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tv   Today  NBC  September 4, 2014 2:07am-3:01am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. hi. >> hi. >> welcome. >> yeah. >> wines day wednesday. september 3rd. and we got two great terrific actresses with us, allison williams and kelly rutherford. we have reed alexander. >> we've got a great show. >> love him. >> he is such a sweetie, in the kitchen working hard. >> and your words of wisdom midweek. >> this what is we do every wednesday. wednesday's words of wisdom. here it is this morning. i did lots of research. >> you googled it.
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>> hard times will always reveal true friends. >> you had one sentence. >> what? >> let's do it again. do it with feeling and emotion. >> let's have some background -- >> music. >> it doesn't matter. ready. hard times will always reveal true friends. >> author unknown. you know what, my mother for the longest time thought unknown was a person. she goes, i really like that philosopher. you know, who is -- where was -- is unknown from? my father just looked at her and goes, it means anonymous. oh, my mom. golly, god bless her. >> yes. >> everybody still -- not everybody. a lot of people are fascinated with the angelina jolie and brad pitt wedding. >> more details coming out. one of them that came out, you wondered what kind of music she walked down the aisle to. we know her kids were with her as she walked down the aisle, et cetera.
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apparently the entire congregation of 20 people were humming -- ♪ >> which i got to say is cheap. but that is -- that's the way to do it, boy. >> that's such a -- that's really cute. >> i guess this little chapel that's ancient that sits on the property only seats about 20 people. >> it's perfect. >> there's no room for musicians. >> yeah. and she honored her mother who passed away of ovarian cancer and there were -- it's just nice when you can connect everyone together. there were i guess a stone at the end with her mom's name on it. >> and also she wore her mom's ring. >> she was very close to her mom. >> what did you walk down the aisle to? >> i didn't walk down an aisle. >> what did you do? >> i never -- i never got married in a church. i know. i don't know why. >> was there a harp? what was playing? >> a harp?
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>> don't people have harps? ♪ >> thank you. yes. no, first time was at at a -- my -- it's hard for me to say the words. my first husband's house out in california. >> okay. >> very small little tiny house, maybe 70 people there. second time was at our attorney's house in bridgehampton. i walked down -- >> like a short -- >> just outside. outside. >> i was getting a manicure the other day and a song came on and i had like one of those moments like where do i know this song from, and this is what it was. ♪ >> oh, i love that. >> i walked down to that and i started having like a panic thing. i didn't know -- you're like, what is that song from.
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>> who wrote it? bach? who? >> taco bell? wow. he's talented. >> oh. >> sounds like vivaldi a little bit. >> don't try to show off. >> i've never heard of taco bell. i love their tostada things. >> jimmy fallon and adam levine teamed up to have fun. >> a mash-up thing. >> they call these their impressions. i guess they threw out a -- it's called the wheel of musical impressions. >> okay. >> let's just watch and see what they did. ♪ sunny day sweeping the clouds away ♪ >> why you got to be so rude?
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don't you know i'm human too. why you got to be so rude? ♪ do you know the muffin man the muffin man ♪ ♪ do you know the muffin man ♪ old mcdonald he had a farm e-i-e-i-o ♪ >> that was great. >> wow. ♪ let's get drunk on the mini barn ♪ >> they're talented guys. they really are. >> very talented. >> people compare johnny carson, jimmy fallon, none of them, no host has been able to do what jimmy fallon does. >> he is amazing. >> apparently he can't stop offending us. >> let's watch. >> tonight we'll be talking of going on a juice cleanse. >> oh. >> pro, a lot of people at nbc are joining in on the liquid cleanse craze. hoda and kathie lee are doing a wine cleanse.
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>> really? >> i think so. >> wow. >> i'll try that. rose, white, red. >> we're up to ten. we're up to ten wine jokes. ten. >> you know what, he used to have us on his show. now he just makes jokes about us. >> "america's got talent". >> it was on last night. >> apparently some show-stoppers. i didn't get to see it last night. >> what were you doing? >> i was busy doing other things. i made that fish yesterday. >> hoda, that takes two seconds. >> but it was delicious. >> take a look at some of the performances. ♪ ♪ baby
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♪ to see you walk away from me ♪ i'd rather be ♪ blind ♪ yeah >> love the braces. i love the whole situation. >> the first troupe was a colombian dance troupe. >> and the 12-year-old who you just saw singing etta james "i'd rather go blind" was quintavious johnson. they'll find out who makes it tonight at 9:00. >> show the viral video first. an exasperated father was trying to show his kids how to change the toilet roll. >> that's an oxymoron, by the way. >> what? >> never mind. okay. >> taco bell. anyway, so decided they wanted to show their kids how to do it. >> i love that song by taco bell.
