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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  September 17, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, a chiet take a child takes a deadly fall. philadelphia police are investigating the death of an 8-year-old girl who fell from an apartment. nbc 10's katey zachary has been talking with neighborhoods and joins us live from outside the apartment building. >> reporter: the neighbors are devastated by this, as are so many people who live at the fairfax apartments behind me. this 8-year-old girl, this little girl fell out of her bedroom window from the ninth floor. it happened around 7:45 this morning. she was rushed to children's hospital of philadelphia where she was pronounced dead a short
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time later. neighbors tell me the little girl lived with her family here at the fairfax apartments. they recently moved in. the father is an under grad student. apparently she was in her bedroom with an older -- fell back asleep. when she woke up again, i'm told she discovered her 8-year-old sister had fallen out of the bedroom window. from what we can tell, window screens slide up and down on a track. it looks easy to open and close. special victims are out here. it does involve the death of a child. i talked with one of the building owners who had no comment. i talked with the property manager who wouldn't go on camera. she was too shaken up. construction crews who are working inside this building, they are in tears. it's a devastating situation out here. we did also talk with police who say they have not yet been able to talk with the victim's father who is still at the hospital.
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live in west philadelphia, katey zachary. nbc 10 news. we are learning about the group of people who attacked a gay couple. police are waiting for the attackers to turn themselves in. nbc 10's monique braxton is live. what can you tell us? >> reporter: detectives are not happy. they have been waiting for the arrival of the people who participated in the attack for about two hours now. look at this surveillance videotape. they tell us this tape captured the group of friends police believe are behind the hate crime. you see a dozen people. where he told they graduated from a local catholic high school and were in town for a special dinner. the victims who were jumped near 16th and chancellor. they say the crowd passed them, one person asked if they were a couple. when the men said yes, they say they were attacked. police also say a bag containing
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a wallet and krcredit cards was snatched. instead of someone saying stop, they participated or just stood there. sources say the persons of interest have been urged to come to central detectives with their attorneys at 9:00 this morning. just a short time ago one detective told me they haven't shown up. we must go get them at some point. live outside central, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. sky force 10 in west philadelphia. firefighters battle a house fire. this happened just after 7:00 this morning. you can see the heavy smoke there coming from the roof of the home. fire officials tell us everyone made it out safely. they are now investigating what started the fire. after a school start, we have sunny and comfortable conditions across the area this morning. a live look at the philadelphia museum of art. what's in store for the rest of
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the day? chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. >> yeah. it is just a spectacular looking day out there. a whole lot sunnier than it was yesterday. we have a lot of blue in the sky. the humidity is low. the wind is lighter than it was yesterday as well. now we're up to 70 degrees. 65 in allentown. 66 in reading. 69 in wilmington. it was pretty chilly this morning. the temperature is going up pretty nicely, up near 70 degrees across much of south jersey and delaware as well. we had some clouds earlier yesterday, but they are gone. we have the dry conditions continuing across the entire -- much of the country with one exception, in the southwest states. we will get into that more later. for us, we have got a lot of sunshine today. picture perfect.
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75 degrees for the high temperature. another cool night tonight. more cool nights, more dry days. will that last all the way through the weekend? i will have that seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. adrian peterson is off the team again while his legal case plays out. peterson was indicted on child abuse charges. he is accused of beating and injuring one of his sons with a tree branch or a switch. he is now in the exempt permission list. he must stay away from all football-related activities. that comes after one of the major sponsors released a statement saying it was disappointed and concerned in how the nfl handled recent situations. and after raddison hotels pulled its support. the the appeal was filed by rice. he was given a two-game
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suspension and then suspended indefinitely avid fter video surfaced. an intersection is closed this morning because of a water main break. at the intersection of 7th and locust around 2:00 this morning. you can see water there gushing as the water department works to repair that break. police are on the hunt for a gunman following a drive by shooting in north philadelphia. a man waiting for a bus was shot in the face just before midnight on north 17th street. police say a car had slowed down. someone inside the car opened fire and drove away. the victim is listed in critical but stable condition. now to the philadelphia school budget crisis. a house vote on the cigarette tax has been delayed until at least monday. this news coming down in the past 90 minutes or so. yesterday, a house rules committee voted unanimously in favor of the $2 a pack cigarette tax.
