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tv   Today  NBC  September 11, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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we'll see you for local updates in 25 minutes. and at nbc10, things to note before you walking out the door. thanks for watching. have a great day. . good morning. no safe haven the president announces a broad expansion in the battle against isis, including for the first time, airstrikes to syria. >> we will hunt down terrorists to our country wherever they are. the former head of the fbi will lead an independent investigation of the nfl tableing of the ray rice scandal. this after a bomb shell report that someone in the league's office received the videotape of the infamous attack five months ago. happening now, oscar pistorius weeps in the courtroom as the judge prepares to make her decision. will he go to prison or walk
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away a free man? we are there live. and the nation pauses to remember the worst terror attack in this country's history, 13 years ago today, thursday, september 11th, 2014. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone, welcome to "today" on this thursday morning with al roker, natalat natalie morales and tom brokaw. tom, it's great to have you here. we have been friends and colleagues for a long time and i don't think any day has been more important to me, in either of those relationships than 13 years ago, we spent a lot of hours on this desk trying to make sense of what happened. >> i don't think the audience
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fully appreciate and we didn't later in how much we didn't say. it was the first time we were on the air without any indication for hours and hours without any indication of what was coming next. there was a big storm coming. we were about to go to war. that day we didn't. >> it was a memorable morning for all of us. we will spend a lot of time talkling about fa. that's a sensational story we will bring you later. we have a lot to get to on this thursday morning, including drama in south africa, the judge in the oscar pistorius trial is in the middle of reading her verdict. a property says that takes a lot longer than we see here in the united states. we will bring you that decision as soon as it's announced. we will begin on this thursday morning with that pledge, president obama during a prime time speech to the nation to destroy the terror group isis.
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nbc national correspondent peter alexander is joining us from the white house. good morning. >> reporter: after clear criticism, president obama did not have a path. a group he said was unique in its brutality. the president promising airstrikes that will hit iraq and syria as well. he insisted the u.s. will not be dragged into another ground war. vowing what he stalled u called a steady relentless effort. he put it plain the u.s. is at war with isis. we will hunt down terrorists wherever they are. >> reporter: for the first time the president said he is prepared to launch airstrikes in syria where isis fighters beheaded americans. >> if you terrorize america, we will hunt you down. >> reporter: they will head to iraq to advise their security
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forces. it will be a war more like yemen and bali. while emphasizing the danger in the middle east. he offered a blunt warning. >> left unchecked, these terrorists can pose a tlet threat beyond that region, including the united states. >> reporter: still he says fighting isis poses its challenges. >> any time we take military action, there are risks involved, the specialists, these service men and women who carry these out. >> reporter: the president insists he had authority to carry this out and wednesday night welcomed support for this strategy. >> i think we are strongest as a nation when the president and congress work together. >> isis is well armed which they are have a huge control of areas
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as large as the state of indiana. obviously, he doesn't understand the nature of the threat. >> reporter: here a the white house, they tell nbc saudi arabia will host many of the anti-fighters. there is no time table or estimated cost. it is clear he will pass his successor an unfinished war match like he inherited one in the office. >> peter, thank you very much. we will go to our political director and moderator of "meet the press." he was watching the speech last night, cluck, the president is taking his presidency really on moves, this is a dramatic clang in his policy in the middle east. not too long ago, he was trying to disengage from that war. now he is reuniteing it. he is putting a big bet on the troops on the ground in iraq and saudi arabia and other places to be partners. that's a big risk.
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>> it is, in fact, he is hoping somehow the same straj has worked to degrade al qaeda in parts of pakistan, yemen, somalia, somehow aren't going to work here. but the question is will others put troops on the ground in syria? what happens when the u.s. destroys isis. i don't think has any doubt the u.s. wants to do this. what happens to syria then with that vacuum. while the country is clearly horrified over what they saw in those beheading itself and they want some action, they want something, i don't know if it's going to be something that's going to be as quick as the countryties it's going to be. >> chuck, the latest poll that you indicated showed 51% of the people think it is now time to do that. >> some people are. that's helping. >> but there are republican adversaries on the hill. >> he is. he is getting some support for
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what he will do. he wants some money for the trained open session. what does that opposition look like and what is it going to be that it takes a long period of time to do this. and that's something that i think that over time you will start seeing some on capitol hill saying, all right, there is no end date in theis. is it the type of war that will never end? who comes next? i think the president addressed that last night. >> thank you. my guess is that this move that he's making will define his presidency. there will be a lot of other issues that will play out the next few years. unless he succeeds, that will be his mark. >> chuck, thank you very much. meantime, there is high drama unfolding in a courtroom in pretoria, south africa, the judge in the oscar pistorius trial is in the process of
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reading the verdict. already, the olympian has broken down in court. jeff rossen is there. jeff. good morning to you. >> reporter: yes. quite dramatic morning here, matt, with that verdict reading as you mentioned. it's different here in south africa than at home in the u.s., in the u.s., it's guilty or not guilty. here the judge explains why she reached her verdict before announcing the verdict. we have breaking news on that front. moments ago, the judge ruled out premeditated murder and the lesser charge of murder saying there is just not enough evidence to prove murder here. the judge convinced that pistorius did not intend to kill reeva steenkamp. people are a shaking their heads in court. you can still go to court for cullpable homicide. pistorius could learn his fate
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at any moment now. >> all right. jeff rossen -- >> reporter: oscar pistorius had to literally fight his way into court today. pence the moment of truth, the judge reading her ruling analyzing every witness, 37 in all, including oscar pistorius, himself. >> i did not fire at reeva. >> reporter: pistorius claims it was an accident when he shot and killed his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. in a major blow to his defense the judge said this. >> the accused was have very strong witness i heard cross examination giving an instruction that you were more worried by the impact that you answer in my court rather than what i asked. when contradictions were pointed out to you.
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you often blamed her for that. the state said you wanted to shoot the intruder, you would have shot higher up and at chest height. this succession is inconsistent with that of someone who shot without thinking. >> reporter: how damageing is that for pistorius? >> the judge said he knew exactly what he did when he exited. >> reporter: pistorius emotional in court. the judge did side with him, reeva sent him a message before his deaths. i'm scared at you statements how you snap at me. prosecutors prove he was full of rage. but in a blow to the prosecutor, the judge made nothing of it. >> you are unpredictable most of the time. >> reporter: so to recap, the breaking news just moments ago, the judge says there is not enough evidence to find
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pistorius guilty of premeditated murder or the lesser charge of murder, two option, cullpable homicide which is like involuntary manslaughter or all out acquittal, if pistorius dies, he will walk out a free man. >> thank you very much, tom. well, there are major developments today as well in the ray rice scandal, which is getting so much attention across the country in every outlet. the nfl hired the former fbi director robert mueller in the league's handling. this coming after a law enforcement claims he sent a video to an nfl executive, that's the original one that was so graphic. nbc's josh elliot is here with the latest. kwhats going on? >> good morning to you, tom. nfl commission goodell said he never saw that tape, leak officials never had it.
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countering the claim is they were sent that tape in april and leak officials can be heard on a recording confirming the receipt. if true the commissioner is pulled on his job and the leak's credibility could be in serious jeopardy. that disturbing video of the attack by ray rice on his then fiancee pence an atlantic city elevator. the service was in possession of league officials, this according to unidentified law enforcement sources speak with the associated press, left by an nfl employee confirming the tape's arrival. in which she says, you are right, it's terrible. an nfl person responded saying in part, we are not aware of anyone who possessed or saw the video before it was seen on monday end quote. that goes to the substance of nfl commissioner roger goodell speaking with nbc news on
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tuesday. >> we assume there was video. we asked for video, we asked for anything pertinent. we were never granted that opportunity. >> they rendered his stance and in the eyes of many his professional future ever more tenuous. the national organization of women is calling for goodell's resignation. >> we all know mr. goodell took action against ray rice not because he saw a video but because we saw that video. >> reporter: meanwhile, a dozen people in congress demanded the higher transparency in detailing the extent of the nfl's investigation, while others claim their anger at the time line saying the first video of rice dragging an unconscious video of palmer more than merited a penalty. >> we saw the video of him dragging her out of the elevator. there was nothing left to be discussed. he should have been fired right there and then. >> reporter: rice has since been
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fired and suspended indefinitely. but the question at this hour will goodell survive? >> i think roger goodell had his words for the time being. if evidence, credible evidence surfaces that he either saw this tape or knew essentially of its contents before this week, i think that very well could cost him his job. >> reporter: as rice's former team prepares to play the pittsburgh steelers tonight t. ravenseen owner steven bisciotti says. >> i expected her ineebiation dropped. so why did i conclude all that? because i wanted to. because i love ray. >> we contacted the atlanta county district attorney confirming the details in the
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report. once again they declined. let's turn to dan patrick nbc host of football in america and the nationally syndicated program "the dan pat trek show." good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> the former director of the fbi has two owners overseeing john rooney and john mar ra. let's be honest, they have a vested interest. will bit a fair investigation? >> i think it's too early to same. i'd like to see what they come up with. if you look at the time line, you are wondering about the nfl investigating itself. back on august 4th i was told they had not seen the tape in the meantime, they knew this was a big issue, you either made that ruling without seeing the tape or you didn't go out and try to find and do your best to see that tape and still make the ruling. i think the nfl has backed itself into a corner with what
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happened with ray rice. >> who knew what, how much did they know. i want to talk to you a couple years ago the new orleans saints were involved in something called bounty gate with a defensive coordinator greg williams was accused of using money from a slush fund to pay players to injure players on other teams. now the coach of new orleans, sean peyton was never said to be involved. he was suspended for a year and the reasoning that commissioner goodell used for that is if you are running a team, you should know what happens on that team. do you think that same reasoning is going to be used against roger goodell in this case? >> i think it's fair to bring that up. if you are running a league, would roger goodell suspend roger goodell? that's what it comes up for me, matt. i'm not one in the moment, everybody is upset about this they want answers to it. we fire somebody. i'd like to know those answers, if roger good sell transparent with it. is it something that roger goodell would still suspend,
7:17 am
himself, or the owners who are big on revenue, they have to be big on the brand as well. and your audience is 44% female, you have some people to answer to here and i don't think we've had complete answer, complete transparency. >> we will wait to see what develops, dan, thank you very much. he will have more on the "dan patrick show" on the nbc sports network. natalie is here with the 9/11th tribute. >> good morning. guys, today marks the 13th anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks. ceremonies will be held in new york, at the pentagon and in shanksville, pennsylvania. erica, good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning to you. over my shoulder one world trade center rises a symbolic 1076 feet, it's serves as how far the nation has come and a reminder of what happened. at 8:36 this morning, the nation will pause for a moment of
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silence, that marks the moment the trains struck the north tower. following that, the names of the nearly 3,000 victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks and also of the 1993 world trade center bombing will be read here in new york. that is expected to last until a little after 12:30 today. meantime at the pentagon where a flag was unfurld this morning. the president and first lady will join cluck hagel and general chief dempsey as they honor the lives lost in flight 77 and oak. and in shanksville, pennsylvania the congressional gold medal will be presented in the victims' honor as they remember those 40 passengers and crew, the very first time the public will be able to visit the national memorial here in new york that will go public at 6:00 p.m. today. >> erica hill, thank you. dozens of michael brown supporters were arrested on wednesday after trying to shut down a major interstate highway.
