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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking news, hundreds of people scatter. battleground blitz, the final hours in the race for the white house. the candidates finishing with a flurry. >> i do believe we are stronger together. >> hillary clinton delivers a message of hope with some help from her friends. we're live from her home base, new york city. >> here in new hampshire, donald trump talking about a show of support from popular friends. >> tom brady said donald, i support you. you're my friend, and i voted for you. i was in the main and -- plane and they handed me a letter and it was from coach belichick. >> who should be commander-in- chief? we have voters still on the fence. another body found on a suspected serial killer's property in south carolina. and snake on a plane? the shocking sight that led to
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studios in boston, this is wbz news at 11:00. the final sprint is now just the final steps. just a few hours to go until election day. tonight, donald trump says some start patriots are casting their ballots from them as hillary clinton adds rock star power on stage. both making their closing arguments before polls open in the morning. >> it is a presidential contenders, still come pang right now -- campaigning right now. we have live coverage of the candidates, the questions, and the voters. we begin in new hampshire where trump was proud to talk about two supporters in particular. >> reporter: donald trump invoked the power of none other than tom brady and bill belichick. they endorsed him. his running mate asked for prayers for victory tomorrow
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four he electoral votes they have -- electoral votes they have to offer. donald trump and family walked on to a stage to a roaring crowd after a setup by mike pence. he sprays a surprising announce -- he made a surprising announcement. tom brady called him with this message. >> he said, donald. i support you. you're my friend and i for you. >> reporter: coach belichick wrote hem a letter of support -- him a letter of support. >> best wishes for great results tomorrow uction -- tomorrow. bill belichick. >> reporter: from there it had all the hall marks of a trump rally. >> real change begins with immediately repealing and
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corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency of the united states. >> reporter: the trump camp hoping to get the 10,000 supporters who showed up, many waiting outside to see him for hours. >> one of the most important things for me is how he looks at us as all americans. >> even out here on the road, on the streets on the highways, talking to people. there's just so many more people now than two weeks ago that are honking. thumbs u positive feedback. >> reporter: and donald trump courting battleground states to the very last second. he will be at a rally in michigan before midnight tonight. we're live in new hampshire, wbz news. hillary clinton taking the stage with the obamas and bruce springsteen as they made her pitch to voters in philadelphia. tonight, wbz is live in new york city where clinton will be
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is going to be a few blocks from this direction on the west side of manhattan. four blocks over our shoulder is donald trump. one of them likely will be celebrating here as the next president of the united states, and hillary clinton today made her final push with several rock star rallies. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome bruce springsteen. >> reporter: if you want to be the president, it's good to bring al >> tonight we're pulling out of here the win. >> reporter: tonight, thousands jammed independence mall in philadelphia for an energized rally on this election eve. >> we believe that we have a duty to ensure that this country is handed over to a leader that we all can trust. >> reporter: despite a similar erger political anger toward washington, the power couples of the party joined together in a show of unity and continuity.
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in building a better, fairer, stronger america. building on the progress that we have enjoyed under president barack obama over the last eight years. >> reporter: hours earlier, at unh, the president was the rock star when he jumped on stage in durham. >> i just have one question for you, new hampshire. are you fired up? ready to go? >> class and lining up early this morning, but this get out the vote rally had the -- with the president in the role of clinton uniter and preacher in chief. >> we all pledge allegiance to the red, white, and blue. that's the america i know. that's the america i love. there's one candidate in the race who has devoted her life to that better america, the
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>> reporter: now, from her rally tonight in philadelphia, clinton now leads for raleigh, north carolina for a midnight rally with lady gaga and john bon jovi. she said if she wins tomorrow, she does intend to call donald trump and ask his help to help her bring the country back together. live in new york city, wbz news. >> and the campaign trail rolled through massachusetts tonight as the libertarian with supporters. our former governor on the ticket with gary johnson. voters in 13 states will likely decide this election. new hampshire with its four votes is one of those states. nick is live in manchester tonight. nick, the race is too close to call. >> reporter: too close to call in part because of the number of voters who are still undecided, even at this hour.
