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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  July 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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wilmington, philadelphia international at 73 degrees. it is now 69 in allentown, just cooled down a bit. most of the rest of the area is starting off warmer. in fact, millville is 10 degrees warmer this morning. >> look at the warmup, 74 at 7:00. 80 at 9:00 and then it's the middle 80s by lunch time and still climbing. we'll get into the 90s later today. we'll talk heat and storms when i come back. first, jillian mele is watching traffic. good morning, bill. the blue route, very quiet, both directions. the northeast extension is also looking good. drive times on the blue route, 17 to 18 minutes in both if your travels take you out on 422, you're looking at a seven-minute trip both ways, between oaks and route 202. for drivers in lower merion township, we have construction
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closed conshohocken state road between manayunk and rock hill road. take bryn mawr or levering mill road if you need to get around it. heading into new jersey, a downed pole in mt. ephraim, kings highway at lincoln avenue. and new jersey turn, southbound at route 168, exit 3. active construction out there until 7:00 this morning. vai? new from overnight, philadelphia police are working to figure out exactly where a young man was shot before he was found at a west philadelphia intersection. investigators discovered the man in his 20s slumped over a car at 46th and parish streets but say that's not where the shooting happened. the man was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. police are searching for the gunman. also new from overnight, police in atlantic city are investigating a crash that left two people hurt there. a jeep and car collided at route 30 and martin luther king boulevard shortly after
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midnight. the jeep flipped on to its side, the car crashed into a traffic signal pole. the two people in the jeep were taken to the hospital. the two people in the car were not hurt. we are just about ten hours away from the soccer match that the whole nation will be watching, the united states versus belgium. >> reporter: not only is there high interest in the match of games but also high finance. establishments such as katherine rooney's here in newark have an economic interest in the game. take a look at our video which is of a viewing parturin mas-f a pub b i moresubduedcrow oud wch te plepowardfs teeheirmotis nga later today. >> hopefully we don't play too tight, the moment and enormity of situations sometimes puts a
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lot of pressures on players. it just depends how we handle it. we've been loose and enjoyed our training. around the hotel things have been not too uptight. i think we'll be able to handle the pressure. >> reporter: everybody seems to have been enjoying the great run usa is on. if they advance out of the round of 16, that would be the first time since '02. the match is at 4:00 today. live in newark, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. and happening today, it's the first day of the new fiscal year fof the pennsylvania government and the commonwealth has no spending plan. governor tom corbett says the $29.1 billion plan lacks pension reform. the govern asked democrats to support pension reform in exchange for a $2 cigarette tax to help philadelphia schools. a vote on the cigarette tax will happen today. the state has a week to operate under the old budget.
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the philadelphia school district approved a budget last night without knowing if the money would be there. there's a $93 million gap in the school reforms commission budget. if the cigarette tax passes, that money will be there. if not, the district faces deep spending cuts. >> things like increasing class sizes to over 40. things like the elimination of more school police. and more things like the elimination of more services. >> the school reform commission says it won't decide on pink slips or cuts until it has a better financial picture. meantime, new jersey does have a new budget in place. governor chris christie signed the $32.5 billion plan yesterday. christie used his executive powers to veto two tax hikes and cut back the state's contribution to pension funds for public workers. unions for public workers are suing for full pension funding to be restored.
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department hopes a new sketch will help them find a man accused of assaulting a woman last week. the man pulled up in a car, says the woman, this is video of the older white toyota avalon with new jersey license plans. the woman says the man forced her into the car and sexually assaulted her before driving away. and people across the world are mourning the three israeli teens found murdered in the west bank. 16-year-old neftali fraenkel and two others were found in a field near where they were taken last month. hamas has nor confirmed nor denied responsibility for their deaths. meanwhile, memorials are being held in israel. a memorial is planned tonight in old city to honor the boys. happening today, the
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delaware national guard will welcome home the last of its soldiers who will be serving overseas. about 40 member will be reunited with their friends and family in new castle. >> police say the death of a 15-year-old boy is a sad reminder that it's dangerous and illegal to swim in philadelphia creeks. skyforce 10 over the tacony creek yesterday evening as rescuers search for the teen whose name has not been released. police say he and some friends were swimming in juniata park when he was swept under water. police found his body about a half hour later. this water is so dirty. when we go over to that side, the water is slowing down. it looks black, dark. somebody has to do something. >> the buy's friends told police that he didn't know how to swim. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley.
