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tv   Today  NBC  September 16, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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minutes. right now ten at 7:00. the ten things you need to know before you walk out the door. thanks for watching, have a great day. breaking news. more than 100 homes damaged or destroyed and thousands evacuated as a northern california town is ravaged by wildfire. crews struggle to contain the flames as a major heat wave only adds to the misery. nfl fallout, a major sponsor cuts ties with the minnesota vikings after star player adrian peterson is allowed to return to the team even as peterson denies another case of alleged abuse with a second child. confronting the crisis. president obama turns to the u.s. military for help in fighting the growing ebola outbreak. the major announcement expected at the cdc later today. and "today" exclusive. legendary comedian billy crystal joins us for his first interview
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since the death of his dear friend, robin williams, to talk life, loss and laughter today, tuesday, september 16th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. i'm matt lauer, along with hoda kotb, al roker, natalie morales. savannah remains on maternity leave and this is the highlight of my day. >> that was uncalled for. >> i mean the highlight of my day. it really is. >> great color on you. >> we've been having fun with this all morning. >> this is how he has been highlighting his notes, rubbing them right here. and it works. >> nice to have you for day two. >> it's nice to be back here for day two.
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savannah will be back soon, hopefully. >> having that much fun? a serious story out on the west coast. a destructive wildfire that's threatening an entire town in northern california. it's just one of a dozen major fires that are now burning across that state. nbc's miguel almaguer is in weed with the latest. miguel, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. this used to be the entrance to a very recognizable and historic church. after the so-called bowl fire ripped through here, it liter literally changed the face of this community overnight. all that's left here is bricks and a cross. the fire was relatively small, only 350 acres. but in a matter of minutes, it wiped out much of this town. flames didn't just race through weed, california. they exploded out of control. shooting hundreds of feet into the air, this blow torch igniting this tiny town in minutes. hopscotching from one
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neighborhood to another, at least 100 structures are gone. 1,5 h 1,500 people forced to flee. >> i seen the flames heading up towards the school. >> reporter: anna widener watched the inferno engulf her entire block. >> i'm thankful i'm alive and my children are alive. >> reporter: with 45-mile-an-hour winds, this billowing monster is feeding on bone-dry land ready to burn. beneath the smoke, the blaze reportedly destroyed a church and a lumber mill. one of the town's biggest employers. >> there's a strong south wind right now pushing the smoke, and it definitely doesn't seem encouraging for a lot of this whole area. >> reporter: this community, just the latest disaster zone in a region battling a brutal heat wave and a devastating drought. a dozen wildfires are now burning in california. >> the heat and humidity we're expecting again today with those dry conditions, it causes
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extreme fire behavior. >> reporter: nowhere is the threat more extreme than here in weed. this morning, the damage is still being tallied. but in a fire like this, many have already lost it all. with this blaze now, 15% contained, crews say they've made a lot of progress. they believe they've stopped ahead of this fire. still, it is a wind-driven blaze. later on this afternoon, we could see 40-mile-an-hour gusts kick back up. matt and hoda? >> all right. miguel almaguer, thank you very much. that wind is not good news. >> no, it's not. and the bone-dry conditions and temperatures that are going to be record breaking. we are looking at red flag warnings for a good portion of southern california into the north. also heat advisories, excessive heat warnings. look at these temperatures. it's going to feel like over 100 degrees from riverside, 97 in santa ana, santa clarita. this continues today on into tomorrow. there is no break.
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we've got 93 in santa paula. santa ana, 93. temeculah will feel like 101. and we're going to be looking, if we could just get some of this moisture from tropical storm odile, right now 25 miles west of santa rosalia, mexico. 65-mile-per-hour winds. this thing is coming right up over the gulf of california. warm water, 90 degrees almost. it's not going to weaken. it's going to stay with all this moisture coming up into the southwest. and as you watch that track, it stays a tropical storm as it makes its way into the southwest, becomes a tropical depression, but it brings a ton of rain. we have flood watches and we'll probably see flash flood warnings coming up. in fact, you look, this is odile's moisture. this is what odile did in cao o san lucas. they say the airport won't open up until october 10th or so.
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thousands of homes without power. it is a mess there. we're looking for moisture coming up from odile back into the southwest. look at the rainfall we're expecting. one to two inches in a few hours. we could see five to seven inches possible, record rainfall amounts throughout tucson, los gatos. their soil is so porous, it will cause massive flooding. we'll be watching this over the next 48 hours. >> al, thanks so much. now to the domestic violence scandals dominating the nfl season. the league is bringing in new help to address the issue while one star is now speaking out about his case, as he gets set to return to the field. nbc's peter alexander is here with more. good morning, peter. >> good morning, hoda. adrian peterson will be back in uniform even as his lawyer denies reports, not verified by reports, that peterson injured
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another son while disciplining him. the nfl is trying to get a handle on what has become a pr nightmare. nfl coaches found themselves talking about much more than x's and o's. >> we're probably not going to get away from it and probably rightly so. >> reporter: adrian peterson will get a chance to score touchdowns again, announcing he can rejoin the team after benching him when he was indicted for injuring his 4-year-old son while disciplining the boy. he released a statement saying i am not a perfect parent but i am, without a doubt, not a child abuser. rick spielman says the team has seen evidence authorities have in the case. >> we have seen everything that's in the file and all the information that we've been able to gather as of today. this is the decision we felt was best. >> if they believed there was going to be such strong evidence, they might just cut their losses at this point. but rick spielman, the general
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manager, made it clear what adrian peterson has meant to the community has earned him some benefit of the doubt. >> greg hardy, appealing his decision for assaulting and trying to kill his girlfriend, is back with the panthers. >> if you play him and you win, then you don't have a conscience. you play him and you lose, he's a distraction. >> reporter: meantime the nfl deciding a good offense is the best defense has hired three women to head up its crackdown on domestic violence. among them, a former top sex crimes prosecutor in new york city. >> they had to do something. they took some really talented women, women who were well-known in the field, who understand what they're doing. this is not a women's issue. this is a human being issue. >> a human being issue. it's also a business. in the wake of the peterson case, minnesota-based radisson hotels says it's pulling its sponsorship. you saw it behind the general
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manager in that pace. radisson takes this matter very seriously particularly in light of our long standing commitment to protect children. >> thank you very much, peter. president obama travels to the centers for disease control in atlanta today for a briefing on the ebola outbreak spreading unchecked in africa. he plans to announce some new step that is the u.s. will take to try to contain that virus, including sending more military personnel to the region. nbc's tom costello is in washington with more on that. tom, good morning. >> hi, matt. the world health organization now predicts 20,000 people could be infected before this outbreak ends, stopping it from spreading beyond africa has become a u.s. national security priority. on the ground in west africa, the emergency grows worse by the day. the entire health care systems in liberia, sierra leone and new guinea have been overrun as the ebola virus spreads unchecked.
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the death toll is now 2,400 and climbing fast. >> patients can't get into hospitals. when they get into hospitals, they're often on palettes on the floor. >> reporter: in his interview with nbc's chuck todd when the president sais said containing the outbreak is now a matter of u.s. security. >> we'll have to set up, for example, isolation units and equipment there. >> the u.s. has spent $175 million dispatching health care workers, food, water, equipment and a 25-bed military field hospital. now, president obama wants another $88 million to do even more. and plans to send up to 3,000 military personnel with the command center in liberia, 1,700 more beds and global coordination. >> i won't minutes words. the situation on the ground is dire and growing worse by the day. >> reporter: so far, four americans working in africa who contracted the virus have or are recovering, including dr. kent
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brantley, who talked to matt. >> i don't think they ever said, kent, you're about to die, but i felt like i was about to die. >> reporter: later today, brantley will testify before congress. meanwhile, this morning, good news about another american being treated for ebola at the nebraska medical center. dr. rick sacra's wife says he tires easily but is getting sharper mentally and doctors are pleased. doctors are very encouraged that an experimental drug worked on dr. brantley and a colleague but they ran out of that medicine. it hasn't been fda approve buddy because it apparently works there is talk of waiving the traditional drug approval process and expediting the ramp-up of that drug. back-to-back. >> natalie is here with more on the plan to destroy isis. in hopes of giving lawmakers a better feel for president obama's strategy to combat
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islamic extremists. andrea mitchell joins us with the latest developments. good morning. >> good morning, natalie. it went on offense against isis for the first time monday night, striking targets near baghdad, a mission that goes beyond humanitarian rescue or protecting americans. with intelligence that isis has grown to an army of 30,000 fighters and is holding at least two more americans hostage, they carried out president obama's orders to escalate the fight. today, the president and vice president will meet with general john allen, former commander in afghanistan. now putting together an operational plan for the campaign against isis in iraq and syria. but what is the end game? >> what happens after the fighting stops? what happens to the future of iraq and the future of syria after the bombs are dropped? >> that's what congress, back from a long break, is asking today. >> this won't be a blank, open check. we're going to have to have specificity and a real understanding of what this
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strategy is. >> reporter: the administration even tried to forge a military alliance with iran against isis. at a war summit in paris monday, secretary of state kerry said the u.s. had reached tout iran. but iran's supreme leader rebuffed the u.s., tweeting i rejected u.s. offer to iran about isis. kerry is flying home today to prepare for hearings tomorrow. but some leading democratic senators are telling me based on what they have heard so far they're not going to vote for what the white house is proposing. >> andrea mitchell in washington, thank you so much. >> you bet. a suicide bomber attacked a military convoy in kabul, killing three coalition soldiers and injuring 20 more soldiers and civilians.
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targeted a convoy near the u.s. embassy. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. two heroes from the vietnam war have received the nation's highest honor. president obama bestowed the medal of honor to army specialist donald p.sloat. his brother, william, accepted the medal. army command sergeant major benny g. atkins, as he ran through enemy fire to rescue fellow soldiers. some parents tend to bend the rules when it comes to their kids and seat belts. according to safe kids worldwide, one in five parents of young children admits they don't always enforce the rules when carpooling, letting children ride without car seats, booster seats and sometimes even seat belts. also, safety experts say many parents are ditching booster seats too early. children should stay in them until they're big enough to fit in a seat belt properly.
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campfire song one oregon man won't soon forget. take a look at this scary incident. ♪ >> yes, that is a bat. derek stowe, camping with family and friends. in the middle of a jam session, he was attacked by a bat. it tried apparently to attack him a couple of times until a friend shot it with a bb gun. the bat was tested and it did, indeed, have rabies and he has started injections. that's my nightmare right there. >> the bat leached on and he -- >> way to end with a smile there, natalie. >> yeah. >> wow! okay. mr. roker? little kicker with a snake attack. boa constrictor.
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right now, we've got wet weather in the southeast, gulf coast into the southwest. temperatures cooler in the pacific northwest, look for morning showers moving through northern new england and lots of sunshine through the plains. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morning, i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. as we head to the rest of your morning hours, still dealing with showers but clearing up
7:17 am
just in time for lunchtime. temperatures stay below average ranging between 76 and 73 degrees. gradual clearing by the afternoon. if you take a look at our seven-day forecast, we stay below our average of 78 degrees for this time of year, but we warm back up, again, as we head into the weekend. >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. here is a question. should scotland declare its independence from great britain? it's a question that will go before voters thursday. according to the poll, the answer appears to be too close to call. nbc's kelly cobiella has the answer on this. kelly, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. if we're just talking population numbers, this is the equivalent of texas breaking away from the united states. a lot of scots have had it with politicians here in london and they think they can do it better. from rallies to catwalks to the highlands to the low lands, the
7:18 am
united kingdom is a little less united this morning. in two days, scotland will decide whether to say yes to independence or stay part of the union. the polls are dead even. >> we're all making -- >> reporter: and the prime minister is desperate. >> we care passionately about this family of nations and we would really be desperately sad to see it torn apart. >> reporter: celebrities are lining up on both sides, paul mccartney, susan boyle and this week, david beckham, begging scotland to stay while gerar butler and the original 007 sean con n conner connery want them to break away. >> if you were given the chance to change things and take your country off in a direction that you thought were better, would you take it?
7:19 am
>> reporter: would the union jack lose its scottish blue? would they still pay bill with his the british pound? the queen, who has a castle in scotland weighed in, telling a well wisher outside church, i hope people will think very carefully about the future. on thursday, the world will be watching, to see if this small country of 6 million will remain loyal to the crown or go its own way. and just about half a million scots are still undecided. and, matt, just like everything in this country, you can place a bet on this. bookees giving slight odds to the no vote. >> but it is going to be a close one, kelly. thank you very much. >> can we still get scotch? >> yeah, no problem with that. in honor of that vote on thursday, the orange room will declare its independence from the rest of our show. >> whoa! >> see you! nice knowing you, folks. >> carson. >> happy birthday. >> thank you very much. i have one gucci tie and i'm wearing it in honor of our big day today.
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>> it's not your birthday but the orange room. >> big one-year anniversary. we take the orange room a little too literally sometimes. the carpet is orange. courtney sleeps here, literally, in the orange room. matt hasn't seen his girlfriend since he met her five years ago and brittany is the brains behind the whole thing and plus we have a crew upstairs. menu for the one-year anniversary party. we have surprise guests, little music. behind the scenes. we're going to be live on the webcast. go to and check us out. check out some of our moments. we've had nice, fun moments here. go to bunch of options for you to select what you want to see. we're going to go back. #seeingorange. take your photos there. guess the guest. here is your first clue. this person is really comfortable behind an anchor desk. any guesses?
