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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning, everyone. i'm brianna pittts in for kate merrill. >>and i'm cripple cyst thanks so much for being here. we have breaking news to tell you about. the actress best known for her role on "the brady bunch" has died. a driver arrested after slamming into a state police cruiser on 93 south sending a trooper to the hospital. and no sleep for shoppers. here's a south shore plaza where some people have been hitting the stores for hours already. plus a parade proposal and how tom brady and his family spent the holidays. let's check in with barry burbank for a check of the forecast. >>good morning, chris and brianna. not much going on this morning. a little bit of rain, a little bit of mist in spots. not terribly cold. it's in the 30s north and west of the i-95
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over southeastern massachusetts. a touch of rain to the noter, a few areas of drizzle and a few light showers as well. we're not going to be out of this for today. it doesn't look like it's as much of a shot of it really brightening up, certainly not clearing up. a little bit rain coming down from the north. mist elsewhere. that's your forecast. it's generally a gloomy day. it goes up to around 48 in boston to lower 50s in the cape. low to midd50 not a huge amount of rain but enough to keep it damp. the rest of the holiday weekend forecast coming up. barry, thank you. if you are leaving your relatives' house and about to head home from your thanksgiving dinner, check it out. the pike looks great in both directions. this is at alston. no problems from 495 as you make your way into the city. florence henderson has died. the 82-year-old has best known
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her manager released a statement saying she died surrounded by family and friends. a cruiser crash on 93 south, a state police cruiser rear-ended by an suv just before exit 11 b in milton. the trooper was treated at the hospital and released. the driver was arrested, and the driver is facing charges. long lines on the roads and outside the stores. once thanksgiving dinner was done shopping was on the menu. we're finding out wh this black friday. and by the looks of things, people are ready to shop. >>that's right. anna meiler is live so you said south shore plaza with a closer look at the black friday shopping rush. anna. >> reporter: and, brianna, doors opened at midnight, so there are some people who have been going for six hours now. lots of bags here at the south shore plaza. i'm here with first-time black
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debbie. >>macy's has had great door buster sales, 70% off. i got some hats and gloves for my boys and husband. boots for myself and american eagle, same thing, 40% off the entire store. those are great deals. >> reporter: and we were just talking about christmas is one month from today. did that motivate you to come? >>absolutely, to get good deals. and justice was everything 50% off. my girls will get to go from here? >>we're going to stay here. we have five more shops to go here and then we'll probably venture out somewhere else to braintree to other stores. >> reporter: what has the first black friday shopping experience been like for you? >>it's been great. very good experience for us for our first time. >> reporter: do you think you'll come back next year? >>absolutely. maybe a little earlier. maybe 1:00. >> reporter: you had to ease into it a little bit. >>exactly.
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let's not push it. >> reporter: i hope you can get some coffee and keep going strong. we'll send it back to you guys in the studio. >>anna, brave in the early morning hours to get the deals. the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade was a success. thousands lined the streets of manhattan to watch the balloons, floats, and santa go by. unprecedented security was in place this year including bomb-sniffing dogs and sand-filled trucks placed at intersections. the tighter security came after an isis magazine called the parade an excellent target. an american service member helping to fight isis in syria was killed on thanksgiving day. he died from injuries suffered in an ied blast. this is the first confirmed military fatality in syria since the joint operation began against isis. fire crews are searching for the cause of this fire in salem, new hampshire. the flames burned through the family's home thanksgiving morning.
