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tv   Today  NBC  July 10, 2014 2:07am-3:01am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hoda, it's a great day, wines day wednesday, july 9th. we are happy you are joining us today. thank you. >> thank you. >> no, thank you. >> thanks for all you do. >> ever so. >> good news, new study, apples may increase your sexual pleasure. >> which is why we have a huge full. >> humongous bowl. >> they say if you eat them it leads to better sex for women. women who have one to two apples a day -- >> keeps the doctor from making a house call.
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>> who i saw eating an apple today in our studio right now and he is behind camera 11. jimmy was walking up the stairs eating an apple! >> we saw. >> right. >> we don't call him mountain man for nothing. >> anyway, we're going to -- take a bite. take a bite. >> completely comes off. i need a knife, please. i'm only kidding. >> so we're going to -- what are we going to do. >> big show, richard marx is here. >> i listened this morning to his new cd. >> he has the best oldies. >> these are brand new songs. remember this one. ♪ you've got me going crazy >> it's a whole new cd of songs like this. >> you love this song. >> so drenched in sexiness. here's the differee, he since every word, you know what i'm
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saying. they're smart lyrics. >> look at richard marx. this reminds me of slow dancing. he does slow dancing songs. >> so talented. he really is. >> don't know if he can hear us or not but probably not. >> there is a huge issue of "vanity fair" coming out and they've had wonderful people on the covers. >> and naked people. >> i think this is going to be their highest selling cover ever. know who's on the cover? prince george. >> i mean don't you think everyone's going to pick up this magazine and the headline is, "the house of -- the prince of wails turns 1" and their family always looks -- look at him looking at the dog. >> he's everything right about a baby. apparently he's not perfect. we thought he was. >> what? >> he struggled with not being able to sleep the first six months of his life. >> good to know. he's not perfect. >> doesn't know he's a royal baby and shouldn't be doing that. >> the nanny is -- they hired a nanny who is a spanish born woman, her name is maria teresa bolo. >> god bless you. >> you're welcome. >> experience in self-defense,
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high speed driving and dealing with the paparazzi. all important traits. >> and i put christine up against that lady now. >> yeah. >> with the guns baby. >> that's right. >> she's hiding. >> she's hiding. but she's here. >> did they know the sex of the baby? i don't think so, right? >> i don't remember. >> i don't think. so it's a beatrix potter theme in the little nursery. >> beautiful. he turns 1 on july 22nd. this is going to be out on newsstands soon. >> we want to know, if you have a baby, that is going to be turning 1 on his -- on prince george's birthday. >> july 22nd. >> so go to >> we want the prince to know there are other babies born that day and show them on the air. >> we just might. "people" magazine paid a lot of money for jessica simpson's wedding pictures. >> yes, they did. beautiful cover. i didn't realize jessica's father did not walk her down the aisle.
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>> because he's officiated. >> what? there you have it. >> he was standing at the end. she could see him as she was walking down. >> i think that's interesting. all right. anyway -- >> that's a beautiful -- who read their notes, can't you? >> you can tell who read the first part of them. he wasn't -- anyway, but -- >> beautiful carolina herrera dress. >> she's in such amazing shape. looked gorgeous. >> if you peel open that "people" magazine, there's another great feature of savannah's baby shower we had for her last week and it was a fun and crazy time. peter callahan is the guy who makes -- who caters these -- some of these events for us and it was such delicious food. he makes the little baby things. he did the doughnuts on the wall which were so cute. makes like the little french fries. tiny pizza. >> so we wanted to thank him for
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that. >> yes. >> all right. we want to look at pictures of jennifer lawrence at fashion week in paris. >> usually people are photographed because they're looking so chic and glam. jennifer lawrence was photographed for another reason because she likes to have fun. >> good for her. >> she was photographed with emma watson from "harry potter" and she gave her a face job. we called these face jobs when we were kids. she would be a fun friend to have. >> doesn't she delight you? just this attitude of -- most people at that point in life, really care about what other people think. >> yes. >> she knows a gazillion cameras are on her and she's just chomping on the gum. >> especially at a paris fashion event and with her friend. >> get like that. by the way, j. lo's outfit we didn't talk about with the one pant leg. >> you loved that, isn't you? >> one pant leg and had a slit all the way up. >> which is called pelvic -- >> pelvic -- >> pelvage. >> showing your pelvic bone. >> i used to have great pelvage.