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>> is that an easy clue? >> it's misleading. >> you never know. >> so it is not will ferrell. >> will we know the person when you actually reveal the person? >> it's a famous person. >> more clues to come. >> oh, i think i know. >> you do? >> don't say it out loud yet, al. it's our birthday. don't ruin it quite yet. massive manhunt intensifying for a gunman accused of ambushing two pennsylvania straight troopers, killing one of them. we'll have the latest on the investigation. plus billy crystal will be here for his first interview since the death of his close friend, robin williams. first this is "today" on nbc.
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all right. coming up, blurred reality. why robin thicke admits he didn't actually write his want to change the world? create things that help people. design safer cars.
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good morning. i'm vai sikahema. rainy start to the day. let's get our first alert forquast from meteorologist brittney shipp. >> it will clear up as we head to your lunchtime hour. we have to get through your rainfall and morning commute and seeing foggy conditions over the city skyline as we put you over to radar we'll show you most of the rain combined parts of burlington county and moving out of trenton right now and a few scattered showers into the poconos area, but, again, as we head into the rest of your morning hours we'll slowly start to see all the rain clearing and we'll see temperatures staying below average between 73 and 76. and there's breaking news
7:27 am
for commuters. huge delay this morning on amtrak. let's get a check on traffic from christine maddela. good morning, christine. >> good morning, vai. this has been a problem all morning long on amtrak. service suspended indefinitely and got an update between philadelphia and washington, d.c., limited service on acela express. you want to check before you go. all due to downed wires. look at these drive times from vine street expressway. lits it's a slow go, vai. trump casino has shut its doors about an hour and a half ago. the casino had been declining for years and the fourth atlantic casino to close this year and its parent company is threatening to close another casi casino, trump taj mahal in november. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update in 25
7:28 am
minutes. we'll see you then. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
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7:30 now on a tuesday morning. it is the 16th day of september, 2014. that is a pretty sunrise. >> beautiful. >> to start the day down in washington, d.c. this time of year, the colors in the morning and in the evening are so brilliant. >> gorgeous. >> yeah. >> hopefully, it's nice where you're waking up as well. the one-year anniversary of the orange room. we've got a nice, orange sky there. >> nice. >> let's look at what is making headlines today. crews are hoping that dimini diminishing winds will help. it's destroyed or damaged 100 homes in the town of weed and forced thousands of evacuations. the strategy to destroy
7:31 am
isis, fighting position for militant near baghdad and in northwestern iraq. the obama administration is stepping up its response to the ebola crisis as the president heads to the cdc today, up to 3,000 military personnel will be sent to west africa to provide support and more beds to treat the infected. coming up, blurred lines the song of the summer, of course, last year. huge hit for that guy, robin thicke, who performed it here at the "today" show. hear what he is saying under oath about the song's creation. >> don't forget, our buddy, carson, is streaming live on right now with a special orange room anniversary. a special mystery guest. >> is that him? >> no. >> is that the mystery guest? >> no, this is the guy who draws on twitter, right? >> we'll check in with him. >> we'll get that to a second.
7:32 am
let's start this half hour with a story in pennsylvania. police are asking for the public's help to track down the gunman or gunmen who opened fire on two state troopers, killing one of them. stephanie gosk is here with more on that. stephanie, good morning. >> good morning, matt. investigators released more details, including the gunman they're looking for. they started the press conference with some tough talk. >> you are a coward. you committed this spineless act and attacked defenseless troopers, shot them. they had no opportunity to defend themselves. >> reporter: the manhunt is intensifying this morning for the person or persons who ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers late friday, killing one and critically injuring another. authorities began their monday news conference by directly addressing the gunman. >> we will find you and we will seek justice when we do. >> reporter: the attack occurred friday around 11:00 pm at a
7:33 am
state trooper barracks in blooming grove, pennsylvania, about 35 miles east of scranton. the officers were shot just after a shift change. police when would certain details but suggested a profile of the at-large shooter saying he may be an avid hunter with weapons training who had an ongoing issue with law enforcement or the government. they did confirm he was hid fren sight at the time of the shooting. >> we're well aware of where the shooter was. i don't want to describe it at this point but, again, he was very well concealed. there is nothing those troopers could have done to avoid this shooting. >> the barrack sincere located near the dense woods of the delaware state forest. corporal bryon dickson, father of two. >> like losing a family member. they come in every day. >> it has touched us to the core. >> reporter: officers also announce they have raised the reward for the shooter.
7:34 am
$75,000. the funeral for corporal dickson will be held this friday. matt? >> stephanie, thank you very much. let's turn now to mr. roker and a check of the weather. >> we are seeing rain outside. friends on the plaza. folks waiting for the taping of the meredith vieira show standing by the nbc experience. getting a little on the damp side. weak frontal system pushing on through. we'll see showers later this morning in through the boston area later this afternoon. clearing out in time for your morning rush coming home. rest of the country, we'll be watching odile coming up out of the baja, california, area. we'll give you the latest koord good morning, i'm feirst alert meteorologist brittney shipp. as we head into the rest of your
7:35 am
morning hours, we'll still be dealing with showers but clearing up just in time for lunchtime and temperatures stay below average ranging between 73 and 76 degrees. gradual clearing by the afternoon and if you take a look at our seven-day forecast, we stay below our average of 78 degrees for this time of year, but we warm back up again as we head into the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. hoda? >> thanks. did you guys happen to catch "the tonight show" last night? >> nochlt i heard about it. >> devoted his entire hour to barbara streisand. >> this is the first time in over 50 years you were here, i think you should sit behind the desk. go for it. >> you're kidding, right? >> let's be honest, you're never coming back here. so this is special. ♪ love me tender
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back now at 7:40 with surprise admissions under oath from robin thicke. when it comes to his song, blurred lines. willie has the story. good morning, willie. >> good morning, hoda. in a deposition for a lawsuit tied to the hit, thicke says he had almost nothing to do with making the song. in a stunningly honest court deposition, robin thicke, credited with co-writing the hit song blurred lines now says he had very little to do with it and that he, quote, tried to take credit for it later because he, referring to pharell williams, wrote the whole thing pretty much by himself and i was envious of that. thicke also opened up in that deposition about his rampant drug use saying i was high and drunk every time i did an interview last year. >> i think it's very rare when you see celebrities admit to
7:42 am
drug use in a very frank and honest way. >> reporter: the admission comes amid a copyright infringement case in which marvin gaye's family says it's very similar to a hit "got to give it up." >> i don't think it's a slam dunk win for marvin gaye, but i do think marvin gaye has a fairly strong case here. >> adding to that case, thicke discussing the marvin gaye classic. >> pharell and i went into the studio. i mentioned to him one of my favorite songs of all times is marvin gaye's "got to give it up." we tried to get a little groove like that going. >> the news tops off a tough year for thicke, the infamous vma performance to a split with paula patton and poor sales for
7:43 am
his newest album. as for the lawsuit thicke's attorney says robin's moment of personal vulnerability is being exploited in the hope of diverting attention from the obvious weakness of their legal claim. while the gaye family attorney states we have set out in great detail in our brief the facts, law and expert musical analysis supporting the claim of infringement of marvin gaye's "got to give it up" by "blurred lines." >> if the two sides fail to settle you can expect to see this case in front of a jury next february. pharell has come out and said yes, i wrote a lot of it. that was my beat but the magic of that song is robin thicke's voice. >> when he was at the height of his career, he said he was drunk and on vicodin throughout most of it. >> did they ever do a video for that song? >> we have the unedited one for matt waiting in your dressing room. >> thanks, willie. appreciate it. coming up on trending, do you loiter or flush with your
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little by little we can do a lot. because... small is huge. visit to see how big small can be. right here. with a control pad that can read your handwriting, a wide-screen multimedia center, and a head-up display for enhanced driver focus. all inside a newly redesigned cabin of unrivaled style and comfort. ♪ the all-new c-class. at the very touch point of performance and innovation. ♪ hey, carson. it is ryan here. i wanted to wish you a congratulations on your anniversary at the "today" show. here is to many more years and i miss you guys.
7:49 am
>> miss you, too. that's nice. 7:48. we're back with well wishes from ryan seacrest on this first birthday of the orange room. carson, how is the party going? >> party is going good. i'm waiting for the -- you know, for the mimosas to get here. meantime, we're live on we're streaming live. we've got guests, surprise guests, music and we're taking a look back at the year that was here in the orange room. one year ago today, we opened up this sucker, painted everything in the vicinity orange and it was a wonderful, wonderful first year. take a look. >> carson is in the orange room. >> what's shake nth orange room? >> one of the things we're so excited about here in our new studio is what we're calling the orange room. this is a direct link to the digital side of our show. >> come on in, everybody. good to see you. >> the main point of this room is to break that wall down and connect with our viewers at home. >> let's go into the orange room
7:50 am
and break it down. we wanted to create a forum for you to vent day one of the government shutdown. asking you #traitor or #patriot. many of you feel like we're never going to know what happened to this flight. dr. jill biden in the orange room. >> we brought the orange room to sochi. we call it the opah-baehr room. >> this is the flare-up when the second goal happened. >> savannah's baby was born. we want to hear your congratulations. >> the subject line was the daily baby has left the orange womb. >> facebook. >> twitter. >> snapchat. >> i'm having so much fun with this. >> #battle baby. cake, 85%. pie, that's a very thin slice. >> okay. who are we go. one finger and one finger.
7:51 am
>> i need some help, carson. where are you? >> do it. >> oh! >> it's a moment that will live in "today" show history as matt joins facebook. >> you want to download run pee, here is what happens. >> we are so not feeling your app. >> wri out my selfie stick. they make these now. >> a trend sweeping the nation this morning. all you need is a lamp and an angry face. it's called rokering. >> people from all around the country, sending in their rokering images. >> not bad, right, guys? >> it's good. >> i have a couple tattoos, and it's really -- >> the sleeveless shirt -- >> what have you got coming up? >> we're busy. we're busy. ♪ >> our orange room puppy party
7:52 am
is on. ♪ >> there you go, guys. thank you for such a great year here. appreciate that. big part of this orange room initiative was really for you guys at home, for us to be able to communicate with you. thank you so much for the 127 days that #orangeroom was trending on twitter. we look forward to another year. we have a special mystery guest before we go. here is your second clue. we're getting this person up early after a late night. >> al's right. >> we know who it is. >> that should pretty much seal it. back to you but don't spoil it. >> no, no, no. absolutely not. all right. carson, thank you. coming up, billy crystal
7:53 am
will join us to talk about ♪ vivofit. gently reminds you to get moving. join the movement. so ally bank really has no hidden fethat's right. accounts? it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates. one tried nasacort, which could take up to a week to feel maximum nasal symptom relief. the other took claritin-d,which starts to work on allergies in 30 minutes. the moral: nothing works faster than claritin-d
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm vai sikahema. wet weather to start off your tuesday and morning commute. meteorologist brittney shipp. >> we'll see all these showers clearing up in time for lunch. right now still dealing with rainfall dealing with parts of our area. just a few raindrops lefte5áqñ and if we switch you over to our radar, most of the moisture pushed off is now in south jersey heading off shore and what we'll see as we head into the rest of your late morning hours are clearing. temperatures staying below our average, once again. fall-like temperatures will continue. our average for this time of year, 78. today's high 75 and tomorrow 73. breaking news for commuters. delays this morning on amtrak. let's get a check on the rails and the roads from christine maddela in the first alert radar
7:57 am
center. christine? >> service is suspended indefinitely but right now some limited service on acela express and northeast regional. take a look at the city average bridge. an accident that just cleared and also limited visibility and wet roads out there. and a lot of delays. 52 minutes on 95 southbound from wood haven road to the vine street expressway. philadelphia police are trying to figure out the circumstances that led to a deadly shooting in the city's holme circle section. shot a guy who tried to break into his apartment. the 32-year-old man died and now police say the man who was killed may have been dating the man's 20-year-old daughter. they are questioning both the man and his daughter right now. i'm vai sikahema another update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather on back to "today" show.
7:58 am
see you in about half an hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i just want to make you laugh ♪ >> it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, crystal clear. in an exclusive interview, legendary comedian billy crystal opens up about life, laughter and the loss of his dear friend, robin williams. plus, whitney houston, like you've never heard before. ♪ and i >> major announcement from music mogul clive davis on his labor of love that will have whitney fans overjoyed. and from super heroes to suspense. >> chester? >> golden globe nominee kirsten dunst stops by studio 1a to talk
8:01 am
about her new thriller, "today," tuesday, september 16th, 2014. >> saying good-bye to my roaring 20s. >> today is my 18th birthday. >> we love "today." >> from verge yain to new york, first of many mother/daughter trips. >> the "today" show is our favorite stop on our honeymoon. whoo! all right. we're back now, 8:00 on this tuesday morning. i'm matt lauer with hoda kotb, filling in while savannah is on maternity leave, al roker, natalie morales and carson daly. it's raining a little bit. we wanted to go out but hoda didn't so we're staying inside. >> weather-sensitive hair. >> we're celebrating one of the -- you know, milestones for the orange room.
8:02 am
we turn one today. we've been playing guess the guest. we've had clues. i'll go over the clues. first clue was this person is really comfortable behind an anchor desk and the second was we're getting this person up early after a late night. some early guesses from online, number one, hugh jackman. no. ron burgundy. no. mr. matt lauer. he said no. >> i already guessed. >> i think al got it right. >> yes. >> we could be wrong. just after the first clue. >> very first? >> yes. >> emphasis on really? >> really comfortable. >> mystery guest, would you please show yourself? >> yes! >> how about that? >> the clues were too easy. i'm giving you no credit. >> seth meyers is here, everybody. >> good to see you. >> good to see you.
