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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  September 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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"nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. we are following breaking news. the royal family is expanding. it's true. the duke and duchess of cambridge share some big news this morning. and it's time to head back to school for thousands of students in philadelphia, but the school year's off to a rocky start with cutbacks and pending layoffs. >> and a live look outside right now. citizens bank park. >> beautiful. >> yeah. your monday morning is off to a cool and comfortable start. back to school, feels like fall. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." iz tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. let's get our start with meteorologist tedd florendo. >> good morning, guys. good morning, everyone. we're starting off with a cool start to our monday and a less humid start. that's good news. down to cape may, pleasant of of
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clouds, but that's a gorgeous sunrise shot. a lot of the clouds will be hugging the coast for the day today, and expect windy weather there, too. outside right now, 68 degrees already for philadelphia. cooler in the lehigh valley at 57 degrees, mt. holly 63 and dover at 71. here's the bus stop forecast. we'll stay in the high 60s this morning, all the way to 9:00 a.m. partly to mostly cloudy skies at times, and then we're expecting more clouds by the afternoon. temperatures about 78 degrees when we should be about 81. mostly cloudy and cooler for your monday. that's your latest on the weather. let's get a check of your monday morning traffic now, katy zachry. good morning. >> hi, tedd. there is a tie-up on route 1 southbound near tyson avenue for drivers, affecting school traffic. route 1 southbound near tyson avenue, a tractor-trailer accident is affecting traffic on the inner lanes. there are two inner lanes blocked off to traffic. i would say just avoid that one inner lane that you can get by around and take the outer lanes
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around that. there is also an accident we've been following this morning, new jersey turnpike southbound between exits 4 and 3. i'm also getting new information in the last 30 seconds that there is a crash on the northbound side right near exit 3. i'll have that information for you in about ten minutes. this is a live look at 95 at girard avenue between woodhaven and 676 and back. drive times look good now, but that could change, we know, within the next hour. and route 1 and 76 looking good for the whole expanse. this is route 1 southbound approaching 76 right near city avenue. we are following breaking news this morning in the uk. the duke and duchess of cambridge, william and kate, just announced within the last half hour, it's true, the rumors are true, they're expecting their second child. the child will join big brother, prince george. as with her first pregnancy, kate is suffering from severe morning sickness and is being treated by doctors at kensington palace. we will continue to monitor this breaking news for you and bring you any updates.
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it's 6:03. and the day is finally here, the first day of school for students in philadelphia public schools. but with the threat of more budget cuts, the new year begins on an uncertain note. nbc 10's rosemary connors is live outside benjamin franklin high school in spring garden. rosemary? >> reporter: tracy, the first day of class is stressful nor any kid, but it may be especially difficult for students here at philadelphia's public schools. that's because the philadelphia school district is dealing with an $81 million deficit. major cuts have already been made to support staff and services, and the threat of even more layoffs, massive layoffs, is looming. the school district is counting on cigarette tax revenues to help fill that $81 million gap. you may remember that the pennsylvania legislature couldn't agree on one bill earlier in the summer, and that's the reason why it didn't pass. but there have been assurances from harrisburg that it will go through this time around. still, the cigarette tax wouldn't generate all of the $81 million needed, and so, the district will be looking for concessions from the teachers union. they've been negotiating a new
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contract with the district for about a year and a half now. if they ultimately can't come to an agreement, the school reform commission here in philadelphia does have the authority to impose contract terms on the union. however, when i spoke to the school superintendent, dr. william hite, recently, he told me that he hopes the two sides can work something out together. now, there is some good news when it comes to the cuts, and that's on transportation for students. i'll have more on that coming up at 6:30. reporting live this morning outside of benjamin franklin high school in spring garden, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> all right, rosemary. and school superintendent dr. william hite will greet students at linc high school in hunting park this morning, and then later he will join mayor michael nutter for lunch with students at swenson arts and technology high school in northeast philadelphia. and now that school is back in session, you're going to need your alarm clock so you're not late. we can help you with that. download the nbc 10 morning app on your smartphone. you can get news and weather updates right at your fingertips right about you wake up. you can set your alarm and your favorite nbc 10 anchor can help
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you start your day. and you can get more information on our website at just check out our special section for tips and for trends and news about the new school year. and new from overnight, a car carrying a shooting victim crashes on the way to the hospital and now two people are hurt and police are searching for a gunman. nbc 10's matt delucia joins us live outside the hospital at the university of pennsylvania. matt, walk us through what happened here. >> reporter: well, vai, that shooting victim eventually made it here to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania, but police are asking some questions this morning. here's some video of the scene. this happened just after midnight on the 5600 block of catharine street. philadelphia police tell us the 24-year-old man got into an argument with a group of men. one of them, police say, fired off 11 shots at the man while he was sitting on a stoop. now, some of the bullets, they hit the house and windows, but the shooting target, he got hit once in the back. and here's what happened afterwards. another person gets the victim
