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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. . >> good morning to you, 5:00 on the dot right now. >> thanks for joining us, monday october 17th it is sadly monday, but it sure feels a lot better than last week. temperatures right now are about 10 to 30 degrees warmer than what we had t above where we were at this time yesterday with a temperature of 64 in boston right now just to put it in perspective the average high this time of year should be 61. so we're already above that. 50s for a lot of the rest of us to low 60s out over the cape. a couple sprinkles overnight, some clouds in place. these clouds shifting north and east. temperatures
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clouds, 71 by lunchtime looks beautiful, a little sea breeze will keep us a little bit cooler, upper 60, the clouds will increase for the ride home with the sun set at 5:58. 80s for tomorrow. >> yeah i actually used the ac this morning driving in. construction is wrapping up in the northbound lanes of the expressway and you can see construction is also wrapping up on the pike and you can see that is also not affecting the morning commute at all. smooth sailing into the city right now. we begin with developing news where police are investigating a shooting. a man was shot just after 9 last night. he was taken by med flight to a hospital in boston. no word right now on his condition.
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caused a stir by moving to w with eymouth is due in court today. . >> reporter: police say gardner violated his probation by going to a library which is off limits to registered sex offenders. recently released level 3 sex offender gardner is back in custody. he's convicted of raping and kidnaping several boys in massachusetts and rhode island in the 1980se originally sentenced to 190 years in prison but he appealed and was given a lighter sentence. he was released earlier this month after just about 30 years behind bars. . >> the community wasn't notified properly. we weren't notified prior to him coming around that's a huge issue. >> reporter: he initially registered at his parents home. neighbors were fearful and furious. >> yes, everybody is upset about it. i would be too. you've got a couple little kidse
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>> i'm picking my kids up at bus stops because no one wants to let their kids walk home. >> reporter: he's in trouble with the law again. he was taken into custody on a fugitive from justice warrant out of rhode island after police say he violated his probation there by showing up at a library. gardner is due in court later this morning and is facing possible extradition to rhode island. . fire causingea brownstone in back bay. the flames started early sunday night. it houses a restaurant, an art gallery and 6, one bedroom apartments. residents didn't have a lot of time to get out. >> people could see the flames down there, get out, get out, get out. and i'm like wow. i didn't realize it was below mo one was hurt. the cause is under investigatio. .
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sitting in her car seat. >> reporter: unfortunately police say the father is not cooperating with this investigation and they believe he may hold the answer to who was responsible for the shooting. this neighborhood is still shaken. >> just ranged out consecutive bang bang bang bang. >> reporter: after a shooting saturday afternoon. at the girl was hit as she sat in her car seat. >> they clearly were going after this young girl ace father and he's not talking to police about it. >> he was standing outside the vehicle when investigators say a bearded man ride ago gray and black motor scooter firing shots peersing the little girl's hand and leg. >> she appears to be fine. i visited with the baby. she's crying but alert. >> reporter: but frustration
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suspect remains at large and the man police say was the intended target remains quiet. >> i can't fathom that that he's not willing to help us with this investigation to find out who shot his 2-year old baby that was put in the car seat. >> reporter: he's a known gang member police say but even residents are calling for someone to come forward. >> how you can sit back and not say nothing that's sickening, what human being can go to sleep at night and aret >> reporter: that little girl has been a trooper according to her grandmother who spoke with the boston globe. short of that father's -- that little girl's father being cooperative and the gunman coming forward police want to hear from anyone who may have information regarding this shooting. that's the latest. . new overnight a major new offensive underway in iraq troops are working right now to
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second largest city. forces are providing air and ground support. the operation will be the most complex since the u.s. left 5 years ago. isis is reportedly telling wounded fighters to leave and building tunnels to maneuver. former president bill clinton heading to new hampshire. he's pushing his wife's economic plans meanwhile hillary clinton to an attack on a campaign office in north carolina. >> reporter: offering no evidence donald trump pinned saturday night's fire bomb attack of the republican party headquarters to hillary clinton and her supporters tweeting quote animals representing clinton and dems in north carolina just fire bombed the office because we are winning. >> burned here in the couch and the chair. >> reporter: clinton also took
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horrific and unacceptable. the words nazi republicans get out of town or else were spray painted outside the building. >> the election is being rig by the corrupt media. >> reporter: the incident came as trump spent the weekend casting doubt on the u.s. election system. top advisor claims sunday democrats could steal votes in inner cities. >> if you want me to tell you that i think the election in chicago is going to be fair? that. >> mike pence was more cautious. >> well accept the results of the election. >> reporter: clinton still faces challenges of her own as wikileaks continues to publish emails. the latest batch shows aides struggling to respond to the lgbt community after the nominee praised nancy reagan last march for starting a
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in the 1980s, activists have long criticized former are president ronald reagan for his so-called slow response to the crisis. . >> and the candidates face off for the final debate wednesday night at 9:00 right here on wbz. and the debate over pushing back school start times takes center stage at city hall today. counselors are citing research showing teen-agers need more sleep and a lack of sleep leads to lower grades, depression a pushing back the start time of school will let kids get more sleep. a meeting will be held to debate the measure at 3:00 this afternoon. and should massachusetts lift the cap on charter schools, voters will decide in november. tonight we're holding a debate on question 2. hear both sides of the issue that's tonight at #:00 on my tv 38. tom brady makes his foxboro debut following his suspension.
