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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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a weird shaped pinky right there on the left side of your screen. those are apparently really his fingers. >> so he's like how does he catch any balls if his fingers look like this? >> no idea. it looks like he cracks his knuckles too. all right your top stories weather and traffic are all evaluate ahead here. >> the news at 5 starts right now. breaking news right now at 5:00 one person killed in a wrong way cra new details just coming in. >> neighbors race to rescue an elderly man trapped inside his burning home, how they were finally able to get him out. >> and gearing up for the thanksgiving day parade the last minute preparations overnight and the concerns this morning about a potential threat. . >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. . >> good morning. thanks so much
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>> thank you for joining us on thursday, november 24th. happy thanksgiving to everyone at home. probably up starting to cook pretty early right now, right? >> we want to know the forecast before we do anything else? >> don't you love it when it starts to cook putting in the bird a couple flurries out there. i'm not anticipating any significant weather today which is great news. pretty quiet and cool this morning. 35 in boston, 29 in worcester, same in keene, and the wind thankfully now after the past couple of quieted down. sustained wind right now, calm in some spots and less than 10 miles per hour. a touch of a chill in a few areas but nothing like we've had the past couple of days. it feels like 29 in boston right now and 24 in worcester. skies mostly cloudy and we'll stay that way most of the day. no flurry activity except for southwest new hampshire may see a couple of flakes flying right now.
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remember plea or 2 this morning. temperatures are going to be gradually rising out of the 30s for the turkey trots and football games. mid-day is when the house is smelling good cloudy and cool, 42 degrees. i think most of the afternoon is going to be dry and towards the evening hours that's when scattered rain showers develop. sunset will be 4:15 and tomes will be in the upper 30s, big day tomorrow too. i'll let you know who could see a couple of slick spots early tomorrow morning. let's get you on roads. i'm thinking things are quiet out there. let's take a live look right now at the zakim bridge. it's never like this. there's not one car -- there's a couple of cars on the connector. you'll have no issues getting to your destination this morning. some breaking news to tell you about overnight a deadly start to the thanksgiving holiday, one person killed in a wrong way crash on 495. >> we're live at the scene with the very latest. . >> reporter: first responders
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lanes on 495 southbound of that been shut down for the last several hours. take a look at this video from earlier this morning police tell us this was a wrong-way crash on 495 southbound in plainville. police say that wrong-way driver is dead. you can see this video a red car the front completely mangled facing a white suv. it's unclear which car was going in the wrong direction. police say around 2:00 this mor driver heading the wrong way on 495 south between exits 13 and 14. they rushed to the area but when they got there they found the wrong-way driver had crashed into an oncoming vehicle. again police say that wrong-way driver was killed in this crash. the driver of the other car has been taken to rhode island hospital and police say that person has non-life-threatening injuries. police will not release the victim's name until their family
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investigating how the wrong-way driver got onto the highway, why they were going in the wrong direction. new overnight state police have issued a silver alert searching for a missing woman. the family of 73-year old harris says she left her home yesterday around 4 p.m. she was on her way to the supermarket on route 28. she hasn't been seen or heard from since. she was driving a gray camry. 2 neighbors rushed to rescue an elderly man trapped inside of his burning home. one was leaving for the grocery store the other was just getting back when they saw the flames coming from the home. knowing a man was in his 80s living inside they didn't hesitate charging the burning house to save his life. >> he was laying right there in the kitchen on his back. >> luckily he was at the front door because the smoke was so
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>> they didn't stop and know that their elderly neighbor was home. it would have been a disaster. >> the smoke was so bad that they had to stop and go back for the man several times but rescuers say he was conscious and alert when he was taken to the hospital last night. a busy supermarket parking lot turns into a crash scene. police say a woman was backing up her car when she hit an employee who was pushing shopping carts and 6 other cars. hospital for evaluation, but thankfully their injuries are not serious. >> he got hit by her vehicle and dragged for some period, i don't know how long. he was c and alert. complained of a little pain, no visible broken bones or anything. >> emergency crews on scene say the driver was not clear about exactly what had happened. so far police have not said whether she will face charges. this morning we're hearing
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burned while putting up his holiday display. that freak accident sent 20,000 volts surging through the man's body. >> an explosion and looked out and saw a cloud of smoke and you could smell that, you know, burning afterwards smell. laying flat and his eyes started rolling in the back of his head. i kept slapping his face saying stay with me. >> he was he was trying to hang accidentally hit the power line to his house. doctors tell us they're monitoring him now for internal injuries. crews working late into the night to get everything ready for today's macy's thanksgiving day parade. those big balloons already in place. 3 million people are expected to line the streets of manhattan today. >> and it's not just parade organizers hard at work, police are working overtime to make sure everyone stays safe.
