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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  June 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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weather will arrive later today. good morning this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm rosemary connors. about 6:00 this morning. a check of the forecast from meteorologist bill henley. we're hearing heavy showers, they are starting to dissipate. >> it's going to be a rainy day on and off. not an all-day rainfall but we have them this morning. and some areas of fog, too. this is a live cloudy and somewhat foggy view from cape may. there is thick fog. and pretty good downpours as well. a line of showers that extends offshore through south jersey through philadelphia. but by far the heaviest rainfall has been to the north and west, that's still going. in upper montgomery and bucks counties and the lehigh valley where we're seeing heavier rainfall and a threat of flooding, a flood advisory for those areas getting the heavy rain. the temperatures warmer this morning. 60s and low 70s. we'll be in the 80s this afternoon. but you'll see more of this.
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raindrops, showers this morning. by noon time some breaks in the clouds and warmer too. but this afternoon storms could have heavy downpours. future weather when i come back to show you the timing of those storms. first jillian mele is watching traffic. good morning. >> good morning, bill. it's a wet commute, it's foggy in areas and it's a mess out there. this is the 42 freeway. the northbound side, drivers make their way to the bridges. bridges are looking good. we're not reporting accidents on the major aside from this one. in lawrence township at route 206, exit 7, all plains are blocked, excuse me two lanes are blocked. we had all lanes blocked on the northeast extension. pennsylvania turnpike is looking good. 202 is clear but 422 eastbound at arm and hammer boulevard we're hearing a bunch of pot holes causing flat tires so use caution if you are heading out. the rest of it near oaks and
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trooper we're starting to see congestion but no big slowdowns. that's the biggest problem of the morning now, and the accident on 95 in new jersey. i'll continue to follow those and keep you updated. >> today there is one negotiation session left as septal rail workers threaten to go on strike. the deadline is just after midnight. if the deal is not reached commuters may have to change their morning routine. jesse? >> reporter: that session is scheduled for 10:00 this morning and all morning long we've been talking about contingency plans in case there is a strike. we have not talked about new jersey until right now. i checked in with noyrnlg d.o.t. officials. they say it's a small percentage of their commuters that get on in trenton and ride the rail into center city philadelphia. but 60,000 passengers every day
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do ride the system. a work stop age would force those folks into their vehicle. the last time trains along the 280 miles of track between center city and the suburbs, last time they stopped was 1983. the contract expired months ago. septa on the verge of the same wage hike it negotiated with other workers. the two unions that represent those workers say that will not work because it's not the same total compensation package. a lot of animosity on both sides. all at a time when there is major construction, major bridge closure in delaware, now you could see more vehicles on the roadways. coming up at 6:30, you see people getting ready to jump on the trains. how they may try to negotiate around the possible work stoppage if that is the case come monday. jesse gary, "nbc 10 news." overnight we got this video
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investigators looking into the cause after house fire in atlantic county that killed one person. flames broke out around 3:15 at the home on dowdy road. the name has not been released. a firefighter was also injured. minor injury taken to the hospital. >> sergeant bowe bergdahl is back in the u.s., we have new video of bergdahl's plane after it landeded in texas following a flight from germany. bergdahl's plane landed at san antonio. the pentagon says that he was taken to an army medical center. bergdahl is expected to be reunited with family members and continue his recovery. late last month sergeant bergdahl was released by the taliban after being held for five years. bergdahl was part of a secret prisoner exchange in which five high ranking taliban members were released from the u.s. prison at guantanamo bay. >> new this morning the american red cross is helping more than
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two dozen people after an apartment fire in bucks county. flames hit the building along cedar avenue last night. crews managed to contain the blaze to a boiler room but several of the apartments have smoke damage. nobody was hurt and investigators are now looking for a laws. >> philadelphia completes are looking for a man and woman they say shot someone outside after gun shop and took seven guns. it happened at the sports center in the bustleton section of philadelphia. police say the suspect robbed a man and woman leaving the complex. took their wallets, cell phones and guns. the man was shot. now the suspects are on the loose. >> not only were they both armed with guns prior to the robbery, they stole additional seven handguns so they are considered extremely armed and dangerous. we already know that they committed a shooting and a robbery. now they have additional seven weapons for a total of nine
