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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  November 15, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> announcer: given the changing political climate, cbs has deciding to relaunch "odd couple" again. on november 13, donald trump named r.n.c. chairperson reince preibus as his white house chief of staff. the head of brietbart, steve bannon, to be his chief strategist. together, they will be "equal partners." he's a by-the-book republican insider. he's an alt-right conspiracy theorist. can these two men run the white house without driving each other crazy?
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>> you know who controls the casserole and the banking industry, right? ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> i think that's going too far. >> shut up, you cuck! ( laughter ) >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes anna kendrick. maherahala ali. and a performance by comedian chris gethard, batiste ask stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! wooo! hey, everybody. hey, what's going on?
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hey! >> stephen: i like that. hey, everybody. welcome to the "late show, everybody." thank you so much. please have a seat. so nice to be here among friends. well, let's see,-- ( cheers ) everybody take a deep breath. donald trump isn't president yet. but-- ( cheers ) but, also barack overseas. so i think that means i'm in charge. ( cheers and applause ) as you were. smokeem if you gotem. >> obama has left the country, because he's not an idiot, and he is overseas trying his best to convince foreign leaders that trump will be a responsible, pragmatic president.
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still have my doubts. give him a chance. you know, give him a chance, like a game of chance. trump certainly feels like a crapshoot. i'll tell you that much. here's one of the reasons why barack obama hasn't entirely calmed me down. jim, can we show the footage when obama and trump were in the oval office again >> we now arin do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> stephen: okay, first, i would have more confidence if you could say that without looking like you were were passing a 65-pound kidney stone. ( laughter ) second, you do know what he means by success, right? have you seen the successory poster on his wall?
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now, obama is in greece right now. and i think europe is really going to miss obama. and if trump pulls out of nato, europe is also going to miss europe. meanwhile, stateside, america's new step-dad, don, has told his aides that instead. of living in the white house, he would like to do what he is used to, which is spending time in new york so he can wake up in his own bed in trump tower. this is the first president who considers living in the white house "slumming it." "132 rooms? 55,000 square feet? i'll pass." ( laughter ) does president-elect trump not understand the number one job requirement? it's right there in the constitution, "must be willing to relocate." ( laughter ) look. just-- don. ( cheers and applause ) this is personal. this is-- no, no.
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on behalf of eight million people, please don't come back every week to new york. i am begging you! ( cheers and applause ) please! the one week a year when obama comes in for the u.n., it's like the fall of saigon meets dante's "inferno" meets "world war z." and now the secret service says they're going to close parts of 5th avenue. traffic's going to be so backed up, people in their cars will start drinking their urine. whole generations of new yorkers will be born and die without ever leaving their uber. why? and why for the love of pete would you want to come back to new york? 86% of manhattan voted against you. your front door is blocked by 10,000 people screaming at you. ( cheers and applause ) and plus, i've been there. the white house is very nice.
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lincoln tweeted the "gettysburg address" from! ( laughter ) honest to god. 5th avenue. it goes down the center of the island. that's like a doctor saying, "we're just going to take out your spine. everything else is glg to stay." >> jon: it's true. >> stephen: just the middle vertebrae. just those. in other trumping, there's surprising news from the transition dr. ben carson said today that he's not interested in serving in the trump administration. his spokesman said dr. carson feels he has no government experience. he's never run a federal agency. the last thing he would want to do was take a position that could cripple the presidency. ( cheers and applause ) hold on a second. just wait a second. hold your horses. didn't ben carson run for president? what was his plan? resign on day one?
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2016: i will cripple the presidency." i will cripple the presidency. i will-- i will do it. i will-- you must-- marco. ( laughter ) marco. marco. and you may ask yourself, "how did we donald trump won because of facebook-- partly because on facebook, it's okay to poke without consent. ( laughter ) but mostly because facebook is full of fake news stories that get shared widely without being fact-checked, like "f.b.i. agent suspected in hillary email leaks found dead in apparent murder- suicide." "bill clinton's sex tape
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'some white people have to die.'" oprah would never say that to fox news! she would say it on the cover of "o" magazine. ( cheers and applause ) but these fake stories were shared all over the place, which is a problem, because studies say that 44% of adults get their news via facebook, which explains the new senator from colorado: picture of a minion saying, "talk to t and he knows it's crazy because he read it on facebook. so just where are these stories coming from? it turns out that 100 different sites came from teenagers in one small macedonian town who were
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found that the best way to generate shares on facebook is to publish sensationalist and often false content that caters to trump supporters. which brings me to my new segment: "hey, macedonian teens! he, hey, macedonian teens. knock it off!" why can't you just do normal teenager stuff like put m-80s in mailboxes or get to third base behind the hardee's, steal a mannequin and set it on fire in the woods. there is some good news. there is some good news. as of today, facebook will restrict these fake news sites. now they're going to do it, while we're at it, let me just close these barn doors so those stupid cows can't get back in.
