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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 6, 2016 11:15pm-11:50pm EDT

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chandler jones reached in. and that will put football on the arizona side of the field once they mark it off. referee: personal foul, facemask, defense. 15-yard penalty, automatic first down. grabbed it. i'll never turns theory hey, we're not afraid of so-and-so, we're going to attack their strength. why would you want to attack their strength? the 49ers knew better than to throw a lot of footballs towards number 21. jim: three minutes to go and now
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kerley. oh, boy, he faked out marcus cooper. the cardinals coming up with the jets. that means todd bowles comes back to arizona, where he was a great assistant. seattle, that's a home game. at cardinal and into the bye a the 49ers on november 14th. first and 10. celek. phil: you look at this game here tonight, it's just the 49ers, a couple of things. the offensive line, that has to worry you going down the road. no matter how good you run the ball, you're always going to get in obvious passing situations in the nfl and they have a tough time protecting the quarterback
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jim: kerley again. phil: their rush defense has been the worst in the nfl and that's not going to improve after this week. jim: kerl illinois goes over 100 with that catch. with that catch. the first time the 49ers have 100-yard game in 15 games. kerley that time not quite ready.
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oh, it was -- was it? yeah, it was -- no, it's incomplete. swearinger. phil: sjenger -- swearinger sitting in the middle of the field reading the quarterback and not a good decision by blaine gabbert. sell secretary on the outside and he throws the football too far inside and swearinger gets in there -- jim: you can see the balll to the ground. phil: dropped an interception. i think gabbert saw it and thought i'm going to overpower the throw before swearinger can make a play on it. jim: third and 10. they rush six. get it away. caught by blake bell and now you're down three scores. you have fourth down coming up. do you go ahead and say -- phil: no, you go for the touchdown.
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two-minute warning. fourth down coming up right after the break. ?
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jim: coming up next, the "the mazda postgame show" with analysis and highlights plus david johnson stops by the set. all coming up on "the mazda postgame show." phil: expecting blitz, they're going to get it. kept two guys in the backfield. celek, the tight end, hyde the running back. jim: fourth down. they bring everybody just about. flag. got a flag. and arians is saying what? where? phil: he had the blitzer and the chaser, as jerry glanville would say. referee: pass interference, number 32 defense. that foul occurred in the end zone. the ball will be placed at the 1-yard line. automatic first down. jim: they're not going to like
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phil: the blitzer, the chaser, tony jefferson so he has to get rid of the football quick. jim: arians furious as well. pablo: that was a tough -- phil: that was a tough call. not much going on there. jim: with the football is gabbert and the touchdown. phil: well, besides jeremy kerley, everybody just chasing the run down inside expecting them to power it in there but gabbert has had a good night running the football. 70 yards rushing. jim: thrown for 162, one touchdown.
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and dawson makes it a 10-point margin. 1:52 to go. and all throw time-outs for the 49ers as no doubt the onside kick will be coming up next. we saw the arizona schedule -- we're not going to put anything final until it's final but you get to 2-3 and now you have a couple of home games coming up. this is a team that at 1-3 you're thinking they've lost as as you look at arians last night he said i still like my roster. phil: he's got a good roster. he has stars out there that can make plays. as we saw tonight. don't you think they were shaken by the 1-3 start? i think it showed. they played nervous and finally got some breaks to go their way
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swagger come back. jim: they had all those games last year that last year they won in the last seconds. you think about the new england game and how they had field goal that was missed. last year those situations went their way. phil: they made them, yes. jim: jay feely, set us up. jay: phil dawson a respectable 6-32. he's got a bag of he once even kicked it with the back of his heel backwards in the pro bowl. he's going to go to his right probably on the ground. it will roll. jim: up to jump on it is golden. just signed him. phil: bag of tricks. didn't quite get what he wanted,
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the ground. got the good bounce up. jay: you're right, phil. he wants that ball low on the ground. it's easy to river if it hops up. jim: we saw you on your throwback thursday. what was your onside kick? jay: i liked a high hop one. i liked to come back to the middle. the average in the nfl is only 20% recovery rate. jim: time-out called by san francisco. and again, david johnson will be on the set. after the game "the mazda postgame show." hope you get a chance to see him. we had a great visit with that young man yesterday. if you do watch it, you will be impressed. not just by what he did on the field here tonight. phil: that's right, the way he talks, handles himself.