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>> it's going to be a hot one today. the temperatures are warmer and the humidity higher, into the 90s today. tomorrow we're looking at storms that could turn severe and later in the week, . may be impacted by the first tropical storm of the season. arthur might be a couple hours away from forming. right now, sunshine and 69 degrees in allentown. 74 in northeast philadelphia, sunny skies and mostly sunny at the shore for atlantic city, 71 degrees right now. this is a few from the comcast center. we're seeing sunshine. still no sign of rain clouds today. that will change tomorrow. this morning, it's definitely warmer. 6 degrees warmer, northeast philadelphia. look at millville, up to 10 this morning. and the temperatures will only go up from here. 9:00 this morning, we'll be in the lower 90s -- lower 80s. yesterday we topped out at 88 degrees. that's where we'll be at 11:00 this morning and climbing into the 90s this afternoon, possibly 93 degrees in northeast philadelphia.
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2:00 this afternoon. at that hour, you could see showers, scattered showers off to the north and west. i don't expect to see those in our area today. it will be a hot and humid one. showers and thunderstorms hold off today but the humidity does not. southwesterly winds at 15 miles an hour. potential of storms tomorrow, the seven-day forecast when i come back. >> thank you, bill. 6:08. roads and mass transit seem to be relatively clear. >> jillian mele breaks down the headlines. >> the majors aren't too bad right now. we're seeing pockets of volume starting to build out there. no big slow spots and no accidents to report right now on the majors. that is good news. mass transit on schedule right now. we're following construction in center city and also on some of the area bridges including the walt whitman bridge, westbound later in the morning if you're heading in to philadelphia. two lanes will be open, others will be restricted because of construction between 930 and 2. the 5th street tunnel is closed
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until about 2:00 wednesday afternoon. that's for construction there. ben franklin bridge, a little bit of road work blocking the right lane. finally for drivers in chester county, route 30 bypass near route 113, both directions of route 30 are in the keir right now. tracy? ç6:09. new this morning, a convicted child molester is released from a california mental hospital despite objections from prosecutors and now the former teacher may be making his new home on the east coast. also, millions of vehicles are headed to the gm and chrysler recall list because of the faulty ignition switch. we'll get the details and the modeled involved and what you can do to prevent the key from slipping out of the run position.
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13 minutes past :00. happening right now in the oscar pistorius murder trial, prosecutors are grilling his manager. earlier, the manager testified he rarely saw pistorius angry. prosecutors are challenging him on that. he's on trial for the murder of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. president obama is giving congress an ultimatum. the president says he'll take executive action within his authority to helpself solve fl crisis, including shifting agents and resources from the interior to america'sç border with mexico. the president called this an urgent humanitarian situation where more than 52,000 unaccompanied children apprehend for entering the u.s. illegally since october. >> i take executive action only when we have a serious problem, a serious issue, and congress
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chooses to do nothing. and in this situation, the failure of house republicans to pass a darn bill is bad for our security. it's bad for our economy. >> meantime, house speaker john boehner says the president acting without congress will only make things worse. from the nbc 10 south jersey bureau, we now know the cause of an ill spill that caused the stench in washington township. a resident was cleaning algae from a backyard pool. the spill has been contained and no drinking watt are was affected. a former teacher who molested 17 children was released from a california mental hospital yesterday. he says he plans to live in pennsylvania, michigan or new york. allen rigby was convicted of molesting 17 boys and girls.