7:19 am
highway 170 was aimed for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the brown shooting. the 18-year-old was fatally shot by a ferguson police officer is igniting days of unrest in the street. huge waves prove to be too much for a kayaker on lake michigan. they have waves on lake michigan. dozens of surfers taken to the water as waves reached almost 10-feet. it quickly turned dangerous as rip currents knocked the kayaker out of his boat. a cameraman noticed he seemed to be struggling. someone threw him a floatation device. eventually he pulled on shore the kayaker told the reporter sometimes you get humbled by mother nature a bit. the game of golf, if you play golf, you know it can be challenging, not everyone takes the same approach, however, within they go after that flag stick on the green including
7:20 am
this baby bear. he didn't stop at nothing to get that red flag, spinning around and around. this is hysterical. are we sure that's a baby bear. eventually he did, he couldn't rip it from the pole. he gave up and saw the ball on the grown, that's when he decided, let me go for that. that looks like a little more fun to play with. >> now we see the golfer in the shot there. >> he was emulateing my putting stroke. >> natalie, thank you very much. looking over at your map, mr. roker, we got some rainy conditions for folks in the west. >> looking for some strong funnel system pushing along as we kauch watch this system, we have a few possible as we make our way down around memphis with those showers and thunderstorms we somewhere flash flood watches and warnings. we will continue to watch that as we move on in, look at the
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showers and thunderstorms, little rock, memphis, texarkana. it's like trains moving along the tracks that could produce three inches of rain. we will look at your local weather coming up in the next 30 seconds. thank you for being my hero and my dad. . hi, i'm "first alert" meteorologist brittney shipp. hot and humid conditions expected. temperatures are going to post close to 90 degrees we're also
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tracking late evening thunderstorms. be careful as you're heading home from work we could see heavy downpours, lightning even damaging winds. by the time we head into tomorrow, 78 degrees and fairly nice weekend 72 degrees with a chance of showers saturday but 74 on sunday. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. coming up, toronto mayor rob ford hospitalized this morning. we will tell you about the health crisis he is now facing. >> for a toronto mayor, a man in the northern climate, obviously, he is getting a lot of attention in this country. >> but he seems, a, to look it, and, b -- >> also he seems to be on a path of destruction of some kind. >> more on that story coming. why did she stay? robin givens opens up about surviving an you a buysive relationship and why she sees the ray rice video as a watershed moment for domestic violence. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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maybe. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off scotts grass seed. ♪ "nbc10 news" starts now. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. it is a "first alert" weather day. let's find out what's ahead with "first alert" meteorologist brittney shipp. tracking the thunderstorms for the rest of the afternoon and the evening. it could affect your afternoon and evening that's why we have the "first alert" weather day. we're starting off mainly in the 70s for philadelphia, and we will see temperatures warming into the high 80s. a big darchs frifference from w saw yesterday. late afternoon thunderstorms possible and lightning and heavy downpours.
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let's check on the morning commute with jillian mele. jillian. >> good morning to you, tracy. we're following an accident on the westbound side of the tacony-palmyra bridge. one lane is blocked there. we also have an accident in lower moreland. that is blocked off. heavy volume at 95. 40 minutes from woodhaven to the vine, 76 is also jammed, tracy. and happening today, a jury is expected to get the case of a woman who kidnapped a 5-year-old girl. the alleged victim told the court he was blind folded, placed under a bed, sexually assaulted and set free in a parking lot in upper darby. defense prosecutors argued that she is not the abductor, but the rescuer. we'll have an update in 30
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minutes. i'm tracy davidson.
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♪ . >> it's 7:30 on a thursday morning. it's september 11th, 2014. you are looking now at the memorial here in new york on this 13th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, the memorial events held across the country to honor the people lost in new york, at the pentagon, and, of course, in shanksville, pennsylvania. that american flag unfurled at the pentagon earlier this morning. meantime, savannah continuing maternity leave, with revery happy to have tom brokaw with us. you said earlier when we opened the show on 9-11, 13 years ago we were sitting at the desk and
7:31 am
the images from a moments basis. you were the first one on that morning and look at all of us and look at the audience and say this date changes our world forever. >> i also said that morning we are at war. that was totally clear. i did not anticipate 13 years later we would be in our third war. effectively with the president last night, 13 years ago at this hour they were aligned. we were completely unaware of what was going on and what they had in mind. >> we are happy to have you here today as a part of this homecoming week. maria schriver will be here tomorrow. she will have an exclusive interview with bill clinton. we look forward to that. >> the judge in the murder trial of oscar pistorius is in the process of reading her verdict. she has cleared the olympian of
7:32 am
the murder and premettated murder. >> president obama has now authorized u.s. airstrikes in syria and expanded strikes in iraq to defeat isis militants, he laid out a strategy vowing to hunt down terrorists wherever they are. >> officials in hawaii are dealing with a slow moving disaster. lava from a volcano could eventually come up on one town on the big island. >> let us start this half hour, though, with the toronto mayor. an embattled man, he is waking up in a hospital this morning him rob ford whose time in office has been rocked by his admitted drug use and his unusual behavior. he is undergoing tests for a tumor in his stomach. kevin tibbles has more on this. >> reporter: toronto mayor rob ford was in unbearable pain when he entered the hospital early
7:33 am
wednesday. >> he said his stomach was bothering him. he went to the hospital. >> reporter: rob ford 45ed in midst of an election campaign has been complaeng about abdominal pain for more than three months. >> an investigation today revealed he has a tumor. >> reporter: ford's administration has been rocked by scandal when a cell phone vehicle went public showing the mayor ranting about his detractors and reportedly smoking crack in another. he sat down with matt to talk about his substance abuse. >> that's the excuse i heard you give for using cocaine was you were in a drunking stupor, i am wondering if that is supposed to make anybodybell feel better? >> no, i can't remember it at all. i was very, very angry. >> reporter: he spent two months for treatment for addiction last
7:34 am
july. >> i have become my own worst enemy. >> reporter: ford refused to resign and has been vigorously campaigning for election. two weeks ago, he broke into song and dance at a city council meeting and tuesday he met with boxer mike tyson, no impact on his re-election bid. >> 7:34 now on this thursday morning. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> matt, thanks so much. we are watching the tropics making its way up along the mexico border. we are looking possibly to see more moisture into the southwest like norbert did last week. we are keeping an eye on a weak area in the northwest of the bahamas, it has 25 miles an hour winds.
7:35 am
it will be bringing rain thursday to sunday. some areas could pick up five to 8g inches of hi, i'm "first alert" meteorologist brittney shipp. hot and humid conditions expected. our temperatures are going to post close to 90 degrees, we're also tracking late evening thunderstorms. so "first alert" edition for today, be careful as you're heading home from work. we could see heavy downpours, lightning, even damaging winds. by the time we head into tomorrow, 78 degrees and fairly nice weekend 72 degrees with a chance of showers saturday but 74 on sunday. . >> that's your latest weather. we talked about apple's beg announcement earlier in the week. carson is over in the orange room now, though, with something we may not have talked enough about.
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carson. >> is your phone essentially going to be your new wallet? 9 million stores in the u.s. come october. 220 stores, wal-mart, mcdonald's, macy's, your technology is stored. you hit the reader. here's the question we'd like you to answer, do you still use cash? every day, once in a while, never, go to the page, take survey. we'll have the results in a little bit. >> carson, thank you very much. much more on that coming up. also ahead on trending, who is doing the most reading in america? the answer could surprise you. first these messages. . sometimes the most daring ideas... ...are the ones you can count on the most. ♪ the prius.
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that. >> be prepared, the wallet is waneing. it's dead, the classic lets billfold or velcro is losing with younger generations, mostly due to technology, partly due to clutter and partly madam i'm talking to you the skinny jeans, will the wallet, could the wall let as we know it go extinct? >> you got a stove for your brain, a plastic sleeve for your comb and a wallet for your money. >> remember the good old days when you'd never walk out the door without your keys and wall let no matter what? >> you got more cow here than here. >> i am so excited to get rid of my wallet. >> reporter: today less is more. at least stuff we carry. 63% of millennials don't have a
7:42 am
credit kart card. 43% prefer a card over cash. >> what's on the decline? >> you can pay for everything you need, you don't have to stumble through a whole set of cards, why wouldn't you use that? >> i'm a big advocate of having nothing in my pocket. i dress a little hip, which means my pants are a little tight. >> reporter: whether it's function, we have an allie. >> we call it apple pad. >> reporter: apple unveiled apple pay, which essentially turns your phone into a virtual wallet. no more cash or credit or bump in the back pocket. retailers are already on board with the idea. businesses like starbucks the salad chain chop and others let you pay with the pass. it hasn't gone main streamite yet. according to "time" and buzzby business editor, this is the
7:43 am
beginning. >> when you have your phone in your pocket, you are always online. >> reporter: but this is where we are digitally, where are we finding it? >> i asked a couple friends why they don't have a zip it. they said they would get it if they could implant it into themselves. s. >> so i looked across the desk here, all of you guys not only have wallets, you have your phones, your "american idol"s. first of all that, is like a backpack. >> this weighs a pound. it's ridiculous. >> you guys are not even done with the wallet? >> there is a money clip, an atm card and driver's license, i travel a lot. when we went on, i had a phone, boarding pass, punch it. it would disappear, 90 people
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coming up, a magic diet pill just approved by the fda. >> tom brokaw here him we have asked tom what's in your wallet, now we will have some other questions, i hope you are ready this called request pro cao anything. >> anything? >> he's like siri. >> they're coming on saying watching your performance, how come you a the ats is more than a validation of your achievements. it's a powerful reflection of your drive to succeed.
7:51 am
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>> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. good morning. i'm tracy w!sqdavidson. we are tracking storms today. let's get the latest with "first alert" meteorologist brittney shipp. brittney. that's right, as we head into your afternoon and evening we're going to see a chance of thunderstorms. closer look for overcast skies throughout of philadelphia, this is a taste of what we're going to see through the rest of today. you'll also notice our humidity is going to go up and our temperature as well. hot and humid conditions for temperatures ranging from 87 to 90 degrees. late thunderstorms expected this is closer to 5:00 p.m. for the i-95 corridor. as storms come through the area, you can gel realtime updates on the nbc10 "first alert" weather app. you'll find watches and warnings
7:57 am
delivered straight to your phone. you'll know exactly when the storm will hit your neighborhood. it's a free download you can get it right now at >> we can get the morning commute with "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele. >> good morning. we have volume on 95 southbound near 320 because of an accident taking out the left lane. also at glenside, limekiln pike. heavy volume on route 422 and bypass. >> happening today, the philadelphia city council will take up the issue of marijuana possession yesterdayer they agreed on amending a bill that would decriminalize possession and the use of small amount of marijuana. under the new law, you'll take the $25 if caught with fewer than 30 grams, about an ounce, if found smoking in the public, a $100 fine or community service. we'll have an update in 25
7:58 am
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8:00 am
it's 8 east. on "today." coming up, a viewer's homecoming. >> she sees the pile, she's ready to go to work. let me in, let me do my job. >> the last 9/11 rescue dog and their emotional return to hallowed ground. plus it's a magic pill we have all be waiting for. a new weight loss drug just approved by the fda that promises you to shed the pounds. and the cab controversy, a new taxi service for women only. good idea or discrimination? today, thursday, september 11th,
8:01 am
201 2014. >> good morning, ohio. we are happily retired. >> we are your people in california. >> good morning from the hometown state. >> tom brokaw! >> our mom is 50. she looks great on "today.". >> "today" has been starting my day sense 1962. >> i'm celebrating my birthday with the girls. >> and which are back now 8:00 on a thursday morning, september 11th, 2014. we are out on the plaza. many here are welcoming our very dear friend tom brokaw on this thursday morning as a part of home coming week while savannah is on maternity leave. >> i came here for the all star,
8:02 am
stood outside the window and it says watch "today," they gave me a great round. on the second round, they said, get on, kid, move along. >> well, you are brave to wake up this morning at this hour. you are even braver to do what we are going to do in this half hour in the ask tom brokaw anything segment. >> i am looking for some questions, they may be helpful to me. i am looking forward to it. >> you want to send a question. >> use the hashtag homecoming. >> lots to get to. let go pence, natalie has a check of the day. >> thanks very much. in the news, we have breaking news from south africa the judge in oscar pistorius murder trial cleared the olympic blade runner of the most serious charges against him. nbc's jeff rossen has covered this case from the beginning. jeff. >> reporter: bombshell verdict
8:03 am
as we speak pence the courtroom behind me. as you mentioned, the judge clearing oscar pistorius, finding him not guilty, premeditated murder, he attacked reeva steenkamp and the lesser charges she cleared of, murder, which is like murder 2 in the u.s., he could still face jail time for culpable homicide which is sort of like involuntary plan slaught in t -- manslaughter. the question is did the accused see the possibility in the result of death? the answer has to be no. we are told the prosecutor is livid by this. in fact, he is now behind closed doors with the judge and the defense team going over the interpretation of the law. so stick around this could be a long morning. natalie. >> jeff rossen thank you. americans are marking the
8:04 am
attacks 13 years ago today that killed nearly 3,000 people and plunged the u.s. into a war on terror. the heroism and hijacked planes destroyed the would trade towers. a flag was unfurled at the pentagon ahead of the memorial service there and the reading of the victims' names will take place in shanksville, pennsylvania where flight 93 crashed as passengers not back. the united states is virtually at war with a group many americans have never even heard of until a few months ago. in a prime time speech to the nation on wednesday, president obama for the first time said he has authorized u.s. airstrikes against isis forces in syria and he's also sending 475 additional u.s. troops to advise security forces in iraq, where the u.s. has been bombing isis targets since last month. >> i will not hesitate to take action against isis in syria and iraq.