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quickly, but the 100-year-old home is a total loss. 6 '50 05:00. we're hearing from a man who tried to stop a wrong-way crash on 495. a man was driving the wrong way and crashed into another vehicle killing himself and injuring another driver. a man saw the driver and tried to warn thanksgiving ruined. i was flashing lights so that people could see it and react before something bad happens. >>police are still trying to figure out how and why the driver got on the highway going the wrong way. the other driver is at rhode island's hospital with serious injuries. a roxbury man will be in court today accused of running down four boston police officers in dorchester. police were responding to reports of a person with a gun on wednesday morning when they tried to stop
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police say weeks took off dragging two officers and he hit two more with the front of his car. he got away but was later arrested. all four officers were taken to the hospital and have been treated and released. a family's last-ditch effort to crack a nearly 40-year-old cold case. they think new technology holds the key to solving the crime, but they need your help. nicole jacobs is here with the details. >> reporter: chris, it is costly to exhume theresa corley's upwards of $20,000, and that is a bill the district attorney's office won't foot. >>it's very frustrating not to have the answers that we've wanted. >> reporter: but now is the time, gerry hood says to bring justice for her sister. >>she was the type of girl that would talk to anybody. >> reporter: it was december 1978, theresa corley left a party at a bar. according to authorities, a group of men picked her up and sexually assaulted her. she was
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murdered in a ditch along 495. >>it's been 38 years, but i think for her, myself, and my family especially a day like today, thanksgiving, it's like it was yesterday. >> reporter: now the hope is that technology is on their side. hud hopes to exhume her sister's body for one last effort for dna testing. >>when we're being told the one last thing that you could do is to exhume her to see if there could be any trace dna evidence under her a suspect, that's the one thing now that my family is focused on. >> reporter: it's a costly endeavor. that's why the family is hosting a fundraiser to cover it. >>we wanted to feel as if we had done something to bring justice to her. >> reporter: hoping to find her sister's killer once and for all. the fundraiser tonight is at 7:00 p.m. at the bellingham sportsman's club.
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on thanksgiving president-elect donald trump tweeted that he was working hard even on the holiday trying to save jobs from being moved out of the u.s. mr. trump says he's making progress trying to stop carrier ac company from moving hundreds of jobs to mexico. the company confirms they have been in discussions with the incoming administration. president obama spending his last thanksgiving in office making calls to thank u.s. service members serving overseas. the pr members from the army, marines, navy, air force and coast guard wishing them a happy thanksgiving and thanking them for their service. a surprise for hillary clinton for thanksgiving. she tweeted out this photo with the message "i was greeted by this heart-warming display on the corner of my street today. thank you to all who did this and happy thanksgiving.." she says thank you to all of you who did this and happy thanksgiving. still ahead, involving a boston history nearly 100 years later. what har verdict
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great molasses flood. >>but first ringing in the holiday season, a life-changing moment for one of new york's finest at this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade. we have a little bit of rain around the region right now especially over northeastern massachusetts. a little bit of rain sagging into boston, a little mist in some suburbs. it's going to be a gloomy day and it looks like precious and few will be the moments that the sun will be out this weekend. it'll change next week.
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. while the macy's thanksgiving day parade is a highlight of the holiday for some, it may be even more memorable for one new york city police officer. officer andrew docey proposed to his girlfriend during the parade. and we are happy to say she said yes. >>-- that's a memorable way to do it. >>right, what an autopsy opportunity and all those
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>>otherwise we wouldn't be giving that story. that wouldn't be in the newscast at all. >>a few things are better than the food but that was probably the favorite part of her day. >>we want happy ending to those stories. are you ready for a nice sunny, beautiful weekend, around 70 degrees? >>what are we talking about? going to florida? >>yes, let's see what's happening right now. what we have around here, everybody, is 35 degrees 35, it's coolest off to the north and west, and you get closer to boston just to the west. in dover it's 38. and cape cod it's 46 degrees. here's what's going on in boston. at the present time it's 40, it feels like about 37. there's a slight breeze out of the north just cooling the air a tad. and what will it be in boston through the day? temperatures will slowly go up and we'll be just a little bit higher than yesterday when