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guns. >> the victim of the shooting is said to be in critical condition. >> today the student accused of pulling a gun on a classmate at the community college of philadelphia has a preliminary hearing. ryan fitch is charged with assault, weapons violation and making terroristic threats. police say fitch entered a classroom and waved the gun at the student. according to investigators fitch was upsbet an argument involving a girlfriend. nobody was hurt but the school was in lock down. fitch later turned himself in. >> now to the latest on the i-495 bridge closure. the u.s. transportation secretary will be in to tour the site. anthony fox will join jack markell to check on the work being done. it was closed last week after it was found that the support pillers were tilting. officials secured federal funding to fix the bridge. there is a $20 million plan. it could lead to some of the
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lanes back open by labor day. hillary clinton's book tour will come to philadelphia. at the free library in center city. political observers see the tour as a trial run for a 2016 presidential campaign. clinton biwill be at the librar today. >> if you can't beat them join him. governor christie poked fun at the jersey bridge scandal. take a look. ♪ you had a little scandal happen. >> what are you talking about? >> don't know if you heard about it. i know it's politics. you have a family. >> they are here tonight. believe me, that wasn't nearly as bad as them watching me dance
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out there with you. i guarantee that. they are so much more humiliated by that because i actually did that. >> christie will be in san francisco today for several political fundraising events. >> another dreary morning. we've got clouds, fog and showers tracking heavy downpours in the area. even a possibility of flooding this morning and this afternoon storms will be rolling through the area. but we should see breaks of sunshine today and this weekend a break from the humidity and the storms. a beautiful weekend is shaping up. right now, though, it is rain in the pocono mountains. 64 degrees, trenton is 68 with light fog. dover is reporting fog as well at 70 degrees. a look at south philadelphia. it's a damp start to the day. the wet weather will take a break but phillies/cubs game might see showers, possibly a thunderstorm. showers moving into northeast
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philadelphia. some of the heavier downpours, camden county to the south approaching waterford. that line extends offshore but there are some heavy downpours. but it's north and west seeing the heaviest rainfall approaching allentown, across i-78, coopersburg is getting heavy rain. there is a flood advisory because of that. drenching rain for chester county into the lehigh valley this morning. this afternoon, we'll get a break or two of sunshine. this is lunch time. spotty showers. thunderstorms, those are on track for this afternoon. 4:00 this afternoon they will be north and west. early this evening, 7:00 we could see downpours including south philadelphia, so if you are heading for the ballpark, plan on a potential rain delay. a chance of a shower and thunderstorm. 7:05. won't be an all evening rainfall. mostly cloudy at 10:00. 75 with a slight chance of a
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shower. things improving for the weekend. inland and along the coast. the jersey shore, the delaware beaches. storms but bright sunshine for saturday and sunday. >> drivers might want to give themselves extra minutes given the conditions. >> jillian mele is watching all of it. break it down for us. >> here's the new information. 6:10 in the morning an accident clear, lawrence township, no longer there. 95 southbound at route 206, good to go in that area. a new accident on 95 southbound at the vine street expressway. we have wet roads, foggy conditions, so it's a pretty messy morning commute. this is a that accident. 95 southbound at the vine, you can see it involved this vehicle that looks like -- zooming in on that. but that vehicle is facing the wrong way on the highway so we've seen this where vehicles lost control and spun out. we have a lane blocked at the vine. it's not causing a big delay.
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the delay is really kicking in right here, 95 southbound at cottman. about 18 minutes from wood haven to the vine. that's going to increase so keep that in mind. heavy volume on 95 and then we have that accident. 422 eastbound. a couple of pot holes. use caution. and volume starting to build 422 eastbound near route 29. >> 11 past 6:00, philadelphia council is considering all options to raise money for schools and one plan calls for a brand new lottery game. and you can finally drob kinner and a dring at the movies. where a new dine in theater is opening in our area later today.