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12 back on his home turf. >> beating the bengals added to the perfect afternoon. >> well, good morning. what a day sunday was. brady made his first regular season start at gillette stadium since last december and fans were out in full force as the patriots improve their record to 5 and 1 on the year. a more than welcome sight for patriot fans brady takes the field for the first time this season at gillette. the patriotstr patriots go up 10-7 at the half. second half brady finds gronkowski with a perfectly placed touchdown pass. brady finished with 3 touchdowns. the 73 third time he is thrown for at least 300 yards in a game. >> we always get great crowds. they were into it today. i was glad we could do a lot better in the second half. >> it's good to be 5 and 1. i
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got to keep stringing these games together. there was ton of football left. >> brady wins and wins big in his debut at gillette stadium. over to you. . up next for the pats the steelers and it appears pittsburgh quarterback roethlisberger will not play. he hurt his knee in miami yesterday and multiple reports say he'll have surgery today. back up qb jones is expected to start next week against the pats and we'll have that game f kick off is at 4:25. 5th quarter post game show is over on my tv 38 immediately following the game. . >> i all right can't wait for next sunday's football game. >> 4:25 kick offs are killer because we've got to stay up a little later. >> i know watch the first half. coming up getting ready for electronic toll lanes. >> how you can ask local officials about the new system.
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competition, the pumpkin competition with a very serious twist. good morning. so we are talking about warmth these next couple of days. this afternoon we come into the 70s, after starting in the 60s this morning. much milder than the past few mornings i'm talking 80s on the way for tomorrow and wednesday. i'll let you know where we could break some records and when cooler air
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the outside corporate interests bankrolling question two are trying to deceive you. here's the truth: every time a new charter school opens, it drains money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million just last year - according to the state's own data. pre-school, bus service and more. that's why question two's opposed by the massachusetts pta and school committees all across the state.
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a world championship is in new hampshire, 18 teams from around the world competing at the motor speedway. >> but they weren't racing they were competing for the longest mp there were 3 different categories. american chunker captured first in the air cannon division. and old car and motorcycle was launched strictly for crowd amuse he want. >> you've got to make sure you know where that's going to land though. >> look at that. . >> and there goes the motorcycle. >> oh my gosh. >> wow. >> yeah, that one, wow.
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it goes. >> keeping the world record locally though. >> that's good. >> did you like this weekend? >> yeah. >> it was classic fall. >> i hope you didn't put away the shorts because we're going to be in the 80s the next couple of days. getting this shot of the full hunter's moon a beautiful shot a couple clouds right in front of it this morning. nice shot. it's just past full it was yest. you this morning until the sun comes up. it's going to be setting soon and the sun comes up at 7 a.m. summer warmth through mid-week we're going to be talking about records possible as well as particularly for our tuesday even in some spots on wednesday, some showers are likely for thursday and friday. so a little unsettled for the end of the week and we have a cool trend for the weekend. it is mild out the door
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that's above where we should be for this time of the year during the afternoon. 58 in manchester, 56 in nashua. 60 to 64 out over the cape and islands as well. a couple sprinkles overnight some clouds in place but clouds pressing south and east. so we will see varying amounts of clouds and sunshine today and a lot of heat building in the nation. these are the forecast highs check it out in chicago, 82 in d.c., a lot of 80s even 90s down near texas. 90 in dallas. so the heat is building. we get into a little piece of that as we head into the day tomorrow. in fact, today is going to be well above average, 70s a little sea breeze at the coast keeps us in the low 70s there. right around 70 on cape cod and mid-70 metro west and southern new hampshire. this evening and overnight this
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there may be a shower late this evening. so do anticipate a lot of clouds as you wake up tomorrow morning, then the sun breaks out and we push 80 to 84 for many of us. there's going to be a wind from the south and southwest. cold front comes in on wednesday not a lot of moisture so we still push 80 on wednesday and behind it is when relatively cooler air will start to come in. chance of a shower tonight 58 degrees plus in several communities including boston if we could hit 83 that beat the old record set back in 1947, 81 in bedford and norwell. still pushing 80 poses wednesday and scattered showers and cooler temperatures arrive on thursday. some of that may linger into the end of the week on friday. it does look drier for the weekend but cooler.