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into a car and starts driving him to the hospital. well, on the way to the hospital, their car gets into an accident with another vehicle. the woman in that car was injured. she was taken here to hup as well. she has a minor head injury, according to police. now, the shooting victim is here at hup, as i mentioned, in critical condition. his driver was taken in for questioning by southwest detectives, and at this point there have been no arrests. we'll stay on top of this. for now, live in university city, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. and philadelphia police fired shots at a car they said tried to run over an officer. this all began as a traffic stop just after about 10:00 last night at the intersection of tulip and benner streets in wissinoming. police say they pulled over a black nissan, and as officers approached the car, well, the driver took off and tried to hit an officer. police shot at the car, which later turned up at frankford hospital south. a woman was shot in the leg. several people now are in custody. 6:07. the trial is set to start today
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for a south philadelphia man accused of hitting a pedestrian in old city back in july. police say shaffiat ali ran over a person crossing market street near second and then tried to speed away. the arrest came two months after police say ali was involved in a road rage case in center city. in that case, he was charged with shooting a bb gun into a car with two women and a baby inside. the trial continues this afternoon for the woman charged with abducting a 5-year-old girl from school and sexually abusing her. prosecutors say christina regusters took the child out of bryant elementary school in january of last year. this is surveillance video of the alleged abduction. regusters's aunt, valerie williams, took the stand friday. there were gasps in the courtroom as williams identified the jacket seen over the girl in the video as belonging to her. she testified that she had come to believe her niece had brought the girl to the house where they both lived and sexually assaulted her.
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law enforcement experts are expected to take the stand when the trial resumes today. good morning, everyone. we've got some sun breaks this morning, but it's not going to be that way all day today. down at the shore, as we look at cape may, you've got the clouds off in the horizon. a lot of these clouds will be sticking around the shore and the beaches and down in delaware for the day today, but the farther north you go, way up towards allentown, that's when you're going to start to get some clearance. 68 degrees right now for philly, 62 for trenton, 50s for allentown, 65 for atlantic city this morning. millville, you're at 67 and wilmington just a digit below that at 66 degrees at this hour. we had a few sprinkles down in delaware. that's now over and done with. most of it from that low to the south and portions of north carolina, just streaming in those clouds. those clouds will be around, though, and they will increase later on today due to that low that's down there. future weather shows most of it really around the area to points philadelphia and south.
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we've got some clearing here later on in the afternoon, but like we said, farther north you go, it will be better weather, back to sunnier skies for allentown and up into the poconos. otherwise, look for a mix of clouds and sun, but mainly mostly cloudy skies by the afternoon. clouds will increase as the day progresses here. 70 by 9:00 a.m., 74 by 1:00, 78 as you wrap up the day under mostly cloudy skies. and it looks like a seven-day forecast calling for more showers for the forecast for tomorrow, but then dry on wednesday. humid and storms return by thursday. look at the numbers. they go up to the mid-80s, then back to the 70s and way cooler as we hit sunday for the weekend. all right, i think i've recovered from that frog in my throat there a second ago, but i'm not sure if drivers are recovering from the situation on route 1. >> well, and the last time we checked with katy, she was getting new information about another problem on the new jersey turnpike. bring us up to speed on all of that, katy. >> right. so, our majors in pennsylvania and delaware are looking good right now. to start off, this is route 422
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at trooper road. drive times between oaks and 202 in both directions are pretty good, pretty average for this time of the morning. but as we were saying, in philadelphia, for drivers, be aware if you're on the roosevelt boulevard southbound right near tyson avenue. two lanes are blocked of the inner drive because of a tractor-trailer accident that happened within the last hour. there is one lane on the inner drive getting around that, but i would say just avoid the inner drive and use the outer lanes to get around that issue at tyson avenue. there is an issue on the new jersey turnpike. so, earlier this morning we were reporting an accident in the southbound lanes. new information that just came into our system is that accident is actually on the northbound side. it's right past route 168, which is exit 3. there is a tractor-trailer accident, but it's been moved off to the left shoulder. still proceed with caution if you're headed in that area. >> all right, katy, thanks. a mentally challenged man is attacked by a group of delaware teens. this morning authorities are using this video to help track down several attackers who are still out there. and we continue to follow
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breaking news from england with this morning's royal baby announcement.
