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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  October 13, 2016 11:50pm-12:52am EDT

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when i listen to families across new hampshire, all i hear is that washington is locked into a system where the special interests come before people. where drug company profits come before affordable medicine, the koch brothers and big oil come before clean energy, and powerful corporations beat out entrepreneurs looking to grow their small businesses. i'm maggie hassan. washington won't change overnight. but sending a new senator who puts your priorities ahead of special interests
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>> welcome to the most the postgame show. >> trevor siemian's 50th pass attempt on the night was a hail mary a few yards shy of the end zone and of the yet another harrowing loss as we finally have a smile on the face of the men who will soon be visiting the postgame show set in san diego, california. philip rivers soon to be joining, on the thursday night football postgame show set in san diego. we are inside the studio here in los angeles of nfl network as you are seeing philip rivers numbers, racked up mostly in a
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then the chargers put their hands firmly on the wheel at 10-2 with a foot on the break with the blinkers on and hope for the best and they finally did get the best. michael irvin, you were the only one of this panel to pick the chargers tonight, you have the first word. >> i appreciate that, i appreciate taking the victory raced there. as i look at it, let's think about this now. coach gary kubiak is one of the best coaches in this league. we all send him well wishes. but not having a moment sideline, i k san diego has been getting out in a leeds and then they would have to come back in denver that gary kubiak. >> the other head coach do nothing looking getting off the hot seat for mike mccoy and otherwise beating the super bowl champions at home. that's a big win at home for him. congratulations for the chargers, john pagano with sensational. >> all the numbers aside from all the stats, chargers found a way to win the football game, that's it.
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the broncos to 4-2, that means in a black hole, on sunday, the raiders are one home win against the chiefs away from having sole possession of the afc west. through six weeks now that week six isunderway, lifting things back out to san diego with jim and phil, gentlemen which mark >> jim: thank you, this stadium proving tonight it can get very loud around here and they've emptied it out pretty quickly passed san diego takes the game here 21-13 the champs? where are the broncos after that four-game win streak to start the season and now two consecutive losses. >> phil: my faith would not be shaken because i think their defense, we saw it here. you can say whatever you want about the chargers offense, they played and pulled back. i told you many times, i don't think they can throw a ball and make a first down either. i think the denver broncos are going to be a there all year long. soon next week thursday night football, level field, chicago
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>> phil: can't wait to see that, john fox used to coach out in denver. see other team is getting better especially on the offensive side. can't wait to see aaron rodgers, can i get it rolling which mark will find out. >> jim: coming up next, your latest local news except on the west coast and it don't miss the late showed the the late show with stephen colbert don't miss the late late show with jamesdo nfl network. the charges when it 21-13, they go to 2-4 on the year. for phil, tracy, jay feely, all the crew. jim nantz saying us a lot of from san diego and we thank you for watching the mouse that
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freaking right now, a police
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officer's fight for their lives. new information and how he lost his job with the city. dogs freed after being trapped for hours underground in a fight. >> announcer: live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz 11 pm. breaking now at 11 pm. >> there are no words for these guys. every day. a captain in tears were shot in a shootout in boston. >> you are shooting at the community. >> what we have learned about the suspect and his violent history and a new show of support for the men in blue. >> the police captain speaking out of the player vigil for both officers that are in critical condition. >> team coverage starting with wbz and katie grace who is live
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emotional reaction from the captain. win that is right paula right now please have a search warrant to go inside the house with a gunfight went on and crime scene detectives are in there. it quickly injured 2 officers and hit the police to its core. >>reporter: captain. kelly mccormick places his colleagues >> they did everything they could for the neighborhood, for themselves, they kept themselves alive in the kept these officers alive. >>reporter: the boston law enforcement communities came together in prayer. >> when something hits home you feel like you do not know what will go on next. >>reporter: met morris and trend before responded last
