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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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traffic and weather together. weekdays on wsp stars wbz this morning. two people sexually assaulted during a home invasion. the search right now to find a suspect a deadly plane crash in the middle of a busy street look at the question over if it was intentional. joyriding in a stolen ambulance. one hospital patients a wild ride and it does and why it was short-lived. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, and this is wbz news this morning. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm kate merrill. >> i am chris mcginness. good morning. it is not as well -- as cold as yesterday. >> it feels warmer than yesterday and i'm glad that you got the bright memo. >> [ laughter ]
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warmer than yesterday so you are right. there are still 30s on the map this morning. 37 in taunton and salmon right now, 49 boston, and lower 40s international, 39 concord, and mid-30s when you come up to plymouth new hampshire. 40 a bedford, upper 30s in norwood. not as cold as yesterday but there is a chilly and 35 in the vineyard and colder on cape cod where we have clear skies and a lighter wind we have cloudiness, but it looks worse than it actually has. these are-in the cirrus clouds floating over the region. they will continue to advance
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sunshine this afternoon. your morning drive, wispy clouds, sunrise, 6:54 am, and out of the 40s we climbed, 63 by lunchtime, looking beautiful. that is normal for this time of the year with a light wind. we will have clouds mixed in with her son right -- with the ride home but otherwise beautiful, with temperatures in the low 60s. i am timing out some showers on the way for tomorrow and i will have the hour by hour timeline coming up in a few. thank you. this is a live look at the ridge and you can see the traffic is flowing very smoothly as you make your way into the city. no issues. barrett construction to know about inside the top, northbound, left two lanes closed and the hov lane to the or southbound, left three lanes are close inside the tunnel. we begin with a developing story macro boston police are releasing details overnight in the sex assaulted without the end. a victim told police that a man broke into her apartment, through a rear window at around 4:00 yesterday morning. once inside, sexually assaulted both people who live there. the suspect is described as a black man, possibly wearing a hooded sweatshirt and red camouflage pants.
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police have released a new images of a suspect in an attempted sexual assault in roxboro. they say that it happened saturday afternoon near fitzgerald park. the victim told police that a man came up from behind, pushed her to the ground, and try to sexually assaulted before taking off. that suspect was later seen riding a mountain bike towards huntington avenue. if you have any information, call boston police. developing out of connecticut, a person dead after a fiery plane crash on a very busy street. the fbi is involved in the investigation. >> they are trying to figure out if this was intentional. according to the new york times that the survivor told investigators that it was no accident. the latest from east hartford. >> reporter: crews were to restore power where a -- an airplane crashed in a ball of fire. investigators reveal tuesday night that the twin-engine airplane took off with two men from nearby airport only one of them survived. >> he is expected to survive.
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speaking with detectives. >> i saw the airplane on its side it was not flying straight. it was on its side and i saw dip and i said that hit the ground. >> reporter: witnesses say that the small piper pa-32 careened into east hartford main street and burst into flames. it took telephone poles and wires with it cell phone video and photographs capturing the horrific aftermath. >> i saw the flames of what i assume was remains. next to me it was a power box. it was smoking. there were transformers down and wires down. >> reporter: witnesses say that they are played narrowly missed this white van, traumatizing the people inside thankfully they were not hit. they were brought to the hospital. >> it is always tragic when we have an incident such as this but it certainly could have been worse. >> reporter: new york times reports that federal investigators are looking into this crash -- if this crash was intentional and we heard that the main street could be shut down for a few days. while the ntsb, fbi, and local law enforcement try to figure
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louisa muller, wbz this morning. today at the two people accused of killing an elderly man in orange will be in court in virginia. they could be back in massachusetts by the end of the week but 23-year-old joshua hart and 27-year-old brittany smith will be arraigned on fugitive charges. they are facing murder and other charges in connection with that deadly home inv severely injured is 77-year-old wife. a cambridge man accused of stealing an ambulance outside a local hospital and taking it on a brief joyride -- police say that ever guys had sought treatment at the cambridge hospital er and he hopped into an ambulance and took off. apparently it was either running or it had the keys in it police caught up with him a mile away where witnesses heard an officer as the cost -- if you had stolen the ambulance.