8:03 am
>> where do you guys want me? >> come right over here by mr. roker. are you a big fan of the orange room? >> it's lovely. congratulations. what a wonderful anniversary. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> a little too orange perhaps? >> i like orange. >> what do you love most about the orange room? >> what do i love the most about the orange room? you know, i spent a couple of years living in holland. the dutch national team, reminds me of that. >> by the way, you rocked the emmy award. >> thank you very much. >> did you enjoy it? >> no. i'm very glad it's over. i was really happy when it was over. it was really stressful. i had fun when i was actually up there. >> that first joke when you could feel -- that's a jaded crowd, too, when they gave that you warmth back, did that put you at ease? >> that was very nice. it's hard because there are so many funnier people in the audience you can see. even if you are the least funniest person -- even if you
8:04 am
bomb you're the funniest person there. >> you're better than wolf blitzer? >> exactly on his best day. >> awfully nice to get up early and do this for us. speaking of hosting an award show, the god of award shows is right across the studio. did you see billy crystal? >> i did. very exciting. that's true. the king. >> that's about as good as it gets there. we'll talk to billy. but, seth, thank you. >> great to be here. happy anniversary. >> no gifts, nothing? >> where is the cake? >> natalie has a check of the headlines now. natalie? >> to the news this morning. up to 1,000 homes are threatened this morning by a fierce california wildfire that's damaged or destroyed dozens of buildings. nbc's miguel almaguer is in weed, california, with the latest. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the so-called bowl fire ripped through this community yesterday
8:05 am
afternoon. this is one of 100 structures that have been completely destroyed or damaged in weed, california. this fire kicked off yesterday 1:30 in the afternoon t literally looked like a blow torch ripping across this community, hopscotching from neighborhood to neighborhood, damaging 100 structures, many of those believed to be homes. it was all fanned by 40-mile-an-hour winds. there was nothing firefighters could do. this worked its way through the community. they have made progress, crews say. it has slowed. crews have stopped the forward progress of this fire but later this afternoon those wind speeds again will be a major concern. firefighters trying to protect the rest of this community that is still standing today. natalie? >> miguel almaguer in weed, california. thank you so much, miguel. the nfl has hired a former sex crimes prosecutor and two other women to help develop the league's policies on domestic violence and sexual abuse. minnesota vikings star
8:06 am
runningback adrian peterson is being allowed to rejoin his team. he was benched last week after he was accused of injuring his son while disciplining the 4-year-old with a tree branch. peterson's lawyer is denying new reports not verified by nbc news that peterson injured another of his children while disciplining them. radisson hotels has pulled its sponsorship of the vikings. president obama will announce a major increase in u.s. aid to fight the ebola outbreak in africa when he visits the cdc in atlanta today. he will authorize sending up to 3,000 members of the u.s. military to help train health care workers and build clinics. they will divert half a billion dollars to the efforts and get an update on the severe respiratory illness that has sickened hundreds of children in the midwest. the trump plaza casino closed its doors for good. the trump plaza was considered the jewel of the boardwalk when it opened 30 years ago. competition from legalized
8:07 am
gambling in neighboring states has hit atlantic city hard. the plaza is the fourth casino to close so far this year and workers at the taj mahal have been warned it could close soon, too, unless they agree to givebacks. george is a goldfish, back in the swim with a surgical scar on his little head. he recently had a tumor removed. george was sedated and kept alive with a tube that fed water to his gils. >> are you not a fish lover? >> stop laughing. seriously. not good. >> if you could see what matt is doing off camera -- >> he was crying. >> i have goldfish. >> and you love your goldfish. >> i do. >> you would have saved your goldfish, too. all right. it's 8:07 now. let's go back outside to al for a check of the weather, who also loves goldfish, al.
8:08 am
>> nobody else will come out in the rain and get wet and oh, maybe melt. how about this? you're all out here, right? yeah. we're all real folks out here, enjoying the weather. we like it! let's show you what we've got going on right now. rain. we are talking already we're seeing rain from tropical storm odile, making for some problems. tucson streets flooded out already. we'll see scenes like this being repeated over and over over the next 48 hours. it is still a tropical storm. as it comes over the warm waters of the gulf of california, it's not going to weaken. all that moisture will be streaming up into new mexico and arizona and eventually make its way into the midwest. we're watching this thing. rainfall amounts anywhere from three to five inches of rain. we could see upwards of seven inches. record amounts will be falling over the next 72 hours. we'll continue to watch this. the rest of the country, we look for plenty of sunshine in the
8:09 am
northeast eventually. in the meantime, we'll be looking at showers. and i've got to show you this beautiful smile. what's your name? >> addison. >> and how much did the tooth fairy leave you? >> $2. >> a dollar a tooth. all right. very nice! i only got a nickel. enamel has inc good morning, first alert meteorologist britany. a foggy, wet start to the morning. as we head to the rest of the morning hours, we are clearing out by lunchtime. temperatures range between 73 and 76 degrees. gradual clearing by afternoon. if you look at the seven-day forecast, we stay below the average of 78 for this time of year, but warm up heading into the weekend. show some more folks who are braving the rain, hanging out
8:10 am
here. happy birthday. all right. now let's go back inside to everybody who is high and dry. >> al roker, thank you. up next on trending, who wouldn't want it, why apple has created a delete button for u2's new album. >> i love this song. also we'll sit down with billy crystal to talk about life, love and humor. billy crystal to talk about life, love and humor. >> and kirsten dunst sir, we're loaded and getting ready to go... ...we're going to need you on the runway. (vo) don't let a severe cold hold you back. sir? (vo) theraflu starts to get to work in your body in just 5 minutes. (vo) theraflu breaks you free from your worst cold and flu symptoms. (vo) theraflu. serious power. cozy. ♪ let's go check out the pantry! ♪
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start your day with the power of milk and the good energy of quaker oatmeal. congratulations on your one-year anniversary hosting the orange room on the "today" show. we love you. don't screw this up, buddy. >> all right. >> that's not water. >> some of carson's friends from "the voice" weighing in on the orange room's birthday. welcome, everybody. ready to go with trending? >> let's do it. >> does anyone notice u2's newest album "songs of innocence," apple announced it would automatically add that to itunes music libraries for free. a lot of people have been complaining about the sudden edition. in fact, on the day the album was released, bono acknowledged on the band's website that not everyone would like this. people who haven't heard our
8:16 am
music or weren't remotely interested might play us for the first time because we're now in our library and the people who are not interested in checking us out, the blood, sweat and tears of some irish guys are now in your junk mail. apple has a solution for everything. they even set up a special page to help you delete that album from your library, which i'm not doing. i love u2. >> why would you? >> it's great. >> i just discovered it on my phone. >> we went to dublin for st. patrick's day, bono stopped by the pub. >> he's my idol. >> they don't like to crowd him. it's cool about him going back to dublin. >> it's like you in long island. >> that's right. that's right. >> have you seen "guardians of the galaxy"? >> love it. >> unique way of rewarding his actors, he handed out play-doh. one of the actors that played the guard that stole the cassette player. he was spotted on the set with
8:17 am
play-doh and he gave out 40 containers of the stuff. he loves the smell of it. it's all good. and the next best thing to play-doh, by the way, i don't know if you've seen this at brookstone. >> i'm obsessed with it. >> al, put it in your hand. >> what kind of sand is this? >> put it down and rub your hands together. >> that's amazing. >> it's incredible. >> all over my backyard. >> brookstone opened up early for us. thanks for letting us play with this. walk in an office bathroom and it's less than pristine, especially after carson has been in there. it's trashed. >> how come you're going into the bathroom -- you told me to say that. compiled a list of office bathroom etiquette in case you needed it. don't spend more time building the nest than sitting on it. al, don't take your newspapers in there. >> okay. >> don't use the paper towel on the doorknob because you may be a germ-a-phobe.
8:18 am
if you're shaking hands, going to a restaurant, out in public anyway, you're still being exposed to those germs. i disagree. >> i use a towel on the doorknob every single time. >> me, too. >> absolutely. >> what about the foot on the flusher? >> a few items on the list. avoid the last stall. studies have shown that's the one natalie uses. this goes without saying. don't talk on the phone. >> but wait, why -- >> if i hear an echo, i think i know where you are. nothing a little more disconcerting than walking into the bathroom and hear someone talking on the phone. >> the last stall theory, if you go nobody goes to that stall, because no one goes to the first one because it's close to the door. everyone becogoes to the last oo it becomes the nastiest one. >> as natalie mentioned, don't flush with your foot. you're just transferring what's on the floor to the handle.
8:19 am
>> so if everybody is flushing with your foot, you're safe. >> enjoy your breakfast! >> and that is what's trending today. we are back in 30 seconds with we're back now with billy crystal, his best-selling book still foolin' 'em, where i've been, where i'm going and where the hell are my keys?
8:20 am
good to have you back. >> thanks. it's good to be here. >> i think the last time we saw you was on the stage paying tribute to your friend, robin williams. while that was a labor of love i'm sure it had to be a tough assignment. >> it was the hardest thing i ever had to do. it was only two weeks to the day of the emmys that everything had happened and they call immediate and said would you do it? i said of course. then came the task of doing it right. and being sort of the spokesman for everybody in front of 17 million people. and, you know, he was my closest friend and to do it with some humor and only in a short period of time that i have to do it was difficult. >> how do you do justice to someone's life in that period of time? how did you two become so close? >> just -- you know, just being together, hanging out. mostly, it started deepening with comic relief and all those hours that we spent not only
8:21 am
working together, but then going around the country and delivering the checks that we had earned. >> right. >> from the telethons. we would deliver them ourselves. so it was on those plane rides or car rides or being in those quiet moments where we weren't just doing comedy, we were just talking as friends. and i think, matt, as we got older, it got better and deeper and we talked about everything. our phone calls would go late into -- >> did he talk to you? >> oh, yeah. >> about his troubles, battling addiction and depression? >> oh, yeah. we would talk three, four times a day sometimes. but then the rifts were still great. we would go late into the night like two musicians who just got new horns. when it was nounsd i was coming back to broadway there must have been 50 messages from somebody named gary who wanted to be my dresser. it was robin. i worked with everybody. i just work with everybody.
8:22 am
i used to work with carol channing. that was a nightmare. and he would leave all these phone messages. and i have them all. and, you know, i will always cherish them. >> what can a young performer, guy or woman, learn from watching tapes of robin williams? >> just to be fearless and there was nobody like him ever. there's a passage in the book about the first time i saw him, in that he just broke through every wall. it wasn't just the fourth wall. fo r him there was a fifth or sixth. it just kept going and going. just to be fearless and commit. robin had the amazing ability to say something that wasn't that funny, but the audience would scream because his commitment to the joke was so strong. he would just wrestle you to the ground. i've never seen anything like him. and i don't think we will. >> you're the first person i thought of when i heard the news and my condolences. >> thank you. >> i appreciate you talking about him. i want to talk about this book. there are so many funny moments and poignant moments. it's really about your coming of
8:23 am
age, not as a 20-year-old, but your 60s. you released it on your 60th birthday. >> right. >> one of the things you tackle is social media. are you a fan? >> yeah, sometimes. >> lol is -- >> laughing out loud. >> wt -- i won't say it. we know what that one goes to. >> btw. >> right. >> but you have some that you think are prescript for your age group. >> senior citizens. what did your doctor do to your facebook? >> it's hard to even say. dmmlimnwd. >> don't make me laugh. i'm not wearing depends. >> perfect. you got that right. >> good way to start the morning. >> wai. >> where am i? >> you've had to use that one a few times? >> this morning. >> tkdc. the kids didn't call. >> right. >> and finally dtlsty.
8:24 am
does this look swollen to you? >> these are things that i find most people my age are saying now. >> i could use a few of these. you should have an app. you write so emotionally and so beautifully about the love of your life of 44 years, your wife, janice. she does not get talked about enough, in my opinion. >> thank you. >> she really doesn't. i've met her. i've had the pleasure. >> sure. >> what has she meant to your career? >> everything. and to my life. to my career, she has been the lead in my shoes, and keeping me on the ground and making it possible for me to go off and do what i do and always believing and always -- with good notes and knowing when to say them. >> she has a good ear, doesn't she? >> tremendous ear and really funny. she makes me laugh, hard. our first date was in 1966. >> oh, my gosh. >> during the johnson administration.
8:25 am
and, you know, it just keeps getting better. it's that cliche. we're best friends. no, but we are. i can't imagine a day without her. >> you raised a family together. you have grandchildren. i understand there's something you're doing that is so touching with one of your grandchildren. >> my -- he is soon to be 5. we have two girls, 11 and 8. the boys are 5 and 18 months, born on my birthday. the 5-year-old is now understanding what i do, so he said to my son-in-law, i want to be like grandpa. i want to be a chameleon, which is sort of true in a way. i've been teaching him hyman ross' lines from "the god father." >> at 5. >> it's really funny. he scored a goal the other day in soccer. he turned at me and yells at me this is the business i've chosen. and his father comes home and he
8:26 am
says, what did you learn at school today? keep your friends close, but your enemies good morning, i am tracy davidson. skies are beginning to clear. let's get details. >> the rain continues to push offshore. what we see through the morning and afternoon is clearing skies. there are low-hanging clouds over the skyline there. if you switch to the radar, we will show you where the rain is. it is pretty much moving out of the area at this time, mainly confined to the shore. as we head to the rest of today, we are below average, 75 degrees with early showers and clearing. nice conditions for the rest of your work week, low 70s by friday. let's check the community. christine has that.
