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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  September 16, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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frein. stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the search for the killer. you can count on for upto the minute updates when when we're not on air. new castle county police say a driver has turned himself in after a hit and run left a cyclist. tim furlong was there as the suspect turned himself in to police. did he say anything? >> reporter: he didn't. i tried. i asked him some questions and really just had one basic question for him. i think it's the question everybody would like to ask him. that guy was your neighbor. any reason you didn't stop? tonight we tried to ask 44-year-old gabriel pardo why he didn't stop when he hit something. that something was 27-year-old bishop. pardo would not answer our questions neither would his lawyer on the way out of the
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police department. we're told pardo didn't offer police answers, either. >> a beautiful night, biking home was the way he wanted to spend it. >> reporter: bishop was wearing a helmet light and flashing lights on his background. police say pardo with his three sons in the car hit bishop and then just kept on going, rushing home to put his audi in the garage. >> my family doesn't feel vengeance or satisfaction with knowing who did this. my family's a very -- they're strong in their faith and forgiveness is a big part of what they believe in. 5%1e is hurting just like my family is. >> pardo posted the $50,000 bail. he was allowed to go home. he's a manager with the dupont corporation. bike delaware started a memory web page for phillip bishop. they are an organization that
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tries to make the roads safer for bikers and outdoor activity enthusiasts they're trying to make his memory live on. we'll keep you posted on this story. we're live in new castle county, live at police headquarters. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. take a good look at the men and women in this surveillance video. these people are wanted for an alleged height crime assault in rittenhouse. the two victims tell nbc 10 they were talking to get pizza when they were confronted by at least a dozen men and women. someone in the group asked if they were a couple. when they answered yes, that's when they were attacked. all new at 6:00, can donald trump save atlantic city in tonight the donald is talking to nbc 10 about the possibility he could swoop in to save the city where three casinos once bore his name. nbc 10's jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg talked to trump by phone. he's live in front of trump
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plaza which just closed its doors today. ted, what did trump tell you? >> reporter: renee, donald trump told me he would love to make a return to atlantic city but any plans he may have still could not stop the doors here at trump plaza before being locked today. >> right here. >> reporter: with a drink on the boardwalk two hours after his final shift, laid off security supervisor james kurt bid farewell to his employer of a decade, along with nearly 1,000 co-workers. >> it was a real sad day for me, you know, because we dedicate our life to this place, and this is what we get for thanks. >> reporter: hardly anyone was inside trump plaza's casino before it shut down at 6:00 a.m. recently the gaming hall has been atlantic city's weakest performing casino. parent company trump entertainment resorts filed for bankruptcy last week and is threatening to close its other casino, the taj mahal in november.
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donald trump does not control or run the company. but this morning, he made waves with this tweet, saying he may buy back into atlantic city to save the plaza and the taj. we saw that tweet and late this afternoon, i went straight to the source. >> we'll take a look at it. it will depend on a lot of things, including price. of course, tachs are too high in atlantic city. so they have a lot of things to straighten out. but i would love to go back and dependent on price. certainly right now the price would be pretty low. >> reporter: industry experts say trump plaza has suffered from years of neglect. when in opened in 1984, donald trump called it the finest building in atlantic city and possibly the nation. >> would you sink money into the trump plaza to bring it back to what it was? >> if i made the right deal, i absolutely would. i think it could be brought back to something really special. >> reporter: trump has been critical of how both the trump plaza and taj mahal have been run and he told me he is still
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pursuing a legal effort to have his name removed from both casinos. live tonight in atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. here's a look at the other casinos that have closed in atlantic city this year, the atlantic club shut its doors in january. while showboat casino closed august 31st. revel was out of business just a few days later. trump plaza closed today. the trump taj mahal could face a november closing date. >,> fresh off the miss america pageant, more big events could be coming to boardwalk hall. that's because the casino reinvestment redevelopment authority has approved a $1 million subsidy agreement. now it calls for a minimum of 12 big-name shows at boardwalk hall but there could be as many as 16. right now, the deal is for one year but it could be extended. tonight, a philadelphia mother is thanking an anonymous good samaritan for saving her daughter. it's still unclear what happened to the girl. someone found the teen knocked
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out in pennypack park last night hours after she was last seen stepping off a school bus. nbc 10's doug shimell live where it happened in north philadelphia. doug, do police think there was a crime committed here? >> reporter: well, clearly something happened to the girl but special victims detectives now say they do not believe she was sexually assaulted. because she has no recollection of a three-hour period last night, the mystery continues. they were uneasy just walking past the spot. >> anything can happen. >> you have to worry about this. i have two nieces that walk this way from school every day. >> it's not safe to come outside no more. >> reporter: they know a 15-year-old girl was found lying unconscious monday night along the roosevelt boulevard in pennypack park after not coming home from school. >> how can a person do this to a child? >> reporter: her mother says the teen remembers stepping off a crowded septa kbus on the way home from school to let people off. she was found nearly three hours