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like he did not understand what the officer was saying. he did not understand the situation. maybe he did not understand what he had done. >> the the the hospital nor the other lives company answer our calls regarding the policy leading ambulances outside turkey will be charged with motor vehicle larceny and driving without a license. state police and the d.a office want your help to track down a hit and run driver that killed a pedestrian in medford last month. they are hoping tne the photograph shows a silver or a gray honda civic at barry black scuff marks on the right brake light and passenger side of the car. if you recognize the car, you should call police. a police officer is facing charges stemming from a domestic incident. sergeant vincent fernandez went before a judge. police say that they went to his house on sunday after one of his kids called 911. when police arrived they say that they noticed the swelling under the eyes of both fernandez and his wife. officers say that they had to
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before arresting him. his attorney says that it was a mutual altercation. churches are suing the state of massachusetts over the transgender rights bill think that it is forcing them to violate their core religious beliefs. the law tested july and it lets transgender people use public bathrooms based on their gender. the lawsuit comes as opponents announced they have enough signatures to put a repeal of the law on the 2018 ballot. campaign 2016, clinton is hitting the campaign trail in massachusetts to drum up support for her mother. she is set to dock -- to talk today. hillary clinton's alma mater new poll show hillary clinton's leaders a point nationally and cbs brian webb has more. >> make sure that you get out and vote. november 28. >> reporter: moments out -- after mistakenly urging voters to vote on the wrong day, he released a new line of attack against hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is the
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global establishment, that is rating our country. >> reporter: earlier in the day he took to twitter announcing his shackles were off before calling paul ryan a weak an ineffective leader. house speaker was among dozens of republicans who distanced himself from donald trump in the wake of the access hollywood tape expect your vote really, really counts. a lot. >> reporter: hillary clinton campaign along with al gore in miami emails obtained from the accounts of the hits include -- beverly clinton campaign chair. one of the emails published by wikileaks purports to show now interim at dnc chair donna bussell, a cnn contributor at the time, giving hillary clinton's campaign advance notice on cnn tom hall questions. another suggests that hillary clinton's press secretary alerted aids that the justice department was about to release a court filing regarding her emails to hillary clinton aides
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publicly available. viaweb, cbs news. the candidates will face off next week and one final debate. that is on wednesday, october 9 and our live coverage begins at 9:00 p.m. >> 4:39 am and coming up on wbz, a unique site. >> orangemen bobbing in the channel. the story behind this are displayed. frustrated travelers are looking for refunds . the local man running into problem -- problems and where is ronald mcdonald?