8:27 am
>> service is suspended indefinitely in the northeast corridor from philadelphia to washington, d.c., and the other way around. limited service on acela express and northeast regional for those folks that need to travel to d.c. interstate 95, slow go out there. look at the travel times. getting red lights on 95, 76 and the pennsylvania turnpike. it is do or die for a new cigarette tax to help philadelphia schools. pennsylvania lawmakers work today on getting that bill to a vote. if lawmakers pass the cigarette tax bill, that money would generate 80 million for the school district. before they can vote on the bill, it has to be put on the chamber calendar. school district officials say they need revenue from that tax to flow into the district by october 1st. i am tracy davidson. another local update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news at
8:30 am
8:30 now on a tuesday morning, the 16th day of september, 2014. it is pouring here in midtown manhattan. we're going to go out after this half hour and go say hi to some people. >> absolutely. >> it is really not nice and we thank them for sticking around. a really neat announcement tied to the grammy winner whitney houston. we have some big news to share.
8:31 am
>> i would like to hear that. kirsten dunst will be here. she'll tell us about her new thriller and what attracted her to the local. and willie sat down with the real-life wolf of wall street. what he's doing now that might surprise you. coming up in our next hour, the stars of the highly anticipated movie called "the maze runner" based on a best seller. >> that sounds good. first, a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> it's pretty wet out here in the northeast. we are going to be looking at showers ending later this morning. wet weather down through the gulf. we're already seeing rain making its way into the southwest due to tropical storm odile. temperatures continue scorching hot in southern california. cooler in the pacific northwest. tomorrow, we've got a few showers in western new york. wet weather along the gulf coast. heavy rain continues in the southwest. we're worried about flash flooding. we'll keep you apprised of that. cloudy day, with some showers in the pacific northwest. that
8:32 am
good morning. first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. a foggy morning, we are dealing with showers but clearing up by lunchtime. temperatures stay below average between 73 and 76 degrees. gradual clearing by afternoon. if you look at the seven-day forecast, we stay below average of 78 degrees for this time of year, but we warm back up again as we head into the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. now to a story of murder intestine treeg, set against the backdrop of athens, greece, in the 1960s, all part of the new movie "the two faces of january," co-starring golden globe nominee kirsten dunst. on vacation with her husband who crosses paths with a mysterious stranger. take a look. >> you keep a diary? >> yeah. it's just notes from my work.
8:33 am
>> anything about me? >> maybe a line or two. >> are you coming with me? for a walk. >> kirsten, nice to see you. good morning. >> good morning. >> i was jealous last night. they gave me a dvd and i watch this had movie at home. >> you watched it? that's nice. >> i'm jealous about actors and actresses. there's athens, crete, istanbul. does that at all come into play when you decide which roles to play? >> i do, actually. >> i would, too. >> do you want to make a movie in the dead of winter in -- i went swimming after work when there was time and it was beautiful weather. >> what's the best location you've ever been on in a movie set? >> i mean, greece, crete might
8:34 am
have been one of the best. i always want to be part of an addams family movie. i wouldn't mind going to thailand, hawaii to shoot a film. >> looks like fun. this movie is a thriller, based on a novel of the same name. did you read that book? >> i read it when i got the part. >> what did you think of it? >> my role is very different in the book than it is in the film. i made her a more likable character. because you want an interesting female character amongst these two, you know, really good male roles. so i think that i made her have more substance. >> some redeeming qualities. i like the way you said that. it's really the story of a husband and a wife and a third person who becomes kind of intertwined in their relationship. >> yeah. >> and they've all got skeletons. >> yeah. >> these are complex people and not particularly great people. >> they're not the most likable at times. but, you know, at first you see
8:35 am
this whole facade of glamour and it's slowly broken down, which is beautifully shot, i think, this movie. if you like ripley and that kind of vibe it has that kind of feeling. >> it peels the onion back. you learn more about why things are going to go wrong here as the movie goes on. i was reading notes and it's described as a period piece because it's set in the 1960s. do you know how hard it is to get my arms around the fact that i was 10 around the time that's described a period piece? how did you like the '60s? >> you're right. you're right. i know what you're saying. i love the clothing. again, the movie looks like a beautiful postcard from that time. you know, the quality of how it all looks. it's really beautiful. and, yeah, i enjoyed -- the kitten heels were a little rocky. >> little funky, yeah. >> especially walking around ruins, but -- >> does it help you get into a
8:36 am
character when it takes you to another place in time? >> it does. depending on the wardrobe and the undergarments, it does affect the way you carry yourself. >> have a little fun here. we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of carson's orange room this morning, okay? >> yes. congratulations. >> if you had to create a hash tag for where you are in your career right now, it would be hash tag -- >> 30s. >> hash tag 30s? >> i don't know. i don't hash tag. >> hash tag where you are in your life right now. >> i'm in my 30s. hash tag -- i don't know. >> having the time of your life? >> i mean, it depends on the day. >> your ups and your downs? >> yeah. i mean, i don't know what -- hash tag chilling. >> i'm going to put #you're great in this movie. does that work for you? >> yes. >> i'll come up with it for you. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> it's a pleasure.
8:37 am
the real wolf of wall street. and the big announcement from whitney houston's long-time friend and producer, clive davis. first on a tuesday morning, our dad's a plumber.
8:38 am
a business manager. and a stickler for homework. i'm john kane running for state senate. dad says the road to a good job starts in the classroom. [ lori ] he's a great dad who sees taxes going up but schools not getting the funding they need. [ john ] so i'd put back the billion dollars
8:39 am
corbett cut from education and make sure corporations and natural gas drillers paid their fair share. time to close the loopholes for the tax cheats. dad thinks a lot about education. i'm john kane and it's about time harrisburg did too. great song. back now at 8:39. whitney houston died two years ago, leaving incredible music spanning two decades. her long-time friend and pruser is determined to carry it on. he is with us exclusively to announce a special project, upcoming album called "whitney houston live: her greatest performances." clive davis, good morning. >> good morning. >> what a pleasure. i'm holding in my hand the art work. this is what it is going to look like when it comes out in november. what made you decide to compile all of whitney's greatest live
8:40 am
performances together? >> you know, stemming from the '80s, or the '90s, she, without question, was the greatest vocalist in the world. i want history to know that. when i first met aretha, i knew everything aretha does makes history. in fact, she's coming out with a great album. whitney, in the last two or three years of her life was not in the best voice soechlt memories are short. this dvd will establish there was no one like her. it's a phenomenal album. >> you discovered her when she was just a kid, you got her on the merv griffin show. looking through those performances, it must have been incredible experiencing it again but it must have been difficult to see her like that again. >> bittersweet. >> yeah. >> on the one hand i, who was there, still marvelled at these incredible live performances. this is the first live album.
8:41 am
to see her from the merv griffin show at 19 grow and to see the performances, you know, south africa, with the turbin, as powerful as she was, but bittersweet that she died too young. >> those images of south africa are incredible. does this al wum -- it's going to be a cd and dvd. can you see it and hear it. does it have the blessing of her family, clive? >> without question. cissy has helped me put this together. this is her legacy. this is a call to the world that she was, in her time, the greatest singer. >> was it emotional, i would imagine, for them to be able to see the performances you guys were choosing and experience it with you? >> we showed it, shared several hours with me. of course it was. >> i was surprised to learn she didn't have a live cd out.
8:42 am
she's so brilliant, she was so brilliant live. >> well, she was. but, you know, there was that period where she did movies so that i had to wait when she did "bodyguard" and "the preacher's wife." so, seven, eight years without a studio album. >> clive, do you think there's an appetite for albums? you know how people are now, they can cherry pick what they want off itunes, a song here, song there. do you think there will be an appreciation for her work this time? >> there's got to be an appreciation for her work. when adele, two years ago, came with that great voice, 27 million people around the world bought adele. and so what we need in music today is also the voice returning. i'm blessed i'm working with aretha, jennifer hudson and this whitney live cd and dvd will unmistakably demonstrate that she was the best. >> we look so forward to it. it's nice to have a legend in
8:43 am
the studio with us, clive. thanks for coming to see us. we appreciate it. it will be released november 10th. up next, do you have any regrets? willie catches up with the man who inspired leonardo dicaprio's i'm robert de niro and new york is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world and now it's the easiest, because now there are new tourism guides on the road, and on your phone that make it easier to find the places you love.
8:44 am
find great dining, amazing history, and world-class entertainment, no matter where you are. take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york. for more information, go to
8:45 am
the wolf of wall street with its tales of debauchery was a box office hit. >> for one audience member, it was a walk down memory lane. willie sat down with the man who inspired the film. >> jordan belfort is the real wolf of wall street. we caught up with the culture hero in new york recently, speaking tour on, believe it or
8:46 am
not, business ethics. >> the only problem you're going to have is that you didn't buy more. >> welcome to straton. >> i want you to deal with your problems by becoming rich! >> they are real-life tales of greed and excess that made for movie magic but landed the real-life wolf of wall street in prison for one of the largest securities fraud cases in u.s. history. today, the wolf has changed his tune. >> it ambition is good. >> jordan belfort is not selling stock. is he selling himself as a public speaker with a cautionary tale. you know there are people watching this who are going to say this is a little rich. the wolf of wall street is now talking about business ethics and how to do things the right way. what do you say to them? >> who better to speak about ethics than someone who was out there and lived it and made the mistakes and lost everything? someone should go preach about
8:47 am
drug addiction who was never a drug addict? how could that person ever empower another person who is doing things wrong? >> take any person. within a matter of a few days, believe it or not, turn them into a world-class closer. >> you get a rush from this, don't you, being up on that stage? >> i love it. some people have a fear of public speaking. i have a fear of not public speaking. but, no, listen, that's another thing. i love what i do. >> jordan, like a lot of people, i have this impression of you from seeing "the wolf of wall street" movie, that you are leonardo dicaprio. how close was that to reality? >> leo did an amazing job of capturing sort of the feeling and the essence of what was going on at the time. some stuff is fictional. >> thank you for your vote of confidence. welcome to the investor center. >> do you have regret? does it depress you? do you think it's funny? what do you think about yourself? >> all of them wrapped up into one. i don't think people should dwell in their mistakes.
8:48 am
they should learn from them. they collapsed my descent into this sort of one day i walk in, day one i'm this nice, eager, kid the next i'm at a strip club snorting coke. that's not how it happened. it took 2 1/2, three years of that de-evolution of the human soul. the thing i have trouble laughing at is the awful part of what happened. >> the government holds belfort personal responsible for a figure north of $100 million pump and dump scream, inflating stock prices and dumping them for personal profit. court records show only a fraction of that restitution has been paid. >> sales influence persuasion. it's the most important skill in success, bar none. >> i'm giving all the profits back to investors.
8:49 am
this is on top of what i gave all the book profits away after the movie, royalties of the movie. my goal with this whole thing is to try to really complete my own redemption story. >> do you feel a great sense of remorse about those people? it wasn't all rich people who lost money. some people with retirement accounts, right? so more middle-class people? >> no. it was rich people. but, again, there's rich and there's rich. did some slip through inadvertently? i asked that question. >> whether they're rich or not -- >> it's wrong. >> you paid a pretty good price for the life you lived back then. if you could do it over again, would you do it the way you did it? >> absolutely not. i would change things. i would never engage in behavior that lost people money. i never felt great when i was high but that was my path and i accept that as part of my life and life happens while you live it. i wouldn't change a thing except for the fact that people lost
8:50 am
money. >> he received a reduced prison sentence for cooperating with the feds. he says now he has been sober for 17 years. guys, he is on this speaking tour, speaking around the world almost every day, going to take all that money and give it back to the victims of his financial fraud. he recognizes they're showing up because they want to meet the wolf of wall street so he puts those stories in there. his message about redemption and not living on your failures, but learning from them is the thing he wants to get across to people. >> okay. >> interesting. >> definitely. >> yeah. >> thank you very much. we're back in a moment. first this is "to
8:51 am
8:52 am
back now at 8:52. time to find out who is celebrating a big birthday with some help from our friend, willard scott. hey, willard. >> hey, new york, you are the best. thank you for your warm reception. and we've got receptions here for birthday buddies. how about this? gertrude robinson, bless her heart, from jennings, in the great state of louisiana. she likes all kinds of activities. she likes crossword puzzles and regular old puzzles. how about this? samuel rich is from ypsilante, michigan. josie roberts. how about josie roberts at 100 years of age, inducted into the
8:53 am
north texas women's hall of fame. lady of the law. we love her and wish her well. how about that? 75 years, albert and angela cassettari. what do you think keeps them happy? eating a bowl of ice cream every night. i'll eat a bowl of ice cream every night and every morning. that's all, gang in new york. back to you. doing a facebook chat right now. sorry to interrupt. raging fire acoustic in our green room here and it sounded awesome. >> amazing. >> also on tour. check him out. thank you for supporting the orange room. we had a lot of fun looking back at the first year of the orange room. we had some guests this morning. producing one of the funnier videos this year, christmas
8:54 am
jammies and made a new one specifically for the orange room. take a look at it. ♪ are you aware it costs $30,000 to do it on air instead we have to say we love the way you've inspired us to have a little fun every day in honor of you we're going to do a little dance wearing these ridiculous orange pants and stole some of our neighbor's orange flowers and our daughter even drew an orange matt lauer ♪ ♪ happy birthday room that is orange nothing rhymes with orange so this song's really short ♪ >> funny. >> so talented. >> oh, they are. they're really funny, too. we appreciate their efforts. also want to say thanks, quickly, to twitter and facebook, big parts of success. this was the very first tweet we put out. sorry. i want to thank this guy for the very first tweet we put out. they framed that for us. >> did you pick the favorite orange room moment yet or not
8:55 am
yet? >> dear congress, initiative launched. thanks a lot. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> i do love the sleeveless carson with the tattoo. >> that was fun. >> oh, well, all right. >> all right, all right, all right. >> another toast. >> a big thank you to everybody at nbc news on the traditional "today" show that's been on the air forever allowing the orange room to work with them. thank you to everybody here. thank you guys very much. cheers. >> cheers. >> happy birthday. >> to
8:56 am
good morning, i am tracy davidson. the rain is moving out of our area this morning. let's get the latest from first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. >> that's right. it is almost gone. heading into the afternoon, we will see sun and clouds. a live look now, it is dry for philadelphia. closer look at the radar shows where the rain is.
