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tv   Today  NBC  June 18, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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severing her spinal cord in an with discomfort, gas, not to mention the rumbling... forecast from tedd florendo. it's absolutely hilarious. you feel totally knocked out. every week there's something accident, amy shares a message eat activia. theesther yk t different. it's a great show. with us. twice a day for four weeks. .>e oflu os r it >> you don't need a clip. >> i just want to thank you guys activia may reduce the frequency of minor digestive issues you're better than the clip. sticky out there, too. and everyone who watches the xwele. ca seoited nder >> already warm outside. es >> camera here! like bloating, gas, discomfort and rumbling. dsaid, a lot of people >> all right. many neighborhoods already in "today" show for all of your re teaop so we have to talk about the mid-80s at this hour. support, all of your prayers, activia, feeling good starts from the inside. will talk to their pharmacist something. your positive vibes. more than their doctors about this show is going to air on the down in cape may, not much >> as she begins the next phase same night and the same time. these over-the-counter relief. still be warm down there. in her recovery today, medicines. i trust them. >> does it? clear skies right now and look seriously? >> let's move on to some of the >> as another show called "last wednesday, june 18th, 2014. for a few clouds expected by the [ male announcer ] that's why we reimagined the refrigerator, categories. comic standing." afternoon. sunscreen, this is very important this time of year. >> are you serious? >> and i believe someone you temperatures, like we said, 85 with the industry's first hands-free auto fill. know is on that show. >> announcer: from nbc news, >> yes. >> this one in particular, the for philadelphia and atlantic ♪ city 84 and we're in the 70s, pharmacists like this. i think it's your brother. this is "today" with matt lauer irec [ dog barks ] >> this is a pretty clear >> this wayans dude, yeah. near 80s degrees for allentown. perfect for when you need to multitask. winner. neutrogena. when you're talking about >> did your agents not talk? ge. reimagining home. sunscreen, you want to make sure clubr and savannah guthrie live from ur ,,im perfect for when you need to multitask. you're looking for uva and uvb >> i had no idea. hot and hume would a chance of afternoon and evening hasiss. protection. kenan, you don't want none of thunderstorms. luwinowea some comto make theirtificial yogurt sweeter. this! studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. e'hem t coene. j the neutrogena is great about that. no, there's no competition. with the dangerous heat have r it should be at least 30 spf, i love that guy. that's like my hero. comes the threat of severe but here at chobani, we think mother nature is sweet enough. and good morning, everyone. weather. download the nbc 10 first alert but don't be fooled into i mean, it's crazy. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. thinking 60 is price as but the shows are so different. weather app. and how nice is it to see amy introducing chobani simply 100. important weather information >> yneted rs protective. also make sure you're using it delivered directly to your van dyke's smiling face after properly. you want to use enough of it and "last comic standing" is about all she's been through. make sure you reapply every stand-up comedy. smartphone or tablet. this one is about comedy in breaking news into nbc 10 >> and her spirit is intact. couple hours. >> absolutely, when you get out general. look, to me, i look and go, my this morning. we'll show you that special of the water. let's go on to cough and cold brother's on that network, a anolla r on the 400 block message in just a moment. by the way, you've never products. these are for daytime use. making his money, and i'm over which ones did the pharmacists on this network making my money. of north 7th street. looked better. like? >> so they really liked the both of us got to take care of authorities are telling us oh, wait, al and natalie are debris from a vacant, partially advil cold and cough and the my mama. down in orlando this morning. >> but aren't y'all going on collapsed house fell on the tour together? >> yes. house next door. no one was trapped inside and vick's dayquil. how soon you forget. >> will the old family dynamic there are no injuries and sky 4
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>> we're going to cast a spell these were the top ones. on you. >> oh, yeah. mayo? corn dogs? this is one of the most come up when you guys are on a is on the way and we'll bring >> they are down in the you are so outta here! confusing things. bus together? there's no cure for the common >> absolutely. i will be going to get them wizarding world of harry potter. aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition cold, but there are remedies you more information as soon as of great-tasting ensure. water. no matter how old i get, my we get it. we'll see their newest 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, that will help you feel better attraction in just a couple of in the short term. i want to point out even though brothers are always, like, a barricauati c and 9 grams of protein. minutes. [ bottle ] ensure®. it's an over-the-counter marlon, go get some water. our top story, those and i'll go get the water. nutrition in charge™. medicines, it can have side w.inasic us they haven dangerous tornadoes in nebraska, effects with medicines you're first, keenan will tell damon, dozens reported overnight, but already taking. wpe can you get me water? thankfully the damage was you want to talk to your buildi a brad aroun00 nothing like what we saw from pharmacist or doctor about is it damon will tell shawn, will you safe for you given your medical come to mcdonald's and play peel. play. olé olé. go get me some water? those twin tornadoes on monday. condition. >> as parents, we always worry miay catit see w when our kids get colds and then marlon, go get us some acal it. nbc's john yang has the latest. you could win a trip to the 2014 fifa world cup spoons! water. john, good morning to you. cough and it's often difficult we're going on tour this summer. instdetermmarare b >> reporter: good morning, matt, finals match in brazil. to find a great product for we're going to start our tour in explaining my moderate to severe so there i was again, ♪ ba da ba ba ba that's right. chronic plaque psoriasis them. this one won, dimetapp. another morning, another california at the fantasy community in nebraska picking up to another new stylist. the pieces after multiple it was a total embarrassment. behaves like the surface of your skin. springs casino. now watch what soap does to it. >> i do want to point out that that's june 21st. tornadoes. and this morning we're learning and not the kind of attention i wanted. and then we're coming out here more details about the victims ♪ for under 4, the american so i had a serious talk with my dermatologist soap strips your skin. academy of pediatrics, they to new york in july. about my treatment options. dove is different. so you guys got to check out the of the deadly twin tornadoes. with 1/4 moisturizing cream, this time, she prescribed humira-adalimumab. don't recommend any cough or wayans brothers tour. >> oh, my goodness. cold medicine. >> is this humor in your dna, or dove doesn't strip your skin like soap. but over 4, yes. >> reporter: overnight, a new humira helps to clear the surface of my skin this was a top choice for did you all learn from listening outbreak of tornadoes ripped pharmacists. by actually working inside my body. it's frustrating when your child to one another? >> no, it's being raised a through nebraska, hitting hard in clinical trials, most adults with moderate is coughing all night. in farmland communities in the i'll help you look. you want to give them something. wayans. it's our point of view. but make sure you look at the northeast part of the state. to severe plaque psoriasis saw 75% skin clearance. we don't cry much. we are crazy people. the national weather service maybe you left them in the bathroom again. dosing very accurate. tracked two large tornadoes near >> i intend to use one of the we're at funerals in the back ones further down on that list. the towns of coleridge and and the majority of people going, do you see his shoes? were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. but based on this, i'll try this laurel, nebraska.ese lateserikg one. >> okay, yeah. we're talking about the person in the coffin. humira can lower your ability i the it'wn 75even%tr it's just the strangest thing... >> and tums did very well with like we're always thinking 3 to fight infections, including tuberculosis. the pharmacists, but you want to what's funny. instead of crying, it's how we the warning signs of alzheimer's disease, not only talk about tums, but
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serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, then remind people that a lot of look at things. may be right in front of you. folks are overusing these. my kids are the same way. it's alright baby. >> right. so occasional heartburn, which ter wnmother, candy or other types of cancer have happened. they're really funny. m murpree and 4-year-old sister is usually due to acid reflux is they don't think i'm funny. robin inside a mobile home. blood, liver and nervous system problems, you know what? i'm funny. for help and information, call the alzheimer's association very common after a rich or you want to go to public school? serious allergic reactions, heavy meal. or visit and tums will help that. and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. if you find you're taking these two or three times a week or >> marlon wayans, thanks. murphree was critically injured. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. the family moved from alabama more, that means you need to you can catch the premiere of just four months ago. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to talk to your doctor. "funniest wins" friday night on you may be doing damage to the callie's grandmother released a tbs. good to have you here. statement saying "callie's dream a region where certain fungal infections are common. lining of your esophagus. >> follow me on twitter, we're back at 8:13. was to be a doctor and help tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, in some cases acid reflux can time for "what's trending facebook, instagram, people when she grew up. today." maybe god has a job for her are prone to infections, or have symptoms i don't know if you guys know lead to esophageal cancer. over-the-counter medicines do such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. this, but there is something work temporarily, but it's not a @marlonwayans. peace. >> we'll follow you anywhere. now." a 74-year-old man was also that apparently strikes fear in long-term solution. >> you tell me when my baby's killed when winds of up to 200 you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. the heart of millennials >> how many times have i gone to born. miles an hour hit. everywhere. the pharmacist saying what do make the most of every moment. are you still a millennial, we're back. those who survived say they feel ask your dermatologist about humira, today. dylan? you recommend for a headache? this is "today" on nbc. very fortunate. >> i don't know, am i? now we know what they prefer. i think i'm right on that >> they really like, of course, >> that's where they told us to clearer skin is possible. advil, tylenol. borderline. >> well, we are not. they want to make sure that you so are you afraid of this? are, you know, also figuring out go with the cooler probably take a listen. what's causing your headaches. saved our life. >> reporter: levi and a dozen >> your call has been forwarded so if you're taking headache to an automatic voice message medicine again several times a other people took shelter inside system. this milk cooler when the week, it's not good for your tornado struck. >> savannah is not available. stomach, first of all. >> when we opened the cooler many of these medications can door, the roof was gone. at the tone, please record your cause damage to the lining of >> reporter: most of the town is message. your stomach. now gone, but residents here say when you have finished tylenol, you also have to watch they're determined to begin the recording, you may hang up or out for your liver. very long road to recovery. press one for more options. if it's the worst headache of your life, this is not what you >> my heart's racing right now. nbc 10 news starts now. need to do. i didn't know what to say. go straight to the emergency and back in pilger this morning, good morning, i'm vai >> why? room. >> finally, something we can all heavy equipment is being brought >> it comes out wrong. identify with, toothpaste.
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sikahema. let's get our first look in by the national guard and forecast from meteorologist tedd hey, savannah, it's dylan. they actually have a other officials as the cleanup >> you're doing fine. pharmacist-recommended begins. florendo. really hot out there. >> how about hey, savannah, it's toothpaste. >> they do. >> that's right, vai, already it was a tie, colgate and crest. matt? >> john yang in nebraska for us this morning warm and humid this morning. across most of the area. dylan. call me. in fact, down in cape may we're >> okay, dylan, you might be a you want to make sure that john, thanks very much. we're going to get to al's in the upper 70s already. forecast in a couple of minutes. a live look outside shows clear you're brushing long enough, you're getting to all the ♪ like diamonds in the sky millennial. many millennials are so testing surfaces, flossing is very but now to the capture of ♪ eye to eye blue skies. that's going to change later on important. these days so many toothpastes ♪ so alive the alleged ring leader of the and e-mail that the mere thought in the afternoon, though. of leaving a voice mail gives have antibacterial properties. right now temperatures near 80 and we know that oral health is benghazi attack and the them stage fright. get this. lingering fallout for then degrees in pottstown, bensalem some are now getting lessons in connected to our overall health. we are here at universal at 82 already, mount holly 77, the art of voice mail. it's extremely important to take secretary of state hillary it's called the matt lauer care of your teeth. studios in orlando, florida, clinton. >> congratulations to all the andrea mitchell has the latest. 80s inç atlantic city all the y etiquette school here in new york. home of the new diagon alley >> no, it isn't. winners. the top recommendations of >> the capture of the benghazi >> honestly, you love voice down to stone harbor. mail. attraction. and man, it is incredible. here's the forecast for today, >> i don't love it, but if i pharmacists and don't forget to call you, for example, and i thank your pharmacist because right now we're inside the leaky suspect has opened an old temperatures will get to the want to talk to you about they provide an important service for all of us. mid-90s by the afternoon, hot dr. raj, good to see you. cauldron. political wound for hillary and humid with a chance of something and your voice mail this is where the wizarding picks up, of course i'm going to >> you, too. >> a pleasure. world comes to take a break, clinton, still defending her evening thunderstorms. leave a brief message. by the way, you can find the handling of the benghazi attack. i'm not going to hang up, go to have a little bite to eat and, full survey results. of course -- >> a libation. >> reporter: almost two years >> thank you. my other part of the phone and after the benghazi attack that jillian mele has details in start texting you. >> do you listen to the message? that's on our website at >> -- a cup of butter beer. this is the nonalcoholic drink killed ambassador chris stevens the first look traffic center. >> never. >> i never listen to the voice up next, marlon wayans on and three other americans, a >> we have this delay on the of choice. septa trenton line, inbound mail. >> you actually have to listen daring nighttime raid at a beach to the message and return the cheers. oh, you're going down the hatch? service delayed up to 20 phone call. his search for the funniest >> diagon alley. resort near benghazi. >> what happens, i'll call him without notifying libyan minutes. keep that that mind. person in america. >> she got a head start. back and say hey, what's up? first, this is "today" on nbc. ac >> the heck with camaraderie. officials, delta force commandos 422 both directions out past did you hear my message? no, i saw you called so i called with drones overhead grabbed route 29 we have speeds you back. >> wow. >> go for it yourself. averaging in the teens right >> shows no respect whatsoever. that's all that matters. he forack now. westbound we have an accident at >> do you have a mustache? one of the top videos on >> no, they said get a mustache. royersford. facebook this morning comes from the band okay go. >> yeah, we were going to toast when americans are attacked, no we have heavy volume we're used remember them? first. >> can we do a redo?