8:05 am
there is a core principle of my presidency. if you threaten america, will you find no safe haven. >> the president also called on congress to approve the training of opposition forces pence syria. nbc chief local correspondent bill neely is in syria with the reaction of the president's vow to pursue that country. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. you might expect the syrian government, any government to protest the bombing. there are no protests here in damascus. quite the opposite, i have spoken to a senior regime official who all but welcome the president's plan and insists only the u.s. coordinate any attacks with the syrian government. what they don't like here is the second half of the presidents plan arming and training the rebels, how can you bomb isis they say on the one hand yet arm and train fighters in another country like saudi arabia and send them here. i don't have all the quiet
8:06 am
support, the quiet satisfaction for the u.s. plan. that's the president's problem, how do you weaken isis without strengthen the president. natalie. >> bill neely in damascus, syria, thank you. american astronaut steve swanson and two cosmonauts return to the u.s., their soyuz capsule made a landing and they were placed in special reclineing cares to help them re-adjust slowly to the earth's gravity. it's hard to walk. let's get another check of the weather with mr. roker. >> thank you. yay! yay! it's the jumpy family. what's your name, bud? >> kevin. >> where are you from? >> chicago. >> he has a great head of hair. i like that. you even got a credit card in there. good to see you. happy birthday. let show you what we have going on. you can see, we got many showers
8:07 am
and thunderstorms passing through, some in ohio. cincinnati as you see the clouds hanging around, showers and thunderstorms, it clears out. ahead of the front, look at these temperatures today, into the 90s as you get down to the south. but behind it, temperatures anywhere from 20 to 30 degrees below normal. this is going to happen again on friday. >> that cool air making its hi, hot and humid conditions expected. our temperatures are going to push close to 90 degrees. we're tracking late evening thunderstorms. so be careful as you're heading home from work we could see heavy downpours, light neng, and damaging wind speeds. 78 degrees tomorrow, that sets us up for a fairly nice weekend. 74 on sunday. anniversary, happy
8:08 am
50th anniversary! what's your name? >> we went to high school 50 years ago. you have been together three. happy anniversary. >> i'm so glad you didn't say it feels like 50. >> it's one of those couples met in high school 50 years ago, separated, got together again, found each other at a reunion. >> tom brokaw. tom brokaw! >> coming up in the ray rice saga, actor and activist robin givens will open up about why she stayed in an abusive relationship. plus, you can head the latest pounds with a weight loss pill approved by the fda. and the departure fro ♪
8:09 am
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ben! [ female announcer ] starburst minis. well, that was close! you ain't lying! let quicken loans help you save your money. . >> we are back at 8:12 with what's trending. tom, let's start with this one u br . uber is taking the country by storm. she taxi is a fleet of cars driven by women for women next week. the service is designed to make women feel more comfortable. she taxis will partner with
8:13 am
existing cab companies to provide rides at competitive rates. the service will collect fares through an app. it asks the requester if there is a woman in the party. if it isn't, the app will redirect them to another car service. natalie. you are representing the women this morning. what do you think of this? >> does the champagne flow with the she ride taxi? is there anything special besides the pink? i do like it's employing women. also it can be a little more pleasant experience i think. but as long as i get a car, as long as i get a taxi, i'm happy. >> from the woman's point of view, would you feel more comfortable if you don't know the driver and that driver a woman? >> i don't think it makes a difference to me, i feel safe when i get in a taxi generally. >> new yorkers have become a part of who we are. i think other cities they may have a much different attitude.
8:14 am
if you take san francisco, you can't get a taxi, uber can dial them up and get them. my kids, all women, they're as tough as i am. they ride in cabs in the city. they know how to deal with the car companies that they deal with. they call them over the phone, just like you. >> exactly. so when was the last time we had a bowl of cereal when we were kids. >> now i am upscale, rarely. >> you are on the healthy side. >> i have always done cereal. >> cereal sales are actually on the decline, they were at $13.9 billion in 2000. thousand they dip to $10 billion just in the last year. consumers research estimates a further dip this year some why the decline? why the slump? >> it is too expensive. >> i think a lot of us have
8:15 am
changed our eating habits as well. we have gotten healthier. >> i tell you they tend to be snackers. >> and grab and go. >> exactly. >> all right. well, channing tatum wasn't afwrad to take off his clothes on "magic mike." he has a fear of personal indulge. it has to do with a porcelain doll from "friday the 13th" take a look. >> i think they're super freaky. they have real eyes, they look real. i imagine when i walk by them their heads turn. >> i now have. >> oh, come on. >> look. >> is that not freaky to anyone else? >> come on, no, man. >> that one is freaky. that one looks possessed. >> like it's kryptonite.
8:16 am
>> imagine having worse fears like frags and savannah. >> i'm with him on the porcelain dolls. >> a porcelain clown doll. >> and that is "today." coming up, will it work for you? the new weight loss pill we are getting a unique perspective on the ray rice saga this morning from activist and actress robin givens. tamron is here with more. >> good morning, everyone. robin givens had a short lived volatile marriage to mike tyson
8:17 am
in the '90s. she opens up about that relationship and how domestic violence is being viewed in this country. robin givens joins the discussion on the ray rice abuse scandal by sharing some of her experiences saying when i saw the second video of him actually punching janay rice unconscious, i thoughts, this is what happened to me. the only difference was that when i came to, a doorman was carrying me over his shoulder, out of my apartment and into a car. givens married mike tyson in 1988, says tyson was abusive. people ask why you don't live after the first time he hit me. you want it to be only one time. the same year they married the couple gave an unforgettable interview to barbara walters on abc with givens telling walters tyson had an extremely volatile temper. michael is intimidating to say
8:18 am
the least. i think that there's times when he cannot control his temper. >> does he hit you? >> he shakes, he pushes, he swings. >> givens filed for divorce soon after the interview, tyson later revealed they continued to zee see each other. givens says our digital age changes the way we view relationships. i remember being dragged down a hallway in a hole in the bahamas on a night i thought i was really going to die. today there would be a camera in the hall. someone would know. she believes the ray rice moment is a watershed moment. it's very difficult for people to wrap their minds around the concept of a man actually balling up his fist and hitting a woman. but the video forces you to take it in.
8:19 am
there is no way around it. we reached out to mike tyson, that's an interesting area, for robin givens and others they believe it puts domestic violence into a real light. you can't turn away. >> and the domestic violence hotline is increasing substantially. women are realizing i got to get out now. thank you. >> thank you very much. now a potential new tool in the battle against obesity. the fda has given the green light to a weight loss drug contrave. dr. raj is a "today" contributor and a professor. it's one truck, one treats addiction and the other depression. >> we are finally reaching obesity is not just about people eating too much. it has to do with brain
8:20 am
chemistry and going on a diet and exercise may not be enough for a lot of people. >> you use the word obesity, this is drugs for the obese. it isn't for the person that wants to drop a few pounds. >> it's abused for people with a bmi 30 or over or 27 bmi if they have high blood pressure, high cholesterol. >> in the clinical trial, what were the results? >> on average people lost about 5% of their body weight. it is significant. this was in conjunction with reduced calories as well as exercise. this is on par with some of the other weight loss drugs we seen approved. so is this the miracle cure for everything? >> no. it is a step in the right direction. >> side effects? >> high blood pressure and increased heart rate. if you have a heart condition, talk to your doctors about this. seizures are a contraindication. >> doctor, thank you very much.
8:21 am
>> thank you. >> i will get up and leave you right now. time to go over to the legend who is joining us this morning. tom brokaw, he has interviewed presidents and filed reports from all around the world. the question, though, now, can tom take the heat when it comes to the questions you are sending if, in a segment we call "ask tom brokaw anything.". >> i'm ready. i want to say, i didn't realize until i got what appeared to be a shuffled deck of cards of my script this morning as if this was an s.a.t. test. by the end, i may be able to get them in order. i'm well behind. >> it's a lot of questions. you know what, over wellingly the question most people are asking is, they want to know how you are feeling. >> actually i am feeling fievenl i got good news there was a multimillion myeloma survivor on deck, we talked about it. i hope in six weeks i can be on
8:22 am
a drug maintenance program. the myeloma appears to be gone. i have one more marker to be down to zero, zero, i'll be all right. leak i said, i have a good family. i am conscious of what other cancer victims are going through. this will not go away, away, we can manage it methodically. that's all i ask. >> a question from sheila on facebook. she asks, what has been the most challenging aspect of being retired? we all know, is this a question for you or mrs. brokaw, appropriately? >> mr. and mrs. brokaw has been running challenging lives. the most challenging thing is to balance my life between doing the work i love to do for more than 50 years and finding a new track, spending more time with the fly fishing, reading books that i wouldn't have got to. i haven't quite worked out i
8:23 am
think, i'm not capable of that yet. but it is an interesting time. >> i worked across from him, they say he is working harder now than when he was here. >> carson has some stuff in the orange room. >> twitter is going crazy. >> rhonda would like to know, which day were you the most nervous? your very first day on "today" or coming back for one? >> well, the first day on "today" was a soft beginning. it was right before labor day in 1976. we didn't have a good cast. we had developed that day for the program. nbc was kind of in an odd place. we were being challenged by abc at that time. i didn't know how it was going to work out. i had been a white house correspondent. i think our first guest was the new miss america. i thought what do you think of the tiara? are you sure that came from the miss america contest? i went after her like she was a suspect in watergate. so i changed my tone.
8:24 am
>> we had a few questions online wants to know what is the secret to the perfect anchorman hair. those were for me and al. now we have some special guests that want to ask questions of tom brokaw. so please enter our studio, can we please enter andy brokaw simon, vivienne simon and charlotte simon, your daughter, your son-in-law and granddaughter. >> these are my granddaughters in new york. i have two others in san francisco and i have a new grandson in the santa monica area. we call these to the hooligans. when we were talking about women taxis, this is our fashionista she likes to get in a car that i get in from time to time i have a mirror. she says, tom, i can do my makeup here. >> i love they call you tom. charlotte has a question or vivienne? go ahead, sorry.
8:25 am
>> can i go fishing with you? >> the question answers itself, they have just been in montana where they collect rocks, ride horses, so they're trying to decide, you want to stay in new york or move to montana? >> move to montana. >> andy, what is he like as a grandpa? we know him as a colleague and a friend. >> the best thing about him is as long as he's got dad's grandfathering style. he wakes up in the morning. the girls are just getting up. he goes, who wants ice cream? >> i love it. >> he's a pushover. >> my line as a grandsparnt when are you a parent, you have a business plan. within are you a grandpaempbt parent. it's white collar crime. whatever they want. these are good. the wonderful thing when i was quite sick, the hooligans would come to visit. they're very inner jetic.
8:26 am
i tried to describe to them the meaning of decibels, keeping things douvenl she said, tom, we're going to kee good morning i'm tracy davidson. >> we're tracking a line of thunderstorms as we head into the rest of your afternoon and it could affect your evening commute. that's why it is a first alert day. our live look right now we're seeing nice conditions. hot and humid today. we will be close to 90 degrees. here is how our dayplanner will break down. humid with a chance of storms. 89 will be your high today, and if you're closer to the shore,
8:27 am
warm with a chance of storms. temperatures at 82. >> now let's check with jillian on what's happening on the roads. >> good morning to you we have an accident right now on 95 at the northbound side. we have police on the scene taking out one lane so traffic is slow getting by. we're also slow on 76 still. also slow moving on the blue route, 33 miles per hour is the average speed there. prosecutors and defense lawyers are asking a judge to step away from a high profile case. two women were shot and killed in a courthouse last year and he also killed himself.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ it's 8:30 now on a thursday morning september 11th, the year 2014. a nice crowd outside enjoying the presence of one tom brokaw here all morning lending a hand while savannah is on maternity leave, a part of our homecoming week. maria schriver joins us tomorrow. are you having a good day? >> i am. the ting about the "today" show, if you are a viewer, you never
8:31 am
know what's going to happen next. it's engaging, it will start your day. i saw a faithful viewer i first saw her back in the mid-1950s. there was a window on the wall we never expected to have. >> you never know what's going to happen. something never changes. >> meanwhile, we are marking, of course the 13th anniversary of 9/11. so many people are thinking ability the le ros and rescuers in the days that followed. tom, coming up, i know you have an incredible story tied to the anniversary. this is the last living rescue dog. her name is britney. she was sent to ground zero. she is such a special dog. we look forward to that story. we look forward to that. later on, a spot-on savior in the x-men franchise.