8:57 am
mainly it is offshore which is good. heading into the rest of today, we expect to see temperatures below average. average for this time of year is 78. and set to be another fall-like day. temperatures range between 73 and 76. >> thanks. all morning we are watching a problem effecting amtrak commuters. >> service is still suspended indefinitely now, but there's some good news. between philadelphia and washington, d.c. there's limited service on the acela express and northeast regional. there are delays, check with amtrak before you go. on the local roads, there's a lot going on, a lot of volume. 41 minutes on 95 south haven from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. philadelphia police are trying to find out what happened in a deadly shooting. a 42-year-old man shot a guy that tried to break into his apartment. the 32-year-old man died, and now police say the man that was killed may have been dating the
8:58 am
resident's 20-year-old daughter. they're questioning the father and daughter now. time is up for the trump plaza, they locked and closed the door, it is out of business. another local update in 25 minutes. tracy davidson. thanks for watching.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's" take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. >> welcome to "today" on a drizzly tuesday morning here. i'm willie geist along with natalie morales, tamron hall and al roker. >> somebody had a lot of sugar. >> there we go. >> the little girl -- she was on earlier. she lost her two front teeth. >> she did? hopping like that? >> still going. >> standing outside in the rain all morning, still has that energy. >> that's the joy of being a kid. >> you can't douse our spirits
9:01 am
today. its tamron hall's birthday. >> thank you. thank you. i get a song? >> is this your song? >> i don't know but i'll own it. >> we can't play that other song. >> oh. and it is al roker's anniversary! >> and deborah roker's. >> that is true. >> 19? >> 19th anniversary. >> congratulations. >> happy anniversary. >> orange room one year old. >> party palooza. >> how is your birthday so far? >> i woke up 34, like this. my nieces just sent me a video of them in the driveway on their way to school singing happy birthday. my darling best friend has adopted three children under the age of 4, one only calls me tambry. she sent me a video, happy birthday, tambry, cha, cha, cha.
9:02 am
isn't that cute? >> you could be will bry. >> no, willie, willis. >> isn't it awesome how facebook and skype has changed everything? when our parents were in the service, you write a letter, your dad would get it 200 years later. now you have instant video with your family. it's so cute. >> what i love -- >> people thousands of miles away instantly. >> what i love is that they remind you of people's birthdays so you can never say i forgot your birthday. facebook is genius for that. i love that. >> happy birthday. a few things up our sleeves, though. >> coming up soon. >> stand by. >> keep your head on a swivel. >> al jumping out of a cake? >> like an owl. what? >> won't know what's coming. adrian peterson, again, leading our broadcast. he has been reinstated by the vikings, will be able to play now in their game sunday against the saints. you remember, he was deactivated but not suspended.
9:03 am
>> getting paid. >> yes. >> $700,000 for that game, by the way. >> a great player, makes a lot of money. the nfl has not taken any disciplinary action against adrian peterson. here is vikings general manager rick spielman. >> this is a difficult task to navigate regarding the judgment of how a parent disciplines his child. based on the extensive information that we have right now and what we know about adrian, not only as a person but what he has also done for this community, we believe he deserves to play while the legal process plays out. >> adrian peterson came out with a statement on twitter. it reads like this. i never imagined being in a position where the world is judging my parenting skills or calling me a child abuser because of the discipline i administered to my son. i have always believed that the way my parents disciplined me has a great deal to do with the success i have enjoyed as a man. i am not a perfect parent, but i
9:04 am
am, without a doubt, not a child abuser. peterson also faces some new abuse allegations involving a different son that allegedly took place in june of 2013. his attorney has denied reports and they've not been confirmed by nbc news. also now some of the sponsors -- >> dropping out. >> in the backdrop behind the general manager, radisson, they say they're not going to be there, suspended their sponsorship saying they take the matter very seriously, in light of their long standing commitment to the protection of children. there is some fallout going on. >> some people are criticizing cover girl, one of the major sponsors of nfl, huge female push to get women into nfl, sports, whatever. the bottom line is that they've released a statement basically saying that they're waiting for more information to become available. there are, though, some women fans who say cover girl, maybe a stronger statement not pull out your sponsorship but something
9:05 am
stronger than they released so far. as a brand that's always supported women and stood for female empowerment, cover girl believes domestic violence is completely unacceptable. we've developed our nfl program to celebrate the more than 80 million female football fans n light of recent events we've encouraged the nfl to take swift action to address the issue of domestic violence. >> that's not so much about adrian peterson but ray rice and -- >> exactly. >> waiting to see more. i don't know what more they're waiting to see. we have convictions in one case with the panthers player and damning evidence against ray rice. >> waiting to see what public opinion is maybe. >> it's interesting. you see the female fans, large majority of them still wearing the jerseys and showing up at the games. >> is that a large majority? >> of the fans of those teams, you know. 45% of women are fans of the nfl. >> we've shown a couple of people who supported ray rice. >> right. >> it wasn't like we did a scientific poll. >> no. >> right.
9:06 am
>> i think the jury is still out. >> are these players being reinstated because popular opinion hasn't swayed as much for -- i mean, it seems like, you know -- >> perhaps it's due process. >> there is due process in the case you're seeing with adrian peterson. he deserves his day in court and deserves to clear his name and let the evidence be proven and shown. >> that's part of the problem. if adrian peterson deserves his day in court, then ray rice will say the same thing. why can't i play while this is working its way through the justice system? both have been indicted and charged but a jury has not decided. under that premise, they should both be playing if that is the rule of thumb for the nfl and how it's going to govern itself. >> hardy, the rule of thumb, he was convicted but he is appealing that conviction and they didn't let him -- they let him play the first game. they didn't let him play last game. he is back on the roster for this coming weekend again so -- >> he was convicted. he could appeal forever and keep
9:07 am
playing. >> that could take a long time. >> you can't let him come back if he has been convicted. another story, i guess, robin thicke has convicted himself. we don't have to legalese ourselves that much on this. robin thicke in his own words -- stand down lawyers. robin thicke in his own words revealed the true story behind his mega hit "blurred lines," made the admission at a copyright infringement case in which marvin gaye's family says "blurred lines" is too close to "got to give it up." he admits he has very little to do with the writing of the song because he was high on vic din and alcohol. >> so he's throwing pharrell williams under the bus? >> pretty much. >> and that he has a substance abuse problem. after making six albums that i wrote and produced myself, the
9:08 am
biggest hit of my career was written and produce bid somebody else and i was jealous and wanted some credit for that. >> it's interesting pharrell came out and said i wrote this song, everybody likes so much. the magic of that song is the voice of robin thicke. they're trying to keep each other in this fight. >> wow! >> it's like jumping out a building and holding on to the other guy. both are going to hit bottom but somebody will be underneath. >> paula patten has been on this show. their marriage fell apart around the same time. do you consider yourself an honest person, they're saying and he said no. that's why i'm separated. do you pick and choose when you tell the truth? he said absolutely not i told my wife the truth. that's why she left me. >> it's hard. what he had to do was very tough. i think he kind of hit rock bottom in the admissions and it took a lot of courage for him to
9:09 am
do that. at the same time he did say, i hadn't nothing to do with -- that was pharrell's doing. >> he admitted in a deposition. i don't know how courageous he was. >> talk about -- >> courage in the form of lawsuit. >> didn't have to get into all the paula patten stuff in that. >> they were going all in on him. robin thicke's attorney says robin takes responsibility. it was a vulnerable moment and basically they say the marvin gaye heirs released this at a time he was broken down. >> funny. he would have been better off sampling the song. if you're going to pay homage to it, sample it. >> do you have to pay money? >> you ask for the rights. >> you have to pay for them. >> right but -- >> they don't have to give you the permission to do it, then you pay. and you're free and clear. >> yep. >> there you go. wow! that's why none of us do any -- >> let's lighten the mood here.
9:10 am
let's talk holiday fare. >> holiday? >> here comes our favorite toy fairy. jerry! >> jerry the toy fairy is back. these are the toys that toys r us say will be part of their fabulous 15. not all of them are the 15 here obviously. they will be most in demand this season. mix of old and new. car-mazing, color maze from rookie entertainment. probably up front there somewhere. everything is going to be about this little girl right here, disney's frozen snow glow elsa. you can't forget -- who is this? olaf. very good. good job, al. what's making noise? >> that truck. >> doc mcstuffins. >> tow truck. >> is going to be annoying because it makes too much noise. >> you're just egging him on. >> i don't know what that thing does. >> ninja turtles.
9:11 am
>> stretchy shell. >> this is really cool. >> tug of war waiting to happen. >> stretch armstrong. >> remember that? oh, my gosh. >> this is like a transformer dinosaur. >> they want us to buy them now? >> chomp and stomp. >> get them early. that's right. you want to beat the halloween rush. >> i can't even hear myself. let's check it out, see what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. and we've got -- anyway, we are looking at red flag warnings, heat advisories, excessive heat warnings for all of our friends in southern california, l.a. today, 95, 97 santa ana. riverside, it will feel like 104. heat continues tomorrow. look at this. i mean, it's still going to feel like it's close to 100 degrees through southern california right along the beaches. not as bad. that's not going to help the
9:12 am
fire danger that's been going on. some of this moisture from tropical storm odile would be great but that's not going to happen, going to stay in the southwest. santa rosalia, mexico. look at all this streaming into new mexico and arizona. stays over the warm waters of the gulf of california. stays a tropical storm as it gets on shore, we're talking about a lot of rain. we've got flood watches, flash flood watches in the next 24 hours, we'll see flood warnings anywhere from three to five inches of rain but locally could see up to seven inches of rain with some record amounts. that's what's going o good morning, i am first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. a foggy start to the morning. heading to the rest of the morning hours, still dealing with showers, clearing out in time for lunchtime. temperatures stay below average, ranging between 73 and 76 degrees. gradual clearing by afternoon.
9:13 am
if you look at the seven-day forecast, we stay below the average of 78 degrees this time of year, but warm back up heading into the wchbd. weekend. coming up in our next half hour, you noticed our special guest from the miss america pageant. >> love it. >> yes. we've got two, two special guests, miss ohio mackenzie bart and roxie. we'll be checking them out. >> mr. willie geist, esquire, a certain willue geist in the issue here. i love the advice. you talk about the advice that your dad gave you early on in your tv day. >> this is a cool issue. how to build a man. different men at different ages talking about the best advice they got in their life. my dad several years ago had a quote for me, no one strenuously objects to beige. in other words if you try to play it safe and down the
9:14 am
middle, talking about my career, you try to please everyone, you please no one. you're not your true self. if people like you, they'll respond to you, if not, you'll find a job somewhere else. >> i had an issue in popular mechanics. >> oh, really? >> it's how to build something else. >> how dapper you look in this photograph. you are given full zoolander sexy. >> wow! sexy. >> wow! >> sat the dannon creamery, we've put a fresh twist on classic desserts. making them all new, any day treats. starting with cheesecakes, reinvented using thick and creamy traditional greek yogurt. then delicately topped with delicious fruit sauces. the twist? less than 200 calories. new dannon creamery desserts. cause life's better with a twist. ♪ dannon! also try our dannon creamery pudding range.
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so it seemed like a gwell, we make it pretty easy. in fact, your appraisal should be ready, let's pull it up. now, how long do i have to decide on this offer? seven days, and we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours. but if i decide to buy a convertible? the offer is exactly the same either way. nice! aaanndd... here it is! we'll take it! terrific. sell your car the fast and easy way, with no strings attached, at carmax. start here. philip phillips shot to fame with songs like "rage." >> promote his latest album "behind the light." philip phillips, good morning. >> good morning. >> you just did raging fire in our green room. >> yes. >> is that the smallest venue you've ever --
9:18 am
>> no. i played even smaller than that. >> really? >> i played in the bathroom before. not literally going to the bathroom. it was for something. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> no, it's not like you think. it was in canada, of all places. and, yeah, they said can we film this in the bathroom? sure. >> all right. >> luckily, i didn't have to -- i just sat on the sink. >> important distinction. >> yes, exactly. sitting on the sink. >> philip, what's this ride been like since you won "american idol"? you're headlining your own tour. >> it's been awesome. very blessed. i've got toen play with great artists, come friends with so many great -- so many others. it's just awesome. i love getting out there playing music. i'm scared to death every time like i will be in a few minutes. i'm scared to death right now. but it's just something about it. you don't have to worry about e-mails or anything. you know, you just have to worry
9:19 am
about not messing up for the thousands of people watching you. >> you battle a little stage fright then each and every time you perform still? >> it's a different show every time. and the crowds are always good but sometimes some are better than others. you don't want to get your expectations too high. for me, anyways. then i'll get nervous even more. >> i can't imagine that you're nervous, being on "american idol" and transitioning to this huge success. in the break, full disclosure, we were talking not music but food. and what's your favorite fried food, you're from the south. >> there's nothing worse than fried for me. anything good -- everything that's fried is good. but like we were saying, oreos are delicious. >> good southern boy, fried oreo. >> talk about spam, though, i don't -- >> we were talking about state fairs. >> you can keep that one. >> all right. philip phillips, thanks so much. you'll be performing "unpack your heart" in the next half
9:20 am
hour. >> yes. >> can't wait to hear it. still ahead, the movie everyone will be running to see, still ahead, the movie everyone will be running to see, the stars of the new movie sir, we're loaded and getting ready to go... ...we're going to need you on the runway. (vo) don't let a severe cold hold you back. sir? (vo) theraflu starts to get to work in your body in just 5 minutes. (vo) theraflu breaks you free from your worst cold and flu symptoms. (vo) theraflu. serious power. let's show 'em what a breakfast with whole grain fiber can do. one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, two espressos. make one a double. she's full and focused. [ barista ] i have two cappuccinos, one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, a medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, and two espressos -- one with a double shot. heh, heh. that's not the coffee talkin'. [ female announcer ] start your day with kellogg's frosted mini wheats cereal.