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later with a head injury and bruises on her legs. >> what happened to my daughter and who did it? they should pay for the consequence. that's not right. >> there were so many people, she didn't get to get in. the doors closed and it took off. >> reporter: if she would have been able to get on that bus, do you think this would have happened? >> possibly not. >> reporter: she believes whoever did this left her daughter for dead. an anonymous person walking by saw her lying in the woods on the other side of the guardrail. >> i want to thank whoever found her. without them finding her, she would not be here. >> reporter: her daughter is now in stable condition. special victims detectives want her to go home and recuperate. perhaps she may be able to recall more of what happened out here. live in northeast philadelphia, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. philadelphia police say they know who fired the fatal shot that struck and killed a
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pregnant mom in frankford over the weekend. investigators looking for 27-year-old devon guisherd. according to police, he was targeting a white sedan driving near adams avenue on sunday morning when a stray bullet struck 25-year-old megan doto. she was 8 months pregnant at the time. her baby did not survive. the suspect's sister tells nbc 10 her brother is innocent and police have the wrong guy. >> when they came here this morning, they said he was a murderer that's what they say, he was a murderer. and my brother is no murderer. he's not. >> a lawyer for the suspect tells nbc 10 that there have been discussions regarding a timely surrender in order for guisherd to clear his name. a philadelphia police officer is accused of leaving the scene of an accident. back in june he was involved in an off-duty car crash with a
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student's vehicle on chestnut street. he took off. moore is a seven-year vet of the force. he's been suspended for a month with the intent to dismiss. philadelphia schools are one badly needed infusion of cash. today a statehouse committee unanimously voted in favor of a $2 per pack cigarette tax for the city. a final house vote is likely either tomorrow or on monday. the bill would then move on to the senate where house leaders say they are confident it will be passed. now, to the latest on the ray rice scandal. the clock is ticking away for the players' union to appeal the indefinite suspension the nfl handed the running back last week. a spokesperson for the union says they are expected to appeal before tonight's 11:59 deadline. this comes as questions are being raised about the prevention program he entered. records indicate that only 70 of the more than 1,500 domestic
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assault cases adjudicated from 2010 to 2013 in new jersey superior court were admitted into the pti program. now, it allows suspects to avoid jail time and keep their records clean. meanwhile, rihanna and cbs are parting ways in the wake of the ray rice scandal. the network says it's permanently editing her voice out of its telecast for thursday night football. rihanna was upset after cbs pulled her song last week. the broadcast took a more serious tone in the wake of the ray rice scandal and rihanna is a victim of domestic violence this morning, rihanna tweeted, quote, cbs, you pulled my song last week, now you want to slide it back in this thursday? y'all are sad for penalizing me for this. cbs responded by saying it's moving in a different direction for its theme music. how adults can be sick without even knowing it. also, celebrating the taney
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dragons. how all of pennsylvania is now honoring the team's achievements in the little league world series. well, the morning rains moved out. i tell you how long the dry weather will stick around. details are coming up next in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast.
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breaking news right now. skyforce 10 live here over the scene of this accident. this is in northeast philadelphia. you see one of the cars being pulled away. two cars at least collided. one overturned. this happened at bustleton and cottman avenue. you see a crowd gathered there. no word yet on how serious the injuries are. federal health officials confirmed four cases of enterovirus d-68 at a philadelphia hospital. that's the virus sickening so many children across the midwest and apparently here now at home. we're waiting for results of suspected enterovirus in delaware. nbc 10's denise nakano has the latest on the pennsylvania cases. >> reporter: the four children who came down with the respiratory illness were treated at children's hospital of philadelphia. they've since been released. >> the children are at home and doing well. >> reporter: the hospital would tell us very little except the
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children were patients anywhere from two to six days before going home. c.h.o.p. infectious disease specialist says enterovirus d-68 is not new and not any more dangerous than any other respiratory infects. she believes health officials are on high alert because of an unexpected uptick in cases. some kids, especially those with other medical conditions can get hit harder. >> children are getting sent to the hospital because they're having more severe symptoms, harsher and more prolonged coughing. sometimes children breathing more rapidly and sometimes children needing a little bit of supplemental oxygen. >> reporter: symptoms of the virus include fever, runny nose, mouth blisters and muscle aches. one local mom tells nbc 10 her child was sent home today with a common cough by concerned school officials. dr. kofman wants parents to stay calm. >> i don't think i would choose to send children home for a mild cough or mild runny nose.