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( cheers and applause ) ? ? ? you guys want something to distract you from donald trump? >> audience: yes! >> stephen: well, too bad, because internet porn has been compromised. yeah, yeah, true. the hookup and porn site, adult friendfinder, has been hacked in one of the biggest data breaches ever. there lie about the sides of their data breach, but it's still pretty big. the hack has released information on more than 412 million user accounts. this is worse than wikileaks. that's why i'm calling it wankyleaks. ( laughter ) now, this is good news and bad news for all the adult friends. the bad news is this might lead to humiliation and blackmail.
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speaking of exchanging fluids, a new study has found that blood from human teens can rejuvenate the body and brains of old mice. so, hey, 18- to 24-year-olds who decided not to vote, i think we just found out what trump's going to replace obamacare with. ( laughter ) he's going to stick a straw in you like a capri sun. the one bit of hope i take from can rejuvenate the elderly, i say we hook up ariana grande to ruth bader ginsburg. we have a great show for you tonight. anna kendrick is here. maybe she'll sing. stick around.
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? ? ? ( applause ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. say hi to jon batiste and stay human, everybody. i love hearing you guys play that. >> jon: you see that? >> stephen: well, welcome back, everybody. my first guest is an academy award-nominated actress, singer and now author. please welcome back to the show the lovely anna kendrick. ? ? ?
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>> hi, guys! >> stephen: it's so nice to you have here. >> thanks for having me back! ( cheers and applause ) that's how i feel! eerrggh! >> stephen: people love anna kendrick. >> i feel like joy comes at me in rage waves right now, so i totally got that. all of my emotions are really confused right now. everything's just kind of mixed up. but it feels kind of good, i think. i don't know how you're doing. how are you doing? >> stephen: officially, great. >> yeah, yeah. ( laughter ) me, too. great officially. but -- >> you are a ray of sunshine professionally. >> oh thank you. >> stephen: people are happy when they see you. >> that's so sweet. that would be nice. >> stephen: you're happy to see anna kendrick, aren't you? ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: exactly! how are you coping? what are your coping mechanismright now? >> cope-- i've basically been
11:53 pm
i've been crying a little less each day. >> stephen: that's cool. >> i know that makes people feel uncomfortable but i cry in movies. i have been going from crying to laughing and laughing to crying so everybody is mixed up. >> stephen: you haven't gotten the med mix quite right? >> i was trying to open a bottle. i couldn't get a bottle opened this morning, and i had this thought, and i was like, "i guess i really do need a man president." and then i laughed to myself then started crying and then laughed. >> stephen: that's a good way to get through life. >> at least i think i'm really funny. ( laughter ). >> stephen: thanksgiving is coming up. >> yeah. >> stephen: are you having thanksgiving? >> yeah. >> stephen: that can be a time after the election when there can be some tension? >> there's nothing they know of. but we've got one rogue uncle. i think every family has that one guy like, what, did you do?