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>> he wanted to do it through social media. check out how he teaches them to change a toilet paper roll. >> changing pay attention. first thing you have to do is remove this empty one like this. just slips off like that. and then we take the toilet roll and we place it on there like that. the advanced level would be to actually take the empty toilet roll holder and put it in the bin. >> advanced one. i love it. that's adorable. we had a debate this morning. >> we did. did you see how he put his toilet paper roll? he put it over. i believe the proper way to do it and the way it should be done and the only way it should be done is under. it's easier and much more accessible. over is confusing. under, look how easy. look how easy it is. anyway.
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this is a cheap toilet paper. it's so thin. >> i believe it should be done over. >> show. >> but initially -- >> show what you did to it. >> i folded it nicely. >> of course she did. it's hard to tell. there are little creases. >> and then put a little thing on there. >> she put a sticker. >> you know exactly where it starts. that's the big problem with the roll of toilet paper. let's be honest. how many times have you ripped that baby apart to get it going. >> that is a bad -- >> look at you. >> i'm trying to find the beginning. see. that's -- >> which do you think it is. >> go on facebook immediately and decide which is the proper way. under or over. >> and if you have lots and lots of time at your house you can do fun stuff too. >> kathie lee was sitting here folding the tp like in the hotel, the fancy ones. >> anyway, we would love to know what you think.
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>> we have allison williams coming up who is going to talk about "peter pan". >> right. >> and end of summer means the beginning of football. we're kicking off the fun with a game of who knew. >> is that allison williams? >> that's her. yep. >> look at her wig. let's focus. >> apparently a wig. >> we're going to get -- >> this is -- >> she's going to have fun. guess what? reed alexander is here. right over there in our kitchen. >> kelly rutherford too. >> we'll be right back after this. [ female announcer ] how do you eat your eggo? ♪ you can start with the syrup, pour it on top, maybe not ♪ ♪ apple chunks and cinnamon and honey if you got ♪ ♪ bring on the chocolate spread ♪ ♪ somethin' green, somethin' blue, somethin' orange, somethin' red ♪ ♪ ham and egg, tomato sandwich ♪ cut it nice and do some damage ♪ ♪ cream cheese, pomegranate ♪ make it look like jack or janet ♪ ♪ x's and o's and a tic tac toe ♪ ♪ you can fill in the holes, let the syrup flow, yeah ♪ ♪ stack it, snack it, maybe you can bend it ♪ ♪ you can slice it up and dice it up ♪ ♪ and big it up and friend it [ female announcer ] there are millions of ways to eggo! try one of our fun recipes on facebook...
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she has been dreaming of this role since she was 3 years old and for actress allison williams, dreams do come true. >> she's been cast as the star of nbc's live production "peter pan" set to air in december and not too far from us in midtown manhattan, final auditions are going on in california. >> allison is with the production casting director bernie. >> bernie is here too. >> why i don't know. bernie is also with us. love you guys, hi. >> good morning. >> hi. >> hi, guys. how are you? >> one of the delay things. okay. >> make it through. allison, are you totally busting about this role? i mean -- >> she is. >> we saw the pictures when you were 3 or 4. >> i know. i'm so, so excited. i'm still that excited. i'm as excited as i was as the tiny girl in my halloween costume until now. >> i wasn't aware until now that you have a lot of talent in that whole area.
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you've been doing a lot of musical production and plays and things since you were a little kid? >> yeah. i have been. but i've never had a chance to play a boy. >> yes. >> and that will be really fun. i've also never flown, so that will be interesting. >> come on. a couple times in college when you did. >> worth tuning in to. we're not going to talk about that. >> how is that? when you have to fly and act and sing and do all those things at the same time? >> live. >> yeah. >> well, we'll see. i think that will be a big thing that we're going to find as we go, but i'm hoping that it will come pretty seamlessly to all of us. i don't know. i will have buddies flying with me. >> that's what you're down to now, right, bernie, the final casting for what are the roles? tiger lily? >> michael and john and wendy. these are the final callbacks today. >> oh, good.
