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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  September 9, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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that's powerful. this morning, the case involving ray rice has been unraveling by the minute with everyone from the nfl to the new jersey state police to rice's wife weighing in on what's happening. i'm chris cato. there have been several developments within the past few hours. staying on top of those is matt delucia live in the digital operations center. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: the situation has taken off on social media. the most recent comment coming from ray rice's wife. she says in part, no one knows the pain that the media and unwanted opinions from the public has caused my family. to make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing.
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she goes on to say, to take something away from the man i love that he has worked for all his life to gain ratings is horrific. this is our life. what don't you all get? her statement comes after tmz reported the nfl offices never reached out to revel and asked them for this video. by now, you have probably seen it showing ray rice punching his then fiancee to where she was knocked unconscious. the nfl responded with security for atlantic city casinos is handled by state police. any videos are held in the custody of the state police. as we said yesterday, we requested any and all information about the incident including the video from inside the elevator. that was not made available to us. the state police fired back saying, we are unable to determine whether a request was made or not. the answer would have been not our case. it wasn't ours and it never was
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ours. we never had the video. either way, this has turned into a pr nightmare for the nfl. i spoke with a public relations professor about what the league should be doing now to repair its image. the nfl has had public issues before. but he says this is a big one. >> any organization that suspects something is going on needs to investigate it so there are no surprising. one thing the nfl has to do is look at the way it investigates accusations against its players and follows up on those things. there shouldn't be any surprises like that if they did a thorough investigation. >> reporter: right now we have a team in atlantic city trying to ask a tough question to prosecutors and judges about the criminal case. we're working to get those answers for you today at 4:00. for now, live in the digital operations center, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> count on nbc 10 and nbc
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10.kol to stay on top of the story as we continue as matt said to seek answers from the prosecutor's office. in atlantic city, trump entertainment resorts is the latest ac casino owner to file for bankruptcy protection. it runs two casinos in ac. the taj mahal and the trump plaza, set to close next week. nbc 10's reporter, ted greenberg, has been following the crisis closely in atlantic city. he is live with more on today's announcement and what this means for the taj mahal. >> reporter: another painful chapter in the casino crisis. in the last three minutes, i got a copy of an internal employee memo that went up on the employee bulletin board, a member know notifying the workers that trump entertainment resorts filed for crab ter 11 bankruptcy this morning. it says, absent significant
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expense reductions, the trump taj mahal is expected to close on or shortly after november 13th with all operating units expected to be terminated between november 13th and november 27th. it says that those employees will receive a copy of warn notices this afternoon. those notices are required by law to give workers at least 60 days warning, that a mass layoff or a possible casino closure may occur. as of september 1st, the taj mahal had more than 2,800 employees. the trump plaza, as you mentioned, is due to shut down one week from today, which will leave nearly 1,000 additioning aworkers out of a job. nbc 10 first told you thursday that trouble was on the horizon for the taj mahal. its most recently quarterly filing with regulators, the company said it was in danger of running oust money and mentioned a restructuring as a possible
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fix. this woman has worked as a housekeeper at the taj mahal for 24 years. >> everybody is scared. you know? they don't know if they are going to close. i'm very worried, because i pay my own apartment. nobody help me. >> reporter: i reached out to a spokesman with trump entertainment resorts for comment. i have not gotten a response. as soon as i get that, i will bring that to you. live in the alan tick city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> thanks. sky force 10 over a bad accident this morning on the northeast extension. it happened after 7:00 along the southbound lanes. you see the rolled over vehicle. traffic was backed up for miles. no word on injuries. the accident scene is now clear and the backup is gone. another cool and cloudy day across the area as we take a live look at center city.