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if it's passed by the house, the bill would still need senate approval. the tax could bring in $80 million or more to help fund philadelphia public schools for the current school year. happening now, 50 immigrants representing over 28 countries are taking the oath of allegiance to become u.s. citizens. this is a live look at the naturalization ceremony taking place at the national constitution center in philadelphia with all those folks. they are taking part in the city's week-long multicultural celebration. >> we the people of the united states of america -- >> today marks constitution today. early this morning students gathered on the front lawn of the national constitution center. the president and ceo of the center led the morning reading. after that, the sons and daughters of the american revolution held a flag raising ceremony.
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scary scene at a preschool. a car crashed into a classroom while small children were inside. why police are calling this a miracle coming up. a little pennsylvania dog takes on a bigger intruder and guess what? she wins. the story straight ahead. the cool temperatures are with us. a little while longer. changes are on the way for the weekend. i will show you what's in store in the seven-day forecast.
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this morning an torn announced he is jumping into the mayor race. he is a former assistant u.s. attorney and served as solicitor under the former mayor. the democrat says that education reform is one of his top priorities which is why he decided to kick off his campaign this morning outside the philadelphia school district building. >> i'm running for mayor because philadelphia is failing our children. our children are growing up in the poorest of the large cities in america in a city with an increasing gap between the poor and rich and in which children are losing their opportunities that they should have. >> the election is in may of 2015. happening today, no class for students in the pocono mountain school district because of safety concerns. the manhunt continues for the
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gunman who killed a state trooper. a public viewing will be held for briyon dickson. he is dangerous and has made statements about wanting to kill state troopers. he ambushed the two state troopers friday night. his car was found with empty rifle cases and information about foreign embassies. local doctors are on high alert after four confirmed cases of an uncommon virus has popped up in our area. four children were treated for the enterovirus in philadelphia. we're waiting for lab results of suspected cases in delaware. they can only treat the symptoms, fever, runny nose, muscle aches. the virus is spreading rapidly. here is when parents should
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worry. >> more prolonged coughing. sometimes children breathing rapidly and children needing supplemental oxygen. >> health experts urge you to wash your hands with soap and water and disinfect surfaces touched frequently. president obama's plan to fight the ebola outbreak in west africa is under way. the cdc in atlanta yesterday he was there. the president has ordered 3,000 troops to go to west africa to build treatment clinics and help workers there. he said the ebola epidemic threatens global security. the chances of it spreading to the u.s. are extremely low. a final house vote is expected to decide whether to give president obama the okay to arm syrian rebels to battle isis militants. tracy potts reports from capitol hill. >> isis is expanding in numbers. >> reporter: as the house prepares a quick vote on arming syria's opposition, president
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obama is at an air force base getting an update from the unit that will oversee the fight against isis. >> it's the men and women who will partner with others in the region to carry out our limited military mission. >> reporter: limited, no boots on the ground. the president has promised repeatedly. but his top general tells congress -- >> if there are threats to the united states, then i, of course, would go back to the president and make a recommendation that may include the use of u.s. military ground forces. >> reporter: more than 1,000 u.s. soldiers are already there with more on the way. the state department tried to clarify. >> the president has been very clear, we will not have troops on the ground in combat roles. >> saying we're not going to have boots on the ground is kind of not being totally truthful with the american people. >> reporter: some lawmakers are concerned about arming syrian rebels. >> are we simply arming and training another taliban. >> reporter: today a vote and
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testimony from secretary of state john kerry just back from the middle east urging other countries to help. that's happening this afternoon. this morning, we're hearing from secretary jay johnson of homeland security talking about threats right here in the u.s., threats to the homeland. firefighters in northern california battle a wildfire that damaged or destroyed nearly 150 homes and businesses. windy conditions today will keep red flag warnings in affect. firefighters say they will likely work for days to put out hot spots in the town of weed. the fire is being called the worst the state has seen all year. this woman had time to grab clothing and her dog before making a quick exit as her home was on fire. >> it was boiling red. just rolling, bubbling up. plus the propane tanks were blowing, bombs going off. >> firefighters are making sure -- making progress, but they say the danger is far from
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over. a cal schoifornia school is closed after a car crashed in. it's a miracle no one has seriously hurt. as children arrived to class, a parent accidentally drove through a classroom wall. eight students and a teacher were inside. the force of the impact was so great that pieces of the wall went flying on the tables. the wall ended up on the other side of the room. >> i came in and i just -- i jumped on the table to get out. >> was it loud? >> yes. >> what did it sound like? >> it sounded like an earthquake. >> two children had a few bumped and somescrapes. the school will be closed for several days. a story from western pennsylvania about a small dog with a big bark. so big, in fact, it was enough to scare a bear away from the family home. here he is. on sunday, his owner noticed the dog was missing. after seeing the size door of his home smashed with scratches
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and fur, well, he concluded casper was after a bear that had broken in. >> about seven points. he is seven years old. he's always chasing rabbits. it doesn't surprise me he was chasing a bear. i went over two streets. the neighbor said they seen the dog chasing the bear through the woods. >> he looks no worse for the wear. neighbors helped locate casper who is a hero. we got some more of the beautiful fall-like weather. lots of blue in the sky. more sunshine than what we saw yesterday. and we have more dry days ahead. we also have more cool nights ahead. possible historic flooding out in parts of the southwestern united states due to a tropical storm that is moving their way.
