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tv   NBC 10 News at 9am  NBC  September 14, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> today, pennsylvania state troopers continue their hunt for the killer of one of their own following the shooting at a state police barracks in pike county. there is new outrage this morning over another isis execution, this time a british humanitarian worker is the victim of a beheading. let's head outside right now to take a live look at the philadelphia museum of art where there is a hunt of fall in the air today. it will be sunny and cool for your sunday. good morning, i'm rosemary connors. this is nbc 10 news today. it's 9:00 on this sunday morning. tedd florendo is tracking the
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chilly conditions. >> a total 180 from what we had yesterday. a welcome change from the delaware valley. saying goodbye to all that rain. now look at it outside. later on, it's beginning to be real comfortable. 57 for phillies. 55 for millville this morning. look how clear it is from d.c. up to boston. below average for this time of the year. clear this afternoon. clear overnight. monday may look nice, too. but will it last all week? i'll let you know coming up in a couple minutes. >> thank you, ted. new this morning, the driver
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of an suv is under arrest after slamming into the back of a pennsylvania state police cruiser. there was also a third week involved. this happened in the eastbound lanes of i-76. traffic was blocked until crews could clear the scene. the trooper was taken to the hospital for a minor injury. authorities say the driver who struck the cruiser was under the influence. all pennsylvania flags are flying at half staff after the shooting of two state troopers. one was killed the other critically wounded. this started in pike county. corporal brian dixon, a seven-year veteran officer, a husband and father was killed in the gunfire. monique braxton has development morning long c. we're waiting for a news conference. >> we've been monitoring the search, the manhunt, an
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exhaustive one for the gunman who killed corporal brian dixon. this is what we can tell you. dixon and another trooper were ambushed on friday night outside the barracks in a rural part of pike county. dixon died. trooper douglas underwent surgery and is now listed in critical but stable condition. we went along with new york, new jersey, even pennsylvania state police as they stopped cars. investigators tell us they're also interviewing several dozen people, but no clear person of interest yet. >> seems to be an attack on law enforcement, and perhaps our form of government. i don't know. but i can't quiet anyone's fears. >> we are convinced this individual is no longer in that immediate area, so for the residents that live in that immediate area, i don't believe
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that they're in any more danger or risk than someone anywhere else. >> corporal dixon graduated in 2007. he was transferred several months ago to pike county. dixon was married, has two sons. a $20,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest as well as conviction of the gunman. all police agencies across the country. state police tell us in a couple of hours they're going to be issuing new information. as soon as we get it, you'll know it. live in the d.o.c., monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> pennsylvania governor tom corbett called the attack an attack on our state, country, and civilized society. >> one who is sworn to guard and protect us was shot in cold blood.
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another was shot and wounded and is in the hospital. i hope the people of pennsylvania will keep those two troopers in their prayers and the family of those two troopers. >> the governor is urging residents who may have information about the shooting to call police. that number is 1-866-326-7256. you can count on nbc 10 and for complete coverage of this deadly shooting at the police barracks. a portion of a highway will be renamed in honor of brad fox. he was killed in the line of duty in 2012. his canine partner was also shot but survived and lives with the family now. a dedication ceremony will be held later this morning. state lawmakers will join
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police, family, and friends in honoring officer fox. today one of the victims of a possible hate crime attack in philadelphia is scheduled to have surgery. the man was badly beaten thursday night while he and his gay partner were walking in center city. police are looking for a group of men and women who assaulted the couple. a friend of a witness took this photo of police arriving to help the victim who was seriously hurt. he will undergo surgery a little bit later today for a fractured jaw and shattered cheekbones. his partner was treated at the hospital and was released. now to developments on the isis threat. britain's prime minister is calling the isis execution of a british humanitarian aide worker on video an act of pure evil. you're looking at a still frame from the new video that appears to show the beheading of that worker. david cameron confirmed the death of david haines, who was abducted in syria last year. his death comes just weeks after isis executed american
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journalist james foley and steven sotloff. cameron promised to hunt down those responsible for haines's death. this morning secretary of state john kerry is in paris for a global conference that will focus on how to combat isis and other islamic extremist groups. kerry arrived from cairo last night. while in egypt, kerry said that egypt has a critical role to play in helping the world denounce the brutal methods used by islamic radicals. >> it will be our goal in every meeting that we have on the international basis. together, working to degrade and ultimately to defeat isil. >> the isis threat will be up for discussion on nbc's "meet the press." chuck todd will talk with current and former white house officials. it comes your way this morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. today, people from eastern european communities who live in the philadelphia region will come together for a demonstration against russian aggression in ukraine.