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at 6:14, we continue to follow breaking news out of the uk. the duke and duchess of cambridge, william and kate, just announced during the last hour they are expecting their second child. the child will join big brother, prince george. now, as with her first pregnancy, kate is suffering from severe morning sickness. right now we're told she's being treated by doctors at kensington palace. the couple's office says their families are delighted with this baby news. we will keep monitoring the breaking news, see if any more information comes out. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. this morning, two teenagers are facing charges for allegedly beating a mentally challenged man, and police are still looking for more attackers. this is a story first
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reported. this is hard video to watch, but here it is, showing a group of teens punching and kicking the man in newark, which went viral on social media. police confirm at least five separate attacks on that victim. a high school senior says she was horrified by the video, so she created an antibullying campaign centered around them. >> it was just disturbing either way, that you can stoop down to the level and bully somebody who can't defend themselves at all. >> a 13-year-old and a 14-year-old had both been charged with offensive touching, assault on a vulnerable adult and conspiracy. the victim was injured in one of these attacks and he was treated at the hospital and then released. and you can read more about the beating investigation by coming to the videos are there as well as details on the arrests. isis released a new propaganda video showing how the group used high-tech tactics to capture an air base in syria. the extremists used surveillance
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drones to help plan their attack. isis has also used google earth to pinpoint locations of syrian government forces and other rebel groups. the video also shows the mass execution of hundreds of syrian soldiers. happening today, lawmakers on capitol hill will get back to work after their five-week summer recess. president obama plans to meet with congressional leaders at the white house tomorrow before laying out a strategy for combating isis in a speech planned for wednesday. also on the to-do list for lawmakers, a vote on a spending measure to keep agencies funded through mid-december. there are some new items now on display at the national 9/11 museum in new york city. the personal artifacts are from events that happened after the terrorist attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon. one is a shirt worn by a navy s.e.a.l. in the raid that killed osama bin laden. there is also a brick from bin laden's compound in pakistan. 6:16, time to get another check on traffic. there have been a couple trouble
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spots out there today. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry is watching it all. >> a few has kept us busy throughout the morning, vai and tracy. starting off with a look at your majors in pennsylvania, looking free and clear of any problems. this is a live look at 76 right at montgomery drive. i can tell you that the average speed from the blue route to the vine is about 18 minutes in both directions. that's guaranteed to get little bit longer as the morning progresses. but this is an accident we've been following for the last hour that could affect drivers, back-to-school drivers for this first day of school in philadelphia. route 1 sunshiouthbound right n tyson avenue. tractor-trailer accident on the inner drive. two lanes of the inner drive are blocked off as they clean up that accident mess. i would say just avoid the inner drive at all costs and take the outer drive southbound around that. there is also an issue new into our system, lower providence at south trooper road at monroe boulevard. there's an accident reported there. and also, new jersey turnpike northbound right past route 168, which is exit 3. there is a tractor-trailer
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accident that's been moved over to the left shoulder. just keep that in mind. delaware, things look great. your bridges look good as well and mass transit's on or close to schedule this morning. a very nice morning to start off the school year. it's not muggy outside at all either. live look outside right now shows we've got partly cloudy skies, but we've got more clouds expected for our monday. cooler-than-average temperatures, though, so that's the good news. showers will be returning but not for all areas. we'll pinpoint exactly when we'll see those and where, coming up. outside right now, temps currently in the upper 60s to low 70s in some areas. right now we're at 68 degrees for philadelphia, 66 for wilmington. cooler for the lehigh valley. 57 allentown, pottstown 56, 65 for atlantic city and currently 63 degrees in mt. holly. and we're also in the 70s all the way down into dover at this hour. forecast for the day today, starting off at 7:00 a.m., 69
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degrees. talking about mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies. cool and nice. then we'll start to see fewer clouds by noon, but then another chance of clouds again by the afternoon giving us a mix of sun and clouds and then a few sun breaks expected. 78 degrees for a high for the day today. we should be mainly dry. more clouds expected. however, for those of you down the shore, all the way cape may and the beaches, looks like cloudy skies for the day today and breezy. 75 degrees and showers expected for you on tuesday. and all throughout much of the delaware valley as well. notice clouds and showers for tuesday. after today just mostly cloudy. then we're dry on wednesday. the humidity and the heat return on thursday, and then we start to clear the skies out towards the weekend. we go up to the mid-80s and then we start to cool off back to the 70s just in time for your weekend. 20 minutes past 6:00 right now. a banner plane pilot survives after crashing into the ocean. this morning, witnesses describe watching the plane go down and how some jet skiers turned into
6:20 am
heroes. and a little boy on a hike with his family was attacked by a mountain lion. what his parents did next that saved their son's life.
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tom wolf. he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit. and as a businessman he gives between 20 and 30 percent of his profits back to his employees. when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue. he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania.