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i think boston maxes out around 48 early this afternoon. and periodically there will be mist and rain falling but no heavy downpours, but enough to make it damp. we have the temperatures off to the north and west, 21 degrees in mount washington. there has been snow up there at the sum its and there will continue to be snowshoers in the mountains over the weekend. many ski areas are open, by the way, have been a few in the last several days, but many more are opening up today. so check with your favorite ski resort, but many unlimited basis, but there are trails open for your skiing pleasure. those are the temperatures across the northeast. the highs will be mostly in the upper 40s around boston, low to middle 40s in central mass. and the national highs will be like this, 30s and 40s grass the great -- across the great lakes and even the 80s in florida. 82 in orlando today. not much
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weak low -- not much happening weather-wise. we have a damp and rather gloomy regime here the next couple of days but not a huge amount of rain, but we're seeing some across northern massachusetts where the steady evident rain is going on there -- steadiest rain is going on there. no downpours as it goes to the upper 40s, low 50s in the cape. it won't be a terribly cold night. i'm not expecting ice tonight one be concerned about that. tomorrow morning we start out in the 30s, but then we have this developing area of rain to our south which is going to blossom up over southeastern massachusetts and possibly scrape boston from time to time with a couple of showers from the boston to providence corridor, but most of the rain on the cape. it looks like areas in central mass. could have a few breaks of sunshine tomorrow afternoon while the
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a storm will remain offshore. we should turn partly sunny sunday as this area of low pressure comes in and develops a storm offshore and gives us drying conditions so finally after a gloomy weekend, although some partial sun looking on sunday afternoon, more rain returns noon tuesday and it's raining again wednesday. it's a gloomy time of the month, but no snow in the forecast at least down >>good news, barry. let's get a live look at the roads. the mass. pike east and westbound lanes you can see no issues out there today. we've had no slow-downs despite people heading home from their thanksgiving meals. 6:16 right now. researchers at har verdict say they've solved the mystery behind the great molasses flood of 1919. 21 people were skilled, 150 others injured and entire buildings were flattened when a
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flood of molasses out. the scientists say that the molasses in the tank was warm but when it made contact with the cold air it thickened making it hard to rescue people. new this morning the navy dealing with a hack. the names, social security numbers, and other sensitive information of more than 130,000 current and former sailors has been breached. that he is contractor's laptop had been compromised and the navy is working to notify affected. 6,000 american service members got a taste of home this thanksgiving. the troops who are deployed in iraq, thanks to the army's cooks, they got to enjoy holiday favorites and some played football to make it feel a little more like home. they may be the executist turkeys thanksgiving has ever seen. a new tradition of dressing up babies born on the holiday in turkey costumes. these are the newborns from st. luke's in st. louis bundled
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feast. most seem pretty unaware of how adorable they are. a local animal shelter is hoping to use black friday to find forever homes for some cats. the humane society adoption centers in springfield and leveret are having a black if you areiday are having a black friday sale. some cats may have been overlooked the usual fee is between 59 and $179. i hope some of them go home today. >>hopefully they find homes, right? any parent knows the pictures with the mall santa can cost a small fortune but not this year. >>starting today came ridge gallery is giving away free photos with santa. every child will get two 4 by 6 prints. the special offer starts today and
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and the kids are usually screaming, crying. >>those are the best ones. prince harry is having some fun on a two-week tour of the caribbean and this week he took to lover's beach and nevis. he worked with a conservation group and lent a hand getting baby turtles into the wild. 6:19 right now. coming up next the bruins facing off against the senators. >>but it wasn't a good thanksgiving for the black and gold. what we ottawa. we take you around the state for a little high school football action. levan reid shows us the top thanksgiving
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. a bad thanksgiving for the brians on the road. and a busy day of high school football. levan reid has it all. >>thanksgiving is over. hopefully everyone has leftovers for days. you know it's in the turkey day without high school football. so here we go. lynn classical taking on english and pay attention. english down 15-12 and they hit on a touchdown pass taking the lead 21-15 with just se play. so i guess you're assuming the game is over. stop assuming that. after scrambling around eventually marcus rivera has got serious skills, makes a block, goes up the right sideline and picks up a couple of blocks, 80 yards to the house. lynn classical wins 21-20. another great game between brighton and latin academy.
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fitzgerald. 20-14 with just under 8 minneapolis of play, but with under a minute ago the -- under 8 minutes of play. clark makes a one-handed catch, 32 yards. brighton wins 28-20. undefeated falmouth visiting barn stable. 57 yards of pay dirt. clippers go falmouth wins 20-10. hanover controlled this one all the way. it was the carol and wheeler show. three touchdown passes. hanover wins 21-3. they move to 11-0 and are headed to the division 3 super bowl.