8:32 am
james mcavoy. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> for tomorrow, wet weather in the mid-plains. saturday more rain moves into the northeast, mid-atlantic states right on down to florida the gulf coast. the western third of the country is looking great and sunday, sunday! more rain into the southeast and i'm brittney shipp, hot and humid conditions expected. our temperatures will push close to 90 degrees. we're tracking late evening thunderstorms. first alert issued for today, be careful as you're heading home from work. we could see heavy downpours, lightning, by the time we go into tomorrow, 78, sunny, and nice. that sets us up for a fairly nice weekend.
8:33 am
now, let's say hello to uncle willard scott. >> from connecticut to little fork city, how nice to be a part of the big crowd occupy there. we love you guys. ethel eshinsky, she is 100-years-old, one of the best in the business. she has grown up in edgewood, maryland. alice chavers. 100 fabulous years today from ft. pierce, florida. alice loves her veggies. >> i never met a vegetable i didn't like. there is gerald howell. gerald is 100-years-old today from wellington, florida. you can't beat the combination. exercise and milk shakes. is he my kind of guy, everything but the examiner sides, another birthday buddy bill nesbitt. bill is 100 years today and he
8:34 am
is from lubbock, happy birthday. old bill raised and raced quarter horses, from quarter horses to real thoroughbreds. back to new york. i like that line. >> all right. thank you so much, uncle willie, nbc's hit show, "the biggest loser" returning for tonight. joining us we have two leaders. good to see you guys, welcome. >> thank you. >> so how does it feel to join the team? >> they hate us. it's actually pretty amazing, as a trainer, you train one on one. people do it on the biggest loser, it's a totally different being. it's a surreal experience. >> it's fun, it's emotional. we play a lot of games. we work hard, we are there step by step with any of our contestants. >> this time around the contestants want to lose weight. they have something in common. >> glory days. >> they are trying to get that
8:35 am
back. >> they were at the top of their game not just in life but in the world class athletics. it's our job to have to reconnect with that. >> we have two time super bowl and a three time gold medal athletes. their game quit and they quit and now they're trying to play the game of life. >> is that exciting, that competitive spirit rekindled in these folks? >> yes, there is healthy competition. we have top tracks, at the end of the day they come back together, they're here for the same reason, to change their lives. >> "the biggest loser" season premier glory days tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central here on nbc. now let's go back pence. >> mr. roker, thank you very much. our special series, an emotional return to ground zero for a
8:36 am
rescue dog and her owner called into action on 9-11. >> matt, denise was watching the tragedy unfold from her hometown in texas. soon she was on the way to new york with her specially trained golden retriever britney. 13 years later she believed britney is the only 9/11 search dog alive. i caught up with them on their visit to the 9/11 museum and memorial. when you saw it for the first time, what did you think? >> it took my breath away. i thought i was mentally prepared him within i approached it the first time, i just could not believe it had happened. >> does britney kick into a different kind of mode when you get to a site, a disaster leak that? she's got a job to do, right? >> exactly. i think she was in that moed once we were activated. once she hit the pile, she is ready to go to work. she is right on the end, i will do my job. >> it is a difficult job. with time running out for
8:37 am
survivors, britney was often the last resort. >> britney would go into an area and begin to look for something and if she didn't find something, what would you do? >> we'd search an area and then i would report back to whether we found anything or not. if we did not, they would come in and remove that area of the pile. you know, it was concerning, you wanted to make sure you had a thorough search before they removed that area. >> that's a big responsibility. >> there are no easy assignments for these teams, but no matter how difficult the job, pride is a big dividend. pride in the k-9s and the partnership that is critical to the assignment. >> how does she mete out what she needs to do? >> through training, they are rewarded. >> being back at the site 13 years later the raw memories remain. is it so vivid as it was when you arrived that day? >> it is always vivid.
8:38 am
it is always a difficult time. it's not gotten any easier through the years. >> what was for you the moment that kind of crystallized what her role was here and the moment that you will never forget while you were working with her here? >> i this i that moment was not when we were searching in the mile, but when we were staged adjacent to the pile, just waiting, searchers and rescuers came by to pet her and to thank her and tell us their stories why they were here, so it became an expected role of a therapy dog. that's kind of some of the things that stick out to me the most. >> we are happy to say that britney is one of 8g dogs considered the humane association top hero award. britney and denise are with us with the president and ceo of the association. it's good to see all of you.
8:39 am
texas task force one, right, you got to ground zero about a week, your job was to relieve the first wave of first responders. it was your dirs deployment. >> it was. it was, it was obviously an eye opening experience. i had seen the images before we left texas and i could not believe what we saw. >> what was the difference between this visit and that initial visit? that initial visit it took your breath away. you said ied a been down there as well. i could not believe the magnitude of the violence, now when i go down there, it is about new york constantly. >> it is. when we com back, this time was the first time i had been to a memorial site. it was an emotional time, but it's very calming and peaceful as opposed to the destruction that was there before. >> when you arrived here a week after the attacks, your goal, obviously, was, you were hoping beyond hope that brettny would
8:40 am
find someone survived. >> obviously, we knew the chances were diminishing as time went on, but i was hopeful that we would be able find someone and some voice space that might have made it. >> with these kind of dogs, will is an exploding population around the country and their unique skills and we are beginning to honor them. how do you find people that are willing to train them and make the commitment that defees did. >> corresponding, realizing their power. they have an ability 100 times greater than us humans. we realize that and turn that into our community. that's what a working dog is all about. >> so if i want to train a service dog, how do i get in tuch touch with you? a website? >> american we can connect you to working dog programs. we can also educate, educate our
8:41 am
communities. >> and the kind of dogs. i'm bird dog guy. i have a labrador. they have great noses. is that the kind of breed you are looking for? >> we are looking for all kind. there are eight different dogs we celebrate in our annual campaign dog award. you knowdogs like britty, dogs like the other ones you will meet later in the hour, they are nominated by americans, voted on by americans and then you take them to hollywood to celebrate their wonderful contribution, how they save lives. >> how is brittany doing? >> she is doing great. she is 16-years-old. i'm amazed at how healthy she is, i am very blessed. >> i want to say to red my labrador if you are watching, look at how well behaved. for the barking going on here. >> thank you both as well. for more information on the hero dog awards, head to
8:42 am
coming up, still ahead, we catch up with actor james mcavoy. first,
8:43 am
don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
8:44 am
. >> we are back now on this 9-11 nivsz, 13 years to the attack that changed our nation and the world. this country prepared to honor those lost in new york and the pentagon and in shachgsville, pennsylvania. i will tell you i am sitting here with tom brokaw. we sat together 13 years ago was there one image that sticks with you and haunts you to this day? >> when the towers came down, it took it to another level. i knew how grave the situation was. if you remember, we thought there were 20 million people left. when they came down, that's when
8:45 am
my heart mur murred. >> mine as well. we want to take a pause as this nation remembers all those who were lost on that horrific day. [ music playing ] . >> this is an nbc news special report. here's matt lauer. >> and good morning, everyone, welcome to the nbc news special report on the throwning anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, the day that changed forever this nation and the world and all of us who are here and journalists and the president and first lady are about to mark this moment. there will be six individual moments of silence this morning. the president and first lady are now about to walk out at the white house to observe one of those. tom brokaw is joining me here in studio 1a as he was on that fateful day, tom. >> you know, the president came into office determined to wane
8:46 am
down these wars. earlier this year he said the war has ended. we are now going into our third war and these wars and what happened will define this presidency and define this country just as they did. >> when we met as journalists, it changed the way we view the specter of terrorism in this world. it's thrust us into several wars, some of which have ended in not the fashion the occupation wish they would have ended in. let go to the white house. [ moment of silence ]
8:47 am
12k3w4r6r7b8g 3w4r5ik9ing taps ] [ playing taps ] [ playing taps ] ♪
8:48 am
♪ . >> the playing of taps and a moment of silence to mark the moment when that first plane struck the north tower of the world trade center 13 years ago and, tom, in addition to the awful images that we all shared that day, there were a lot of moments of heroism and compassion. >> there were. and it really represented the fabric of the city. i thought it was so important for the rest of the country to know that new york really is a neighborhood as really as a collection of people that care about each other and the way they responded at that time was a magnificent analyzation of that. >> somef you will stick with us now on "today."
8:49 am
back on a thursday morning. after this, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
i'm stanley tucci and i love new york. there's no place like it in the world. one of my favorite fall activities is visiting our world-renowned wineries and craft brewers. and, award-winning distilleries and cider makers. they're located all across our great state. come raise a glass to your favorites. plan your fall getaway at there's something for everyone
8:51 am
back now at 8:51 with james mcavoy, he earned great acclaims in the blockbuster "x-men" franchise. eleanor rigby follows a married couple torn apart after and i vent in their lives. take a look. >> what are we doing here? >> you tell me. you are the one that said you need to talk. you need to talk. what are we doing? >> recently an hour ago you
8:52 am
walked into my bar in the perfect storm here. >> this is funny. >> james mackay voy, good morning. >> good morning. >> jessica chastain says it's a haunting love story, it's a role you turned down. why did you come back to it? >> i thought it was harrowing at titles and it was about people in a lot of ways. so i said, no, however, two years later it was still in production. the company at last minute came back to me. two years down the line it wasn't still raw. >> you say it's about parental loss. the way the story unfolds to the viewer is normally at the beginning we are given lay of the land.
8:53 am
here we don't have the lay of the land. it's revealed in pieces. do you like that? >> i also think in life people are suffering, quietly suffering, hoe, my god, that terrible thing happened to them in the last ten years. they have been carrying it. i think they're saying, it's quite, we see them walk alone and not using it, they don't pour out their emotion to every day people. they try to hold back as much as possible. of course it comes out. >> i'm watching you here and listening to you. you have a tad of an act sent. you have zero in this movie. i don't know how you lose it. >> i don't think of it too much. i at least try and forget that i'm working on an act sent. i think i'd rather be doing a bad accent than have an act sent
8:54 am
and be bound up. i try not to think of it. >> i imagine it's hard to go out on the projects these days an leave the little one behind. >> ah, yes. >> you better say yes. >> no, it's a nightmare. he's a lot of fun. but you got to do, it's what we do, it's our world, our environment. >> we are proud of you. this experience, this movie opposite nationwide next friday. it's good to see you. >> my pleasure. >> we are back in a moment.
8:55 am
8:56 am
good morning i'm tracy davidson. it is a first alert weather day. brittney shipp has more. a chance of thunderstorms into the rest of the day. hot and humid conditions expected on your thursday.
8:57 am
we look at your right now temperatures. 75 already in philadelphia, 73 in wilmington. 69 in dover. for the rest of today, hot and humid. thunderstorms expected, a chance of heavy downpours and gusty winds. thanks, we want to keep you updated with our first alert weather app. jury deliberations are expected to begin today in the trial of a woman accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl. christina regusters did not testify in her own defense.
8:58 am
prosecutors contend she acted alone. today america pauses to remember the 9/11 attacks in new york. the ceremonies will include bell tolling, ceremonies, and speeches. 18 bucks county residents died in that event 13 years ago today. now back to "the today show" i'm tracy davidson
8:59 am
don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
9:00 am
>> from nbc news, this is "today's" take with al roker, natalie morales, tamron and willie geist. >> this is a thursday morning, september 11th, 2014. i'm willie geist along with al roker, natalie morales and tam ron hall. today it is a day of reflection for us, you have to think my gosh last night on the eve of september 11th, which was launched us into a couple of wars. now we are talking about a third war as we take a look at ground zero here in new york city. last night the president announceing the united states will lead a broad coalition to
9:01 am
defeat i islamic terrorist isis. airstrikes will be launched into syria, the president says for the first time. 475 more american troops will head to iraq. in his speech the president says we continue to face a terrorist threat now 13 years on after the attacks of 9/11. >> we can't erase every trace of evil from the world and small groups of killers have the capacity to do great harm. that was the case before 9/11. >> that remains true today. that's why we must remain vigilant as threats emerge. at this moment, the greatest there etc. come from the middle east and north africa where radical groups exploit freedom for their own gain. one group is isil, which calls itself the islamic state. >> so the president is making a case for the united states engaging here. he says this will be different from the wars in iraq and
9:02 am
afghanistan. he says the united states has to take the lead if fighting terrorism. >> it is america that has the capacity and the will to mobilize against terrorists. america's endless blessings. it is americans, we welcome our responsibility to lead. from europe to asia, from the far reaches of africa to war torn capitals in the middle east, we stand for freedom, for justice and dignitary. >> the president said exactly what the united states and his administration plans to do. putting it into four parts beginning with airstrikes and providing support for forces fighting the terrorists on the ground saying no american groups will partner with troops on the ground from those countries, stepping up counterterrorism efforts to prevent isis attacks and continue the humanitarian assistance for innocent civilians who have been displaced by isis. it was a pretty remarkable night.
