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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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? salem,. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. it is monday november 14th. raging flames tear through a hospital property of an abandoned building. president-elect donald trump making his first two hires. we have reaction plus an extended look at his interview with 60 minutes. plus a super bowl rematch, the sunday-night show down between the pats and seahawks just like last anytime came down to the final play. some nice weather, 60s for some of us. >>we love it, danielle. keep it coming. >>it is going to be beautiful. we have some changes on the way
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meanwhile this morning temperatures are widely varied. it has to do with the wind this morning, where it's calm we've fall sabine the 20s. look at keene, 21. norwood at 23 right now. we're in the low 30s from taunton down to new bedford. and a lot of 30s and 40s in between. skies clear, supermoon still visible for the next 15 minutes before it sets and then the sun comes up. we're in for plenty of sunshine today, sunrise breeze. outdoor lunch good to go. 60 degrees, topping out in the low to mid 60s this afternoon. no issues for your ride home either. sunset at 4:23 and temperatures still in the mid 50s at that point. we'll time out when the rain lives. -- arrives. lets get you on the road. a couple of accidents to tell you about this morning. first one 93 south blocking the left lane at exit 46.
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on 24 north? next half hour avon and it is -- in avon. traffic is backed up through brock ton. breaking overnight in belmont crews battling a fire in a vacant building on the mcclain hospital property. the chief says police patrolling nearby spotted the smoke and went to investigate. here's a live look at the scene right now. the fire is mostly contained putting out hot spots. you can see the smoke billowing from the building. >>certainly don't be afraid. donald trump saying don't be afraid. he's trying to reassure the country in his first television interview since winning the election. the president-elect discussed a wide range of issues on 60 minutes. >>and he's hiring his first
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the latest. >> reporter: yesterday republicans lindsey graham and steve scalise both applauded, ryan's previous elevation to chief of staff. democrats were less enthusiasm about steve ban en being -- bannon being chosen. a spokesman said white supremacists will be represented at the lifetime levels of in the white house. he stood firm on his vow to choose conservative supreme court justices who could overturn rowe versus wade. >> reporter: some women won't be able to get abortions. >>no it'll go back to states. perhaps they'll have to go to another state. >> reporter: he appeared to soften on his campaign pledge to build a wall. >> reporter: would you accept a fence 1234.
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is just 66 days away. henna daniels, cbs news. there were more anti-trump protests this weekend including two in massachusetts. dozens gathered at powder house park yesterday. police were there, but there were no problems reported. and another peaceful protest in springfield. and stay with wbz and for the latest on the transiti trump. police investigating a possible hate crime in natick. a resident told officers he received two threatening letters on his doorstep. nicole jacobs is live in natick this morning with more on the story. >> reporter: chris, this morning natick police are taking this investigation very seriously after the threatening acts began thursday morning. a man told police he received a handwritten letter on thursday morning and then a typed letter friday
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with profanity and racial slurs, and they were left at his doorstep. this morning the police chief is releasing a statement reading in part "this kind of behavior is not indicative of the kind of values in the town of natick and will not be tolerated in our community." this is an ongoing investigation. because of the nature of the letters police are considering it a possible hate crime. anyone with information is urged to wbz this morning. two people due in court this morning charged with a hit-and-run that killed a man on a bicycle. anna meiler is live in taunton with new details. >> reporter: police say the bicyclist died over the weekend after being left in the road with critical head injuries. late last night police announced the arrest of two people in connection with the crash. police say last thursday night
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the intersection of broadway and washington street. they found bicycle tire but his bike and the car that hit him were gone. he was rushed to the hospital and later found to brigham and women's where he died this weekend. investigators say the bicycle was dragged down washington street. officers found the car abandoned and locked about a mile and a half away on park street. the victim's bicycle as in the woods nearby. manafo has been charged for leaving the scene and misleading police. and 26-year-old ryan oday was also arrested. both will be arraigned in taunton district court this morning. reporting live, anna meiler wbz this morning. a man arrested in south carolina in connection with a murder in easton, massachusetts. 47-year-old michael nagara of florida is due in south carolina court today facing charges.