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gets in the mix. power play. team winning 11th goal. boston up from there. wideman sends it off moore. senators take the lead for gb's lose 3-16789 they're hosting the flames tonight. before that the celtics host the spurs this afternoon. it looks like the garden will be a hard work for the changeover. hope everybody had a good gobble go i'm levan reid for wbz sports. a tradition as important to some as eating turkey and pie, football on thanksgiving. >>that's right. several games on yesterday including the steelers taking on the colts. steelers wide receiver antonio brown with a big day catching three touchdowns. the steelers won beating the colts 28-7. >>the lions who started the tradition of playing nfl games thanksgiving took on their
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came down to a late field goal. lyons taker scores the game winner as time expires, lions win 16-13. >>the cowboyslooking to become the team to win 10 in a row this season. 31-26 win over the washington redskins. 6:26 right now friday mog. caught trying to use pizza to get into a local bar, but it's not what you think. >>i'm interested. plus before your kids head back to school a new look at the best ways to study. and also ahead a young girl sharing her thanksgiving message. the touching letter to
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on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen
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breaking news right now at 6:30 a driver slams into a state police cruiser on 93. a look at the damage and the new details. breaking overnight, she's known for her role on the "the brady bunch."
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henderson. and massachusetts shoppers lining up hoping to score big deals and get the best of the best on black friday. >>live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. welcome back, everyone. thanks for waking up with us i'm brianna pittts in for kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon thanks for being here on this friday november 25th. we'll check in with barry. no black ice out there, friday. good morning to you, hi, everybody. we've got around 40 in boston, 30s off to the northwest, there are places where it's misting out there, a little drizzle, light rain. for the most part it's near and north of the mass. pike, not much over southeastern massachusetts where it's warmer down there. this will be in place much of the day. i can't say exactly where each element of rain and drizzle will break out. right now it's mostly up
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places s it'll stay that way for the most part today. as we go up to around 48 to 49 in boston, lower 50s towards the cape and lower 40s in worcester county. that's it for teddy. how about the weekend? the forecast coming your way in a few minutes. barry, thank you. a live look at the roads. this is the leveret connector and the zakham bridge. things are picking up a little bit but not too bad. a lot of people breaking overnight florence henderson has died. the 82-year-old was best known for her role on "the brady bunch." her manager released a statement overnight saying she died surrounded by family and friends. also breaking overnight a cruiser crash on 93 south, a state police cruiser rear-ended by an suv just before exit 11 b in milton. the trooper was treated at the hospital and released. the driver was arrested and is now facing oui
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once thanksgiving dinner was done, shopping was on the menu from framingham, cambridge and boston, we're finding out what's in store this black friday. by the looks of things out there, people are ready to shop. >>anna meiler is live inside south shore plaza with a closer look at the black friday shopping rush. >> reporter: and, brianna, black friday means kicking off the holidays for a lot of people. here with me is deany patel, the director a lot of great stuff coming. >>we're really excited about our give love campaign this year where we're going to be spreading a lot of joy to all of our shoppers. we're going to start with the big buy himself. santa is here through christmas eve. we have a great pet photo night. if you have furry friends at home, bring them on sunday as well as caring santa which is a great event for children with special needs. we open this event before the mall
6:33 am