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good receiver out of the backfield. jim: second and 6. and that time taylor is taken back. bruce arians is going to feel like finally celebrating his birthday, which fell on monday. he turned 64. going to feel a lot better about things after this one. but it was also his brother-in-law's birthday on monday. his brother-in-law, tom trimmer, who's headed out west to visit. he's been a little under the weather and he thinks an awful lot of tom so we just wish his brother-in-law tom all the very best. so the second time time-out called by the 49ers. i said what'd you do on your birthday? worked 16 hours in the office. short week.
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phil: doesn't sound that bad, does it? jim: no. i might do the same after the broadcast. 8:30 out here. phil: you do that every day. jim: third and 12. and it is knocked away. michael floyd without a catch tonight. only been thrown to twice. good piece of defending by brock, and the eye vision 360 camera this technology right here won an emmy. back in the spring for -- the george wentzle award. best technical invasion. for the super bowl 50 broadcast. in fact, i remember james stewart touchdown from a yard out in that same end zone that was the first time people saw it
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not trying to play on the eye vision. it was something you said i have never seen that before. phil: i'm looking forward to the day -- i guess they're going to do it something like that? that would set off, or a chip in the football where you don't have to see if the ball crossed the goal line or whatever. that's definitely on its way. jim: i've been calling for that since we got back in the nfl in 199 and i can remember a york jets and i said in the studio they need to put a microchip in the football. i took a little bit of heat for that. it's only taken me 1 years to get one other person now on the team. phil: so you're telling me you're way ahead of that -- your time? i think it was a vinny testaverde. that game they went to the playoffs, if i remember.
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party. put a chip in that football. phil: let's see what the quarterbacks did tonight. jim: give me a wrap-up on these two. we headlineed it about the matchup between these two. phil: stanton didn't throw any interceptions. made a couple of good throws. gabbert, the tippe unlucky. jim: that's a safety. campbell adds to a really good night for limb. phil: and i think that explains blaine gabbert's run the ball well tonight, made some good throws but under a lot of pressure once they got behind. jim: just had no chance that time. he broke across that line of scrimmage, gabbert had no opportunities to do anything.
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the game. phil: what's happened tonight, just like that play there, corey peters was so strong, he forced his way in, they had to double-team him and it frees up the second rusher. we've seen that many times tonight. jim: look attica lace campbell. two sacks tonight, including a safety, and an interception. we heard some tonight saying hey, we want kap. is this story going to get bigger after this game or the next time they tee it up when they have to head to buffalo? phil: i think he'll be the starting quarterback when they go up there. jim: who will be? phil: blaine gabbert. i don't think they'll make a change. you look at some of the things that have gone on here tonight. the rush defense, the pass
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change is going to change all that? jim: a fair catch signaled. peterson. arizona to 2-3. 1-1 in the division. you have los angeles hosting buffalo this week. seattle is on a bye at 3-1. phil: go back to the quarterback situation, though, jim. i got no kneeling -- i haven't in anything i've read, watched. watching practice, talking to the players, talking to the coach. there's nothing that even gave me a hint that anywhere close
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francisco 49ers. that's just my opinion. jim: you were there on the sidelines at practice. you saw what you saw. phil: i saw blaine gabbert taking all the reps, doing all the practice. you know, a lot of encouraging worlds about him as a teammate, a player -- come on, i don't want to hear everybody talk -- this guy's's got talent. got a good arm. yeah, he missed some passes tonight. it's not a game of perfection the way we make it out to be. so we'll see. see what chip kelly decides to do as they get these 10 days to get ready for their next game. jim: arians and arizona go to 2-3. chip kelly and the 49ers lose their fourth in a row. go to 1-4.