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an overcast morning. clouds hanging over william penn's head. some of you may see rain. a live picture from cape may as we look down beach avenue. you can see not many people out. not a perfect day to be on the beach. there's a high risk for rip currents. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. is the rain getting closer to the area? >> not really, chris. it's staying fairly far to the south. it looks, again, like yesterday, more ominous and threatening than it really is. we have clouds in the philadelphia area. at the shore. even in the poconos we're seeing cloud cover. it's not as thick as it is down toward the shore. you can see the main area of rain not far from where it was yesterday. it was near norfolk and right along the coast of virginia. now it has shifted a little offshore but not very far to the
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north. so we stay with the clouds. here are some showers starting to move from east to west down across southern delaware. we expect some to come into, especially south jersey, toward the shore, during the afternoon hours. but not make it up very far to the north. it's going to be cool though. as long as the clouds hang in there, it's only in the 60s north and west. and low 70s toward the south and east. yet another cool day in another cool pattern. more on that and the timing of thunderstorms this week with the seven-day in a few minutes. here is what else we're following. philadelphia police are looking for a man who beat up a woman and shot her leaving her clinging to life. it happened inside a home in queen village. she was shot in the head and is in critical condition. police say they are looking for a 32-year-old man who lives with that woman. they know who he is. the man's brother is the one who called police. police are looking for the attacker who stabbed a man in
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the stomach in north philadelphia. it happened on broad street around 1:30 this morning. the victim got into an argument with a man at the chinese takeout restaurant. the man stabbed him. the victim is? critical condition. the prosecution is expected to rest its case against the woman accused of abducting a 5-year-old philadelphia girl from school and then sexually abusing her. the definanense will take its f. at the beginning of the trial, the defense attorney was pretty sure he would put her on stand. now he's not sure he wants to risk it. regusters has been unstable in the courtroom. she had an outburst last week. she's accused of disguising herself and taking the 5-year-old girl. an fbi agent testified about web searches on regusters' computer. after the crime, he says there were internet searches on rape, dna and fingerprinting.
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the defense says the compute her no password protection. anyone could have used it. a deal has been reached to decriminalize marijuana in philadelphia. mayor michael nutter's office says he will sign a police that will allow police to give people citations for possessing small amounts of marijuana. they would be fined $25 and the offense would not go on the person's record. the councilman who pushed for this says it will allow police to focus on other crimes in the city. the bill could be voted on next week and would take affect in october if it passes. happening today, right now in fact, voters are casting ballots in delaware's primary election. polls will stay open until 8:00 p.m. two big races for state offices, republicans are running for the gop nomination for state treasurer and democrats are trying to win the party's nomination for state auditor. it's the grand opening of philadelphia's first natural gas vehicle fuelling station.
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tom corbett was there this morning for the opening of the vng facility in east falls. the station will offer drivers easy access to natural gas to fill up their tank. the company is headquarters in be a la kin win. a plea to save philadelphia schools. this is part of the philadelphia coalition advocating for public schools week of resistance. they are protesting what they call governor corbett's failure to fund philadelphia and pennsylvania schools. the philadelphia school district continues to deal with an $81 million budget short fall. a disturbing event on a flight bound for the u.s. an air marshal attacks on board the plane. you will find out why what he was stabbed with is being tested. a roller coaster catches fire. the ride will not be repaired. we will tell you why you may
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recognize this coaster even if you have never visited the park. a lot of clouds around today. a lot of clouds around yesterday. i will let you know when we will see the sun again and when thunderstorms are going to be moving in. my first alert forecast coming up.
