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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  September 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a body is found inside a burning car in philadelphia. police say there is evidence this is no accident. police are investigating right now in olney. >> you spoke with the woman, the victim is her brother? >> that's her belief, although police have officially yet to identify the remains. they're processing two crime scenes tonight. here now at fifth and lawrence where a body was found inside a car that was fully engulfed in flames. an elderly woman reported seeing a man shot in the head inside a car matching the same
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description. >> heartbreaking. >> grieving family members gathered where they made a gruesome discovery. the body of the man they believe is their loved one in the front passenger seat of a black mitsubishi galant up in flames. >> we saw smoke coming from the air, and me, my boyfriend and all of us ran, we got to the car. >> star watson believes the victim in the car is her brother. they received information he had been shot. police are connecting this crime scene at fifth and lawrence in olney to another just three blocks away on fourth and roslin. >> it's really scary, it's ever, where but when it's practically outside your door, it's a different story. >> when police arrived on roslin street, they said there was a male sitting in the passenger seat of a black mitts bishy who
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had been shot in the head and the driver drove off. >> reporter: a car with a missing license plate matching the same description was found. the victim's body burned beyond recognition. now, police say it could take days before they officially identify the victim. but family members are out here waiting on any type of word. witnesses told police they saw a suspect running from the scene of the crime into a red vehicle. that's the latest they have for now. reporting live from olney, denise nakano, nbc10 news. tonight a philadelphia father may never walk again after he was gunned down after a quick stop for a cheesesteak. >> i can't believe what they did to my husband for no reason. >> the victim's wife who is a philadelphia police dispatcher explains the incident that led to the gunfire as officers release new surveillance video of the suspects.
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nefertiti jaquez is live in university city tonight where that father is hospitalized right now. neferti nefertiti? >> reporter: he is behind me at the hospital recovering, his wife says he cannot move from the waist down. she says it's a sad reality she never thought she'd have to face. >> so many times i want to break down, and i can't. i have to be strong for him. >> the pain has been so unbearable she couldn't fight it any more. she broke down while talking about the shooting that has left her husband in critical condition. >> he just really was like, i can't believe they just shot me. i was like hold on, hold on. i'm on my way. >> it happened around 2:00 in the afternoon on friday at this popular bodega in west philadelphia. cameras were rolling when the victim was videotaped paying for his food and leaving the store. police say if you look closely, the victim accidentally bumped into the suspect on his way out the door. a few seconds later shots rang out. >> i just couldn't believe what
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they did to my husband. for no reason. >> this camera angle shows the suspect and his two friends as they approach the 49-year-old father outside of the store. >> i understand words were exchanged, he came back over to them to apologize. and one of the guys went ahead and punched him in the face. a fight started. that's when the guy pulled out a gun and started shooting them. >> the gunmen fired off nine shots from a semiautomatic handgun with an extended magazine. the victim was hit six times. now michelle, who's a philadelphia police dispatcher is having a hard time knowing her husband is paralyzes. >> it's scary when i'm on 911 picking up the phone. and it's scary i'm out living it right now. >> the victim's mother is also heart broken. >> it's just hard. it's hard to see him laying there like that. >> tonight as a family continues to pray for their loved one's recovery, police say if you know
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who he's men are, they want to hear from you. nefertiti jaquez, nbc10 news. a major safety milestone for the philadelphia school district, just in time for the start of the school year, there are no schools on the persistently dangerous list for the first time since the no child left behind act was enacted in 2001. violence is down in district schools for the fourth year in a row. the number of incidents dropped nearly 10%. student enrollment dropped in the 2013 to 2014 school year. philadelphia schools opened on monday. >> major changes are coming with the new school year for high schoolers in trenton. parents and students got some answers about what they can expect come monday morning. nbc10 was there as dozens of students and their families filed into a freshman orientation this evening. after years of complaints. trenton central high school will be closed for a full year. in the meantime, the high school
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students will attend classes in four different locations. the parents of some new freshmen say the evolving plans have been chaotic. >> i think that they should have contacted us as soon as school lets out in june. but they didn't. >> it's been very last men snit. >> yeah, very. >> this former church building will be home to ninth grade classes starting next week. furniture and supplies have just been moved into the new school buildings. the new locations were only certified for student occupancy last week. new at 11:00, a transformation that the city of philadelphia hopes will give it a new center. dill worth park opens tomorrow. here's what that area used to look like. now, more than two years and $55 million later the revamped outdoor space is ready for its reveal. nbc10's george spencer is there live tonight where last minute preparations are underway.
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george? >> when we arrived out here tonight we saw crews pouring some final concrete over water connections in the park. this project is coming in about $5 million over budget, but it's supporters hope it will become a new hub in a spot that badly needed a face lift. alongside philadelphia's ornate city hall this evening, we got a glimpse of the newest park nearly complete. sweeping glass subway entrances, dancing fountains and a cafe is intended as a centerpiece for the city opening tomorrow. >> to you this looks like an improvement? >> yes, definitely. >> the shady granite plaza that preceded the new park, home to occupy philadelphia protesters for months, needed an upgrade. the new changes are attracting attention ahead of tomorrow's ribbon cutting and three days of opening events.