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i did. the bone -- >> went in. >> i just did. now that it's -- it's a trend, i wouldn't show mine for anything on the planet. timing is everything, hoda. >> there it is. that's a dress with a pant and -- >> there it is. >> everyone's -- we got it. >> thank you. >> all right. anyway, so we've talked about a lot of different dating shows. here's one you might like, called dating naked. so couples on vh1 actually date naked. here's one you might like, called dating naked. so couples on vh1 actually date naked. you get to look at the person full on. >> in the entirety. >> let's take a look at a little bit of the trailer, the part we can show. >> the first time going through my mind is, is it too late to run? >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm going to die. >> usually it take mess three or four days to see my girl naked. this is such a time saver. >> dating naked is actually very freeing. as naked as i feel right now, it's probably the coolest date
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i've ever been on in my entire life. i felt an instant connection with him and i think he felt it too. >> there is no way on god's green earth. >> on god's green earth. >> even though panama is beautiful. >> ever. >> ever. i cannot -- i felt like she felt when she was walking on that boat and trying to cover herself up, that's what i would be dying. and he's so free and open. he couldn't have cared less. oh, my god. >> premiers next thursday on vh1. wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> but there's another one that's even worse because -- >> weirder. >> yeah. it's called married at first sight. this one premiered last night on the fyi network. >> the premise, you don't know the person, but you learn -- so there are a couple of dating coaches, shrinks, et cetera finding the perfect match for you, someone you've never met. >> match makers going to put you with the one you're scientifically more compatible with.
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but you have to agree to marry the person the first time you meet them is on your wedding day. >> the way it is in some countries you don't know the person and there they are on your wedding day. >> have fun, kids. >> let's take a look at the moment when one bride met one groom. >> seeing someone that was just absolutely gorgeous pop out of the door and then her crying immediately when she saw me. which could have been good and bad. >> i couldn't help but look at his family because they are like beaming with huge smiles looking at me and i just happened to be not attracted to the guy. >> she was freaking out and it seems like she doesn't know what's going on. and it was a tense moment. >> i'm getting married right now to someone i don't know. i'm thinking i just made the worst decision of my life. i am so scared. >> oh, my god. >> you think? the next one that's coming out next week is -- >> wait a second.
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>> i'm getting married naked. >> they're going to mix the two, it's the first time you meet naked and then you say, "i do." can you imagine. >> i can't. >> what is this world coming to? >> that made my stomach hurt that whole situation. >> george clooney is not going to go on a reality series like that. he's not going to be waiting for her at the aisle. >> if you look at the other side of it, half marriages end in divorce anyway. so your chances -- >> after all the best intentions. >> they don't work. now your odds are probably similar, i would think, because if someone shares -- they check values, beliefs, all those kind of things, and you know, after a while the chemistry goes away anyway. why don't you just fast forward through that part. >> you haven't thought this thing through, hoda. if you have values. >> what? >> you're not going to -- >> you might. you might. >> if you care about being honest and being committed to
