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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the news of 5:00 starts right now. a child found safe after someone stole a car with a nine- month-old in the backseat. a local teacher retiring amid accusations he sent new photos of himself to a student asked melania trump speaking out, what she says about the controversy oh comments her husband made about women. the morning and thanks for joining us. it is a warm and wet day out there, but things are going to get very warm this afternoon.>> a little bit of a change with areas of rain this morning, the thumb will be breaking out later today as one comes in.
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encounter them in spots. a little light rain across the city. they heavy rain is focus from hall. there is a line from foxboro stretching back up to share and absolutely pouring. all the way for randolph to roof 24. you may encounter big puddles on the roadway. also, scattered showers and if you downpours north of town. all of this is moving east southeast and will be out of here over the next couple of hours. it is a warm start to the day, again this way shifting east and southeast will be out of here the time we get to the middle of the morning and the trend will be for increasing sunshine. a merging son, 73 by lunch time and topping out with a feel of summer for most of us as we head into the ride home.
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coming up. traffic is light, overhear the same story or the north. no major slowdown to worry about. nothing but puddles out on the expressway, wet roadways will be the only thing to slow you down. developing this morning out of roxbury, a baby is safe after someone stole a car with the baby inside. we are alive this morning the very latest.>>reporter: as you can only imagine, a terrifying situation for that mother. thankfully, the child is okay this morning and back home, but the search goes on for the suspect. let's show you some video from last night and tell you about how this happened. it all began about 9:30 pm, that is the mother covering her face trying to conceal her
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she was apparently doing some errands in the area and that is when her car was stolen with her nine-month-old baby inside. a frantic search began, unfortunately the car and the baby were found near a gas station on west walnut park. the child was checked out by emts and is fine. the mother and the child not hurt, but the search is on for the suspect. according to a report the suspect is described as a young hispanic male with smith, wbz this morning. a longtime teacher retiring amid charges of him sending new photos of himself to a student and asking for nude photos of the girl. nicole jacobs's life this morning with reaction. >>reporter: chris, that teacher has artie seven years here, so needless to say parents are
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alleged criminal act against a student. >> i think it is pretty disgusting. you are talking about a full- grown man and children inside of the school.>>reporter: robert todd wiley, and english and philosophy teacher is the man allegedly behind the crime. >> the parents went to the police over columbus day weekend and reported there had been an appropriate emailing going on. >>reporter: the contents of the co pictures and videos of himself and requested the same in return. after meeting with him, the principal, and superintendent he was immediately removed from the classroom. >> it is not something one wants to deal with and yet here it is. >>reporter: part of that is accepting his retirement. this is parents try to process this troubling news. >> i think that is one of the worst violations you can
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to be arraigned in december. boston police want you to take a good look at some surveillance photos they think a be the key to finding a man who shot a two-year-old and roxbury. investigators say the little girl's father was the intended target, but is not cooperating with police. >> at some point a factor, i guess, and worrying about retribution. in this case it is his daughter. i think it needs to be more cooperative with the police department.>> a witness told police the suspect left on his bike. the bullet went through the tyler's hand and leg and she is now recovering. the two boston police officers that were shot last week are improving. both are now in stable
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gathered to offer their prayers. the mayor and commissioner were there. the officers cousin said it has been an emotional time. >> it is a great feeling to know that our community can come together in times like this . we appreciate it a lot. >> i am just thankful that these two officers are making such remarkable progress. >> the officers were shot multiple times by kirk figaro of call. wellesley's police chief apologizing for the historical treatment of minorities. terry cunningham made those comments during a national conference yesterday. >> for our part, the first step in this process is for the law- enforcement profession and the ia cp to acknowledge and apologize for the actions of
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at the same time, those who denounce the police must also acknowledge that today's officers are not to blame for the injustices of the past. >> he got a standing ovation at yesterday's conference. meantime, leaders of black lives matter's that they would like to see the comments back up by major changes. a home in kingston will be condemned after animal control found more than one dozen pets inside. police at the 70-year-old woman who lives there was taken to the hospital er officers tell us many of the animals were caged and living in filthy conditions. a pregnant woman and two children are injured and hocking 10. two mothers and five children were crossing a street to go to the park on yesterday, one driver stopped to let them across one another slanted to the front of the car and then hit the stroller. >> he is very scared.