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>> reporter: and kids aren't the only ones who can catch the virus. >> i would guess, in fact, i would probably bet there's substantial numbers of adults who are ill with this virus as well. >> reporter: denise nakano, nbc 10 news. now, doctors say don't confuse this virus with the seasonal flu. a flu shot won't protect against enterovirus. children can get both illnesses. get vaccinated for the flu this fall. visit to learn more about enterovirus d68. you'll find details on symptoms, treatment and other information, including the history of the virus in this country. now, your nbc 10ç first alt weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. well, some early showers today, then sunshine, then some clouds, some fair weather clouds. now those clouds are breaking up very quickly as the sun is getting ready to go down. we have dry days ahead and some cool nights ahead. not exactly going to be feeling like the middle of september. question is how long is that
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kind of pattern going to last? starting to see more and more sunshine out there and we see the temperature of 72 degrees, the winds out of the north at 10 miles an hour, continuing to feed in the dry air. now, temperatures have been below average for quite a while. 74 for the high today. not much different during the day tomorrow. and we'll stay below average for quite a while. it's in the 60s to the north and west, now also in mount holly. cloudiness north and west, more than we've seen elsewhere. tonight with the clearing skies, temperatures will drop to 45 in allentown, 47 in quakertown. 50 in doylestown. 51 in norristown. 48 in vineland. those are chilly numbers for this early in the season. 51 in glassboro and westchester. now we have dry conditions across the area. this is the radar and satellite. there would be green if there
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was rain. there's no rain and there's no rain for quite a while. that's a different story. we have out in the atlantic we had a major hurricane develop today, hurricane edouard. out west, this is odile. it is streaming moisture toward arizona and new mexico and this is going to be a nightmare up there. it was a nightmare a week ago when they had flooding. three inches of rain is all it took to do all of this in the phoenix area. they're expecting three to six inches of rain with local nine inch amounts in parts of southern arizona and into new mexico. you're going to hear more and more about this over the rest of the week. it's not going to be good news. tonight, becoming clear and cool, 56 for the low in philadelphia. 46 north and west during the day tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. light wind, low humidity,
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beautiful-looking day. low to mid-70s. and the seven-day forecast, just about as nice on thursday, we cool down a bit on friday but still, lots of sunshine. then on saturday, another sunny day but now the temperatures will start going up. 77 degrees. that's pretty close to average for this time of the year. look at the lows at night. that's in the city, 40s in the suburbs. by the time the eagles are playing washington on sunday, we're talking about 82 degrees. but not high humidity and no showers until at least next monday. new at 6:00 tonight, a weak-long celebration of philadelphia's pride. the taney dragons. today the pennsylvania statehouse voted unanimously to designate september 14th through the 20th as taney dragons week in pennsylvania. today we recognize the taney youth baseball association for making a difference in many young lives in the city of philadelphia as demonstrated by
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the team's success in the little league world series. and we honor the team and the league for its outstanding season. >> the team was thrust into the national spotlight last month after representing the mid-atlantic region in the little league world series. the dragons were eliminated from the series a game short of the u.s. championship. >> thanks,ç renee. i'm john clark. we'll hear from flyers chairman ed snyder. is he more patient now? he gives up an update on timonen. and how good is sproles. we hear from the birds, next.
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity,
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your home for the most live sports. >> i'm john clark with your sports. the eagles are 2-0ç for just t third time over the last 20 years. what a comeback last night. it's amazing, the eagles have scored the most points in the nfl and 58 of them have been in the second half. nobody scored more overall in the nfl. take a look at indianapolis last night. who sparked the eagles offense again? how about 5'6" darren sproles, one of the shortest players in the history of the nfl. he had a career day. 152 receiving yards, a career high 178 yards from scrimmage. so you've got shady and now you've got slim shady. and his teammates, they are thrilled to have him. >> i mean, i used to play with him on the video game back in the day, yeah, i know what he can do. he got me a lot of points when i played with him. but he's a talented guy, very, very talented. we have to make sure we keep giving hip the ball, where he
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can do the things that he does. >> he always finds a way to make plays, on the ground, in the air or special teams. he gives us a spark. without sproles, we'd be in trouble to be honest, we really would. that's why we're a team, when guys are struggling he's picking everybody up. >> yes, shady says he's carrying the eagles right now. mychal kendricks had to leave the game last night. it was a big loss. he has muscle spasms, hopefully that's all it is. he's having an mri. we caught up with the flyers chairman and asked him is he more patient now and also we asked him about team team nen -
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timonen's situation. >> he's a fighter. he has to take this medication forever. it's a question of what the medical staff says about his future. i don't want kimo to take any unnecessary chances. by the same token, if he wants to play and the doctors clear him, we'd be excited. >> the flyers aren't sure if he's going to play this sure. the new ice is laid down at the wells fargo center. they have a new red line. camp starts at the end of this week. i'm john clark. we're right back after this.
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here's your chance to weigh in on the redevelopment of one of philadelphia's most iconic sites, love park. the city's parks and rec department wants i don't y-- i don't to share your ideas. visit love park between tomorrow and saturday to share your thoughts as well. well, for all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for watching.
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i'm renee chenault-fattah. the news tonight continues with "nbc nightly news." on our broadcast tonight, boots on the ground. did the nation's top military officer just open the door to the possibility of american combat troops in this fight against isis despite what the president told the nation? without warning. wildfires explode in california engulfing entire neighborhoods as some families escape only with what they were wearing. money talks but will the nfl listen? along with their customers, now some of the game's biggest advertisers starting to weigh in. and legal weed in colorado where they can't grow it fast enough to keep up with demand, but there have been some scarce along the way that other states are now watching. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headqer


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