11:54 pm
goes, "how you doing?" >> it may be interesting. >> stephen: don't cry in front of him. >> i'm do what i want! i'll do whatever i want! no, that's what i mean i'm pro rage, joy, and open crying. i love it. >> stephen: you know what you are, you're scrappy? >> oh, that's a segue to my book. that's sweet. >> stephen: that's what i do for a living. i segued to her book and you guys didn't even feel it. the book is called-- oops, sorry. >> unprofessional! >> stephen: it' there. now, did you put that title on there? >> tow try and seem real humble. "oh, me. oh, shucks, y'all. little old me." >> stephen: you're an academy-nominated actress, everybody likes you. how are you a nobody? >> i was having this conversation with my brother and thinkinthinking about moving to. and trying to become an actress. and i was like was i more eye texted him and i was like, "i
11:55 pm
more capable then." he was like, "dude, you're still scraep. you get more e-mail now." and i think the title is wanting to hold on to that guy, wanting to hold on to the rage joy. >> stephen: this is your memoir. how does one at your age write a memoir? ( laughter ) i mean, when-- >> well, i'm done now. >> stephen: you don't have that much to look back on yet, do you? >> no. >> stephen: you've achieved a lot but'r old. >> i don't know, i thought it would be nice to write down all the weird thoughts in my head and find out if people still liked me. ( laughter ). >> stephen: you do talk about some stuff in here. you say-- it's very personal revelation in here that i don't know if i would have revealed. >> uh-huh... >> stephen: you got to pick your own butt double. >> oh, yeah. ( laughter ) >> stephen: what did you need the butt double for? was this just for buying jeans?
11:56 pm
>> stephen: what was the project? >> it was for "mike and dave need wedding date." and there was a scene where they show half of the butt, and i got a butt double eye didn't know how it was going to work. but they bring you this folder of polaroids. ( laughter ) of, like, naked women. i felt so creepy. i felt like a serial killer. and i was-- and they-- and theyh front, for no reason at all, other than to make me feel weird. >> stephen: just in case you wanted a front double. >> i guess. if i wanted to spin around, if that was what my character would do. i was like, "i don't-- i don't know. i just--" i realized i don't know what my butt looks like because it's behind me. so i don't actually know. and i was like, "i think this one looks good." and the producer was like, "her butt's a little square." and i was like, "do i have a
11:57 pm
>> stephen: did you compare it later, compare your butt to this person's butt? no, even if you are lookin looka mirror you're twisting around. >> stephen: do you own an iphone or are you the one person in hollywood-- >> i think it would be a bad idea to take a picture of my butt. >> stephen: maybe so. >> i expect it -- >> what was your criteria? highway did you finally land on the butt? >> basically, they were like, well, all of these girls are too tall and too tan, so really it has to be this o girl. i was like so i just saw all these naked women for nothing. i mean, not for nothing, it was great, but -- >> obviously, obviously, right. so what happened to this book of polaroids? >> i don't know. that's a great question. >> stephen: i'm curious. i wouldn't leave that laying around. >> i'm going to find out. oh, god. what does happen? now, i'm really concerned. >> stephen: i don't know. but, speaking of ningz that are slightly disturbing? >> oh, great. >> stephen: i'm actually going
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come back from the commercial break. >> what! >> stephen: we'll be right back with something slightly disturbing from anna kendrick. ? ? ? ( applause ) ? ? ? ? ? sorry... sorry... regerts? sorry, i was eating a milky way. ? even though eric gibson and his wife briana
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? ? ? ( applause ) >> stephen: i had idea they were coming in from behind. i would have asked for a butt double if i knew they were shooting my from behind. in here, you actually say after you'd done "up in the air," you were totally busted. >> if by "busted" you mean broke, yeah, yeah you were nominated for that, weren't you? >> weirdly, it doesn't come with a cash prize for being nominated. i felt very weird like being-- you know, just kind of living
12:03 am
clothes and pretending i was real fancy. and then, you know, going back to my apartment. which the day i moved moved outy redid immediate-- like i found out they gutted it and redid it, because they were like, "oh, no, no one would rent this apartment as it is now." >> stephen: you couldn't have crashed with clooney? >> i know, what a stingy bastard. >> stephen: over on lake cuomo. what a jerk. here's the disturbing thing i nt >> i'm glawd didn't forget. >> stephen: you have been interviewed a lot and you said on the book-- this is on page 186-- you gotta get the book-- page 186 of "scrappy little nobody." do you know what i'm going to read. you said being interviewed by people, "every single time i picture them--" meaning the person interviewing you--" i picture them having sex. >> i didn't write that. >> stephen: i don't mean to. it just happens. i can't stop myself. what is it like? do they have that same crazy
12:04 am