7:05 am
m tworld, that they wowed fans back in 2006. >> yes. matter how long it takes, we >> now that we have our to seeing on the eastbound side. mustache. >> fantastic. remember the dance routine they will find those responsible, and >> thank you, jillian. performed entirely on >> to diagon alley! we will bring them to justice. nbc 10 is following breaking treadmills? cool. >> reporter: a much-needed they definitely mastered the art foreign policy victory for the news in bucks county this of the optical illusion. morning. this is a live look at a white house, but an issue that won't go away for hillary now they go back with a trippy >> hey, you know, try it. barricade situation going on on clinton. when asked about the new video to their song "the brownsville road and bristol administration's contradictory writing's on the wall." explanations for the attack on road in lower southampton >> willie, why don't you have a fox news -- township. it's 8:52. >> this was the fog of war. mustache? >> how's that? you know, my own assessment police say a man is barricaded ♪ we've got al, natalie and >> that's a lipsthache. inside a building with a gun. tamron. willie's down there, too, careened from, you know, the so far, no shots have been fired. getting ready for a magical hour >> i like that. video had something to do with residents are asked to stay >> a little charlie chaplin. it, the video had nothing to do inside and avoid the area. from ufniversal studios, the more breaking news in upper >> that's not the look i was with it. going for. darby. nbc 10 has learned that a wizarding world of harry potter >> reporter: on cnn, she teenager has turned himself in >> so while tamron chugs her diagon alley. pointedly talked about her in the case of a knockout game looking forward to that. butter beer, we'll tell you first we have special birthday about -- disagreement not to arm rebels. attack on a homeless man. >> she's really hooked on this now. i think you've got a problem. >> we pushed hard but as i say police tell nbc 10 trent apps ♪ wishes from mr. willard scott. >> you all right? hey, willie. in my book, i believe that has surrendered to police. >> a little birthday cake and >> this is from the huffington truman was right, the buck stops with the president. up next on the today tad ice >> reporter: it was also the thmaran, post. 13 sentences that never end well chance to try out potential show, an exclusive enter view with quarterback jim mcmahon >> it's very, very cool. when they begin this way. talking about joining hundreds campaign themes like appearing of players in a lawsuit against i think it was shot in, like, orth gfgethery the p there here's some of our favorites. to women supporters. >> i used to complain to the men the nfl for illegally supplying one continuous shot, although it if someone says to you, how do i pain killers. took three weeks to do 50 tries hoar f tied. to get it right. put this jegently? i was running against. >> that's it? >> if i want to see the entire nothing good follows that. how about you're going to hate it's really unfair. you get up, you take a share, me for this? no, no, that's not good. video, we're going to post it at weave telyovlara van you shake your head and you're >> true. >> i hate to break it to you. ready. >> reporter: and legalizing that's another one. i like their stuff. >> it's so cool, like a marijuana. >> i want to wait and see what and then, no offense, but --
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the evidence is. painting. very cool. erje y >> do you want to wait and try whenever you head into a public restroom. ldve newy.owess a n a,s old y. >> it's always the but. it? you said you've never smoked. i know you guys spend lots of >> it's always the but. >> no, that -- i didn't do it time in public restrooms. unbelievable. he sleeps outdoors, eats >> there's always a rub. there's always that burning >> how about can i be honest? when i was young. question. outdoors, all outdoors. >> oh, no. i'm not going to start now. do you hover or do you cover, i'd rather you don't. >> clinton and the white house which means do you even bother hope that the capture of the leone halverson krug from with one of these? >> don't. >> no. alleged benghazi ringleader who >> i don't even know which way will now be interrogated for as it's supposed to go. >> down south, we say, bless your heart. long as a week before arriving on u.s. soil will silence >> i thought it b. friendswood, texas. >> oh, then it's over after the great state of texas. critics. they insist that it is far more >> tbreak t cov 100 years old today. that. completely useless. >> basically you're a dope. why? take a look. pretty as a picture. effective to try him in u.s. she likes a little bourbon at >> bless your heart. >> yeah. courts. they have a good track record of >> first the species of bacteria night. maybe in the morning. >> all right. we're going to finish these convictions in this cases than typically found on toilet seats it's good for her. beers here in the leaky sending him to guantanamo as are common skin microbes that makes her happy. with all those birthdays and cauldron. >> the what? some republicans have been most people already carry, >> butter beer. >> butter beer. demanding. meaning they pose little threat savannah and matt? >> you've had one too many. >> andrea mitchell, thank you. bourbons and singing happy we've got to cut willie off. in the meantime, president birthday, baby to new york. unless you're immunocompromised. >> willard, thank you so much. >> the butter beer has gone to obama is scheduled to meet with let us check in with chances are microorganisms are my head. congressional leaders today to already over everything in the natalie, al, tamron and willie talk about the u.s. options in al? let's show you what we've iraq. bathroom. down in orlando. got as far as your weather is this as al qaeda-inspired seriously, simply flushing a hey, guys. concerned for today. what's coming up? militants step up their assaults toilet creates bacteria meaning >> good morning. across that country. that that toilet paper itself is >> hello. >> lots of magic happening here pollen, not going to be that big a problem. there's an upside to the severe nbc's chief foreign likely contaminated. at diagon alley. weather. >> disgusting. it's been washing the pollen correspondent richard engel is out. a lot of areas in the plains not in other words. quite as bad. in baghdad. richard, good morning to you. thanks to asap science for that but as we go through today, a >> we shopped a little early. >> reporter: good morning, matt. video. one doctor says that the cover risk of strong storms from texas the militants from isis are is more about just setting your >> and we've got great friends up into the plains and back into with us. continuing their campaign to try >> a great crowd here. the northeast. and topple the iraqi government. mind at ease than it is about >> we're going to make them beautiful weather through preventing actual infection. southwest into southern now focusing on key economic >> it's not anymore. disappear. >> i don't know what that can california. do. >> i don't know my own power. tomorrow, we've got more sunshine in the mid-atlantic targets, roads, oil, the >> never mind. they're still here. states. airport. >> we've been having a lot of more strong storms in the central plains.
7:07 am
>> i guess we don't really need fun here. that's what's going on around to know what everyone does. of course there's so many great the co new features to diagon alley. kurdish troops are battling to >> you told us everything in that story. >> we're good. keep militants away from iraq's earlier we mentioned that in fact, the dragon securing the eryo mologen and d toda natalie, al, willie and tamron ere 90 lupsalong northern oil fields in kirkuk. vault above gringotts bank, it the radicals from the al qaeda are down at universal orlando wi re but cevening dersrms, offshoot isis are trying to resorts. actually blows out fire. >> look at that. we have a suggestion for a ride they should try. triple the government with a it's called the hollywood rip reign of terrorism and attacks who's got marshmallows? ride rocket. and last night on "the tonight >> that's pyrotechnics, my on key infrastructure. near those thunderstorms we friend. could have some strong gusts and they have attacked iraq's show" jimmy fallon use it had to exciting stuff. everything here has really come also some pretty good downpours, biggest oil refinery. to life, and we're excited. help comedian kevin hart we've got a big announcement nbc news cannot verify this overcome his fear of roller too. the chance of showers again for coming up next hour. latest video, but reportedly the coasters. first they had to overcome one >> have you guys ever played tomorrow and less humid for small hurdle. friday and drying out. militants have taken control of most of the plant. >> we'll be good. look at that. the numbers drop and then a security officials tell nbc news chance of more storms as we head >> are you -- are you serious whi whirlyball? into your weekend. right now? >> kind of like bumper cars and the militants' next target may >> i am serious. lacrosse? >> meets basketball meets bumper likely be baghdad airport. you're good. and that's your latest >> i'm a grown man. weather. >> all right. the officials say the extremists cars. >> polo in bumper cars. if you're coming down here to >> all right, kevin. the orlando area, of course, are not strong enough to hold >> easy for you to say. your first stop is universal the facility but could close it al sat out on the sidelines. studios. there's so much going on here. by firing rockets and mortars. you've got to visit the new >> he sat out. ♪ >> but we were in the >> oh, god, no! diagon alley opening july 8th, iraqis are enlisting thousands a but there are a couple of gems close by that you day to fight the extremists who >> in fact, the four owe'v t wou are radical sunnis. no! "we will destroy the terrorists ah! who represent no one but ly,. ♪orland themselves," said this man who, until yesterday, was studying to
7:08 am
be a shiite cleric. i asked them why they're >> that's not an act. fighting. they quickly started to dance. it's 8:00 on "today." >> i'm frightened for him. they are shouting what are the ride goes up to 65 miles per and coming up, at the right >> welcome torland, shiite religious songs. place at the right time. they are fighting for iraq but >> a baby is on the highway! hour. at one point jimmy even alligatorit of the world. also for their faith. >> we'll introduce you to the swallowed a bug. of course, when it was all over, nbc 10 news starts now. ong go ah good samaritan whose quick he had a surprise for kevin. as they danced and cheered for good morning, i'm tracy thinking helped save a toddler's they were going for a second suri life. trip. shiite ayatollahs and shiite plus, to your health, from >> and then he gave him one of davidson. hot and muggy today. g aow these. let's get the details from first martyrs from 1,000 years ago, it medicine to mouthwash, we'll he gave him a toilet cover. alert meteorologist tedd et was clear the battle lines in reveal the top over-the-counter we're going ziplining over >> he's not hovering after that iraq are once again drawn in faith. products recommended by pharmacists. one. >> i've been on that ride. florendo. >> warm and muggy already this it's a killer. alligators, cuban crocodiles and and raised right? nile crocodiles. all right. morning. outside mainly clear skies but >> oh, honey. that's what's trending today. right now in the 80s for much of >> and whose idea was this and matt, just as shiites are >> don't you come back here coming up, today's box again? >> yours. office baby. the area and taking a live look without a baby. >> we're wrapping up our special the young star of "raising ♪ enthusiastically joining up for arizona" nearly 30 years later. at cape may and clear skies and the army here in iraq, in we're back in 30 seconds. now at 8:19itre >> you know what? series, "box office babies," not too much relief down the if i were a gator, i would neighboring iran, which is also with nathan jr. from the '80s shore and still warm for you for a shiite country, today the choose you over me. cult classic "raising arizona" the day today. >> really? >> yeah. president said volunteers there 79 for potstown and already in >> i was going to say the are also signing up to come today, wednesday, june 18th, 2014. the 80s for philadelphia and in opposite. >> you're more lunch. fight here in iraq. the 80s for atlantic city down i'm like an appetizer. the iranian president said that ♪ look at them. the country will not hesitate to to stone harbor and dover at 81 they're staring at us. degrees already this morning. >> yeah, natalie! defend shiite holy sites. here's the forecast for the day ♪ >> today will be a good day. today. hit 95 for the high and hot and >> look, we're on "today"! >> take that, hungry gator! matt? >> richard engel, thanks so humid with a chance of afternoon bye-bye! and evening thunderstorms. much. as president obama weighs ! >> our cousin, ellen. tracy? with the dangerous heat and his decision, dick and liz >> and nbc dallas-ft. worth. cheney are out with a new op-ed whoo! >> stand up. >> nice. this morning blasting the the threat of severe later today, getern waings, radar and administration's decisions during wartime saying, quote,
7:09 am
important weather information rarely has a u.s. president been >> thanks for the photo, dylan! about your neighborhood >> he said hello to the gators. nice. so wrong about so much at the >> good morning, st. thomas, delivered right to your expense of so many. ♪ we also have a new nbc news/wall smartphone or tablet. pennsylvania. >> wisconsin on "today"! we are following breaking news out of bucks county this legs up! toheir i tke man street journal poll out. and for that we turn to chuck >> mom for your birthday! morning. police on the scene of a ooh! we have to walk across that barricade situation. bridge? todd. chuck, i know you've got some they now tell us just within the shootings. nbc's stephanie gosk is here that's not good. information about what options with that story. last few minutes that they do the president is considering steph, good morning. have the man involved in they couldn't build a better >> good morning, matt. custody. bridge? with regard to iraq. >> well, there's one option as a nation, we are divided over he had been holed up with a gun this question. that's off the table at this it is 8:00 on a wednesday how do we inside a building on brownville >> we're going to race. point, and that is airstrikes, we're going to race. and here's why. morning. it's the 18th day of june, 2014. bullprooeiwai f lit let's do it. they just don't have the target. >> three, two, one! road and bristol road. this is not a big army that situation has been going on you're going after in isis. we've got a nice day here in since about 4:00 this morning. this is more like targeting al rockefeller plaza, but we're or xact she ck wet stay with nbc 10 and >> i'm coming for you. missing a few players. qaeda in yemen which means this fe>>eporr:l >> i am so winning! is going to mean special forces. nothing against you. >> i know. yes! >> we've got al and natalie down oh, yeah. this is going to mean drones. for updates. researchers are working on a >> photo finish. in orlando. teach him before he goesschool . study of violent crime in wil m >> i think i won. very tactical strikes. coming up, they're going to give >> i don't know. us a special preview of the bag isn't just for books and there's no way they can somehow wilmingt bring in fighter jets. universal studio's newest harry wilmington. the study will last for four >> let's get to the poll because potter attraction, diagon alley. lunch. it also stops bullets. weeks and identify groups of whoo! people who have committed gun foreign policy which for many, >> bulletproof panel right here. yes! >> i want to see the replay. many years was a strong suit of we've got willie and tamron crimes and collect data and then the president's. >> repel it agai it's now suddenly tanking. there now, too. search for disease markers. >> it is. >> here along diagon alley, >> there they are, in front of it's cratering. >> es le ith havit. the search group may have that if you think about it, let's go there's all sorts of lovely estt a whirly dome. back to september, syria. could lead them to commit >> where you been? then the crisis in ukraine and things to try like butter beer. violent crime. we missed you guys. this country are still very low, if they determine that residents then the situation with the reorjuhe in high-crime areas are >> i got a little bit of a bergdahl trade, then the iranian but scenes like this one at shoulder injury. have you ever had butter beer? killed in a sool shootg in reynolds high school in oregon suffering from post-traumatic how about if i rest the whirly negotiations, the middle east last week can raise the stress disorder they will design flaring up and now the situation >> it's nonalcoholic, like cream with iraq. perception of risk. social programs specifically for everything is a negative, and and for some parents, that is soda. >> hoda and kathie lee. all it takes. these are now creating a >> it can happen anywhere. wilmington. another local update in 25 dome games.