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four electoral votes took center stage once more monday. ? [ music ] ? >> reporter: on college campuses across new hampshire. >> and it's good to be back in durham. >> reporter: it waged on because of the number of voters who are still undecided. >> do you plan on going out there and casting a >> sure. sure. i do. but it's tough. it's tough. it's a tough year. >> my mind is still uncertain until now. >> reporter: matthew a father of two is struggling with the decision to even cast a ballot on election day. >> no offense to either one of the candidates, but i feel like they're two children pointing fingers at each other. who is worse, the lesser of the two evils in a matter of speaking, you know. it's too bad. >> reporter: the latest poll conducted by the university of
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of voters are still on the fence. hence, both hillary clinton and donald trump continue pouring time and resources into tipping the scales in the granite state making a final pitch before voters head to the holes. >> i have a 12 and 13-year-old kid. i don't know what the destiny is for this country and where we're going and what we're doing. it's scary. >> ink stink the is -- instinct is always right. >> reporter: one of the scary to think of the number of classmates she knows who have yet to make up their mind. so still, a lot to be determined here in the next couple hours. a lot of undecided voters telling us their plan is to go with their gut tomorrow. it just hasn't spoken to them yet. we're live in new hampshire, wbz news. >> thank you. security is going to be tight at polling places nationwide. 500 monitors from the justice department will be fanning out
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some of them will be watching for any irregularities. here is a closer look at the other numbers in this election. the 9 congressional seats are up for grab. five of the races uncontestedded. more than a million voters cast early ballots in ms. ms.-- massachusetts. new hampshire's tight senate race could swing the ballots of power in the senate and washington. the incumbent senator hours straight in 24 cities and towns. her challenger joined president obama at the clinton rally in durham earlier in the day. wbz cbs news has you covered on election night. we'll begin special live coverage at 7:00. then stay on all night long, if necessary, with the latest on the race. at 9:00 clock, you can join us on and on our
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breaking now at 11:00, a crowd gets out of hand in cambridge. hundreds of people waiting for a rapper and a celtics player to appear at a store. police evacuate the mall and break out the pepper spray and break up the disturbance. it spilled outside and several teenagers got hurt. >> six others were arrested. we are live in cambridge. these were tense moments for these youngsters. >> reporter: david and gathered inside of this mall to see rapper, designer, and celtics player, but they got pepper sprayed and told to leave. >> we waited for about an hour and a half until people started bum rushing to the door. >> reporter: more than 1,000 people mostly teenagers filled the galleria mall hoping to see brown.
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they were just -- they just all pushed everyone. >> reporter: this high school student says that pushing turned into shoving. police arrived and pepper sprayed the crowd. her cousin was hit. >> when everyone ran down, they fell on top of each other and they got pepper sprayed. now everyone just keeping running out and fear and they keep getting run over and hurt like her. >> reporter: how are you doing now? she was one ems outside of the mall. six juveniles were arrested and charged with trespassing and disturbing the peace. state police also responded. some think officers were too forceful. >> it was a little ridiculous. i saw a little girl not able to breathe. they wouldn't let her go to her parent. it was supposed to be fun, but it turned into something else. >> reporter: and brown sent
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no word as of yet from designer. live, wbz news. next at 11:00, a scare for passengers on this flight. >> you can say that again. imagine seeing this on your plane. the carry on that sent people into a panic. more human retains discovered on the suspected serial killer's property. plus, from pot to charter schools, we're breaking down the questions that you're going to see on tomorrow's ballot. winter is in the air degree swing for election day. the morning forecast coming up next. a "campaign of misinforma" to spread "fear through whitue" they agree in the suburbs question 2 will have "no impact on their schools and their children." they agree it will provide vital "choices for urban parents" and help reduce "the achievement gap." question 2 is "a kid's civil right." join leading newspapers and governor baker
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new tonight, another gruesome discovery in south carolina. police have found a third body on the property of a suspect the serial killer. investigators have been scouring a field there since they found a missing woman chained up alive in a storage
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over the weekend. the property owner now facing more murder charges tonight. manages were panicked to see a poisonous snake or than plane. take a look. a traveler captured the moment that the snake went from the upper luggage compartment. it made an emergency landing in mexico city because of the snake. they are investigating how it got on the plane. i'm assuming that the snake saw specific movie and thought, i want to do that. makes an emergency landing possible. so we have election day tomorrow and it sounds like a gorgeous day. >> sounds like it's perfect for getting out to the polls. >> it's a cold morning. after that, the sun is going to work and we're going to see a rebound. it's a really chilly morning. 42 in the city. outside boston, colder. many below freezing. ice scrapers necessary in most towns tomorrow.