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the rally will happen at 2:00 this afternoon on independence mall next to the independence visitors center. the event will include speakers from the georgian, jewish, latvian, lithuanian, and polish communities. still ahead, detained u.s. citizen matthew miller will not be coming home any time soon. why a north korean supreme court wants him to do years of hard labor. we'll talk about it after the break. and crews in california make some headway against wildfires at both ends of the state. we'll update their progress next.
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this morning, a north korean court sentenced matthew miller to six years of hard labor. he was detained in april for
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violating his tourist status when he entered the country. north korean officials say he tore up his visa and asked for asylum. they also claimed that he tried to commit an act of espionage. pakistan's army is getting creative in its efforts to stop serious flood waters. they're using explosives. soldiers blasted a levy to redirect the flow of water that's threatening to cause even more damage in the country. recent rains and floods have killed nearly 300 people in pakistan, hundreds more have been injured. flood waters have washed away many villages, affecting more than two million people. there's also flood emergency in croatia where four rivers emerge. about 100 soldiers a s and 120 firefighters are in place to help there. china's central television reports that more than 28,000 residents are being evacuated from the area.
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a major river there is expected to rise to nearly 61 feet. in the u.s. near los angeles, it's fire that's the issue. flames from the silverado fire are scorching dozens of acres in a national forest. officials told about 200 homeowners over the weekend to evacuate after the fire spread close to a residential neighborhood. electricity went out in the area after flames burned down a power line. firefighters say they have about 10% contained. meantime, in northern california, firefighters have stopped the progress of a wildfire that's burned at least 250 acres. this is near sacramento. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon. it destroyed at least two houses and several cars in a rural neighborhood. families told to evacuate their homes are now returning to the area.
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i-95 is back open this morning after a deadly pile-up closed it down. three tractor-trailers and five cars were involved in thejl1 ch reaction crash. one truck driver died in the accident. two other people suffered minor injuries. the cause of this crash is now under investigation. a 19-year-old albright college student is dead and two other state of the unions injured in an off campus house fire. sophomore matt rain was visiting the house near the reading campus. burkes county fire officials say four students jumped from the second floor to escape the fire which started in the basement. according to officials, there were working smoke detectors in the house. there's no word on the conditions of the other students. the search continues this morning for a hit-and-run driver who killed a father of three in north philadelphia. according to police, the speeding rental car hit the victim who was crossing the street early yesterday morning. the impact threw the man's body into an uncoming vehicle.
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the driver of that car did stop to help. the honda was later found abandoned. still ahead on nbc 10 news today, we'll introduce you to this week's wednesday's child. he's a teen with a real sense of adventure and you'll want to venture out because we've got some great weather. >> that's right. and low humidity, too. temperatures are not going to get too warm at all for the day today. check this out. we've got numerous cameras. this one on top of the comcast center, zooming all the way out. that's how we roll. that's your nbc 10 forecast. i'll have more when we come back. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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this week's wednesday's child is more than ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, finding a loving home and a loving family. nbc 10 introduces us to jackson. >> reporter: jackson is an up beat and charming 15-year-old who has a spirit for adventure. so we headed up to the poconos in the fernwood resort for climbing fun and zip lining. >> clean back. >> reporter: comeviykyk
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he is ready to open his heart and knows what he wants in a family. >> i would like a mom and a dad and teenage kids, teens. and people who i could look up to and say i love you to. >> reporter: you've been here before. >> never! >> reporter: never been here before? >> nope. >> reporter: jackson is ready for the next step in his life and he knows what family would mean to him. >> no matter what, they'll be there for you. >> he would make a wonderful addition to any home. jackson is this week's wednesday's child. >> you can make his dream come true by going to our website, and searching wednesday's child, or you can always call the national
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adoption scepter at 1-866-do-adopt. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist tedd florendo. >> vitamin d outside right now. a few clouds on the horizon. next week, we're going to stay cool all week. i'm not seeing the 80s all week. 56 for cherry hill. that's it for you, northeastern philly. currently 57 also in philadelphia. chester springs, 53 degrees. up in the lehigh valley, we're currently at 55 for allentown and also potstown. a little warmer on the shore.