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>> this morning president obama is weighing military options in iraq after militants captured two cities and are threatening to push toward baghdad. one of the options includes airstrikes. officials are ruling out putting american troops back on the ground though. the president says we have to make sure the militants do not gain a foothold. >> what we have seen the last couple days the degree to which iraq's going to need more help. from us and it's going to need help from the international community. >> the u.s. till tear withdrew in 2011. since then the violence has been on the rise. this morning a new idea for raising money for the struggling philadelphia school district. a council man is proposing a lottery game. yesterday council extended the sales tax to raise about $120 million for the schools but the school board says it needs even more to raise the quality of education. jim kenny said a lottery would
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raise about $15 million a year. it's something but far from the 96 million needed for next year's school budget. >> it's enough on a monthly bases to keep some art, music and sports programs going. >> it's sad we're at a point in time as results to funding for education that we have to come up with these types of strategies or proposals. >> a lottery would have to be approved by state lawmakers something that the councilman says is not likely to happen. how about dinner with your movie? one of the hottest trends opens. nbc 10 got a peek. this is the am crossing nine, a dine-in theater. it will offer a restaurant style menu and oversized recliners with trays, beer, wine, and alcoholic beverages will be sold. >> people are getting up and getting ready to go to work they
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are dealing with wet roads. >> let's check with jillian mele. >> it's a busy friday. you are need to leave plenty of extra time. this accident down there at the bottom, on 95. it spun out facing the wrong way. two lanes are getting by. one lane is blocked. 95 is jammed up near cottman avenue. this is what it looks like. the southbound side is crawling along. 22 minutes is now your drive time southbound from wood haven down to the vine. it's a good idea to leave early if you can. in new jersey, 295 southbound at route 45 we have an accident there on the shoulder so it's not blocking anything but enough to create a slowdown. and we're starting to see a line of yellow. the northbound side so. some of that volume that we're used to is starting to build right now. we're not reporting accidents on the majors in delaware.
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a damp morning this morning and cloudy and foggy too. south philadelphia seeing some steady rainfall, some low clouds. not too much fog there but there are some areas that are seeing thicker fog. look at the humidity. everybody is dealing with that. 90% in philadelphia. low clouds and light fog in the pocono mountains. not as thick this morning in the mountains as it has been the last couple days but we're seeing more rainfall. and the potential for flooding thanks to these heavy downpours that have pushed through the area. showers extend through south jersey and offshore but we're seeing these showers push to the north as expected so starting to dry out in delaware. we'll get a break from the rainfall as we head into the later morning and early afternoon hours. but there are more clouds to the west. you see a line of clouds there and another in the ohio valley. this will give us more showers.
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then that's what we're going to see here this weekend. lots of sunshine and less humid conditions. not today. occasional showers and thunderstorms with some breaks of sunshine this afternoon and the temperatures in the 80s. southwest winds, 15 miles per hour. tomorrow it is sunshiny. a beautiful day on saturday. 83 degrees, comfortable, less humid. saturday will be nice, sunday for father's day. comfortable on monday so warmer, then here comes the humidity returning with heat, 90s for tuesday and wednesday with a chance of storms. >> mother nature creates a dangerous situation. sounded like the car was under attack. how the storm left one police department scrambling. a woman tries to walk out after supermarket with some of the most expensive items hidden in
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male announcer: during the 150th anniversary of the war between the states.
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order our civil war trails guides at and download our new civil war mobile app. maryland. land of history. 23 after 6:00 this morning, taking a live look at center city. you can barely see anything. a lot of fog and it's warm. 69 degrees in the area. we have to get through this last day of the showers, the fog and then we have a nice treat in store for us for the weekend. look at what they are dealing with in abilene, texas. at least six are hurt after softball size hail hit the area. severe thunderstorms and strong winds blew through. that hailstorm damaged four dozen police cars. much of the fleet is not
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drivable. officers have to double up. and even in new vehicles that don't have emergency lights or computers. >> an alleged car burglary is called pretty dumb. authorities say the suspect broke into a car and stole a purse a few feet from a police station. police arrested the man after looking at surveillance video. he had just come from court where he faced a previous charge. >> a woman in florida facing robbery charges for allegedly stealing lobster tails. this video shows the suspect grabbing lob ter tails and stuffing them in her pants. investigators say the woman told them she was going to trade the tails for money to buy bane killerses. >> good morning to you. we still have this accident on 95 southbound at the vine street expressway. down at the bottom you can see a vehicle facing the wrong way.