7:10 am
that's what i've seen. >> i get carlos? situation, lowest ever, lowest minutes. i'm tracy davidson. >> that's a winner! job rating, lowest approval >> beer for everyone. thanks for sharing. >> reporter: theompany bullet thanks for watching. rating among foreign policy. all right, guys, we're going to blocker tells us business for >> whirly dome. >> show competence that people the packs is brisk. check in with you in a little >> whirly dome contestants, are who think the president th anxiety for parents is high. competent, 50, incompetent, 50. while. natalie is in florida. >> the anxou ordrf you ready? >> well, this is the situation craig melvin is at the desk with of the v.a. and compare it to the top stories of the day. president bush. he's actually in a worse craig. >> good morning to you. backpal to >> i broke the ball! a new round of tornadoes struck >> tamron broke the ball. situation. the obama administration is seen overnight in the same part of usp 50cethehooko >> pass it to willie. as less competent than the bush nebraska hit by a double twister just one day earlier. bl thefe whoa! nice one! oh! administration was post-katrina. er dypaet repouer >> let's show the poll number. nbc's john yang has the latest development center for the you call it the dagger. now from coalridge, nebraska. pr ibull ineand company. they take special requests from can the president lead and get the job done? john, good morning. some of their customers. 54% say no. >> reporter: good morning, one of their recent requests was natalie's shooting. oh! >> this is what's amazing. craig. as you can see, this part of this is as if the public is from a parent who wants this red team takes the lead! nebraska still showing the scars coat lined with a bulletproof saying hey, buddy, your or also showing the scars of >> here's one more. presidency is over. you may not believe it is, but get back, willie. those overnight tornadoes. vest. the bullet blocker school safety >> shoot it. >> whoa! your ability to lead and of course, this area, as you can >> i did it! convince us that you have the kit is also for sale. right policies anymore, we're see, much less populated than a $400 pack stuffed with first not listening. i made one! that's what that poll question pilger, nebraska, which is about aid and survival gear. >> two-minute warning!e! says. that's the most dangerous poll 40 miles south of here which, of question in this survey. course, got wiped out by those ut>> efin ate >> so does this spell success twin tornadoes. for republicans in the midterms and this morning we're learning coming up? more about that 5-year-old 'r t aof nd t g little girl who was killed in >> well, it's not been a seesaw. ♪ the president's numbers are pilger. bes ke inechildeectsfll >> wow! worse now than they were four her name was calista "cali" years ago, right before the >> oh, my gosh! >> two minutes. republican tsunami of 2010. but republican numbers are worse dixon. she was in her family's mobile it tem i tnt's home with her mother, kandi now than they were four years ago. the field! it isn't translating. >> come on, carlos.
7:11 am
the public really is angry at you can make this. both parties. murphree. wantthem g >> oh, that's it! we saw it with eric cantor. she is in critical condition. based on what we' h she has severe head trauma. youery much. le gr t nnah.>>e g yellow team wins! that's one of the reasons he got her grandmother, cali's >> yellow team! >> yeah! tossed out. this isn't an automatic grandmother released a statement translation. it's mildly good news for saying that cali wanted to be a >> the babe ruth of whirlyball democrats. maybe they can separate doctor when she grew up. "box office babies." right here. themselves from the drag that now she hopes that god has a job for our final installment, we president obama is. for her now. turn to the cult comedy classic >> tah-dah! >> do you still see a non-tea "raising arizona." and in pilger, today heavy >> all right. party split in the gop. equipment is coming in by the >> reporter: while the '80s saw and the winner of the first a plethora of feel-good movies whirlyball tournament -- tamron and let me ask you about hillary national guard and the state clinton. you took a poll, would you vote emergency management officials starring babies, no one could hall and carlos! for hillary to a general have predicted that this movie start literally picking up the about an ex-con and an ex-cop electorate? pieces. craig? and the numbers were saying yes, 38%. >> all right, john yang for us kidnapping a baby -- >> natalie, you won in a photo no, 37%. this morning in coalridge, >> don't you come back here and maybe, 23%. nebraska, thank you. finish against willie. >> and this is a reminder, she's president obama is briefing without a baby. >> it was a photo finish, and congressional leaders today on >> reporter: -- would go on to not -- you know, some in the be one of the most popular cult natalie won! his response to the worsening media treat this as if it's a crisis in iraq. classics of all time. zipline! >> definitively shows that my coronation. overnight, militants attacked >> what, are you kidding? that president clinton is an we've got us a family here. foot touched first. automatic in 2016. iraq's largest oil refinery >> reporter: "raising arizona" i think you'll agree. this is the voters saying no, >> the good news is they're not me quitesuwatshdoliche onvi bmat starred nicolas cage and holly too competitive. she's not. she's an automatic with >> we could argue all day over democrats. hunter as the husband and wife her numbers with democrats are struggling with fertility who won. better now than they've ever but we know who won whirlyball. been. issues. much better than they were eight >> hi, i'm barren. years ago. with the rest of the public, all right, guys, i've got it's another question. some bad news. >> chuck todd, thank you very reer l pickeafe hi >> what? >> the problem is, weather is >> okay, fine. much. >> reporter: they had planned to here, take the trophy. by the way, tomorrow we will sit socked in, all three major up next, the actress we first th take just one of a famous set of airports shut down. down with john kerry to talk can't get in, can't get out. all -- the actress we all love more about these u.s. options in epr:by quintuplets. >> you get me one. >> oh, no. iraq. the possibility of cooperating they got more than they could so what are we going to do? who played in "harry potter," with iran and much more. for now let's go over to eafensonton tompti handle. >> reporter: surely the parents how are we going to get to wouldn't mind. >> which one you get? orlando for the opening of
7:12 am
craig melvin for the other top >> i don't know. bellatrix, helena bonham carter. stories of the morning including diagon alley? two executions ovgh n o>>y'ig d >> yeah, i was looking forward nufaindpris affto before she got to getting a sneak peek before craig, good morning. yasen jr it opened. >> good morning. nathan jr. >> reporter: they would return >> it is too long to dr >> right after this! breaking overnight, the first t ste o thankful collins found y home to begin their happily ever you can have it! >> i don't believe in i don't think we can get on a [ male announcer ] your joints... executions since a botched coincidences. half. >> that there is the kitchen train this early. >> guys, guys, i just thought of lethal injection in oklahoma two i believe everything has an where ma and pa chow down. something. work hard for you. months ago. appointed time. >> what? >> what if we used flu powder? in georgia, 59-year-old marcus i think that was my appointment to be looking to see that baby. >> reporter: soon the bounty give them the edge they deserve. harry and the gang used? wellins was executed by lethal >> reporter: gabe gutierrez, nbc hunter from hell is after them. remember the scene in the movie, new edge from osteo bi-flex with jnt shield injection just before midnight. he was convicted for the 1989 news, atlanta. it turns out somebody has >> i'll be taking these hug guys right? >> yes! >> they just step inside the fire. murder of his 15-year-old been living in pablo picasspica and whatever cash you got. >> okay. helps strengthen your joints°. >> reporter: they soon realize neighbor. also overnight in missouri, sometimes the best way to show it works as hard for your joints, someone you love them -- >> we don't want no reward. 46-year-old john winfield was the blue room. >> a little flu powder and then as they do for you. executed for a double murder in a portrait of the bearded man we didn't bring him back for get the added benefits of joint & muscle, 1996. money. >> reporter: -- is by letting authorities say the executions them go. transport through the flu net. beneath the 1901 masterpiece. okay, on the count of three, and joint & energy. went smoothly with no what a cutie. new edge from osteo bi-flex, experts have known since the well, let's meet nathan jr. come on out. everyone's going to say diagon complications. and lawyers for some of '90s that there was some other those acrobats injured during a image under the painting. alley. so you're always ready for action. t.j. kuhn, good morning to you. grab a nice big handful. circus stunt last month say they it's known that picasso like we're going to need a lot. find it in your vitamin aisle. >> hi. are you ready? plan to file a lawsuit now. other struggling artists back >> you haven't changed a bit. >> yes, yes. then painted over it to save >> one, two, three, diagon money on canvas. good morning. alley! four of them took part in an >> nice to meet you. >> we've got your parents, tom now art historians will go emotional news conference in and diane. ♪ boston tuesday. the women were hurt during a through archives to see if they was it fun for you to look back so you're always ready for action. the bhershey's s'mores, together is hothe unmistakable taste can find out who that mystery performance of the ringling man was. and see old footage of you when it is now 8:05. that reminds us that life is delicious. brothers & barnum and bailey's let's get a check on the weather you were, what, 1 years old at with al. >> it's smoky here in diagon that time? >> yeah, it's surreal to watch circus when the apparatus fell alley. to the ground. ♪ the women said they wanted to this, yeah. >> we've been doing "box office thank the world for all the well >> announcer: today's weather is wishes. babies" all week. brought to you by advil. you're the first solo act all turn to roc® retinol correxion®. >> i'm so thankful to god and to the pain reliever that's built one week, fine lines appear to fade. to be as fast as it is strong. week. mom and dad, is that because he was such an easygoing baby? one month, deep wrinkles look smoother.