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9:24 am
friend early saturday to say she had gotten lost while walking home from a party. alarming new study shows parents tend to bend the rules when it comes to kids and seat belts. according to safe kids worldwide, one in five parents of young children admits they don't always enforce the rules when carpooling, letting children ride without car seats, booster seats and sometimes even seat belts. working mother magazine has released its annual list of 100 best companies to work for. among the top ten, ernst & young, general mills and prudential. 23% of corporate executive hires went to women this year, up from 19% in 2013. take a look at this, campfire song that apparently not everyone enjoyed. derek stowe was in the middle of a jam session when, take a look, he was attacked by a bat. it tried to attack him, apparently, a couple of times until a friend finally shot it with a bb gun. he had that bat tested. turns out it had rabies.
9:25 am
he has been on medication ever since. scary stuff there. we'll be back after you yoplait light is now better than ever. it still melts in your mouth. with 90 calories. and is now aspartame free. yoplait light. it is so good; it's better than ever. your statement. fabulous. glamorous. fun-loving. one-of-a-kind.
9:26 am
because you have stories to tell. what's your cover story? at chico's and good morning. i am tracy davidson. clearing conditions out there. rain moved through the area. let's get the first alert forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. >> after a wet start to the day, we are seeing clearing. if you look live at the poconos, a few clouds. no rainfall. i show you the radar. you can see most rain now is well off to the northeast entering new york. don't have to worry about that heading into the rest of today. temperatures are going to range this morning mainly in the 60s. will push into the mid 70s heading into the afternoon. 64 in philadelphia, 67 in wilmington, 65 in dover. today's high at 75 degrees. >> thanks.
9:27 am
there have been big delays on amtrak all morning. let's find out more about that on the rails and roads with first alert reporter christine metro area della. >> amtrak has been the biggest problem all morning. service was suspended indefinitely. there is between philadelphia and washington, d.c. limited service on the east express. check with amtrak if you have a train scheduled for today. look at drive times. it is getting better, still getting red lights on the schuylkill. 24 from bensalem to mid county tolls. there's a $40,000 reward for information on the person who killed a pregnant woman and her baby sunday. 25-year-old megan doto was outside her home when hit by a stray bullet. she was eight months pregnant. the baby girl was delivered but died a few hours later. investigators tell us they're looking for a man in black clothing seen shooting at a white ford sedan. if you have any information,
9:28 am
call police. i am tracy davidson. another local update in 25 minutes. see you then.
9:29 am
9:30 am
welcome back to "today," tuesday morning, september 16th, 2014. we want to give a big shoutout to the people who stood outside in the driving rain on our plaza to join us this morning. we have the best fans in the world and we're grateful you're hanging with us this morning. i'm willie geist along with natalie morales, tamron hall and al roker and a special guest, mackenzi bart, miss ohio. >> don't forget about me. >> and roxie. >> they stole the show during the miss america pageant. ♪ you try supercalifragilistic- expialidocious ♪ >> good.
9:31 am
>> spectacular. >> al you're going to get a little help with the weather, i understand. >> i need all the help i can get, if you want. but how did you get here? you don't see a lot of female ventriloquists. >> no. >> how did you get into this, mackenzie? >> with lamb chop, i would try to mimic what they were doing. how gross. >> you're gross. >> i know. sorry. i've come a long way. vhs tapes and book. i had different idols in my life, couple different puppets. i workd with a professional ventriloquist, kimberly yaeger-miller, we put this act together and america has taken it by storm. >> how do you feel about this, roxie. ? >> i don't know where to start. but you know what? jimmy kimmel called me a dummy. >> i think she's a little offended. >> it's okay. >> but on the show during the competition, during the pageant, it was revealed that you've always wanted to work with al
9:32 am
roker. >> no, she wanted my job. not work with. no, no. to replace. to push aside. >> oh! >> you're studying meteorology, right? atmospheric conditions? >> atmospheric sciences at the ohio state university. >> oh, the ohio state university. come on over. >> i would love to. >> roxie, will you join us as well? walk this way. >> they're joining forces. >> i can hit the button for you. >> perfect. >> i know your hands are kind of tied up, holding roxie. let's get started, show what's going on for today. >> on the east coast, we're having quite a rainy day, especially in the morning. as we move over to the midwest, you are look at more sun, 83 degrees there. >> what do you see down south, roxie? >> that looks like a lot of rain. that's a bad hair day. >> although your hair is lovely. >> we're going to move ahead to tomorrow. a lot of wet weather in the southwest because of odile.
9:33 am
showers in the pacific northwest. do you know how i toss to the local stations? >> oh, i think i know. >> hit it. >> you hit it. i think you need to take it good morning, first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. a foggy and wet start to the morning, heading into the rest of your morning hours. we will still be dealing with showers, but clearing up in time for lunchtime. temperatures stay below average, ranging between 73 and 76 degrees. gradual clearing by the afternoon. if you look at the seven-day forecast, we stay below the average of 78 degrees for this time of year, but we warm back up as we head into the weekend. >> and that is your latest weather. >> al, thanks a lot. now what could be the start of the next big movie franchise, called "the maze runner," best selling novel about a group of boys caught in a massive maze and with no memory of the outside world. >> to find out who they are,
9:34 am
they need to escape without getting trapped inside overnight. dylan o'brien, patricia clarkson, ki hong lee and thomas brodie-sangster star in this movie. dylan, you play one of the main roles there as thomas, knowing you're getting into a film that's probably a franchise of three, a trilogy? >> yeah. >> yeah, yeah. it hasn't really felt -- it always felt like our own little intimate thing, to be honest, until this -- until it's now being released finally. everyone kind of asks us if there's any pressure to be part of like a big movie. i don't know. it's like this little movie to us still, this story that we all love. >> the screaming girls think it's a little -- >> there you go. >> more than a little movie. seriously it's like being with the beatles. >> does that make you ringo? i'm not sure. in any event, this little mystery, we don't want to give
9:35 am
anything away about your character. it's an interesting match-up, lord of the flies, lost, and hunger games all rolled into one. >> that's exactly it. it's an incredibly powerful, exhilarating film and wes is off the charts, so stunning. very young man. >> yeah. >> and he really brought it on this one. >> and ki hong, you were sort of the leader of the maze runners. >> oh, yeah. >> spent a lot of time sprinting through the maze. >> yeah. >> tell us about your part in this role and how it plays in the movie. >> the keeper of the runners, tasked with running the maze and try to figure a way out. he has been there for three years and he still hasn't figured it out because the maze pattern changes every night. so, he is kind of like the general. he kind of makes sure that he brings hope back for the gladers, thinking that there is a way out. when thomas comes up in the box he takes him under his wing and shows him the ropes a little bit. >> yeah. >> yeah.
9:36 am
>> yeah. >> thomas, you're from england, but you go to louisiana and you shoot this film. what was it like? was there a little bit of a cultural shock there for you? >> uh, well, yeah. just in the fact that it's very hot and humid and -- >> that's a good point. >> and animals are going to kill you. i like all that. >> can i just say, listening to you and seeing your face -- >> the theme. >> one of the best scenes. >> i look at you -- >> you at the airport. "love actually." >> my favorite. >> closing the deal right here. >> your face. >> how old were you here, thomas? >> 12. >> yeah. >> get it! >> get it. jeez. >> in louisiana, how did you like the food down there?
9:37 am
>> it was great. >> i'm from there, so i was home. but you guys -- >> gumbo, fried chicken on set. >> phenomenal. >> dylan, real quick, there's a little story i understand that your hair almost cost you the job. >> oh, man. >> what happened there? >> yeah. >> the director didn't like the hair? >> yeah, i guess the first time around seeing my tape, he thought my hair was too flashy for the role, i guess. he didn't realize that it could be mended. that you can do things. >> that's what i had to do to get this job. >> make it is easy. you guys, it's going to be a big hit everywhere. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and "the maze runner" opens this friday. up next, we're getting pumped for tamron's tuesday trip. she'll show us how to walk the walk in high heels. willie and musical chairs. fun, right? welllllllll, not when your travel rewards card
9:38 am
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he insisted on using the rain to save water. fourteen years ago, i insisted on buying our first prius. because like toyota, we both know there's a way to do things, and a way to do things even better. the prius. toyota, let's go places. time now for my tuesday trend. today is all about high heels. i love wearing wedges, you name it, which makes me taller than my natural height, which i will not reveal. i choose a high heel over a flat almost any day. i tweeted out asking you to show your favorite heels. overwhelmed my twitter account by showing in their favorite high heels. this little number.
9:42 am
loving those, girl. and the list keeps on coming. my favorite picture of the day reminded me of my life as a child. i got my first pair of high heels in sixth great. this is jeannine, our wardrobe specialist and her daughter, rocking the heels. they can hurt our feet and it is kind of difficult to walk in them. i asked for some expert advice on how to rock the sky highs. j. alexander, aka miss j of america's next top model, coaches aspiring runway models on how to walk the walk. for a little foot advice, podiatri podiatrist. >> how did you learn to walk in heels? making fun of models and if she would just stand up straight, move differently and put them on, showing her i was on my
9:43 am
tippy toes and ended up getting a pair made for my big old feet. >> is it a posture thing? >> it is. everyone's weight is different. it's how they shift their body and weight on the feet. >> brittany is one of my favorite in the building. i love her. she says she can't walk in heels. i strapped on a few cuties for her. this is her walk. there you go. walk back. go back over. there you go. brittany, she's doing a great job. she normally doesn't wear heels. what do you think? >> she's doing a great job in walking. i notice she does walk on her heels, she goes heel toe. normally on the catwalk, you walk toe heel. >> can you go over and show her? >> i need all the help i can get. >> sometimes walking on the catwalk, you're walking -- >> we don't want to look like we're trying to look like a model, miss j. >> walk the runway like this. >> go ahead, brittany. oh! work it. >> like you -- >> like you own it. how do you feel, brit? >> it feels okay. >> walk on over.
9:44 am
also we have kimberly, who also often doesn't wear heels. let's see your strut. miss j., evaluate for us. >> looks like she's about to topple over anyway. >> is that a common mistake we make? go back over. >> for most women, they should put on the shoe first and get used to it. wear it. because it's a foreign object on your foot. how often do a girl walk around every day? >> that's my point. this is a basket of what i have in my closet. this is what i really wore, dr. brenner, to work today. what's the maximum time we should spend in our heels? >> up to three hours. when we're sitting at the desk, the clock stops. i look at it like dieting. we count calories when we're dieting. when we wear shoes, we count hours in which we wear them. maximumly worn for three hours. put a towel on the floor.
9:45 am
take your toes and pick up the towel with your toes. crunch the towel with your toes and pick the towel up with them. >> your advice is we can wear them, just be reasonable? >> exactly. the key word is moderation. >> okay. here we go. we're wrapping, miss j. evaluate us. here we go. we have to work it like we own it. it's my 44th birthday. here we go. one, two, three. >> we got this. >> all right. >> we got this. >> all right. we'll be right back, and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine, loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clock to help lower a1c. here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body.
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>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> he started writing music when he was just 14 years old but phillip phillips never imagined a few years later he could be the winner of "american idol" and headlining his own tour. >> to promote his second album "behind the light," is he about to perform his new song, "unpack your heart." phillip phillips, take it away. ♪ meet me where the sunlight ends meet me where the truth never bends bring all that you're scared to defend and lay it down when you walk through my door ♪ ♪ throw all of it out on the floor your sorrow your beauty your war i want it all i want it all ♪
9:50 am
♪ bring your secrets bring your scars bring your glory all you are ♪ ♪ bring your daylight bring your dark share your silence and unpack your heart ♪ ♪ show me something the rest never see give me all that you hope to receive your deepest regret dies with me the days when you stumble and fall the days when you grind to a crawl the treasure that hides behind your walls i want it all yeah i want it all ♪ ♪ bring your secrets bring your scars
9:51 am
bring your glory all you are ♪ ♪ bring your daylight bring your dark share your silence and unpack your heart yeah unpack your heart ♪ ♪ oh, i'm on your side so shed your shadow and watch it rise ♪ ♪ oh, i'm on your side so shed your shadow and watch it rise into your darkness i'll shine a light ♪
9:52 am
♪ ♪ bring your secrets bring your scars bring your glory all you are ♪ ♪ bring your daylight bring your dark share your silence ♪ ♪ bring your honor bring your shame all your madness i will tame ♪ ♪ won't you lay down down your guard share your silence and unpack your heart ♪ >> phillip phillips, unpack your heart from the new album "behind the light." thank you so much. we've got more "today." first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
sell wrating tamron's birthday this morning and she's celebrating already. >> oh, okay. >> here are the ladies. >> happy birthday. >> we got you -- >> how does it feel to be 24? >> your favorite ice cream. >> oh, my gosh. >> and the movie you haven't seen. >> casablanca. >> you've never seen casablanca? >> the shining. blazing saddles. animal
9:56 am
good morning, everyone. i am chris cato. 9:56. the rain moved out that came earlier. let's check the forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp. left us with cool temperatures, didn't it. >> yes, fall like conditions are expected for the rest of the work week. the rain is gone, now dealing with a few clouds. a mix of sun and clouds the rest of today. temperatures through the rest of the region.