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supporters hope the park will be a hub for residents, commuters and tourists alike. connecting the avenue of the arts to the parkway and beyond. co-workers are convinced the upgraded hangout could have an economic ripple effect well beyond 15th street. >> i think it's central, in the middle of the city, usually after work, no one's in the city. i think this is a great place to bring people back to city after work hours. >> whoa! ? center city? but why not? >> the southern third of the park won't be complete until later this year. that's after other delays caused by underground construction difficulties and our brutal winter weather that put the project $5 million over its original $50 million budget. comcast, the parent company of nbc10 is a sponsor of tomorrow's
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ribbon cutting celebration, the $55 million it took to renovate this park was paid for by city and state taxpayers as well as the center city district and even septa. live tonight in center city, george spencer nbc10 news. new at 11:00 some good news for drivers in delaware county who have been having a rough ride on two major roads tonight. marple road and darby creek road in haverford township will be resurfaced next month. the township commissioner gathered more than 300 signatures to put pressure on penn dot to make these repairs as soon as possible. he's gotten hundreds of complaints from drivers who say the roads are so bad they're now unsafe to drive and damaged some cars. grieving students gathered tonight in south jersey to honor a classmate. she died from injuries suffered in a weekend car crash. ashlyn cook died this morning.
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nbc10 was in lin wood tonight for a candlelight vigil at the school's football stadium. students honored and remembered their friend. cook and the others were on their way to a charity tournament when their car crashed in hamilton township. >> you didn't have to know her for long to know she was a good person, a gentle and a kind opinion. >> she didn't deserve this at all. she was the last person in the world i would ever expect something like this to happen to. >> her funeral will be held monday. the other girls were treated and released from the hospital. the justice department intends to launch a civil rights investigation into the entire ferguson missouri police department. nbc news says an announcement is planned for tomorrow. the department's been investigating last month's deadly shooting of an unarmed teenager. michael brown's death touched off several days of protests. this new information will also look at the practices of the
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county police department. tonight new sexual abuse accusations against former penn state assistant jerry sandusky, a new accuser filed a lawsuit here in philadelphia last month. he's suing sandusky, his second mile charity and penn state university. the lawsuit claims sandusky sexually abused the boy six years ago during a shopping trip and again after a football game. he's serving a prison sentence after he was convicted two years ago of abusing ten boys. the woman accused of kidnapping and raping a child in philadelphia. she's accused of taking a 5-year-old girl from her school last year. her relatives took the stand and accused her of abusing her daughter, that's when she sprang from her seat i never touched your child, she's lying. she dn address the charges against her, she talked about
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how she had been sexually assaulted. we also learned the statement she made on the night of her arrest are not admissible in court, because an officer failed to read her miranda rights. a local hospital promising patients the best knee surgery they can buy. >> who just called them out and why it's allegedly not true. also, mo'net davis is a shining star. why a popular college coach says just congratulating her may have broken the rules. the heat and humidity comes back before the week is over. i'm tracking storms for the weekend, i'll show you the timing of that, and if it will affect the eagles forecast coming up.
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makes you want to go mad. erggggh. only verizon fios comes with speed match. upload speeds as fast as your download speeds. join now at verizon. new at 11:00, little league phenom mo'net davis is still getting celebrity treatment.
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here's how it all started, when asked about being on the cover of "sports illustrated." >> baseball, so naturally it's probably -- hopefully it will be me in a uconn jersey. >> when she and her philadelphia little league team made the world series, she told fans her favorite sport was basketball. her dream was to play for the university of connecticut. the coach called her to congratulate her, and that may have been a recruiting violation. one school thinks so. >> i say congratulations. the conversation lasted about two minutes, she hangs up. they turned us in as a recruiting violation, because i'm not allowed to talk to her until july 1st of her junior year in high school. >> gino said he made the call after the 76ers organization suggested it. the south jersey hospital insists its knee replacement
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surgery is the best money can buy. but a regulator says not so fast. virtue ya says because we don't cut the quadriceps tendon patients have a faster recuperation time. the better business bureau has recommended that virtue ya stop making those claims. an ad campaign promoting the jersey shore featuring governor chris christie did not violate any federal regulations according to investigators. ♪ cause we're stronger than the storm ♪ >> you remember that song? the ads were aimed at drumming up tourism after hurricane sandy. they were nothing more than
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taxpayer funded campaign ads for christie. they found the state made mistakes in securing the $25 million contract like failing to make independent cost estimates as required under federal funding rules, the state is now taking steps to fix those problems. thousands of laid off casino workers are expected to get much needed assistance over the next few days. 1,000 people lined up for filing for unemployment benefits in atlantic city. nbc10 was at the convention center as a resource center opened to handle the large amount of people laid off from show boat and revel casinos. counselors are offering job training and help paying for food and housing. >> it's just a very hard situation. i'm hoping that they can help me give me some insight, help with paperwork, insurance. >> and more people will be in need when trump plaza closes its