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somebody, how can you say i'm going to marry whoever and be on television? >> being on television, right. >> i'm not saying they're immoral, but i'm saying -- both of you share that kind of a take, chances are it's not going to last anyway. >> unless you want to have a baby really badly and tried dating. >> let's not introduce the baby. >> want to have children and they're nice, solid, non -- you know, they've got -- they value the same things you value. i'm not saying that i would ever do it in a million years but i -- >> you would watch. >> i would watch. and the naked one too. definitely watch that one. >> all right. it's time for a -- >> oh, dear. >> shout out. we have to do this every time. >> anyway. >> go to hit the connect button and submit a question. >> if the handyman shows up at the door naked, ask him if he wants to get married, save some time. we are bringing you a special bargain hunter show this week and looking for your tips to
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find the best buys. send those again, >> right. if ever -- yeah. you know how to find good coupons or where to shop we want to know. coming up the "real housewives of new jersey" welcome an old family member. >> and they're all naked. >> and he's an answer to your endless summer nights. richard marx brings back memories. >> always so put together. looks good. >> yeah. he has been called energizing, electrifying and unaware of personal boundaries. and now he's here to explain one product that does two things. beroccaaaaaaaaaaaaa! fla-pow... mental sharpness support... fla-pow... physical energy support... ...together and only brock spedwell can explain it. beroccaaaaaaaaaaaaa! beroccaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
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we are back with our guest, richard marx, talk about bringing home some memories, released his first album in 1987 and since he's written 14 number one songs and sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. >> makes me happy to hear the chords again. >> now that he's hit the big 5-0. >> yeah baby. >> hoda is behind you. still going strong out with his latest cd called "beautiful good-bye." great to see you again. >> good to see you guys too. you are not about to be 50. no way. >> when did you turn 50. >> you hang up first. >> no, i like you. >> i turned 50 last september. >> how does 50 feel? >> like 30. >> does it. >> 32. >> i read that you said that. i'm 50 but i feel 25. everybody that's our age understands that. >> no really, once i hit my
2:22 am
early 30s i feel physically the same. i mean i can't say maybe in my 20s. >> by your 30s. >> you take care of yourself. >> we're happy you released new music. it took ten years. >> i wasn't deliberately making you wait. >> you weren't deliberately making a cd, writing songs, you thought, i've got something here. >> yeah. i didn't intentionally make an album. i'm always writing songs. >> and producing for our people. >> doing a tough of collaborations with other people. in between those things, i'm always still writing songs for me and maybe one day i'll put a collection together or whatever. i just -- i found that i had these couple songs that really went together. they were in a similar musical direction, in a similar lyrical direction, they sounded sexy. >> in the zone. >> i want to try to make it the sexiest album i ever made. >> and you go there. you do go there. >> one lyric that was -- a lot of great -- i'm one of those that looks at the titles, you wrote one with daisy fuentes.
2:23 am
>> i did. >> which surprised me. and then one of the lyrics, i forgot to remember to forget. >> we're going to sing today. >> of all these songs this is the one that's going to be the one that stands out. >> i don't finish a song unless i love it. i would think if i love a song that other people might love it too. we're all -- a lot of people have similar tastes. i've never had that experience that i heard other songwriters say where they knew it like "right there waiting" i tried to give that song away to barbra streisand. >> she said no? >> the sweetest thing in the word and said no, and i've worked with her since then, but i still have the voicemail message when i sent her that song, richard, i love love love this melody, it's gorgeous but i'm going to need you to rewrite the lyrics because i'm not going to be right here waiting for anybody. >> you're kidding. >> i swear. >> so great. >> it's true. >> she knows what's true to herself. >> yeah. >> i'm not sitting around.