every weekend we'll have hot chocolate stations and holiday entertainment. the singers will be coming threw in about an hour to get everybody in the spirit of the holiday. >> reporter: that sounds wonderful and you've seen a lot of people already here since midnight tonight going through this morning. can you tell us any of the hot spots that people are really going after here? >>we've seen a lot of people coming in and out of the h and m, victoria secret, forever 21, all of the big retailers this traffic. macy's as well. i think that stores like apple and anything electronic is going to be really popular. >>christmas is one month away. you were telling me this year seems to be bigger than last year. do you have any idea why? do you think people are getting their christmas shopping done today. >>i think everybody's ready, excited about the holiday and getting ready. they have lists ready and just want to get going. >> reporter: for people who are coming later this morning,
6:34 am
shoppers? >>our mall manager always says to make sure you're well hydrated and wear comfortable shoes. >> reporter: and have a game plan, right? >>definitely have a game plan. check out the sales but come here and shop and take advantage of our package and coat check so you're shopping comfortably and not bogged down with bags. stop by guest services and take advantage of the amenities we have here. >> reporter: thank you so much. looking for some of that hot character lot and later today. >>anna, some good advice there. the navy dealing with a hack. officials say sensitive information of more than 130,000 current and former sailor has been breached. they say a contractor's laptop had been compromised. the navy is working to notify everyone that's affected. a roxbury man will be in court today accused of running down four boston police officers in dorchester. police were responding to reports of a person with a gun wednesday
6:35 am
struggle with officers, police say weeks took off dragging two officers and he hit two more officers with the front of his car. weeks got away but was later arrested. all four officers were taken to the hospital and have been treated and released. we have breaking news for you right now. paris prosecutors say they've arrested five men who were plotting a tear attack and they were planning to strike as early as next week. according to authorities, the group was acting on orders from the islamic state. we're following the story and th and we'll bring you new information as soon as it is released. this morning we are hearing from a man who tried to stop a wrong-way driver on 495. a man from norton was driving the wrong way on 495 south in plainville when he crashed into another vehicle killing himself and injuring the other driver. a carver mantels us he saw the driver and tried to warn others. >>i didn't want somebody's thanksgiving ruined. i was flashing lights so oncoming
6:36 am
and probably react before something that that happened. >>police are still trying to figure out how and why the driver got on the highway the wrong way. the other driver, a 21-year-old woman is at rhode island hospital with serious injury. boston public schools says its reviewing the communications breakdown following an alleged sex assault on a charter school bus. it involves the renaissance charter public school. parents heard about the incident from a and not school officials. boston public schools tells the harold its conducting an internal review. 6:36 right now. a family's last-ditch effort to crack a nearly 40-year-old cold case. they think new technology holds the key to solving this crime but they need your home. nicole jacobs is here with more. >> reporter: chris, it is costly to exhume theresa corley's body, upwards of $20,000 and the family says the district
6:37 am
it was 38 years ago theresa corley was mound murder -- found murdered in a ditch. her killer was never found. family members believe one last dna test could lead to the killer. they're holding a funs razor tonight in order to cover the cost to exhume her body. >>we understand the state has tried the best that they could, but when we're being told that the one last thing that you could possibly do is her to see if there could be any trace dna evidence under her nails, something from a suspect, that's the one thing now that my family is focused on. >> reporter: the fundraiser, again, is tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the bellingham sportsman's club. the family hopes this is an opportunity to celebrate how teresa lived. brianna. >>nicole, thank you. the high school game between hudson and marlboro was about more than football. a community came together yesterday to
6:38 am
state trooper thomas clardy who was killed during a traffic stop in march, his wife and their six children were brought to center field where the youngest, four-year-old noah, made the opening coin toss. trooper clardy always took thanksgiving off to be with his family. >>i thought of my husband. it was snowing. i thought maybe that was a sign that he was looking down wishing that he was here to see the support from everybody. >>in hor the hudson team more the mass. state police logo on their helmets. the marlboro team wore the marines logo because trooper clardy was also a vetn. coming up towards the end of the fall semester we're learning the most effective way to statement of tufts researchers say at that -- to study. tufts researchers say students who took a practice test had better recall even under high levels of stress over traditional methods