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prosecutors say he's still dangerous. authorities have charged a man in connection with a hit and run in can den county. investigators say edward russell was behind the wheel -- walking along the white horse pike in lindenwold. this happened saturday night. the victim is listed in stable condition. russell faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident. more than 7 million vehicles from '97 through 2014, most are older midsize cars. gm says it's important that owners take extra keys, key fobs, off of their key rings until the problem is fixed. to see if your car is impacted, go to if you drive along i-95 in delaware county, you might see delays. penndot crews will be patching philadelphia line to the delaware state line. crews will also be repaving part of the blue route between route
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30 and route 1. >> if you're not driving on 95, on the blue route or any of the roads we just mentioned, how are the rest of the roads doing? >> 76 looking decent. we are starting to see volume bulling out there. this is 76 near the conshohocken curve. the taillights you see, that's the eastbound side. you notice that volume is building right now. drive times still reading about 14 minutes both ways between the blue route and the vine. for drivers in the lehigh valley this morning, route 22 at airport road, things are looking good, no accidents to road. 22, 309 on interstate 78. for drivers in new jersey, mt. ephraim, a downed pole. take browning road to get around that. no accidents so far on the majors in delaware. if you're taking mass transit, everything is on or close to
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schedule. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> right on schedule for hotter, more humid conditions during the day today. a few scattered clouds over center city, no rain associated with the clouds. sunshine at the shore, 73 degrees at philadelphia international. that's 4 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. sunshine will warm the coastline into the low 80s this afternoon. you'll see plenty of sunshine at the jersey shore, cape may, that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette. tomorrow there's a possibility we'll be looking at storms. today, a pretty nice one. in fact, just a bit windy. the southerly winds, 20 miles an hour with higher gusts. tomorrow, 84 degrees, warmer one but showers and thunderstorms likely late in the day wednesday. and turning stormier on thursday. potential for heavy rain and that will keep things cooler along the coastline. 78 degrees thursday afternoon. we are watching this large area. it's a tropical depression,
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first one of the season, may be hours away,ç just a couple hou away from becoming the first tropical storm of the season. it would be named arthur. if it forms and follows the forecast track, it would come up the east coast and affect the carolina coast by late thursday afternoon. and keep on going. it moves offshore but close enough to our area that we could see some rain from this system on the fourth of july, at least to start with. late in the day, that rain will be pulling away from us. by 00 thi moing, may be perfect timing for fireworks on the fourth. we have nice weather ahead for the weekend as that system pulls away from our area completely. today, though, humidity is moving in. temperatures into the low 90s this afternoon. it's a bit warmer than it was yesterday. and the heat ramps up tomorrow to 9 degrees. steamier conditions for wednesday. there's a potential for severe weather tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. heavy rainfall on thursday. but by friday morning after a
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rainy start, we'll see it taper off in the afternoon. 82 degrees on friday and stand by for a beautiful weekend. here we go again, sunshine and 80s for saturday and sunday. >> we will take it. >> changes are coming to citizens bank park. the extra security steps fans will have to go through before they can enjoy a day at the ballpark. a reminder about our nbc 10 grant challenge, it's called 21st century solutions, innovative solutions are what we're looking for. there's a $50,000 grant available, two $25,000 grants. we want to help turn good ideas into great ones. the deadline is august 8th. for more information and to apply go to
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detectors sometime next week. they will be activity july 21st. starting next season all teams will be required to screen every fan that enters their ballpark. good morning to you at 6:23. the majors really aren't too bad. we're still not reporting any accidents on the highways at all. route 422 near trooper road, that's the eastbound side. that's typically where at this point we see it congested. as you can see, traffic is moving along, drive times are looking good. seven minutes in both directions between oaks and route 202. we do have emergency construction out there along conshohocken state road for drivers in lower merion township. when i see you coming up in just a few minutes i'll have more details on that. first, let's take you to a live look at the pocono mountains where, bill, everywhere today
6:24 am
will be hot and humid. >> it will be a warmer day in the mountains after dropping down to the 60s overnight, it with be in the middle 80s. philadelphia is heading for the 90s. we're getting a warmer start, up by 5 degrees in wilmington. 10 degrees warmer this millville this morning. 70s to start with, 90s this afternoon. >> today begins the fiscal year in pennsylvania. and there's no signed budget. katy zachry is live in center city with why the governor refused to sign the budget. >> pension reform, theç unsign budget is not the only issue concerning lawmakers in harrisburg. i'll tell you more after the break.