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a 6-year-old california boy's in the hospital after being attacked by a mountain lion. the boy was walking ahead of family and friends on a hike when the big cat came out of nowhere and started dragging the boy away. the dad and another man fought off the animal while he attacked the boy. the boy suffered bite wounds and scratches on his head. a pilot is rescued after a banner plane he was flying crashed into the water off miami beach. this amateur video shows people who were jet-skiing nearby pulling the pilot out of the water and on to the beach. the coast guard says the plane crashed about 200 yards away from an intersection. the plane was advertising a nightclub when it went down. one witness says she's blown
6:24 am
away by how concerned the pilot was about everyone else's safety. >> sir, are you okay? >> yeah. >> the first question that he ever asked, it was "did i hit anybody?" after we said no, he said, "thank god." >> the pilot believes he crashed because his engine shut down. authorities are still investigating. good morning. i'm katy zachry with a look at your traffic this morning. things are looking great on the blue route in both directions. 476 at baltimore pike, there was some construction northbound between baltimore pike and st. david that has since cleared, so your drives in both directions, you're good to go. there's an accident we're following for you. this is for the roosevelt boulevard southbound drivers. right near tyson avenue, a tractor-trailer has been out there for the last hour and a half. it two lanes of the inbound lane are blocked. you're going to want to take the outer lanes to get around that. and on the new jersey turnpike, this is northbound right past route 168, which is exit 3.
6:25 am
another tractor-trailer accident. this one has been moved off to the left shoulder. and your average speeds at this time, well, things are slowing down for drivers on 95 southbound headed into center city, philadelphia, around 23 miles an hour. but on 295 in new jersey and 476, you're good to go. before we get to tedd florendo, who's filling in for meteorologist bill henley this morning, take a live look at the comcast center. it's looking nice out there, tedd. >> oh, yeah. dry right now, too, katy. a great start to our monday morning, too, with temperatures in the upper 60s at this hour. that's comfortable outside, too. and the humidity remains low, too. throughout the day today, we will see some increased cloud cover. you see it down to the south right now. still plenty of clouds for you in delaware and also down the shore. right now we are remaining dry. there is a slight chance of showers to points south. it's not a big chance. more rain in the forecast expected for tomorrow. we'll talk more about that coming up in your first alert forecast. do not miss it. and we won't. hey, the first day of school for kids in philadelphia, but the school year begins with cutbacks
6:26 am
in staff and resources. rosemary? >> reporter: yeah, vai, students return to school today under that cloud of major budget cuts, but their parents are planning to do something about it. i'll talk about it next coming up at 6:30. and it's been called one of the worst pests to come along in centuries. next, we look at where this invasive beetle has popped up in our area.
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just about 6:30. the duke and duchess of cambridge are expecting their second child. details of this morning's major announcement from across the pond, just ahead. classes begin for philadelphia public school students in just two hours. we have a live report about the challenges facing the district this year.
6:30 am
and it looks like the weather will cooperate for the first day of school, as you take a live look outside here at the ben franklin bridge. how long will these cooler temperatures hang around, though? good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. it is cooler, 67 degrees outside. let's find out more about that with meteorologist tedd florendo with his first alert forecast. first day back to school for a lot of students, tedd. >> that's right, guys. outside definitely cooler than normal this morning with temperatures in the 60s at this hour, and today really not going to be a hot, humid day today. so, thankful for that. outside, we had to pick this shot. this is cape may, a gorgeous sunrise this morning. unfortunately, a lot of clouds will be around the shore and down at the beaches for the day today. there's a look at them right now. but those points north of philadelphia, you are in the clear at this hour. not getting any rain from those clouds right now. that could change, though, later on in the afternoon for those of you down in delaware and down at cape may, but just a slight chance. here's your monday afternoon forecast as the kids head home from school for the day today. 77 degrees. look for some sun breaks through
6:31 am
some of those clouds, and it will not be humid. that's the good news. the rest of you looking at a high of 78 degrees. clouds and sun and cooler as well. down the shore it will be breezy and cloudy. you'll have highs in the mid-70s, thoe winds anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour. before you head out the door and jump in your car, though, you want to get a check of your monday morning commute. we go now to katy zachry with that update. good morning, katy. >> especially 95 southbound right near the betsy ross bridge. this is southbound traffic, a lot of brake lights as you head into center city, philadelphia. so, speeds are slowing there by the minute. we do have an issue that we've been following. this is especially important for parents who are taking their kids in philadelphia back to school. so, this is on route 1 southbound right near tyson avenue. two lanes of the inner drive are blocked because of a tractor-trailer accident. it happened about an hour and a half ago, but i'm still hearing reports that those lanes are blocked. there is a third inner bound lane that you can snake by around this. i would say avoid that
6:32 am
altogether and just take the outer lanes of route 1 southbound right near tyson avenue to get around that. also in northeast philadelphia, bustleton avenue is closed between knorr street and longshore avenue because of some police activity. they're cleaning up an earlier accident. so, that stretch of road is clear. and on the new jersey turnpike northbound right past route 168, which is exit 3, there's a tractor-trailer crash which is on the left-hand shoulder. this is a live look now at route 42 at creek road right in belmar. things are looking good, even though northbound you see a lot of the headlights. it's slowing a little bit as you head into the area bridges before you get into center city, philadelphia. so, just keep that in mind. >> all right, katy, thanks. 6:32 right now. we continue to follow breaking news into our newsroom. it is a royal repeat. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge are expecting their second child. i think prince george has got to be just a year old. nbc 10's chris cato is live in our digital operations center with the royal baby news. good morning, chris. >> yeah, good morning, vai, good morning, tracy.