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this is where we should be this time of year. about 80 degrees. look at this week. we're staying in the 70s and below that for quite some time. even into the weekend, i think we'll be slightly warmer, but not quite 80 degrees just yet. some of that rainfall now out to sea. all the way over towards buffalo and the great lakes region. high pressure in charge working its way down. that's going to be around today. it's going to be around for tomorrow. a high today of about 72. look how clear and sunny is expected for the afternoon. overnight hours will also be rather chilly, because we will
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have clear skies overnight as well. actually, this is the wrong forecast. sorry. temperatures are going to be in the upper 60s. we'll have plenty of sunshine expected for the beach today. so get on out there. a little breezy in the morning. we'll get the sunshine by the afternoon. tomorrow looks real good. sunny and nice for tomorrow. 76 degrees. two days of sunshine. then we've got some showers that are moving specifically overnight monday night into tuesday morning. can be around for your morning commute, but it's not going to be around all day. after that, we turn to sunny skies. look at these temperatures. they'll stay in the mid to low 70s all week. >> i'm not complaining about the 70s. still ahead, there's new video out this morning from ferguson, missouri, and it could help prove that teenager michael brown had his hands up when a police officer shot him.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> at 9:24, here is a live look over the philadelphia museum of art. looking good out there. we do have a few clouds, but that's okay. we'll deal with that. no rain. blue skies. sunshine. right now, temperatures are in the mid 50s. we will warm into the 70s. the world health
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organization is urging more international health workers to come to west africa to help contain the ebola virus. hundreds of medical experts are trying to contain the ebola outbreak in the region. the w.h.o. estimates that there are nearly 5,000 cases throughout the west african region and local medical teams are overwhelmed as the number of cases continues to increase. meanwhile, officials in saudi arabia have introduced a new ebola screening program. this as the country prepares to receive three million muslims taking part in the islamic pilgrima pilgrimage. many are traveling from nigeria. this weekend, medical workers wore full protective clothing as they checked all passengers upon arrival at an airport. it could be a break in the ferguson, missouri case. new cell phone video could back up claims that michael brown had his hands raised when a police officer shot him to death last month. here's the video showing two landscapers working near the street where brown was shot.
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you can hear a man's voice in the video saying "he had his hands up." at that same moment, one of the workers also raises his hands in the air. the comment on the video matches what other witnesses said about brown surrendering before he was killed. the u.s. justice department is now investigating the shooting. yesterday, family, friends, and supporters of michael brown demanded the arrest of the police officer who shot and killed him. dozens of demonstrators marched outside of the st. louis county jail. officer darren wilson has been suspended from the force, and remains in hiding because of threats against his life. if you are looking for something to do today and you don't mind taking a little bit of a drive, why not head to baltimore? more than 30 ships are on display as part of the star spangled spectacular. it's a celebration of the 200th anniversary of the national anthem, which was written by francis scott key after he witnessed a turning point battle
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in baltimore during the war of 1812. visitors can get a good look at the tall ships and even get onboard to take a look around. other events include an aircraft display and festival, an air show and a concert. the tall ships will be in baltimore on tuesday. when we come back, we'll take a look at the day's top stories, including the search for a killer of a pennsylvania state trooper. monique braxton is following the investigation. >> people who live in the poconos are on edge this morning as they watch agencies investigate a cop killer and hunt for that gunman. >> looks like we're sunny outside right now. going to stay that way for quite some time. at least we're dry, too. but cool this morning. live look at liberty one, liberty two looking good out there. we'll have a look at your forecast and the rest of the week when we come back.