lovemaking is sensational. it's all i'm thinking about'." ( cheers and applause ) now then-- ? ? ? >> yeah. >> stephen: now, then, miss kendrick-- >> what are you going to do about it? >> stephen: i have interviewed you three times. have you pictured me-- ( laughter ) doing anything other than interviewing you during those times? you say every single time. are youik you have something to tell us right now? >> i will -- >> look at me while you say it? come on. ( laughter ) tell me what you saw. ( cheers and applause ) tell me what you saw. >> you're doing very well. ( laughter ) ( cheers )
12:05 am
>> is that any consolation. >> stephen: i love that you're here, and many times we're together we sing together. >> i know. i was sort of secretly hoping we would sing. >> stephen: i'm a little busy in a mild panic about the election. but i didn't have a chance to learn a song. would you be willing to do something-- >> the song they keep thinking about, because this year has been-- 2016 has been kind of a bitch, and i keep thinkin thinkt this song-- which i knowt you must know it. sondheim "i'm still here" from "foals. >> stephen: i don't know how to sing it. >> it's one of those songs that makes me feel empowered and we've been through it -- >> would you sing a little? >> jon, do you know it? >> jon: yeah, i'll try it out and see ? good time "am i in the right key. >> stephen: i promise you don't. i promise i don't ? good times and bum times
12:06 am
dear, i'm still ? really? >> stephen: no, i don't ? plush velvet sometimes sometimes just pretzel and beer. but i'm here ? i've run the gamut a. to z. ? three cheers and damn it, c'est la vie ? i got through all of last year and ? lord knows at least i was there ? and i'm here ? oh, i'm really feeling my oates now. ? look who's here ? ( cheers and applause ) ? we're still here ? ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen: anna kendrick,
12:07 am
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( applause ) >> stephen: welcome back. my next guest is an actor who has starred in "house of cards," "marvel's luke cage," and the "hungega his latest film is "moonlight." please welcome mahershala ali! ? ? ? ( applause ) ( cheers and applause ) >> your band is rockin', man. >> stephen: they're pretty darn good.
12:12 am
well-respected actor. i really respect your work. but actors can doha for years and years and years without having the moment, you know? >> yeah. >> stephen: it seems like you're enjoying that right now. you got nominated for "house of cards, "this year. you've got the movie "moonlight." ( cheers and applause ) you were in "luke cage power man." is it different or more of the same and all that attention is just sort of outside your business? >> it different. i-- each year, i did four seasons of "house of cards," and we would hit the hiatus and then the show would come out. and there would be some bump in activity where i would get calls and scripts and whatnot. >> stephen: and they all came out at once, too? >> yes, so i wasn't able to capitalize on the opportunities because i was going right back into the next season of the show. so finally after i left the show, this last season, my
12:13 am
advantage of those. >> stephen: not only was "house of cards "a streaming show, but also "marvel's luke cage." ( cheers and applause ) did you have any-- just a few years ago, saying something was only online, would have been a weird thing to say. were you sold right away about the the idea yeah i'm going to go into a show that is only available on streaming. explain this to me again. >> it would have been equivalent of someone saying, "you're going to pick up the dvd at blockbuster to watch the series. of." it was a strange thing to do. after book the show and shooting it i was in the bay area hanging out with my grandmother spp and she always likes to know what it is i'm doing. she has to write it down. she's calling people, telling people, and one day i hear her on the phone, "yeah, he's going to be on that show you have to watch on the computer." so i was a little-- i was like, i don't know how this show is
12:14 am
>> stephen: does she watch it? >> yeah, she watches it. she has to go over to my aunt's house to watch it because you know she's not all that technologically hip. >> stephen: well, you've got a new movie, "moonlight." tell the people what the movie is about and the role that you play. >> wow, it's about a young man and it takes place in three stages. he's nine and then i think 16 and, like, 26. and it's a real kind of coming-of-age story. self-discovery. somebody grappling with coming to terms with his sexuality, and the crucible of that. it's-- it's a really challenging story but it's full of characters that we haven't really quite seen before. and it's-- it's a beautiful film. >> stephen: you play a character named juan. >> yes. >> stephen: who is he? >> he's an afro-cuban living in liberty city, miami. he's a drug dealer. but what i think really
12:15 am
here it is somebody who has just some really wonderful attributes, and he's-- and those things are highlighted in this script. so often, when we see drug dealers or someone dealing in a criminal element, their part in the story is just really to kind of reinforce that thing. >> stephen: it's a one-dimegzal portrayal. >> it's a one-dimercial thing. and this you get into the other part of this exprn this personality. >> stephen: did you have any hesitancy about playing a drug dealho inspirational? ( laughter ) because he is an inspirational figure. >> a drug dealer with a heart. >> stephen: he's a mentor to this young man. >> if anything, i think that drew me to it because, you know, i've grown up around, or was in close proximity to people who that was a compartmentalized parent of their life but they were still fairlied any people and good fathers and-- but it gets into people's opportunities. and that's how people sometimes end up going that route and end