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70 degrees right now with only a six mile an hour wind. the humidity is low. that's pretty nice. most folks are going to enjoy that. look how cool it was this morning. 44 in allentown. 48 in blue bell. 45 in quakertown. 47 in mount holly. 52 in dover. 46 in toms river. unseasonably cool. during the afternoon, we're below average as well, perhaps up i agr i agree from yesterday. still below average for the temperatures. that should continue for a while. currently, it's in the mid 60s to the north and west. 70 across the rest of the area. the temperature going up nicely. back to the west where our air is coming from, it's actually a little bit cooler. if anything, we have cooler air coming in later this week before we would get any kind of
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warm-up. sunshine across the east. very dry air overall. this area in missouri is not going anywhere near us. the futurecast, on the wide view, because we want to see if there's anything that's approaching in the next couple days. here we are on friday, and there's nothing. we do have a front that's going to be coming down and approaching a little bit on saturday and sunday. eventually, we will get some rain out of that. edouard is not bothering anybody, maybe kicking up the surf. odile is a different story. remnants of that in arizona and still a tropical storm. a lot of moisture. it may bypass phoenix at least for the worst of it, because there is just going to be some tremendous rains occurring with this. tucson, arizona and into new
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mexico, look like they will get hit the hardest. perhaps record rainfall. temperatures into the mid 70s told with a lot of bright sunshine, nice and comfortable. seven-day forecast, another one like that tomorrow. then cooler on friday. temple plays at home on saturday. great conditions there. the eagles are playing home on sunday. it's going to be getting warmer in the 80s, but the humidity won't be that high. the showers don't come back until monday. >> thank you. trouble in one pacific paradise. new concerns in hawaii as lava creeps closer to homes. an update on that situation. a sweet and helpful child with a lot of offer. a big eagles fan to boot. this week's wednesday's child.
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it's 11:23. this week's wednesday's child is kind and helpful and a big football fan. he's more than ready to find a loving home. i'm pleased to introduce you to kenny. welcome to the eagles locker room. he is a fun and sweet 13-year-old who loves anything and everything football. we took him to the epicenter of philly football, lincoln financial field. you got to see these guys' lockers.
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> i can say he is one of the sweetest kids i have met. he is very affectionate. he has an infectious smile. >> we toured the locker room and got a feel for what it's like to be an eagle. ever been in a stadium before? >> no. >> it's pretty cool. we went to the center of the action. this is just like walking out as a player for the first time. it's huge. kenny has been diagnosed with autism and enjoys going to his school. he loves being helpf fuful to a his classmates. >> his teachers describe him as a leader. he likes to show them how to do it. >> the ideal family would be loving and support him unconditionally. >> kenny would do great in any family setting. he gets along well with older and younger children. he needs to be in a special
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classroom. >> he is more than ready for his forever home. >> one, two, three. >> eagles. >> kenny is this week's wednesday's child. did you hear him say eagles? >> he got me. you can make kenny's dream of a forever family come true or the dream of any wednesday's child. go to our website at and search wednesday's child or call a national adoption center. still ahead, more on the breaking news we brought you at the top of the newscast. a child takes a deadly fall from an open window. more on another case we told you about. philadelphia police have some people they want to talk to after a vicious attack on a gay couple in center city. an update on this investigation minutes away.