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doors in less than two weeks. the resource center will be open weekdays until next wednesday, when it will wrap up with a career fair. a delaware county man is accused of stealing from struggling homeowners he promised to help. police say adolfo vasquez took thousands of dollars from homeowners facing mortgage foreclosure. he operated alliance mortgage protection. several people told police they paid him hefty fees to help with their mortgage foreclosure, but nothing in return. it felt a lot more comfortable out today than it did yesterday, we had a lot more dry air around. a brief period of relief, we're going to have this again as we go through the day tomorrow. before the week is over, the summer heat returns, the humidity returns back into the forecast before the weekend. even going into the weekend we
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have showers with that. also, the eagles forecast, home opener this sunday. i'll show you the timing of the rain, and we'll see if it will affect the eagles game. 82 degrees yesterday, we were 10 degrees or more yesterday. today mid-80s, cooler and we keep going up as we go into the weekend. back into the low 90s friday and saturday, that does come with the humidity, and storms as we start off the weekend. temperatures right now, pretty comfortable, 74 in philadelphia, upper 60s south jersey and delaware. upper 60s in millville to the mid-60s in dover. 70 in wildwood, when you wake up tomorrow morning, your bus stop forecast for the kids, we'll see sunny skies, 68 degrees. 8:00 a.m. in the morning, 70 degrees by 9:00 in the morning, that's your bus stop time, temperatures will be around 73 degrees and we'll keep seeing the sunshine. big area of high pressure will keep us nice and dry, it will
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keep the sunshine in the forecast. cold front is to our south. that's what's really pulling down the dry air. future weather keeps us dry as we go into the day. tomorrow through the afternoon we're dry. most branches stay to our west. friday we could see a few showers around. humidity increases too. as we go into saturday, showers and storms mostly in the afternoon hours, it's all part of a cold front. after the rain gets here saturday, we should start to clear out as we go through the day sunday. your eagles forecast for the home opener sunday, 1:00 p.m. sunny and breezy. temperatures will be in the upper 70s, we'll see more sunshine through the day. tonight clear and comfortable. 67 for the low in philadelphia, 55 areas north and west, tomorrow, sunny warm day, still mid to upper 80s, humidity stays fairly low, it stays pretty comfortable outside. we'll see a few showers, higher humidity, low 90s start the weekend with storms and we are only around 80 for sunday.
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jeremy maclin talks about nick foles becoming the leader of the eagles going into the season opener. big day for grady sizemore. was it enough for the phillies? and why the braves are giving the phillies a piece of their mound.
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i'm john clark, we are four days away until the eagles season opener against jacksonville. billy davis says first round pick marcus smith will have a limited roll on sunday. nick foles is opening the season as the starting quarterback for the first time. jeremy maclin is ready for his first season opener in two years. he missed all of last year with
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a torn acl. nick is leading the team now. >> this is the team, so obviously the confidence is going to be there, don't judge nick off of -- if he throws more than two interceptions this year, that's not going to mean he's declining as a quarterback. he's gotten better, he commands the huddle. he's making all the throws on the field. he's definitely the right guy for the job. >> you saw in the preseason the huge spike in the number of penalties called on defensive backs for illegal contact and holding. the games were longer, the question is, will officials start and continue to call this tight in the regular season. >> early on, i'm banking on it's not going to change much, i think there's a message they wanted do send. it's been sent. i don't imagine them backing off too much. >> i don't believe they're going to call it as tight as they did. >> michael sam officially joined the cowboys practice squad.
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the phillies have sent items to the baseball hall of fame, the braves are going to give the phillies the pitching rubber from the mound after the season. the phillies bullpen overheated later on in this one. in the third, grady sizemore going deep. that is a two-run shot, tied the game up at 3. but in the bottom of the fifth, miguel gonzalez' major league debut, game tied 4-4. gonzalez gives up two runs. phillies do not get the sweep, they lose 7-4. union playing the first game of a rare home/home series. sebastian crosses to conor casey, union win 1-0. it was a close race for our high school blitz game of the week, upper darby and garnet valley garnered 44% of our votes just beating out council rock and simon gratz.
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high school blitz has the best highlights every saturday at 7:00, right here on nbc10. flyers defenseman teimonen doing a little better with blood clots, he's been cleared to play.
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not done with the heat yet, right sheena? >> no, we are not. tomorrow's going to be another comfortable day come friday. the heat and humidity come back
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in the forecast. sunny, warm comfortable, humidity comes in friday, storms saturday, good news for the eagles as we go into sunday. jacqueline? >> hoping that weather will help level things out. to prove a point about internet speeds, we slowed down an up escalator this is crazy like i don't get it, this one is working ladies, shouldn't up be as fast as down? yeah. shouldn't internet speeds match as well? yes. do your socks match? my socks match. do your eyeballs match? yes. cable does not match the speeds.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- blake shelton. tim heidecker and eric wareheim. and featuring the ge