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position overnight gearing up to protect millions of spectators expected at the thanksgiving day parade. >> nyp d.c. is going to mount an even stronger operation this year. >> new york city mayor detailed many of the unprecedented security plans last night. dozens of sanitation trucks blocking off cross town traffic for the first time in the parade's 90-year history and officers on the ground using raio sniffing dogs and other devices to thwart a terror attack. >> each and every one of them are going to have a smart phone and if there's any issues on the route we'll be able to connect with the incident command post very quickly and deal with any issue as soon as it comes up. >> the heavy police presence did not detour thousands from coming out last night to see the massive balloons for today's event come to life. >> see the excitement in her
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holiday season was a big joy. >> lisa and her daughter also stayed focused on meaning of the holiday. >> we have so much to be thankful for that we're very lucky to be here, live in america live in the best city in the world. >> while there is no credible terror threat against the parade or country federal officials are urging americans to stay vigilant especially in public places. . >> remember you can watch the morning at 9:00. president elect donald trump releasing a thanksgiving message calling for unity across the country. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country strengthened by shared purpose and very common resolve. . >> mr. trump added with the political campaign over it's time for a great national campaign to rebuild our country. the president elect is spending
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and president obama and the first family served thanksgiving meals to retired members of the military in washington last night. there are about 400 veterans at the armed forces retirement home. the president thanked the men and women for their service. and earlier yesterday ahead of the white house tradition the final turkey pardon. his daughters skipped the ceremony instead he was joined by his nephews. the president says it's been a running that the girls can't handle his cornycopia about turkeys every year. >> by the way they're thankful that this is my final presidential turkey pardon. we're going to do this every year from now on. no cameras just us every year. no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkey. . >> this year's official turkey
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was also pardoned by the president. well, before the turkey comes some football, and this morning one game will honor a fallen state trooper. clardy will be remembered when his hometown of hudson plays at 10 a.m. this morning. the trooper's family will be there to do the coin toss. now, these are the decals the football team will be wearing on their helmets. the trooper's wife told the globe he loved thanksgiving and always made sure to get the day off to spend it with family. the 2 boston police officers injured in the shoot out last month were honored at a charity event last night. officer mat more race and cintolo dropped the first pucks.
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ambushed them at an east boston home. the suspect was killed cintolo just got out of the hospital this week. . >> i think it made us closer as a community. >> i think the whole city wants to be here you know what i mean just to show their support. >> all the money raised goes to the officer's's families. coming up need some help in the kitchen today. >> the butter ball turkey talk line is throwing out a new way to ask questions and we're going to >> everyone else is saying what they're thankful for and i've got a list of my own. i'll share it with you when wbz this morning continues. >> and our turkey day forecast looking pretty good. we have sunshine is going to be very limited today with clouds temperatures in the low 40s, maybe a flurry or 2, a lot of afternoon will be dry. rain showers fill in this evening. i'll take you through the hour by hour forecast coming up. and we've got some fun turkey day facts for you.
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u.s. are named after the main dish that would be 4. turkey louisiana, turkey arizona and turkey town north carolina and 11 townships with turkey in the name. happy thanksgiving everyone. we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. they both smell good. i like better. i prefer b. b. i would like to smell ke this every day. but what was body wash a? ohhhh i love bath and bodyworks.
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this is suave. really? that's quite a bit of smelling good.