6:33 am
move aside, harry, there's a new fourth in line for the throne. the news coming out this morning sending shock waves across the globe right now. the duchess of cambridge is pregnant again, this news coming out a little earlier than perhaps the royal family would prefer. they could no longer stave oy speculation of her condition because she's had to cancel several public appearances lately, because again, she has acute morning sickness. the announcement came early this morning from kensington palace, saying that the royal company is "very pleased to announce the duchess of cambridge is expecting their second child." of course, as vai mentioned, kate gave birth to prince george last july. he just turned 1, seen in photos here. he's now beginning to step into the role of big brother and he's going to have to learn to share the spotlight. that should be fun as well. just as she did in her pregnancy with george, 32-year-old kate is suffering acute morning sickness. this time, though, she has not been admitted to a hospital for treatment. instead, she's being cared for by doctors at kensington palace. due to her condition, she's not traveling with william today to a public engagement at oxford
6:34 am
university, also having to cancel some other soon-to-happen public appearances. the twitterverse is exploding with congratulatory tweets, one of the first sent out by british prime minister david cameron, tweeting "many congratulations to the duke and duchess of cambridge. i'm delighted by the happy news that they're expecting another baby." so, let the speculation, let the vegas oddsmakers begin their bookmaking on this. is it going to be another prince or is it a new princess this time? well, whatever the gender, this baby will become fourth in line for the throne, pushing prince harry to fifth. new reaction yet from harry on that. live in our digital -- >> poor harry. >> live in our digital operations center, chris cato, nbc 10 news. >> all right. thank you, chris. and the much-anticipated day is finally here. the first day of school for students in philadelphia public schools. but with the threat of more budget cuts, the new year begins with plenty of uncertainty, and all eyes will be on harrisburg next week. nbc 10's rosemary connors is
6:35 am
live outside ben franklin high school in spring garden to explain. rosemary? >> well, vai, as you know, there's always that first day back-to-school anxiety. that is especially true this year as the philadelphia school district is dealing with an $81 million budget deficit. there is a little good news in this, at least when it comes to transportation. septa is still available for students. last month you may remember that the district was considering restricting the number of septa passes given to high schoolers that use the bus, trolley or train to get to class, but the district has been able to work out a deal with septa. still, the threat of massive layoffs looms large. if the philadelphia legislature doesn't pass the $2-a-pack cigarette tax for philadelphia, students today will see fewer nurses, police officers, support staff. that's why all eyes, as you mentioned, vai, will be on harrisburg next week, when legislators return from their summer session. parents do not want to see their children's safety and the quality of their education
6:36 am
diminish any further. >> they need to get that funding for the schools. >> we to go in front of the city hall, speak to the mayor, okay, and so forth, on up the government line. somebody has to do something, because these children's future's not looking good. it's not looking good at all. >> reporter: we've been talking to parents and grandparents all across the district over the past few weeks. they tell us that they will continue to make trips to harrisburg to lobby their legislators and to protest here in philadelphia. reporting live in spring garden, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. fathers across the country and in our area will take part in the million fathers march. the purpose is to show how vital fathers are to their child's life. dads are encouraged to walk their children to and from school today. they'll line up at 7:00 a.m. at 56th and masters streets. the march will end at the commodore barry promise academy. and today is the first day of classes for the trenton school district as well.