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95 is heavy with volume. 76 near 202 you can see volume building out there. it is a slow go. i'll have a chaek of your drive times. i'm getting word about an accident in newark. >> jillian, we've got clouds and showers and areas of fog. the view from cape may is a dreary one. showers are just offshore of cape may. inland we've seen heavy downpours now flood warnings for chester county as the heavier showers push to the north. showers and thunderstorms likely to redevelop this afternoon. >> we're counting down to a possible septa strike. >> reporter: those negotiations start at 10:00 this morning but there's not a lot of optimism so a lot of contingency plans. join us after the break and
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bring a pen and pencil. a lot of information for you. >> plus, police bust a former catholic social worker accused of exploiting social workers. how he used them to make thousands.
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a last-ditch effort to avoid a septa strike. contract talks will affect rail commuters one way or the other. >> for the first time in more than five years bowe bergdahl is back home in the united states. the former prisoner of war arrived back in the states early this morning. >> rain is moving across the philadelphia area this morning. you can see it on the nbc 10 first alert radar. and the showers will stick around today. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 69 degrees.
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let's get an update on the rain with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. >> heavy enough in chester county that flood warnings in effect. we've seen showers and low clouds in center city. that's looking across the delaware. fog not an issue a. clear view. the rain has taken its toll in chester county and that's where we're seeing flood warnings in effect even as the rain pushes off to the northeast. the heavier showers now affecting the lehigh valley. and northeast philadelphia part of a line that extends into camden and burlington counties and the atlantic city area. more showers are off shore. the threat will be here through the day today. as temperatures climb especially with breaks of sunshine. we're at 70 headed for the 80s. and there may be some thunderstorms around for the phillies game this evening. 72 at 9:00, spotty showers, then
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breaks in the precipitation and in the clouds at noon time. 77 degrees. future weather with the timing of the afternoon storms when i come back. first jillian mele is tracking traffic troubles on the friday morning. >> good morning. we have a serious accident on the 95 southbound near the vine street expressway. the right lane is blocked there. that is helping to create heavy volume on 95 southbound. we normally have volume but it looks like it's an increase because of that accident. southbound on 95 from woodhaven to the vine, 18 minutes on 76 eastbound from the blue route to the vin. 476, the blue route northbound that's about 18 minutes. right lane is blocked because of some large pot holes causing flat tires so use caution there. we have an accident in newark.
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past route 40, all lanes are blocked there. take college avenue. in new jersey you're not out of the dark. we have an accident on 295 southbound at 45. we're told one lane is blocked. i'll bring you more in a few minutes. >> we're hours away from a possible septa strike for rail workers. the clock is counseleding down which hit just after midnight. jesse, you've been speaking with commuters. are they making other plans just in case they can't take the train to work? >> you would presume so though a lot of people here at the station jumping on the trains to head in to work didn't want to talk about both sides potentially using the nuclear option. they are hoping for cooler heads and compassion.