2:22 am
>> have there been tons -- must have been -- everyone probably wanted to be cast in this. how difficult was it to pick? >> we saw about like almost 100 kids for the boys. michael and john and now we're down to the final like eight. >> wow. and you're out in california. you would think you would be looking here in new york for a lot of the kids that are broadway -- >> we are in new york. >> right down the block. >> we were told you are in california. >> you should come and audition. >> you couldn't come into the studio. >> probably told us we were in california so they wouldn't audition. >> that's exactly what they did. >> they'll get it. >> i think that is what they did. >> here in new york. that's good. >> we know you've got kids back there. these kids are auditioning, is that right? >> we do. >> they're going to sing a little number? >> these are the final michael and johns. >> all right. >> they're going to do a little bit right now. >> let's hear it. i won't grow up. i won't grow up ♪ i don't want to grow up i don't want to go to
2:23 am
school i don't want to go to school♪ ♪ just learn to be a parrot ♪ just learn to be a parrot ♪ and recite a silly rule ♪ ♪ and recite a silly rule ♪ if growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree ♪ ♪ i'll never grow up never grow up never grow up ♪ ♪ not me ♪ not i ♪ not me >> lovely. >> english accents to boot. >> so terrific. >> you guys are so terrific. good luck choosing. thanks for joining us. rehearsals start soon. all the best. >> we can't wait. >> thank you, bernie. bernie, you were awesome. for a guy we didn't know why you were here you were great. >> take care. >> bye. >> ever wish your annoying neighbors would move to never never land. >> mr. manners has solutions to. >> kelly rutherford takes us back to the '80s in her new film. >> we'll talk to her in a minute. septic system breakdowns
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if you were a fan of the series "gossip girl" you probably know kelly rutherford as the fashionable upper east side mom and serena and eric. >> who were her kids. >> in "the stream" kelly plays a mom again but this time the year is 1981. >> hello. >> "star wars" is all the rage and her son earnest is obsessed. >> exactly. interesting concept. >> you know, welcome. >> hi. >> nice to see you again. really an interesting concept because the whole thing is i've never heard this before, it was -- tell us about the boys and girls club. >> well, the amazing thing is there were 200, you know, kids
2:28 am
from the boys and girls club of america working on the crew, working on the film. >> that's amazing. >> it was incredible. you had these young teenagers holding the boom, doing the click -- the clicker, the clapper -- and they did wardrobe, helped assist makeup. >> star in any of it? >> i don't think so. not that i know of. not that i know of. that's going to be next, i hope. they were incredible. >> was that influential in choosing this? it seemed like all the actors who were interviewed about this kept talking about how that was such an important component. >> that was exciting, to do a film about kids, a modern day "goonies" set in that time, remember the '80s. >> every kid was obsessed with "star wars." >> the concept, this kid has a light saber and it breaks. >> right. >> and then all hell breaks loose and there's an older bully and his parents have no idea what's going on. they find out later. it's just a wonderful story.
2:29 am
my son watched it. he absolutely loved it. >> he did. >> running around with the saber around the apartment because i, of course, stole about ten of them from the set. >> you had to. >> it was really a wonderful production. >> your role is you play the mom? >> i play the mom. >> where did you shoot this film? >> gosh, was it pennsylvania? >> that's all right. >> it's all a big -- i only worked about five days on the film, but i just thought it was such a cool concept, you know. >> and any monies from it are going to go to benefit the boys and girls club. >> available on dvd now and the proceeds go to help the boys and girls club of america. it was win/win. >> wow. >> and everything else in your life is okay? we have a little extra time here. >> yes. it is. you know, i've been dealing -- i started a jewelry line called love jewelry store, wearing them today. >> pretty. >> the hearts and stars and moons. and it's and started with my friend -- >> thank you. >> started with my friend
2:30 am
jennifer. we've been doing that. it's great mother/daughter. we make the larger sizes for the mom. >> that's sweet. >> it's a great like first earring or bar mitzvah gift. >> elegant. >> simple. 14 karat gold made in new york. >> what's your next one? all lined up next? >> i'm figuring out how to balance work with travel these days. i have to be in europe a lot so i'm figuring out how to do both. >> you're a lovely lady. >> wish you the best of luck. >> sweet little movie called "the stream" available on dvd and digital download. >> thank you, kelly. >> how to prepare yourself and your home for stormy weather coming up. >> if you're a big football fan, this should be a snap. >> we're playing "who knew" after your local news.