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expected to recover. lease are investigating if the driver who caused the crash will be charged. donald trump's wife publicly defending him amid allegations of sexual assault. meanwhile, hillary clinton campaign is dealing with more fallout from her email practices at the state department.>>reporter: hillary clinton appeared at a star- studded broadway fundraiser video last night. >> [ clip playing ] >> we are in the final stretch and we need your help. >> this shows corruption at the highest level. >>reporter: and donald trump releasing a rare video message of his own on twitter, accusing the f yacht and the state department of colluding with -- fbi and the state department of
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>> any real assertion that this was somehow quid pro quo exchange is insulting. >>reporter: the development came on the same day melania trump spoke to cnn and defended her husband's lewd 2005 comments to billy bush about women. >> i was surprised, that he was egged on. he was egged on by the host to say bad stuff. >>reporter: campaigning in green bay he double down on rigged election claims. >> people that have died 10 years ago are still voting, illegal immigrants are voting.>>reporter: is by the claims, mostly voter fraud is
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hillary clinton and donald trump face-off for the third and final debate tomorrow night in las vegas. you can watch a live right here on wbz 10:00. billy bush has officially been tired over his role in those tapes. representatives have been negotiating terms of his exit, but there is no word on how much the final settlement is worth. in a statement he thanked family, rents, and colleagues for their support. trump touted his friendship with tom brady and bill belichick when campaigning this weekend. kirk schilling will make stops at offices in nassau, salem, and stratham. a major gift to the museum of science from michael bloomberg. the billionaire businessman took classes at the museum as a child.
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make the largest donation in the institution's history today at $50 million. the museums education division will be named in honor of his parents. coming up, rallying for safer streets. bicycle is calling for a change in one local community after several deadly accidents. plus, debating charter schools. here from both sides of voters get ready to decide whether or not to expand the cap on charter's. a little we temperatures will respond mac it is going to be a gradual process, we come into the 70s in boston. some spots touch 80 later on today and i will take you through that forecast and let you know
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the manatee rescued off of cape cod a coast guard plan will fly the pregnant manatee down to florida. she will continue her recovery at the world before being released into the wild. a crustacean cut off the coast of bermuda, this was after hurricane nicole, the crew of the sanctuary marine bermuda posted these pictures of the 14 pound lobster on facebook. the captain thinks hurricane
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towards the shoreline. the cruise took the pictures and released him back into the ocean. that would've been lobster rolls for days. >> i was literally just thinking can you imagine the size of the lobster roll. >> i think it is nice that they put them back. he looks bigger than 14 pounds. we got some rain this morning and then the sun is going to come out there we 75-80 this afternoon. the record to beat is 82, i think it will be close in spots, but we have to get through the rain for this morning first. it is soaking rain in areas. off to the east southeast a break in the action. a couple showers act out towards belmont. so you are getting into some of
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torrential rain all the way along route 24. so these yellows and oranges shows it is absolutely pouring back reduced visibility, and wipers on the highest speed they can go. the showers get lighter, there are a few downpours in through southern new hampshire back over towards the still in -- mcallen. have the umbrella this morning and the chaise for later on. another mild start to the day, low 60s back down to the cape. wants this rain pushes through it will be sliding south and east. the next couple of hours may be a little damp and the trend will be to bring out increasing sunshine. this is what happens between
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stubborn, but we push into the 70s. north of boston is where clouds will linger until midshipman-to- late afternoon. we go 75-80 for many of us. it will take a little while for many of us to clear those clouds. overnight, becoming partly cloudy, 65 downtown, and other mild night and another warm day tomorrow. in fact, i think warmer tomorrow because of that westerly breeze. either way, dry on wednesday and on thursday we start with sunshine in the morning and then the clouds increase out ahead of our next disturbance. there may be showers that come in by late in the afternoon on thursday. showers and downpours possible on friday. much cooler and to the week.