6:33 am
>> i don't know. trying to find a ride. i hope they don't go on strike. a lot of people getting to work. what can you do? >> reporter: one of the 60,000 passenger septa brass says this seem. a work stoppage would force them off the trains into their vehicles. the same hikes on the rail workers with other union workers. the two unions that department those workers say it's not going to fly because it's not same package. there are plans in pennsylvania where officials say he will adjust the times repairs an maintenance is done on area roadways and in delaware, a bus service from the 4 train stations in new castle county. a major bridge closure and
6:34 am
construction on the ben franklin bridge. septa officials say they are possibly going to try to tren expresswayty if the trains top monday morning. we have links to all of this to help keep you informed. jesse gary, "nbc 10 news." >> an update on the i-495 bridge closure. the transportation staerk will tour the site. secretary will yoyn state officials to check on the work being done. the bridge was closed after a massive amount of dirt was suspected of causing the pillars to tilt. deldot has a $20 million plan in place for the project that could lead to some of the lanes open by labor day. another traffic note. wet weather is mushing back the start of construction work along i-95 in philadelphia for a
6:35 am
second time. work will begin on the northbound lanes. crews will paint traffic lights and shift. work on the southbound side begins june 23. this is the beginning of a project expected to last until 2018. >> 6:35. sergeant bowe bergdahl is back in the united states and we have new video this morning of bergdahl's plane after it landed in texas from germany. bergdahl's plane landed a few hours ago. the fog says he was taken to a medical center. he is expected to be renew nighted with family members and will continue his recovery there. sergeant bergdahl was released after being held more than five years. he was part of a secret exchange in which five high ranking taliban members were released. this morning philadelphia police are looking for a man and woman
6:36 am
who they say shot someone outside after gun shop and took seven guns. this happened at the delaware valley sports center last night. police say the suspects krobed a man and a woman. the man was shot. he is in critical condition. the armed suspects got away. >> the student accused of pulling a gun at a classmate has a preliminary hearing. ryan fitch is charged. police say he went into a classroom on may 28 and waved the gun at the other student. fix was upset about an argument with his girlfriend. fitch turned himself in. >> according to prosecutors jeba kmarra stole the identities of
6:37 am
foster kids while he worked for the archdiocese. they say they sold the information to a tax office that sold to the tax cheats to use to the create phony dependents on tax returns. the tax cheats afternoon brought in fraudulent refunds. the scheme went on for four years. kamerra declined an interview. it's reprehensible and inexcuseable as alleged that he used his position to participate in this es crimes. his actions were on an individual basis and did not involve other employees of catholic social services. >> today former first lady hillary clinton -- monique is live with what clinton reveals about her time as secretary of state. >> reporter: let me show you what's going on here. we've got one grad student who
6:38 am
showed up during a deluge of rain. he expected the gates here at the free library to be open to protect some folks. now he's joined by about six other folks who came on board. the bus that you see, ready for hillary. they tell us they are traveling across the country with her, sign of millions of votes to encourage her to run for president. let's look at our video now. a huge crowd like at the book signing in new york. more than 1,000 people as you may know showed up to see mrs. clinton. some in the crowd urging her to run for president. why he is anticipating clinton's appearance and her autograph in her book. >> she's been my senator, she's been an amazing figure in my life who inspired me through the year, i'm doing my master of
6:39 am
public education and she has been a guiding figure for me. >> the former first lady offers her 4-year job as secretary of state. they franks about her campaign for gay rights and marriage equality when riding about beenzbazy she says barge scale help was too far away. she also defends the u.n. ambassador susan rice. the sold out crowd will enter the public library here. you can see the folks are going to follow mrs. clinton, chanting in the crowd run for president. we'll be here to watch that and bring to the you. getting heavy downpours in the area and fog too. that's the view from cape may t marquis de lafayette hotel, the clouds and rain and fog
6:40 am
combining to make this a dreary start this friday morning. we'll see a warm-up during the day. we'll be in for heavy showers and the potential for flooding thanks to heavy rain that moved through. and pretty good downpours could happen again this afternoon with thunderstorms that will continue into the evening hours in spots. by father a big turn around. the rain is intensified. 65 degrees. cloudy for trenton at 68 and clouds and fog in delaware. lots of clouds, that's rain in the pocono mountains. lake wallenpaupack, a dreary seen. but breaks of sunshine. the east branch of the brandywine creek is rising thanks to the efby rainfall that we have seen some of the showers move through, into tabernacle
6:41 am