6:37 am
high schoolers will be dealing with changes, however, attending classes in four different locations. that's because after four years of complaints, the old high school is closed for four years of rebuilding. that work at trenton central high school will cost $130 million. and now that school is back in session, you're going to need your alarm clock, of course. we can help you get up and out the door every morning. just download the nbc 10 morning app on your smartphone. you can get news and weather updates at your fingertips when you wake up. and of course, be sure to set your alarm so that your favorite nbc 10 anchors can help you start your day. it is 7:36. an arrest warrant is issued for a suspect accused of shooting a man six times outside a west philadelphia store. edward lynn was paralyzed from the waist down. police say lynn was shot after he accidentally bumped into the suspect on his way out the door. the suspected gunman, identified as allen stokes. the camera outside the store shows the suspect opening fire and hitting lynn six times. stokes has been charged but has not yet been arrested.
6:38 am
an atlantic county teenager killed in a chain-reaction car crash will be laid to rest today. a viewing and funeral will be held for 14-year-old aisling cooke at our lady of sorrows church in linwood this morning. hundreds attended the viewing yesterday. she and four friends, all soccer players at mainland regional high school, were on their way to a charity tournament when their car was hit by a truck that crossed the center line on route 40 in hamilton township. police are still investigating the crash, which involved a total of three vehicles. an invasive beetle that targets ash trees has been found in burlington county. the emerald ash borer has already killed tens of millions of ash trees across 23 states. the "philadelphia inquirer" reports the destructive beetle was found in a trap in west hampton. the state is now trying to determine the extent of the infestation. we've got some gorgeous
6:39 am
sunrise shots this morning and some cool temperatures as well, too. those of you in lehigh valley, notice you're way cooler than we are in portions of philadelphia at 68 degrees in philly, 57 for allentown this morning, 56 for pottstown. but at least you're dry and mainly clear. atlantic city 65 degrees, wildwood currently at 66 and millville at 67. mt. holly right now a temperature of 63 degrees right now and trenton at 62. so, most of the cloud cover seems to be points south of the 95 corridor down into cape may, atlantic city, also into delaware. we had a few sprinkles to showers this morning in kent county, but that's about it. still some moisture, very spotty to the west here. that could track over and give a chance of some light showers for those points south, again in delaware and southern new jersey, but it's a very slight chance for the day today. for the most part, though, we're just looking at mostly cloudy skies. 69 degrees at 7:00 a.m., partly cloudy. partly cloudy at 10:00 a.m. then notice the clouds start to increase later on in the day today. 75 by noon. our high today is 78 degrees.
6:40 am
typically we're at 81 this time of the year, so we're going to be below average for this time of the year. and i think it's going to be that way for at least three days before we start to see some changes by thursday. your planner for the day today. like we said, in the 75-degree range for noontime. i was going to show you, actually, that the poconos, lehigh valley will be under just partly cloudy skies for the day. clouds and showers, though, in the forecast again for tomorrow. temperatures will drop even more in the 70s. we talked about these 70s until wednesday. and then humidity, the thunderstorms, they return, and so does the heat by thursday, as we get to the mid-80s. after that, though, the numbers start to drop again. so, we hit the 70s as we head into your weekend. and at this point right now, things look sunny and cooler. 20 minutes before 7:00. this is the time we really start to see a lot of cars on the road. and then today we see a lot of school buses on the roads. >> katy zachry with all the details. >> yes. so, i'm going to look at this video for the first time because i'm seeing it right now as you
6:41 am
are. so, this is a live look, skyforce10 over the scene of route 42 right near exit 11. it's in deptford, new jersey. you can see there are emergency responders on scene, there's a police car and there's that white van right here, which is obviously headed in the wrong direction. so, our assignment desk is making calls to figure out what exactly is going on here. it looks to be off on the shoulder, as you can see. traffic is getting by. so, not too much of an issue for drivers there. if we can go back to my computers now, i'll tell philadelphia drivers, of course, it is the -- they took that down -- the first day of school in philadelphia and there are some issues to tell you about. so, this is in northeast philadelphia. bustleton avenue between knorr street and longshore avenue, the road is closed. an alternate around that is castor avenue. also, the tacony-palmyra bridge, we're expecting an opening in a few minutes. that will affect things on route 73 crossing from new jersey into pennsylvania and then back. and that opening should last for about ten minutes. so, drivers are going to be
6:42 am
holding tight on either side of the bridge. there also is in philadelphia on roosevelt boulevard southbound right near tyson avenue a tractor-trailer accident that's affecting traffic in the inbound lanes. you're going to want to take the outer lanes around tyson avenue to avoid that. and finally, taking a live look at route 42. this is at route 29, where things are moving pretty good in both directions. but as the morning picks up as we approach the 7:00 hour, traffic is probably going to pick up as well. and at 6:42 this monday morning, we have breaking news in chicago, where we've just learned that four children have been killed in an apartment fire there. this is all happening in chicago's south side roseland neighborhood. witnesses are telling us that they saw residents jumping from the building as the fire was spreading. two adults were taken to the hospital in critical condition. no word yet on the cause for this fire, but witnesses say it started on the second floor. again, four children have been killed in this fire. however, we do not have exact
6:43 am
ages of those four children. about 50 people have been displaced. as we get more information, we'll bring you those details right here on nbc 10. today the celebration begins for the nation's oldest medical school. this morning, a look at how the perelman school in philadelphia is marking 250 years of medicine. plus, an update on the third american infected with ebola and what doctors are considering as a next step in his treatment.