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massachusetts including accessory to murder after the fact, armed robbery, and larceny knee. last tuesday two boys found 35-year-old daniel smith shot in the woods off pond street. he died at the hospital three days later. easton and state police are looking for a red ma da with florida license plate 372-qqk. armed, dangerous, and on the run in brock ton. police searching for two men who held up we're hearing from the clerk. brianna is back with the story. >> reporter: kate, the woman tells us the gas station was robbed twice this past week and it wasn't caught on camera because the first time the robbers cut the wires to the security camera. christie pamalez was working friday night when she says men rushed in with a gun and knife and told her to get on the floor. she emptied out the register and gave them all of the money she had but
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>>so they kept saying"where's the money?"i wasn't saying anything. we don't have any more money. and they stole my pocketbook and went over there and told me go on the floor, so i went on the floor like that, and they left. i thought they were going to shoot me or stab me. >>scary stuff. the two men got away with about $300 in cash. anyone with information should call brock ton police. >>thank you very much, brianna. a super bowl rematch between the patriots and seahawks. it comes down to the final play once again, but this time the pats were on the losing end. >>wbz's dan roche wraps up the action. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. we thought last night's game was going to be a tough test for the patriots, and it was. it came down to the final plays, came down to 1 yard.
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this season. let's pick things up here in the 4th quarter. seahawks with a 25-lead. -- 25-24 lead. sherman recovers the football and that sets up a seahawks touch down. pats down 7 and diving, but looking at 2nd and 14 with under 90 seconds to play when brady hits gronk, what a catch. 1st and goal at the 2-yard line. 3rd down from inside the 1, ad little bit before the snap, never has control, recovers the fumble and sets up a 4th down. we go to one final chance and they run a fade to gronk. no flag on the play, no catch, no win. patriots and seahawks in a classic. this time it goes to seattle, 31-24 your final. >>certainly it looks like it come down to one play, but it probably was a lot of plays in this game we could have done a
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we knew that going on, and we had to play better than the way we played. just too careless with the ball. they weren't and turnovers were a big factor. we had our chances, we just didn't make enough plays. >> reporter: tom brady is right. he also said his knee was pretty sore. you don't like to hear that. we'll see if the patriots rebound in san francisco next week. greg cain, it came down to the final play. seattle played a heck of a game. they come out with a victory patriots fall to 7-2. i'm dan roche, wbz sports. well the patriots will regroup and head west facing the 1-849ers -- 1 and 8 49ers next sunday. kick-off at 4:25, also right here on wbz and then after the game tune into the 5th quarter over on my 2638. you can start your weekend with patriots all access friday night at 7:00 p.m.
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11 past 6:00 right now. coming up a warning for parents over reports about sick animals. plus bringing a commercial helipad back to boston. the city wants your input. and another pricey high school project in massachusetts, the latest city proposing a new plan today. and was this the first selfie ever taken? the legend who took this picture seems to think so. danielle, we're going to hash it out coming up. in the meantime it's a beautiful start to the day, kids will want a jacket this morning but can get rid of it by recess. we're in the 50s, 60s for the ride home foresides rain on the way tomorrow. we'll talk about the -- for tomorrow. rain on the way tomorrow. look at the beautiful supermoon. it's going to be setting in about five minutes. take a look morning. this is your moment of zen here
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. i know we think selfies are a new thing, but this is the first selfie in space that was taken just 50 years ago. buzz ald rin took these photos during a day pass to the gemini 12 mission orbiting earth. now you can own the famous selfie t-shirt. it is going 50 years ago. >>so so hard to hold that camera. now with cell phones, obviously. you had to -- you couldn't do it, yeah. >>also in space. >>i know. >>like, that kind of like makes it a little bit easier. >>if a smart guy like buzz aldrin is going to do it. >>i love he's turning it into t-shirts that's awesome. >>the supermoon is setting.