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checking out our top stories at 11:30. an 8-year-old girl is dead after falling nine stories from a west philadelphia apartment building. police say the girl fell from a window. she was rushed to children's hospital where she was pronounced dead. her death is now under investigation. in center city, an intersection has been shut down because of a water main break. 7th and locust streets, as the street filled with water. water department is working to fix that break. adrian peterson is being ordered to stay away from all team activities while his legal case moves forward. he is charged with felony child abuse after authorities say he beat one of his sons with a tree branch or a switch. philadelphia police are hoping the suspects who attacked
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a gay couple will turn themselves in. monique braxton is live outside central detectives where the suspects were supposed to show up more than 20 hours ago. any sign of the people? >> reporter: no sign of them yet. look at this video. you can see that faces are in clear view. investigators tell us, callers who saw this video identified the group of friends police believe are behind the hate crime. on the video you see a dozen people. we're told they graduated from a local catholic high school and were in town for a special dinner on thursday night. the victims who were jumped near 16th and chancellor tell us when the crowd passed them, one person asked if they were a couple. when the men said yes, they say they were attacked. police also say a bag containing a wallet and credit cards was sma snatched. the folks participated or they just stood there.
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sources tell us the persons of interest have been urged to come with their attorneys to central. they were told to start showing up about 9:00 this morning. so far, no one has walked through the door. i asked one detective what's next. we will give them time and then we're going to get them. live outside central, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. clear skies in wilmington, delaware, where the 2014 polish festival is ongoing. things have warmed up. what's in store for the rest of the day? glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the answer. >> it's just an incredible day out there. we have seen a lot of sunshine across just about the entire area. just a few clouds in the poconos here. this is a live view of the french manor. we have a cool start in the
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poconos. it was 37 degrees this morning in mount pocono. 44 in allentown. 45 in quakequakertown. you can see a little bit less told in philadelphia at 56. still a lot of places with below average temperatures. we're up to 59 in the poconos. 60s in other northern and western areas. into the 70s in some other spots. we don't have any significant moisture anywhere around or even close by, as you can see, on the satellite and radar. we're in nice shape for today. temperatures getting into the mid 70s. lots of sunshine. low humidity and light winds. we will see if that's going to last through the weekend. it won't. there will be changes. that's coming up with the seven-day in a few minutes. southern california is recovering from powerful storms. heavy rain flooded streets. winds brought down trees and power poles.
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there was lightning and hail reported in some areas. people in mexico are continuing to clean up the damage by hurricane odile. it swept through the resort areas sunday night and monday stranding thousands of tourists visiting. many are being airlifted out today. officials say there were no serious injuries or deaths because of the hurricane. hundreds of people were rescued after a typhoon struck yesterday. it brought rain and high waves to the area. authorities are warning people to stay indoors as much as possible. this is the 15th typhoon to strike china this year. concern in hawaii after advancing lava flow from a volcano. the lava has moved 270 yards since monday. it's 100 yards wide. it's not threatening any homes as of now. officials are warning residents to watch for advisories.
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road crews are working to prepare alternate road access in case the lava flow affects any major roads. hatching today, a hearing for the man charged with killing an art institute graduate in july. police say jeremiah jackson robbed and strangled a woman in a rooming house in west philadelphia. authorities say jackson put her body in a duffel bag and set her suv on fire. her body was found in a vacant lot. investigators say he targeted her because he had thought she had a lot of money. the man accused of killing a pregnant mother and her baby over the weekend has not turned himself in to police. philadelphia police are looking for this man. his lawyer tells us he may surrender to clear his name. police say he was the person who opened fire near adams avenue. a stray bullet hit a woman while she was sitting outside.