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plymouth and new bedford is at 30. we have got a nor'easter offshore and it's churning up the surf. we're watching this mild air on the other side of high pressure that's overhead. it moves in for tomorrow. so just a cold morning. we're back into the 20s again in many locations. about 31 in wooster. boston is above the freezing mark. again, it has not hit 32 at logan so far this season. it happens anywhere else. it's right on the city and the water. the latest freezing report is december 6th. the story for tomorrow, after that cold morning is just going to be sunshine, not too much wind, and a beautiful day. best day of the whole week to be outside. no problems heading to the polls. up around 40 at 8:00 a.m. close to 06 throughout the -- 60 throughout the afternoon. 62 for a high in boston.
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50s expected across cape cod and the islands for our tuesday. this week is all about changing weather. each day is bringing something a little bit different. so today was chilly. tomorrow is the warm day. wednesday brings our best chance of some showers and rainfall. so cold front moves in from the west. a lot of cloud cover. a few showers. doesn't look like a soaker. our best chance for rain. then as we head toward thursday, a re-enforcing shot. the sun comes back out. a bright day and brisk. then friday, another quick warm- up, but then as soon as that happens, this strong cold front is going to move through. not a lot of rain with it, but it is going to bring in the wind and much colder air. saturday looks to be the coldest day so far this season with sunshine. we're talking flurries, the wind, high temperatures in the 40s and the higher terrain in the 30s. you get one day of cold and then it disappears by sunday. we're moving into the
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the entire country is way above average. we've got the little spells of cool air that drop in. one of them on thursday. then that big shot late friday into saturday. all the while, the left of the country is warm and that air is taking control once again as we head into next week. i know it's a way off. we're thinking about the patriots. it looks chilly and clear on sunday night as they take on the seahawks. hears your p day. here's your 7 day. friday is veterans day and it looks like maybe think enough to really, you know, disturb any of the observances or events that might be taking place. david, lisa, over to you. thanks. charter schools, farm animals, and pot. >> the election suspense in massachusetts will really center on the ballot questions. >> reporter: the campaigning is over tonight, but not for everybody. we found a lot of activity in
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question 2, which would expand charter schools in massachusetts. >> yes on 2. >> reporter: at a nighttime rally, supporters said it's all about equal educational opportunity up. >> the cap needs to be lifted, and it needs to be lifted now. [ cheering ] >> we're not just a campaign, everybody. we're not a moment. we are a movement. >> we're going to win. right? >> reporter: those against question are just as vocal. city councilor. >> we want to invest in our public education. that's what this is about. since 1780 in the state of massachusetts, we've had public schools. >> reporter: the other question making noise is question 4, a vote to legalize marijuana in massachusetts. >> no on question 4. >> reporter: the yes on 4 group is i can maaing a last -- making a last second move of their own. just across unto, they broke
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campaign to social media. >> polling has been well lately. we're not taking anything for granted. we are doing everything we can. >> reporter: question four opponents include the governor. >> it was written by the marijuana industry. it's really going to be difficult based on the experience we've seen in washington and colorado. i think most voters get that and i that i they're going to vote against that. >> reporter: there are two other questions, question 1 facility in massachusetts. question 3 would change conditions for farm animals. live in the satellite center, jim smith, wbz news. >> thank you. well, this is a power surge from the bruins? >> the rebound of the sabres
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kate: my mom and i love shooting hoops. but you know what - she could still learn a few things from me - just like i've learned a lot from her. mom helps with homework... she helped dad start his business... and she even fought to put bad guys in jail. now, mom helps make laws
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ork - i can do... anything. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte, kate: and i'm kate. kelly & kate: and we approved this message. a great game on home ice. >> and say great, great nice for two on fire. >> he's been real good, and the bruins needed this home victory tonight. a good night all the way around. a strange start to the season. they hosted the buffalo sabres.