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>>it literally looks like a star wars movie. >>let's just watch, danielle. >>isn't it beautiful. hope flaw you caught it our you're catching it live on wbz as the moon sets. it's the closest it's been to earth in nearly 70 years, and it won't happen again until 2034. it's half gone on the horizon, temperatures wide range, we've got 20, 30s, 40s on the map right now. 31 in manchester, mid 20s in con cover. a lot of it has to do with the wind. where it's gone calm we've cooled off into the 20s. a couple of 50s even on the map. no province town down to nantucket at 52 degrees. it looks awesome today. temperatures will come into the
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exchange on the way for tomorrow. this area of rain through virginia and down through north carolina, this is the developing area of low pressure that's going to move north over the next 24 hours. what it means for us today, not a lot. sunshine from start to finish, a few clouds will increase towards the evening. tomorrow morning there may be a shower along the coast, but i think a good chunk of the morning communicate will be dry. the rain fills in tomorrow steadily and then we'll taper off between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. wednesday we have a few pockets of drizzle and we stay cloudy through the day. there may be some breaks before the sun sets but the closer you get to the coastline we're staying in the clouds wednesday. how much rain is going to fall? this gives you the general sense, most of
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not a ton of soaking rain but at least above average. every little bit helps with the drought. the moon also means we have the highest tides of the. >>the king tides. along the coastline there will be areas of minor flooding tomorrow and wednesday, bored line moderate flooding in a few spots. we dealt with this last month with the high tides. we're going to deal with it in the next couple of days. highs today into the drop into the 40s and 30s in the chilliest suburbs. and tomorrow's high will be in the 50s for most of us. we're mainly cloudy wednesday but brighter to end the week. temperatures seasonal in the 50s. we turn cooler this weekend. danielle a couple of accidents to know about here. heavy delays on route 2. there is an accident blocking the left
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backed up to exit 32. we also have delays on 24 north at avon at exit 19 backed up through brock ton. so route 28 or route 138 could be good alternatives. and the public can weigh in on plans to bring a commercial helipad to boston. the city council is holding a hearing on wednesday. city and state leaders offered to help build the helipad in an effort to re its headquarters here from connecticut. the last two public helipads shut down back in 1999. plans to construct a new one in 2008 were scrapped due to strong local opposition. brianna, thank you very much. new this morning a warning to keep a close eye on your children and pets. officials are seeing an increase in calls about sick wildlife. police in hudson, new hampshire say wildlife, mostly foxes have been
6:20 am
officials say if you see an animal stumbling around do not go near it. instead, call police or animal control. a big vote in waltham today. this could be the most expensive school ever in the state. the proposed cost, at least $283 million. three options under consider, build a new high school at the current site, build one on a new location or renovate one wing and connect it. the state's most expensive school project. a u.s. college is looking to recruit more students from latin america, the middle east or southeast asia. schools are expecting numbers of chinese students to slow down due to a stagnant economy there. a harvard square landmark could disappear. out of town news has been a staple for
6:21 am
newsstand is about to change. cambridge is set to start a renovation of the area and plans to lease the spot to out of town news on a month by month basis starting august next year meaning the kiosk could close at any time. the lease is set to expire january 2019. coming up more parents are using a certain form of discipline. plus, the one trait in kindergarten that could predict your child's future success and it's probably not what you think. and even getting in on the mannequin challenge. the adorable video that will make you smile this morning.
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. welcome back. just about 6:25 right now. a growing trend
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pun children. the rate of physical punishment has fallen since the 1908s and time-outs have nearly doubled. could skills in kindergarten predict a child's success later in life. researchers have found a link between social skills in kindergarten and how well they do in adulthood. children who were helpful and shared were more likely to have found a and al ras o. n will honor her grandmother who passed away from lung cancer with a check to the dana-farber cancer center. she and her teammates just wrapped up a tour in boston yesterday. bruce spring sustain's veterans day experience might be an inspiration for a new song. he was riding his motorcycle
6:26 am