6:44 am
6:45 am
no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy.
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6:46, and we continue to follow breaking news coming in out of the uk. prince george is going to be a big brother. the rumors are true. the duke and duchess of cambridge, william and kate, announced officially, yes, they are expecting their second child. and as with her first pregnancy, kate is suffering from severe morning sickness, so right now she is being treated by doctors at kensington palace.
6:47 am
the new baby will become fourth in line to the throne. tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the controversial traffic jam leading to the george washington bridge. the lane closures in ft. lee, new jersey, touched off multiple investigations, and at the forefront, former and current members of new jersey governor chris christie's administration. investigators are trying to determine if the lane closures were done for political retribution. and happening today, the perelman school of medicine at the university of pennsylvania celebrates its 250th birthday. a cake-cutting celebration will be held at the university city school this afternoon. penn alumni, faculty, students and staff are invited to the event. at 250 years, the perelman school of medicine is the nation's oldest medical school. the third american sickened with the ebola virus is showing signs of improvement, but doctors in nebraska say it's still too early to say if dr. rick sacra is out of the woods. the massachusetts doctor arrived back in the u.s. on a special flight from liberia on friday.
6:48 am
he contracted the illness while working with pregnant women, not working with ebola patients. dr. sacra is being treated in a biocontainment unit and doctors are encouraged by his progress, but they say the virus can have phases. so, again, it's still too early to tell what his prognosis is. >> he's sick enough and weak enough. and part of the illness is adverse impact on how you feel and your desire for food. so, it's going somewhat slow lay. >> doctors are using a research drug on sacra and are strongly considering giving him a blood transfusion from an ebola survivor. sacra's had two video chats with his family, but they're not allowed to enter his room. perfect weather this morning. a jacket required, as temperatures are actually quite mild outside right now. and we're dry, too. live look right now as we look at the art museum. we've got partly cloudy skies.
6:49 am
there's some clouds overhead, but most of the clouds seem to be south into delaware. and of course, those of you down the shore. those clouds will be around throughout most of the day today. you'll get some sun breaks, but that's where most of the cloud cover seems to be. if you took a dividing line right over the i-95 corridor, you could see most of the clouds south of philly and then up towards the lehigh valley and the poconos. that's where we're getting some clearing, even towards berks county, too. so, your forecast for the day today, 68 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m., 74 degrees. our high for the day today about 77. not bad at all. and the humidity should remain pretty low. mostly cloudy skies. clouds will increase later on and for the day today, but up in the poconos, sunny skies and cool. 76 degrees in lehigh valley. you're looking at partly sunny skies. down the shore, unfortunately, like we said, plenty of clouds and breezy with those winds. so, keep that in mind. clouds and showers return for your tuesday. again, dry by wednesday, but
6:50 am
still under mostly cloudy, we have got a couple days in the 70s here. 79 by wednesday even. then it starts to get very warm and humid by thursday, firing up some thunderstorms. to cool things off as we head into friday and into your weekend, sunny and cooler, back into the 70s. and katy zachry in for jillian mele, and she's got her running shoes on, back and forth from the computer to the studio today. >> yeah, it's busy. and the last check with you, there was a problem on 42, and we were trying to get more information on that. >> yes. so, we are still waiting on more information. we have skyforce10 over the scene and it looks like a vehicle was pulled over the wrong way and emergency vehicles had pulled it over to the shoulder. fortunately, traffic was getting by. that's the 42 freeway. looking good there. the tacony-palmyra bridge for drivers on route 73 headed from new jersey into pennsylvania and vice versa, you are stopped at the base of the bridge because it's been open. we're waiting for a ship to pass through. it typically takes about 10 to 15 minutes for that to happen. and then just quickly taking a look at your speeds on 95 headed
6:51 am
into center city, philadelphia. things are really slowing down 95 southbound as you head past the betsy ross bridge into center city, so be aware of that. when our producer told us in our ear just a minute ago that meredith's sitting in with matt on the "today" show, we both looked at each other, smiled and said, meredith, really? >> excellent! very big day, meredith. >> what a coincidence. my producer just told me the same thing in my ear. guess what, meredith's sitting in with you. >> this is a nightmare. it's a nightmare. >> can you believe this? >> it's a very big day. >> we're doing a homecoming week here while savannah continues on maternity leave, and first up is meredith vieira. >> and i'm very happy to be here. >> she told me years ago she would never come back to this job unless she had something to sell. >> and i do! >> exactly. >> i have a new show. i'm selling it. >> yeah. we're looking forward to having fun with meredith. and also straight ahead, more on the breaking news from buckingham palace. the duke and duchess of cambridge announcing they're expecting baby number two, so we'll be live in london. also ahead, does your family
6:52 am
have a plan? what you need to do to survive a home invasion. >> those stories, plus, steve harvey, u.s. open champ serena williams and much more, as am i meredith and i see you on a monday edition of "today." vai and tracy, back to you. >> very excited for you, meredith. >> thank you. and right now, students in philadelphia are getting ready for the first day of school. our countdown clock shows just less than two hours until classes begin, but the school year comes with some drawbacks and cutbacks and some uncertainty. we have a live report coming up next. (vo) ours is a world of passengers.