7:13 am
many angels for giving me my >> he was so laid back. >> we are here at the wizarding i think during the auditions, he after one year, skin looks ageless. just didn't care. world of harry potter, diagon >> announcer: from nbc news, high performance skincare™ only from roc®. they passed him all around. this is a special edition of alley, in the main branch of >> he'd go to anybody. life back and to still live my gringotts bank. i mean, this is really "today's take" with al roker, >> he'd do anything. natalie morales, willie geist, dream. >> lawyers for the performance >> easygoing baby. veot a bunch of cash, tom, what's this i hear that i and tamron hall. said the women have had at least actually heard about the casting live from universal studios in two dozen surgeries combined. gringotts notes. i want to open up an account. call while you were in jail. orlando, florida. >> well, yes. for the first time, a could you help me -- okay. >> okay, clarify. >> hey, everybody! california teenager who stowed you were working at the jail. maybe you could help me open up away on a flight from san jose an account here igo >> i was working in the jail, exactly. >> and welcome to "today" on a after one year, ♪ skin looks ageless. to hawaii in april is talking >> you saw this newspaper ad. >> yes, yes. about his amazing journey. very special wednesday, june i'd really like to open up an 18th. 2014. 15-year-old abdi says he still account. it's like i'm in -- am i it was just -- i was just as you can see, we have made it at any time believe he survived. speaking english? reading the newspaper and thought it would be a fun thing i don't understand it. to do, take him to be to diagon alley here at he says he hopped into the wheel sir, can you please help me open ♪ well of the first plane that he up an account? universal studios in orlando, interviewed. and four or five times later found that was heading west. hello? hello? after the different things they he covered his ears as it took >> here to open an account? florida. did with him, they picked him. i'm willie along with al, off and remembered pe eed peeki >> am i speaking english? >> put him in a car seat. natalie and tamron. yes, i am. put him next to a motorcycle. the powder worked. >> amazing. (tog ici ke the little bunches of oats. i'm going to open this up. see how he would react. >> transported us from new york what i like is actually the flakes. to see that he was above the clouds. he says that contrary to some here, you hold my big bag of it's got crunch, which i love. reports, he did not run away money while i give you the >> test him out? city to diagon alley. mmm. it's really good. forecast. nice. >> test him out. >> you seem to still have that because of trouble at school. man, are we excited to be here. honey bunches of oats. he says he wanted to get away yay! here's what we've got. kind of laid back personality. from his stepmom and find his so for today, we are looking at >> look what i've got. >> yeah. >> what is it? mother living in a refugee camp >> you're a real estate agent in >> it's a party now. our pick city which happens to phoenix. i think i'm getting the hang of it. in ethiopia. be -- what a shock -- orlando, >> yep, real estate agent. i did a few commercials, i [ jay ] okay, now pick up the specially cured bacon! now to a terrifying crash on a kansas highway caught on florida. look for hit-or-miss showers and >> it's a fishy green ale. hit it with the brown sugar! camera. take a look at this. one of the specialties here. now roll that beautiful bean footage! yes! a disabled truck with a trailer thunderstorms right through guess, after "raising arizona," taste it. friday. but that's pretty much it. parked on the side of the road temperatures will number the i don't know if i could do this full time. >> after your hand's been all
7:14 am
over it? >> i'll pass. [ jay ] bush's baked beans are slow-cooked there on the side of the mid-80s. you're going to see we've got >> kind of overwhelming, right? >> the family that drinks according to our secret family recipe for a big flavor. interstate when a jeb cherokee rough weather moving into the >> very overwhelming, yes. together stays together. upper great lakes. >> better to be 1 year old, then >> tastes like tamron's hand. high score! slams into the trailer and in fact, we've got a risk of severe weather. you don't even notice. listen. you get to put your name on the wall of fame! completely flips over top of the detroit, you're looking at >> it's exciting, though. vehicle. the driver of the jeep is showers and thunderstorms today. rhonda, what was the experience [ beeping ] it is going to be a mess all day like? do you consider it a positive what a great new place. great new feature, right? whoa! game over... injured, taken to a local today with temperatures getting experience? >> it was. >> it's incredible. today we're going to give you a hospital. up into the low 80s. it was -- sometimes it was hurry aww, you're no fun. the accident is still under that risk of strong storms from up and wait. [ jay ] enjoy bush's baked beans. investigation. >> yeah. preview of the incredible new at this point police believe >> get to the set. world we're discovering here still made from our secret family recipe. texas into the plains back into and sometimes. today. that the driver may have been some days they would never even >> as you enter diagon alley, impaired. and in thailand, it's kind the northeast. we're also looking at more showers and thunderstorms making use him. you leave the streets of london they like to put a.1. on pork but not beans. of like the running of the their way out west. we were just sitting there, bulls, only it's ducks. behind you. all bunch of folks from diagon waiting. this is where young wizards come tens of thousands of ducks. >> now, tom, be honest. they also like to sit on the same side of the booth. to buy all their supplies before alley checking in at the how many times have you seen heading off to hogwarts. you don't have to like everything the mctaggarts like. "raising arizona"? this is the new addition to the and they seem pretty incredible, >> hundreds. >> hundreds. i hear you even give out dvds put a.1. on whatever you want. captured by a driver who had to good morning, everyone. wizarding world of harry potter. and there is an exciting new a.1. for almost everything. almost. stop in his tracks to let all i'm meteorologist ted florendo. still for presents. ride right behind me over there. >> i do. the quacking birds go by. wave after wave, the parade of we have plenty of copies. gringotts bank. >> t.j., i bet you love that. the dragon keeping close guard. ducks never seemed to end there. temperatures in the mid-90s may there is an exciting ride at petsmart, we believe pets make us better people. they inspire us to remember things like... >> yeah. >> great to have you all here. no word on where all of those inside. it's a journey through gringotts feel like the upper 90s with nice to meet you. life begins at 5:01, ducks were going. thank you so much. coming vaults, and it's called the and when to choose our battles. escape from gringotts, and >> i'd be just as scared of that that humidity. for over 25 years, as bulls. winds remaining light, but near really incredible ride, i'm the pet-loving associates at petsmart >> i think i had a nightmare those thunderstorms we could have helped you create more moments like these, about that last night. told. it's 4-d, things coming at you, >> creepy. have some strong gusts and good thousands of ducks. fire and water. while giving back to the community, downpours, too. and that dragon, by the way, is going along and all of a chance of showers for tomorrow saving over 5 million lives, sudden -- and less humid for friday and keeping guard over the lestrange and bringing people and pets together. drying out. good mornin i'm tracy the numbers drop and then a chance of more storms as we head dshe y.s gerom tedd at petsmart, we're in it >> i had a golf ball by a goose. into your weekend. to create more moments like these everyday. vault if you've read the series. florendo. >> warmer temperatures back into and the dragen is what helps
7:15 am
>> you had a golf by by a goose? the 90s today, tracy. petsmart®. inspired by pets. hey, if you open a new harry potter and his friend >> and that was just one. account here, do you get a magic toaster? >> supposed to keep the golf escape, ron and hermione escape worst morning ever. we look at liberty one and liberty two and mainly clear ball on the fairway. skies for now and mainly warm at >> with all those ducks, we need guys, back to you. from gringotts in the final [ angelic music plays ] this hour. an al roker duck joke. >> all right, al. 82 for philadelphia and atlantic book. those who haven't gotten there ♪ i hope you're ready, al. thank you very much. up next on "trending," how city 81 and potstown in the yet, sorry. toaster strudel! >> well, you know what? did they do it? >> nice. best morning ever! upper 70s at this hour. hey, we have got a huge one of the wildest music videos [ hans ] warm, flaky, gooey. if it ran into a cheese truck, you've ever seen. plus, whatever happened to temperatures to the mid-90s and announcement we're making here toaster strudel! you would have had cheese and quackers. little nathan jr. from the coen >> thank you. feel like the upper 90s with the exclusively right now on >> yes! yes! brothers classic "raising "today's take." humidity. a chance of evening thunderstorms. on the roads, an accident in diagon alley, grand opening, arizona"? well, we'll catch up with one of hamilton township to know about. july 8th! i know, it was a fowl joke, but our favorite box office babies coming up. jillion mele has that. and a special steals and what do you do? >> an accident involving an we are here at universal orlando deals including jewelry and overturned vehicle and causing >> you can travel on hogwarts resort's new themed attractions, candles, up to 76% off. heavy delays right near route the wizarding world of harry but first, these messages. express and be transported if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, like me, 206 exit one. the left lane is blocked and potter diagon alley. between the two wizarding worlds if you are a fan of harry this is causing a backup on 195 of harry potter here at universal studios florida and potter, even if you're not a fan and also 295. of harry potter, you get here, and you're talking to your rheumatologist right at the interchange with universal's islands of you will be. about a biologic... 195 and leave yourself plenty of adventure. you travel on the hogwarts so we're all in, july 8th! this is humira. extra time there. this delay of up to 20 minutes express, you step inside this is humira helping to relieve my pain. >> i don't know why they're for inbound service. clapping. they're already in. this is humira helping me lay the groundwork. tracy? nothing to worry about. you're good. gringotts bank. you have people waving at you nbc 10 following breaking you're good. all the time. it's unbelievable! this is humira helping to protect my joints we do have some serious weather news out of bucks county. >> special treatment for them from further damage. this is lower southampton here. to talk about. >> yes. we showed you the severe weather township. >> getting a tour this early on. this has been going on since sneak peek. about 4:00 this morning on >> special treatment. >> hey, now. >> dr. oz.
7:16 am
going on in nebraska. we've got more again today. brownsville road and bristol road. >> ooh. what's going on there? we've already got severe that's the closest intersection. thunderstorm watches out. >> dr. oz obviously hugely milwaukee, you're going to be police say a man is holed up looking at severe showers and thatut rprd stop fdamas.nfing .r lpifrcmm doin humira for t ytarget successful on television, dr. thunderstorms today. inside a building and armed with mehmet oz. and he was on capitol hill ♪ already threatening. here's what we've got. a gun. tuesday discussing all of these i mean, this system is going to alorniic re, yo td ive on ioe co police are warning residents to products that promise weight be pushing its way slowly to the avoid the area. continue to have updates here on loss but turn out honestly not east. to be true. welcome back to universal, these upper-level disturbances nbc 10 and c1 llf iuastaa yoin iex thatut rprd stop fdamas.nfing .r lpifrcmm doin at whing yes humira for t ytarget and during his testimony where bringing strong storms again. lan yer, d tne diagon alley. the same area that's gotten hit our friends here, certainly no over the last two days, hit uphow"tod he discussed how his name and image has been used, in his strangers to diagon, whether again. look at the risk of severe weather today. opinion, inappropriately, some stretching from nebraska all the tutco they were getting their wands or of his own products came into protecting their most valuable way into the northeast this question. let's show you a couple of possessions at gringotts. time. and down into texas with the >> that's right. things that have happened in the risk of isolate ed tornadoes, se the funniest comic around. > 8:3o past, products that dr. oz helena bonham carter played promoted or mentioned on his show. take a look. >> you may think magic is of them could be strong with bellatrix. robbie coltrane, the lovable make-believe, but this little damaging hail. flash flood watches coming from the dakotas into the upper bean has scientists saying hagrid, and then the guy on the they've found the magic midwest. weight-loss cure for every body end, tom felton. rainfall amounts anywhere from three to five inches of rain type. could this be the magic we loathed him, draco. over the next 24 hours. weight-loss bean to help melt away unwanted pounds that you've we're going to get to your local been waiting for? welcome. forecast coming up in the next so nice you guys could be here. we're going to get to your local fso i can reach ally bank 24/7 but there are no branches? >> it's lovely to be here. >> so here's the problem. >> what do you think? as mentioned, dr. oz was on >> it's much better than what we had to work with, i'd say. 24/7 i'm sorry- i'm just really reluctant to try new things. capitol hill talking about this really? what's wrong with trying new things? and his own history some say because we had to pretend things were real. came back to haunt him when now they're just real. you feel that in your muscles? and also, i'm going to make the yeah...i do... senator claire mccaskill,
7:17 am
drink water. democrat of missouri, asked oz intelligent mark remark -- about his role in promoting these products. it's a long story. look at the moment. >> you cheapen your show by >> you make the intelligent well, not having branches lets us give you great rates and service. saying things like that. remark. >> we only had the tops of i'd like that. experience a new way to bank >> i'm not going to argue it buildings. and there was always in the where no branches = great rates. would pass fda muster if it was dark. and now we've got the sun. >> and also the other thing, a pharmaceutical drug seeking ally bank. your money needs an ally. when you're working on the film approval. >> the only study out there was set, it had to be movable. the one by 16 people in india. because if you wanted to remount the camera, everything had to be >> is it an intent to engage able to be shifted. viewers, i use flowery language. i used language that was very so it's really held together with scaffolding. hot and humid day today. passionate, but tended up not this is going to happen on thursday. temperatures in the mid-90s, may being helpful but incendiary. feel like the upper 90s, though, this is completely along with that humidity. >> so he says he used flowery three-dimensional. we also have a chance of evening it's such a job. >> i'm wondering if you guys are thunderstorms as well. language. i just want to read this statement from dr. oz. with winds remaining light but reacting to what we see here as he says in addition to exercising and an abundance of near those thunderstorms we diagon alley, how kids react to could have strong gusts and also caution in discussing promising research and products in the you. do they recognize you? future, i look forward to you are no hagrid in real life. some pretty good downpours, too. working with all of those the chance of showers again for present today in finding a way hagrid is -- >> i told you. tomorrow, less humid for friday to deal with the problem of >> -- how tall? and drying out. look at that. weight-loss scams. the numbers drop but then we and we spend billions in this have a chance of more storms as country on weight-loss products. we head into your weekend. and what do you guys think? ♪ now, everybody, let's do >> i wonder, do they say, you're jazz hands. do celebrity endorsements help? matt. obviously they should be more from the movie? >> all right, al. responsible. >> i watch his show and i do >> i was very lucky because i thank you very much. was completely made up with all have to say, the times i've that hair and the wigs and so
7:18 am