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president obama begins his campaign today to convince america that the u.s. should go after isis. as nbc 10 national
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correspondence tracy pots tells us, step one is laying out his plan for congress. >> reporter: president obama says we're going after eisis. >> it's not something you do by dropping bombs. you need allies. >> almost every single country on earth has a role to play in eliminating the isis threat and the evil that it represents. >> reporter: secretary kerry heads to the mideast building the coalition. iraq has a more inclusive government as of this week. the president said their soldiers should fight the ground war, not ours. >> this is not a criminal activity akin to breaking and entering. this sis a war. >> reporter: some lawmakers are backing u.s. air strikes in syria. >> we ought to go after the snake where the head is and decapitate the snake. >> reporter: others want more limited action. >> whatever authorization that
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we agree upon should be on a short tether. >> reporter: the president says he doesn't need authorization but wants a vote of support. tomorrow he will address the nation. >> he needs to be agrease receive, to the point. he needs to go after these groups. and he needs to make certain that we shut them down, that they don't spread. >> reporter: that's one of the many opinions floating around here on capitol hill now that congress is back. there's a proposal to strip american citizens of their past ports if they are found working with the isis militants. an investigation is under way to find out what was inside a sir ring that was used to attack a u.s. air marshal. here is what happened. that marshal was boarding a flight in nigeria bound for houston, text testimony, when a man stabbed him with a sir ring. after getting off the plane, the marshal whack taken to the hospital. right now, homeland security experts say the motive is not clear. >> was it something intended to harm that individual who they
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certainly probably thought was an american? they may or may not have known he was a u.s. marshal. or was it something that is contagious that they hope to then spread to the united states? >> the air marshal is showing no signs of illness. he is being tested. the fb sai testing that needle. so far, no indication that this was related to terrorism. a fourth ebola patient has arrived in the united states. an ambulance arrived at emory university hospital in atlanta a short time ago. you see it there. this is the same hospital where two other americans were successfully treated for ebola. this patient's identity has not been released. the world health organization says a doctor who has been working in an ebola treatment center has tested positive for the disease. happening now, members of the senate homeland security committee are holding a hearing about a federal program that sends surplus mill tear are i equipment to police departments. this comes in the wake of this summer's violence in ferguson,
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missouri. we saw police responding to protesters there. police departments across the country have been receiving military-grade equipment like automatic weapons and armored vehicles from a surplus program. some lawmakers are saying it's too much. look at thchlt lava from a volcano in hawaii. it continues to inch closer to homes. the world's most active volcano has been erupting for months now with the most recent lava flow starting july 19th. officials say the lava has moved away from a nearby neighbor. it could change direction at any time. residents have been warned of possible evacuations. investigators are looking into what caused a roller coaster to go up in flames. it caught fire yesterday afternoon. crews had started taking apart the ride. it was being rebuilt for next year. the park was closed at the time. no one has hurt. you may recognize this coaster. it was featured in the 1983 movie "national lampoon's
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vacation." someone may want to question clark griswald about that fire. you can see, citizens bank park, it looks threatening just like much of the rest of the area. there really is not much rain around. it is going to be cool for the game tonight. that's for sure. we're going to be seeing clouds across much of the area. keeping temperature down in the 70s and much of the rest of the month is going to be in the 70s as well with just one or two rare exceptions. thursday, thunderstorms in the forecast as well. for the temperature now, we are only 71 degrees. ten mile an hour wind. we're two degrees cooler than we were at this time yesterday. yesterday, we only got up to 75 degrees. the average high is 81. we were actually 93 degrees on
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saturday and then down to 72 degrees today. that's quite a drop. we have issues at the shore. we have more showers, of course, than the rest of the area. we have coastal flooding at the times of high tide and also a high risk of rip currents as we go through the day today and into tomorrow. temperatures very cool to the north and west. only in the mid 60s. barely 70 degrees in the philadelphia area. even some 60s in new jersey. in delaware, it is a very cool pattern. the wind coming right in off the ocean, and that's going to prevent the testimony frumperat going up very far. you can see this northeast wind across the entire area, stronger to the south. that's where the rain is. but the rain is pretty much staying to our south and offshore. sussex county, perhaps cape may county, new jersey, getting a little bit of the rain but not
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much else. you can see on the futurecast, just a few showers down to the south as we go into the rest of the day and the evening. for the rest of the night, we're going to be seeing some of those showers. then look at this cold front coming in from the west. that's going to get us on thursday night. that's when we see that. in the tropics, we're watching the eastern atlantic for possible development over the next several days. we will let you know about that. the peak of hurricane season this time of the year. mostly cloudy and cool with a shower south and east. temperatures in the low to mid 70s. that's as far as we go. we start drug outying out. and then the warmest day, the only warm day with thunderstorms on thursday. we get cooler on friday. rain comes back on saturday. and then we stay clear into next week.
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the tech world is buzzing this morning. buzzing, tweeting, liking, posting. we're hours away from apple's highly-anticipated announcement. a preview of what that company may say. it's a program designed to get kids to school safely in philadelphia. we will look at how it's working so far during this new school year.