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-- mainly dry. >> wet and slick roads on the south shore. route 24, route three, no accidents out there right now. make sure you watch out for those puddles. we have a live look at route number one your command people are definitely taking it slow as they head into boston. demanding safer streets, hundreds of people turned up at a rally last night. in cycle as happened hitting killing cambridge. over here during the day off busy streets. community advocates one protected bicycle lanes, sector intersection and more enforcement of existing laws. with electronic tolling beginning soon and toll plaza of coming down next week, the state has issued an unusual warning. they say no photos with the
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request asking people to not take pictures as the old tollbooths are removed. they are concerned about the curiosity factor of motorists who might slow down traffic for a picture. good advice. massachusetts voters have ballot questions they will be facing the selection. last night we held a debate about one of them, question number two would allow up to 12 new charter schools ea in the state of massachusetts. supporters say charter schools offer better education, while critics say they take running away from public schools. >> we had as a commission last year this that we underfund our public schools by more than $1 billion. that is a conversation that i want to have. >> there are 30,000 children in the commonwealth who do not have high-quality options. >> to watch the entire debate you can head over to our website at the graduation rate in the
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in history. a new report shows more than 83% of high school students earned their diploma, that is a record. the numbers were up in all racial and ethnic groups. cambridge may be the best city in the country for millennial's according to new rankings on the website niche. arlington and alexander virginia came in second and third. san francisco and ann arbor michigan rounded out the top five. looked at proximity to bars and restaurants as well as education. more than 27% of the people who live in cambridge are between 25 and 34. the celtics inching closer to the start of the regular season. plus, tom brady not looking his age on the field. what his teammates say about his stamina. steve burton have all the
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you know me. that's new hampshire kelly ayotte. this is washington kelly ayotte. she voted for 20 billion dollars in tax breaks for the big oil companies. but she voted against
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the celtics continued their preseason push and the bruins and their road trip on a high note. >> that morning, if you are going all the way up to winnipeg you might as well when. they open up the season on the road. he scores on a national tr and then late in the third how about a little insurance, brandon puts on the loose puck for the first goal of his career. a long distance in the net or to in this one in style. up next, the home opener on thursday against the devil's. six weeks into the season and
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don't look for them to slow down anytime soon, tom brady is just getting started. he is not playing like a 29- year-old who missed a month in action. >> he is not like most and i think he has proven that. this is not your average quarterback. he does things to prepare himself and puts himself in great positions. come sunday, it is the way that he prepares throughout the course of the week. >> the celtics and that's preseason action, it is make a break time. another nice game for jaelyn brown, and how about game number three for the indians and blue jays? tied it to in the six, jason connects for solo home run to
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they go on to win it and take a 3-0 series lead. cleveland is one game away from the world series. that is sports for now, guys, over to you. still to come, a new plan to balance the state budget. the new proposal and whose job to be on the line? plus, the creepy crown -- clown craze and the reason people rely start, but the process of increasing sunshine is going to start later on this morning and we are going to be pushing near 80 for the school day forecast. definitely a change for the work day. we will tell you when the cooler air comes back in.
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wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken. only at longhorn steakhouse. developing right now, a carjacking in boston with a baby in the backseat, the
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scandal at a high school, a teacher retiring against accusations he sent new photos to a student. plus, melania trump speaking out and what she said about the comments her husband made about women. >> live from channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. it is tuesday, october 18. we have been dealing with a little rain, but at least it is warm. morning. a changeable weather day with areas of rain ship south and east. the next couple of hours we will have to contend with them and we will start to see a drying trend. a few downpours through the south shore stretching east in between plymouth down near duxbury. this will continue to move out,