and atlantic county along the coast line. the heaviest rain is moving into the pocono mountains and we could see showers and thunderstorms. right now coopers burg is getting heavy rain. flood warning until this evening, late this afternoon heading into this even. and a flood advisory. some breaks of sunshine. at lunch time. here come as loin of showers and that's 4:00 in the afternoon. then it moves into the philadelphia area. it may impact the phillies/cubs game. i think they will get the rain in. there may be scattered showers in the area. 79 by later in the evening. on the muggy side and 75. then a nice change heading into
6:42 am
the weekend. the coastline for the shore, showers and thunderstorms but brilliant sunshine. >> 6:42. if you're heading out the door, there have been a number of accidents. >> jillian mele has her eye on the roads. what's going on? >> right now we still have 95 southbound at the vine, one lane is blocks there. in knock, all lanes blocked. wet roads on most of the majors. on 95 southbound at the vine, looks like pen dot got there and blocks the center lane. that is new, that's the 95 southbound near the vine. facing the wrong way. this created heavy volume. from wood raven down to the vine. average speeds 25 mills per hour
6:43 am
so it's a slow go. northbound pleasant congressional road, all northbound lanes are blocked. a good alternate if you need to get around that. in new jersey a problem here as well. 295 southbound at route 45. dealing with an accident one lane is blocked. i'm getting word of problems. right at cedar crest boulevard a couple of issues. on one side we have a disabled vehicle. the other an accident on the shoulder and then some flooding, ponding on the roads so we'll get more information about that and bring to you. >> right now the u.s. is detaining tens of thousands of children. it's related to a new immigration crisis. we'll explain why it involves so many. >> how a summer at the shore turned into a costly nightmare for seven teenagers. [ michael strahan ] i'm michael strahan,
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6:47. a group of high school grads is learning a tough lesson about renting a summer place at the shore. the teens from northeast philadelphia say these are some of the roaches infesting the apartment that they rented in wildwood. after shelling out $14,000 the seven teens found out that despite what the lease said no more than three could stay. they have been unable to get the money back. >> it's our dream since grade school to have fun our senior summer. now all of that work is down the drain. >> nbc 10 was there when code enforcement officers confronted the building owner about the overcrowding. he said he told them he no longer has the money to give it
6:48 am
back. he had few answers for jersey shore reporter ted greenberg. >> did you know that you rented to too many people? >> i have no more comments. go away before i throw you out of here. thank you very much. >> code officers cited the owner for violations including overcrowding and maintaining a nuisance and wildwood mayor says he will push to have the owner's license revoked as soon as possible. >> it's a new immigration crisis facing the country. the secretary of homeland security says that the government is giving aid to immigrant children caught illegally crossing the mexican border without parents. more than 47,000 children have been apprehended. secretary johnson says that homeland security is using military bases to house and process the undocumented kids. he says that the children will not be eligible for a an earned
6:49 am
path to citizenship. >> i wish to make shir that those apprehended at our border are priorities for removal, they are priorities for enforcement of our immigration laws regardless of age. >> secretary johnson believes that it's the parents who are sending their children unaccompanied to america. day after day of clouds and fog and rain and we've got it again this morning. look at this view. this is from here at the nbc 10 studios, raindrops on the lens, we've seen some steady and some areas of heavy rainfall. right now clouds over philadelphia, 87% humidity though, everyone seeing that high humidity and look at the clouds. this is the view from the mellon bank building. we've seen some heavy downpours move through center city. and very heavy rainfall started off in chester county.
6:50 am
flood warning for the eastern branch of the brandywine creek below downingtown. the rainfall is going to push to the north. we'll get a break for much of the late morning hours. you can see the showers extend into south jersey. it is dry, foggy in delaware thanks to the rain that moved through. we're watching to the west, not much happening but as things heat up we'll see more showers and thunderstorms develop. this line of clouds will come through the area and behind it all of that clearing, that's our weekend. we're going to see lots of sunshine and the humidity is going to take a break. not today. high humidity. temperatures in the 80s with some breaks of sunshine. occasional showers and showers and thunderstorms into the early evening hours. and the seven-day forecast. clears out so sunny sunday for
6:51 am
dad. comfortable monday. it's steam heat, however, with a chance of storms for tuesday, wednesday and into thursday. >> we thought it was humid today. >> this morning as people are getting up and getting out the door they are dealing with issues on the roads. >> a lot of things you need to know about jillian mele has them all. >> so i checked in on the problems i mentioned a few minutes ago. interstate 78 this is what it's looking like. a disabled wek on the shoulder, it's not blocking anything. then we had an accident on the eastbound side. you can see also we had ponding on the roadway which look like it could be receding but we're dealing with heavy volume on 78 eastbound near cedar crest boulevard. tow truck on 95 southbound at the vine street expressway. a vehicle lost control. looks like we may have a fuel spill as well. we have the right lane blocked.