9:57 am
59 in the poconos, 62 in allentown. 67 in philadelphia. almost 70 for millville, and wilmington and into the rest of today, we are staying below average for this time of year, 78 today, 75 tomorrow, cooler at 73. we have breaking news into nbc 10. authorities in bucks county charged a band teacher in doils town with having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student. she will be arraigned in court this afternoon. authorities say charges stem from an incident in 2012. they are asking any other possible victims to come forward. a man told police he shot a man that tried to break into his apartment on ax factory road in the home circle neighborhood. the 32-year-old man died. police say the dead man may have been dating the shooter's 20-year-old daughter and she may have let him in that apartment. they're questioning the father and daughter now. trump plaza in atlantic city
9:58 am
cashed in its final chips. the casino closed its doors four hours ago. businesses had been declining at the casino for years. it is the fourth casino to close recently.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> have a great show. >> hey, everybody. it is booze day tuesday, september 16th. it is a little damp as we said outside. but we don't say moist. >> no, we do say damp. what fun. how much fun is jimmy fallon having? >> nothing he can't do. nothing he can't do. >> first of all -- >> can he juggle? >> i bet you he can. barbra streisand has not been on a late night show in 50 years. >> i would have never guessed that. >> carson, i think, was her
10:01 am
last. >> wow. 1963. >> jimmy fallon brought her in, and she was -- >> she has a new album out called "partners". >> everything is a duet. >> everything is a duet. she's not doing any concert work with it because everybody is either past, like elvis presley, or all so busy because they're all such great musicians. >> billy joel, billy richey, john mayor. what was fun about this was they took the duet idea, and like only jimmy fallon can, he sang the duets with barbra streisand. he sang as elvis presley, blake shelton and michael buble. take a look. ♪ love me tender love me true ♪ ♪ all my dreams fulfilled ♪ >> don't touch. >> okay. i know, i know. i'm sorry. ♪ oh, my darling i love you ♪
10:02 am
♪ and i always will ♪ ♪ you know i wanted to be you ♪ >> that was actually good. ♪ nobody else >> barbra, i love you still. ♪ oh to be you wonderful you it had to be you ♪ ♪ had to be you had to be you ♪ >> that was genius. >> genius, yes. >> oh, my gosh. >> you forget how funny barbra can be. if you ever saw "what's up doc" or some other films, just hysterical. one of the greatest duets she ever recorded, i think, the one with johnny mathis, a song from
10:03 am
west side story i think called one heart from her broadway album. if you want to hear perfection, those two voices singing that song which is one of the -- some of the great musicals ever, but it is fun to see her having a little fun. and her voice, i mean, you close your eyes once she starts singing. >> she sings a little lower than before, but who cares. that voice is just superb. >> good for them. good news in the world of cancer. >> yes. >> nice to be able to say that. the american association for cancer research released the annual cancer progress report and this is where the great news comes in. americans are more likely to survive the cancer diagnosis now than at any point in history and there are 4.5 million cancer survivors living today. and -- >> you know about that. >> and according to the national cancer institute, the five-year survival for localized prostate cancer is almost 100%. >> for localized breast cancer, 98.5%. >> unbelievable.
10:04 am
all about early detection. >> early detection. >> for localized colon and rectum cancer, that's gone way, way up, almost 90%. >> what is interesting, young kids now, cancer used to be a thing that you whispered it and no one talked about it. and everyone knew -- so once you said you had it, everyone thought that was the end. now it is interesting because young kids aren't so afraid of it because their mothers are surviving it and they're learning about it. when you say they have cancer, doesn't have the same image as -- >> nobody is a better ambassador for it than you are. if you take one look at hoda woman and you realize what she came through and how she came out, it is just -- you are living proof. >> oh, thanks. >> you're gorgeous. you're my egyptian goddess. >> stop it. robin thicke. >> oh, my god. >> so -- >> we weren't surprised to hear this, were we? >> yes, we were not. he had to do a deposition, there is some controversy about the song "blurred lines" and where it came from. marvin gay, so, he gave a deposition and in the deposition
10:05 am
he revealed a lot of stuff and one is that he's been abusing vicodin and alcohol for 18 months. and i guess during the whole time when blurred lines was top drawer -- >> biggest song of the year. >> biggest hit in his career -- >> he was missing most of it because he was gonzo, according to -- >> he wasn't kidding, they were blurred lines. >> and also a question of -- he admitted in his deposition that he did not write blurred lines, that pharrell wrote it, he had no hand in it. >> and he's taken credit earlier for some of it. >> seemed to act like he was a participant. but he said he was actually too high to write. and he doesn't even remember recording it. that's what he said. >> the biggest hit of my career was written and produced by somebody else. he said i was jealous. i wanted some of that credit. >> kudos for the honesty, but as we talked about in our -- in our daily news column, you know, we
10:06 am
know that addiction is a disease, but lying isn't. lying is something we can control, you know. and we -- we saw that a couple of times when he was here that he was under the influence, always a gentleman, and always was fun. but we thought -- >> didn't felt like he knew -- anyway, so he -- so the question is, the big point of the lawsuit is to find out if that song was a rip off from marvin gay's song and he said at one point that he said to pharrell, hey, i love this one marvin gay song, can we use some of that beat. >> i love that beat. >> i love that beat. so -- >> it will all be resolved through an expert music person who understands, you know, chord progressions and intervals and that sort of thing whether it is -- that's the kind of thing you let the court settle it. >> he did say his wife left him after he admitted to using those things. i wonder if she left him because he had been using those things, not admitting to it, but --
10:07 am
>> she is completely silent and good for her. not easy to do in the social media world. his lawyer said of the lawsuit, robin's moment of personal vulnerability is being exploited and diverting attention from the obvious weakness of their legal claim. okay. >> did someone call us back? is that a statement? >> that was a real -- >> we got a real statement? >> everybody got it. oh, everybody got it. when we get our $?(own stateme that's when it counts. >> big news on nbc news. we have a situation we have been talking about doing this for the last couple of days. there is something called beautiful >> it is a dating website that only allows beautiful people on it. >> apparently most people who -- >> nine out of ten get rejected. and they tell you you've been rejected from the beautiful people dating website. you have to submit a photo and profile and some people are not voted beautiful enough. >> in quotes. >> so as we said, so if you don't make the cut, of being
10:08 am
beautiful, they start a program called -- >> adopt an ugly person. now, they have since taken that down. >> they have changed it. now it is called beautiful people mentoring. anyway, it is all kind of the same thing. >> we took umbrage right away, just say -- with the word ugly, anyway, we met some incredibly physically beautiful people around here that the way they acted was so ugly, they with no longer beautiful at all. we have one of the mentors on skype with us. >> welcome, elaine. >> we want to know, elaine, that was our reaction, mentor, empowerment and dating expert. we have nothing against you personally at all. but we found the word ugly being used was really offensive. >> yeah. >> i have to agree. it was offensive. and i think that the use of it was -- to use mass exposure in the media. it requires people to look further into the program to see what it offers. >> what does a mentor do?
10:09 am
>> how do you help people who already feel like they're not attractive enough in this world? >> it is not actually -- the mentoring program is not just for people who feel they're not attractive enough, it is also for relationship and lifestyle mentoring. so there are 12 various mentors on the program right now because it is a pilot, and each of us has a different specialty area. some coming from the fashion industry, some coming from a background of psychology, physiology, others about lifestyle coaching and meantering. quite a lot. >> and what is your expertise? >> mine is actually the lifestyle mentoring on work/life balance and then relationships. >> and i guess confidence really is probably the main thing throughout, i bet. >> yeah. it just -- you can understand why people had a reaction they have, because so much of this world is about people's appearance and causes so much pain in people's lives that, you know, people that are beautiful already know it, and people that
10:10 am
are -- but who decides what's beautiful. >> thank you for joining us. >> we do. thank you very much. you're right, though. >> you know what's beautiful? a bear cooling off in a swimming pool. >> this is awesome. okay, so pretend you looked out your backyard and this is what you saw. there is a bear, got in the pool, in california. and it decided to go for a little swim. hung out for 15 minutes. now, there is a -- there is a heat wave going on in southern california this guy probably needed it. he hung out and just goes back in. >> sure would like a little sip of something. >> no. just sitting on the ledge. you know how you do. >> he probably needs a book. >> a great place to read. >> he needs some tunes. >> yes, he does. >> stayed there for half an hour before he left. long enough to take the video and probably call animal control, i don't know. but don't mess with those bears. even if they're in your swimming
10:11 am
pool. >> no kidding. it is national play doe day. it has been around since 1956. >> how many memories do you have the minute you smell it? >> i know. >> fun sculptures to show you guys. it took 40 hours to make these. we'll see if we can get the famous film they're from. >> okay. >> will you help us? thank you, jerry. okay. monsters university. that's from, of course, you know, monsters university, because it says it on the thing. >> right. >> that -- what was that called? >> that was -- >> the one eyeball. i don't remember. i don't remember. >> no. >> what is it? >> is the other one clueless? no. it is? >> oh, my gosh. i love clueless. clueless. that's clueless. >> incredible. >> this feels so good.
10:12 am
>> happy birthday. >> we have to talk to you about this goldfish that needed surgery. >> who would have known that was even possible. >> a family in australia had a goldfish pet for ten years. there was a tumor, they thought he was swimming funny. they gave him surgery and put the tube in. >> they had him swim in water with anesthesia in it. >> okay, that's so crazy. >> who would have thought, they gave him a feeding tube into his gills -- >> 45-minute surgery, guys. it was removed. >> most people don't know how to keep a goldfish alive for ten minutes. ten years. he's doing great, expected to live another 20 years. >> goldfish live 30 years? >> who knew. >> oh, my gosh. what's in a name? we have the real deal when it comes to healthy sounding food. >> and did our singles make a love connection? we're about to find out right after this. what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next, after the next? so predictable and so unsatisfying?
10:13 am
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10:16 am
tonight is date night. six singles looking for love in new york city, all while cameras are rolling on bravo's docu series called "the singles project". >> you met two of them last week, tabitha, a cosmetic dermatologist looking for a funny, cute guy and brian funzo, a clothing store owner who wants a woman with an electric personality. >> we introduced brian and tabitha to two potential dates each and all of you at home got to vote on who you wanted them to go out with. we're going to find out what happened. >> okay. >> we're going to start with you, tabitha. you had two options, ken and rafael. so we'll take a picture of the two. our viewers chose -- >> come on out, ken. it's you. ken was chosen. yep. >> hi, ken. >> welcome back. >> wait, what's going on there? >> good to see you again. >> so will you please reveal to us, we don't know if you wanted
10:17 am
ken, we have no idea, you're about to show us -- you wrote down who you wanted, not who the viewer wanted and the answer is -- >> rafael. >> no, ken, you got what you wanted. brian, you had jenna and jessica, those were your two choices. who did our viewers choose? they chose jenna. come on, girl. hey, jenna. >> hi, jenna. okay, the viewers liked jenna. who did you choose? >> i chose -- >> this is awkward. >> jessica. >> wow. >> you must feel crummy, jenna. >> no, the viewers chose her. >> gorgeous. >> where do we go from here? >> we got to hear about the date. what happens? >> i stepped outside of my comfort zone. he took me on a lovely golfing date and i got to learn a new golf game. i never golfed before in my
10:18 am
life. >> that had to be fun. >> it was fun. >> did you have fun? >> yeah, a great time. >> what did you talk about? >> talked about getting married, having kids. >> with one another or just in general? weird first date convo. and we talked about golf swings, right? what else did we talk about? >> some heavy stuff. >> who was more into it, of the two of you? >> i was into my golf game. he was -- we had a great time, we had so much fun. we had a blast. >> it was a beautiful day. >> was it what you might have hoped for? >> to be revealed? >> to be revealed. >> right. >> can't say everything. >> you didn't kiss when you came out and you didn't kiss when you came out. >> so let's talk about you guys over here. so, first of all, did you reveal to jenna she wasn't the one you selected? >> eventually, when quizzed.
10:19 am
>> when quizzed. >> what did you think about that, jenna? >> you know, it was -- it took me a little bit by surprise, that that would be said on the first date, it is not what you want to hear. >> no, it isn't. >> you're not my first choice. >> but, you know the nature of why i was here and how i came into everything so -- >> how was the date, what did you do? >> we played ping-pong, interactive, fun. >> did you like that? >> it was fun. i was terrible. >> okay. >> did you find there was stuff to talk about or -- >> first date topics, getting to know each other, pop culture references, et cetera, et cetera. >> that's where you had a little bit of a -- >> what happened? >> they didn't agree on much in pop culture, right? >> okay. >> one of them, i won't say which one, was a little -- little difficult to please, shall we say. >> have to watch.