2:24 am
>> now -- >> but no, i don't -- every time i write another song that becomes a hit, i swear, i go really? >> that's the one. >> that's cool. >> yeah. >> how's the reaction been so far? have you leaked some of these songs? >> yeah. came out yesterday, the album came out yesterday. i actually right before i went to sleep last night i had a little too much tequila it was good for me to read the comments then. i thought i can take it all with a grain of salt and it was amazing. >> can't wait to hear you sing the song. >> like we would expect anything less. >> going to sing it for us, the song we talked about before the end of our show today. >> don't let brain freeze getting in the way of who knew of national ice cream month. the "real housewives of new jersey" are here with a couple new faces. ♪ when he first joined the army, i was very nervous. ♪
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we are back with some fresh faces in the mix. >> the "real housewives of new jersey" return this sunday for their sixth season and wait until you see the drama that unfolds. here we go. dina manzo is making a comeback after four seasons on the new housewives. amber. >> amber marcasi. >> teresa aprea. >> and nicole. >> they are twins. >> welcome, ladies. >> thank you. >> dina you were gone. >> i was. >> people were bummed and then you came back. why did you come back? what brought you back? >> i like to say i was talked about for four seasons without a paycheck. come back for one. but it happened organically. i was kind of asked last minute and timing in my life said why not? >> you're getting a little --
2:29 am
critique from people saying -- >> you're going to get critique nod matter what you do. >> your sister is not on it anymore. >> she has her own show. >> does she wish she was with you? >> no, i think she's done. >> when you're done you're done. >> unless you're dina and then you come back. >> who's close with teresa giudice? she's not here today. usually she comes on these things. how come she's not here. >> we're doing a lot of press tomorrow. she will be here. i think she had some other stuff going on today. >> okay. >> what's happening with her husband and the whole jail thing? what's happening there some. >> you know, i'm the wrong person to ask. i don't follow the case. i'm there for her as a friend. >> they have been found guilty, right? >> no. >> no. >> are you sure? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> that would be safe. >> we are nbc news. we have to be careful. >> new people. >> how are you enjoying this ride that you're on? >> i -- you know, there's some really great points and intense points you know it was hard to get used to. >> sure.
2:30 am
>> overall, this makes it worth it to be on with you. >> you were talking about a diagnosis, of breast cancer. >> when i was 31. >> talking about that in a public forum must not have been easy. >> actually no. it's just beautiful. i feel it's a godsend i'm able to speak about it. i'm using this as really a platform to be able to have breast cancer awareness and to potentially save another life. >> once your heart came back and you knew you were on the road to being healed, you felt i want to share this with people. >> i want to share of. it's unusual to be 31 and have breast cancer. >> hard any time. >> what about the twins? who's the good and bad twin? >> the evil one. >> raise your hand. >> the only thing that's evil and good, it's like sweet and spicy. >> sugar and spice. >> i'm a little spicy. >> edgy a little. >> yeah. >> who crosses the issues in the show? you do? >> no, i don't. >> i don't. i don't think i cross any issues. i think -- >> they find you. >> they find me. >> you're a drama magnet.
2:31 am
>> i have to deal with them. >> why did you guys want to go on the show some. >> i thought it would be so much fun to do something with teresa. we're so extremely close. we have the strongest bond. to do something and be on tv with my twin sister. >> and you are going through a life change because of your -- you're almost divorced. >> i'm divorced now for a few years. it's been almost four years. >> all right. >> ladies, you know a lot of fireworks are going to be going off tonight when season six of the jersey housewives -- >> sunday night at 8:00, 7:00 central on the bravo network. >> the junk gypsies are coming and so is richard marx. right now somewhere in america, there's an animal being beaten. another is being locked in a cage, alone and left to die.
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the next ten minutes. if you do, we will send you the photo of an animal from our shelter and an aspca t-shirt. if you've wondered if your support will make a difference, i can tell you that it will. if you've ever thought about helping. this is the time. it's a painful, and horrifying life for these animals but for just .60 cents a day, you can change everything. it could be the most important thing you do today. go online or call right now. and we're back with more of "today" on this wines day wednesday. who knew, july is national ice cream month and what better way to entertain your frends with fun trivia about your favorite frozen treat. kathie lee is at the nbc experience store and ready to hand out $100 to anyone who gets
2:34 am
the questions right and a kathie lee cd -- >> everyone has a story. >> they were all singing along >> allegedly here to help me out is "new york times" food writer melissa clark. >> are you ready. >> i'm so ready. >> where's our ice cream. >> we should have thought that through. >> lovely young lady from fairfax, virginia. how much ice cream is produced per person per year in the united states, 17 quarts, 21 quarts, 25 quarts, or 30 quarts? how could you know? >> definitely b. >> wow is right. confidence. how did she know? >> do you know how many scoops that is? >> 600 scoops per person per year. >> 600. >> i could do half of it. >> that's two a day or something like that. wow. all right. >> sounds good to me. >> back across to kathie lee. >> from new jersey in an episode of "the brady bunch" bobbie competes for a trophy in what ice cream related activity,
2:35 am
speed eating, sundae making, creating the tallest cone or scooping ice cream? >> d? >> you're going to enjoy this cd so much. >> the correct answer is a, speed eating. >> do you remember that one? >> i remember. eating with his face. >> yeah. >> and he wanted to win the trophy on the cartoon sing show. >> that's right. >> did he win? >> he did not win unfortunately for bobbie. >> feel bad. back to kathie lee. >> from west virginia, "the huffington post" published a list of the worst ice cream flavors. which of the following was not on the list? garlic, pizza, hot dog or lobster? talking about ice cream. >> i'm going to go, b, pizza. >> no. no. >> i would have picked garc. >> they're all -- they all sound yucky but the correct answer c, hot dog. >> there is a hot dog ice cream out there. you know what else was on the list, interesting, rum raisin and butter pecan which i think are fine flavors. >> rum raisin is delicious.