a group from the local american legion was riding back from a veterans day event and stopped to help him. they couldn't get his bike started so he hopped on the back of one of their bikes and rode to a bar to wait for a ride. the sendinger took their phone numbers, through down a hundred bucks and posed for some pictures. that could be the cutest mannequin challenge ever. >>these are the kids from one step ahead learning center in the group of four-year-olds wanted to get in on the latest trend. this has been viewed more than 7 million times on facebook. the school's director told buzz feed it took four tries. >>only four tries to get the kids to stand quiet and still. i don't believe it. >>if i were the teacher i would have said, hold it, hold it. >>look at the kid with his mouth open. look at him. it's so
6:27 am
>>standstill and be quiet for that long. >>oh my gosh. in the next half hour president obama heading overseas today. >>what he's hoping to accomplish on his latest major trip abroad. plus the fight against climate change in
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breaking news right now at 6:30 huge flames tear through an abandoned building. the new information just coming in from the fire chief. in his since winning the election. his message to protesters. police in natick investigating a possible hate crime. the threatening messages that were left at a resident's home. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning, 6:30 right now i'm chris mckinnon. >>and i'm kate merrill. gone november 14th. if you liked yesterday, you're going to like today. >>the sun is going to be
6:31 am
checking in with our weather bug network. westford academy is sitting at a chel 24 degrees now. toro central school is sitting at 48. yes it's a cool or chilly start depending on where you are but we are going to re-mound afternoon. 23 in -- rebound this afternoon. 23 in norwood. the sun is going to be come up and we're tag rebound. if you grab a pick, tweet it out. temperatures climb to 60 by lunchtime, a mild breeze, a blend of sun and clouds and those clouds may increase for the second half of the day. no issues for your ride home. sunshine at 4:23 and temperatures still in the mid 50s. i'm tracking rain for tomorrow. i'll have the timeline coming up. let's get you on the roads. danielle, lots of slow- downs south of the city. we have a
6:32 am
exit 12 up to 128 and we have this accident in avon blocking the shoulder at exit 19 and there is heavy delays back through brock ton. we also have some heavy traffic north of boston. 93 south is slow. there's an accident block the left lane and more slow-downs through wilmington and in medford. crews battling a fire in a vacant building on the mcclain hospital property. this started ar the chief says police patrolling spotted the smoke and went to investigate. and he says this was not an easy fire to fight. >>difficult access due to overgrowth, brush, stuff like that, long lathe ins here with the fire jose relay pumping operations required, so a difficult fire to access. >>and here a a live look at the scene. the chief says the fire is mostly contained, but crews will be there a while putting
6:33 am
trump addressing protests across the country when he sat down with 60 minutes his first tv interview since winning the election. he says the demonstrators don't need to be worried is that don't be afraid. we are going to bring our country back, but certainly don't be afraid. we just had an election and it's sort of like you have to be given a little time. people are protesting. in hillary had won and if my people went out and protested everybody would say it's a terrible thing, and it would have been a much different attitude. >>president-elect donald trump says when he's sworn in he will conduct himself in a "very good manner." we're also hearing from the future first lady saying she'll take up cyber bullying and adds she talks with her husband about his tweets. >> reporter: does he listen to you? >>sometimes he listens. >>i'm not a big tweeter. but they hit home and they have to
6:34 am
something that you think crossed a line, will you tell him? >>yes i tell him all the time. >> reporter: all the time? >>and i think he hears me, but he will do what he wants to do on the end. he's an adult, he knows the consequences, and i give him my opinion, and he could do whatever he likes with it. >>by the way, the president-elect said he will not be taking the $400,000 salary that comes with the job. a boston city wants to make boston the state's 6th sanctuary city. boston could slow a sweep of illegal immigrants frustrating law enforcement in deportation efforts. when asked about president-elect donald trump immigration plan he said "that is not what our city is and not what our tax dollars should be used for." president obama leaving for
6:35 am
the outcome of the election heeding to greece, germany, and pursue. -- purr rous. -- peru. swedish officials will interview asang at the embassy today where he has been living. he denies any wrongdoing in the case. now to a developing story. police investigating a possible hate crime in natick. received two threatening letters on his doorstep. nicole jacobs is live in natick this morning with more, nicole. >> reporter: kate, both of the letters were left on the doorstep of this resident and both, we're told, were laced with profanity and racial slurs. the letters referenced donald trump and the election. the resident reported to police that he received the first letter thursday morning, which was
6:36 am
letter friday evening which he says was typed. this morning the police chief is releasing a statement reading in part "this kind of behavior is not indicative of the values in the town of natick and will not be volume at a timed in our community." this situation remains under investigation and police are taking it very seer lacily and did -- seriously and will do all they can to ensure the safety and security of every resident here. they are considering this a possible live in natick, nicole jacobs wbz this morning. massachusetts democrats will choose a new leader today. lieutenant stephen kerrigan and gus bicford and steve tompkins vying for the spot. the committee will meet in quincy later today. we're hearing from the father whose baby died during an emergency at a moral borrow