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. thanksgiving is finally here and that means the butter ball turkey talk line will be busy today. >> yeah it has been helping people with their cooking questions for 35 years now. so how many questions do they get? well the answer is more than 100,000 questions every thanksgiving. this year they're doing things a little differently as well. you can still call, but now you can also do an online chat or text the experts to call the numbers is and to text it's 8448773456. so i've got my turkey questions about crisping up the skin without drying out the bird. so i'm going to text them right now before i get started with the cooking and see what they say. >> can you let me know what the response time is? >> i will. >> here we go. >> i wonder if they're up at 5 a.m. >> they must be. >> people are up and getting ready. >> i know and the weather is not going to be too bad today. it's
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some facts to talk about around the table today. because i know you want to talk about weather extremes. thanksgiving back in 1941 in boston was 71 degrees. do you prefer the coldest 11 degrees that was way back in 1873. wettest was back in 1971, 2.6 inches of rain and the most snow back in 1989 where we had 4.4 inches of snow. a coupl pal in boston right now. 29 in worcester. low 30s manchester and a littlef low cloud cover. heading out to high school football we get some big rivalries today. 35 degrees maybe a flurry possible, a little bit on the chilly side and the skies will be mostly cloudy as well. over the last couple of hours the clouds have really filled in and will be with us today. so the sunshine
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new hampshire right now. notice there's not a ton of moisture right here so there are a few additional flurries in western connecticut that may lift northward. see this next batch of rain this is going to move in and arrive for most of us by the evening hours. let's take you through the hour by hour. early afternoon mainly dry, a flurry or 2. by the time we get to the evening hours scattered rain showers do move there is some snow that mixes in particularly when you get north stretching back up in through central and eastern vermont. but for most of us here in southern new england it's rain showers that will continue periodically tonight. tomorrow for black friday if you're doing shopping you want the wet weather gear. it will generally be light for the most part but nonetheless will still be out there in spots. highs today low
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the mid to upper 40s down to the south shore and cape cod. tonight showers patchy fog 40 downtown, 32 to 39 in the suburbs and those places around freezing might see a couple of slick spots. just want to highlight a couple spots northern worcester county if you're up very early like pre-dawn tomorrow you may get a couple of slippery areas. 45 to 50 tho saturday partly sunny, i can't rule out an isolated shower but most of the day is dry, sunday i think more clouds roll in we'll be in the mid-40s a bright start to next week and the next disturbance comes in tuesday into wednesday with pockets of rain and temperatures warning up a bit mid-50s on wednesday. let's take a live look outside at the mass pike if you're heading to your destination early this morning, not seeing any problems there on the mass pike east or westbound right now. so that is some good news this morning.
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things to be careful and jon keller is sharing his lift. >> good morning, it's thanksgiving day and as the name suggests it's about more than just food and football. during the day here on wbz we're airing comments from locals and others about what they're thankful for and perhaps you and yours will pause around the table today to share your own list. in the mean time to get you thinking here's in a country with tolerance is tolerated. if you don't believe this is a big deal try living in syria or china where human rights are routinely ignored and where to dissent is to risk incarceration or worse. i'm thankful to live in a country that preserves and protects free speech. when i traveled to turkey a few years
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stayed at was a teenage boy, why? his father was serving five years hard time in a prison for a post he wrote mildly. i doubt i'd last very long over there so i'm especially thankful for the support of boss says support of viewers and the god old first amendment that let's me do my thing. i'm thankful to live in a political system that usually finds a way our worst impulses and reign those who would abuse their power. i'm thankful the founders choose to balance the power among them. and i'm very thankful to be a resident. who wouldn't want to live in paradise right here on earth. share your feedback with me. and have a
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up next some good and bad news for the patriots. >> rob gronkowski back on the practice field but tom brady is sitting out. >> plus a road trip to remember the celtics finishing off a 3
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. well, gronkowski back on the practice field but now tom brady is missing in action. . >> well, good morning everyone and happy thanksgiving. what should we be thankful for? let's start with the celtics they complete the sweep on the 3 game road trip beating the nets last night. check out smart with the steal. then thomas f smart finished with 4 points, 8 assists, 8 rebounds and 2 steals. cs led by 2 in the half. showing off the long range last night. check out johnson loving every minute of it. yes, thank you. 4th quarter up 13 bradley drivee hole, misses and then he's going to happen in his own miss. a big night 22 points, 7 boards.