2:36 am
>> might take issue with the article. >> back across to kathie lee. >> lovely lady from michigan. fill in the blank please one of the main differences between gelato and ice cream is that ice cream has more? milk, air, sug, or eggs? >> c, sugar. >> this is my latest gospel cd. >> loves giving away. this surprises me, the correct answer is b air. >> why gelato is richer and creamier. when you make ice cream in america you whip air into it, makes it fluffier and lighter. you lose some of the feel. >> gelato it is. back across. >> from indiana, carville signature ice cream cake fudgy is in the shape of a what? a bear, whale, duck or a puppy? >> i'm having a good day. >> yes, you are. it is fudgy the whale. >> fudgy the puppy would be adorable but it was introduced in the '70s. and then in the '80s we saw
2:37 am
another signature cake, cooky pus. >> i don't remember that one. >> it was the big monster. and fudgy the whale had vanilla, chocate fudge, little crumbles on it. it was delicious. >> perfect. back across to kathie lee. >> from upstate new york, hi, who among the following has not had a ben and jerry's ice cream or frozen yogurt created in their honor. tina fey, stephen colbert, kathie lee and hoda or jimmy fallon. >> i'm going to go c. >> you're right. >> we didn't need that question. that was not fair. we were the only ones. >> talk about your sorbet. >> what? >> apparently there was -- >> they did make a sore bet. >> yes. >> a vermont apple sorbet. >> i forget. you're right. >> we could use some of that right now too. >> thank you for coming to see us. >> thank you. >> live performance by richard marx. and how to turn your trash into treasure. the host of "junk gypsies" will show you how right after this. thank you.. and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street,
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with a little creativity and elbow grease, anyone can turn junk into a gem. >> ask sisters amie and jolie, host of great american country's "junk gypsies," they search stores for junks and flea markets finding items at may have been turned into trash. >> they're here today, to help you find beauty in the beast you have lying around your house. hi ladies. >> hi. >> this is so much fun. >> thank you for having us. >> pleasure. >> you're starting off with the shadow boxes. tell us about these. >> well, everybody has stuff they want display and don't know how to display it. pictures that could be in frames, not in frames, jewelry,
2:42 am
candles. this is a great way to take something inexpeive. these are all from the flea market, $10. >> add like -- this kind of stuff is stuff that you can get for free about anywhere or in your garage. just trash. >> what is that? what do you do with that? >> drill it on the sides. >> oh. >> or even use old drawers and turn those. >> make a shadow box, put your jewelry, pictures, whatever. >> cute. >> really simple. >> we ve amazing -- this genius. >> there's notng more southern and americana than mason jars. >> y drill a hole in the top of the lid. these are old but you can get new ones like a dollar, they're cheap. use like a light kit and do -- screw the bulb in. >> that is so adorable. >> this is an extra little -- >> you had a barn. >> happen to have a pulley. >> right. >> pulley line. >> what have you done with this piece of luggage? >> well -- >> genius.