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the ground and do not commit a single turnover. clean game for stanton. phil: after all the turnovers they'd made in the past couple of weeks, that's going to be a big welcome relief also for the cardinals. jim: two touchdown catches by fitzgerald. arizona was scoreless in the first 28 minutes and ended up with 33 over the last 22 minutes. that's a good team that got off to a phil: you can just watch bruce arians and his body language. what a relief. like i said at the start of the telecast. i think they're shocked they're now to get this win, they're an emotional team. when they get it going, they can -- jim: 10 years in the league, stanton did what he was called on to do. step in palmer being an sen. his wife kristen put together a
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influential people in his 10 years in the league. when camp ended, she surprised him. she had letters from 10 influential coaches he'd been a cart -- part of. it meant a lot to him. tracy, down to you. tracy: i'm here with larry fitzgerald, mr. reliable once again. get it done blocking and receiving. did you feel the need to step up with just the added pressure of the record and no carson tonight? -- we miss carson, he's our bell cow but drew did a great job of stepping in. jeong anybody pressed. getting yourself in a 1-4 hole is pretty unsurmountable. to get to 2-3 is really encouraging. tracy: can you see a difference in the team right now? >> to be able to get a win, it gives you so much confidence. guys believe in themselves and
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everybody put their hands in the pile. tracy: thank you. good luck for the season. >> thank you very much, i appreciate it. jim: the final score is arizona 33 and san francisco 21. coming up next, "the mazda postgame show." whoa. what's going on here?
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welcome to the most a post game show. >> northern iowa in the house to the tune of 157 and two touchdowns. one visit to the monster post game show ce david johnson the arizona cardinals celebrating. deion sanders and crew, welcome to the must the post game show set. please to be joined by marcia, steve, and michael. there are no pictures in the standings, it looked beautiful
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larry fitzgerald. >> david johnson was fantastic and we talked about attacking a teams weakness. the running game took over and did not have to do that again. >> david johnson is making the case for offenses player of the year. >> fitzgerald he's playing great. michael floyd is trying to see more money and he's not playing great. i just don't understand how it works. a few more drops and not just a great date. >> the cardinals next game is against the jets team that
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five the kickoff tonight on cbs nfl network, take it away.>> let's look ahead to next thursday night the charges and broncos where your eight months ago presenting the trophy to the denver broncos and they are off to a what are you looking for? >> looking for to the game because we have done a lot of san diego in denver games and san diego plays some of their best football against the broncos. they want to beat them and they want to beat everybody but the denver broncos have been impressive. with a young quarterback winning the super bowl, a few changes and we did their second
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cincinnati, 4 touchdowns and then they win tampa. simeon is injured and it still up in the air what happens. paxton lynch came in, this team has the defense back in the offense is running at a high level. >> they have to quarterbacks and if you did not see paxton lynch play he is pretty good and if he has to play they will be in good hands. >> we can starts right here with denver at san diego. tonight, on the cbs.
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live from the channel 4 studios, this is wbz news at 11 pm. hurricane matthew ready to strike and millions are warned to leave before it is too late. >> evacuate evacuate evacuate. >> this a dangerous hurricane grows in strength. there have been 40 miles. >> this video is coming in from west palm beach getting powerful rain bands, 2 million people have been warned to evacuate in mind. >> we can give you a live look
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with our chief meteorologist. where in florida will get the worst of this? >> around cape canaveral and northward as we head into the day tomorrow. silly category 4 hurricane with 130 miles per hour wind. 30 miles per hour and unfortunately -- fortunately finally leaving the bahamas which took a beating today. they are moving closer to the coast line and we have them come here's a close-up-- close-up look at that i. here's melbourne, this is cape canaveral. it will come very close the tune 7:00 and 9:00. some of the gusts are starting to come up a little bit. 72 miles per hour, 55 right now gusting around 49 and daytona beach is nowhere near the center
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it may get to the coast line or state just offshore. the strongest winds around that center. i think the big story is the storm surge, they have not had a hurricane on record in over 100 years and then it straddles the coastline through south carolina and eventually off of north carolina as a grows weaker on saturday. it is an unusual one and back towards florida as a tropical storm next week possibly. hurricane matthew has the potential to be a devastating storm and even before it hits with full force president. obama has declared a state of emergency in florida and south carolina. further inland we have been
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people are being battered by the rain and wind, very dangerous and life-threatening hours are still ahead. >> the outer storms will start pounding the atlantic coast with heavy wind. they are expected to make landfall overnight. >> this storm is a monster. i will pay for everyone's safety. >> they urged people to seek shelter but some intend to write out the storm. >> series altercations, hopefully it will be the same thing. >> they condemned that overconfidence. >> this hurricane is not like any other hurricane we've seen. >> sustained wind of more than 100 miles per hour, a storm surge of more than 11 feet


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