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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 27, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. new from overnight, the search for a killer, this after a man was shot dead and others wounded in delaware county. massç layoffs. that's what workers at this casino in atlantic city are facing this mortgage. and a live look outside f philadelphia city hall right now. 74 degrees. we are in for a beauty of a saturday. we don't advocate skipping work but if you were going to, this might not be a bad weekend to have a long one. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with that beautiful friday forecast, bill. the humidity that's been around for the last couple days seems to have packed its bags. >> it moved out yesterday
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afternoon. we have a good morning to start with. clouds came through overnight. it is clear over center city. watching for clouds to develop this morning, low clouds but they'll be clearing out as the day goes on. it will be a beauty. first clouds across delaware and south jersey. those are pushing out to sea. look closely, clouds in the trenton area are starting to form. we'll see some of the clouds to start with but they will not last all day. 60s and 70s, 74 in philadelphia. it's in the 60s north and west, pottstown 68. 69 in trenton. millville has dropped into the 60s as they did yesterday morning. our skies will clear and we'll see the temperatures climb. 75 degrees at 9:00 and then bright sunshine at noontime, near 80 degrees and into the 80s this afternoon. future weather with more on those clouds when i come back, first, jillian mele is watching your friday morning traffic. good morning, jillian. >> sounds so good. good friday morning to you, bill, to you at home as well. if you're taking 76, this is what it's looking like.
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76 near spring garden street, both directions quiet right now. no accidents to report on the schuylkill expressway. drive times both directions between the blue route and the vine will take you about 14 minutes. this is the ben franklin bridge. the view from the philadelphia side. on the eastbound side of the bridge we still have construction out there. the right lane is still blocked. that's part of the track rehab project that's been going on for the last few weeks. bridges in the area as far as the main bridges go, the ben franklin, walt whitman, they're all passable right now. this happened yesterday in lind lindenwold, white horse road closed between burnt mill road. one person is dead, two others injured in a shooting in delaware county. police continue to look for the gunman at this hour. jesse gary is live on scene in
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chester. what are police saying at this point about what went down there? >> reporter: police are still searching for the shooter. they have not released a description. the crime scene is a little more than a mile from where i'm standing right now outside chester police headquarters. the violence took place around midnight, the intersection of 7th and lloyd here in chester. police blocked off the area as they gathered evidence and searched for clues to the whereabouts of the culprit. three people hit by the gunfire, one of them killed. >> i don't know what happened, why it happened but it needs to stop. there's too much going on in this city with this violence. they need to put an end to it. >> reporter: malika says the murdered man is her cousin. we're working to get updates on the two injured as well as an update on the investigation. we'll have that for you in the next half hour.ç
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nbc 10 news, jesse gary. a man is in extremely critical condition after a shooting in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood on the 3700 block of germantown avenue. just abo ar we is officers found a 24-year-old man inside that car. he had been shot several times. two other men inside the car were there but not injured. police are still looking for the shooter an a motive in the case. and this morning, atlantic city is facing another blow to its economy. hundreds of workers at the showboat casino are expected to get layoff notices today as that casino faces closure. they are expected to hand out notices to 2,000 plus employees warning they could be without jobs by the end of the summer. revel also announced they could be on their way out. showboat could be closed within 60 days. caesar's entertainment has made atlantic city has too many
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casinos. the company bought the atlantic club casino just before it shut down this past spring. casino employees are reeling. >> how long did you work here? >> two months. >> did you work at another casino? >> yes, revel. >> you heard they were closing, now you came here. >> yes. i'm trying to find a job. i can't stay without a job. >> we were not able to get a comment from caesar's entertainment. the president of the casino union is elle itting us this morning that caesar's closing a casino that remains profitable is a criminal act, committed on the people of atlantic city, he cl pe day, bond hearing for the two defendants in the center city building collapse that killed six people last june. griffin machinery operator benschop are
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facing third degree murder tob ges. dories nt the defense lawyers say they dangerous manner. will subpoena the developers and city inspections officials who they claim are just as responsible for that tragedy. from our south jersey bureau this morning,earing from wanho was viciously beaten by another woman. we showed you this video yesterday morning. the attack happening in front of her son and a crowd of onlookers. this video we showed you again yesterday, nbc 10's tracy davidson is live in the digital operatn center with a part of that interview, tracy, with the victim there and an update on the story. far as the suspect, no sign e i of the suspect but police think she may be hiding out with family in philadelphia. now to the victim. this is katherine ferrara. she is battered and bruised. about a dozen people who witnessed the attack in salem tuesday night didn't try to stop it and they didn't use their cell phones to call police.