9:03 am
on the eve of 9/11 for a president's entire campaign and presidency has been predicated in rolling back a couple wars, now events change and it steps into a third war of its own. >> one of the keys he said, too, which will be a successful campaign is the involvement of arab nations. i believe that is a comfort to americans concerned about boots on the ground. the president says no boots on the ground, all military analysts say to be successful in a campaign, you can't just have airstrikes. so who will be the boots on the ground and that is why secretary kerry is working so hard to get those allies, like jordan, saudi arabia to provide those troops on the ground so our men and women will not have to be there in mass numbers. you know there are boots on the ground. several hundreds, but in the mass numbers. the american people don't have the stomach for. >> the president said those 475 men and women going there as troops to aid in this effort will, of course, be putting
9:04 am
themselves in harm's way and at risk. so our thoughts are with those entering this third war, once again. especially when you think about what happened in iraq and afghanistan, you hope this time there will be a more successful conclusion and that we can get isis and stop their growth. >> if there will ever be a conclusion. this time it's isis or isil. the next time it will be something else. there is no way, that's a big part of the conversation people will have around the table, there is never a point on the calendar where this will end. this is the reality of life, the global war against terror. so there won't be a point where we can push a button and this will be over and the next president will have to deal with it. >> that brings us to the events we were thinking and we remember this day of reflection. every year we pause and think about those who lost their lives
9:05 am
and it certainly goes without saying. we think about those who will be entering this new front in combating isis. this is the first anniversary, though, on this 13th anniversary of 9-11. this is taking place at the national memorial in new york which opened this past may. touching ceremonies going on throughout the day today in new york, washington, d.c. and shanksville, pennsylvania as well. >> it's one of those things where we still go back to where you were. >> always. >> what you were doing. and something that changed our lives forever and it will continue to. >> we think about our children, they don't know any dichl all children have all grown up in this post-9-11 era. you do have to explain to them they can't take their freedom for granted. you have to remind them constantly of that. >> you hope to remember some of those people who have signed up for the military were kids when
9:06 am
-11 happened. they went to fight and hand him the after effects of. that so as we talk about this third war, i think a lot of us have learned just dip your toe into the waters of war. its not going to be easy. it's not going to be a couple of weeks. this will be a long slog. there is no such thing as a quick war. let's hope this is different this time. >> the other story that everybody is talking about if it were just when did they know and when tad di know it? it would be one thing. this is a storyripples out. the fbi hiring robert mueller to investigate this ray rice domestic violence case. i think everybody was stunned yesterday, although not surprised when the a.p. came out with a report saying the nfl was actually allegedly sent the tape in april five months ago saying a female league official can be heard on an april 9th recording
9:07 am
confirming she'd received it and saying the law enforcement who sent it saying, you are right, it's essential the. of course, the nfl responded. they're saying they are not aware of anybody who possessed or saw the tape before it was made public on monday. >> willie spoke with the a.p. reporter. >> yes. >> who broke this story. what did he say? >> i interviewed him an hour ago. he said basically he could not identify who the quote league official was. i said, does it mean it was the person at the front desk or roger goodell's right hand? he couldn't say with any confidence that this is somebody who could get this tape into roger goodell's hands or raise a red flag. but what he did say was that this tape was sent by a law enforcement officer unsolicited to the nfl. in other words the nfl did not request this tape. this guy took it on his noen own quietly and anonymity sent it to the nfl office and got the call
9:08 am
back. he doesn't know who she is. >> did the nfl ever ask was there a tape? >> roger goodell says they did ask for the tape and weren't provided the tape. i don't know if you saw social media traffic the a. perform says they receive it, a flood of people saying, of course they did. >> the tip of the ice boring. >> the credibility right now, the nfl and roger goodell is zilcho. who thoughs who the people are on social media, you' at the flood of not really or oh my? of course they did. >> it will be interesting with this investigation that is being conducted by former fbi director robert mueller but also to football owner league owners are involved as well. so you wonder how open they're going to be with the investigation. i think people demand it. >> if they demand it. again, it's a new world. you have now the national organization of women calling
9:09 am
for, roger goodell to step down and so i think transparency and the ability to hide things, it's very difficult now when you have people who will like this law enforcement person on his or her own send that tape, people blow the whistle when they see something wrong. i think it will be very difficult for them to cover anything up, if they are. we don't foe. >> i know it's not the actual crime. it's the cover up. >> always the case. >> all right. mr. roker, a check of the kweth. >> after this. [ music playing ] 6r7b8g9s let's check outs what's happening as far as our weather is concerned. we have a line of thunderstorms stretching their way from new england all the way down into memphis where they got flash
9:10 am
flooding going on. we are keeping an eye on that. in fact, you can see we have flash flood warnings in effect around the memphis area. surrounding it, we have flash flood watches in effect. the reason for that, strong storms, basically, literally like train tracks and the storms keep riding up along it. so we get local amounts up to 3 inches of rain. ♪ jeff goldblum? >> yes, al roker. >> a little jazz? >> yeah. a little jazz. i was just playing, to go with your thing "penneys from heaven." do you know that song? ♪ every time it rains an rains ♪ penneys from heaven. >> you have a . i'm brittney shipp, hot and
9:11 am
humid conditions expected. temperatures are going to push close to 90 degrees. we're also tracking late evening thunderstorms. first alert finished for today. be careful as you're heading home from work. so 89 today. by the time we head into tomorrow, 78 degrees, sunny and nice and that sets us up for a fairly nice weekend, 72 degrees, a chance of showers on saturday and 74 on sunday. [ music playing ] and that's your latest weather. now back to you ♪ >> wow! >> he's good. >> did you know, have you heard that before? >> we didn't know good you were, mr. does it all, actor, also piano player very accomplished now, bladesing at the carlisle. >> i walked by the carlisle, i saw the ad. we will talk about this. it is so cool. >> i think it's cool, too.
9:12 am
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[ music playing ] >> you know your thompson twins. >> the thompson twins? >> twisted sister. i know some of the few groups. >> oh, yeah, i stay up on it. >> jeff goldblum ran from dinosaurs and has played a fly. he has been researching this role for years. >> he has been singing in and around los angeles with the jazz band the mildred snitzer orchestra at a swanky cafe carlisle, jeff goldblum, we love when you come to visit. >> topping, natalie. >> this is awesome. this is this talent we didn't know you had. you are amazing at it. >> i love it. i have been playing as a kid. >> who is mildred snitzer. >> mildred snitzer was a lady in
9:16 am
pittsburgh where i grew up who lived to be over 100-years-old. she was a friend of my mom. i thought that was a cool name. >> and the cafe carlisle, bobby short, woody allen have been there. >> the kid was there, really, rrrr? wasn't she good? i'm thrilled and honored to be there. we're a great band w. we have great musicians with us next tuesday to saturday. you will come? >> sign me up. great. >> jeff, what's the show leak? i know you described yourself, your term, a social lubricant. >> it's a spontaneous surprise. i like to be surprised. i don't know what we will play, if we've never played it. i like that best. people get up and sing with us.
9:17 am
>> you are here. >> we are watching it. >> i love the hat. >> oh, really? >> you love playing the classic. you refer to the music the kids listen to as yaya music. >> we do, we are interested in jazz, some of the standards. >> but how does that work with your fiancee who danced with nicki minaj at the vma. she was behind the back side, an anaconda. >> you heard that story? >> oh my god, you did? she told me this snake around the other contortionist. she was like, i don't know, i'm very careful about this. >> a contortionist. >> emily livingston. she was in the olympics. she's fantastic. she was there, the snake was right there. hey, she locked on to this girl's arm, it's not letting go, i'm seeing blood? how about that, the next day it
9:18 am
was almost, this girl was almost going to do it again with the snake until the lawyer said, no, i don't think animals should be in show business anyway. >> can you imagine doing a movie about really say old animals that come back to life. >> yes, who would do a thing like that. >> or a fly. >> you recreated it for a family friend, take a look at this picture. >> people do that, there was some kind of formal wedding in canada, they said we are going to photo shop this, hey, you are here, you want to be a part of this? you said, sure. i was at the wedding, a girlhood friend of emilys. >> quickly. i want to hear you guys sing. yes, sing. i'll play. >> all right. >> wait, they took my -- hang on, here is the music. you know this, okay. watch this.
9:19 am
>> al knows this. ♪ >> it's too loud. okay. ready. okay. ♪ all of me. >> okay, here we go ♪ why not take all of me ♪ don't you see i'm for the good ♪ take my lips ♪ how you use them ♪ don't lose them ♪ natalie. >> take us out ♪ that's all the music you need ♪ he's mr. jazz ♪ ho ♪ gino vocelli ♪ baby ♪ why not take ♪ baby ♪ why not take ♪ all of exists 150 years of swedish coffee experience. that's 150 years of experience in perfecting
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under 600 calorie lunch combos starting at just $6.99 only at applebee's. or they'll be ready for pick-up when you order online. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. let's check your first alert forecast with brittney shipp. >> as we head into the rest of the day we will see clouds building and temperatures above normal near 90 degrees. we're going to show you a line of thunderstorms moving closer to us and it doesn't look like it will stay as organized as we originally thought. we will see a chance of thunderstorms and showers as we head into your evening possibly over your evening commute. we're at 74 in atlantic city and 64 in the poconos.
9:27 am
the range today between 87 and 90 degrees. we're also keeping you updated with our nbc 10 first alert weather app. get it now at police are investigating two car crashes in camden and the crashes are related. the first was on north dudley around 12:30 in the morning. police say the driver that hit her drove off and then police say that driver got involved in this crash moments later at river road at north 26th and camden. no word yet on whether the driver will face charges. a big announcement coming today from the philadelphia free library, they are getting the largest gift in their history. a $25 million grant from the william penn foundation will fund a renovation at the main
9:28 am
library and five branchs. another local update in 25 minutes. see you then.
9:29 am
9:30 am
. welcome back to "today." it's thursday morning, september 11th, 2014. i'm willie along with tamron and al, we have a packed house. why don't we get right to the weather. >> all right. for tomorrow, sunshine in the northeast. we got rain in the mid-atlantic states right on into central plains. look for plenty of sunshine, western third of the country. moving ahead saturday looks wet here in the east. otherwise mid-section of the country, mississippi river valley, gorgeous weather. temperature will be rebounding after a chilly start on friday, sunday, sunday, more showers, down to the southeast on into florida, gorgeous in new england into the great lakes, texas, a
9:31 am
few showe hi, firi'm brittney shipp, temperatures pushing close to 90 degrees and we're tracking late evening thunderstorms. be careful as you're heading home from work, we could see heavy downpours and lightning. 78 degrees, sunny and nice and that is setting us up for a fairly nice weekend. 72 with a chance of showers on saturday and 74 on sunday. and that's your latest weather. guys. >> now to our series for the love of pets. today we are recognizing outstanding hero dogs. >> the american humane association is dedicated to the bond of humans and animals, now in its fourth year, let's meet the 8g finalists up for the title of top dog. >> my dog is coda.