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with a hail of gunfire. >> it was rapid, not one at a time separated by seconds. >>reporter: kirk carola were a ballistic vest and tired and assault rifle and nine other officers charged in to put their men out. >> we did everything we could to put these guys home safe. >>reporter: the cell phone video shows a frantic rush to get the man -- the men to the hospital. and he was not licensed to carry a gun, they are trying to figure out why his behavior escalated so quickly. >> we cannot say enough about the bravery of the courage or how the department together.>>reporter: the precinct is especially tight. >> which and i have known each other since 1989 when we started the academy and he is been the go to guy as hazmat. >>reporter: emotionally and physically drained he and his officers continue to work knowing that everyone needs
12:02 am
incredible. >>reporter: there are a lot of pieces to the investigation is the boston police officers continue their work and go to the home. nine other police officers that responded to the shooting were treated for minor injuries and stress but the focus is now on the focus of the two officers in the hospital. katie price, wbz news. they have their fellow brothers to for tying tourniquets and saving their lives, louisa muller is live outside the hospital and the seconds in these cases really matter. >>reporter: commissioner david evans said that we almost lost officer morris. both officers went into surgery this morning and evans is crediting training, bravery and medical expertise for saving
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>>reporter: is boston city hall lit up in blue friends of two injured police officers were still dealing, officer trend before a member of the police department for 27 years and matt morris a 12 year veteran. >> one of the nicest guys he would want to know and same thing with matt. >>reporter: on thursday the police lieutenant. said it was difficult to hear before the hash richardson to low was in a gunfight. >> he is a verified officer has been a neighbor of mine and is an outstanding family man. >> less than 24 hours earlier they said they were rushing to help these brothers -- brothers and blue using tourniquets in their hands to slow the leading
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morris. this saved morris's life as he was shot in the main artery of his leg. >> he clearly said i want to say thank you to this officer, he saved my life. >>reporter: a scenario all too real for dick donahue survived similar guns. during the watertown shootout. >> some of the things that change, the training and the tools, hopefully it helps to save the officers lives. applied the tourniquet took the training in this last week and they were told that one of the surgeons that came here to help victims after the marathon bombings also helped those officers is one doctor told commissioner evans it was as if the patron saint of police officers was looking over these 2 mends.
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wbz news. the facebook page of the suspect gives new insight into his views about police. they say he was dangerous and ready and waiting, armed with a shotgun when the officers arrived. nick giovanni breaks down his troubled past. >>reporter: looking into the man's past we wonder if he was at one point at houston of impersonating a private detective, he was indicted for first-degree arson for setting his own car on fire. the suspect at the center of the shootout in the spot -- east boston kept a low profile. >>reporter: 33-year-old kirk figure roll a built a reputation surrounding his own brand of justice. he claims that he was founded and was an army reserve veteran. he called himself the california bounty hunter and then mixed martial arts
12:06 am
>> i was surprised when i saw his picture on the news. >> predicting that he would be capable? he was a constable approved by the boston city council back in april. >> it is ridiculous that he is working almost like an officer of the state and shooting the other officer. >>reporter: investigators say there is no evidence that it was an ambush page includes video posts about shootings and other incidents involving african-american suspects, nick giovanni, wbz news . >> we want to know how he was able to be a constant and we investigate. a divorce case filed last year in georgia talks about a history of domestic violence in kirk's ex-wife asked for a
12:07 am
he gave me black eyes and give me black eyes and choked me and for billy humiliated me and abused me on several occasions. they also discovered an indictment from 2010 when kirk figueroa feast of felony for setting his own car on fire for insurance money. he placed device on the passenger seat consisting of a 1 gallon plastic jug of ignitable liquid consistent with the color and odor of gasoli. impersonating a detective and they say on multiple locations and recorded conversations he held himself out to be a certified licensed detective and despite some of these red flags, boston police gave him the green light to get his license. >> nothing that would prohibit us from issuing a constable license and we did not have the legal right to check on a license because i only serves civil process but he did have a record and from what i understand, nothing in
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>>reporter: of felony conviction should have been a disqualification for being a constable but a spokesperson for the da's office said that as a first-time offender he was able to remove the blemish from his record after completing probation and this is why he could truthfully answered that he has not been convicted of a felony o stay with us on air and online for the latest developments on the officers that were shot. paula? tracking hurricane the call and look at this footage from bermuda, category 3 storm passed over the islands in error joins us now to talk about the storm that is on its way out. >> moving plea by and at one point the entire archipelago was in the eye of the storm and write up over the top of that