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instead, authorities say they tried to help.corded it as her ferrara finds to hard to believe. >> i think it's messed up that no one came tomy rescue. she made threats about my life, my child. i could have been dead right now. if she hit me in the right spot it would haveç been over. >> harris spit and repeatedly struck ferrara while she was on the ground. harris allegedly attacked ferrara for spreading rumors about her. there is an arrest warrant out for harris and the police chief in salem says turn yourself in because we'll find you. live in the digital operations center, tracy davidson, nbc 10 news. seven minutes after 4:00 now. a school board spells defeat for neshaminy high school students protesting the use of the word redskins in the school paper. they approved a policy that will force editors to print the name of the high school mascot in
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letters to the editors and editorials but not in news stories. this change follows a nine-month battle and is intended to be a middle ground. the editors of the school newspaper say this is still an overreach by school administrators. >> we're going to keep fighting this. there's no way we're going to sit back and let these restrictions happen to us. >> the student editors say they voted to stop using the team's mascot name because it may be viewed as derogatory to native americans. similar to the fight taking place other the washington redskins. they say banning it may trample the free speech rights of other students. new jersey governor chris christie is expected to veto parts of a budget passed by state lawmakers just yesterday. the $34 billion spending plan pays for the state's pension contribution by raising tax on corporations and the wealthy. the governor promised a line item veto. the state has to have a balanced
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budget in place before the new fiscal year begins next tuesday. there she is. a new miss delaware. former runner-up brittany lewis was awarded the crown last night in delaware. amanda longacre won earlier this month but was stripped of her title because of an age requirement. >> this is something i care about. i care about people. and now i feel as though i'm having this opportunity ripped from me. and i feel as though delaware is having this opportunity ripped away from them as well. for me to be a good representative for them. >> here's what happened. the national rules for miss america require contestants to be no older than 24 through the end of the year. long yashg tuacre turns 25 in o. she points out delaware board members knew that when she applied and said nothing. from our jersey shore bureau now, smoking in all forms is now banned on the ocean city
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boardwalk. city council voted to add electronic cigars. fines start at $100 and go ten times higher for repeat offenders. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> getting a nice start. there are clouds on the way. low cloudiness is developing this morning but is not going to last. less humid through the day than what we saw yesterday. that humidity started to come down late in the day yesterday. the weekend is looking good. we'll see plenty of sunshine, humidity staying in check, afternoon temperatures where they should be had this time of year, in the 80s. 67 in doylestown. philadelphia international 74 degrees. we'll see afternoon sunshine to warm temperatures into the 80s and 73 in cape may. this is the view from the melon bank building. the low clouds have not moved in just yet. they're in the trenton area and morning. we had some cloudiness overnight with a cold front that's pushing through.
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still seeing some of those clouds in delaware and south jers jersey. these are the low clouds we're watching right now. they're starting to move down the delaware. we'll see northeast philly first and then into much of the rest of the area. this is what we're seeing on the future weather, low cloudiness. they'll be breaks of sunshine at 8:00 and watch the clearing that take place as we head into the midday hours. there will be a rapid clearing and that will allow temperatures to jump into the 80s this afternoon. the weekend forecast and beyond when i come back. 11 minutes after 4:00. it's time for an early check of traffic. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has a look at the action on the roads. >> all the action. not too much action out there right now, which is good news if you need to head out. this is a look at 95 between broad street and the walt whitman bridge. traffic is moving along just fine out there. no issues the entire length of 95 right now. construction in new jersey.
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295 the northbound side. watch out for that active construction right now. speaking of 42, this is what it looks like. that's northbound as drivers pass creek road and head out to the bridges. bridges are clear right now. so far we're not reporting any accidents in delaware. chris? >> while you were sleeping the phillies bats were waking up. late-night fireworks for you to see. we'll see now the explosive ending coming up. plus, seconds after the sentence, a defendant is seen learning his fate on court tv here. it's what happened to him as he was walking away that has this story making headlines this morning. and later in the show, an a-list actor arrested during a broadway production? we'll tell you about that as well.