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we're back with more on this wines day wednesday ready to play our trivia game called who
2:33 am
knew. since tomorrow is the kickoff to the nfl season we're going to toss out some fun football facts. kathie lee is across the street wearing her frank gifford jersey at the nbc experience store. she's ready to hand out $100 to anybody who gets the questions right. to those who don't they get a fabulous kathie lee cd. everyone is a winner. anyway, they're all, by the way, also going home with nfl memorabilia. everyone is going to get something. >> everybody is a winner today, hoda. >> here to help me out in studio is nbc sports host carolyn manno. hey, girl. >> how are you? >> are you ready for football season. >> i am ready. >> this lovely lady from hawaii. where will the next super bowl be played? glendale, arizona, tampa, florida, foxborough, massachusetts, or denver, colorado? >> glendale, arizona. >> indeed. >> you get your shirt and you get -- >> how nice. >> all right. so arizona is the spot. >> yes.
2:34 am
we're off on the right foot. congratulations that lovely lady. a lot was made i'm sure you remember about the super bowl being played at met life, a cold weather super bowl. they won't have that problem this year. home of the cardinals. >> is it open? the stadium open? >> yes. >> back across to kathie lee. >> okay. from chicago, let's see how you do. for the 2013 nfl season what was the average price of a regular season ticket? was it $54, $67, $82, or $104? that's got to be a guess? i'm sorry. i knew there was one other thing. give me a few more things to hold here. sorry. i'm sorry. you know the answer? >> can i defer to my husband? >> yeah. man of mystery. >> 82? >> yeah. >> $82. okay. that's the price for the average ticket. >> yeah. and they vary from team to team. the cowboys, for example, a little more, closer to $110. the browns closer to $50. it's expensive to go to a football game. you make it a family event. you have to park, eat, so it
2:35 am
does start to add up. if you don't feel like doing that join us on "football night in america" and sunday night football. >> back across, kathie lee. >> spanx alert on you. i can tell over here. you're from new york. all right. true or false, five of the ten most watched u.s. television programs in history were super bowls? true or false? >> true. >> oh. >> she is going to love this. >> what a shame. and you're going to love this. >> they were not? >> kind of a trick question. it's more than that. nine out of the ten have actually been super bowls, but only one that was a little more than that, was the season finale of "m.a.s.h." which drew $100 million. the others have all been super bowls including 2009 when your saints won it. >> i love that year. kathie lee, i think she deserves to win because it was a trick question. whatever. let's go to the next one. give her the dough. >> you're from texas, right? >> right. texas. >> okay.
2:36 am
all righty. what 1958 championship matchup has been called the greatest game ever played? baltimore colts versus the los angeles rams, san francisco 49ers versus detroit lions, baltimore colts versus new york giants, or cleveland browns versus the new york giants? you are going to know this. >> d. >> that's exactly right. frank gifford played in that game. he fumbled three times. it wasn't his best game. here you go. >> the correct answer was d. >> kathie lee is right. frank gifford did play in that game, one of 17 future hall of famers to play. >> oh, my god. let's live here. >> this put football on the map and in part because it was broadcast on nbc. everybody across nation got the first look at the nfl and it's been crazy since. >> terrific book and going to be a great movie. >> look at this classy lady from mobile, alabama. how many nfl teams have a bird as their mascot?
2:37 am
two, three, four, or five? >> that's too hard for an alabama girl. how about my alabama husband. >> where is he? >> i would have to go with let's try c. >> oh! >> that's all right. you were close. right? >> the correct answer d. five. >> she should have stuck with instead of going to her husband. there are five. there's a bunch. >> i don't know. >> yeah. cardinals. >> there they are. >> i don't know. okay. anyway, who knows. carolyn, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> have fun. the season is getting ready to start. >> yep. >> you can catch the nfl kickoff season between green bay and seattle, tomorrow, right here on nbc. we've got the first one. all right, coming up the polite way to handle the annoying neighbors and what to load up and download before the next big storm. coming up after this. ♪ that's just how i feel finish over cascade, times it sparks a movement. because once they've try finish,
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no matter where you live a house in suburbia or an apartment building we run across the annoying neighbors. >> whether too loud or popping over all the time we've got help from mr. manners, thomas farley. >> the founder of what manners you're so right, wherever you are, there are going to be things, people annoy people. we can't help it. >> we want to be good neighbors. >> we want to do our best. >> here's lara, asks this. there is a really loud, annoying individual who rides a motorcycle in the neighborhood. he guns the extra -- the engine extra loud on purpose especially when he comes by my house. other times he comes in at 1:00 in the morning. he drives really fast. what if anything can be done. >> this kid sounds like a real evil knievel.