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now, the search is on for the shooter or shooters who ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers, killing one of them. we're following the manhunt this morning. a crash puts another p.a. state trooper in danger. we'll explain what caused this accident overnight in
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philadelphia. plenty of sunshine today, but it will feel like fall. here's a live look down the shore at cape may, where just a few weeks ago, the beach was packed. not quite bathing suit weather today. it's about 59 degrees there right now. good morning, i'm rosemary connors. it's 9:30 on this sunday. let's get right to the forecast now with meteorologist tedd florendo. we know that we're right smack in the middle of september, the heart of what would be the fall season, although it's still technically summer. but i've got to tell you, it's unseasonably cool. we shouldn't be this cool this time of year. >> not at all. a lot of times in the morning, we're supposed to be at 62 degrees. a lot of areas hit the upper 40s, so that's definitely cooler than average. our highs today won't warm up too much. here's what's really chilly. up 40s in the poconos. we've got sunny skies at least, but a chilly start to our day up there in the poconos. in some areas, we're about 13 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time, like atlantic city,
9:32 am
dover, millville cooler than we were yesterday. 49 mount pocono. we're going to warm up today and we will be pleasant by the afternoon. 72 degrees will be our high. we'll hit that about 4:00 p.m. sunny and nice today and pleasant for the evening and the best part, the humidity is going to remain really low for our sunday. so get out there and enjoy that sunshine. we'll talk about when we'll see the chance of showers return coming up in your full forecast. >> thank you, ted. we'll check back with you soon. the search continues this morning for the suspect or suspects who opened fire on two pennsylvania state troopers, killing one of them and critically wounding the other. nbc 10's monique braxton has been tracking the developments in this case all morning long. she joins us live from the digital operations center, and we are expecting to hear from state police in a short time from now. >> that's right, rosemary. within the hour, we're expecting an update from pennsylvania state police.
9:33 am
overnight, we have been watching federal and state agencies search for the gunman or gunmen, as you mentioned, who killed pennsylvania state trooper corporal brian dixon. now, dixon and another trooper were ambushed on friday night during a shift change outside the barracks in a rural part of pike county. state police also tell us dixon was pronounced at the scene. trooper alex douglas is listed in critical but stable condition. our video also shows you the exhaustive efforts of new york, new jersey, and pennsylvania police as they stop every person in sight. with no clear person of interest, people in the poconos are frightened. >> it's very scary because i have a family of my own. you know, everybody's got their own family in this area and it's a very tragic situation. >> for someone to be out there running around with guns like that and willing to shoot at an officer is pretty crazy still and they haven't got him in custody yet. >> they could literally be
9:34 am
anywhere now, and who it is, you just don't know. the unknown is scary. that they're still out there is just terrible. >> dixon worked at the philadelphia barracks until a few months ago. he was married, has two sons. a $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest as well as the conviction of the gunman. as soon as we get that update from pennsylvania state police, we'll pass the information along to you. live for now in the d.o.c., monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, monique. and remember, you can count on nbc 10 to follow the search for the killer or killers. you can also get instant updates on our website, new this morning, the driver of an suv is under arrest after slamming into the back of a pennsylvania state police cruiser. the crash also involved a third vehicle. it happened in the eastbound lanes of i-76 at montgomery drive. traffic was blocked until crews could clear the scene early this morning. the trooper was taken to the
9:35 am
hospital for a minor injury. authorities say the driver who struck the cruiser was under the influence. philadelphia police are looking for the man who crashed his rental car into another vehicle. this happened around 1:45 this morning on columbus boulevard near race street. police tell us the driver of the rental car hit the second car and crashed into the stone foundation supporting the ben franklin bridge. the driver of that rental car fled the scene. two women inside of the second car are in serious but stable condition. we have not gotten any information yet on the condition of a third passenger from that car. as soon as we do, we'll pass it along. now to a developing story on the isis threat. britain's prime minister is calling the isis execution of a british humanitarian worker on video an act of pure evil. you're looking at a still frame from the new video that appears to show the beheading of that worker. prime minister david cameron confirmed the death of david haines, who was abducted in syria last year. his death comes just weeks after