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police in bucks county are investigating a drowning. they tell us a man drown in his backyard swimming pool on university drive in morrisville last night. the man's wife tried to pull him from the water but it was too late. take a look at this sliddvi. this is a white toyota avalon. a woman was walking on spruce street when the car pulled up. the man driving the car forced her to get inside and sexually assaulted her before driving away. new information this morning about the delaware state trooper who was shot in the line of duty on wednesday. state police say that corporal mike mccann is in stable condition and is doing well. police tell us when the trooper spotted the suspect and tried to pull him over, the suspect sped off and stopped and started shooting. an update now on breaking news we brute you earlier this week. a young neighbor is now charged in the violent double stabbing of a man and woman in
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philadelphia. investigators say 18-year-old anthony waters stabbed two people inside a home on north 4th street in olney wednesday. the 71-year-old woman and 54-year-old man are still in critical condition with multiple stab wounds. police tell us that waters broke into their home to steal car keys so that he could sell a car belonging to one of the victims. also in philadelphia, a civilian employee of the philadelphia police department found herself in handcuffs and out of a job. kathy pugh, a 27-year veteran of the department was arrested on sunday in south philadelphia. they responded to reports a fight on southern american street and that's when they saw pugh assaulting another woman. she was suspended for one month with intent to dismiss. in wisconsin, a former police officer is accused of using suitcases to hide the remains of women he allegedly murdered. he's confessed to being involved
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with the death of at least one woman. police in suburban milwaukee say the remains of that woman were found stuffed inside a cute case on the side of a road. yesterday, investigators carried out evidence from bzdelik's apartment, including a refrigerator. he was placed on leave as a security guard following a 12-year stint as a police officer. president obama is asking congress for $500 million to train and arm vetted syrian opposition fighters. that would get the u.s. more deeply involved in the syrian conflict. u.s. intelligence already runs an assistance program. the senate could act on that measure sometime this summer. and meanwhile, president obama is waking up in minnesota this morning where he attended a fund-raiser last night. at this town hall meeting yesterday, the president said washington needs to work to help the middle class. he's promoting the need for better child careç policies, pd family leave, a higher minimum wage and equal pay for men and women. now to texas where a floor
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collapsed, left dozens of people injured. it happened inside a two-story detached garage behind a home where neighbors gathered for a religious celebration. the second floor of that garage pancaked on to the first floor injuring people on both levels. some of those people had to be taken to the hospital. investigators in ohio are looking into what caused a man to collapse and die after he was sent to prison. it happened just as he was walking out of the courtroom in cleveland. this is video from just before he collapsed. he's been convicted of attacking a 14-year-old girl. a fast-moving fire continues to burn in the mountains of eastern arizona. look at this. it's already burned more than 2,000 acres there on the fort apache indian reservation. 200 teenage campers in the area were evacuated as well as people in a nearby subdivision. a brand new slide will not open on sunday. the latest of several delays as
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cruised try to modify the contraption. they're billing the 17-story slide as the world's tallest. so far, rafts have gotten stuck during testing. that's no fun. crews are trying to fix a conveyer belt that carries the rafts back to the top. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> watching for some clouds this morning. keeping a close eye on the sky over the city. and those clouds not in the area just yet. we've moved the camera. have a clear view of the battleship new jersey. can see that with no problem. a few clouds are starting to move in to philadelphia. philadelphia international reporting 74 degrees. humidity is down considerably compared to yesterday at 66%. clear skies at least for now over citizens bank park in philly. temperatures climb into the 80s with the bright sunshine this afternoon. looks like a nice night for a ball game tonight as the braves come to town. we're seeing a little bit of a breeze out of the northeast and
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east, low clouds are coming in with that wind. you can see them in the trenton area pushing into the philadelphia area. we'll see those clouds move out this afternoon and a good deal of sunshine, too. a nice warmup today. not as warm as yesterday's high which may end up at 87 degrees in philadelphia. the humidity we started with yesterday not to be found today. we'll be in the low 80s and comfortable into the weekend. if you're planning to spend time along the coast, the delaware beaches, the jersey shore, clouds and sunshine today, more sunshine in the afternoon. 75 degrees today and then 70s for saturday and sunday with plenty of sunshine. full seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. a bridge in bucks county will soon be closed for a reconstruction project if you live in the area, the maple avenue bridge over neshaminy creek will be closed to drivers starting july 15th. the work is scheduled to last two years. here's a look at the detour you'll have to take. eastbound cars will be detoured along bridgetown pike to route
