% of americans are mad about. tweet me @kelleratlarge. the vice president candidates go head to head tonight on wbz at 9:00. wells fargo is losing business in one state. >> bracing for the holiday travel rush. when is the best
5:37 am
a college campus forces students to evacuate and shelter in face. how this is spreading across the country coming up. >> checking in with weather watchers this morning. you saw ana with the umbrella there. a little bit of spotty drizzle as you step out this morning and a lot of clouds around as well. the temperatures at 56 in lexington. the trend today though is going to be for increasing sunshine as the clouds gradually break apart and the threat for any wet weather the rest of the week is prett trend. we will talk all about it and hurricane matthew when we come back. stay with us. in new hampshire, maggie hassan cut taxes for small businesses, protected education... created jobs. in washington, what's kelly ayotte done? voted to cut college grants, cut medicare.
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we're already talking about it, serving up thanksgiving in a box plus the best time to book your holiday flights. >> i'm not ready for this. >> wells far goes -- fargo losing business in one state. hannah daniels is live at the new york stock exchange with today's money watch. good morning, hannah. >> reporter: good morning, guys. wells fargo took another hit. the state of illinois suspended $30 billion in investment activity with theba wells fargo is a broker/dealer. that move is likely to cost the bank millions. have you bought your airline tickets for the holiday travel yet? it may cost you. this is the secret week to book air fares said the website. consumers who wait a few days longer too book their holiday
5:41 am
thinking about your thanksgiving meal. martha and marly spoon is offering martha stewart's favorite thanksgiving recipes and ingredients in a box. there's turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and apple pie. you have to do the slicing and dicing and baking but said it will make the preparation simple. the cost is $179. make a hang over cure in a box for the day after thanksgiving. >> reporter: who is going to come over and clean up my kitchen after wards? >> very good point. i'll volunteer kate for that . >> oh, no. hannah, thank you. coming up, a warning for boston college students. >> a disturbing incident prompts police to step up patrols around campus. >> also an over night water
5:42 am
causing water woes for the area. i'm nicole jacobs with a live
5:43 am
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boston's most celebrated tradition is now in the hands of the city's most celebrated orchestra. >> starting next year the
5:45 am
of july fireworks concert and fire works. >> i suspect that people will find a lot of changes between 2017 and 2016 but all building on the great traditions that we've established and always making sure that the boston pops is the center of this great birthday party and this great boston event. >> long time executive producer david mugar retired after this year's show. he's going to stay on as an adviser. >> this is the best event that boston does. weather, the people in the crowd are the best, the music. i mean, danielle, if you've never been it's the best thing we do. >> it's just something you have to do. you have to go into the city for it. i can't believe it. we are always looking forward to that as we head into is summer months. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. 58 in boston, 53 in worcester. low clouds in place right now. a little spotty drizzle too and mist out there. it's a gloomy start. the trend will be for increasing sunshine,
5:46 am
apart. not a whole lot of wet weather across the northeast too. aside from these two spots of drizzle you may need the wipers through midday. this is the map at noontime. the drier air comes in, the clouds break apart. there may be some low clouds stubborn from the south shore to the cape. 60 for the high at the coastline today. that's it. it will be a cool on shore 62 in bedford, the upper 50s in worcester. cooler than average and variable clouds over night tonight. with the clearing that's coming in for a lot of us there may be some clouds in southeastern massachusetts. 50 for an over night low in boston, 38 to 48 in the suburbs though. tomorrow will be milder, normal for this time of year but still an an shore wind. temperatures will be in the low to mid 60s at the coast, into the 60s through the interior with more and more sunshine for our wednesday. so high pressure is in control. that actually means a really
5:47 am
sunshine and temperatures that will be running in the low to mid 70s. so really pleasant for the end of the week. then we turn our attention to matthew. look at the image right now. there's the eye of matthew that will be clipping the western portion of haiti here over the next several hours. right outside that eye is where you get the strongest winds right in the eyeal haiti right now. the hurricane warnings are up for the bahamas. i wouldn't be surprised if the east coast of florida seeing hurricane watches for this morning. look at the track. it's take ago west ward -- taking a west ward trend here. parts of the eastern coast of florida are in that cone of uncertainty. matthew may parallel the coastline as a major category 3 hurricane thursday night into friday morning and then hug the
5:48 am
saturday and into early on sunday morning. potential impacts for us here at home wouldn't be until the second half of the weekend. obviously matthew would be weakening at that point. it may interact with a front and bring us a good dose of rain for sunday into the start of columbus day. depending on track and timing, we will keep you posted on that in the days to come. breanna. >> back up in mansfield this morning. construction crews are working on 95 exit 6 up to 495. this is backing up traffic to exit 5. right now only minor delays in the area. it's less than 10 minutes but we will keep an eye on it since it's rush hour. chris and kate. >> thank you. a clown scare at mar merrimack college. >> and a clown scare. >> reporter: i'm nicole jacobs live in charleston town where water was everywhere here on old rutherford and arrow street.