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okay 6-5 record, but strange is that boston was 5-2 on the road but just 1-3 on guard night. they were hoping to change that trend tonight. no score in the second period. the power play, it hits the goalie, but it will trickle in. his 5th of the year. bruins take a 1-0 lead. later in the second, a 5-3 power play. he scored his first goal of the season. good for him. bruins up 2-0. they gave up two sabres had a chance to get one. they turned it over on the power play. the huge save on brian. he's on his game again tonight. then, not too long after that, riley nash throws one at the netted. it deflects off a defenseman's skate. his first goal as the bees getting good luck tonight. 3-0 after two. then after the third period, david cleans up the rebound for the bruins, third power play goal of the night.
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they win 4-0, win number 400. 32 saves. his 32nd career shutout. they play the canadiens tomorrow: donald trump told a crowd that tom brady said he voted for him in the presidential election. this morning on weei, he said he hadn't voted yet. jim gray asked brady if there was anything he wanted to hear from eier candidate. >> i'm interested in what they have to say. it's obviously been a lot of attention this election period, and, you know, may the best candidate win. the people will certain choose. it's always an exciting team of year. i've always been fascinated by them. interested to see how this turns out? >> sunday is the first meeting between the patriots and the seahawks since super bowl xlix. they were knocking on the door
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made the play of his life. bill belichick said they would watch that game to prepare. >> we'll definitely look at it. there's a lot of carry over especially on their defense for many of the players, but there's also carry over from the offense from some of the key players. i would say their scheme, what they do, it hasn't changed dramatically. ours probably hasn't either. >> we'll preview that matchup plus part patriots all access friday, 7:00 right here. start your sunday with game day at is 1:130. right after the game, turn to wbz for our 5th quarter postgame show as well. the finalist for al mvp. david ortiz not. rick a finalist for al cy young award as they narrow it down. we'll see who wins next week.
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>> it's the new internet sensation that's freezing up social media. ? ?
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there is a viral craze sweeping social media. the mannequin style is freezing up the internet. >> people stand frozen. win high school showed off the fad involving nearly the entire campus, even celeb receipts are get -- celebrities are getting in on the action. they froze in place at the gym
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we couldn't resist. we put this on twitter earlier. there's dan, of course, and there's eric and john keller as well. all of us frozen in time. it's too bad we couldn't have had more people involved. we tried our best. >> they were busy. >> we'll be right back with more. >> eric will take another look
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massachusetts has many great public schools, and we took it for granted that our kids would go to great public schools. but some kids aren't so lucky. and they have no choice. imagine if your kids were trapped in a failing school. public charter schools give parents a choice and are a pathway to success for these kids. if you like your school, question 2 won't affect you. but question 2 will change the future for thousands of kids who need your help.
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election day. >> beautiful out there. quiet, pleasant just like the election season. it's going to be great. lows in the -- 60s in the afternoon. showers move in wednesday, but no problems at all tomorrow. >> you summed it up perfectly. >> i've been working on it all night. >> we know the forecast is good. we're going to be busy with election day. get out there and vote and then you can watch us tomorrow
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7:00 and starting at 8:00, we'll be on and then you can watch us on our facebook page and website. >> yesterday "the new york times" reported that donald trump's staff took away his twitter account. the following is a cartoon reenactment of his reaction. >> all right. here we go. all right. all gh storm. let's see what i can pinch out. "crooked hillary along with jay-z and beyonce-z totally incited violence at my rallies. sad. hashtag "99 problems and hillary is all of them." end tweet. kellyanne, i can't tweety tweet. >> donald, i told you. your twitter has been disabled. >> unacceptable. i'll tweet about it.


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