12:09 am
there to be sure but it would be worse if a storm like this hit the us and is moving quickly to the north east and there will be improving conditions. >> we had some cloudy conditions and mainly at for 30s to upper 40s and it could be in the 50s to help with the cold air does not stick around for long we look at this warming weekend forecast coming up. david? new at 11 pm there are murder charges in the deadly clash in wilmont this guy went the wrong way and killed five teenagers in a pickup truck he will be arraigned tomorrow in his hospital bed with 5 counts of second-degree murder. police have captured the man wanted for sexual assault in roxbury and they released videos and pictures of the suspect hoping that someone would turn him in. they arrested him this afternoon and he is accused of pushing the woman to the ground
12:10 am
taking off on a bike. campaigned the 16 has harsh words from the first lady. >> strongmen, men that are role models do not need to put down women to make themselves feel powerful. first lady michelle obama takes aim following accusations of sexual misconduct against donald trump. he called the allegations. fiction and his alleged accusers, horrible liars. he is also blaming hillary clinton's campaign for the stories. necessary, they are criminals. >> hillary clinton is in california for a fundraiser and she does not care if come goes after her because she signed up for the race and she calls the story of the elected accusers disturbing. could the former speaker of the house get out of prison? federal prosecutors are calling for his early release and he is battling tongue and prosper
12:11 am
a judge would have to approve the recommendation. there is an outbreak impacting self.shellfish on the cape and they have recalled shellfish over nora virus concerns. 100 people became sick after eating shellfish at restaurants in the outer cape area. the businesses are not serving any shellfish harvested since september 26. festival and they will not be able to have that. >> best friends trapped for hours inside a pipe. in a race to free these 2 dogs and why the rescue mission put this friendship to a test. plus a local cruise ship is scraping by, how did this happen? you have not seen anything yet, gronk with a glimpse of
12:12 am
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new tonight rescue puts friendship to the test, 2 dogs trapped in a paper of the underground. >> is liam martin explains, one of the dogs would not leave his best friend behind. >> this one is rosy. >>reporter: it is a good thing that rosie and winston are best several hours on thursday trapped in a drain pipe. >> they got excited and ran down the drain pipe that ran from the back of the property down to the hillside. >>reporter: suddenly they were stuck in winston was well enough to find his way out the key was not leaving his friend behind. >> he was stuck and she would not come out without her.>>reporter: the rush was on to dig them out and the dogs
12:15 am
>> the good people at the fire department in public works were able to dig a hole and put a probe in that helped the dogs get out. >>reporter: that this could see the dogs with the probe and that talks could see the people with the probe and then out came winston and rosie and within minutes they celebrated their newfound reason -- freedom and rosie friend for not leaving her behind. >>reporter: both dogs are doing fine but shortly after they got out of the pipe rosie and winston tried to get back in, there is a lot of wildlife in the area and the theory is they are hot on assent. the whole has now been filled in, david and paula? they probably forgot about what happened 10 minutes earlier. thank you vm. a big hoops on a cruise ship, the vikings star cruiseship was sailing under the buzzard bay
12:16 am
passengers and onlookers could hear it happening. i like that the captain started sounding the horn like he did not know what to do.>> we clipped a bridge. lots of people might be headed down to the cape oyster festival that we mentioned earlier and gorgeous weather ahead.>> you have to wonder how many more weekends like this we will have? >> we hope to have quite a few but we know that our days are numbered when it comes to a comfortable and nice weekend. as we slip to october it is 72 and any day over 70 from now until march or early april is playing with money. 62 and falling fast in boston and we will take any day they can get to this spot. a rough tonight after the mild afternoon and bringing in the colder temperatures and oranges now down to 49 degrees.
12:17 am
haven and not bad there. court error playing in southeast canada so a little chilly feel tomorrow. high pressure is building and it will keep hurricane the call out to sea and away from new england. tomorrow morning we are in the 40s and out the door and it will be around 60 degrees tomorrow afternoon and not one day but we will have bright sunshine in some cumulus clouds popping up. sunrise at 656 and the breeze will make it feel like a brisk autumn day and pleasant on -- october conditions right where we should be. the sunset is at 6:03 pm. tomorrow is the last friday sunset until daylight saving comes back. those 60s out there and then when the winds calm down we will have crystal clear skies and temperatures in the 20s and 30s.