9:32 am
he's a law enforcement dog. he suffered severe injuries to make sure officers were safe and his job was complete in there susie is a hero, she didn't stay a victim. she inspired a north carolina law to protect all our animals so they have a voice now. >> my dog is zina, she is a hero not only bus of her miraculous story of survival but because she is a savior to our nine-year-old son johnny who has autism. my dog's j. j., she is a hero, she saved my daughter's life. she is our only monitor to let us know when she has a reaction. >> she keeps me safe. >> my dog is excellent. i lost my sight in afghanistan, exxon gives me back my independence and mobility. >> my dog kye is an arson dog. she represents what a search and
9:33 am
rescue represents. >> cheney, my dog is a hero, ehis service didn't end in the military. he continues to train people with ptsd. >> britdny, a search and rescue dog, like all outs disaster dogs are ready at a moment's notice to respond to their community, tear state and their nation. they're truly the k-9 patriot. >> and here with us now are six of just some of the amazing animals, hero dogs and their owners. welcome everyone, good to have you here. we have j.j., michelle and kk, jj has saved your life many times, how? >> yes. she went in the o.r. with me if december, right? >> yeah, because you have a serious condition and j. j. i understand, michel, warns you when she's going to have a
9:34 am
reaction? >> yes, we don't have any kind of monitor, jj is our only monitor that allows us to know when she has these life-threatening reactions so we can medicate her and keep her safe. >> happy birthday saturday. a big day. >> zina, it's nice to see you, given a 1% chance of survival at one point? >> she was, she was abused and neglected and dumped in somebody's front lawn. they found her and brought her to the shelter. the vet gave her a 1 chrs chance of survival have she helps your son johnny with autism. >> she was, johnny has such difficulty in down into indication. she somehow is able pull all those words out of him. >> amazing. >> len da, it's incredible. here we have kye along with justin davis and kye is an incredible dog also rescued from a shelter. i understand he has worked over
9:35 am
200 arson cases, is that right? >> kye is a kes rescued in illinois, she was put in the state arson program and trained by main specialty dogs. we have been partner for four years with the fire department and we work with the arson bureau. >> wow, incredible the work these dogs do is remarkable. >> susie, you helped pass susie's law. >> susie was found five years ago. she had been beaten, severely left for dead in a park in north carolina. she was estimated to be ten days old she was in the park ten days and covered with over 300 maggots. she had a strong will to survive. she made it and helped to change the laws in north cloevenlt she saved me, i was attacked by a dog and almost died and lost my ability to have kids through a
9:36 am
miscarriage. >> an incredible dog. >> now, we have over here britney quite the hero. yeah, very nice tie. tell us about britney. >> coda. >> coda basically suffered severe injuries while apprehending a burglar suspect. he ignored his instinct of self preservation and come back up the stairs since he had a severe broken leg to finish the job and protect me. >> amazing, get back to work. she okay now? >> he came back last week. >> cheney is a remarkable dog, detecting iuds for our troops overseas. >> cheney did four deployments, one with myself, in afghanistan an searched for ieds over there. after we got back, i didn't see him for about two yeempls i was finally able to adopt him. at that time i was working with a mayday organization
9:37 am
9:38 am
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9:41 am
anniversary of the september 11th attacks. we remember the family still trying to heal. >> this week, a group of widows came together for a comfort retreat. they comforted each other and reflected on their common loss. >> i want you to each take one of these cards and write down the things that you know that you need to overcome. >> reporter: these women belong to a sorority no wife ever wants to join. >> they're real, they're wooden and they're not plastic. >> in this strength exercise each woman breaks an era of the tragedy of losing a husband and pushes forward to a set of positive goals taped to the wall. united by tragedy. half of the women became widows because of the september 11th attacks on u.s. soil. the other half were brought here by the american widow project, a non-profit focused on military
9:42 am
widows. >> so many of the women that we served, their husbands joined because of what happened on 9-11 and lost their lives in iraq and afghanistan and to be here this week and meet the women on the other side of the men who gave their life on -11, it's kind of like giving them both that knowledge that their sacrifice at least between those two people was not in vain. >> terrin davis started awp when her husband died serving in iraq. she was only 22 at the time. her group takes military widows on adventures like skydiving so they can remind themselves it is possible to move forward from some devastating loss. they have been brought together for a new york retreat by tuesday's children, a non-profit devoted to the families of those killed in the september 11th attacks. the group from tuesday's children includes women like
9:43 am
christy cohns whose husband died on board one of the planes that crashed into the world trade center. >> 13 years seems like a long time, but when you are dealing with, you are dealing with grief and you are dealing with grief and a national tragedy that comes up again every year, having the support of people who are living that world with us is extremely important. >> over three days of reflection and fun, the military wives provide sol darty with the widows. >> the majority of the women see it's okay to smile. it's okay to laugh. even more so knowing doing it, their husband and sacrifice is not forgotten. >> on the anniversary of a tragedy that devastated so many, the sisterhood is finding the strength to break through the grief towing. >> it's okay to laugh. it's okay to cry. it's okay to live because we are still left here on this earth to live. that's all we need to do.
9:44 am
>> ladies wrapped up their time toke this week at the tuesday's children annual fundraising gala, tarin received and awashed. for both of these incredible organizations, for more information head to i think all of us that live in this area either know a widow from the military or 9/11, for some it fades, for them there ♪ each year 17 billion toilet paper tubes are thrown away in the us alone. that's enough to fill the empire state building...twice. now there's scott naturals tube-free bath tissue. get the premium softness you need... ...without the wasteful tube. toss the tube for good with scott naturals tube-free.
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9:48 am
♪ >> it's that time of the year when you dust off the fall and winter coats sitting in your closet, but if your kids have outgrown them or you need a with you one, yourself, we have the hottest trend in coats. >> we have the lifestyle editor at i should say. good to see you. >> yes, it's fun to be here. >> what fashion trends are we looking at? in there lots of amazing ones. it's about the deluxe details, access rising with the coats. really affordable prices. they're great mini-me styles for kids. >> i love that. >> you think about fun, it's a
9:49 am
first impression. something you will wear multiple times, match up your style penalty for the kids and the whole family. >> let's get the party started with rocking lets, nothing like a kid rocking leather. >> up and down the runway. we will take it off with the moto jacket. both sophia and i are wearing a leather jacket. mine is by zulily. all of them are wearing soul leather. >> vegan leather. >> it's the masculine look. on joanna, it's a touch of leather. for her h & m woven coat you have the men's wear, a touch on the arms. then lastly the varsity jacket on diego. so even though he's in the 6th grade, kids can get down with the varsity jacket. very fun. >> cool. valencia family.
9:50 am
very cool. >> let's bring out the hartner family. they're wearing the puffer. >> yeah, the puffers, it's been really great evolution the puffer used to be black, lots of different styles. here we have the little baby here arc quilted puffer with the bubble tile. it's so absolutely adorable. >> cute. >> here also on grandma sherry she has one from land's end, puffer details in the styling there. >> that's a great color there. that itself the color of the season. >> and this is a synthetic insulator. it's a great alternative for people allergic to down. next on the little one down below ainsley is wearing a city jacket. it's $80. it's 80% down, 20% feathers. mama lexi is wearing a maternity from
9:51 am
she looks amazing, 8 months pregnant. >> lexi you will need a newborn puffer. >> that is so cute. you are so pregnant. i love the boots. the purple boots are a winner, super cute. it's a segment in itself. >> they are anderson mr. occasin boots. >> we will bring in the arctic the hickmans. >> it's so fur for coats and jackets. at home it's great to do a touch for the families. she and her mother are wearing faux trimmed hoods, on salay. this is a great way to get a touch of the trend. they have the parka thing going on and channeling the pacific northwest. zulily loves to feature the brands.
9:52 am
this is a great sweater mixed in with a bit of puffer from capital k. >> pouring out the jock, make sure the coat fits properly. he broke his arm. >> how'd you break your arm, bud? what happened? >> i fell off the monkey bars. >> oh, i hate when that happens, let's bring everybody back in. >> come on families. good stuff. >> only your coats can protect you from the dangers of the dreaded monkey bars in the playground. >> topping ahank you all so muc. first this is "today" on nbc. we a
9:54 am
[ music playing ] >> if you'd like to learn more about those hero dogs, how can you vote for one of those eight finalists, head to they are remarkable. >> they're downstairs.
9:55 am
>> all right, ladies. what do you guys have coming up? >> well, something we need to learn, how to be a better listener. you know when you talk over each other like we are doing right now. >> average makeovers. >> room makeovers, nothing but makeovers and $5 dinners. >> i love this picture. >> yes. >> $5 dinners. >> come
9:56 am
good morning i'm vai sikahema. it looks like after yesterday's temperatures we're back to summer again. here is brittney shipp. >> hot and humid conditions into the rest of your thursday. 80 is closer to the average for this time of year.%cñ@ñ 89 today will be well above that average and it will be short-lived as we will drop
9:57 am
right back down into the 70s for friday. we'll have a chance of a pop up shower. isolated showers expected in the area for today. hot and humid conditions will remain. temperatures between 87 and 90 degrees. storms could affect your evening commute. we expect jury deliberations to begin today in the trial of christina regusters. the former day care worker is accused of grabbing the girl from her school last year and sexually assaulting her. attorneys suggest she had someone help her with the crime but she insists she acted alone. a vote is expected at today's session after an agreement to amend the bill. it's a $25 fine if you're caught with under an ounce and $100
9:58 am
fine for smoking marijuana in public. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. get the latest on we'll see you in about half an hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everybody. it is september 11th, 2014. it is always a somber day for everyone. and a remembrance of that crystal clear, the most beautiful september day i could have -- it is very hazy usually and sort of muggy back east, in september. it was one of those unbelievably beautiful days. and the ceremonies taking place, down -- >> they're happening right now, where they're reading the names of the victims. and, you know, to put in perspective just how long ago it was, and sometimes other people
10:01 am
around the country, you know, we'll forget, kids who were in kindergarten when the attacks happened are now in their first year of college. so that shows you -- a lot of people don't have a memory of it. and it is just -- it is interesting. but our thoughts go out to all the victims and including those from flight 93, the one that went down in shanksville, pennsylvania. >> my assistant at the time was eight months pregnant when her first child when her husband was killed in the first tower. i tried to go down to ground zero as it was called for a long, long time, three times in the last 13 years. that child now is going to be 13 in a couple of weeks and they have built a new life together, and she's remarried. she has another child now, and it is all about bringing beauty out of ashes. there are so many sad stories, if you go back and tell the stories today, so many people have found some beauty in the ashes of 9/11.
10:02 am
>> yes. so everyone take a minute today and just think about the folks who perished in 9/11. all right, let's move on, shall we? this is something that was on "nightly news" last night. i thought -- i was cracking up. we all have seen great pictures of dogs. there is a photographer out there named seth castile doing something unique. taking pictures of dogs underwater. okay. look at this. he wanted to take a picture of one dog, and he got these incredible photos. and he sold the book, ended up on the new york times best-sellers list. >> they're all so wide eyed. >> oh, my gosh. i thought it was a shark. >> look at this one. he's like, what am i doing under here. >> and little -- >> what are those? little guinea pigs? >> no, they're all dogs. some of them look scary too. >> wasn't he down on his luck? >> yeah. >> now a new york times best-sellers list. >> and writing -- getting another book out called underwater puppies. so now -- can you imagine? >> babies and puppies be far
10:03 am
behind. >> little floaties around their necks, remember? >> yes, their little feet. >> if you love dogs, tonight is your night. tonight is your night. >> yes. okay. >> i have a primetime special on tonight called -- >> that's two in one week by the way, missy. >> the secret life of pets. amazing animals and we'll have experts and i'm going to -- i'm doing home cooking because i had to put my own dog in, how could i not? >> your dog is acting up lately. >> well -- >> your dog is causing incidents. >> well, look, a little cujo going on. but that happens. let's take a tiny peek at it. >> the test from blake's eye contact with me -- >> that's a lot of eye contact. and very cute. >> i have the best dog! you're the best dog ever! >> to how well he responded to my pointing and gesturing. >> good boy. good boy.
10:04 am
>> fun and treats for blake and me. for hair, a treasure trove of information. >> very impassive dog. he makes a lot of eye contact. he's obviously using your gestures. >> in shock there. us dog lovers have known forever that they can understand us when we point and gesture. but apparently they hadn't gotten the memo in academia. anyway. it is going to be fun. tonight at 10:00. if you're not watching the football game -- >> what football game? there is no football on tonight. >> exactly. >> there is something that jimmy does on his show called hysterical, called lie witness news. fashion week here in new york. he sent a crew out on the street about the fashion shows making the news this week. the issue, all of the designers and trends they asked about are completely fictional. totally made up. keep that in mind. take a look at how far people will go to make it seem like they know what they're talking about. >> someone like you would know about. what about betsy ross? have you heard of betsy ross? >> yes, i love her.