9:36 am
isis executed american journalists james foley and steven sotloff. cameron promised to hunt down those responsible for haines's death. the isis threat will be the main focus of discussion on this morning's "meet the press." moderator chuck todd will talk with both current and former white house officials. it all comes your way this morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. today in philadelphia, members of local eastern european communities will come together for a demonstration against russian aggression in ukraine. the rally will happen at 2:00 this afternoon on independence mall next to the independence visitors center. the event will include speakers from the georgian, jewish, latvian, lithuanian, and polish communities. meanwhile, cease-fire in eastern ukraine has mostly held since it was approved september 5th, but there has been some sporadic artillery fire. that has been the case this weekend in donetsk where heavy
9:37 am
artillery fire could be heard and plumes of smoke were visible over the airport. the airport is in the hands of the ukrainian government. most of the city of donetsk is controlled by pro-russian separatist rebels. this weekend, a malaysian flight to india returned to kuala lumpur after a defect was discovered in the auto pilot system. the airline says the defect didn't affect the safety of the aircraft or the passengers. the bodies of nine more victims of the crash of malaysia airlines flight mh-17 have returned to australia. the plane was shot down over eastern ukraine back in july. a total of 14 of the 39 australian citizens and residents killed in the plane crash have so far had their remains returned to their home country. their identities have not yet been confirmed. meanwhile, dutch authorities say investigators have recovered 25 pieces of metal of the crash site of that malaysia airlines flight that could lead them to
9:38 am
the missile that brought down the airliner. western countries believe russians brought down the jet. now to some news from harrisburg. tonight supporters of medical marijuana will hold a candle light vigil at 7:30. the group will also hold a rally tomorrow morning on the steps of the state capital building. the rally will focus on senate bill 1182 known as the compassionate use of medical cannabis act. advocates hope that lawmakers will take up the bill when they return to session tomorrow after their summer break. it is an incredible feat and the weather mostly cooperated. today marks the finale of the susan g. komen three-day walk to race funding for breast cancer research. nbc 10 caught up with some of the participants, both men and women, wearing pink and tuiasosopos. the walk finishes up with a
9:39 am
ceremony at the philadelphia navy yard this afternoon. since its founding in 1982, susan g. komen has funded more than $800 million in breast cancer research. still ahead, ray rice makes his families since that tape surfaced showing him knocking out his now wife. we'll tell you what he had to say about it coming up. our dad's a plumber.
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a business manager. and a stickler for homework. i'm john kane running for state senate.
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dad says the road to a good job starts in the classroom. [ lori ] he's a great dad who sees taxes going up but schools not getting the funding they need. [ john ] so i'd put back the billion dollars corbett cut from education and make sure corporations and natural gas drillers paid their fair share. time to close the loopholes for the tax cheats. dad thinks a lot about education. i'm john kane and it's about time harrisburg did too. this is nbc 10 news. >> here's a live look over center city. we've got blue skies out there. plenty of sunshine. however, it's not going to be terribly warm today. we are not going to get into the 80s. temperatures will get into the 7 0s and it's going to be that way much of the week. also, we don't have to deal with the chance of rain for today. we don't look at the possibilities of showers until later on in the seven-day forecast. talking sports now,
9:42 am
minnesota vikings star adrian peterson may be out of jail this morning but he will not be on the field for his team's home opener today. the running back was booked and released from a texas jail yesterday. he's charged with injuring his child by spanking him with a wooden switch or tree branch. we spoke to a local high school football coach who happens to be the former coach of one of peterson's teammates. he tells us that he tries to teach his players to be quality men. >> i think in a way, it also shows that there is a problem and we have to address it. >> an nfl spokesman says peterson's case will be reviewed under the league's personal conduct policy. ray rice was back on the football field yesterday. he was on the sidelines of a high school game at his alma mater in new rochelle, new york. his wife janay and their 2-year-old daughter, they were both with him. it's the couple's first public appearance since the release of this video showing rice knocking janay unconscious in february. >> is there anything you want to say to your fans?