2:43 am
>> see us getting on the plane with this yesterday. the great thing about this you can -- >> surity loves you. >> your jams and clothes in. >> how does this work? >> i love old suitcases. we love the concept and these are everywhere at the flea market. >> people get rid of them. >> a dime a dozen. >> use like your old speakers, how everybody has the big old speakers. not everybody -- >> you do. >> all right. >> depending on how old you. the big speakers laying around or get new ones and make a funky little -- >> there you go. ♪ >> oh, my god. >> there you go. >> you know what -- >> how cute is that. >> i heard that you guys were palling around with a cute tall drink of water named blake. >> yeah. >> you tweeted this and something like -- >> we like to hang out with blake. >> you guys are pretty fancy. >> thank you. >> we feel short but like to hang out with him. >> what do you have at the end? >> what are these right here? >> these are old trunks. >> wheels. >> this is on like an old wagon that was kind of rotted out. those are casters. it can be a coffee table. you can add casters to anything.
2:44 am
>> what are casters? >> the wheels. you can get them at any hardware store. >> excellent. >> cute. >> look at these magnets. >> you know nothing about wine. >> nothing. >> nothing about wine corks. >> nothing. >> i know. >> we like the kind that screws off now. >> or the cap. >> really simple project. anybody can do it. kind of dig out the cork and then add some dirt. you can take ia step further and add a magnet. >> cute. >> i love this idea. >> like the old cheese -- >> broken or tacky. >> what do you do with them? >> take and actually where you use the corkscrew, get these and push them in. >> yeah. >> what do you do? >> elbow grease. >> and got your spreaders. >> have a cheese spread. >> those are darling. >> cheese, wine. >> fun. >> it's a theme. >> we like you guys. thanks so much. >> so much fun. >> catch "junk gypsies" thursday on friday american country. >> stop whining. here with a few vinos off the beaten path. i get around "junk gypsies" and
2:45 am
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♪ ain't no holler back girl ♪ ♪ ain't no holler back girl when it comes to wines it's not all red white and sparkly. >> ray knows all that about that the executive wine editor of "food and wine" magazine. >> he's traveled off the beaten find for spectacular unique wines. >> interesting wines. >> i brought a range of stuff i guarantee you have never had before. >> okay. >> we're actually starting with kind of the least weird of them, which is a sparkling shiraz from australia. everybody sort of shiraz, in the same way you would make champagne, purple, fizzy, really delicious. >> i kind of like that. >> that's delicious. >> i would like that. >> for a barbecue. >> wow. >> absolutely. >> have a chilled red wine with a barbecue. >> that's a ten. delicious. >> the next one, this is a love it or hate it. i will warn you. weird category of wine called orange wines. >> i already hate it. >> you never know. you might like it.
2:50 am
>> that's true. >> this is basically a white wine made the sameay they make a red wine from channing daughters out on long island, aged on the skins and takes on an orangey golden color. >> yes. >> like a red wine. >> sorry. >> you're going to love it. i guarantee. >> it's surprising. >> not going to love it. >> not for me. some people might. >> it's not great. >> i got to be honest. some people go crazy for it. we don't judge. >> totally different category. not made with grapes. er andwine from bee divine in ne anda aditio ght,. >> t essete h setiweir r , of>> i ho pr ltwo so faly f s -- >> f ea s'sane
2:51 am
it a a - prb oarsnd goos >> g c ricgoin inuggl acee hom t d esas at's t d ssbuilouwaecvide c thoingegeth tht peoackdceus y >>th and l ioctke
2:52 am aavon totugu etto ye" nallfiaralll ive.ex
2:53 am
orger" wou ate shs mct sto wzen she f m ♪t in n mego mi's on d n stkett reer♪vet y eyeaswhtooses pase♪raed
2:54 am
vetore ketterst r♪ be♪ysogo a fad ♪likefftor ♪gotobeem lefheor♪ deadf de♪ >> ric mx!esme. ouite. le.akov >> tro ye. >>or e hthh dom,oi
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