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city on the zakim bridge and the leverett connector. south of the city the ride in looks good, there's no issues getting to 128. route 3 is still clear and the split is wide open. drive time to the pike is just 10 minutes and speaking of the pike drivers can get more information of this week by the new electronic tolling coming. the state is holding 2 more public meetings that will discuss the demolition of the of construction and the traffic impact. the new system goes into effect on october 28th those without ez passes will be sent a bill in the mail. both meetings begins at 6:30. >> all right thank you very much. the mbta forgives more than $800,000 in fines against the company that runs the commuter retail. keolis says it's
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half million dollars during the winter of 2015. keolis says further fines were agreed to be waived. . 3 bridges over the cape cod canal have been deemed safe after a cruise ship hit the railroad bridge last week. the u.s. army corps of engineers inspected all three bridges to make sure nothing was damaged. they say the incident could have had just folded down a potentially. the state is trying to figure out what's making health care so expensive. today and tomorrow state leaders are sitting down with hospital executives to discuss the issue. speakers will include the governor and attorney general. total spending on health care rose by more than 4% last year. and the state is trying to curb prescription abuse by making it easier for people to
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date prescription pills. this saturday franklin and worcester counties are opening special location to say drop them off. it's part of national prescription drug take back day. coming up next brady is back. >> what number 12 says about getting a win in front of the home crowd. we have the highlights. >> and joe biden coming to boston, the initiative he's pushing and why it's a cause
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imagine if your child were trapped in a failing school. imagine if your child couldn't read or write at grade level. imagine if your child were stuck on a waiting list. 32,000 kids want to go to a public charter school. but they can't. if you like your public school, question 2 won't affect you. but for kids stuck in failing school districts,
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oose something better and give all our kids hope. please vote yes on question 2. kelly ayotte: let's be honest - both donald trump and hillary clinton are far from perfect... and i'm not perfect either. but when partisan politicians shut down the government, i led the fight to reopen it. i've worked to find solutions to new hampshire's heroin epidemic. and i've crossed the aisle to protect new hampshire's clean air and clean water. i've been called a problem solver by independent groups,
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republicans, democrats, or independents, i'm standing up for new hampshire. tom brady making his debut at gillette this season. >> we have all the highlights and reaction in your morning sports. >> well, good morning. you know there was so much hype for tom brady's home game and in the end
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do another patriots win. pats beat the bengals. brady takes the field at gillette for the first time this season. 7-3 cincinnati in the second brady finds the end zone, up 10-7 at the half. the bengals strike in the third. a few drives later the bengals are backed up on their own 8-yard line, through and dalton is sacked and the ball back to new england. another big game for the defense. later in the quarter brady finds gronkowski with a perfect pass are for the touch, he finished with a career high 162 yards to go with the touchdown. late in the third brady hits james white on the quick angel, second score of the game 25-14, brady throws for 3 scores 2 weeks in a row.
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time he's thrown for at least 300 yards in a game. 4th quarter pats up and things get a little chippy. he gets flagged. patriots [audio difficulty] touchdown and they win it, win it big 35-17. . >> you know we always get great crowds and they were into it today. so i was glad we could do a lot better in the second half and you know finish the game strong. got off to a little bit of a slow start, but you know, finished with 35 points. so that was pretty good. >> we'll take the 35 points. pats and steelers on sunday in pittsburgh we've got that game for you right here on wbz. kick off at 4:25. post game show is on my tv 38 right after the game.