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humidity today. we'll get your forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. >> we're tracking a storm system that could soon become the hurricane season's first tropical storm and could bring us lots of rain by the end of the week. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> i'm tracy davidson. 6:28 right now. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. find out about the heat and humidity. bill? >> it's steamier and warmer, too. we didn't make it into the 90s yesterday but that will likely happen today and turn even hotter tomorrow. heading out the door, there are scattered clouds moving through the philadelphia area. they'll keep on going. we'll see lots of sunshines atemperatures climb from the 70s into the 90s this afternoon. right now 74 degrees and holding in northeast philly allentown, mount holly, 69 degrees in both those locations. low 70s at the jersey shore. the clouds will thin out. we'll see enough0sunshine to warm us to 80 degrees at 9:00. lunch time, mid to upper 80s and
6:29 am
into the 90s, a muggy afternoon. but there is a potential for storms starting tomorrow. and a storm system coming together in florida. first tropical storm of the season possibly, may impact your fourth of july. details when i come back. first, jillian mele has traffic. >> good morning, bill. let's start off with a live look at 95 near girard avenue. traffic is moving along right now. drive time southbound on 95 from wood haven to the vine is 18 minutes. it's not too bad thixat this po. the vine street expressway is not that bad. we see a bit of a delay on the vine normally at this time but volume is light this morning. we have it in some spots but we're not seeing slowdowns right now. lower merion township, emergency road work on conshohocken state road route 23. that's closed between manayunk and rock hill road. that's expected to be closed until about 3:00 this afternoon.
6:30 am
take bryn mawr avenue and levering mill road to get around that issue. the 5th street tunnel closed until about 2:00 wednesday afternoon. a man is in critical condition after police say he was shot in the chest. he was found at 46th and parish. police don't believe he was shot there. happening today, pennsylvania lawmakers have approved a budget for the new fiscal year that started at 12:01 this morning. governor tom corbett has yet to sign the $29.1 billion budget. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in center city. walk us through what's going to happen this morning. >> reporter: there are two pieces of unfinished business to talk about, first the unsigned budget and then a cigarette tax, if passed, it would up pump millions of dollars into philadelphia public schools.
6:31 am
the $29 billion spending plan passed the general assembly late last night without raising taxes. does little toç aggression the pension problem according to governor tom corbett. because of that he is not going to immediately sign the budget. another sticking point, a $2 cigarette tax. that would inject the philadelphia schools with nearly $80 million. it's being voted on separately. >> we finally got a little bit of progress on the issue of the cigarette tax issue. and that is extremely important for getting about 80 some million dollars to the school district in philadelphia. >> we want to help philadelphia but we have to fix our pension system. it is the biggest tape worm in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. >> reporter: there was behind the scenes maneuvering to get pension reform support in exchange for cigarette tax support. but the bottom line is later today, senate lawmakers will vote on the cigarette tax. it will be followed by a vote of the house.
6:32 am
reporting live, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. the cigarette tax is critical to the philadelphia school district. there's a $93 million gap in the school reform's budget. if the cigarette tax passes, that money will be there. if not, the district faces deep spending cuts, including laying off 1,300 employees. now to an update to a story we've been following since last week. latea harris can be seen kicking the mother while her toddler son watched. the attack happened last week outside a mcdonald's in salem where authorities say they both worked. harris accused the woman of spreading rumors about her. she's being help in the salem county correctional facility on $35,000 bail. the suspects accused in two gun heists and a shooting in philadelphia are expected in court this morning for a preliminary hearing.
6:33 am
jeffrey chandler and samia p 0. potaet. police say the two stole a number ofç guns in both incidents. a boil water advisory is in effect in two bucks county communities. a weekend water main break was repaired but crews are still testing the water to make sure it's safe in sellersville and west rockhill township. if they come back back, the boil alert will be canceled sometime today. now an update on a water main break that caused thousands to lose gas service. pgl has restored gas to about 900 properties. they still need to restore service to about 50 more. they hope to do that july 4th.