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crowder who's questionable gave it the old go ahead the step back 3. celtics finish the sweep of their 3 game road trip 111-92 want some love how about kevin love last night. cavs setting a record for points in the 1st quarter with 34. threw 8 for 10. golden state still holds the record with 37. >> thankful for the patriots. pats were back on the practice field yesterday. tom brady did not take part in practice. he has a knee injury. probably just precautionary because he should be ready to go on sunday. and it was good to see rob gronkowski back on the practice field yesterday. number 87 did not suit up last week and missed the 49ers game with a chest
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that's sport for now. again happy thanksgiving to all out there. we're going to talk about president elect donald trump releasing a thanksgiving message this morning. . >> plus the patriots lending a hand this thanksgiving, why it's raising some questions for fans. >> so we aren't going to see a lot of sunshine on this thanksgi. 2. a lot of day is going to be spent dry. temperatures climb into the lower 40s this afternoon in boston. i'll take you through the hour by hour forecast through your black friday when we come back as we take a live look over the city of boston right now. sunrise just a an hour from now. happy
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. breaking right now at 5:30 one person killed in a wrong-way crash on 495. >> neighbors teaming up to save a man trapped inside a burning home. >> and a call to come together from the president elect, what donald trump says we should be thinking about in in the holidays and weeks moving forward. . >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. . >> welcome back everyone. it's thursday november 24th. i hope you've got the ovens preheated. let's check in and see what we can be looking out for this morning. >> a couple of flurries. happy thanksgiving everybody. 299 temperature in worcester right now same in keene 35 in boston, lower 30s in lawrence and manchester at 31, 30 on the nose in taunton and 42 when you come back down. the clouds have increased over the last few hours and we'll be mainly cloudy
5:31 am
sunshine. just a couple of flurries notice a few coming into western connecticut these will lift north and west. we may see a couple of spots that see a quick dusting. so you're putting the turkey in the oven, chilly a flurry sunrise at 6:46 temperatures come out of the 30s by the time we get to late morning. gray and cool but not as windy as the past several days as you head into the mid-day. 42 degrees the wind coming in off the ocean this afternoon, and time later on today rain showers will fill in for most of us it happens between 5 and 7 p.m. so not until late in the day. a lot of day will be spent dry with temperatures in the upper 30s at that point. i'm tracking rain for your black friday. let's get you on the roads. >> let's take a live look right now at the northbound lanes of the expressway. just a handful of cars. you'll have no issues if you're heading north of the
5:32 am
with breaking news overnight a deadly wrong-way crash on 495 in plainville. state police tell us a driver was going the wrong way on 495 southbound and slammed into another vehicle. that wrong-way driver was killed. the other driver was taken to rhode island hospital. crews cleared the scene and reopened the highway just a short time ago. 2 men raised to the rescue to help their elderly neighbor who was trapped inside his burning home. they found the 88-year old in his kitchen covered in ash andbl together they fought through the thick black smoke to drag him out to safety. the fire department says if they hadn't acted the man may not have survived. a busy superintendent market parking lot turns into a crash scene. police say a woman was backing up her car when she hit an employee who was pushing shopping carts and 6 other cars. that worker and the driver were taken to the hospital for evaluation. police have not
5:33 am
a friend of former new england patriot and convict killer hernandez is suing cnn. he claims the network violated hicks privacy. bradley claims hernandez shot him in the eye in 2013. president elect donald trump releasing a thanksgiving message calling for unity across the thanksgiving we begin to heal or divisions and move forward as one country strengthened by share purpose and very common resolve. >> mr. trump added with the political campaign over it's time for a great national campaign too rebuild our country. the president elect is spending the thanksgiving holiday at his estate in palm beach florida. there's a secret you might want to know about before you start that online shopping. >> as we explain where you live
5:34 am
. >> we have to circle all the cs. >> busy with 3 kids amy plans to do all of our holiday shopping online. >> going to the store with 3 kits is a nightmare so it never happens and i don't have time. so online is the only thing that i do ever. >> what this mom doesn't know the price she sees isn't always what everyone else sees. we did an experiment with producers at our stations across the country each looking up the same items at the same time. . >> like everybody deserves the right price or the same price. >> b found. we priced this 7-foot christmas tree on with free delivery. price in dallas was $399 but here in boston the price was $438. the type of device you use can also make a difference. we look up a night at an orlando hotel, the price on a laptop was $132 but it was just 119 on a smart
5:35 am
price of 132, 4 were quoted 119. >> a lot of people believe that price discrimination is illegal and that's not true. >> a survey was done back in 2014 testing 16 online retailers and travel sites and found on 9 of the sites customers saw different results. wilson says when you log onto a website companies can see your search history, your clicks, the type of computer you use even the location where you're logged on from. all whi >> i would not be surprised at all if companies are experimenting with strategies this holiday season. >> what can you do to get the best deal? >> always check prices on both your desk top and mobile phone. you can try to hide who and where you are by using a advice wall private network or vpn. there are some you can download for free. better ones will cost you $20 a year. >> amy says she may ask for
5:36 am
>> my sister lives in california so maybe they'll have better rates out there. . >> anything to make that holiday budget go just a little further. the turkey might be started but most in massachusetts are looking for something else. >> according to google trends wine store is the most searched food and drink topic in massachusetts today. to be fair it's also the most searched term in connecticut and rhode island to the they're just looking for liquor stores. still ahead you're probably waking up to get cooking early. >> how to prevent problems and dangers in the kitchen. >> well, it's understandable that not as many weather watchers are up early on this thanksgiving morning but there are several that are giving reports and we appreciate them. i'm thankful for you on this thanksgiving day. 31 degrees. north and west of boston jack sy skies and happy thanksgiving.