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retail giant amazon is getting even more convenient. the wall street journal reports amazon is looking to open a new line of convenience stores. the stores would sell groceries like milk, produce, and meat and customers would be with -- be able to order other items for same-day delivery. >> today's money watch, ronald mcdonald is taking a break and ibm's new approach to help employees fight illness. comcast is getting ready to
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the stock exchange with those stories. it morning. >> reporter: good morning. comcast is facing a government fine of $2.3 million. the federal communications commission says that the cable company charged customers for services that they never ordered up like premium channels and extra cable boxes. comcast says the problems came from what it called, quote, isolated errors and customer confusion. there was no intentional discharging. employees diagnosed with cancer to use this powerful supercomputer to help fight the disease but the supercomputer will assist the workers choose the treatments and clinical trials. doctors collect health information from patients and they enter into watson which creates a report and it
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ronald mcdonald is making fewer appearances these days. mcdonald says it is being thoughtful by lowering the profile of its famous mascot this comes after reports of creepy clown sightings with some children sang that people dressed as clowns tried to entice them into the waves. >> i think it is tough for being a clown these days. you need to get out of the spotlight. >> reporter: i imagine it is not the easiest life overall. but especially these days. >> [ laughter ] >> thank you. it is tough to write back in the car when you are a, because so many ride together. that is difficult. >> sitting in those little tiny -- just trying to sell some
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>> it is not in most spots, so 30s on the map for many of us, it will start but not quite as chilly as what we had 24 hours ago. the temperatures, 49 in boston, dew points, mid-40s, winds from the south, very light, 3 miles per hour. we have 30s on the map, 38 in king, 39 in concord and 37 -- mid-40s in lawrence and upper 40s in the vineyard. it is colder because the wind has gone calm. we have clouds in place and it looks worse than it is. these are serious clouds decorating the sky for sunrise. we will keep moving and plenty of sunshine the forecast. it is snowing -- i dakota right now. this is a shot of colder air that will come in for the end of the week and before this front, we will be mild for the next several days. high temperatures today, in the upper 60s. not out of the question at that some spots come close to 70. i think that we will follow just shy the low to mid-67 coast within onshore breeze, overnight tonight, the clouds will increase, low-level clouds for most of us, 45 to 15 the suburbs, 53 downtown boston, saying dry tonight instant -- tomorrow, 65 to 70, breezy and mild as we go into thursday
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we do start with low-level clouds but i cannot rule out a sprinkle in the morning. most of us will be dry, no issues for the morning commute and during the afternoon we start to see some breaks of sunshine come out notice late in the day we go showers coming into the brookshire, but watch what happens as they slide east, tended to break apart so by 5:00 p.m., the places like the route to corridor -- 6:00, 7:00, mayb light, and they pressed through quickly and then clearing comes in after that with a new area of high pressure building in for the upcoming weekend. hurricane nicole has really started -- strengthened over the past 24 hours. 100 miles per hour winds, category 2, bermuda under the gun as we go into tomorrow. it is going to make a very close path along and perhaps just west of the island. hurricane warnings are going to be in effect. nicole will continue to get weaker as she moves of the ocean. we do not have to worry about
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is on guard and the height of the storm is tomorrow afternoon. for us, sunshine, cooler, breezy and 59 on friday, a beautiful start to the weekend, cold on saturday and sunshine in the upper 50s, low 60s on sunday with increasing high clouds and upper 60s could be a shower or two on monday and tuesday. there is a clown a billboard on expressway. i do not know if you have seen it but it wakes me up. you cannot see it from here but this is a live look at the
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to some construction. happening inside the o'neill tunnel, northbound, the left two lanes are closed as well as the age of the tunnel to logan and southbound the three left lanes are closed and all traffic is being do toward off of exit 20. days after hurricane matthew, some airline customers are having problems getting their money back from ruin to travel plans. sean silvester of writing booked not just his flight but flights 47 others traveling with him on spirit airlines to myrtle beach. silvester canceled a trip but he was told that because the flight was still on schedule he would have to pay $135 cancellation fee per passenger. >> i just want to the credit back that would be able to split between us equally because we cannot put this trip together again. people have other things going on so we are going to have to hold off. >> would issue sean and all seven others a full refund. boston residents are weighing in on the city's geese problem. they offered suggested to the city council on how to get rid of them at local parks. the ideas included everything from getting rid of some of their extra bringing in hurting dogs to chase them away. counselors listed but they did not make a decision. a public art display is turning heads and the artist is hoping that it will get you thinking. 22 bright orange figures hugging inter-tubes are bobbing. this symbolizes the immigrant history of america and the refugee crisis around the world.
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>> the orange swimmers are expected to flow to in the channel for about six weeks. >> it definitely gets your attention when you drive by. >> it does. i was wondering what it was and now we know. >> a local neighborhood is on edge. >> the sex offender moving in days after being released from prison what the community is doing now. a warning from police in new hampshire. the charges that one man is
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i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money from the existing public schools. rs, just last year. we can't afford to drain even more money from our kids' schools because they're already losing so much. i'm not just standing up for my own kids; i'm fighting for yours, too.