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(vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots. all sitting... ...trusting... ...waiting... ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. and we have breaking news this morning, just a few minutes
6:56 am
before 5:00. we continue to follow this news from chicago, where four children have been killed in an apartment fire there. this video just in to nbc 10 from chicago's south side neighborhood. witnesses tell us they saw residents jumping from the building as the fire was spreading. two adults are in critical condition right now. no word yet on what caused the fire, but witnesses say that it started on the second floor, and that's where the bodies of the four children were found. about 50 people have been displaced. as we get more information, we'll bring it. in the atlantic city casino crisis today, new jersey governor chris christie will hold a summit on the future of the city. the governor's office says 35 to 40 state and local leaders will attend the closed-door meeting. it will be held at the offices of the casino reinvestment development corporation at 2:00. this all comes after the recent closings of the showboat and revel casinos. trump plaza will close next
6:57 am
week. and just last week, sources told nbc 10 trump taj mahal may soon send out notices to its workers about mass layoffs or a possible closure. of course, you can count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage on the casino crisis. we have an entire section on devoted entirely to the economic impact. you'll find information on resources for casino workers who are now looking for new jobs. three minutes before 7:00. it's the day so many have been anticipating, the first day of school for public school students in philadelphia. and this day comes with some anxiety as well. nbc 10's rosemary connors is live outside benjamin franklin high school in spring garden to tell us more. rosemary? >> reporter: tracy, the doors will open here very shortly for students as they get ready to take on another school year making due wi making do with less. the philadelphia school district -- counselors, janitors, nurses and police officers. massive layoffs could be coming
6:58 am
down the pike later this fall if the pennsylvania legislature does not approve the $2-per-pack cigarette tax that the district has already factored into its budget. by the way, legislators return back from their summer session one week from today. reporting live from spring garden, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. good morning. it's 6:58 on your monday morning. and for philadelphia students headed back to school, we have some issues to tell you about in just a second. the tacony-palmyra bridge has just come down after it was opened for the last 15 minutes to allow a ship to pass through. so, that affected traffic on route 73 in pennsylvania and new jersey. that issue in philadelphia i wanted to tell you about on the roosevelt boulevard southbound, right near tyson avenue. two lanes on the inner drive are blocked because of a tractor-trailer accident. it's been out there for much of the morning. they're still cleaning it up. it's best to avoid that and take the outer lanes, which have been open throughout all of this. and then finally, a live look at 76 at city avenue. things are really slowing down
6:59 am
76 westbound. your drive times from the blue route to the vine street expressway in both directions about 20 minutes, but they have been creeping up in just the last few seconds that i came out. so, expect some delays there. good morning, everyone. looking good this morning. we've got some clouds, actually, some fog this morning up at lake wall wall wallen pom pack, but. allentown at 58 degrees, trenton 62. 66 for wildwood and atlantic city 65 degrees. looks like a futurecast shows more clouds for the day today. our high's probably about 78 degrees. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. showers in the forecast back again for tomorrow, guys. >> thank you. the "today" show's up next with matt and meredith vieira. we'll have local updates in about 25 minutes. and on right now, "10 at seven," the ten things
7:00 am
you need to know before you walk out the door. thanks for watching. have a great day. good morning. breaking news. the duke and dutchess of cambridge are expecting baby number two. the queen is said to be delighted. why the palace was forced to release that news today. helicopter in yosemite national park where there is a dangerous wildfire. the president plans to reveal his strategy on isis to the american public this week. >> this is not going to be an announcement about u.s. ground troops. this is not the equivalent of the iraq war. >> while the u.s. carries out new air strikes in iraq against those militants. and she's back. our good friend, meredith