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some of the deeper oranges here is where the rain is coming down heavy as. right now a quick downpour sliding through the south side of andover and backup through lawrence. yes it is a damn start and you want to leave a little extra space between you and the car in front of you. once the rain wraps up over the next couple of hours the trend will be to bring out increasing sunshine. rising into the midshipman-70s as the clouds slowly depart. i think we all shy of the record, but we will still be feeling like summer with highs around 80 degrees today. traffic is sluggish on 128. wet roadways will most likely slow
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couple places that got good soaking downpours. no slowdowns just yet. there is also light traffic up on 93 s. between exit 46 and exit 43. wet road conditions there as well. check out our top stories, developing news in roxbury, a baby is safe after someone stole a car with a nima though in the backseat. of a gas station when it was stolen last night. the car was recovered a short time later about a block away. both the mother and her baby were not injured. police are still searching for the suspect. a local teacher accused of sending new photos to one of his students. police say the teacher was arrested yesterday. police say he sent new photographs of himself to the student and asked the girl to send some return. he is free on $20,000 cash bond
5:33 am
accepted his decision to retire.'s dramatic a convicted child rapist is being held without bail. richard gardner hit his face during a court appearance -- hit his face during a court appearance. authorities that he violated probation visiting a public library earlier this month. he was convicted of raping and kidnapping several boys in the 1980s. dcf is investigating after police say they caught a man dealing drugs out of a baby carriage with a onar police say the 48-year-old was selling crack cocaine out of a stroller in dorchester on friday. when officers arrived they say they found 14 bags of the drugs. governor baker is taking drastic measures to chip away at the projected $294 million budget shortfall and he is hoping buyouts will help balance the budget. >> i think it is our hope that we can reach the mantra objectives through a voluntary
5:34 am
that is just better for everyone. >> 42,000 executive branch employees are being offered buyouts with the potential of laos to follow. to campaign 2016, aligning a trump speaking for the first time about her husband's sexual assault allegations saying the charges are not true. she also address comments he made on a 2005 audio recording.>> it was kinda boy talk. he was act on -- the host to say dirty and bad stuff. >> you fill the holes, really bush, was egging him on? >> yes. >> she also says any assault allegations against him should be handled in a court of law. hillary clinton's campaign responding to newly released documents that show a top state department official tried to get the fbi to reclassify an
5:35 am
clinton's spokespersons at the campaign had never been part of such a discussion about email classifications. hillary clinton and donald trump with a thought for the third and final debate tomorrow night. you can watch it live right here on wbz beginning in on a clock. the creepy clown craze is terrifying and a lot of people and it turns out there is a find a reason why. a psychologist total health magazine people are afraid of clownsau cannot trust them. there -- they are automatically associated with lying and the fact that they are usually seen as mischievous only as to that feeling of distrust, which creates dear. >> it is not that i do not trust them, they just look creepy. a successful launch into space from virginia last night. one of nasa's delivery companies laugh it off its
5:36 am
damage to the launchpad meant it had to undergo a $50 million renovation. the unmanned rocket wagon orbit until sunday, that will give three astronauts time to launch from conference on to get to the station. still ahead, your morning cup of orange juice could be getting more expensive. plus a huge day for netflix on street. and a teacher no longer working at this high school and under arrest. coming up, what police say he did. checking in with weather watchers, a damp start. we have been tracking areas of rain and there are some areas that have already picked up a quarter of an inch. lexington at a 10th of an inch. the rain will be wrapping up and the sun coming out.
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but the coffin thing is a little creepy. >> you will sleep in a coffin? >> i mean, yes. i mean, no. >> he is crazy. >> do you think it smells musty? >> yes it does. >> i am not getting into a coffin whether it is d gold or diamond's. coming up, police on the defensive. the backlash over their response to anomaly call and why residents say it was over-the- top here mac good morning, coming up a frightening evening for a mother. her car stolen with her nine-month-old baby inside.
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i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools,
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we are hearing from the woman who gave birth near next off the pike. she and her husband were racing to massachusetts general when they were stuck in traffic.>> they pulled over at exit 18 and thankfully ems and a state trooper showed up in time.>> it was seconds and >> he ended up being okay. i felt comfortable being able to give birth.>> they got to the underpass around 7:10 pm. the baby was born at 7:22 pm. both mom and baby are healthy. i guess when the time is the time.>> 7 pounds in the back of an ambulance is no easy feat.