12:16 am
know, they-- they weren't able to get the type of education that i was perhaps fortunate enough to get. >> stephen: we have a clip here. it's your character, juan, and he's mentoring-- what's the young man's name. >> shyro. >> stephen: and this is him talking to him about life. jim? >> this one time, i run by this old-- this old lady. i was running, this old lady, she stopped me. she said, "running around in the moonlight, white boys look blue. you're blue. that's what i'm going to call
12:17 am
>> is your name blue? ( laughs ) >> nah. at in point, you gotta decide for yourself who you're going to be. can't let nobody make that decision for you. ( applause ) ( cheers ) deciding who ultimate to be. deciding on who you are and who you want to be, you are an african american muslim. >> yes. >> stephen: how does that feel to be an african american muslim today as opposed to how it felt a week ago? ( laughter ). >> i-- i-- i was just feeling in the clear from 9/11. so-- ( laughter ) you know, it took a long time to get comfortable, you know.
12:18 am
because, look, i've-- i converted to islam in, like, '99, or 2000, and then, you know, 9/11 happened. so it was a really difficult time. and now, you know, with someone who is kind of trying to reinforce this division, it's challenging. because, look, being an african american first, and then being a muslim, like, those are two groups of people who feel misunderstood. and they feel like people who have been trying to fight to be accurately represented in of and seen as full human beings and as equal and as people with something to offer as well. and so, it's a very challenging time. but, you know, i-- i believe and i have hope and there's a lot of people out there doing a lot of good work. and-- and yeah. so... fingers crossed moving forward. >> stephen: thanks for being here. >> thank you. ( cheers and applause )
12:19 am
mahershala ali, everybody! we'll be right back with comedian chris gethard. stick around. lights! some help. got it! and the ornaments might take a little bit more time. but we're gonna get it just right. what do you think bullseye? [ bark ] ok, let's do this! hey! hows this look? what do ya think? it's like you... it's like you read my mind! ? ? ? sing girl, come on. ?[ singing ]? sorry, ariana you gotta go. seriously? verizon limits me and i gotta get home. you're gonna choose navigation over me? maps get up here. umm... that way. girl! you better get on t-mobile!
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? ? ?
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? ? ? ( applause ) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. welcome back to "the late show"." you all are in for a treat. now here with a scene from his one-man show, "career suicide," ladies and gentlemen, the very funny chris gethard. ( cheers and applause ) >> thank. when i started seeing my shrink, she says to me, don't drink booze anymore, how come? are you an alcoholic?" i said, "no, i would get out of control a little bit, but i never drank every day. i'm not an alcoholic." and she says to me, "actually, it's a lot more about your relationship with alcohol. give me an example." and i go, "okay. i remember one night when i was a student at rutgers university evidence out drinking with this girl and i really wanted to impress her, so every time she
12:27 am
i am just throwing it back." and really quickly, she is likeing" this isn't cool man, i'm heading home." and i head home, too. this is what baffles myself. i had too much to drink. it was embarrassing. my roommates were drinking, i grabbed a bottle, chucked it open, throw the empty bottle on the ground. now, my roommates are drinking mad dog 20/20, which some of you have heard of. for anybody who is not famr congratulations. you've never been homeless. that's a good thing. ( laughter ) ( applause ) it's good. i do not mean to be insensitive, but let's be honest the target demographic of this product is the homeless. y i was drinking the strawberry kiwi flavor. and my roommates were like we can't believe you did that? i said give me another. i chuck another bottle of bad
12:28 am
i'm opening windows, yelling out in the screen, getting in my roommates' faces. i'm rolling around on the floor. in the middle of all this chaos, my roommate phil comes home, and he does not size things up well. he says-- he goes, "hey, bros, i'm going to a frat party. anybody want to come?" ( laughter ) and the rest of my roommates are like, "phil, no, no, no." and i'm like, "yeah. i'm coming tow the frat party, i'm just going to do whatever i want, phil, and if anybody has an issue with that, i'll let them know that you're responsible for bringing me." and right then, my roommate dan grabs me and goes, "phil, run!" and phil runs. he sprint out the front door of our house. dan's pinning my arms down. he's going, "you gota chill out, man, calm down." i'm like, "fine!" he helps me get to my room. i get uncressed. he tucks me into bed.