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welcome back. a week-long celebration of the city's multicultural riches are about to take place.
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we're proud to tell you about it right now for the first time. here to help me do that are two people with the mayor's office. tell us more about what the office does. >> well, we really are here to promote welcoming environment for immigrants and to ensure they have access to services and resources around the city. >> i guess we will leave fernando to tell us about the big event starting september 14th. it's multicultural passport. the second year that we do this. they believe it's very important to address serious issues like imbragmigration reform. it's very important to celebrate culture and heritage. it's looking to do that, to
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celebrate and to highlight the different cultures that live in the city. >> where does this take place? is there one central gathering spot? mostly center city because that's where the highest concentration of individuals are and where transportation makes it easy for access. we will have an international soccer tournament, a multicultural showcase. there will be panel discussions in different locations around the city. >> i was reading about one of those. a panel discussion about being lgbt and undocumented. tell me about that. >> there's two great organizations that does a lot of work in south philadelphia with the immigrant community and the laid lgbt rights organization for latinos in the city. they have discovered and many people have worked on this on the similarities of actually coming out. >> the city of brotherly love is
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opening its arms to wonderful cultures. this is a chance next week to experience that for yourself. the multicultural passport to phl september 14th through the 21st. we are proud to be sponsors of this event. you can go to our website for more information on all of the events that will take place during that week. thank you for being here. there's new fallout this morning from the release of the video of ray rice knocking out his fiancee, now wife. the nfl is responding to questions about whether it knew about this tape earlier when it suspended rice for two games. an update in a few minutes. we are following breaking news out of atlantic city. more trouble for the crisis there. a company with the famous name attached to it has filed bankruptcy. we will tell what you that could mean for the taj mahal.
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at 11:30, we are track checking out our top stories. the company that owns two atlantic city casinos has filed for bankruptcy. the trump taj mahal is expected to close around november 13th. this is new information that has come in in the last few minutes. it's expected to close november 13th. that would make it the fifth ac casino to shut down this year. more than 10,000 people total in that losing work. trump plaza, also owned by trump entertainment resorts, is set for closure next week. philadelphia police looking for a man who beat up a woman and shot her twice inside a home in queen village. that woman is in critical condition at jefferson university hospital. police say they are looking for a 32-year-old man who lives with the woman. they know who he is. police say the man's brother is the one who called police. the prosecution is expected
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to rest its case today against the woman accused of abducting a 5-year-old philadelphia girl from her school and sexually abusing her. christina regusters is accused of diz guising herself to look like the girl's mother and take the girl from the school in january of last year. we are following several developments in the ray rice scandal which just seems to grow by the minute. this morning we are now hearing from rice's wife. she's speaking out defending her husband and ripping the media. her statement comes after tmz reported the nfl never reached out to revel to ask them for this video that tmz released yesterday. by now you have probably seen t. ray rice punching his then fiancee knocking her unconscious inside that elevator. following tmz's report this more than, the nfl responded with a statement.
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count on nbc 10 and to stay on top of the situation. we continue to seek answers about the plea deal that allowed him to serve pre-trial intervention for simple assault in that case. a live look at the shore. this is cape may, a few people out there. there's a risk for high rip currents at the jersey shore today. probably not the best day to be on the beach. we're in for some cloudy conditions all day. maybe some rain for some of you. glenn "hurricane" schwartz standing by with a look at that. >> chris, it's not the best kind of weather pattern for the shore. that is for sure. in philadelphia, we still have a
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lot of clouds around right now. it will be fairly cloudy today. a little bit brighter later in the afternoon. it's brighter in the poconos. we see blue in the sky. they're not going to be seeing any rain at all. the rain is very far to the south. so far, staying in that area. it's starting to move east to west, at least a few of the showers. it's not getting any closer to the i-95 corridor. the futurecast shows that. just a few showers to the south and east during the afternoon. temperatures in the mid 60s to the north and low 70s elsewhere. the east wind and the 73-degree ocean and the clouds, temperature is not going to go up very much. only in the low to mid 70s. a little bit of sunshine later this afternoon with a few showers to the south and east. thunderstorms are in the forecast. the timing on that coming up in a few minutes. look at this.