9:43 am
>> huh? >> is there anything you want to say to your fans? [ inaudible ] >> the head coach of rice's alma mater was the one who invited him to the game. cecily strong of nbc's "saturday night live" says she's okay with losing her "weekend update" anchor chair to a newcomer for the upcoming season. strong was on the "snl" anchor desk last year. she says she's genuinely happy about being replaced and she'll get to do more features on the show during "weekend update." replacing strong will be standup comedian michael che, he used to be on the daily show with john stewart. he'll be the first african-american on the weekend update desk. chris pratt will host the season premiere, september 27th at 11:30, right after nbc 10 news at 11:00. penn state and rutgers faced each other for the first time in
9:44 am
almost two decades. and philly micah franco makes his first start. that's all coming up in sports. >> what a great day to catch a phils game. that's for sure. take a look at citizens bank park right now. no need for a raincoat today. that's awesome. here's how it looks for the rest of the week. we'll show that to you when we come back. stick around.
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- upload speeds as fast as your download speeds join now at verizon. call the verizon center for customers with disabilit dowlower... that's more like it! petsmart's prices on your favorite food brands just got lower! shop a wide assortment of food and save up to $8 on your favorite dog & cat food brands. at petsmart®. what a davis day makes. yesterday with rainfall, today back with sunshine. gorgeous shot here. looks like a picture, doesn't it? at least we're not seeing the leaves change color just yet, even though it feels like fall outside for sure. right now in many of our neighborhoods, right around the 50s. 56 degrees for reading. you've got some clouds out there. mostly cloudy with sunshine
9:47 am
peeking in there, too. but we are clear down in wildwood. milder this morning at 59 degrees and sunny up and down the atlantic seaboard, and down the beaches, too. going to be chilly up there, if you head on up there. 55 degrees for allentown. 57 in philly. we're at 57 for atlantic city. it's a cool, chilly start. warming up, though. in the upper 50s. guess what, the dew points are going to drop big-time today. about 41 degrees. humidity is going to remain low on top of the sunshine for the day today. so it's going to be very comfortable for your sun today. this is how clear it is. the clouds, the rainfall moving out to sea. high pressure works in today. and also for tomorrow, before pushes out to sea on tuesday, and then that means we're going to be clear and sunny, and tomorrow a few high clouds, but
9:48 am
that's about it. still staying dry, though. we're not going to need the raincoats or the umbrellas today, and certainly not for monday, too. very few clouds expected for the day and for tomorrow, except tomorrow night. and then overnight, late monday night tuesday morning is when we'll have another round of showers that will push in and this could be around for your morning commute, too, and then out of here by tuesday, maybe midday, and also the afternoon. so we'll be back to some sunnier weather again for tuesday. so tuesday not entirely wet. sunny and cool and spectacular for your sunday. 72 degrees will be your high. winds will be on the light side. a little breezy down the shore. your forecast up in long beach, 68 degrees, sunny and cool. temperature right around 79 degrees. atlantic city, 68. sunny and nice. down in wild wood, 70 degrees, sunny and nice as well.
9:49 am
sunny and gorgeous. u.v. index up to six. sunny for tomorrow. a chance of showers on tuesday morning specifically. but by the afternoon, we'll clear up, and then we're nice for the rest of the week after that. look at the numbers. low to mid 70s all week. and no 80s in our forecast. >> thanks so much, tedd. >> in las vegas, boxer floyd mayweather successfully defended his many titles last night, defeating marcos maidana for the second straight fight. it took mayweather all 12 rounds to beat maidana by a unanimous decision. this was mayweather's 47th straight professional win. now here's john clark with the rest of your morning sports. >> the phillies have won 13 of the last 13 starts that kyle kendrick has made against the marlins. pretty crazy to think kyle leads
9:50 am
the phillies' pitching staff with nine wins. rookie maikel franco at the plate. he singles in a run right here. it is 1-0 phils. later, marlon byrd going the other way. and this double will bring home franco. franco having a good night. it is 2-0 phils. franco also making his first start at first base in the majors and he makes some nice plays, flashes some leather right here. eighth inning, marlins threatening. marlon byrd is going to gun the runner down at the plate. the phils are now 20-4 when ken giles and jonathan papelbon both make an appearance in a game. phillies hold on 2-1. this could have been kyle kendrick's final start at home as a philly. >> yes, i thought about it. you know, it's kind of out of my control. but i thought about it for sure.