6:37 am
he tells the boston globe he remembers taking a substance with his girlfriend before blacking out. emts were called to the home on thursday where they found both adults unconscious. the baby was also unresponsive and later died at the hospital. albert tells the globe he made a mistake and doesn't want to be painted as a baby murder. so far police and prosecutors have said very little about the case. two people due in court this morning charged in connection with a hit-and-run that killed a man on a bicycle. anna meiler is live in taunton this mo >> reporter: and, chris, police say the bicyclist died over the weekend after being left in the road with critical head injuries. police announced last night that two people have been arrested in connection with the crash. they say late last thursday night they found 36-year-old michael alfano lying in the road at the intersection of broadway and washington street. they found a tire but his bike and the car were gone. he was rushed to morton hospital
6:38 am
investigators say the bicycle was dragged down washington street. officers found the toyota abandoned and locked about a mile and a half away. the victim's bicycle was in the woods nearby. police say a 19-year-old man has been charged for leaving the scene and misleading police. a second person was also arrested and charged for being an accessory after the fact. both will be arraigned here in reporting live from taunton anna meiler wbz this morning. 5:38. boston police searching for a gunman in deadly shooting. witnesses say they heard more than a dozen shots. both victims are men in their 20s. their names have not been released. 24,000 criminal cases involving drugs in the state of massachusetts could be dismissed. the aclu of
6:39 am
highest court in the state to throw out cases where a former state chemist tampered with evidence and falsified drugs in cases. prosecutors say they should be reviewed first. the supreme court is expected to hear arguments wednesday. lawrence is looking for ways to fight the growing housing crisis. many massachusetts communities are now facing. according to the globe lawrence officials are interested in seizing tax listen delinquent properties to crea communities. payments could be as low as $600. environmental groups will be converging on boston for a town hall event to discuss renewable energy. sources have increased in massachusetts in recent years. they still only make up a small portion of the bay state's total energy source. the groups are pushing for 100% renewable energy in the state. they'll meet tonight at the old south church at 6:30.
6:40 am
hospital is appealing the state's decision to approve the project. opponents tell the globe that the construction is unnecessary and will drive up the cost of healthcare. the project calls for an 11 story building to be built. the massachusetts public health council approved the expansion last month. a youth theater group about to get a big honor at the white house. true colors youth center is the lgbt youth group. michelle obama will present them with a youth program award. it is considered the nation's highest honor for theater for kids. less than a week away from faneuil hall holiday spectacular. here's a look at the video over the beautiful 85-foot norway spruce. the tree will be transformed into a holiday destination with more than 350,000 lights.
6:41 am
group, the boston ballet and sons of star will be among the many guests as we flip the switch for the holiday season. we invite you to join us for faneuil hall holiday spectacular this saturday night november 19th right here on wbz starting at 8:00. just ahead this morning a check of the day's top stories including the search for two armed robbers on the run. >>a clerk forced to hand over her own belongings during the crime. one reunion involving a dozen dogs and their mother. morning kate, hope you had a great weekend. weather-wise we are in for a beauty. most sunny skies. temperatures climbing into the 60s. big changes tomorrow. i'm tracking rain. i'll let you know when it moves
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. 6:44 right now on your monday morning. if you need a smile, this might do you. >>love this. 12 four listen heading dogs celebrating their birthday together. their mom was at a shelter in alabama. what nobody knew when she was pregnant she was pregnant with an unusuallily high number of pups. all 12 were quickly adopted by local families and they all got together this weekend for a family reunion with their mom.
6:45 am
recognize each other? >>i think they do, yeah. that one kind of looked like doggy. >>your dog. >>yep. >>they're brothers and sisters fighting like normal dogs and sisters and brothers, danielle. >>so cute. they definitely recognize child support they have that connection. how about the -- they recognize each other. thanks to mark for sending in this beautiful shot. clear skies for great viewing last night and until it set this morning as supermoon through the bridge. i love this shot tanks to stephen connolly one of were you -- thanks to stephen connolly. it really depends on where were you, 42 in boston. we're in the 20s in nashua. 24 in plymouth. 25 in sanford, maine, but it's in the 20s in the suburbs west of boston. a lot telephone has to do with the we need this morning.