5:49 am
i do want to get you right to video of water really pouring into the streets. not only was it here on arrow street and rutherford, it went over to 99 that was shut down for some time. a street sweeper came through and cleaned up that area and 99 is back open. i can tell you that residents here in this area were without water for some time. that water has been restored. all of this of sleeping. all of this happening at the sinkhole. this is a 2 foot sinkhole. this is what crews will focus on when they return to the scene to start repair work. nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. >> reporter: scary moments on the campus of merrimack college after reports of an armed clown inside a dorm. hundreds of students were evacuated from the dorm around 9:30 on monday night. all other students were
5:50 am
after seeing an alert on a twitter account called clown watch, warning of a person dressed in a creepy clown costume holding a rifle. officials didn't find anything suspicious and gave the clear around 10:00 p.m. this is spooking people across the country. more on that coming up. live from merrimack college, ana miler, wbz this morning. new from over night, a warning for boston college students. police are increasing patrols after reports that a man near campus. boston college police say it happened between the 2000 block and 2150 block of commonwealth avenue. the suspect may be in a white sedan. they are asking students to stay alert, avoid walking alone and report anything suspicious they may see to 911. right now police are searching for the suspect in an armed robbery at a boloco. police released this
5:51 am
the suspect was wearing a mask and gloves wearing all black when they got into the restaurant after it closed on sunday night. they threatened employees with a gun. if you have any information call police. the trial of a georgia man accused of intentionally leaving his son in a hot car to die is now underway. prosecutors say justin ross harris left his 22-month-old son inside a hot suv for 7 hours because he wanted to escape family life. the d.a. said harris was not anymore. harris's attorney said it was a tragic accident. hurricane matthew is starting to bear down on haiti. it's expected to bring 145 mile per hour storms to that country. people were evacuated in haiti and to dominican republic. precautions have been taken in jamaica and cuba as far north as the carolinas as well. florida's governor declared a state of emergency in case hurricane matthew moves west.
5:52 am
evacuated in mexico after eruptions continued at the volcano. residents are prevented from returning home and must remain in shelters for 24 hours. the volumecano continue -- volcano continue to be active. merrimack is cutting a quarter of the workforce. the ceo is resigning. it's a plan to save $200 million. they said they don't take effect until the launch of the new pancreas cancer drug. massachusetts officials shoeing morgan stanley with unethical conduct to meet sales goals. they got clients to apply for security-based loans.
5:53 am
in rhode island. the bank will fight the lawsuit in court. just a reminder, wheel of fortunate try outs are coming to boston. >> the wheel mobile will be at stanley hall looking to draft contestants for the game show. there's six chances to be selected. it will be at stanley hall on both days from noon to 4:00. none who shows up can apply. it's worth it to just go watch by the way. so much fun. >> good to know >> the patriots star hosting a
5:54 am
? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center and blue cross blue shield has me.
5:55 am
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julian edleman surrounded by women on monday night. that didn't stop him from weighing in on his main man. >> he hosted a wom at gillette teaching 400 ladies the fundamentals of football. he had a few things to say about the return of tom brady, the quarterback finally free after serving his suspension from the deflate gate scandal. >> any time you have a team name coit -- teammate come back it's exciting.
5:57 am
women in a limo last year. i remember it was so much fun. >> there was a little bumping an grinding going on with gronkowski. >> nothing for television. your top stories are right here on wbz. stay with us. blah p
5:58 am
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good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm kate merrill. >> i'm chis mckinnon . it's tuesday, october 4th. we're following breaking news at 6:00, a major water main break in charlestown. water gushing into the street. how it's impacting the morning commute. >> a warning for boston colle the incident near campus that has police stepping up patrols. >> a clown scare forcing students to be evacuated from a massachusetts college. >> and tom brady is talking about his first day back at work. >> we will hear from him in just a few minutes. first danielle niles has some rain on the way into work this morning. danielle. >> yeah, a little spotty drizzle and mist. chris and kate, you may need the wipers on in a few spots as you step out this door. good morning,


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