10:05 am
>> betsy ross. you don't think it is too much, the stars with the stripes. >> for me, it is never enough. >> never enough. what about bartels and james? >> great as well. >> fantastic. >> yeah. just sparkling and effervescent. >> absolutely. elegant, very stylish. >> refreshing, would you say? >> yeah, absolutely. >> what about phil robertson. >> phil robertson, you know what, is beyond one of my favorites as well. >> really burst on to the scene two years ago, the whole robertson family. and what do you think of that style? >> i love the style. but i think the name really says it all because he's following a legacy. when you follow a legacy and walk into those shoes, you're doing a part. >> it is really a dynasty. >> yes, yes. i love it. >> i don't understand. i understand why people -- the psychology of the people wanting to feel like, yeah, they're in the know. yeah, i saw that. but they have to sign a waiver to be used on the actual show.
10:06 am
so they have to give permission for their responses to be included. so if i had just -- i make fun of myself anyway, but i get paid for it. but if i had a chance to get something back, i would be like i'm not signing that. >> you're right. if you had to sign something, the news, regular news, you're interviewing somebody, you don't have to sign anything. you ask them and they give you consent and -- >> you may not know this, but according to vogue, we are officially in the era of the big booty. >> yeah. >> everybody knew. it has been creeping up on us. go ahead and do the squats. they say in the past a large butt was not something one aspired to, rather something one aspired to -- >> remember. ♪ big booty big, big booty ♪ >> give credit to j. lo. >> kim kardashian. >> and nicki minaj. >> jennifer lopez.
10:07 am
>> iggy or izzy? >> iggy azalea. >> i knew there was a z in there. >> by the way, iggy azalea has a board flat stomach and the booty. how -- what is going on with that? usually you get one good thing, she got two. j. lo started it 20 years ago. all right. that's before -- >> when kate moss was -- >> everybody was like a bean pole. it all changed. >> it is two decades later. she's 45 now and she looks like -- >> remember how we shook ours with her. she was not alone. >> we didn't want her to feel bad. >> that was a weird -- >> that was unfortunate. how did that happen? >> i don't know. >> that is just -- >> look at our faces. >> the faces show we don't know what we're doing. >> okay. >> we want you to guess -- >> that's one i would like to have back too. >> guess -- we'll play a little game. guess who this is. >> okay. >> former child actor.
10:08 am
>> okay, look closely. does anyone have any idea who he is? >> i know, but i would never know it from the picture. >> here is a hint. i see dead people. haley joel osment. >> still a snappy dresser. you know, give him that. he's still a snappy -- that was 15 years ago. >> he's 26. >> is that for a part? he's playing a nazi, i think, in a movie. somebody has to. >> okay. >> so we thought it would only be fair if we did a 15-year retrospective on bruce willis, his co-star on that. >> bruce is holding up. >> he looks exactly the same. minus the hair. i mean, he had a hat on, you can't tell. >> he looks great. i love this. there was a swing legend back in the 1940s, and for her 90th birthday, she wanted to celebrate. so gene phelps wanted to make a
10:09 am
video of her dancing. >> look at her. take a look at her dancing with her partner. ♪ >> look at the body on her. >> she can move. i can't believe. >> here comes her next partner. >> they're wearing her out. >> oh, my gosh. she's so light on her feet. >> these kids are like a third of her age. >> she was a famous dancer in the '40s. and she still dances. >> it must keep people so young. >> oh, my gosh. >> she does a flip, i'm in. >> that is awesome. that's awesome. >> still so limber. i bet she does yoga or something. she still dances. good for her. >> let's play a little music for her, shall we? >> oh. >> here's what i did with my ihoda this morning. i decided to show a video because this song works so brilliantly when there is a video with it.
10:10 am
it is an easy lyric to learn. it is called this is how we do. watch this. ♪ no big deal it's no big deal ♪ ♪ it's no big deal this is no big deal ♪ ♪ this is how we do yeah, do it like that ♪ ♪ this is how we do do, do, do ♪ ♪ this is how we do this is how we do ♪ ♪ yeah, do it like that something we do it like that ♪ ♪ this is how we do do, do, do ♪ ♪ this is how we do ♪ hopping in my maserati checking out hotties ♪ ♪ getting our nails did all japanesy ♪ ♪ wildcats mariah carey ♪ >> it is no big deal.
10:11 am
>> it sure isn't. >> that's a great song. ♪ where over the rainbow that's a song. shoutout to sirius radio, you can listen to us while you're driving. >> they are probably going to love that song while they're driving. >> i doubt it. i doubt it. i doubt it. we're on sirius xm channel 108. okay. >> today, really quick, before we go, i got some sad news today. i told you guys about this wonderful guy, a man named stan sandroni, the first man who hired me when 27 news directors said no. >> in a row. >> in a row. i met stan after and he looked at me and said, i like what i see. and i remember -- i saw my twitter that he passed away and i thought, oh, my gosh, there must be something wrong with this tweet and it turned out that he died of a heart attack and he is survived by his wife
10:12 am
glenda, so sweet and son christopher. so, stan, thank you, thank you for everything you did for me. i mean, i wouldn't be sitting in this seat next to you if it weren't for stan all those years ago. >> yeah. very, very -- i met him. so nice, he came -- you stayed close all those years. he was in new york. all our best to his family. >> okay. >> did you ever zone out when people are talking to you? >> were you talking or -- >> the key to being a better listener and how to get people to listen to you. >> and these ladies will be the center of attention once our but it wasn't always that way. ahh!! ahhhh!! let go! let go! no. no, budget. no. but thanks to we got approved to shop with low monthly payments. they've got over 70,000 items from brands like samsung, dyson, dewalt. all you gotta do is click on over to and get the credit you deserve to get all kinds of great stuff.
10:13 am
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it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. [ man ] now symbicort significantly improves my lung function, starting within 5 minutes. and that makes a difference in my breathing. today, i'm hanging out with my best friend. talk to your doctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. call or go online to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. you all remember that ad campaign from the '70s and '80s with the tag line, when putnam talks, people listen. >> but listening can be a challenge, and it is not just about paying attention sometimes with your ears but also your body language speaks volumes. >> just like in this scene from nbc's "the office". >> children of the world coming
10:16 am
together, cutting down trees to make paper, but not in a child labor way. >> just up and down, like a person. >> i am a person. >> yes, we can do this. >> then we thought we would -- >> i can't with that face. look at that. i'm going to get nightmares with that face. >> i love it. >> i love it. >> tonya ruttman is the author of "the power of body language." >> having a problem. >> this is tremendous. one of the most important facets of any kind of communication is letting people know that you hear them and you're paying attention to them and what they have to say is important. >> there are people who you know who looking at you but not with you. you know what that's like. you are present, but your brain isn't there. >> the brain is somewhere else, it is wandering. >> what is that called in psychology? >> wandering brain.
10:17 am
>> something i can pronounce, good. >> it is a distraction because you then really can't be present for the person as you mentioned, being present is the most important thing, because the person feels special, they feel heard and like someone really cares about them. if your mind is doing all kinds of things, you can't really be there. we have to just kind of train our minds to be where we want it to be at that moment. >> yeah. i think it is interesting because sometimes someone will say something and i'll gee, my gosh, that's right. i need to buy salmon or whatever because what they said sparked it. >> that's a good point, hoda woman. >> and then you go back again -- >> it triggers something and you're gone. >> what we find today is people are so busy formulating their responses that they're not really listening to what be somebody is saying. you can see when it happens. you'll see eye movement or sudden a-ha and you know they've stopped listening. >> is any of this getting worse because of social media, that we're spending -- >> absolutely. >> explain that for us. how that is affecting our interpersonal relationships.
10:18 am
because smmachines don't talk - well, they do talk back to us, but how is that harming us as human beings? >> when we talk about listening to someone, all devices have to be away. when i'm in the room with you, you're the only person here and you get my full attention, my cell phone is down, people are breaking dishes, noises here, all it is about is you. my eye contact with you and body language. >> there are certain people when they speak, you try to be engaged, but something about the way they're talking that makes your mind wander. are there things you can do as a speaker -- as a person to say, you know, some people go this is the most important thing, they underscore something and you lean in. something speakers can do. >> a lot that speakers can do. we have to be mindful of how we look when we're speaking. are we in somebody's face like this, personal space is very, very important to be respected. are we screaming? are we whispering? and what are we doing with our eyes? are we looking around? are we kind of just predominating and saying this is the most important thing in the
10:19 am
whole world and not giving the idea we're interested in what people want to tell us as a response. also, if you're always complaining, always negative -- >> people tune out. >> a lot of people will tune you out because they're not sure you are interested in what they might have to say to you. they feel as if they're a place to be dumped on. that may be a role you play, but good to know that's what you're there for. >> as a body language expert, are you aware all the time of your own body language? >> yes, and no. there are times i get shocked about something, i do go on auto pilot and just react. for the most part, that's what it is about, self-awareness. >> what is the best thing we can do bodily to express or to communicate to the person that we're talking to that i am with you, ai am listening? >> orient yourself towards that person. >> let's do it, hoda. but that's rude to hoda. >> if you're a woman, you tilt your head just a little bit. >> flirtatious? >> it is interesting.
10:20 am
if you tilt your head to the left, you're seen as more attractive. but that's based on -- we won't get into that. tilt your head a little bit and nod when encouraged. >> isn't it weird when you say to yourself, i have to tilt my head? >> it becomes natural, second nature. >> it is. the other thing, i think you're a great example of it, when you're sitting with someone, and there is someone else here, you include that person so that you include them and they feel a part of the whole if it is a conversation. one of the other things is we have to keep reminding ourselves there is a role we're playing as a listener. we have to know what it is. some people want to just give advice all the time and busy thinking about what they're going to say. when you may really be there just to be able to hear and to be a strong friend. and we have to understand what our motivation is as a listener. >> thanks, ladies. >> we learned something today. that doesn't happen all the time. webtastic video that gives new meaning to the function of youth. and we hid them from every mirror so they can't sneak a
10:21 am
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available only at walmart. it's time for webtastic, we dig up the next video sure to put a smile on your face. >> this one was sent to us by lori grossberg whose almost 2-year-old son ben is a very determined toddler. >> when ben encounters a water fountain for first time, he doesn't quite know how to work it. that doesn't stop him from trying. let's take a look. lo . >> lori says he's a very curious kid and would have stayed all day to work it out. >> so cute. >> i like how he takes a break so other people can take a sip. >> somebody held it for him. >> coming up, how to spruce up all the rooms in your house. >> the big reveal of our "ambush makeovers." >> will they like what they see?
10:25 am
>> we hope so. it is really, really awkward when they don't. >> not good. >> after your local news. california is known for its grapes and so is my family. over three generations have taught us about growing the best tasting fruit. our grapes ripen on the vine so that the flavors can fully develop. and only the most experienced hands harvest them to bring quality fruit to your table. that's why we work with walmart... ... together we guarantee you only get the freshest grapes available. backed by their 100% money-back guarantee. picked by farmers. guaranteed by us. ♪ they have more time to muddtravel back in, try children's zyrtec® dissolve tabs. children's zyrtec® is clinically proven to relieve kids' allergy symptoms for a full 24 hours. children's zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™. (it's alive... it's alive!) make your halloween come to life.