2:42 am
he seems to have a vendetta for her if he's gunning the engine in front of her. he's enjoying it. safety in numbers, find a couple other neighbors bothered by this and approach him directly. don't do it yourself. if that is not working talk to the town. there are noise ordinances in towns. >> also speed ordinances in places like that. >> sure. >> riding around like that maybe let the police know and somebody can nab him for that. >> maybe they want to get a speed limit sign posted on the street. >> here's a question from tammy. >> i say tase him. >> from tammy, i recently moved into a new home and discovered our neighbors underground storm pipe spills out on to our property causing our backyard to flood. i'm sure they spent a lot of money on draining their yard properly. how do i ask them to fix the problem without creating an enemy? this is the video of what -- >> that's illegal, isn't it? >> what should tammy do? >> oh. >> wow.
2:43 am
>> i -- i really have to wonder that this was not a known issue before the house was purchased. >> right. >> this is pretty bad. look at this. nobody should have to live like that. >> that's totally unfair. >> if i were here, first speak to her realtor. she may have case against the person that she purchased the home from if this was not disclosed. definitely i would go that route number one. secondly deal with this immediately because the longer she lives with it the neighbor will say you've been living here all this time and never happened. this is the first time. >> they just moved in recently. >> now we maybe know why the former owner moved out. approach the neighbor, take some video, say look, this is what's happening, we need to clarify this. hire an engineer together. if the problem is mine or if it's not yours, not being caused by your drain i will pay for the cost of the engineer. if this is something that's being caused by your drainage, you're going to pay for the engineer and pay for the solution as well. >> we should -- tone is the thing. if you go over with videotape and say listen here -- you can see the person get their back up.
2:44 am
there's got to be a way to approach. >> the thing about these problems. they're still going to be your neighbor. you want to approach with as much neighborliness as possible. >> i have to believe this is a known issue. it's not happening for the first time because she moved in. it's been happening since this drain was put in. >> something from brittney. my neighbor knocks on the door all the time to borrow something. i have a new baby in the house. it's even more inconvenience now. what should i do? >> the baby is your perfect excuse. you don't have to deal with this anymore. the next time, say look, i'm a new mom. my baby is not sleeping during date. any moment i can get where i put the baby down i want to embrace. >> put a sign on her door. shh or quiet baby sleeping or don't knock. >> yeah. >> leave me alone. >> that's the bigger issue. the baby but feeling bothered as well. >> i wonder if the person returns the thing she borrows too. >> second visit. >> thank you, mr. manners. >> of course.
2:45 am
>> always a pleasure. >> for more neighborly tips go to and if you have a question for our mr. manners, click on the connect button. >> give your kids a break from the pbj and turkey sandwiches. our little friendly love him mr. reed alexander has delicious ideas for the lunch bag. >> what everyone should have in their home before the next storm strikes. after this.
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we are smack dab in the middle of hurricane season and as too many of us already know the storms can be extremely harmful and really dangerous. >> yeah. the best way to handle them is to be prepared. here to help you out is home improvement expert his name is eric stromer. >> hey, eric. >> nice to see you. thank you so much. >> they always tell you you have to be prepared. stock up on things. >> and you have to really know how to turn your home on and shut it down again. >> okay. >>, for example, the storm is coming, you want to prepare the outside. cut away any dead branches over
2:50 am
the roof, clear out the gutters, make sure the home is operating efficiently. tie down the furniture on the outside or bring it in. >> sandbags. >> if you need them. know the weather in your area. you have to make sure you understand what kind of weather comes to you. >> one of the things i was confused about is windows. some would say put tape on them somehow that helps the shattering, some people say it's a waste of time. >> it isn't a waste of time. if you can duct tape the windows it keeps them from shattering into big, large pieces that can hurt you. so just prepare. outside and then inside you want to make sure you unplug all small appliances, make sure -- >> i've never done that. >> because the lightning can hit and kind of electrocute things. >> what else should you do?. >> make sure all the furniture is drawn back away from the windows and the kids and pets and everybody is accounted for and there's got to be an exit plan in case something goes wrong. check out websites like they've got great information. >> those evacuation routes which you never pay attention to until you need to get out. >> when they say go, go. you don't want to hang out.