12:18 am
have not had one in your town there is freeze watches posted west of the city and right along the coastline down towards the cape. we will see a bit more wind in the city center of boston is holding onto the heat but when it comes to areas west of town, october 10 and 21st is right on time and we should see a widespread freeze of the season. high pressure will be over the easton wall-to-wall suns increasing cloud cover and a front moving in from the west. with a south westerly breeze that will help to warm us up over 70 degrees. saturday is cool and crisp and perfect and sunshine near 61. sunday there is more cloud cover moving in that we do manage a high near 72 and that means a mild day and tom brady returns home and sun and clouds
12:19 am
a great tailgate and a great game and if you're heading north to the white mountains there is peak foliage in mid- 50s right around 62 on sunday. it is a dry weekend and this is mount washington hotel nestled in among the foliage. do it now it is the last time with great color we will see a lot of leaves drop. this is your accu weather seven day and it looks mild. highs near 73 with some rain showers maybe 80 on wednesday. we are not done just yet. the bruins open the as without one of their best players. >> they started slow but had a furious finish and we have some great highlights the dan roche
12:21 am
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usually when you start the season you want all of the star players. speculating this would be a problem but not tonight. >> fun one in columbus is that open up against the blue jackets and no kevin millar and david moved to the top line and that ends up working out a-ok for the bees. the bruins were down but they never quit.
12:23 am
and and they get on the board and cut the lead, to-one. that these fell behind 3-1 but they kept on coming. new ford puts on the rebound in his first goal for the black and gold and they are down pre- two. short time later they launch one and back in front they get a redirect for the second of the game and it was tied 3-2. >> midway to the third the shot is saved but they bury the rebound first rebound at 4-3. then marsh undoes it again and watch the upper on this period of beauty and he barely set. seconds of the game and 5-3. for good measure he gets an empty matter and marchand and bacchus combine for 6 holes, 6 assist in the bruins when by a score of 6-3. sunday's game is a hot
12:24 am
plays his first home game since january in the playoffs against the chiefs, the patriots take on the bengals and cincinnati is to-three on the season. eck on the field today tv 12 was wasting no time taking advantage of the tight end tandem and 100 yards receiving and they caught 3 touchdown. ron says he does not care that he did not make it into the end zo.> are not worried about this, we had 3 touchdowns that could go any other way and the only thing we are worried about is getting the w and that is all that matters.>>reporter: be sure to catch patriots all access friday night on wbz . and wbz has you covered on sunday starting with the patriots game day at 1130 and wbz has you covered on sunday
12:25 am
bengals at 1 pm and the fifth quarter postgame show all right here on wbz. speaking of wbz, thursday night football. philip rivers becomes san diego's all-time passing leader and is through for one score. the chargers got 4 field goals and they went 1-13 over the broncos in the super bowl champions fall 4-2. >> preseason basketball and jordan mickey to terry behind the back for the dunk in the le and they go on to win 100-97. and arthroscopic knee surgery yesterday in this procedure was a success. the second baseman is expected to make a full recovery in time for spring training. what would you expect. david and paula, back to you guys. >> what is your loser? >> these are stinging words for one contestant.
12:26 am
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westcott knew he was a immediate ? he grilled one on her choice of music. >> hip-hop is people that identify as nerdy and the representative about things they love, video games , science fiction, having a hard time meeting romantic partners, it is catchy and fun. >> losers in other words?
12:30 am
teasing her but she took him $22,000 so who got the last laugh? little harsh even for alex. >> i did not care for and we look at one more final forecast
12:31 am
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so you want to start sleeping with the dog tonight expects the back it is not quite sleep the dog night yet but maybe tomorrow night. >> i guess that is tonight actuality. >> why is a good night to sleep with the dogs? >> gets chilly and you put the dog into bed with you. >> i like it. >> no idea. >> that is the problem.>> we have 3 potential animals. >> this is half the dog night. >> thank you for staying up late with us and for listening to all of the gibberish.
12:34 am
>> have a good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> announcer: it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes bruce springsteen. featuring jon batiste and stay huma and now, from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! hey, everybody! whooo! thank you, joseph. >> jon: hey! i know.
12:35 am
welcome to the show. welcome to "the late show"." thanks so much, everybody. ( cheers and applause ) welcome to "the late show," ladies and gentlemen. thank you so much, thank you so much. i'm your host, stephen colbert, and you are here on a very special night. a little later i will be sitting down with bruce springsteen. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: the boss, boss in the house. >> stephen: time permitting, obviously. we'll see if we can get to it. everyone is talking about this donald trump guy, and i do mean everyone. because yesterday, the dalai lama appeared on a british morning talk show and said this: >> have you met donald trump? >> never. >> what do you think of him? >> i don't know. sometimes when you see him, the way his hair-- something like that. and his mouth, small. that is my impression.