6:46 am
morning. the skies are clear for everybody, them. it's been a beautiful sunrise this morning. the sun is up and shining and it will will be with us from start to finish today. we get a few clouds by this evening. we're watching wet weather to the south. this is going to be the area to watch tomorrow. a developing area of low pressure off the north carolina coastline that's going to make northward progress and bring us a threat for rains tuesday. ties today top out in the low to 15 degrees above the average for this time of year, just beautiful with a southwest breeze about to 15 miles an hour. around 60 with sunshine on the cape. the clouds will thing tonight. tomorrow morning most of the morning commute will be crime i think the exception is along the south coast of cape cod where there may be a couple of showers that develop. the rain fills in between late
6:47 am
here's your map at lunchtime tomorrow. pockets of rain, downpours in the west en past state. we fill in with some refer rain -- heavier rain through the afternoon. 6:00 p.m. some showers. it will be a wet evening commute tomorrow. most of the rain will taper off between about 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. with just some lingering showers. just pockets of drizzle tuesday night. the coastline is going to be a concern as well. we've got king tides with the supermoon onshore wind. these are the highest tides of the year. so tomorrow and again wednesday areas of minor flooding. tomorrow will probably be worse than wednesday because the tide is just a little bit higher, so coastal residents be prepped for that. mainly cloudy wednesday, brighter to end week. temperatures in the mid 50s. we cool off by sunday. danielle, wave closure to tell you about. kinsey shore
6:48 am
furnishs parkway is closed due to an accident. we're also timing out the drive on the expressway, 32 minutes from to the pike. one cleared accident in avon, another one popped up blocking the left lane just before 128 in randolph. so 24 north still dealing with heavy delays this morning. we have a second accident on 95 north in can't en just before 128 fire sparks in a vacant building on a hospital property. police patrolling spotted the smoke this morning and went to investigate. the fire was on the second and 3rd floor of the building and crews had trouble reaching it because of the overgrown brush there. here's a live look at the scene. the chief says the fire is contained but firefighters will be there a while putting out hot spots. 6:48 right now. your top
6:49 am
election president-elect donald trump laid out some key points of his presidential plan. >>he sat down with leslie stahl to talk about a wide range of topic including the outcome of the election and his family. after talking about isis and immigration here's what he had to say about marriage equality. >> reporter: i guess the issue is marriage equality for them. do you support marriage equality? >>it's irrelevant it's already settled. >> reporter: a judge that ... >>it's done. you have these cases that have gone to the supreme court. they've been settled, and i'm fine with that. >>the president-elect said he would consider fences along the border of mexico in some spots instead of of the wall. two people due in court this morning charged in connection with a hit-and-run that killed a bicyclist in taunton. police announced the arrest last night.
6:50 am
accident and misleading police. another man is being charged with accessory after the fact. police are searching for two men who robbed a gas station twice the past week. the clerk says during the robbery the men rushed in with a gun and knife, emptied the register and took her purse. they made off with about $300. anyone with information should call brock ton police. still to come and seahawks in a familiar spot. >>the rematch game down to the last play. how it ended and reaction from tom brady and the record the pats lost out on. and a streak to be proud of. a local football team proving to be a big challenge for every team they face world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
6:51 am
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. the patriots hosting the seahawks in a super bowl xlix match-up but this one didn't go the patriots way. >>they try to tie it up, but brady's pass to gronk doesn't come down. pats lose 31-24. >>certainly it looks like it came down to one play, but it probably was a lot of plays we could have done a better job, and they're a good job. we knew that going on, and we had to
6:54 am
played. >>the pats set a record for most passes without an interception but later in the game brady threw the interception. so the pats face the 49ers next sunday right here on wbz. but a 5th grade football team has done it again. they haven't allowed a point all season. we first told you about the raiders friday. they now have an 11-0 record. the 7th grade team also won yesterday. both heading out to the state finals next weekend. >>look at that kid. 6:54 on your monday this morning. -- on your monday morning. >>let's check in with gale king. >> reporter: good morning thank you kate and chris. ahead on
6:55 am
with president-elect donald trump and his family. and how the supermoon's creating dangerous flooding conditions. the news is back in the
6:56 am
6:57 am
a final check of your
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sunny, low to mid 60s. we should take a little outdoor lunch break today. rain is coming tomorrow, it's going to get steadier tomorrow afternoon and evening. heavy delays on the expressway here, 93 south on the connector a little slow as well. at 7:30 we'll be doing our facebook live on the wbz facebook page. >>we will see you in 25 minutes for another update on wbz.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, november 14th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? president-elect trump sells not be afraid of him and what you did not hear last night about the business empire. "60 minutes" lesley stahl is here. >> how will reins priebus and steve bannon share power in a trump administration. >> we will have kevin mccarthy if congress will let trump build a border wall and bernie sanders


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