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pittsburgh, buffalo and then the buy. >> and gillette stadium turned all pink yesterday. fans held up cards in honor of breast cancer awareness month. the nfl sells pink gear in october to raise money for cancer. >> everybody in pink. >> it was really cool to see. still to come, a big scare in one neighborhood. >> people told to stay inside during a police stand off, what officers say started it all. >> plus we'll the officers shot in east boston last week, their condition this morning and the special tribute in their honor. so kids heading to the bus stop won't need to bundle up this morning. we're going to be approaching 70 by recess with a blend of sun and clouds today on our way to 80s for tomorrow, i'll time out how long the summer warmth is going to stick around as you take a live look out over the city of boston.
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morning. stay with us you're watching wbz this morning. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time. as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that janet, jamie, jenny, jemma and jasmine need on their birthday.
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investigating a reported shooting, the details we're learning overnight. >> a convicted sex offender heading to court today the violation police say landed him back in handcuffs. >> plus hillary clinton dealing with a new round of hacked emails as donald trump and his running mate try to get on the same page. . good morning. thanks for joining us. >> it's monday october 17th. is back. >> it feels great out there. quite a change from last week. a huge change especially the past few mornings. it's been so chilly and now talking about temperatures that are currently in the 50s and 60s for most of us. 64 in boston actually warmer than our average high temperature this time of year. 57 in worcester right now and low 60s over the cape. a few sprinkles overnight. we'll see
5:31 am
7 a.m. this morning, mild start, a light breeze and warming up to about 71 by your mid-day lunch hour with a blend of sun and clouds really pleasant and we'll stay in the low 70s at the coast with a little sea breeze today topping out mid-70s inland there may be a few more clouds and a stray sprinkle for the ride home. temperatures in the upper 60s, i'm tracking 80s for tomorrow. details coming up. how does it look out there. >>in sluggish. also the same story on 24 north. meanwhile traffic is picking up on 93 as you make your way into the city. let's take a live look at the southbound lanes in summerville traffic is slow and go further north as well. checking your top stories this monday morning police are investigating a reported shooting. a man was shot just after 9 last night.
5:32 am
taken by med flight to a hospital in boston. no word on his condition. a convicted level 3 sex offender is back in police custody and due in court today. police arrested gardner at a shelter in south boston on friday on a fugitive from justice warrant out of rhode island. police say he violated terms of his probation by showing up at a library a little over a week ago. the convicted child rapist was released from on almost 30 years of a 190-year sentence. an update on the 2 officers shot in east boston. both men are recovering after several surgeries. the officers were shot last week while responding to a domestic disturbance call. investigators say the suspect kirk figueroa ambushed them. he was killed by police. meanwhile the support from the city continues to pour in the prudential was lit up in blue
5:33 am
injured officers. a stand off causing a scare in one neighborhood. police were called to a house on francis street for a report of shots fired. when they got there they say a man was around and barricaded inside his home with several other people who refused to come out. eventually everyone did come out. neighbors were told to stay inside their homes during the stand-off. police are still investigating. whitey bulger says he won't help another man who may have been put in didn't commit. the mobster says whitechall was wrongly convicted back in 1980, a friend wrote to bulger asking him to tell police what he knew by the murder. he says he won't do it. he is fighting for a new trial. there are new rules in place to help curb the opioid abuse problem. providers are now
5:34 am
over the weekend. the u.s. and great brittain are weighing new sanctions against russia and syria. it comes after a meeting. secretary of state says crimes against are happening daily. he says putting more economic pressure could halt the air strikes. bill clinton is hitting the campaign trail in new hampshire today this a dealing with a new round of leaked emails. clinton praised nancy reagan for starting a national conversation about aids in the '80s . and donald trump and his running mate mike pence pushing different views of the media over the weekend. pence
5:35 am
will accept the outcome of the election but trump took to twitter and said quote the election is absolutely being rigged by dishonest and distorted media pushing crooked hillary. both will face off in their final debate this week. you can watch it wednesday night starting at 9 right here. vice president joe biden will be in boston this week talking about the push for the cure for cancer. he'll speak at the kennedy wednesday. president obama announced the initiative in january, biden's son died from cancer last year serves as chair. still ahead a warning for young americans when it comes to their savings. >> plus pepsi's new push. . and we're checking in with our weather watchers this morning lot of reports coming in with temperatures mild most of us running in the 50s and 60s
5:36 am
way to 70s today, 80s tomorrow summer warmth making a come back. . >> also a 2-year old little girl recovers from a weekend shooting the plea the mayor and police commissioner have for that little girl's father.