watched and he talks about you back to business for the on. >> yeah. u.s. world cup team in brazil as should eat this with this, a >> he looks exactly like snake they prepare for this weekend's great combination to help you lose weight. he's a doctor. very important match with i'm, like, there's scientific day in and day out. portugal. he'll be walking through the but can anything top the drama airport and children would kind and the excitement of monday's proof behind that so i'm taking of go, "that's him!" victory? him at his word. nbc's bill neely is in sao he admitted as well that the show does it for ratings. paulo. bill, good morning to you. and they don't recognize me. so i think that's the bigger >> reporter: good morning, matt. issue. the parents do. in a way you're putting it out they are battered and they are there saying this is the magic just as in the frozen fish bruised, but they are front-page pill. you need to swallow it if you news. the u.s. team training here last counter. want to lose a couple of pounds. do you know who that man is? night, or at least some of them. >> no secret, i did gastric two of them getting treatment in >> are you amazed, tom, at what bypass, but i was very adamant this has done? the hospital, and the captain, not just for you, but clint dempsey, of course, about telling people i'm not culturally. i was just saying i have a nursing that broken nose after recommending this. that dramatic win over ghana, a it's a dangerous surgery. 7-year-old daughter who's just starting to read the books. 1 in 200 people die from it. there will be a whole another win that has the players buzzing generation that comes into harry but not the coach. i didn't want anybody coming to me saying because you endorsed potter's world. >> it's turning into a rite of it was back down to earth for this, my mom died. passage for youngsters around i didn't want -- and i'm not the world to not only get them america's newest sports heroes equating the two with dr. oz into literature but to get them byirr theirstar f here. >> sure. >> but because to me, it's into film and to really sort of just -- it's a real slippery open their imagine aations to >> there are certainly things we slope. >> i think there's a difference what's out there. >> and this kind of keeps it need to improve. we know that we didn't play to between a celebrity endorsing going because you bring your kids to this theme park. our best capabilities, but we something and a doctor. and they say oh, i want to read still won this game. and dr. oz has done a lot of morning. these books and understand a i t uouisju. a c. d is already good for a lot of people in his little bit more. >> yeah. life. but if a celebrity does it, you >> helena and robbie, i know you >> what about that? don't always believe it because two have children. >> reporter: a game of ecstasy they don't carry that weight of have they had the chance -- i'm
7:19 am
and agony. sure they've come here a couple being a doctor. times. >> the way that happened. when dr. oz says something, as now, that is a problem. h h you said, you kind of believe it. have they gotten to experience >> reporter: jozy altidore le, comingtifals" oue >> unfortunately, he's there obviously trying to do good, and this yet? >> they're about to arrive in carried off. survey of should u bepi rhe about two hours. captain clint dempsey's nose the testimony they sort of and she just started the books, nearly taken off. turned the tables on him. pharmacists. plus their recommendations on and i think he realizes now you yet. >> that was a jolting blow. everything from toothpaste to >> first-time reading? >> reporter: in the next game, cough medicines and lots more. have to be careful with the >> yes. and then the 10-year-old is -- he may have to wear a mask. and it's all about the language you use, especially -- laughs with marlon wayans. >> especially if you're a doc r >> it was tricky during the yeah, so they're going to come. we'll talk about his new show it's like when you read a book game. we barely could breathe. when you're a kid, you get into we struggled with that. and going on tour with his the book. brothers. doctor, people take you at your you want to climb into the book, once it's broken, it's broken. >> funny show. we want to check in with al, word. >> especially saying i'm not a and in a film. you really are. >> reporter: team usa now takes natalie, willie and tamron. doctor but i play one on tv now you do feel like -- it's the on the fourth best team in the they are holding down the fort because people do believe that. there's still a lot of world world, portugal, who were in orlando. hey, guys. cup mania. ultimately -- you know, you don't have to imagine much. >> hey, good morning. >> yeah! >> are you guys all watching the >> diagon alley, there's all world cup? i mean, we had to act. humiliated 4-0 by the second it's been so exciting. best team in the world, germany, kinds of stuff you can buy here. who the u.s. plays next week. >> yes. >> and a lot of the time -- >> all sorts of stores. but a really sweet moment. they don't call this the group there was an australian player. should i tell them this -- when of death for nothing. the kids were younger, the >> self-knitting needles. children in the film, the big support for the team in brazil three, and mr. horrible here, magic. >> that's nice. he was caught tying the shoel e and at home is inspiring the >> diagon alley, this is the shoelaces of a little boy on crutches. this is the chile/australian players to believe soccer's time one time after 7:00 at night, has come. area where young wizards come game on friday. >> it's awesome to see this, you and shop for their supplies this is before the game started. and then they had to do school know. before they come to hogwarts. during the day. we're part of this movement, i that went viral, that photo. they all did staggeringly well. appropriately, you've got to buy >> that's why they're all so just very sweet. clever. guess, growing soccer in the this before heading off to one of the boys out in the field states. it's really cool. wizarding school. and the kids who they bring out >> so what would happen is >> this is the book of monsters. sometimes they weren't there at on the field along with the all. >> it was just an incredible players. g-pol be acting to a stick. wow. americans, though, have really >> and they actually growl. feeling, the support we had from >> you can't get that on amazon. been embracing the world cup. the
7:20 am
espn and univision's ratings the fans in the stadium along eset we' g lit with the fans in every corner of etr rm are have been very, very high, about the country. we felt that. pnt teir way. 16 million strong. . >> payback for the usa! people have been watching. excited. helen and the pollen forecast going to >> reporter: and they say they against portugal on sunday. want more of it. be rough in the northern plains. >> sunday. >> that's the next round for some of the areas there not so . helen oducreak roll on sunday and more soccer bad because of all the strong team usa. >> it's one of these events, success. storms we're looking at. even if you're not a huge soccer at the hottest boutique. tion so it's washed out the atmosphere. fan -- >> you're going to watch. the new paint studio at e! so for today, we do have that >> -- and you're following it so for the u.s. on sunday, the online if you can't watch it. risk of storms stretching from man with the broken nose, the plains all the way up into om vd arlspar aspi here's a question. captain clint dempsey, will texas and out into the anybody coming down -- did the ecr acew paint studio at e! play, mask or no mask. northeast. a decent day in the pacific airline lose anybody's luggage? good. the man with the broken ego, or northwest. all right. discover premium paints and helpful people. tomorrow, we've got more of the you've got your luggage. same. more strong storms. we like that. i love both of those things. maybe it's just bruised, the the good news is the area well, guess what? not to call out united airlines, of course you do. portuguese superstar, ronaldo, shrinks down a bit. we've got showers and it's the new paint studio. thunderstorms in the northeast. but they lost rory mcilroy's exclusively at ace. he's still smarting after that sunny and nice and warm in the clubs. ♪ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks.♪ >> mcilroy. humiliation, and he's got a northeast. >> on a flight from newark to point to prove. the mid-atlantic seeing showers helpful is beautiful™ portugal's other great star, p and thunderstorms. dublin. the irish open starts thursday sunny and hot in the southwest. in cork. one of the best things about he tweeted yesterday, hey, if it doesn't work fast... pepe, he misses the game. visiting diagon alley, you never united, landed in dublin you're on to the next thing. he'll be suspended. yesterday morning from newark neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair so both teams missing players. know who you're going to run and still no golf clubs. into. for example, here we have james sort of need them this week. remember, if the u.s. wins, it's and oliver phelps. yeah. has the fastest retinol formula you may know them as the weasley to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. can someone help? through the stage and portugal well, united got right on it. neutrogena®. will be out. matt and savannah. >> bill neely, that means it's boys. so we're outside your characters' jesting store. @mcilroy, please follow and direct message us your bag ♪ yeah, girl out of the group of death. >> you love that, don't you? ♪ you know, i've been thinking about us ♪ reference i.d. >> i do. bill, thanks very much. we'd like to follow up. >> very dramatic. everything you need for
7:21 am
meantime, we talked about practical jokes, right? united's second tweet, "we have this at the top. >> yeah, it really is. good news. ♪ and, uh, i just can't fight it anymore ♪ so happy to share encouraging it's fantastic to be able to your clubs will be in tomorrow. we'll deliver them to you ♪ it's bundle time news on the recovery of gold come. when we filmed the joke shop, it tournament for you." >> nice. medal-winning swimmer amy van was just like this, to scale and >> the chairman of united is ♪ bundle dyke, just two weeks after a everything. going to caddie for him. >> right. and to see it fully built, it's ♪ mm, feel those savings, baby terrible atv accident that severed her spinal cord. amazing for us to see it. the power of social media. she shared this special message >> isn't it a little odd to be and that's how a home and auto bundle is made. with us. take a look. walking in this immersive area? lose my luggage, i'll tweet >> hey, matt and savannah, it's about you. >> although somehow i think rory when you're on a film set, we better he learns it here than on the streets. amy van dyken ruin. all see everything that you see. mcilroy could have scraped the miracle of bundling -- i just want to thank you guys but then you've got all the together some clubs for the now, that's progressive. and everyone who watches the behind-the-scenes stuff. tournament. >> your clubs are made for you. "today" show for all of your this, no matter where you look, >> we were talking, these clubs support, all of your prayers and it's diagon alley. are so valuable. your positive vibes. why don't they have their own seat? >> when we came here a couple it's definitely helping. days ago, we were going around >> it was like remember when -- i am now off to denver, and knocking on the walls >> you can't bring them on, though. colorado, to craig hospital to begin the next chapter in my because when you're on the set, >> the cello. >> the cello in the cab. life, doing some rehabilitation. it's hollohollow. but here it's all real brick. i left my barometer. >> what's your favorite part i don't know if i can do this so we'll keep everybody updated here? >> mine would be the 15-foot now. >> can you do the weather? on my instagram and twitter, as version of myself. >> i'm going to try. let's show you what we've got ♪ ♪ bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolateads. always. thank you again for your he's a good-looking chap. going on. we are talking about more severe to anything - support, and i will see you >> he is. later. and even bigger. weather. unfortunately the midwest and everything. wheels up. that's fantastic. the plains got socked yesterday, bye. >> good to see that smile. guys, thank you so much. with new hershey's spreads, >> remarkable, remarkable lady. great to see you. thanks for coming down. again nebraska, another big we wish her the best. tornado. the possibilities are delicious. fortunately no loss of life. >> absolutely. but you can see those strong well, coming up, is he part good morning, everyone. [baseball fans cheering] of the problem? storms firing through the great lakes. [milk pouring] i'm meteorologist tedd florendo. milwaukee, showers and dr. oz turns to capitol hill for thunderstorms right through the day today. great things go together. help but then gets grilled about and we've got this system that's going to be pushing through. and new sargento tastings are perfectly paired with every day.
7:22 am
his own stance on those popular a hot and humid day today. and as it does, more storms diet products. mid-90s and feel like the upper firing up from minneapolis. we're going to hear from him. exceptional cheeses in smaller, snackable sizes 90s along with that humidity and another area coming through the plus, did the nfl push risky a chance of some evening plains again on through cleveland. that make it easy to explore new flavors and savor every moment. painkillers on players to keep thunderstorms, as well, with that risk of strong storms winds remaining light, but near stretching from texas up into them on the field? the plains and across the great super bowl-winning quarterback new sargento tastings. jim mcmahon speaks out in an those thunderstorms we could lakes on into parts of the mid-atlantic states and one of a kind flavors found right in your dairy section. have some strong gusts and also northeast. exclusive live interview about pretty good downpours, too. that's what's going on around the disturbing claims in a the chance of showers for th find your favorite and make your own perfect pairing. lawsuit that he's involved in. tomorrow and less humid for dylan? and what does a golfer do friday and drying out. good morning, everyone. new sargento tastings. perfectly paired with every day. without his clubs? look at that, the numbers drop and then a chance of more storms i'm meteorologist tedd florendo. the travel woes faced by one of the greats of the game. as we head into your weekend. but first, this is "today" on a hot and humid day today. nbc. temperatures in the mid-90s may and that's your latest weather. feel like the upper 90s along savannah? >> all right, al, thank you so with that humidity and a chance much. now to a special bright and of some evening thunderstorms, bold edition of "stea as well, with winds remaining "steals & deals." here to take us through the light but near those bargains, as always, jill thunderstorms we could have strong gusts and also some martin, contributor editor for pretty good downpours, too. the chance of showers again for "people style h. tomorrow but less humid for co>>et's s?d friday and drying out. look at that. the numbers drop and then a chance of more storms as we head an integral part here at into your weekend. se, it' a 60 diagon alley, the leak with or. cauldron serves classic british and that's your latest e$ weather. guys? fare. frienplit purfe. f >> all right, al, thanks a lot. >> lovely. coming up next, natalie and and steven is the vice president her family go on their own and corporate executive chef of os.nfftl adventure here at universal. universal parks and resorts and they're going to let you in on the man responsible for some of the secrets to saving creating -- get this -- more
7:23 am
time and money when you plan than 40 new items of the nd,each six your trip to this great theme wizarding world of harry potter, park. that's right after this. number 1 of my 20 is for chacne. so diagon alley. steven, good morning. e oaysiikear" and"dred"le. you know, chin acne. uh-huh. it smells delicious. es >> thank you. not to brag, but i have the chin of a teenager. >> how much research did you have to do to come up with this menu? >> we had to do a lot of here you go. te iee dinges for everyone! research. everything from the great foods that we've prepared that are rws. itookser, it'x7 when i get hangry anything within arm's reach good traditional english/british could be part of my number 20. hm, this is potpourri. mmmm. dishes and trying to take everything we can find within the books and bring them all to the new amex everyday credit card, with no annual fee. life including some wonderful ow ire y,ow l.>>gr ban it's not food. beverages that we have over oralgends, make 20 or more purchases in a monthly billing period, here. >> uh-huh. >> including our famous butter and earn 20% more rewards. beer and a couple of other also he 50rsme c a ofun and a coat. it's membership that rewards you for the things you already buy, everyday. to set it off. >> we're making the classic >>g e what's your 20? shepherd's pie. >> cottage pie, shepherd's pie. ano angi >> latery ry dres. nineteen years ago, we thought, "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" a little different, cottage pie is usually made more with just 4. /ots0 beef. ajilngn so we gave people the power of the review. and shepherd's pie is made aa reindoor/outdoor so and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. little lamb in it. they're out there in the y re,4.e .s. ,or you can leave them in the rain pastures with the sheep. if you had to. >> absolutely. you can easily buy and schedule services >> what kind of vegetables do >> great. from top-rated providers. you have going? can we go through the deals one >> i've got a little garlic and onions and carrots and a little more time? conveniently stay up to date on progress. the products are the bit of mushrooms in there. >> okay. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects >> and, you know, can you use manicure/pedicure set from julep, the bracelets from pura really any vegetables you want, with our snapfix app. but those are, i think, the main visit today.