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413. westbound traffic will be directed along brownsville road to east bristol road. and hopefully there are no detours on your way to work or wherever you're going this morning. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has a look at the traffic now. >> good morning, chris. in the overnight hours we always have active construction out there. that's what we're seeing for drivers in chester county. route 202 southbound side route 29 off ramp as still closed asa result of that long-term construction project. keep that in mine. that's been going on for a while. new jersey turnpike northbound side near 195, exit 7a, the right lane is blocked for active construction. it's expected to be there until 6:00 this morning. some of the normal constructions in new jersey on roads like 295 out near the 42 freeway. this is 95 at the newark toll plaza. 95 in delaware is completely clear in both directions. 495 is shut down between exits 2 and 3. chris? >> this is the time of the morning we want to remind you
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about nbc 10's grant challenge for local nonprofit groups. it's called 21st century solutions. this is a great opportunity if you're involvedith a local nonprofit. we have a$50,000 grant available, along with with two $25,000 grants. applications are accepted until august 8th and for more information and to apply, just go to a grand opening celebration for a new development in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. this is called oxford mills, once one of the city's largest textile manufacturing plants but that plant was restored and turned into commercial space and apartments now. looks pretty nice, doesn't it? listen to this, teachers who live here can get a 25% discount on their rent. and there's a new supermark net cherry hill that will reward tsu for cl fm 10 in empty recyclable containers can exchange those were s eqpment,rng things. there was a late-night
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fireworks show at citizens bank park. people got extra baseball that were at the park. you'll see why, straight ahead.
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how's this for a warmup for the fourth of july next week? a little firework action right here. our camera at the wells fargo center caught this action at citizens bank park. the fireworks going after just a few hours after after the phillies got finished with 14 innings against the marlins. here's how the game endnd. >> in the air to right field. way back there. stanton is going back. it is all over! >> that's worthy of fireworks, i would say.
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tom mccarthy with the call for comcast sportsnet. chase utley clearing the wall to give the phillies a 5-3 win in 14 innings. tonight the braves come to town. happening today, practice for the second annual army/navy veterans football game. you're looking live at the leship new jersey in camn. that's where a public workout is schedud for 11:30 morning. former players from westpoint and annapolis will kick off tomorrow at penn's 1923 arena. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> watching the sky for low cloudiness that's starting to move into the area. right now, 73 degrees at 4:26. jillian mele? >> it is clear out there. that is good news. this is a live look at the blue route. it's clear. the northeast extension is clear. if you're making an early get away to the shore this morning, no issues on the atlantic city
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expressway. 42 is also in the clear. we find katy zachry in atlantic city this morning. good morning, katy. >> we're along the boardwalk where a favorite stopping point is slated to close. i'll tell you what employees are bracing for punk slips later today.
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[casino sounds] >> man: yeah [speaking excitedly] >> man: yeah [speaking excitedly] [dog bark] >> man: yeah [speaking excitedly] [loud kiss smack] >> man: yeah [speaking excitedly] [party sounds] >> librarian: shh >> man: yeah [speaking excitedly] [fly buzz] [hand clap] >> announcer: 888 the worlds leading online casino has arrived in new jersey. join now and get 50 free spins for the chance to win $1,000,000. every spin could win you $1,000,000. absolutely free. >> man: yeah [speaking excitedly] join now. must be 21 years old and in the state of new jersey to play real money. nbc 10 news starts now. new from overnight, a shooting in chester leaves one dead and two others wounded. the search is on for the gunman. 2,000 jobs, those will disappear when a long-time atlantic city casino closes its doors. >> a live look outside.
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this is the knipper building. 73 degrees, good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. nice weather to start the weekend. sounds good. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with that forecast. >> this afternoon, bright sunshine. this morning, we're watching some cloudiness roll into the area. we can see it from the loews hotel. the clouds have increased in the last few minutes. they'll be around this morning but clearing out completely this afternoon. 73 degrees at nbc 10. if you look closely you can see them on the satellite imagery. the temperatures we've seen them into the 60s and 70s. 72 for northeast philly and wilmington. trenton, 67 in allentown. it's dropped into the 50s in the pocono mountains. a bit of a breeze


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