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. if you're planning to deep fry your turkey today you want to make sure you know exactly what you're doing. this demonstration was set up to show why they don't recommend gas fuelled priorers to put a turkey in hot oil. lots of people waking up early to start cooking. >> there are more cooking fires on thanksgiving than any other
5:40 am
advice to help you and your family stay safe. . >> this is one of the many turkey mishappens fire safety experts want you to avoid this thanksgiving. firefighters respond to as many as 1,400 cooking fires on thanksgiving. >> so this is my skin graft in the process of healing right now. >> it's a lesson she learned the hard way when she left combustible can between her stove burners while making dinner. >> the plan spray exploded. then i felt the flames hit my face. . >> so let's talk turkey safety. no matter how distracted you are this holiday experts say when in the kitchen always pay attention. unattended cooking is the leading cause of house fires.
5:41 am
instead put a pan on top of the fire. and if you like to deep fry your turkey make sure it's away from your house. it should be defrosted and patted dry. do not overfill the oil and make sure to check the temperature frequently. the golden rule never walk away while you're cooking. . >> all right. some good advice. safety officials also say you so surfaces free from grease build up. >> and keep things away from stoves and ovens. coming up fighting back against overeating. >> a closer look at what you can do to avoid the treaded holiday weight gain. . >> plus a driver going the wrong way on 495 south in plainville is killed when they slam into another car, what police are saying about this deadly crash and driving safely during the
5:42 am
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. a big hand for the patriots who want to help your kids have fun this thanksgiving. players like tom brady, rob gronkowski and danny amendola traced their
5:45 am
turkeys. >> check out edelman sketch with the big thumb and the oddly shaped pinky there. apparently those are really his fingers is what they say but -- >> i'm not sure how edelman catches anything. i don't know, what do your thumbs look like? >> i traced it for you just so you could see. >> show us. >> i did mine too. >> his knuckles look big. what's with the knuckles? this >> do you crack your knuckles? >> yeah. >> someone told me that makes them fat. >> probably is. okay. that makes sense then. so edels cracking his knuckles. you've got to do your turkey hand. who's taking part in turkey trots this morning, are you up early. the feast or 5 road race is one of big ones. 8:30 wishing good luck. 32 degrees
5:46 am
staying mainly dry. stepping out 29 degrees in worcester, 27 in plymouth new hampshire. 35 in boston, 43 in marshfield. cloudy skies right now. what i'm watching are a couple of snow showers and flurries back through western connecticut. so you kind of notice the motion of these. they'll continue moving north and east. so generally north and west of boston will be they come on by pretty quickly this morning. notice there's not a ton of moisture though with this first batch coming in. it's this batch back to the west that i'm worried about, not worried but looking at the showers that will arrive for us as we head into late in the day. a flurry or 2 this morning but much of the afternoon is dry. here's at map the at 2:30. notice the pockets of rain and snow showers, but it takes longer to arrive to eastern
5:47 am
scattered rain showers mixed with snow the farther north you go back through central and northern vermont. this is the overnight map if you're doing any black friday shopping. getting out there for those deals tomorrow ultimate want the wet weather gear umbrella raincoat, period of lights rain. so highs today lower 40s for most of us although north and w boston there may be a couple of upper 30s here in a few areas. you're going to notice right away this morning the wind isn't nearly as strong as it's been the past several days. that dozen make a difference. scattered showers tonight, 40 downtown, 32 to 39 in the suburbs. so right at the freezing mark i'm only concerned with a a few areas that may be a little bit slick very early tomorrow morning. northern worcester county and so just
5:48 am
concerned. week independent chance of a brief shower saturday, we get a blend of sun and clouds mid-40s on sunday next chance of any rain showers comes in later tuesday and into wednesday. >> all right thank you very much. let's take a live look at the zakim bridge for you this morning north of town things running smoothly. a couple people looking like they're making their way to their thanksgiving destinations. new developments in the shootings of a campus police officer in detroit . >> state police say a driver going the wrong way on 495 south in plainville was killed early this morning when they slammed into another car. you can see in this video the front of a red car is completely mangled and facing a white suv. it's unclear which car was heading in the wrong direction. state police say they received reports about a person driving the wrong way between exits 13 and 14 around 2:00 this morning, they