6:52 am
95 is heavy from cottman to girard. an accident in newark closing northbound pleasant valley road. you can take college avenue if you need to get around it. 422 eastbound, a couple of pot holes which are causing flat tires. that's why the right lane is blocked. make sure to keep an eye out and use caution in that area. >> we are counting down to a possible septa strike. the latest on negotiations. >> reporter: negotiations take place in about three hours. failure to reach a deal will have a ripple effect. contingency plans people and organizations are making, right after the break.
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>> today there is one final negotiation session before a possible strike by septa's regional rail employees. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in jenkintown, montgomery county as the final hours tick away toward the deadline. >> reporter: that starts at 10:00 this morning. we'll be there. other than that our website now through the weekend in case there is breaking news. we have links to all of the websites. let's look at our video. up to 60,000 passengers could be affected by a work stoppage forcing them from the trains and into their vehicles. the last time the trains along the 280 miles of track between center city and the city suburbs stopped back in 1983 t contract expired months ago, septa on the
6:57 am
verng of imposing the rate hikes the two unions representing the employees say that's not going to work because the compensation package is different. a lot of animosity going into this. they could resolve this without a work stoppage but say it looks like there will be a strike. we link you to all of the contingency plans from delaware, pennsylvania and new jersey. jesse gary, "nbc 10 news." >> good morning on this very busy friday morning when it comes to traffic. we still have this accident out there, hasn't been cleared yet. 95 southbound at the vine street expressway. it is on the tow truck that vehicle getting ready to be towed away. it's still there. it thub clear. we had heavy volume on the majors. 422 from oaks to 202 the drive time about 11 to 12 minutes. on 76, both ways between the blue route and the vine about a
6:58 am
20 to 25-minute trip at this point in time. in new jersey, we're dealing with an accident now on 295 southbound at route 45. one lane blocked. the average speeds about 39 miles per hour on the 42 freeway. that's because you have the normal volume on the northbound side. you can see it here. traffic is crawling along so it's moving but condpesed. pockets of heavy volume. from the atlantic city expressway out to the walt whitman bridge about 17 minutes. no problems to report on bridges. in delaware we have this accident in newark closing northbound pleasant valley road. all lanes blocked on the northbound side f. you need to get around that take veg avenue. interstate 70, eastbound near cedar crest boulevard we have part of the right lane blocked because of flooding in the area.
6:59 am
flood warnings for parts of the area. we're watching for more showers, citizens bank park might see some for the game tonight. we're tracking some showers and fog for the jersey shore. that's cape may, the thickest it's looked so far. dense fog in some areas easing but the shower thet will stay with us. and the threat of flooding is in chester county. the heavy showers pushed off to the north. there is a flood warning thanks to the heavy rain and rising waters. the rain is falling into the pocono mountains but taking a break much of the morning. you see the fog is down to just under two miles for mount pocono. that will help us get rid of the fog. the clouds will stick around. showers and thunderstorms develop this afternoon with temperatures in the 80s and then it clears out for the weekend.
7:00 am
>> just in time for father's day. the "today" show is up next. we'll see you in minutes. good morning. breaking news. back on u.s. soil, sergeant bowe bergdahl arrives in texas overnight, in this country for the first time in five years. he's yet to see his family, so what's next for the former prisoner of war. marching toward baghdad. iraq inching closer to civil war as militants push closer to the capital city, while the white house weighs u.s. military options. tasteful or tacky? the bitter feud between donald trump and the mayor of chicago over this giant sign. neither side backing down. we'll let you weigh in as donald trump joins us live. and "today" exclusive. former president george h.


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