2:51 am
>> i've done everything wrong. >> me too. >> what should you bring with? >> you want to have a first aid kit. company like ready america or it's inexpensive. about a $20 starter kit. you want to have two liters of water per person per day and survive three days. >> three days. >> so if it's a five person family, ten liters of water. >> should you fill your tub? people said fill up your tub. >> and if you have a pool drain the pool about 12 inches. it won't flood up and over and come into your home. >> should you fill the tub for drinking water? >> i would suggest that if you can. do that. also you want to just have a first aid kit. duct tape is invaluable in case things go wrong like taping the windows. you want a can opener that's manual. all power, you can't have -- >> if you don't have a generator. >> five to ten canned goods per person and make sure it's stuff
2:52 am
you would eat. you're not going to be picky but make sure you are going to eat it and get to it. granola bars, things for energy and obviously the water is the most important thing. first aid. you definitely want to have a first aid kit. who knows what's going to happen in case of some sort of emergency. in terms of flashlights, crank flashlights are way better because you don't have to rely on batteries if you don't have them. they can also charge cell phones if need be. this is something really important for us in california but everywhere, it's a way to shut your gas off and turn it back on again in the event that some kind of catastrophe occurs. >> what about an old phone? when you lose power and your phone dies you wish you had -- >> that's right. >> you don't plug into the wall. >> that's why a lot of people retain the old line. exactly. water again, i can't stress enough. obviously drugs. take a lot of them when you're in a storm. be like out of your mind. i'm kidding. you want to have your prescriptions handy in case you
2:53 am
can't get to a pharmacy and get the stuff. >> your kids should know your plan in case you're separated. >> meet somewhere that you all have agreed on. it's some common sense thinking. >> and remember your pet food too. >> yes. >> feed the pets. my dog ain't getting the spam. ain't going to happen. he's on his own at that point. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> all right. from preparing for a storm to preparing school lunches. >> we'll have fun in the kitchen with reed alexander. >> first this is "today" on nbc.
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2:56 am
all right. we're back. >> yes. >> now with today's kitchen and some kid friendly lunches that will make your child the envy of the school cafeteria. >> here with us for tasty meals your kids won't want to trade and make in advance is one of our favorite guys author of
2:57 am
"cool bites." reed alexander. >> good morning. >> kewl. >> you got it. high five for cool. good morning. >> good morning. >> we've got an a-plus in school lunch today. >> okay. >> we're going to be the cool kids in the cafeteria. are you hungry? >> i am actually. >> let's get started. this is a great make ahead pasta salad. minus the soup element. it's so simple. do you want to start us off. olive oil and vinegar. salt and pepper and mustard we have going. >> in the bowl. >> indeed. very gourmet. the dijon. hoda, do you want to mix this up? >> what is this? >> zucchini. toss in garlic. these are our flavors and mix-ins. toss in a big handful of spinach as well. >> in here. >> go for it. >> i did the pasta. you can use whatever you have.
2:58 am
this is whole wheat rotini and if you want to toss in half of that dressing now please. >> not a whole lot of it. >> we'll save some for the end. it's going to be absorb the flavor early on while still warm. >> okay. >> all of these things. mozzarella, tomatoes, beans for proteins, herbs. >> basil in there. >> and parsley. >> i can shift this down the line. that looks delicious. >> doesn't that look good. >> beautiful. >> smell that. nice. >> oh. >> oh. >> i will steal this from you. easier if i do this. >> then add the rest of our dressing now, would be good to go. >> that's it? >> that is it. how simple was that, right? >> that's so good. >> something you can do on a sunday before and then just pack it away, have it a couple days. want to taste. >> let's head down the line. >> you want to dig too? >> i do. bon appetite. >> with college and all of that?
2:59 am
>> i'm in my second year, going into my second year which is crazy. >> working while doing all that. >> what are we making? >> cereal crunch bars. the gold mine of everything delicious. great snacks, add these ingredients into the bowl. chocolate, nuts, oates cereal, sunflower seeds, dried fruits, puffed rice as well. take a taste. make our glue, honey and sugar, a little peanut butter. this is a great recipe that has no dairy, no gluten, but it's the perfect satisfying snack. we mix all of this up when it comes together. bake it. i've done it with parchment. >> yummy. >> delicious. it's a ten. >> and key lime pie. >> key lime pie bars and chicken salad. >> the recipes are on our website. something is going on tomorrow. i don't know what it is. >> they won't tell us what it is. >> what is it? >> i have no idea but hope it's hugh jackman. >> now everything else is a let down. >> makeovers for two lucky
3:00 am
ladies. bye everybody, have an awesome day, great wines day wednesday. except for you. you're not old enough. >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪


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