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material. an unusual exchange in amherst. a college student tried to hound a bar bouncer a slice of pizza as her id. when the man refused to let her enter she slapped him. police then got involved and the woman has been asked to stay away from the bar in the near future. that's one way to get kicked out of a bar. if you're thinking about eating some thanksgiving leftovers today experts say some favorites are not safe to eat. don't reheat the rice or potatoes bacteria can grow when it cools to room temperature. foods with a lot of moisture should be tod out and when you're eat -- tossed out. the oven cooks more evenly. and be sure to toss out leftovers after three or four days. a touching note from a 10-year-old girl. mave sent this letter to boston police for thanksgiving writing, "i am so thankful for all of you saving people's lives and caring for
6:40 am
both of her parents are boston police officers. when -- what a cute little girl. still ahead don't like shopping we've got a special offer you might enjoy. plus tom brady showing off in the kitchen. how he and his family spent this thanksgiving. we thank all of the weather watchers for giving us important information. let's check out some right now this morning. we're looking at mostly lower 40s near the coast we've got upper 30s off to the north and we ted in billerica says it's raining and it's drizzling for the most part, a lot of mist near and north of the mass. pike, not much rain to the south, but it looks like temperatures will be going up slowly today. i'll have my accu-weather forecast for the weekend in just a few
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we know what he can do on the field, but t b-12 is showing off his skills in the kitchen. brady posted this photo on thanksgiving and the message," it's easy to feel thankful surrounded by people you love." >>and his wife sharing this picture saying it's a special
6:44 am
florida have health and surrounded by love. we are wishing you and your families a beautiful day on thanksgiving. she said the other day that she doesn't cook turkey, but we were saying when you're a super model, you don't have to know how to cook, right? >>they probably have someone to help them out too. >>how was your thanksgiving? good? >>it was great. i'm still full. i know you're not. >>i'm hungry already, but the suit's feeling snug, so i think i ate too much. >>that's a compromise. >>and barry you went for a run. >>no problem having a big deal. what, 27 miles did you do? >>yeah. good morning, everybody. here's what's happening this month of november. we've had a whole beak of blue squares. what you know that means. it's ban cool week. temperatures below average. that was preceded bay whole week of red squares. does that necessarily mean all next week we're going to go back to red squares?
6:45 am
has been and there shouldn't be quite as much wind as we've had this week. so yesterday's highs, 44 in boston, upper 30s north and west, upper 40s in the cape. today's high should be higher by about 4 degrees in most spots from yesterday. and already this morning the start-off temperatures are higher than they were at this time yesterday. so looking at about 40 in boston. there's been snow that's the northern mountains. and there are many ski ar starting today. there have been some prior to today. check with your favorite resort because trails are open for your skiing pleasure. certainly not all the terrain is open but there is some up there to enjoy for sure. we've got low to mid 40s down over the cape right now. as we open up the shot we've got colder weather to the north. no big temperature change from place to place. it's the usual
6:46 am
lowering temperatures. this is what we have to the north right now, temperatures mostly in the 30s here. we've got about the i-95 corridor you get into the 40-degree line. in the cape you've got mid to upper 40s. the high temperatures will be in the lower 50s here in southeast massachusetts. to the lower 40s from north central massachusetts to interior southern portions of new hampshire. good -- begin about a 4-degree rise. most of the nation quiet this morning. these would coldest across the upper mississippi evaluation upper plains into the great lakes. -- mississippi plains into the upper great lakes. near 80 in phoenix today. not much weather happening coast to coast. there is some wet weather on the west coast. and these two areas of low pressure contributing to our dampness today. it's kind of a damp day as reported by many of our weather watchers.