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remnants of norbert drenched the southwest. two people were killed in flooded roads in arizona. drivers in las vegas had a tough time making their way through intersections there. an indian reservation had to be evacuated. dozens of cars in floodwaters near palm springs, california. that area hit hard during yesterday's morning commute. the national weather service extended flash flood warnings for that area. drier air is expected to move through the region tomorrow. overseas, military personnel from india and pakistan are trying to evacuate people and provide aid to survivors of flooding and landslides there. authorities say 2,500 communities have been wiped away or are under water at this time. thousands of people are still stranded waiting to be rescued. at least 170 have died in the flooding there. that's in the kashmir region of india. pakistani authorities say over 200 people have died there from flooding. more heavy rain is expected today.
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happening today, president obama is beating with congressional leaders to go over his plan for battling the terror threat from isis. the president will address the nation on that subject tomorrow. u.s. official say the plan will be a broader counselor terrorism mission that will target isis and not just protect u.s. interests. they say the president still will not commit troops to a ground war. the new york post is reporting that a member of isis was aregular worshiper at the same massachusetts mosque that the accused boston marathon bombers attended. they promote beheadings online. the mosque said it is not the same as that of the two bombers. apple fans, you have waited. the next gadget event is today. rumor has it we will see a new iphone, maybe even a new and bigger ipad.
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more from silicon valley. >> reporter: apple's invitation to the event reads, wish we could say more. they are saying plenty with not just the venue, where steve jobs introduced the mackintosh 30 years ago, but what they have constructed there. this is apple's big white box. >> in all the rumors hold up, this could be apple's best product launch in 25 years. >> reporter: the expect tags is an iphone 6. >> we were first in line. these people right here actually bought our spots to move to third and fourth in line. i think it's worth it. >> reporter: consumers have a wish list. >> please batteries that last one day. >> it would be cool to have a larger screen. >> reporter: the rumor 5 inches. >> too big. i don't want a tablet on my ear. >> reporter: many don't see the need for constant revamps. >> i have what i need. it works fine.
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>> reporter: innovators like steve jobs gave us things we never knew we wanted then can't live without. now it may be apple's ceo's turn to revolutionize the wristwatch. >> they have changed music. they have changed pcs. they can probably change time, too. >> reporter: the wearable and new iphone is rumored to be the first to incorporate near field communication, radio waves which could mean the end of credit cards, even car keys. with apple taking hits from competitors that are beginning to resonate, many apple watchers say the technology giant hasn't been sleeping, just working on something huge. what that huge thing will be? apple has its countdown clock on to the second counting down to this event which will happen 10:00 a.m. pacific time. the world will be watching. >> apple taking hits from its
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competitors. as customers anticipate apple's new product release, t mobile is vowing to beat trade-in values. it will make sure its prices are the best. if a customer finds a better offer, t mobile will top it and give the customer 'an extra $50. it will only be available for a limited time. amazon is cutting the price of its fire smart phone to 99 cents. but you have to sign a two-year contract. that's a big drop from when it debuted at $199 in june. it plans to include a free one-year prime suss skripgs with that purchase. today is the second day of classes for kids in the philadelphia public school system. volunteers helped a lot of students get to school safely this morning. >> reporter: beginning this week, you will see adult volunteers walking kids to and from school. they are part of walk safe philadelphia, giving a few hours
11:39 am
a day to help keep kids safe. this woman and her team of volunteers are start being the school year, too. with radios, vests and comfortable shoes. >> on the sidewalk, please. >> reporter: these adults are with walk safe philadelphia and give a few hours in the morning and afternoon to walk kids safely to and from school. >> the budget cuts increase, the manpower decreases. so, therefore, we are really sending out a massive call not to this school but all the schools throughout the city that we need people who can give an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. >> reporter: the district began the year on monday with more than $80 million in the red. many schools have to share police officers. fewer are outside to watch kids during arrival and dismissals. they have been trained to walk students to and from the schools while keeping an eye out for anything unsafe. >> i'm glad they are out here. they need a little more of
11:40 am
crossing guards at the corners. these kids get out of school, they are running everywhere, chasing after each other. this is not to say that there aren't good teachers or good administrators. everybody is feeling the pinch of something being taken away. the volunteer is what fills that gap of what's being taken away, extraize, extra set of ears, a hug, stability, those type of things. there is new help in philadelphia for at-risk young women. a program with an already successful track record in other parts of the country is about to kick off in this area. it is designed to help those young women become the women of tomorrow. we will tell you more about it coming up. thunderstorms are on the way later in the week. i will show you when they will arrive.