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the best and brightest young professionals are gathering in
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>> the event started yesterday. it runs through tomorrow. it includes motivational speakers, contests and networking opportunities. thousands of people are expected to attend. some macy's locations staying open on thanksgiving. >> plus pepsi trying to get healthy. we have those stories in today's money watch. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. pepsi is reducing sugar from its drinks they say goal is to have 2-3rds of its drivens to have 100 calories or fewer. young americans are not saving for retirement according to a new poll 48% of americans 18 to 30 have 0 in retirement savings only 7% say they're in line to get pensions. and macy's will remain open on
5:40 am
thanksgiving day that's an hour earlier than last year. this year several major retailers and shop malls saying they'll close their doors are for the holiday so employees could celebrate with their families. one of the things i love about living in massachusetts even if we're forced to stay closed it's nice that we have to deal with the traditions of being with our family, right? >> yeah and you don't feel the pressure of wanting to go to those sales and get out and shop. so it's nice. coming up who's me >> i can answer this one right now we don't need to wait. the new study breaking down roles and the impact they have on happiness. plus a level 3 sex offender is back in court. how police say he violated his probation coming up. when partisan politics shut down the government, i led the fight to reopen it. i've worked to find solutions to new hampshire's heroin epidemic. and i've crossed the aisle to protect new hampshire's
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by independent groups, and ranked as one of the most bipartisan senators. i'm kelly ayotte - and i approve this message, because whether i'm working with republicans, democrats, or independents, i'm standing up for new hampshire. dear fellow citizen, time spent with my son really makes me appreciate "the now". but i also have to plan for my family's future. and that means taking on debt. in a smart way. like my mortgage - it's working for me.
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welcome back. a mother goes into labor on the mass pike >> emergency responders rushed to help with that delivery. the couple pulled over and called 911. state troopers and ems responded and mom delivered her baby boy right there in the back of an ambulance. afterwards they were taken to mass general hospital. you can see everyone is great. state police say it was excellent work by all involved, but especially that they have epidurals in the ambulances. >> i don't think so. that kid was like i'm not waiting. >> man, that mother should get a year supply of free diapers or a vacation or something. >> she looks great too. >> she's like look what i just did. >> i was all swollen and disgusting. >> you looked gorgeous i bet. >> here's into question: do they have training? like the
5:45 am
>> this happens a lot i feel like. we've been hearing about a few cases recently. so you'd like to think they probably have training. just want to show you the next few days kind of an overview. we are talking about summer warmth the next self days into the 70s today 80 tomorrow is up her warmth continues on wednesday. if you've kind of been in denial of the change of the seasons then you get a few more days to hang onto the last of summer here which is making a little bit of 50 in concord right now, 64 in boston. a warm start to the day. most of us in the low 60s. have some clouds in place right now these clouds will shift south and east over the next several hours so we'll see varying amounts of sun and clouds through the day today and there's more rain back to the west. we don't have to worry about that. what's going on is there's a warm front lifting northward. we'll see some sun today the clouds are going to fill back in this evening.
5:46 am
the morning. you're going to wake up it's going to be gloomy. low cloud cover gives way to sunshine as the front moves northward it's going to take a little longer probably until mid-afternoon but it does look like we push into the 80s tomorrow. a record of 83 is the record to beat is 82, but i think we'll hit 83 in boston. cold front comes in on wednesday so a dry stretch these next several days aside from maybe a a little sea breeze today check it out. 72 in boston, mid-70s through the interior, well above average. keep in mind our average high should be about 61, about 10 to 15 degrees above that, middle to upper 70 and 70s on the cape and islands. tomorrow the record to beat is 1947 forecasting a high of 83 in boston which would break it. i think he we'll fall shy on wednesday but still warm with
5:47 am
into the end of the week. scattered showers arrive on thursday, temperatures in the mid-60, looks like some area of rain may linger into friday. normal for the upcoming weekend. . watch out for an accident on route 3 in weymouth it's in the northbound lanes just before exit 16. there is back up by union stop and go traffic getting onto the split. 93 is slow between exit 46 and 43, traffic does break off after that point and the rest of the ride into the city is clear. 5:57 right now. the search is onto find a suspect who shot a 2-year old in roxbury. here are your top stories on this monday morning. >> gardner was just released from prison earlier this month
5:48 am