12:36 am
i thought you said you never met him. because his hair is like this, and his mouth is like... >> jon: oh, man! >> stephen: i wonder how that feels. how does that feel? imagine being trash-talked by the dalai lama. >> jon: that's serious. >> stephen: i have got to wonder what did trump do to the dalai lama in a previous life? i thought trump would have an affinity with buddhists. i thought buddhists would really love trump because if he gets the nuclear codes, we could all that was a pretty good burn by the dalai lama. i just, i can't imagine the dalai lama at a roast. "your mother was so fat, she was reincarnated as two people. namaste." let's see what else is happening. oh, tech news. you guys like apple products? you guys have the iphone and stuff like that?
12:37 am
apple just patented an exciting new innovation: a paper bag. and you know it's the latest in bag technology because there's no headphone jack. now, why would somebody need this new apple bag? well, apple explained that in this actual quote from their patent application, "bags are often used for containing items." >> jon: dig that. >> stephen: now, i didn't understand all that technical jargon, but it does sound like apple is coming out with another w ( laughter ) could be. i don't know. now, i'm a famous tv guy, so i get all the latest apple gadgets in advance. and i happen to have a beta model of the new apple bag. right here. here we go. this is the new apple bag. there it is. just look at this beautiful, smooth design. the way it rests in my hands right there, it's just so-- it's
12:38 am
it's hard to believe it's only $900. and to make the bag even more sleek and user friendly, apple has done away with the hole in the top. but, if you really need one, they are selling these hole adapters for only $79.95 right here. ( cheers and applause ) if you want to, you can reapply up there. i also purchased-- and these are really fantastic. they're the latest thing. i purchased these bluetooth handles for the bag. ( laughter ) getting them to pair right now. whatever. i'll take it to the genius bag. not to be outdone, samsung has unveiled their new galaxy tote 7. can we see the footage, jim? there you go. ( cheers and applause ) that is-- that's a hot item! that's a hot item. >> jon: it's on fire! >> stephen: do not stomp that out if it appears on your doorstep. there is also an exciting new product just for the ladies out
12:39 am
there are two ladies out there, evidently. a spanish car manufacturer-- and evidently there is one-- has teamed up with "cosmo" magazine to design a car specifically for the "cosmo" woman. you can tell it's by "cosmo," because the seats can be put in 75 different positions. and one of them will drive your man wild. ( laughter ) ( applause ) ? ? ? now, i don't-- i don't know what this means. i don't understand what makes the car for women. i'm sure a man could operate this car just as easily. although, he might have trouble finding the button that turns it on. i hear, i hear. i don't know, i hear that. i hear there's a problem sometimes. oh, i want to remind everyone that "the late show" will be broadcasting live this monday after the very first presidential debate. ( cheers and applause )
12:40 am
candidate you're enraged by. because hillary clinton and donald trump are the two least popular major party nominees in american history. luckily, you have options, because according to the federal election comission, 1,928 people have declared their candidacy for president this year. and before you ask, no, none of them were michelle obama. i know. the number of declared candidates has more than quadrupled since the last election cycle, because the f.e.c. has started accepting filings on the internet. so now there are some goofy candidates who have no real shot, like "cobra commander;" "yoda starwars;" and best of all, there's a listing that says god is running for president. that's great news. i was worried this election was proof there is no god. so good luck to all those candidates. especially, good luck to god because of all those scandals in
12:41 am
did you know that he turned lot's wife into a pillar of salt? that's going to hurt him with soccer moms. >> whoa, whoa, hold on a second, stephen. stephen. >> stephen: god, is that you? >> yes, that's me, right behind this thing. yeah, here i am. >> stephen: why are you running for president? >> well, people really wanted me in the race. they look at hillary and trump and call out, "god help us." >> stephen: okay, that makes sense, that makes a little bit of sense. >> i think so. >> stephen: do you have a >> oh, don't bring it up. i've narrowed it down to either "the son" or "the holy ghost." and whoever i don't pick, is gonna be pissed. as you know, junior's very sensitive. >> stephen: he'll forgive you. >> maybe. >> stephen: god, isn't your age going to be an issue? >> oh no. if you read the bible, you'll see i've mellowed with age. besides, i've got a one-page letter from my doctor saying i'm extremely healthy. ( cheers and applause ) there, look at that. >> stephen: glad to hear it.