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10:27 am
phillies game, you will notice a difference. we are tracking thunderstorms, closer to your evening commute time. allow a little extra time to get home from work today. your seven-day forecast shows a short-lived warming trend. 89 today. take a look at what happens tomorrow. we are tracking another chance much showers as we head into saturday with temperatures in the low 70s. philadelphia city council is in session getting ready to take up the issue of decriminalizing marijuana possession. a live look here at council chambers inside city hall. today's plan comes after michael nutter and counselman james kenny reached agreement to amend the bill. you would pay a $25 fine if you are caught with a small amount, under an ounce, and $100 for smoking marijuana in public. america is remembering the 9/11 terrorist attacks. ceremonies are going on in new
10:28 am
york, washington and shanksville. overnight, people placed flags at the memorial honoring those who lost their lives. this features a steel beam from the world trade center. a full hour of news coming up in 30 minutes. of course, you can get the latest news and weather on nbc 10 innocent com. i'm vai sikahema.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back with more of "today" on this thursday. ready to reveal our "ambush makeovers" for two lucky ladies who were swept off the plaza and into our makeup chairs for their new looks. >> "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, louis licari, and "today" contributor and author jill martin. >> hey, kiddos. how are you? >> you picked two lucky ladies. >> two lucky ladies, mother and daughter, and from texas. what more could you ask for? >> nothing at all. regina mockridge is the daughter. she's 52 years old from mckinney, texas. she's here with her mom, frankie, who turned 75 earlier this year. this trip is part of the birthday bucket list and she
10:31 am
says this ambush is the perfect way to wrap up their memorable vacation. let's listen to their story. >> we're very excited here. okay, so first of all, frankie, why do you want this for your daughter regina? >> i want her to be beautiful again. >> and i know you're busting and crying and you want this too. >> i do. my mother, she's 75, and this is our fun little bucket list trip and this will be the most exciting thing ever for us. >> oh, all right. we're going to make you feel and look beautiful. >> thank you. because this big hoda hair needs to go! >> okay. so this is regina before and remember, her mom hasn't seen her yet, but she'll be our next person ambushed. this is regina before. all right, regina, let's see the new you! oh, wow! >> wow. >> all right, hot totty. ready to see yourself? you ready? >> i'm ready. >> right here.
10:32 am
>> now i'm the runway girl. >> you look awesome. look right here at camera 12 so we can hear what happened. tell us, louis. >> the first thing i had to do, regina had a common problem, you color your hair, it turns too black. softer hair color. igor just cut off the dead ends, gave her this great shape, and it all fit together. >> the dress is so elegant. >> i had nothing do with it. she picked it out on the rack. adriana papel. and winter white. perfect for fall. i love it. >> thank you so much. >> excited to see your mom? >> yes, so excited. >> come over here and face davie, our -- yes, face davie. >> her mom is frankie, 75 from texas. and frankie got our attention for holding a sign that said she
10:33 am
was 75 and ready to dye, meaning d-y-e, as in her hair, which she hasn't colored in four decades. she's ready for the glam new look. let's listen to her story. >> the tears are going to flow now because it is time to talk about mom and why this is so important for her. >> because she is the greatest mom. she's always been there for all of me and my brothers, forever and ever. she's the greatest grandmother to my kids. she's just wonderful. and we're here on our bucket list trip. she's 75. and we just had so much fun and this will be the greatest way to end our new york city trip, to glam us up, to go back to texas. >> you're excited? >> yes, i'm excited. >> all right. get ready, you two. we're so excited. >> thank you so much. >> i love them. >> they're adorable. okay. let's take one last look at frankie before and bring out frankie cam. >> oh, my gosh! >> oh, my gosh.
10:34 am
>> oh, my goodness. right here. right here. >> okay. regina, want to turn around and see your mom. >> and you'll see your daughter. >> oh, my gosh, you look fabulous. >> your mom hasn't seen herself. so -- >> oh, my gosh. okay. >> what? are you all sure that's me? >> that's you. and you're adorable. >> look at the camera. come stand with your mom. >> i can't even -- >> tell us everything. >> number one, we colored frankie's hair. we washed away the gray and washed away years. igor, again -- igor gave her this great haircut. just shaping it up, softness and fullness. and, of course, it is a complete color story with a pinch of soft
10:35 am
makeup. >> and the dress. >> gorgeous. >> i know. look at that little figure. >> best figure ever. >> wrap dress by maggie london. >> gorgeous. >> oh, my gosh. >> what do you think? >> we are fabulous. >> we have done our new york makeover. >> you have to go some place fantastic for lunch and show yourselves off. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> so we made over these ladies and now we're going to make over your room. >> grab a paintbrush. some little changes go a long way coming up right after this. looking for one of these?
10:36 am
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10:39 am
it helps skin feel more firm and elastic. really want to feel the difference? take the dove 7 day test. it is that time of year when we start spending less time outside and more time inside, noticing all the things we want to change about our home. >> you sent us your photos and asked for our help sprucing up your space without blowing up your budget. we brought in the expert, leive
10:40 am
langdon. >> these are things that are inexpensive and things that change the room. >> absolutely. there are so many small changes you can make that will create a dramatic difference in your space. >> without blowing up the budget. >> absolutely. >> okeydokey. >> let's start with some of our people who -- they sent stuff in on facebook. here is from tiffany in new jersey. she sent a picture of her living room. okay, tell us what needs work on this. >> well, you can see, first off, the area rug is really small. and also in a living room this size, layout is everything. people never sit on one end of the room and talk to the person at the other end of the room. >> they do. >> i'm not sure they do. >> but you don't have to put your stuff up against the wall. >> exactly. in this particular space, you can see the windows look very boxy, so it is important to sort of soften that but not lose the light. and also, i love the idea of
10:41 am
hanging some pictures on the wall, they're just sort of leaning on the -- >> undecided. >> exactly, exactly. so i just wanted to put together some ideas that can help them -- >> a new baby so that -- >> exactly. so this -- here you can see, what i would do is do floor to ceiling drapes but let the drapes stack on the wall, so you get a drapery rod all the way to the ceiling. that way you're not losing any natural light. then there is a larger area rug and, again -- >> how big should the area rug be? >> it should probably be about 18 inches of a wood margin perimeter around the furniture. >> if you have a big room, but don't want to spend a gazillion dollars on an area rug, go to a carpet warehouse, get a remnant, leftover piece and have them bind it to the size of your room. >> they'll do that. people don't realize they'll do that. >> yeah, yeah. and then to create some great family photos on the wall, and
10:42 am
not -- it doesn't have to be one huge piece of art work, you can create a dramatic impact with multiple things. and those could just be pictures of family that you print off of your computer. >> and plants. nice ficus or something. >> something green really brings a room alive. >> what would you do with the foosball table? >> all right, that's still at one end because it is livable. >> let's move on to our next. this is debbie from tennessee. this is her kitchen. tell us what you think needed work here. >> kitchens naturally just become a place for clutter. and you can see what is happening over in that dining area, the two walls on either side of the window, you could put drapes there. but what debbie needs is something more functional as well as something with some height to balance the kitchen cabinets. so what i would do is put two sort of tall shelving units that we could lift some of that stuff off of the counter, get it up on to the walls.
10:43 am
>> look at the difference. >> yeah. and then also a back splash. now, this is something a lot of times people think this has to be really expensive. if you don't have a back splash, that can make a huge difference in a space. and it is also -- you're not covering a lot of area with the back splash. it helps delineate the look between the upper cabinet and your counter. and it just gives you a little zip. >> you can easily wash it. >> hoda's not sure about the back splash. >> i didn't know what it was. i'm just learning. >> that's all terrific. and an area rug. >> an area rug. outdoor area rug in a kitchen dining area is great. >> and put the dog food away. >> all the befores look like my place. there is a bathroom, i think, right? >> yeah. bathroom. let's see -- what are you going to do with those doors? there is nothing to do with the doors. and you got that sort of small little low boarder that is chopping the room in half and
10:44 am
the small area rug and it is all kind of creamy and just blahhing together. what i would do is cover up the doors. and these are actually outdoor drapes that have a grommet at the top. and it will still work with the tension rod. but the key to this, instead of a shower curtain, is the fact that the drapes go all the way to the floor. >> makes it bigger. >> exactly. and it is a vertical stripe. so it draws your eye upward, makes the ceiling seem higher and the room feel bigger. >> okay. >> the other thing with painting the vanity, it is so easy to paint a little wood vanity and it can make the sink top that you already have look completely new. >> and you got rid of the boarder. >> exactly. the border had to go. >> the tile -- >> it was a wallpaper border. and we painted the room sort of a cooler color and it just made all the creamy stuff look fresh. >> thank you for all you do. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> so now we'll tell you how to feed your family of four for
10:45 am
five bucks. >> healthy, inexpensive meals. [ female announcer ] one minute. that's all it takes to help make a kid's wish come true. join straight talk wireless at our "give a minute. help make-a-wish" event, and help make more wishes come true for children with life-threatening medical conditions. this saturday from 10 to 4 at your local walmart, take a minute to learn more about straight talk wireless and great phones like the samsung galaxy ace style, and we'll donate a dollar toward our goal of $1 million to make-a-wish. straight talk wireless. same phones. same networks. half the cost. available only at walmart. same phones. same networks. half the cost. more doritos and pepsi, this party is complete. oh come on why are you throwing into double coverage when your z is wide open on the deep post?!?! and that's why i married you.
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10:49 am
it is time to take you into "today's kitchen." what is better than a home cooked meal? >> a cheap one. >> that's right. >> 5 buckers. >> you can have a tasty dinner for $5 for your family on any night of the week acorcording t erin chase, the author of "$5 dinners." >> i have a 9-year-old, 7-year-old, 4-year-old and 1-year-old. i'm in the trenches. i understand. >> thrilled to come to new york and leave them at home. >> really, really $5 meals? >> yes, i can make all of these for $5. i'm on a mission to help people spend less money on groceries, challenging you to pay closer attention to the ingredients you're buying. get them when they're on sale. i have food allergies. we have to do from scratch,
10:50 am
traditional. >> and depends where you live in the country too. >> enchiladas. these are my slow cooker black bean and corn enchiladas. we'll match up the beans. kathie lee, if you add in corn and we'll add in cheese. we have green chiles to give it a little kick and ground cumin and we'll mix all this together. >> what is that stuff? >> green chiles. gives it a little kick, not spicy like a jalapeno or habanero. >> the salt? >> dump it in there. >> we'll roll it up. the key is warm them ahead of time so they won't crack and break when you're adding them in. we're going to spoon this in here. we'll put 12 inenchiladas into e base of the slow cooker. >> your boys like this? >> my boys love this. a little salsa into the bottom. >> a slow cooker. >> isn't this fantastic?
10:51 am
>> yes. >> spread it around in there. and we'll place these seam side down into the base. >> wow. >> they'll get real cozy in here. it will be super are tight. we'll fit 12 in here and enough to feed 12. cheese on top of that. cook them on low for three or four hours. >> how much did this cost? >> this is $5.52 for four servings. >> that's amazing. >> down to the chicken part. >> i want to try those. >> let's get them out of here. >> there they are. >> i'll do the taste test and you go ahead and -- >> i want it see what it tastes like. i like to watch people. do it. >> so good. >> five minutes. >> i want it. i want to do the chicken. what am i having? >> citrus, rosemary, roasted chicken. we're going to zest the ends of the lemon, not the middle part. we're zest those and then --
10:52 am
>> put that stuff on there, okay. >> we'll drizzle olive oil, sea salt, garlic powder, we'll put that all on top and tuck the rosemary sprigs on there. the reason i didn't zest the middle is we'll slice the lemon and oranges. >> i love lemon chicken. >> i like the piney flavor of the rosemary with the sweet and tart of the citrus. that's what i love with this. we'll nestle the rosemary in there and add the sliced lemmens and oranges. >> oranges too? how fun. >> a little sweeter. >> the lemon itself would be too tart. >> while you're nestling, we'll try this. >> taste that, hoda. >> this is actually a double portion. this is $9.42 for eight servings, because you'll have enough chicken for two meals. >> tell me about the last one. >> here is your fall dish. a new fun spin on pork chops. we'll mix together cranberry
10:53 am
sauce with a spicy mustard, put it on top of the pork chop, bake them for 30, 40 minutes depending how thick they are, serve them with rice, a perfect meal. >> all the recipes are on >> delicious. we're going to shine a spotlight on one of our most spirited fans. first this is "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
all right, it is time to shine our fan spotlight on a little guy who caught our eye on facebook. >> last week football season kicked off and sarah heninberry sent us this adorable new photo of her nephew jack. he knows how to celebrate games. oh, my gosh. he looks like a football. >> oh, my gosh. just like his dad, his mom and dad are big miami dolphin fans, watches the game with him. >> thank you for sharing.
10:57 am
share your photos. we want to show them at the end of the show some days. >> his fingers are wet. that means he's been sucking them. i love that. suze orman will be here
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, storms are on the way. a live look at radar showing the system to the west expected to push through in time for your afternoon commute. we're dealing with the heat and humidity. check out this shot of the skyline of center city philadelphia. brittney shipp is here to break it down in terms of what we can expect. >> relax a bit on the thunderstorms we thought we would see as we were going to head into your afternoon and evening. we will maintain a chance of showers. we update the forecast. here is the line of thunderstorms. it's going to track clo