7:24 am
staples in it. vida. the frames from north rodeo. ♪ of course we've got ground beef that we're cooking here. candles and finally the pillow and just to hurry this along, sets from majestic home goods. we've got some done. have a seat next to me. nature valley crunchy granola bars in addition to the meat, once >> yeah, i'm going to sit very give you energy from 1/3 of your daily whole grains, the meat is browned, we would close to you because of the sun. so 1/3 of this commercial is dedicated to what you could do with all that energy. put in a little bit of tomato >> let's snuggle. product. head to the "steals & deals" >> nice. >> we would put in a little bit of broth. page at >> you make me a little nervous coming up next, from cold energy for making new ocean friends. when you just say it's tomato product. >> tomato paste. >> peas in there. remedies to toothpaste. >> diced tomatoes. first, this is "today" on nbc. and here. >> and j.k. rowling had a say in but what about here? all of this. >> all of this, everything. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® visibly even daily moisturizer we flew over to scotland, back in the day. we presented a lot of things to with a clinically proven soy complex. her. we work it had all out. it diminishes the look of dark spots in 4 short weeks. >> you cook this down. coming up, meet the man who how long does it take to cook it noticed a 15-month-old baby and just like that your skin will look radiant down? >> this is going to take crawling along a busy road and and more even. probably about 30 minutes, rushed in to save her. even from here. simmer it,ab bring all the flavs and why the thought of those messages is now striking fear in [ female announcer ] visibly even moisturizer the hearts of millions of americans. and new bb cream. together. bill have you seen my keys anywhere? spoon it in that casserole dish, from neutrogena®. i'll help you look. and new bb cream. mashed potatoes. nice and simple. maybe you left them in the bathroom again. if you want to get fancy, you can get a pastry bag and pipe them on real pretty, but this is ♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk, a nice way to do it. all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup. it's got that nice rustic look
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it's just the strangest thing... to it. >> could you put that under the broiler and brown it a little the warning signs of alzheimer's disease, bit? >> you could. may be right in front of you. the best way is put it in the it's alright baby. the snow at olive garden.vors, oven. and then when it's done, you get dive into our new pappardelle pescatore something like that. >> all right. >> here you go. for help and information, call the alzheimer's association with the best of the bay. dig in. or fall in yum or visit with new chicken primavera. always served with unlimited salad and breadsticks. >> you must have asbestos hands taste the flavors of the season because this is warm. wow! let's show 'em what a breakfast with whole grain fiber can do. at olive garden. >> i think that comes along with [ barista ] i have two cappuccinos, a medium macchiato, it. >> it is warm. >> what are some of the other and two espressos -- one with a double shot. dishes we have? >> we've got fish and chips, of that's not the coffee talkin'. [ female announcer ] start your day course, you've got to have. with kellogg's frosted mini wheats cereal. it's a delicious way bangers and mash with minted to get the nutrition you want. peas. >> no. i'm going to try this. turn to roc® retinol correxion®. >> there you go. one week, fine lines appear to fade. that one is a toad in the hole. one month, deep wrinkles look smoother. pudding popover that you bake a after one year, skin looks ageless. bangers sausage into. high performance skincare™ only from roc®. and then we have a sampling of pies we're going to also offer. we have a seafood fisherman's pie. and then we have our cottage pie. so you can get a combination. and then a nice stew made with fousugar. only six?ns. six grams of sugar? beef and lamb and guinness. nbc 10 news starts now. that's really good. here's a version of the cottage excellent, delicious... pie and a large one. good morning, i'm vai and yummy! and over there, that's something
7:26 am
sikahema. it will be a hot and muggy day. we're real proud of. honey bunches of oats. that's our plowman's platter. let's get our first alert tasty! yummy! forecast from tedd florendo. >> i don't know where to start. >> it's warm and humid outside right now. we're looking mainly clear but >> you've got three beautiful chooses from england on there. it's about to get even warmer. you've got a beautiful salad. especially by the afternoon. scotch eggs over on the one there's a live look at center side. >> you guys can finish up. city. we have a few high clouds out i have friends over here to there, already almost 80 degrees share with. in philadelphia. see you later, mr. roker. northeast philly at 82. fire-breathing dragon. atlantic city at 79. >> visit we're already 76 for reading and all aboard! diagon alley here at universal we're getting ready to ride on the hogwarts express. mid-70s for allentown. forecast for the day today calls orlando. you've got some new friends. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> what's interesting, you can for temperatures to be right around 95 degrees by the get either a wand or a baby. afternoon. >> they give them out? >> look at sawyer. hot and humid by later on today he's got your script, willie. with a chance of evening he's taken over. >> take the lead, man. thunderstorms, vai. >> this obviously such a great >> the hot and humid weather is place to bring families. prompting some areas to open little sawyer here from reno, cooling centers for people who nevada, with his family. lots of kids here enjoying don't have air conditioning. there are more than 50 in camden diagon alley. i got to get a sneak peek with county. to find a location, contact your my own family. we recruited travel mom emily municipality. with the dangerous heat comes the threat of severe weather. kaufman for our sister company, download the free nbc 10 first universal. alert weather app to get she gave us the inside scoop on how to save time and money when important weather and radar you hit the theme parks. information delivered to your who's ready for universal? smartphone or tablet. >> i am!
7:27 am
let's get a check on traffic ♪ and mass transit from jillian mele. >> reporter: we met up with >> one of the septa regional travel mom emily kaufman. rail lines, inbound trenton she says there's a tried-and-try delayed about 20 minutes. theme park strategy. >> the first thing you want to route 42 at creek road, do is print your tickets out at construction there on the home ahead of time. southbound side as well. that will save you from getting into the line and you can get right in and have fun. vai. >> we'll have another update in >> reporter: our next tip, how about 25 minutes. to get the most value for our get the latest news and weather vacation. >> the longer you stay, the less you pay. on now we'll send you back tço th a one-day ticket to both parks "today" show. have a great day. we'll see you in 25. cost $136. if you buy a three-day multiticket, you can do that for just $62 a day. that's a savings of 50% a day. >> reporter: early arrival means less headaches. kaufman says set your alarm. >> when you stay at one of the universal hotels, you get early access into the wizarding world of harry potter. an entire hour before it opens to the rest of the guests. >> reporter: you see the castle? we're in diagon alley! yay!
7:28 am
>> there's so much to do here, shops, restaurants, lots of fun stuff including two new attractions. one, harry potter and the escape from gringotts. and there's the hogwarts express which will transport guests back and forth between the two parks. >> reporter: kids can also cast spells. >> theologian. >> you made it! >> it's really amazing, right? >> ice cream parlor. >> hello. >> hi. >> we would like some butter beer ice cream. >> yes. >> reporter: the ice cream tasted sweet, but we were ready for another type of rush. >> take advantage of the express pass. it allows you to skip the lines at most rides and attractions. and it's complimently when you stay at one of the three deluxe all right. now that we've walked through properties at universal, or you the wall -- can buy one. >> yeah, 9 3/4. >> here we go. whoo! >> that's right. >> we're coming to the platform ♪ here. we're going to board the hogwarts express on the platform. 9 3/4. >> reporter: the ride was over, we're going to board with our but our stomachs were rumbling. winners from our discovery diagon alley contest and make so what's a good way to save our way back to new york and money when it comes to diping at
7:29 am
a theme park? studio 1a. >> we're taking this thing all >> the way you can help stick to a budget is to buy a meal plan. the way to penn station, baby. and here at universal, you can here we go. do that. >> we'll see you. there are healthy options and even traditional theme park >> diagon alley. yeah. food. another great tip, there's a brand-new app from universal that allows you to check out showtimes and line waits throughout the entire park. spider-man! >> how are you guys doing today? >> do our web. >> let me see those muscles, big guy. >> whoa! are you related to the hulk or something? >> reporter: and we couldn't forget luke's favorite ride. >> that one right there. i want to go on despicable me. >> reporter: aww! >> you're now in the minion training ground. 7:30 on a wednesday morning, ♪ the 18th of june, 2014. >> reporter: he's got my moves. it is a pretty morning there in good morning, i'm vai kansas city, missouri. summer heat in full force, we the sun is rising there. decided to cool down a bit. if the sun is rising where you ready to get wet? are, and we hope that it is, you >> yeah. sikahema. i'm going to get soaking wet. >> reporter: you don't want to the formy forecast from tedd
7:30 am
sent a picture, you used get wet? okay. the #todaysunrise. so there's a child swap area. let's take a look at what's does that mean i'm switching my florendo. >> many neighborhoods in the child out? >> i'm trading your child for my mid-80s across re making headlines. child. ranquil .heh a strong tornado caused minor >> okay. >> actually, what it means is damage in nebraska. that's less than 24 hours after that the child swap area so mom a tragic double tornado in a and dad don't have to sacrifice d ntochesmiumid s, u ryf egrtat anytsarlasebu going on the ride. pilger, nebraska. 5-year-old calista dixon died when her family's home took a or they simply don't want to. direct hit. her mother is being treated and >> so they can wait to go in the sateettestdo b polic and in intensive care. ride next. >> they don't have to wait in the alleged mastermind of the line all over again. >> right. ay"hotoacacin.leedn you guys ready? ol the benghazi attacks is now in you're going to hang out with de ar u.s. custody. he was captured by special emily and we're going to go get on the water ride, okay? forces in libya over the i'm ready to get wet. weekend, is now being held on an american warship in the okanheeutes etco mediterranean. president obama is expected to meet with congressional leaders at the white house this i think luke was the smart one. afternoon to discuss u.s. options in iraq. si give me a big hug! meantime, al qaeda-inspired a day of theme park family fun militants have now surrounded iraq's biggest oil refinery. and one great snapshot to capture it all. coming up, one of the biggest names involved in a i look like a drowned rat. class action lawsuit against the nfl alleging that the league illegally provided players with this is the ice cream. painkillers to stay on the field. what do you think? >> our friends are sharing it well, jim mcmahon is speaking out to matt in an exclusive live with us. you like it? >> i got the butter beer ice interview coming up.
7:31 am
also this morning, a cream. tamron does. chilling sign of the times. you like it? >> their parents are thrilled we gave them ice cream at 9:00 in what a growing number of parents the morning. are now giving their children >> we've got a five-pound bag of for peace of mind in the wake of sugar for you later. so many tragic school shootings. fantastic. and can you believe it's >> well, believe it or for the, been 25 years since the classic after all of that, natalie was "field of dreams"? still ready to go, so were the kevin costner and some of his four of us, bumped around town co-stars recently returned to with each other, taking in some of orlando's hottest that famous site out in iowa. attractions. bob costas was there as well, it was our night on the town. and let me just say, there were and we're going to have that gators involved. story for you tomorrow right after all, this is florida. here on "today." >> looking forward to that, >> gator country. yeah. we begin this half hour with >> gator country. the fallout from what was a that's right after this. bill have you seen my keys anywhere? tense capitol hill visit by dr. mehmet oz. it was supposed to be about internet scammers who peddle diet pills and supplements. i'll help you look. senators quickly turned the maybe you left them in the bathroom again. tables on dr. oz who they accuse of contributing to the problem. from nbc news, this is here's tom costello. >> reporter: with his syndicated it's just the strangest thing... tv show, magazine and website, dr. oz has become one of the warning signs of alzheimer's disease, america's most trusted docs. "today" with kathie lee gifford may be right in front of you. but on capitol hill tuesday, he and hoda kotb, live from studio was on the hot seat. it's alright baby. >> i am second-guessing every
7:32 am
word i use on the show right 1a in rockefeller plaza. for help and information, call the alzheimer's association now. >> reporter: the trouble, at times dr. oz has sounded like a or visit >> hello, everybody. pitch man for diet products. >> oh. >> it is that day. some people call it hump day. including raspberry ketone, >> we don't. >> we call it wines day wednesday. june 18th. whatever happened to good? garcinia cambrosia and coffee good is choosing not to overshoot the moon, hoda loves wines day wednesday. >> we have a big, big show filled with lots of stars, which bean extract. but to land right on it. >> this little bean has we'll tell you about later on. good is maxwell house. okay. scientists saying they found the here's the question we have for magic weight-loss cure for every ♪ good to the last drop you. when you call someone on the body type. could this help melt away your life is a game of chance. chronic migraine, telephone -- [ ringing ] >> do you, a, leave a message unwanted pounds you've been but what if the odds could be in your favor? waiting for. >> reporter: those words magic botox® is an fda-approved treatment that significantly or, b, hang up? and miracle have been used of makers of diet pills and if you hang up, if you're below reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine, supplements to market their products. >> why would you cheapen your a certain age, you never leave a 15 or more headache days a month, show by saying things like that? voicemail because -- each lasting 4 hours or more. >> they're like allergic to >> i'm not going to argue that it's proven to actually prevent headache days. it would pass fda muster if it was a pharmaceutical drug and it's injected by a doctor once every 3 months. voicemail or something, they hate it. why? >> here's the thing. seeking approval. >> the only study that was out i think younger people -- it's there was the one with 16 people the effects of botox® (onabotulinumtoxina) may spread funny, i left a voicemail for in india that was written up by one of our producers and she somebody who was being paid by hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. the company that was producing hat' s nly lemid that's funny. it. >> reporter: dr. oz insists he alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, believes in what he discusses on speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness tv but admits his language has can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. at times been over the top. voannd lo >> is it an intent to engage side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. n r.
7:33 am
rn,ng peo viewers. don't take botox® if you have a skin infection. i use flowery language. i used language that was tell your doctor about your medical history, hami sha tro thate, idot ave h muscle or nerve conditions, passionate but ended up being and medications, including botulinum toxins, incendiary. >> reporter: he says he's never endorsed a brand name. as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. he this ises he's the victim of online marketers who use his the dose of botox® is not the same as other botulinum toxins. name to sell their diet products. just as the government cracks down on weight-loss scams. put the odds on your side. i litany of things. >> the question is how do you visit talk about things that you think just give me the beep. make a difference and not give and talk to a headache specialist. >> after the tone. >> i know. these hucksters ammo to use >> just give me the tone, the against the american public. beep, that's all i want. they always figure it out. >> reporter: for his part, dr. >> young people have anxiety because they don't know how to oz says he's already toning down so they deserve a smart choice in litter. leave a voicemail. his flowery language. they're like, what do i say, oh, we make fresh step scoopable with carbon for "today," t my god, if you're under 35 they that's trapping and eliminating odors. ne rk. have a panic things happening. he ms ofmoti a pporo terfi sy d fresh step, your cat deserves the best. >> you don't know how to speak that's trapping and eliminating odors. or communicate. most people can speak. vahave dry intimate skin.ey >> think about this, remember owsool theth o turns out, 1 in 5 of us do. first time you recorded your let's do something about it. voicemail. >> yes. >> recorded your -- new vagisil moisturizing wash. >> your answering machine. remember those days? the only wash created to cleanse >> hi, i can't come to the phone and moisturize dry intimate skin. right now. erhayo dohe vagisil. no, i'm doing it again. your intimate health experts. hello, i can't -- you did it co. like ten times. i get it. there's a thing. jouh, what's going on? when you hear a voice you hate your voice, you're not (laughs) it's this new paint. valspar reserve. interested in your own voice. itraou >> yeah. or you love it. nothing stays on the wall! not anything! >> young people are nervous.