12:29 am
right? i fall asleep. should be the end of this story. except the next thing i know, i come to again and i'm fully clothed, and i am running down the middle of a street, in new brunswick, new jersey, and i am wearing a batman mask. ( laughter ) i don't know where i got one. i've never owned a batman mask. i don't even like d.c. comics, am running, maybe from the person i took the batman mask from. i black out again. i come to. i'm on the front porch of a house. i'm trying to open a door. there's a guy holding it closed from the other side going, "no, seriously, batman, you cannot come in here." i black out again. i come to on top of a parked car. i'm jumping up and down. there are people surrounding the entire car going, "batman! batman!" i black out.
12:30 am
thank god. and i'm sitting on the edge of my bed, blinking through the batman mask. and as i get my bearings, i realize that on the couch in the corner of my room there are two adult men hocan only be described as sketchy, and they're look at me. and i'm looking at them. and finally i say, "you, you have to get out of my house." and they look at each other. the one guy goes, "wait, you have to get out of my house. of the and other guy gooi goes, "but, what happens?" and i realize i must be in the middle of telling these guys a story. ( laughter ) and they want to know how it ends. ( laughter ) but i don't know. i don't know what's going on. so i stand up. i'm like seriously, you have to go right now.
12:31 am
and right then, my shrink interrupts me and goes, "yeah. you're definitely an alcoholic." thank you guys so much. thank you. ( cheers and applause ) okay. now, thanks for being here. thanks for sharing. >> thank you so much for letting me do my comedy. thank your therapist feel about you sharing the story that you shared in therapy, and making-- he or sheer? >> she. >> stephen: how does she feel that she's a character in your show? how does she feel about that? >> she's not thrilled. she saw it on saturday. and afterwards i texted her. and a few hours later i was getting nervous and she finally wrote back, and she said, "i feel okay about it after the tequila shots i took."
12:32 am
"career suicide." where does the title come from. >> it's kind of about-- you saw me doing comedy about alcohol and depression and suicide stuff. i think it's funny but also real, and banking your career on the idea of suicide is in and of itself suicide. >> stephen: how are you feeling now? it's a rough time to be sad. >> it is. i will tell you the past week-- the ticket sales-- like, people are really in the mood fair depression-themed comedy show right now. ( cheers and appla) >> stephen: your family-- your family features in this. any reaction from your family? thanksgiving is coming up. do you have to answer for the show you're doing with your loved ones? >> a little bit. they saw it. my parents saw it. my mom was touched. we had a very emotional conversation and my dad in irish catholic fashion said, "good show." >> stephen: is that thumbs up?
12:33 am
things the day after. but face to face-- my dad would be the first to admit not emotional man at all. that was the most tender he has ever been. >> stephen: i found out today did you a live election night show. >> yeah. >> stephen: i did one, 22. what was yours? >> mine was on public access tv for 12 straight hours. >> stephen: mine was one hour. it just felt like 12 straight hours. what did you do for 12 hours? >> mostly it was-- we talked about the results as they in. and there was so much joy and positivity for the first 10 hours. and then that went away. comedians came in, did bits. so many funny people around new york, and the last 10 minutes of mine was just me sitting with my coat and hat on waiting to leave. it was just like when is this done. >> stephen: everyone left? >> the whole studio cleared out and it was me sitting in silence for 10 minutes and think when do i go home and face the fact that democracy has fallen? what am i doing on public access
12:34 am
>> stephen: democracy happened. democracy happened? >> that's true. it's just been tainted and corrupted. hopefully not permanently. its scary side has shown up. but that's okay. what can you do? >> stephen: yeah ( sighs ) >> stephen: even-- even-- even batman has his dark days. >> that's true. that is very true, yeah. >> stephen: chris, lovely to see you. >> you, too. thanks for having me again. >> stephen: "career suicide" is offbroadway at the lynn red grave theater.
12:35 am
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