the 49-year old was convicted of raping and kidnaping several boys in the 1980s. he was originaled sentenced to 190 years in prison but was recently released after just about 30 years. he initially registered at his parents home in weymouth putting that entire community on edge. days later he was arrested in boston for violating his probation, how police say he violated it coming up police are investigating a reported shooting a man was shot just after 9 last night. he was taken by med flight to a hospital in boston. no word on his condition. . live in roxbury where a 2-year old little girl is recovering after being shot while sitting in her car seat. police say it happened saturday afternoon and they believe that
5:49 am
vehicle at the time. investigators say a man with a beard riding a motor scooter fired the shots. the bullet hit the toddler in the hand and leg is doing just fine this morning according to the commissioner. he also says the father is not cooperating with the investigation. coming up here from the police commissioner and the mayor. . tragedy at the university of connecticut, a 19-year old student hit and killed by a vehicle for the campus fire department. he was sitting against the bay door of the campus public safety complex when the fire department got an emergency call and the door open. the student fell backwards and the vehicle ran over here. police are now investigating. a major new offensive under way in iraq. troops are working
5:50 am
country's second largest city. forces are providing air and ground support while about 30,000 troops are involved in the fight. it will be the most complex since the u.s. left 5 years ago isis is telling wounded fighters to leave and building tunnels. olympic sprinter tyson gay is mourning the murder of his daughter. she was shot early yesterday morning. police say she was hit when a group of men in 2 cars began shoin other. she wasn't in either car. police have located one of the cars that may have been involved appeared questioning possible suspects. he competed in the last 3 olympics. 2 people in custody this morning after a shooting in a restaurant in la leaves 3 dead and 12 injured. both suspects are gentleman may can nationals. officers say one man was shot and several other shots were fired into a crowd. police say
5:51 am
have fired back at the suspects. a man suspected of shoot ago san francisco police officer has died after being shot by police. police say he died from his injuries yesterday. they say he shot an officer in the head during a confrontation friday night. that officers remains in the hospital and is now partially paralyzed. outrage is growing in new jersey after a popular bear is killed. pedals became an internet when it was caught on camera walking on 2 legs because of injuries to its paw. some people are making death threats against that hunter. it was the first legal bow and arrow hunt in decades. nbc is expected to drop billy bush as early as today. bush's attorney says negotiations are moving along
5:52 am
reports that bush and nbc have reached a ten million dollar departure deal. the network may still have to pay millions of dollars. a pair of chinese astronauts are space bound this morning. they will remain aboard for 30 days. they'll be conducting experiments in medicine and various related technologies following the attachment of 2 more moved wells. the new space station is expected begin operations in 2022. a major event at the vatican the pope declaring 7 people saints. celebrated mass yesterday surrounded by port rates of those people. food comes up quite a bit in social media posts but a new study shows exactly what foods we love to talk about.
5:53 am
coffee came in first followed of course by beer and pizza. communities being -- posting positive tweets about healthy food were more likely to be healthier overall. and a new study shows that mom's get the shortened of the stick when it comes to happiness. they found mothers are less happy, more stressed time with the kids. married moms seem to handle most of the basic child care including laundry, meal prep and schedule management and dads often see more playtime and recreation which can be more relaxing and rewarding. i mean, like it's just what happens. it's just not fair. do we have 10 minutes to talk about it. i can go into this a little bit deeper.
5:54 am
facebook live after the show. still to come a turkey taking a trot down a local highway. can you fix this problem too? >> where drivers spotted this
5:56 am
sounds like the start of a bad joke a turkey could you tell
5:57 am
highway. this turkey was spotted on 93 south in summerville yesterday. drivers were able to take pictures this was on the elevated section of the highway. fortunately the bird stayed in the break down lane. these wild turkeys can be pretty nasty. they're not nice. >> no. >> no. >> they chase you around. >> that's what happens when they're in boston traffic. they
5:58 am
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live from the channel 4 studios this is wbz news this morning. . good morning. thanks for joining us. >> it's monday, october 17th, and right now at 6:00 a major military operation underway in iraq overnight. the new mission and who's taking parted in that joint effort. a grandmother's plea for answers after her 2-year odd granddaughter was shot while sitting in her car seat why police are blaming the little girl's father. >> plus boston taking a new look today at pushing back the start of school. first we want to get a check of the week's forecast. looking pretty nice. danielle, summer is returning. >> just for a couple of days but it is going to be with us with temperatures topping out in the


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