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welcome back. if there is a time to be adventurous in your dining, it's right now. restaurant week is going on this week and next week in philadelphia. many restaurants in the city are offering three-course dinners for $35 a person. some offering a cut-rate lunch, too. for a complete list of all participating restaurants, go to i am volunteering to sample all of those. an organization that's been helping to inspire, motivate and
11:44 am
empower at-risk young women is expanding to philadelphia. this is a great opportunity. it's a program called women of tomorrow. nbc 10 is a sponsor of the kickoff event which is tonight. we are happy to have with us the organization's founder and president. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> you have a special guest with you this morning as well. >> abby brown is one of the graduates of our program. women of tomorrow, we have been doing this for 17 years in south florida and detroit. and we are expanding to the philadelphia area. the exciting thing about our program is that we have a 92% high school graduation rate among an at-risk group of girls. the vast majority of our girls go immediately on to college.&d÷ the grades of our girls go up to a statistically significant year every year they are in the program. we work in partnership with the school system. we start with 200 girls in ten
11:45 am
schools. we are excited. >> that's how you identify the girls for the program is through the school system? is that how it work snz. >> the school system chooses the girls. we do work in partnership with them. we give them criteria of what we consider to be at-risk. all teenagers are at risk as far as i'm concerned. we have a broad brace that they can choose from. we like a die verty of girls. so that they can all work to help each other. it's a unique program to the country. we mentor in groups. all of our mentors are accomplished professional women. it's a little bit of a different take. >> it's needed in every large urban area. you have had great success with this in detroit. what attracted you to philadelphia. >> the knight foundation normally does not fund mentoring and scholarship programs. but they became interested because their home bait is in miami. they deemed us worthy to come to
11:46 am
the city they are most prominent in. philadelphia is perfect for us. abby is a graduate. she graduated from high school in 2008. now she's about to be a practicing nurse. >> one of your shining success stories. abby, when you started -- when you became a part of this program, tell me how it really empowered you to achieve and to graduate from high school in. >> i grew up in the inner city. my mom and dad were drug addicts. my grandmother took care of myself. she was murdered in front of my siblings. we were split apart. entering high school, i felt very lost. i felt like i had no one i could relate to. i was in a drop-out prevention program. i made ds and fs. i joined women of tomorrow. i was recommended by a teacher. from that day, i was surrounded with a support system of people who truly cared for me. i felt that i wasn't alone. i had people who were looking out for me and going, i saw that
11:47 am
you didn't go to class. what's going on? for the first time in my life, i was surrounded around professional women. you know? i was like, wow, i can do this. i can be this. even towards the ending of my high school year, i was almost homeless. women of tomorrow were the true escape for me. i was able to go and talk and open up and get the support i needed. by the time 2008 when i graduated, i received over $11,000 of scholarships. i received a nursing scholarship. they provided me with the stability and support system. you can have dreams to succeed, but if you don't have the proper resources and proper support, then it's pretty hard. >> what an awesome testimony. you couldn't ask for a better advertisement for what your organization does. >> she's great. >> i support women of tomorrow. it's been a wonderful program. it's a wonderful program. >> what a great asset for young women here in the philadelphia area. women of tomorrow. the kickoff event is tonight.