7:34 am
they don't like it. lo,n yv. not any of these things, jon! >> well, unfortunately they text hthbo, bo. o cl!thergo all the time and with texts hoed there's no tone and with -- do nrkghosera e ve you had?3 cu 4.eserah. ucpar erwi hydma gy while they're driving or doing other things. in of, be careful people. >> i'm excited about this. drkma >> what? >> time for the world's ugliest trorops i'm ted,ro dog. 25th world's ugliest dog, it's o hytoy.mihe 9 .lo w the coou lov yivele' hs lik'r herfehehong. ♪ ay. under way. hav gusts als >> here are the contenders people. s oringbuidut here's monkey. >> he's not ugly. cre termetihe t >> oh, yep. hee have ahaemoread >> he needs a bath. >> look at peanut. ndha your le t to ghe >> oh, my god. >> peanut, demon possessed. >>al, tha u. trenev iductoundte b achs i6at. >> that name does not fit. comingupve h youngtaf cult ? >> peanut came from a steven king novel. ll wha babyecades a asion wow. ears.illse >> ras call, give it to us. >> oh, my. >> that looks like -- legendary quarterback involved in a massive lawsuit against the >> they should star in a buddy nfl. the price he says he paid to stay on the field right after this. replace your laptop? movie. >> how about yoda. nd u inng ng olue.nds.comro >> yoda is kind of -- start with the best writing experience. >> you can't zoom in. looks like the tongue is coming out the side. usually a sure-fire sign of make it incredibly thin. add an adjustable kickstand, inuee years something. >> i would say peanut so far is and it rates the civic the a keyboard, winning. what do you think? >> the judges will pick.
7:35 am
highest compact sedans. a usb port, honda also had the highest peanut has -- congratulations. and the freedom of touch. overall rating among nonluxury >> the dogs, all of them, will gather this friday at the sonoma and, of course, make it run microsoft office, cars. it rated acura the best luxury with the power and speed to do real work. marine fair in california and car with the best retained the judges are going to select a value. and it was a wobbly walk for winner. i'm going to be in california introducing surface pro 3. this weekend. fans at a world cup match. i may go to that. the tablet that can replace your laptop. the lucky dog receives 1500 in amateur video shows the stairs outside of the stadium, it was prize money. they might pick me. guess the mcmuffin doesn'tthe think hashbrowns matter. shaking back and forth under the i don't want to get there -- weight of hundreds of people leaving a match between >> you're the winner. it's ok, hashbrowns... ...we still love you. argentina and bosnia. >> you're the winner. >> all right. leaving a match between argentina and bosnia. some if you guys -- do you guys ever see the movie "forgetting sarah the new am crunchwrap from taco bell. eggs, bacon, cheese, i t thhinkin the son i marshal" like one of the best plus a very meaningful hash brown inside. nking]till . movies. tifoks there's a scene where jason wrapped and grilled to go. [bong] wrapped and grilled to go. segal answers the door and the girl is about to break up with him, sarah marshal, is standing there and he's totally naked. watch. he drops the thing and there she is. >> i love you. >> very much. >> and -- he knows it's coming. >> you're breaking up with me? >> uh-huh. >> oh. oh. >> pete, are you -- >> i just need a minute.
7:36 am
that's why we reimagined the range >> okay. using a tri-ring burner. >> anyway, full frontal. from the lowest simmer to the hottest sear, here's the point. perfection is yours... he spoke to "vanity fair" this week and said his mother almost. ge. reimagining home. literally cried when she looked up and saw her son showing his jewels. she was upset. would you be upset if one of your kid -- >> i would be in jail. >> why? >> because of what i would do to them. send out a mass e-mail to family members and the e-mail read, i would like to inform you all that jason shows his full frontal nudity. however it is not gratuitous and is essential to the plot. >> it was a or eeessi don k i wanted to do some good for them, so i'm trying hellmann's with olive oil. okay. i'm kinda nervous. er. . .ckulyow i >> don't bring up the subject if you don't have -- the maturity you don't mess with a fireman's hellmann's. >> okay. to discuss it. hey mike, seriously, so good. i was going to say something well you know, that's not hellmann's on your sandwiches. else. >> can we talk about this mayor in los angeles? it's hellmann's with olive oil. >> i'm dieing to see this.
7:37 am
>> okay. there are two guys running for whaddaya want, a parade? mayor in los angeles. [ laughter ] give me another sandwich. >> right. >> all right. one of the mayors -- [ male announcer ] hellmann's mayonnaise dressing with olive oil. >> in san marino. the delicious taste of hellmann's, >> was upset at his opponent. with the goodness of olive oil. >> david kneier. the delicious taste of hellmann's, >> he had a bag full of dog [ mathey can see the lightes. eof a single candle.. poop. >> ca-ca we should say. >> walking by his opponent's look after them with centrum silver. yard and threw it on the yard. multivitamins for your eyes, heart and brain. now it looks like a nothing. oh, look. centrum silver. for the most amazing parts of you. look. oh. >> he didn't throw it. he tossed it. there's a difference. >> well the guy -- this was captured on this camera, okay, who feel like there's a brick on their face. that happened to be in front of who are so congested, the contender's house. >> there are cameras everywhere. it feels like the walls are closing in. >> you have to be careful. he resigned. ♪ he dropped out of the race because of the scandal of who are so stuffed up, they feel like they're under water. throwing -- look, here's the thing. but -- try zyrtec-d® to powerfully clear your blocked nose >> they throw that stuff in washington, d.c., all day long and relieve your other allergy symptoms... at each other and nobody ever -- so you can breathe easier all day. >> here's the thing. when i'm with blake, this has zyrtec-d®. happened to me, walking my dog, find it at the pharmacy counter. and he's already done his business. >> you think? >> but an hour later he does it
7:38 am
again and only had one bag, i'm in a panic. >> why god made leaves. >> like for one and sometimes i'm like i don't see one. i do -- >> walk away. >> i gently tip toe because i'm zyrtec-d®. not quite sure what to do. you know someone has seen you. >> look around to see if there's a long term struggle...needs long term a camera. >> i look around to see if there are people and i'm always like, eucerin calming creme. used everyday... it's triple ingredient formula anyone notice? >> everyone is on to you. you tell everybody all of your is clinically proven to provide 24 hour moisture secrets. now people are going to be watching you when you walk your and to relieve dry, itchy skin, with 92% of people dog to see where you throw his reporting improved overall skin condition overtime. ca-ca. >> occasionally when i don't eucerin calming creme. ot often.g. experience the difference that over 100 years of skin science makes. only when i'm trapped. calm, healthy skin starts with eucerin. "amers alen y have ke a l♪us'tnut b let's >> oh, my word. back now at 7:40. ♪ with t >> howard and howie just got will the nation's most profitable sport be paying interested in opera.
7:39 am
building das? more than 700 former players did you see both their faces? they were like okay. >> i don't know how that has anything to do with talent, have filed a lawsuit against the though. you know. >> you know what -- league. in a moment, we'll talk exclusively to one of the ♪ >> she works out. biggest names involved in that she's a personal trainer. suit, super bowl-winning she's 31. quarterback jim mcmahon. >> she's lovely but that's not but first, his story. talent, right. her singing is. >> reporter: jim mcmahon was the quarterback for the 1985 chicago >> gave her like you know what -- >> did they move her on? bears, considered one of the best nfl teams ever. >> i don't have any idea. >> okay. >> yes, they did. winning super bowl xx in a blowout. >> did heidi and mel? mcmahon was one of the first eight plaintiffs in a pending >> i guess they all liked it. lawsuit that's grown to over 750 former nfl players. >> good for her. she sounded beautiful. mcmahon claims he played one looked beautiful. i don't know what that's got to do with it. season with a broken neck he was >> she sang beautifully. never told about. she just did it in a bikini. teammate keith van horn says the name about a broken leg. extra vote for that. the suit filed last month in >> this i like. i think this is a smart idea. u.s. district court alleges that the nfl illegally and >> it is. if you are thinking about retiring and a lot of people unethically supplied serious their spouses have passed on and pain medications to its athletes and that it did so for money, living alone, what do you do? >> or they can't afford to live placing league profits over alone anymore. >> or can't afford to live players' health, charges the nfl anymore. denies. two of the players making those "the washington post" reports people are doing like the golden girls things. claims appeared recently on these are people living together "today." >> we had medication to go to in a house, sharing costs and
7:40 am
sleep before a game. >> right. chores and, you know, enjoying >> we had painkillers before the game. we had painkillers at halftime. life. because then you have the company of other people, et painkillers after the game. cetera. >> yes. >> jim mcmahon is with us now. >> let me tell you something, you know who could never do he's joined by his girlfriend, that. >> could never live together. lori, and two of the attorneys >> you and i. >> ever. >> ever. behind the lawsuit. good morning to all of you. >> let me tell you what, you'd >> good morning. be a "dateline thursday." >> good morning, matt. >> jim, let me start with you. you would kill me because i leave stuff everywhere and you you played, i think, 14 seasons, 2 super bowl championships. would think who did this. >> i know who did it. the game was good to you. it put food on the table. >> it would be us. was it hard to join this we could live not -- lawsuit? >> we couldn't even live as next >> not at all. you know, when they asked me to door neighbors because you would not be the type -- you come aboard on the lawsuit, i was very happy to do it. wouldn't -- >> you would complain about my i was involved with a lot of lawn and it would be fine. i would have to live down the these, you know, allegations. road about -- >> way down. they're not allegations. they actually happened. >> about six houses. i'll tell you a quick story. far away from you. >> i still love you, though, in 1984, i was -- i actually hoda. >> you've heard his music on tv broke my hand in the game. shows and commercials. when i came off the field, you >> elvis duran's artist of the know, the doctors always tell month, eric hutchinson. >> we have another eriq, eriq la youi it's a bruise or a contusion. i finished the ball game, i went salle. >> and from the sci-fi thriller home that night. my hand was killing me. so i ended up going to the grant bowler and lots of other
7:41 am
hospital on my own. the doctor took an x-ray and stuff too. i'm not sure what but i'll said your hand is broken. stuffle aap tebee's stry &do m so they casted it. i went back to work the next day, and i was told i had to cut the cast off. and nobody was able to know that my hand was broken. so they just started shooting it up. >> you're a tough guy, jim. i've known you for a while, and no one's going to tell you to do something you didn't want to do. do you think, in some ways, the league or doctors or trainers preyed on the egos of players like you who wanted to be the star on the field? >> well, i think back then, i mean, that was the culture. i mean, everybody thought you had to be this tough guy. a you can't let anybody know that you're hurt. but, you know, it's taken its toll now. a lot of these guys that are in this lawsuit have bad kidneys, they've got bad hearts. you know, we just don't know what all these medications were doing to our bodies. >> the question, though, was it a leaguewide problem? was it policy? there was a book written about the 1985 chicago bears, and your former coach, mike ditka, had this to say about you. "he had no regard for his body,
7:42 am
but i couldn't change him. it would have ruined him." so in some ways are you saying that the league should have saved you from yourself? my skin loses moisture nearly twice as fast as yours does, mom. >> well, i mean, ultimately, the that's why you use johnson's baby lotion twice a day decision is up to the player. but when you're getting information that's telling you to keep my skin baby soft. there's really nothing wrong with you, that we can just -- we you've really got this "mom thing" down. can hide the pain by shooting, ♪ you've really got this "mom thing" down. you know, whatever area is affected, i mean, that's the big we've handpicked foour tomatoesars, to ensure they'll be at the peak of flavor when they're eaten. problem here because we got a i only trust all that hard work with the best hands, lot of misdiagnoses,s s re i that's why i work with walmart. lito didenguco althot onfint they make sure you get only the freshest tomatoes backed by their 100% money back guarantee. heedical pr anpria ahhh! what is it? m? there are no marshmallows in this box of lucky charms! eive e huh... weird... iaare set' bthe orarotte seriously? very chhe a ioim years. ough, yo teu wit tyou,ut what? they're magically delicious
7:43 am
pglswinhe's us pl,eefhe strategy here you're employing is a little bit to up the pressure on the league each given week, almost a drip, drip, drip approach. obviously jim is the biggest name now to speak out about this thout angiow i in s so that was our first task lawsuit. at some point to prove your case, aren't you going to have oundr,angiow i nge neo that was our first task on to have a former team doctor or on ayo leaper a former team trainer who was involved in this sort of thing speak out on your behalf? >> well, matt, it starts with hem over 1,000 players now that are riisd o h >>ws of h. too by. rill >> tpi prepared to swear under oath heunn. consistently to the type of conduct that jim is talking e e tblh,er about. in addition to that, one of the biggest problems the nfl faces thdd n il orme-lifite is they're required under federal law to document the g e hat a procurement of all the controlled dangerous substances that they've received. .our . >> right. >> but the problem is there's no records of the distribution, 'mo ev sle s e ar se is it which would also be a violation of federal law. ollo t s". wasterrng so they're their own worst enemy in their failure to keep sdepr
7:44 am
records, and they're basically cuwo i n operating an open-air drug market in the training rooms st aes,usoo across the united states. >> let me end with you jim, once their own issues and demons that again. what's your feeling about the game today? do you still love it? it , the protagonists have they're dealing with. >> one of the victim's happens >> well, i don't -- i don't to be well known to one of them follow it hardly at all. i mean, i check espn like and i don't want to give stuff away. >> anything ripped from the everybody else, check sc. headlines or all come from your imagination? >> it's imagination. , olf cth them are coaching. >> that's frightening. >> the first book dealt with a m a herpo serial killer who was killing fallen priests and pedophiles, et cetera. ap the er. arco so that, of course, was -- >> right. >> was very topical. this is, you know, it's imagination. >> let's talk about your directing. you are very -- >> busy guy. >> prolific is the word. >> "night shift," "crisis". >> i just got in town yesterday after doing "under the dome". >> do you enjoy that? >> i really do. >> you like to mix it up? >> yeah. bottom line is all of these people say which do you like better, acting, directing, you know, now an author? it's all storytelling and i love telling stories. i'm still at, you know, silly
7:45 am
little 8-year-old boy running around making up games. as an artist, if you can keep in touch with that part of you. >> yes. >> then i can scare people like you. >> yes, you can. >> but it's imagination. >> not in the picture anymore, do you not enjoy that anymore? >> i love it all. >> you still want to do that too. >> one of the things i said you're not acting anymore at all? >> no. that's like, you know, it's like right now my directing card is -- >> full. >> very full and i love that. but yes, i will be going back to acting at some point. but, you know, obviously it's the directing and the whole purpose of this franchise to create a literary franchise that turns into a film franchise. >> of course. >> we remember you from "er" and "coming to america". >> here we go. >> we have to. >> and t transcript to spain. ♪ ♪ buckle up ♪ go
7:46 am
>> hey, take care of this for me, will you? >> i love the gerry curl. remember the gerry curl. >> hoda still likes that. >> we don't have time for the story about spain and george clooney and noah wiley. >> next time. >> next time i will. >> all the best with the book. >> congratulations. already. elvis duran gets ready to tell the world about his artist of the month, eric hutchinson. >> we're getting ready to out with with "defiance" star. >> we're getting ready to out with with "defiance" star. >> and also here joanna a woman who loves to share her passions. grandma! mary has atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts her at a greater risk of stroke. rome? sure! before xarelto®, mary took warfarin, which required monthly trips to get her blood tested. but that's history. back to the museum? not this time! now that her doctor switched her to once-a-day xarelto®,
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7:50 am
if you're a fan of sci-fi thrillers or actors from down under set your dvr because this show is for you. >> in the season two premier of "defiance" the year is 2047. >> wow. >> the earth is in turmoil. it is already. grant bowler plays joshua nolan, a former lieutenant in the earth military coalition. >> and he's trying to get to the bottom of a conflict with ex-mayor amanda rose water. take a look. >> bradley been in yet? >> he usually comes in around 5:00, around 3:00. >> he stole two cases and didn't show up to work together. >> keep an eye on him together. >> so, kenya? >> she's gone. >> what do you mean, gone?