5:46 am
to come into the world you might as well make a dramatic entrance. >> in 12 minutes? that is impressive mac glad the baby is doing okay. we are tracking the rain this morning, the rain is wrapping up in some areas. boston is drying up, we still have downpours stretching backup over towards hall. downpours stretching over plymouth. it is absolutely pouring and will move offshore in the next 25 minutes or so. and some of the deeper yellows and reds is where we see the heavier rain. still a couple of showers up towards and over and into essex county. temperatures 55 to 60 degrees right now. it is a mild start to the day, over the next hour and 20
5:47 am
the trend will be to bring out the sunshine as this one front lifts northward. it is a slow process, in fact, places like southern maine and the new hampshire seacoast will be socked with clouds. we push 75 to 80 and i think we will fall just shy of record. tomorrow is a blend of sun and clouds, out ahead of the cold front i think will be warmer in some spots then today. wednesday. thursday we start with son and then clouds increase. thursday night into friday another round of showers and downpours turning a little unsettled. highs today right around 70 in portsmouth. noticed the shading on the map here. otherwise, 78 in boston, 79 in bedford, most of us in the
5:48 am
right around 70 in nantucket and tomorrow we will be warm again. it is going to be a little humid tomorrow morning. as the front comes in drier air will work in. we drop by about 20 degrees on thursday with showers arriving late in the day. showers on friday to. there will be wet weather around and cooler for the upcoming weekend mac middle 50s on sunday low 50s for the start of next week. our main concern this morning is what road conditions. watch out for puddles and leave extra space when you are driving. we have a disabled vehicle blocking the center lane at exit 45. heavy traffic between exit 46 and exit 43 and heavy traffic in and over. south of the city, it is
5:49 am
street exit. a local teacher accused of sending new photos to a student. plus, police search for a suspect who stole a car with the babies in the backseat. here are your top stories for this tuesday morning. good morning, investigators are looking for a suspect in a very frightening case. let's take a look at how it all very. and mother reunited with her nine-month-old baby. the mother was doing errands in the area when suddenly her car was stolen with the child inside. the vehicle and the baby were found walks away, the child was unharmed. this morning police are looking for a suspect described as an hispanic male. i am nicole jacobs live in
5:50 am
the school community is dealing with the arrest of a teacher. robert todd wiley is accused of allegedly meeting a student, sending pornographic images, and requesting them from her in return. officials say that students parents went to police over columbus day weekend and reported the emails. after a thorough investigation he was arrested. he is doing court in december parents and how school officials are reacting. revere police defending themselves against accusations they were overzealous in response to a number one call. they rated a home sunday morning after getting a call about shots fired. people who live there showed us the damage left behind. they say police left holes and doors, broke windows and tore through the ceiling. to residents say it was a bogus 911 call and they feel they
5:51 am
shots being fired in my building. i have to run back in, i still have a kid in their. >> a call because i don't like muslims. >> police say it is a rooming house and they use special operation forces that the people inside did not come out. no arrests were made. building inspectors are trying to figure out what parts of a feeling crashed out on diners in new hampshire. firefighter say a heavy decorative section of server at the restaurant yesterday. all three were taken to the hospital with injuries. investigators blaming a mechanical issue for this bus by your. bus caught on fire just after 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the bus driver was the only person on board and was not hurt. a general who was once the nations second highest ranking military leader admitted he leaked classify secrets to
5:52 am
guilty yesterday to one felony count of providing false statements to federal investigators. he admitted to sharing information about a plan to sabotage the iranian nuclear efforts with a computer virus. the crime carries a penalty of up to five years in prison. according to his attorney, the government will recommend a maximum sentence of six months. a federal judge says he deciding if a former state house speaker should be released from prison. last year he was recommended to get a compassionate release as he battled cancer. he served nearly 5 years of an eight year sentence for corruption. the proposed expansion of boston children's hospital is getting a big boost. charlie baker is supporting the 1 million another project according to the globe. a number of organizations oppose the project claiming it will spike healthcare cost.
5:53 am
passed on to patients. the expansion has been criticized because it would eliminate a retreat for parents , patients, and families. the public health council is scheduled to vote on thursday. a new study says women prefer a man with a beard. researchers in australia asked women to rate the attractiveness of men at different stages of facial hair. the women found stubble were the most attractive. that was compared to when they were either clean-shaven or had a full eared. when it came to long-term relationships, full bearded man rose to the top of the list. >> i don't know, i think you need to keep it just like that. i respectfully disagree with the study. i like the clean-shaven. >> thank you very much, the food and stuff that gets inside the beer is disgusting. >> not a good situation sometimes.
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still to come, working out with one of the greatest olympians of all times. how you can hang out with michael
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live from the channel four studios in boston this is wbz. >> thank you for joining us i'm kate merrill. >> i am chris mckinnon and it is tuesday, october 18. breaking story. a nine-month-old really -- and i-month-old back with her mother and we're search for the suspect. >> reaction this morning to the police chiefs apology to minorities. >> a huge donation benefiting boston. >> it is wet and soggy, daniel but we will see warmth today. >> a changeable weather day. although it is wet now we


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