6:47 am
most part the light rain is north of the mass. pike. not much to the south. can't rule it out completely there would be a shower down here, but it looks like a little bit of wet weather today, not a huge meant but staying gloomy much of the day and into tonight and tomorrow as well. tomorrow we get an area of rain coming up over southeastern southeastern massachusetts -- coming up over southeastern massachusetts. this will evolve into a big ocean storm but sea. we have high temperatures today upper 40s to lower 50s, from boston south low upper 30s to about 40 to 42 degrees, not terribly development temperatures tomorrow down a times a day a couple of degrees from -- not terribly warm temperatures. we'll have rain tomorrow morning into the afternoon while the rest of the area doesn't have much rain. as it goes by there could be a couple of snow
6:48 am
brisk weather as well. northwest gusts and breezy on monday. finally we get a sunny day monday. enjoy it because it looks like more rain comes back by noon tuesday, and there's still more rain wednesday. but no snow in the forecast. brianna. >>barry, we like that. we don't want a driving snow here. it looks kind of foggy out. this is a view of the leveret connector and the zakham bridge here. traffic not bad. a lot of people off work this morning, so we don't have any major issues to report. a cruiser crash over 93 south, a police cruiser was rear-ended just before exit 11 b in melt en no word yet on injuries or if the driver will face charges. florence henderson has died. the 82-year-old was best known for her role on the "the brady bunch." her manager released a statement saying she died surrounded by family and friends. 6:49 on your friday
6:49 am
is willing looking for a new home after a thanksgiving fire. >>luckily no one was seriously hurt although a woman living there was treated for smoke inhalation. authorities are investigating a cause but they say it may have been caused by an electrical problem. a roxbury man is due in court today accused of running down four boston police officers with his car. authorities say vincent weeks hit two officers in dorchester dragging them down the street. two other all four officers were taken to the hospital and have been treated and released. the unofficial start to the holiday shopping season is under way. shoppers out in full course across the bay state this morning to take advantage of black friday deals. the south shore plaza, a very busy scene. here is a live look. there were long lines at the outlets even store as they opened their doors. many have wrapped up their shopping even before the sun came up.
6:50 am
during commercial breaks. black friday problems. up next some parents may be out of luck. the hot toys that are selling out. the special black friday offer for people who don't like shopping. some presidential blink for your christmas tree. we'll tell you about the new donald trump
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black friday for anyone who doesn't like shopping or maybe wants to walk off their thanksgiving meal. the state department of conservation and recreation is offering a free guided hike today in four state parks. they are the blue hills reservation, border land state park, gray lock state conservation and the harold parker state forest. the hikes very in length -- vary in length. >>i might need to sign up. if you're looking to get hottest toys for the holiday season you may ut experts say many are selling out quickly and could be gone. some of the most sought-after toys are tied to movies including trolls and star wars. battery-operated drones are also at the top of the hard-to-find christmas list. a new christmas ornament a ornament with donald trump's campaign slogan. the brass
6:54 am
carat gold. 6:54. let's check in with jeff. >>chris and brianna, good morning to you. ahead on cbs this morning we'll look back at the life and career of florence henderson who died last night. what you need to know this black friday to prevent fraud while shopping. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at
6:55 am
imagine a world where the holidays were about people again. where doorbusters referred to loved ones pouring through the front door. and the four-letter word that defined the season was l-o-v-e and not s-a-l-e. what if the only reason to wake up at 3 a.m. was to spot a reindeer in the sky?
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that's the world t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods stores live in. where there's no need for sales because we offer amazing prices on popular brands everyday. and where you can always save on thoughtful gifts thanks to weekly arrivals of new products. let's put more value on what really matters.
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welcome back. thanks to a texting mix-up an arizona grandmother shared thanksgiving with a complete stranger. we told you about this a week ago. the woman thought she was texting her grandson but had the wrong number. >>instead she got ahold another man and they decided to spend the holiday together. >>i'm thankful for people like that. >>they both have a lot to be grateful for this year including each other. what a cute story. she was, like, hey, this is what grandmother's do. let's get a final check of the forecast. >>if you want sunshine you're going to be disappointed this weekend.
6:58 am
happen especially on sunday. i wouldn't rule it out completely in central mass. tomorrow. but we won't be shoveling snow this weekend. the mountains may get a little bit. we have a sunny day monday. will it be wet? a little mist around today. tomorrow it will be definitely met over southeastern mass. cbs this morning is next here on wbz. happy black friday out there. >>let's take a live look at the south shore plaza. the shoppers
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, november 25th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? one of the most famous television moms of all time has died. we will remember florence henderson, whose long career bunch." >> millions of shoppers are looking early for black friday bargains and how online shopping is creating an opportunity for cyber threat. >> a mom has been found and police are trying to figure out what happened to her. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. ? here's the story of a lovely lady


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