9:51 am
>> big night for matt caesar last night. the former villanova football player hits his first major league home run, helps the cubs beat the pirates. remember, at nova, he donated bone marrow to help save the life of a young leukemia patient. nice job, matt. penn state and rutgers facing each other for the first time in the big ten. it is their first match-up in close to 20 years and their first meeting on rutgers' campus in 59 years. special moment, eric legrand, honorary captain. penn state lining up. sam pickens' kick is blocked. they also blocked a nittany lions punt. rutgers offense, they capitalized. gary nova, touchdown. it is 10-0 rutgers. under two minutes left in the game, penn state down 10-6. new jersey's bill bellton returns the jersey. gives penn state the lead and the win. penn state holds on. they are now 23-2 all-time against the scarlet knights. ed snider is cancer-free. he says the cancer has been gone since last month.
9:52 am
he had received chemo and radiation. the chairman also says the decision to bring in ilya bryzgalov was a horrible mistake. ed admits he's been a little too anxious to win another cup. he says he is not more patient than he used to be, but he says gm ron hextall is, and he's the boss. bulldogs are going to be down four offensive linemen. nick foles and andrew luck, they went head-to-head in college. foles was at arizona, luck was at stanford, and they have become friends. >> he's a great guy, great player. you see what he does on the field, but i've gotten to know him off the field and he's an even better person. so i can see why he's been so successful and will continue to be.
9:53 am
>> the eagles are going to be without josh huff. the colts will miss linebacker jerrel freeman. pregame live starts at 7:00. postgame live has analysis and reaction after the game. let's check in on the union hosting the red bulls. they're down 2-1 in stoppage time. sebastian letou with a penalty kick and he will tie it at 2-2. they tie the red bulls. that's a big point. union are now tied for that fifth and final playoff spot in that playoff race. that's a key game. i'm john clark. have a great sunday.
9:54 am
9:55 am
today a bright spot for atlantic city. a new miss america will be
9:56 am
crowned tonight. 53 contestants will be competing. it followed some fun on the boardwalk last night. there was a little bit of rain on their parade. but that's all right. the show us your shoes parade went on in front of lots of people watching on the boardwalk. the contestants rode in convertibles. they were wearing shoes decorated to represent their home state. also today down the shore, it's the last day to enjoy the annual seafood festival in atlantic city. shrimp sandwiches, oysters. if you're a seafood lover, this is the place to be. the festival runs today from 11:00 this morning until 6:00 tonight. before we go, we want to share this last piece of information with you, this last story. take a look at this. imagine coming home and finding a coyote sleeping in your fireplace. it was all too real for a homeowner in scottsdale, arizona. he and a neighbor tried making noise and pointing a gun at the critter to get it to wake up and
9:57 am
leave. finally they had to call the police. they were able to get the coyote out of there and into a crate. there's no word on exactly how that animal got into the house in the first place. coming up, ambushed at work. the search is on for the person or people responsible for the shooting of two state police troopers. nbc 10's monique braxton is in our digital operations center following the manhunt. monique? >> rosemary, that ambushing has put police as well as residents on high alert. you'll hear from them in minutes. got my sunglasses. that's for your sunday now. back to some sunshine. and it's dry out there, too, but rather cool this morning. a live look outside shows us a few clouds out there. what can you expect for your sunday? have all the info when we come back.
9:58 am
9:59 am
nbc 10 news starts now.
10:00 am
>> this morning, a manhunt is under way for the shooter or shooters who ambushed two troopers at a pennsylvania state police barracks, killing one of them. we're following developments in the case as we expect to get an update from state police shortly. i-95 is back open after an early morning crash. several people are in the hospital right now. police closed off the stretch of the southbound lanes for some time this morning, but we're happy to report that traffic is once again moving. picture-perfect skies out there over philadelphia. just a few clouds, but that's it. blue skies, the sun has returned. temperatures not going to climb out of the 70s, that's where we're going to stay today and for most of the week. good morning, i'm rosemary connors. it's 10:00 on this sunday. let's get some more details from first alert meteorologist tedd florendo. >> it's sweatshirt weather for some locales across the tristate region. at least we're back to some