7:51 am
>> i have a lot to catch you up on. >> you are steamy. >> and then it gets really good. >> oh, yes, thank you. >> do you have a beard? >> i -- well not right now. but i can grow it instantaneously. i'm a professional. so if you ask me, i can push really hard. >> how hugh jackman got his. >> like face rogaine. it pours out of me. >> tell us about your character in season two. you develop over time. >> i'm hoping i develop over time. that's what mum said would happen. he's been through a lot in season one so he's a little darker. >> yeah. >> a little more world weary and less faith with society which was difficult because he was already, but he starts off here in season one a very unhappy camper and not prepared -- >> give him a place to go. >> yes. it's interesting, because he's lost his daughter and he can't find her. >> yes. >> and they're very, very close. it's the best father/daughter relationship i've ever played
7:52 am
which is strange because she's an alien in the show. it is, it's this beautiful -- >> a little -- >> now you're talking my language honestly. the funny thing about being an actor on a show like this there's 15 pas asking me what i orng come dnn i wake up on ahu so -- >> yeah. role reversal. >> how old is your child? >> i have two. my daughter is 11 and my son is 9. >> either one of them want to go into the arts? >> every time they mention it, i put them in the cupboard and won't let them out until they want to become an accountant or cpa. >> on your twitter handle for those who follow you, you say you know a little a lot. >> a little about a lot. >> that's my goal. >> what do you know -- >> fascinating at cocktail parties. >> give us something. >> there you go. something topical. >> trivia, basically, right? >> how about the vakuna. >> god bless you. >> a part of a llama that occurs in south america, mainly in bolivia is the rarest breed,
7:53 am
there's three different breeds, and it's a felony to kill it. it will get you like 15 years in jail. >> where do you read this stuff? >> i backpacked through south america. so i find all this stuff out. >> does that thrill people or does it make them -- make you weird? >> it helps the kids to sleep at night. >> you have a little present for us? we've got to see it. >> i do. i didn't come empty handed. >> what is this? >> now this is basically. >> can hoda have it? >> this is a cultural experience. >> thank you, jerry. >> thank you so much, jerry. you're a good man. >> what is that? >> this is a pavelova. actually three. the plural. this is an australian/new zealand dessert. >> it's like you. >> a natural dish. >> it's a mix like me, yes. there's an argument -- >> solid sugar. is that honey on the top? >> that's everything. that's passion fruit on the top. this is a meringue, sugar based
7:54 am
meringue. >> we have to go to break as we're eating. >> "defiance" airs esyou ® ormulas ip ip ttleevu than hw killl heo #1 . ttuonbir erin goa li lshorther r 7, 8 f od87 phihe
7:55 am
.idod lot weatam he ng c w t in is wirm m i aturun enrsudingsbr cy h ih do t fre 1 ferth app urtaeaheonrm t strime in ofol darchorea ntif ro t if t cifian >>ngf .enseving houeams.mi theest.comd
7:56 am
. we're back with more of "today" on this wines day wednesday ready to play our weekly trivia game, who knew.
7:57 am
if you didn't know june is national zoo and aquarium month. we're going to test you on trivia, about land, sea and wildlife. hoda is taking mercy on my bad neck and gone across the street at the nbc -- >> yes, we are! >> which just hurt my neck. to hand out 100 bucks to anybody who gets the questions right. for those who don't they get hoda's fabulous book. here to help me is wildlife expert corbin maxey. good to have you back. >> good to see you. >> i didn't know june was that big month. >> neither did i until a week ago. >> i thought it was wedding month. >> i know. national zoo and aquarium month. i'm here with you. i'm usually in the crowd. >> what's the first question -- >> hoda asks the first question. >> here's the good news, we can't hear anything you're saying but we don't care. here we go, our first question, what's your name. >> ja nel from monterey, california. >> i have faith in ja nel. which of the following living creatures can change gender once or more during their lifetime
7:58 am
time? a a sea ur chin, b an oyster, c an owl or d a grass hopper. >> let's go with sea ur chin. >> and no. >> aw. >> wait. guess what you get? a copy of my book. >> so it's not sea ur chin. >> oysters. these are fascinating. all oysters are born male but once they reach one to two years they'll turn into females because they have both reproductive parts. they can have eggs and also make sperm. but this is -- want to hear this? didn't mean to touch you. >> when talking about eggs and sperm. >> when they get old -- when oysters get old, like old females, they'll change back into males to reproduce. >> that is so much to wrap my pea brain around. >> yes. yes. >> all right. go back to hoda. >> the good news is we can read lips. number two, what is your name and where are you from? >> nicole from glendale, arizona. >> i believe in nicole. here we go, here's the question. what is the average duration of
7:59 am
a pregnancy of an elephant? is it nine months, 15 months, 22 months, or 30 months? is what do you think? >> 15 months. >> she says 15 months. is she right? no. wait. wait. wait. >> hey. >> all right. no. this one makes w anyan , kidding me? ll tstesf thne cha tave that long so complex, intellint oite. ovy have to havrue. r na an rk zoo and consey or lthk c the ani grew in. >>rian from >>efore r the houston zune. >> got to be central park. >> you got it, baby, $100. congratutions. >> those are really cute movies.
8:00 am
>>absolutely. what's interesting, none of like the main characters in they're not indigenous. >> with the climate and also with the space. it's a good movie. >> doesn't matt. it's called entertainment. one more, hoda. >> we got this. what's your name and where are you from. he jenniferro l right rego. samegtly ere to oughn. getsit. >> god fod for her. >> the chameleon's tongue is incredibly long and it's fast.hc ghme. t almonths oju >> good to see you. t'nt the inspiring story of a teenage girl beating the odds her entire life and elvis duran knows howte jnnhewoktregi life and elvis duran knows howte jnnhewoktregi lace raigss. tk e withag
8:01 am
nbrat life and elvis duran knows howte jnnhewoktregi lace h ck!you, m w yothe wo nedsle ds areal re i tryewhiec soyr prokior ato24® islau sh,oth t ordr, lensiscve ries 0 calo b
8:02 am
cgwsisaninods >> a d art.n"eb iv o gg mo talkiethin>>pr e c.a a y ertl>> ia s >>t' hea eg hh. u' y that's what it's about, music s >>. needs to make you feel things. .nk yoe m happy. i want everyone watching to feel his music. when you hear the song you'll go i get it. >>g is ori ht♪ lefromgo♪ becse i can't standeo ge ♪ro l m mat ♪i tak rt offo can a ♪
8:03 am
♪ fu m get a little more ittl eoureyoow ♪oe le ♪ can i get a le ro fyos, n lluicyama.>> a rryddsbecoerve >> w.ling excited to meet her, right after around her.
8:04 am
is how delicious it can be. hershey's s'mores, the unmistakable taste that reminds us that life is delicious. we've handpicked foour tomatoesars, to ensure they'll be at the peak of flavor when they're eaten. i only trust all that hard work with the best hands, that's why i work with walmart. they make sure you get only the freshest tomatoes backed by their 100% money back guarantee.
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born extremely premature and has
8:06 am
cerebral palsy. none of that has ever stopped her. eals h herheearus a>>n 3ordai erinhreme nduredou wal he m cal m inhi there anyt f allel y rl inousl sined i' ovd tddryin ongr takygla mu e ne oss mo t , heeso>> y>> >>e? r yoha i juste --out hadat her ghte to walk across the stage. >> yeah. >> to the cheers. >> and grab that diploma early. magna cum laude. m
8:07 am
eldur youyearth ig. ingsyhe g,re at ho 'veou h wt aamt >> thwellve vancouver that is t all the time and you're going to be a great blessing to her today. she struggles with the same thing you have. >> we just want to give you just a little something. it is from best buy, and it'soih ngsthat g hio move on with your life. just a little token from best buy. >> proud of you, sweetie. >> you gare. ygr u dog? gare.
8:08 am
ectipasswo tt's goodn i it'se: keepour pass to ant your tion y.
8:09 am
beach this weekend looking for a fun read we've got just the summer page turner you'll want to pick up called "since last summer." >> it's the sixth novel, that's right, by author joanna philbin. if her name sounds familiar it should. she is the daughter of our good friends regis and joy. i'm so -- i feel like your crazy aunt. i'm just so proud of you, sweetie. >> we've known each other like for so long. >> yeah. i cut the umbilical cord. >> you were there. >> in the beginning. >> i know your mom and dad are
8:10 am
insanely proud of you both, both you and jj, but tell us about this particular book. >> well this book is actually a follow-up to a book that came out last summer called "rules of summer" and they both take place in east hampton where i spent a lot of time when i was growing up. >> sure a t g rich, privileged, beautiful, popular girl who's miserable. >> she met a surfer. i like she's miserable. >> she's miserable. >> and the other girl is the niece of the rich girl's family's house keeper and she's working for theamily for the summer and she naive from a small town and very new to the east hampton world. >> you can identify more with the small town girl. >> as a matter of fact. >> how come? >> we moved here from los angeles when i was 10 years old and it took a long time to really get -- >> you guys did not want to move. >> we didn't want to move. we started getting into the -- this whole new york city world here and living uptown and i
8:11 am
would go away with friends to east hampton and it was such a -- >> magical. >> magical and sort of cll ht flip flops and the right beach cover-up. >> you capture that so well. what she didn't tell you the girl rory who worked in the house the summer before, now comes back as a guest the next summer because she's having a relationship way too young as far as i'm concerned, but with the son of the rich family. >> yes. and she -- >> seedy. >> really trying to fit into the east hampton world. >> in your life, you have a beautiful child. >> yes. >> when do you have time to write? >> oh, my god. >> this is annabell. she's 13 months old. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's me and annabell and her dad. >> her cheeks and everything. >> she -- i mean she's just adorable and i'm so in love with her. it's very hard to write, though. >> becauseouoth -- >> i want to play a game with
8:12 am
you too. you both knowres. let's see who knows regis bet r better. >> i'm nervous. >> which branch of the military did regis serv army, marines or air force? >> navy. >> navy. >> i had forgotten. >> you didn't know. >> same as my dad. >> number two, what was regis' first album called? >> "it's time for regis". >> kathie lee got that. >> here is the tiebreaker. on his 2005 christmas album regis did a duet with -- >> with me. >> that was not the question. >> "rudolph the red nose reindeer" quit tony bennett, donald trump, kathie lee or mariah carey. don't look at each other. what's the answer, one choice. >> tony bennett. >> donald trump. >> you're right with donald trump. >> you know what you get? you get kathie lee and regis' cookbook. >> i still have this. >> never mind. >> tomorrow, rocker and actor mark mcgrath stops by. >> everyone has a story and this
8:13 am
time it's a love story you will not believe. >> we're going to have ambush make-overs. it's all about thirsty thursday. >> have an awesome wines day wednesday. >> you know what tomorrow is.
8:14 am
8:15 am
ladelphiistrict 11:00 a.m., nes attorney's office has just announced a grand jury investigation into the activities of pennsylvania state lawmakers. it surrounds accusations the lawmakers accepted bribes. ce thed.eds encee b what finou orust mag toldnly to get bottos investigation and the allegations is to convene an investigative grand jury. take a look at this video. a few months ago, the attorney general stated the case against these legislators, saying the case is basically weak. you may recall pennsylvania legislators ronald waters,
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