12:42 am
the limo. >> stephen: so, god, where do you stand on the issues, like, for instance, global warming? >> hey, don't blame global warming on me. i was one burning bush. come on. but i do have a plan: arks for everybody! nothing like riding out the flood on the high seas, listening to yaks doing it. they make a lot of noise. i'll tell you. nothing louder than a yak in the sack, stephen. ( laughter ) >> stephen: let's move on, god. >> yes, let's move on quickly. >> stephen: i don't question your ways, oh lord, but if you don't win, would you endorse one of the other candidates? >> oh, i don't know. i mean, trump's asked for my help, but he's got tiny hands, so his prayers aren't very effective. ( laughter ) >> stephen: well, i wish you luck with your campaign, god. what do you think your chances are? >> pretty good! everywhere but the southern states. >> stephen: why not the southern states? >> i'm just not religious enough for them. ( laughter ) >> stephen: god, everybody! we'll be right back with bruce
12:43 am
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( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. my first guest tonight is the master american troubadour of my lifetime. ladies and gentleman, bruce springsteen! ( cheers and applause ) ? ? ? ( cheers and applause ) ? ? ?
12:48 am
( cheers and applause ) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? >> audience: bruce! >> stephen: welcome to the show. >> thank you. thanks. >> stephen: thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. do you recognize that song they were just playing there? >> you're going to have to tell me. >> stephen: that was "you can't judge a book by its cover." >> get out! >> stephen: yeah. which is on the companion album to your book. the album is called "chapter and verse." 50 years of music on here from you. >> yeah. >> stephen: that song, too. >> 50 years and loss of hearing for me, also. right. >> stephen: so "you can't judge a book by the cover." how old were you when you
12:49 am
>> well, that was recorded in a little club called the left foot in freehold, new jersey-- ( applause ) whoa! you've never been there. ( laughter ) and i was 16. 16. >> stephen: wow. well, if you can't judge a book by the cover, let's talk about the cover of this book right here. there it is, your new memoir "born to run."so cover. can you tell me about this guy on the cover of this book? how old are you there? >> i'm 27. >> stephen: you're 27. >> 27. >> stephen: what would you-- what do you think this guy at 27 would say if he saw this guy at 67? >> okay. "where'd my car go? who's the old man in the suit jacket? and what did he do with my hair?" i'd say-- ( cheers and applause )
12:50 am
>> stephen: so, why did you write a book? you've been writing for years, you know. it's an autobiography, but your songs-- unless i'm wrong-- are auto-biographical. >> they seem that way. >> stephen: yeah. they seem that way? have you been lying to us in the songs all these years, bruce? >> well, that's what artists do. they lie in service of the truth. >> stephen: really? >> of course. >> stephen: is that what you tell the judge? so what were you able to do in a book that you couldn't do in songs? >> the book is very different. you have-- you have to-- you still have to find rhythm, and you have to find music in the prose that you're writing, but there's a lot more space to delve into deeper details. and also, an autobiography, people know it's immediately about your life. whereas the songs, there's always a question, you know. "are you the guy in 'racing in the street'." are you the guy in 'growing up?' in some cases, i am that guy. in others, it was completely imagined.
12:51 am
>> stephen: well, it's-- it's like your music in that it's-- it's beautiful, incredibly moving. every-- practically every paragraph that i've read in this has been like poetry. >> whoa! >> stephen: no, but also-- but, no-- >> let's go there. >> stephen: but it's also like listening to you talk at the same time. how long did it take you to find the voice of this book? what was the process of writing thisk >> it started when we played the super bowl, which is, even if you've been at it a long time, it's a little bit of a hairy-- a hairy evening. >> stephen: you might slide on your knees and grind your groin into a camera, in the middle of it, like i seem to remember you doing. >> that's true. that's just one of the many things that could happen. ( laughter ) but after, you know, it ended up being quite an experience, so i wrote a little essay to put on our website, and i kind of liked
12:52 am
it felt like me. so we were in florida for a while after the super bowl, and i sat around, and i said, well maybe i'll throw some memories down from when i started. so i just started from the beginning. and i spent about two or three weeks writing, and initially i thought, well, you know, i don't know what i'm going to do with it. maybe it will just be for the kids to read or something when they get older. and then i wrote a little bi more. and i put it away, sometimes for a year, even longer when we toured. and i come back to it and i go, that's pretty good. maybe i'll keep going. so, eventually it got to a point where i knew i was in the process of writing a book, and-- but i really kind of wrote it somewhat casually over seven years. >> stephen: so this is seven years of your life represented right here. >> yeah, i think so.


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