11:48 am
it's for greater philadelphia at 6:00. it's at the restaurant inside the kimmel center at 300 south " >> hope we will see you there. >> i will always come to a restaurant. >> now we know how to get to you. >> that's the easy way. glenn may come, too. we do have clouds across much of the area now. they are threatening. it looks like it's going to rain. it looked like it was going to rain yesterday, but it didn't. similar story today. we may actually even have a little bit of breaks of sunshine in the area this afternoon. a month of 70s. most of the rest of the month is -- looks like it's going to be in the 70s during the day. do not see a warm pattern at
11:49 am
all. thunderstorms most likely on thursday. that's the one threat this week. right now it's 71 degrees. we have an east wind again. that's two degrees cooler than it was at this time yesterday. we continue to see temperatures only in the 60s north and west. 69 in mount holly. low 70s, that's the warmest it is in the area. dover, 73. not exactly balmy. let's see how the beaches are doing. we see the northeast wind. day after day, coastal flood advisory continues. a high rip current risk continues. not exactly the best time to be at the shore. that's where we will see the greatest chance of any showers today, too. we are starting to see a little bit of motion from east to west in some of the showers. we are looking at any moisture offshore to see what might be moving inland during the afternoon. there's a lot of clouds out
11:50 am
there. the clouds help keep temperature down as does the east wind. the showers generally confined toward the shore areas or at least close to it. every once in a while some more showers come in from the east. in the tropics, it's been very, very quiet. this is the absolute historical peak of hurricane season. this is the -- not very organized, but it looks like it will become organized. the next storm is edward. conditions may become more fa r favorable for tropical development in the next week. don't know where it's going to go. something may start developing. mostly cloudy skies, cool, with showers to the south and east this afternoon. high temperatures in the low to mid 70s. the seven-day forecast, we're drying out on wednesday. a little bit more sunshine, especially in the afternoon. some places may get actually up to 80. a lot of places are going to get into the 80s on thursday. warm, humid, thunderstorms late
11:51 am
in the day or at night. that's the one day that's going to look and feel like summertime. then it gets fallish again. sunshine and cooler on friday. chance of rain on saturday. and then just cool on sunday and monday. steve harvey is back with a new season of his hit talk show. his third season debuted yesterday. here to tell us more about it is the man himself joining us live from new york. great to have you on this morning. >> how are you doing? i got one big thing to tell you. i got my hands on mo'ne davis from philly, the little leaguer on the cover of "sports illustrator." >> she is remarkable. i will be up front with you. we are short on time. you know how live television programs can get away from you.
11:52 am
we have time for one question. >> that's why i said that quick. >> we have to celebrate the release of your new book today. that's what you are telling everyone about. tell us about this book of yours. >> it's about act like a success, think like a success. i promise, if you buy this book, it will be a game changer for you. it's filled with the information that i wish i had when i first flunked out of college. i could have turned my life around if i had this information. it's my gift back to everybody for all their support over the years of making me the person that i am today. today's show focuses on that right there. >> speaking of success, any idea when the mo'ne davis interview is going to air? >> soon. just real soon, coming up within the next week. >> stay tuned for that. steve harvey live from new york. we will check you out. >> no problem. thanks for having me. >> reminder, see steve harvey's show today every weekday at 2:00 p.m. right here on nbc 10.
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as we go to break, look at our top stories trending now on
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00, a new episode of "ellen." then it's news at 4:00. a driveway dispute. a girlfriend versus a boyfriend. look at the video. she nearly backed over him. today the surprising case that this victim is making for his alleged attacker. that's on nbc 10 news at 4:00. top honors for a local university. well will explain who is giving villanova straight as. what grade are you giving the weather? >> it's about a b minus to me. looks a lot worse than it is. we have clouds. it's going to be cool. but most of the rain should be south and east. >> okay for the phillies game tonight? >> yeah. a little bit cool. take a sweater, jacket, blanket, something. >> cool is good. we can handle cool. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm chris cato. for all of us here, have a great day.
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[door closes] >> ben: [sighs] damn it. abigail, what the hell? you know that door is-- >> abigail: locked, yes, i know. i have a few things to say, ben. so consider yourself a captive audience. >> hope: i don't know how they expect you to carry all this. it must weigh 30 pounds. >> ciara: well, i won't be needing this. so uncool. >> hope: oh, honey.