6:34 am
team usa this afternoon as they take on belgium during the knockout round of the world cup. team usa hit the practice field in sao paulo, brazil, this upcoming weekend. the team knows if they lose t m home. >> whoever makes more pla the course of 90 minutes. whoever is willing to have a group of guys on the field who fight and are so determined to come off the field a winner. those are the things that count. >> and team usa goes head to head with belgium this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> you can count on a hotter, more humid day today. the humidity is higher this morning. the heat will be on this afternoon, into the 90s today. tomorrow will likely turn stormy late in the day and into tomorrow night, there's a threat of severe weather. late in the week, we're watching for arthur. we may be hours away from arthur
6:35 am
becoming the first tropical storm of the season. that increase in strength will likely bring heavy rain to the carolinas later this week. allentown, sunshine, sunshine for northeast philly. just a few scattered clouds in atlantic city. a warmer start overall. there are a few clouds moving through the philadelphia area. this is a view that will see clouds at times but enough sunshine to warm us into the lower 80s. that's at 10:00 this morning. headed for the 90s.ç 90 degrees at noontime in northeast philadelphia. close to it in south philly. then into the 90s this yafr noon. showers will stay way off to the forth and west for today. that will change for tomorrow. hot, humid, 90s with southwesterly winds that will increase late in the afternoon and during the evening hours. the threat of storms will be increasing later in the week from that. showers and thunderstorms off the florida coast could just be hours away from this intensifying and becoming a
6:36 am
tropical storm. and then as it gets stronger, it's expected to head to the north. more details on the latest track that arthur may take. a lot the folks heading into work this morning. i have a feeling a lot of people will be leaving early to watch that game, places like chickie's & pete's will be packed. >> the game is late enough that you still have to go to work today. no accidents on the majors, which is good news. mass transit is on or close to schedule right now. we continue to follow a downed pole in mt. ephraim. your drive times looking good about 17, 18 minutes in both directions on the blue route between 76 and 95. walt whitman bridge, looking good right now but later on the westbound side, two lanes will
6:37 am
be open as drivers make their way into philadelphia. the other lanes will be restricted because of road work in that area. that's expected to be out there between 9:30 and 2:00. watch out for a little delay around that time frame. the ben franklin bridge, normal construction on the eastbound side. it's all part of that long-term rehab project that we have going on. patco has a single track operating out there. mass transit, everything is looking good. we're not reporting issues as far as that goes. majors in delaware areclls n tre theh valley, the northeast extension is pretty calm. we have that normal construction out çthere, the long-term construction project. 22 is clear, 78 looks good, so does route 309. a sudden explosion. it began with a strange smell and sound and then, boom, this laptop battery blew up. we hear from the woman whose computer exploded right in her hands. and the president's joke about his weakness for his pastry chef's pies brought in the laughs but it also had the
6:38 am
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6:41 right now. help is on the way for run down roads and bridges throughout pennsylvania. among them, the spring garden state bridge over the schuylkill, which we are looking at live. work will begin in july. it will cost $6.5 million. some of that money will come from increased fees that drivers will begin paying starting today. for example, the cost of a replacement license plate is now $11, up from 7.50. vanity plate, 76 bucks up from 20. those fees take effect today. the increases are expected to raise $2.3 billion over the nexç five years. cash is sorely needed after the harsh winter where highway
6:42 am
budgets were strained with plowing costs and pothole repairs. police say a person was killed last night at woodland and hendricks avenue in pleasantville. no word on had you this person died. police are not releasing gender at this time or the name of the person. so far, there are no arrests. also happening today, a georgia law that takes effect, a law that permits gun owner the right to carry weapons into restaurants, bars and houses of worship. legally owned guns are also allowed in unrestricted areas of airports and government buildings and may be carried in schools and colleges if permitted by officials. however, business owners can still forbid people from bringing guns into an establishment if they so choose. authorities in california are waiting on autopsy results to determine if a 12-year-old boy scout took his own life at a summer camp there. san diego police found the victim inside a tent with a handgun nearby.