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developing this morning, boston police are searching for a suspect in a home invasion and sexual assault in the south end. they save the told officers a man broke into her apartment early yesterday morning and sexually assaulted both the people who live there. the suspect is described as a black man, possibly wearing a hooded sweatshirt and red camouflage pants, last seen running down claritin street. this morning outrage from a community in weymouth over a level iii sex offender who moved back into that neighborhood. >> i am picking up the kids at
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because it is a safe and also community and it makes you said. >> people there were notified last week that richard gardiner had moved back in with his parents on chandler street. he served 28 years for the kidnapping and rape of three boys in the -- in the 1980s but residents say that the neighborhood is full of children they have been putting up flyers and circling a petition. parents worry about the kids safety and they said that his presence could ruin a holiday tradition. >> i do not think that there will be a halloween. this is a great neighborhood to trick or treat input from the other side come here. >> last week a gardener violated a quincy city ordinance when he was caught on a computer at the library. he will likely be summoned to court for that violation. a man accused of assaulting local students with special needs will be arraigned in massachusetts today.
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-- a rendition yesterday at a hearing in rhode island. prosecutors say that he hit and shoved her three young men at the group home in august. at the time he worked at the judge rotenberg center, and he was fired shortly after the incident. a new hampshire man held on $25,000 bail in connection to the death of a 19-month-old stepson -- prosecutors say that he left open packages of fenton all in his apartment and the drugs may have killed his stepson. so far he is charged with child endangerment and the cause of the death has not been determined but it appears that the drugs did play a role. >> that is we are waitinr >> he has a long criminal history including several passed a drug charges and he has a six-year-old a biological said that is in stay protective custody. police say fugitive from washington dc was arrested in boston is now undergoing a
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he is accused of causing a disturbance at a jewelry store on washington street and be the a suspicious package at state government offices in boston. it turned out to be a copy of the quran. is also wanted for making bomb threats at reagan national airport. the family says that he is mentally ill. general electric employees are getting warm welcome at their island hub in rhode island but by the end of the month the company will have vacated its headquarters of the more than 200 workers have already made the move. the new main office will be in boston and the software division will move to providence. new overnight, chicago cubs are one step closer to ending their world championship drought. lift of the team to victory with a ninth-inning -- right there. this seals the deal. chicago winds the series of 3-1 and they will play the winners
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is set for tomorrow by the way, -- he is sticking around as the manager for the red sox. the president it -- he made the announcement yesterday, saying that he and his entire staff will return next season. the red sox went from worst to first but then they got swept by the indians in the playoffs. the patriots had the day off and one defensive start of the opportunity to make some kids smile. surprising patients at the boston children's hospital yesterday with a lip-synch battle. >> it is all part of his mission to tackle sickle-cell anemia. at the patriots debut will host the casino fundraiser on october 24 at royale in boston. the event will benefit children's hospital of -- sickle cell program. >> i do note -- not know what is better. the choice of the song or the microphone that he is holding. >> that is pretty -- >> it is fabulous. >> i like that he has got the baseball helmet on with the family background. >> music -- using comedy. >> a police department offering a way to crack down on the
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a local police department hoping taking a lighter approach by putting an end to the creepy clown craze. >> tough guy. by yourself?
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>> the public service announcement was created by the dartmouth police department, they are take on a clown car and the message, if you act like a clown, you'll get treated like a clown. that is a creepy clown from the overall to the scary face and the scary teeth. i would want to come across -- would not want to come across that clown. >> if you have got the police together. >> i want them with me at all times. >> top stories, weather and traffic -- >> the news at 5:00 starts right now. >> 5:00, details overnight in the double sex assault in the south end. the search for the suspect. a deadly airplane crash on a connecticut street. what the survivor told investigators. a homeless man accused of stealing an ambulance outside a local hospital and a witness talking about the unusual ending. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning.


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