10:20 am
>> look around and think about who that might be. >> little judgmental, perhaps. >> you guys -- do you guys think -- and now you're sort of in the thick of this dating show. are we still believing this was a good way to find a mate? >> i think it is as good as any other way. it is kind of like a no stone unturned mentality. >> right. >> and is there a difference, you're not doing it in private, you're doing it with people watching and everything changes once there is a camera around. you're not yourself. >> the thing is you have to actually make a beginning, middle and end, don't want to lead that person on, you need to communicate maybe things you wouldn't do in real life that you need to kind of talk to that person and let them know how you feel. >> are you glad you did it? >> i am. >> yeah, it was a blast. >> glad? >> yeah. >> 100%. >> tune in tonight. >> did somebody lie about their age? i won't say anything. you can check out more dates tonight at 10:00 on "the singles project" on bravo, our sister
10:21 am
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10:25 am
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>> another day in the mid 70pgs. take a ls%!u lookcw,$pá cape tm. we are)kd seeingoç ak(bls:]e% clouds. the1$÷fa÷÷ rain han gone. our temperatures this9/ morning 60. we're seeing a fewyñ 70bús. 67@g in
10:28 am
having a sexualohcñ relationshi
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back with more of "today" on this brain teaser tuesday. we put your minds to work with this riddle. >> you can easily touch me, but you can't easily see me. you can throw me out, but you can't throw me away. i'm always with you. what am i? kathie lee? >> well, we were thinking about it. contemplating it when someone said it was your back. >> yeah. >> and he never gets them right. so congratulations for getting one right. we're here now with someone who always has our back when it comes to eating right, nbc news health and diet editor, made ly lyn fernstrom. >> she's here with foods that may seem like healthier options.
10:31 am
>> we think things are healthy. we're not really reading labels too carefully. let's take popular things we think are healthy and the downside here is there is no bad food. you can incorporate anything in what you're eating. we overdo it, eat too much and too often and think these are things are good for me. >> why do people think nutella is good for them. >> it has less fat than peanut butter so people think it must be better. and they eat it in europe. the fat is less, but there is a ton more sugar. three little candy bars worth. five pieces of sugar in just a small two tablespoon serving. >> you can eat a candy bar instead of a scoop of nutella. >> if you're using it to put on your bread in the morning instead of peanut butter, it is not equivalent. you can take some skinny bread and put a tablespoon, a little smear on with some fruit. or you can do something that appeals to you, kathie lee. >> i don't like too much sweets. >> not too sweet. it is an apple with a little
10:32 am
bit. you want to downsize your serving. >> i lick off the top of every one. >> i would. >> it is not the nutritional equivalent of peanut butter. >> vegetables. >> well, the people have a love/hate relationship with pasta. we think what is a healthier version of pasta. serving size counts. you see pink, red, green, you think, spinach, tomato, must be better. most pastas actually have very little vegetables in it and it is kind of freeze dried vegetables. there are ones that say equivalent to one serving. you have to look carefully. it is really no different than having just regular white pasta. so if you're looking for something more nutrient dense, don't look for the vegetables in the pasta, mix some into your sauce and look for whole wheat. >> a better choice. >> if you want to mix it in for color, that's fine. >> all right. >> to the chips. >> who doesn't love chips? we think vegetable chips, fruit chips, must be great. look at banana chips. on their own, they're
10:33 am
everywhere. just 20 of these has about 250 calories. you're thinking, hmm, this is one of these things you go how could this not be healthy? you think vegetable chips, still lots of oil. potatoes are a vegetable. whatever else you're using, you can do some of this at home. you can get -- something like a little top chipmaker which you use in your microwave and you can make sweet potato chips, carrots, whatever you want. >> without oil. >> without oil. >> or kale. >> kale in the oven is so crunchy. >> you can do that. any fruit or vegetable works or fruit chips. these are little teeny slices called simple and crisp, available everywhere. if you don't want to bother doing this at home. they're crispy. >> they're supposed to be crispy. >> okay. >> so when you think about yogurt raisins, yogurt and raisins, when could be bad. if you look at what is in yogurt raisins, it is a lot of sugar. raisins inside, but a yogurt
10:34 am
co coating. it is not yogurt. it is the equivalent of having chocolate covered raisins. people go, wow, i'll have a cup or two cups, must be good, because i'm getting -- so downsize by sprinkling some in with nutrient dense things like cereal and nuts and raisins. >> that looks good too. >> that looks good too. >> bacon. >> we're getting on to turkey. turkey anything people automatically think it is better than beef or pork or anything else. but when it comes to turkey bacon, not exactly. about equivalent with fat and sodium and calories. so if you're looking to downsize, go to canadian bacon, almost no fat, very lean. if you're eating turkey bacon because you think it is better for you and you don't like it, you should never eat things because you go it is better for me. the same with turkey hot dogs. you can get reduced hot dogs for about the same calories. not always calories or health savings when you think about
10:35 am
that. >> okay. >> and granola. who doesn't love that? just a tiny, a quarter of a cup has about 150 calories. so you can't load up a bowl and think that's your cereal. >> that much is 150 calories? >> just a handful. so a better way to use it is to use it as a topping. just a little bit on it, on to any kind of yogurt or mix it with your regular cereal. just downsize that. and -- >> and oil. >> and light olive oil. people think, that's probably better, lighter in calories, only lighter in color. so read the label. >> wait a minute. say that again. >> if you have a light colored olive oil, that means that light is mostly refers to color, not calories. so -- >> unbelievable. >> dark green, same calories. if you're sloshing on a lot of light olive oil thinking it is lower in calorie -- >> thanks, madelyn. for more of the real deal tips, go to >> start early if you want your child to be a good sleeper. >> how to get your whole family
10:36 am
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10:40 am
today's bed time and your baby is brought to you by johnson's baby. are you the parent whose child's sleep routine comes down to bath, bottle and book every single night? >> or are you the parent where anything goes in your house and you get them down when you can? >> whether they're 8 months old or 8 year old, kids and parents need to get enough sleep and it is best to form the good habits early on. >> that's right. here to help you do just that are tara glasgow, the vice president of research and development at johnson's baby. >> and dr. mary ellen renna, board certified pediatrician and colleen padia, founder of the parenting blog "classy mommy." >> nice to see all of you. thank you so much. >> did a poll and found that 72% of new parents had a loose routine.
10:41 am
it is not that structured. is that a -- >> they let the baby call the shots. >> let the baby call the shots a little bit, yeah. >> i hope we can inspire some changes in that. >> they'll pay for that. >> yeah. what we learned is making a routine a daily ritual has a huge impact. if you do it every day, it makes a big difference. we have tested about 80,000 babies we researched in the past ten years. different sleep patterns, different behaviors, and what we have learned is that in that time having a ritual where you start with something as simple as a bath, lotion, massage, followed by quiet time together, lullaby or reading a story, exactly, all of these work together. >> good thing to introduce your children to. >> to engage the senses in a way that it locks in the baby's memory, the moment from that night and remembering back to the night before. >> it has to be important to start early. i mean, how early is the right time to start?
10:42 am
>> never too early. what i recommend when i tell parents when they come home from the hospital is to start the routine as soon as they're coming home. it reinforces the behavior for the parents so they get into that habit of -- it becomes habitual for them. and over the next few weeks and months, it becomes a habit for the baby because early on it is not going to be a habit for the infant, they're all brain and reflexes. they don't have the cortex to know i'm being put to sleep and i have to do it on my own. as their brain is evolving over the next four to eight weeks, they start to develop a memory and it becomes a habit. >> if you haven't been doing it -- >> here is the problem, new parents, especially, when that baby starts screeching and crying, we end up going in and comforting and what is the best thing you would say? >> it is really overwhelming. but i think the most important thing is to stick to that routine, find what works for you. doing that bath time, reading a book is something i did with my children when they were young from day one, reading that book
10:43 am
and it becomes a routine and habit for mom. >> and they'll love reading. >> my kids are 6 and 8 now, my son is 6, in first grade, we don't negotiate at bed time, he would prefer to dig worms in the backyard all day long, but the one time of day my reluctant reader will read is bed time. we made that part of our ritual. >> it is the consistency, isn't it? you have to be equal on it. equal partner, parenting. >> a parent is watching and has a 2-year-old and hasn't been doing it and now they say i want to start doing it, can you unring the bell and reprogram a child? >> you can unring the bell if you want to, but you have to be consistent. the problem is you can tell the parents to start all over again and do the bed time routine and put the baby or toddler into the bed or the crib while still awake so they can put themselves to sleep, but they have to be consistent. so the baby is in the bed and the baby starts to cry, all right, baby is crying, baby is crying, right to the crib and they respond to them so they
10:44 am
enforce. but if they don't -- if they do this ritual continually and stick to what they have been doing, it works every time. >> so hard to do. so hard. >> how much sleep do they need, about, do you know? >> depends on -- babies, generally, infants sleep 12 to 17 hours a night. and then as we get to 3, the average 3-year-old sleeps about 13 hours a day or night. and as you get older, it gets less and less and goes to 12 -- >> they still need it but with the homework and after school things, jumps down to not enough sleep at all. ladies, thanks. thank you so much. >> what kind of sleep routine do you follow with your kids? tell us all about it at and low cost meets high fashion. how to wear the hottest fall coats and where to find them for under $100. yes, you heard me correctly. >> wow. >> yeah. cute. >> that's a cute top. >> yeah. (male announcer) it's happening.
10:45 am
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tell your doctor about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions. check your blood sugar levels. your insulin dose should not be changed without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, swelling of your face, tongue or throat, sweating, extreme drowsiness, dizziness, or confusion. (male announcer) today's the day to ask your doctor about levemir® flextouch. covered by nearly all health insurance and medicare plans. what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... oh yeah, and frosted! what's your most favorite of all? hmm...the kind i have with you. me too.
10:47 am
10:48 am
10:49 am
all right. in parts of the country, it is time to break out the fall jackets. >> instead of just wearing it, why not lock it. >> it takes bold accessories to get you looking like you just walked off the runway. >> here is jen fallic. >> time to break out the fall coats. we're showing you how to take things from real world to more runway inspired styles. we have awesome, affordable jacks and we'll make them super high fashion. >> tiffany is up first. >> tiffany is up first. this trend is inspired by this ladylike moto jacket we're seeing. this is $50 from burlington. we made it runway, first off, a pair of sunglasses. these are from toms. i love the oversized aviators, the gloves again, that's fashion, not function. throw on the great little clutch. very chic, and then finally the
10:50 am
final touch. >> the necklace. >> tassel necklace. now i'm intimidated. we have to move on. >> the wrap coat with serea. >> this is the wrap coat. huge trend for the runways. this way you can feel high fashion by mixing and matching. the coat is from we added the belt. wrap around your own belt. don't have to do the one that comes with the jacket. pair of shades. love these from icon. and these gloves, old navy, leopard gloves, about fashion, not necessarily function. acrylic bag, huge trend, long chain, that has all the touches of gold and ready to walk the runway. >> gina is up next. >> gina is up next, sporty trend. gray is the big neutral trend we saw all over the runways. i love it with more silver in it to make it feel more high style.
10:51 am
this jacket is from lands end and it is packable. to make it feel more high style, we did color blocking. touches of red, the red sneakers, duvaffel, fun scarf. i'm obsessed with the legging. we're seeing statement leggings from teens on up. they're a little more stylish. >> yeah. >> and we need some sunglasses. very runway. put on the bag. >> yeah. she looks great. >> that kind of bag is that? >> nylon duffel, a lot of room in it, work clothes in. >> my gosh. big enough for all my stuff. >> everything. >> okay. adorable. >> how cute is this? >> this is from gap factory stores, $69, inspired by the trend we saw. on the runway, we saw it with a
10:52 am
floral skirt. in real life, maybe not going to do that, but you can still get the runway look, ten bucks from h & m. style it out with cuffing. we'll cuff these. >> what? >> cuff. >> cuff it. >> the arms, give it a little slouchiness. we paired it with american eagle distressed denim. pairing the super rugged with the very feminine. >> sorry. >> and then a lavender bag. >> sunglasses. >> that bag is cute. so affordable. >> thank you, all. >> we'll be right back with -- >> but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> nice job. as a small business owner you don't deliver anything less than 100% to your customers. and at verizon fios we believe that you shouldn't settle for less than 100% of the internet.
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now for our fan spotlight. remember last week we showed you that aare doorable photo of a
10:56 am
baby dressed up, jack, as a football. check these little cutis out. 4-month-old twins addison -- wanted to show off their game day. geared up for football season with their furry friends bogart and barry. >> that's adorable. thank you for sharing. >> that was awesome. tomorrow, emmy winning actress d debra messing. >> and up close and personal with craig ferguson. >> wait. do you guys know he has a mad, crazy crush on kathie lee. >> that happens. >> that's what he always -- >> i'm apparently going to take a very different approach to some very popular song lyrics. >> what are you doing? >> and
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, a developing story. amtrak service is disrupted between philadelphia and washington, d.c., making for a very difficult morning for train commuters. i'm chris cato. amtrak service is on hold as crews continue to work to remove a pole and power line that fell on the tracks early this morning in maryland. northeast regional is suspended. limited services between philadelphia and wilmington. matt delucia is live at the amtrak station in wilmington. how frustrated ready people? >> reporter: some of them are very frustrated. th