6:43 am
investigators say it first appeared to be self-inflicted but now they are intervoog you witnesses and scamming forensic evidence to determine the cause of death. police have interviewed the child's father who was also at the campsite. a supreme court ruling will allow some corporations to opt out of a requirement to provide birth control to employees under the affordable care act. the 5-4 decision would allow smaller companies to object if they're owned by people with religious beliefs that oppose providing contraceptives. house speaker john boehner says the rule proves that president obama overreached in the health care law. congress should take action to assist women affected by this decision. meantime, secretary of state john kerry says time is running short for iran to negotiate an disagreement on its nuclear program. in a "washington post" opinion piece, kerry says the july 20th deadline is quickly approaching. he says iran's leaders can
6:44 am
assure that it will beç peacef or they can squander the idea. ford said at first he was in complete denial of his problem and resisted the idea of getting help. the mayor announced in late april he would seek help after that video surfaced that appeared to show him smoking crack cocaine. back here at home, a bucks county woman is recovering from chemical burns after she says her laptop battery suddenly exploded. loretta luff of langhorne told nbc 10 she smelled something sunday afternoon and then heard a weird sound from her six-year-old dell laptop. minutes later, it exploded. >> i realized the rug was burning down there. i took my shirt to smother that out. then all these little fires
6:45 am
started popping up. i was hitting them. >> luff was treated for chemical burns on her face, chest, arm and foot. dell is launching an investigation. the partnership between rowland university and gloucester county takes effect today. the new name has started popping up on school merchandise and local billboards. today is the official name changeover. school officials say that partnership will help students save money and make a seamless transition from an associates to a bachelor's degree. starting today, all interest rates on student loans will increase by 0.8%. the rate is now tied to the financial markets. until last year, student loan rates were set by law. the first couple says they're losing the one person who has made life at the white house very sweet. their executive pastry chef is
6:46 am
leaving. the president couldn't help admit his weakness for his pies. >> i don't know what he does, whether he puts crack in them, but -- >> no, he doesn't. [ laughter ]ç there is no crack in our pies. >> he's just hanging out, waiting for more laughs. she's like, no, no, no. crews in arizona are making a little bit of progress against a weill fire there. officials say the blaze is now 5% contained. firefighters are taking advantage of a change in wind direction to further contain this wildfire. it scorched nearly nine square miles so far. three dozen summer homes have been evacuated. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> our winds out of the south today which will lead us to a
6:47 am
hotter, more humid day. we have a few clouds d da seegshladelp he thy oar stthe at h kee teereaned hitstwel pis the it nclear. phwes gngta tayeho and desik mo fotithfly.pical es jt hours bganorif icome a stor follows the forecast models, it would be heading for the carolina coast by later thursday afternoon. some heavy downpours, though centered offshore it will likely stay offshore for our area. close enough we could see rain from this system on the fourth of july. rain in the morning and the early afternoon hours. the storm system will be pulling away from the coast and taking the rain with çus. by friday evening, the forth of
6:48 am
july, we'll see improving conditions which may clear us for fireworks. the threat of rain north and west is very low. same story for philadelphia. low to moderate for the shore, too, if it stays on its current forecast track. for today, humidity and temperatures into the 90s. at least two days in the 90s, possibly three. the first showers appear today, we could see severe weather develop tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night and then heavy rain on thursday. 90 at the warmest and possibly if the rain is heavy enough we'll stay in the 80s thursday afternoon. then after a rainy start on the fourth, friday, we'll be clearing for fireworks and clearing for the weekend, too. nice and sunny saturday and sunday with temperatures in the 80s. >> everybody is focused on the weekend. first we have to get to work right now, this morning. >> jillian mele is manning the first alert center with the details. this accident is blocking all lanes on the garden state
6:49 am
parkway, the southbound side as you approach the atlantic city service plaza. take pitney road or route 9 if you want to avoid the garden state parkway. since all lanes are blocked you'll have to avoid that area. this is in philadelphia, 95 southbound at the girard point bridge. we have an accident on the boulevard northbound near oxford circle. we don't have any idea about lane restrictions just yet but you can expect to see a delay in that area. 5th street tunnel, that is closed until 2:00 on wednesday afternoon for road work. as far as the bridges go, they're looking pretty good. later this morning on the westbound side the walt whitman bridge, expect to see construction there. starting 9:30 this morning, two lanes will be open. that means the other lanes will be closed. the ben franklin is looking good. so far, we're not reporting any issues when it comes to mass transit. let the world cup frenzy
6:50 am
rage on. jesse gary is live in newark, delaware as the countdown of the knockout round match between the united states and belgium kicks closer and closer. a live report in just a minute. i'm katy zachry, live in center city. i'll tell you why the unsigned state budget is not the only issue concerning lawmakers in harrisburg.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54, gorgeous look at center city philadelphia. it will climb into the low 90s today. hot and humid. bill henley will have his final first alert forecast coming up in just a moment. happening today, pennsylvania governor tom corbett is expected to renew the