5:49 am
wrong-way driver had hit an oncoming vehicle. again that wrong-way driver is dead, the other driver was taken to rhode island hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. tragedy in detroit the wayne state university officer shot on patrol tuesday night has died. the officer was 29 years old. rose was investigating possible car break-ins at the time. police are arrested but not yet charged a suspect. a boston attorney once named one of people magazine's most eligible bachelor's is now facing grape charges. he's accused of sexually assaulting a woman he knows earlier this month. this is the 4 time he's been accused of sexual assault. he has never been convicted. . >> officials in townsend saying the police chief did not resign. the chief removed his badge and hat, placed them on the table and left the room tuesday after
5:50 am
within the department. there have been accusations of unlawful background checks on private civilians. town leaders told us after more clarification he did not resign and has been ordered to cooperate. no jackpot winners in last night's powerball drawing but that doesn't mean you didn't win something. here are the winning numbers. powerball is number 3. the next drawing is saturday night and the estimated jackpot is now up to $403 million. . >> our pool didn't win apparently. >> i know. the average thanksgiving dinner somewhere between 2,504,000 calories. but that doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to weight gain. according to a new study from the university of michigan eating an extra 4,000 calories didn't do damage to otherwise healthy adults as long as they exercised for 2 and a half hours that same week. staying active of course is key. . >> well, usually what happens on vacation is you don't end up
5:51 am
gym it ends up being 2, 3 or 4. >> of course enjoy yourself on thanksgiving. but little things like testing the turkey and testing the stuffing and the pie, little bites they all add up. . >> if your gym is closed trainers recommend doing push ups in your basement or garage even a brisk walk will help burn off some of those calories. >> 4,000, i might consume 10,000 today. >> i can't commit to working after the turkey comes the shopping and this morning we're looking at what your kids are going to want this holiday season. . >> my aim is awesome. for the young and the young at heart there are plenty of holiday toys that hit the mark. including the nerf death trooper blaster. >> lorrie is the chief toy officer at toy insider and says
5:52 am
that the star wars toys are going to get on the shelf and fly right off. >> from oversized action figures to this customizable light saver star wars toys come in all shapes, sizes and sounds. >> this is the voice changing helmet. >> and you can use this on your kids too. do your homework. >> there's also a flying falcon one of the many drones on the market. >> take off. >> ton . >> but the break out toy this holiday season hatchamals. they eventually learn to walk, talk and play games. the toys which retail around $50 are sold out at most stores but people are selling them online well over $100. >> if you see this on shelves buy it don't think twice. in
5:53 am
>> with so many popular play things toy makers have something to celebrate, the industry is expected to have its best year in more than a decade. . >> those are super popular. >> i didn't even know that they were a thing. >> huge this year. >> i'm down on my toy game. >> still to come he is at it again. >> steven colbert offering up some hilarious exchanges the butterball hot line. >> and massachusetts was the site of the first thanksgiving, how many counties places an
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
. well, he is at it again steven colbert volunteered at the butterball hot line. >> and l more exchanges on the late show. >> where are you located? >> right now i'm in a federal max prison right now. they asked me to answer the phone calls. >> did you do something awful? >> i mean you don't get on death row for parking tickets. >> i'm just looking for a frozen turkey breast. >> why not some dark meat. >> they don't want it. >> get new friends. . >> can i talk to somebody else.
5:57 am
sir, please. >> okay. look. please accept my apologies, plel them it was me. >> oh, boy. >> we'll share this right now. he tried to text butterball this morning and affected the wrong person by accident. >> if you got my text asking about frozen turkeys
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning everyone. >> it's thursday, november 24th. happy thanksgiving to you. we start with a deadly start to the the hay coming in. >> right place right time. >> we all chipped in and you know, was able to save him. >> neighbors rush to rescue an elderly man trapped inside his burning home. >> a collision course in a packed parking lot as shoppers rush to get their last minute thanksgiving items. >> plus the overnight preps ahead of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> first your holiday forecast. danielle, what's going to happen? you were talking about


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