6:54 am
state's budget bill. katy zachry is live in center city to tell us why the governor is waiting to sign the budget. >> governor tom corbett has not signed the budget passed late last night by the general assembly because corbett says it does too little to address pension reform. we have about a week to operate under the old budget. we know this because we made some calls to lawmakers to find out before some services are affected. we have a week to operate under the oldç budget before key agencies and services are affected. the $29.1 billion budget does not raise taxes but because it does not fix the pension problem, governor corbett says he will not immediately sign it. also up for a vote today, a $2 cigarette tax that would inject philadelphia public schools with nearly $80 million. a lot of eyes on that cigarette tax. we know the senate will take it up later this morning, followed by the house. some key state lawmakers, including philadelphia mayor
6:55 am
michael nutter say they will remain in harrisburg pending the outcome of that cigarette tax vote. reporting live in center city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. five minutes before 7:00 right now. it's going to be a big game today for team usa when they take on belgium in the world cup knockout round. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in newark, delaware. jesse, fans there and across the country will be glued to their tv later today. >> glued to their tv, tracy, yes, good morning. also the green from the world cup. i did a little digging over the past hour or so, finding out the economic benefits to brazil, per se, $30 billion. that trickles down to other places like here in newark, delaware. you're looking at katherine rooney's pub. places like this will get an economic benefit to the tune of 2 billion to a country like the united states, just from the sale of merchandise from all the watch parties, the food, the beverages that are bought and
6:56 am
sold during world cup watch parties, here around the delaware valley and across the entire nation. this is a video from last thursday when the u.s. hard-fought, 1-0 loss to germany. a lot of people are hoping it will be different today. 4:00 this afternoon against belgium, the knockout round, the u.s. has to win to advance for the first time since 2002. live in newark this morning, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. skyforce 10 is live over breaking news we're following for you this morning. this is roosevelt boulevard. police are on the scene of an accident. you can see it there, it involves a car and a motorcycle. it's thejj)(át lanes of the boulevard near oxford circle. the driver of the motorcycle is critically hurt we're told. be prepared for delays if you are in that direction. i'm sure we'll get more information from jillian. >> that's right, guys. the northbound lanes of the boulevard, you can see the outer lanes are blocked out as a
6:57 am
result of this accident. and then an investigation is going on as well with this accident. keep in mind if you are heading out on the boulevard, you can expect to see a delay in a atha area. skyforce 10 is over that scene right now. this is breaking news. let's take you to the maps and show you what else we have going on as far as accidents. this is one of our live penndot cameras, 76 westbound at gladwyne. as far as delays go, normal volume. the delays have been pretty quiet this morning. unfortunately for drivers on the garden state parkway, southbound as you approach the atlantic city service area, we have an accident that's taking out all lanes in that area. that just happened within the last 30 minutes. you can use pitney road or route 9. you'll have to avoid it because all lanes are blocked there. so far we're not hearing of delays on the northbound side of the garden state parkway. mt. ephraim, a downed pole at
6:58 am
kings highway and lincoln avenue. browning road is going to be a good option for you to avoid that area. as far as mass transit goes, everything is looking pretty good. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a warmer start this morning and a sunny one, too at cape may. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. into the low 80s at the shore today. inland we're heading into the 90s. there are clouds moving through the city but they'll keep on going. 74 degrees in wilmington. philadelphia international. northeast philly is now up to 75 degrees. that's up a degree in the last hour. there you can see some of the clouds passing by. no rain falling from the clouds. clouds keep on going. we'll see sunshine an a warmup, too. 9:00, 80 degrees. 86 at lunch time and a muggy 92 degrees this afternoon. the firstç at least of a coupl days inland areas that will see 90s. at the shore, 80, warmer and more humid tomorrow and late-day
6:59 am
showers and thunderstorms, then some heavy downpours for thursday. that's a possibility for inland areas as well. we'll be watching the radar screen closely. there are showers to our west. i don't think those will reach us today. all eyes on the south for that storm system coming together. that's tropical depression 1, may welcome become a tropical storm to be named arthur later today. >> stay hydrated. keep your pets hydrated as well. "today" show is up next. good morning. breaking news overnight. israel hits back hard launching air strikes after those three missing israeli teenagers are discovered murdered and the prime minister has declared hamas will pay. relentless storms tear through the midwest and dramatic lightning strikes like this one on the famed willis tower.
7:00 am
while in the atlantic the first tropical depression of the season forms off the coast of florida. royal bonds. today pippa middleton's relationship with her sister and the future king that lights up her life. >> that's the biggest smile this morning. you smil
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