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she died and doctors were then able to deliver her baby but the baby also died. happening this morning, jury selection has resumed in norristown for a man accused of killing a baby and her grandmother during a botched kidnapping. he faces the death penalty if convicted of killing the 10-month-old girl and her 61-year-old grandmother. prosecutors say the planned to hold the little girl for ransom to pay off a gambling debt. sky force 10 over two early. the first was around 5:30 this morning. two people were hurt when a car crashed into a light pole. the accident caused a small power outage in the neighborhood. the second crash happened just after the 6:00 at grant and roosevelt svelavenue. both victims were rushed to a
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hospital. happening now at this hour, camden mayor is announcing a new plan to reduce youth violence. red is joining school officials and law enforcement to go over details of a new program aimed at curbing violence and crime among young people. atlantic city's mayor will be talking about managing the crisis. his remarks come after trump plaza closed its doors. here sis a preview of the speeches. >> reporter: the days as casinos as king are over. the mayor will tell a crowd inside this restaurant behind me that after a brutal year, the bad times are almost over. >> we haven't hit bottom. we're close. >> reporter: the signals were seen on these doors. closed with 1,000 workers such
11:37 am
as ruth headed to unemployment. >> a lot of us started here in our 20s and 30s. now we're in your 50s and you have to rethink your game plan. >> reporter: the same is true for this popular shore spot. diversity is key. existing casinos offer nightclubs, spas, fine and family fun dining and conference and convention space. >> the properties closed, can they do something like that? are they better as a condo, a time share, a hotel or a mixture of the three? >> reporter: added to the reinvention, effort biz law makers to lure new construction. at 50 cents on the dollar, all of this under the specter that changing times mean business as usual will no longer work. >> for atlantic sit it toy grow, we have to be more than just a gaming mecca. >> reporter: in the statement, a warning to other states such as pennsylvania and delaware. don't rely too heavily on casino revenue. diversify because more casinos
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could close. the new jersey labor department is launching a resource center to help unemployed casino workers following yesterday's closing of trump plaza. it is open now through 4:00 this afternoon at boardwalk hall. staffers will be there to help assist people filing for unemployment insurance. donald trump is weighing in. he spoke with nbc 10's ted greenberg and addressed his tweet that said he may buy back into a.c. to save trump plaza and the taj mahal. >> we will look at it. it will depend on things, including price. and taxes are too high. they have a lot of things to straighten out. i would love to go back and dependent on price and certainly the price would be pretty low. >> four casinos have shut down this year. the taj mahal is threatening to close in november.
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our website has a section dedicated to the casino crisis. you can read and watch more of our coverage any time on nb nbc10.c chris christy is making his third trip to new hampshire. he is there to campaign. he is attending a campaign rally for a u.s. senate candidate. as leader of the republican governor's association, his priority is helping republican governors get elected. he won't make a decision about running for president until after november. a day to go before polls open in scotland's historic independent referendum. they decide whether to continue their union with england or forge into independent. supporters of staying in the uk were 4% ahead of the
11:40 am
secessionists. some believe scotland would do better if it became an independent nation. others compare the split to a painful divorce. >> we'll see what's going and what they can actually do. >> it's an independent nation of its own. they have it already. it should be part of the uk. >> if scotland decides to is a see -- secede, they would loseappl your old phone. we will show you what the new operating system can do now. dry today but will the rain return by the weekend? i will show you in the seven-day coming up.
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while you are taking your lunch break, look at these top stories trending right now on
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it's a quarter of noon. we have breaking news from philadelphia international airport. what you are looking at is a car
11:44 am
fire on the tarmac. you see fire crews there trying to put it out. a few minutes ago it was engulfed in flames. you see it there black smoke emerging from the car fire. it looks like they are well on their way to putting it out. no word on how this happened or when this happened. a car fire there as you see right between those two vehicles. they're trying to put it out right now. a marijuana shop is being sued after customers say they got high off chocolates after being told they did not contain any drugs. the company beyond broadway was handing out the chocolate samples at a fair last month. even though there was a pot pavilion set up at the fair, the rule was that there could be no actual marijuana or thc products on the premises. >> started feeling funny. about 45 minutes later, i was
11:45 am
really, really stoned. then another 45 minutes, maybe 20 minutes later, i was just gone. >> he was rushed to the hospital after he started having seizures and vomiting. six others have joined in the lawsuit. a hearing will be held later this month. two days before the new iphone 6 goes on sale, apple released its updated operating system. the system comes with a new health app, more photo editing and the ability to turn off group text messages. there's a new way to share within families for purchases from i tunes. mcdonald's is testing out a new build your own burger prak. it it's being offered at a few mcdonald's. it could come to many more
11:46 am
locations. mcdonald's has been experiencing its worst sales slump in a decade. car seats help save children's lives. 75% of them are installed improperly. this morning as part of child passenger safety week, there's a new campaign to raise awareness and help save lives. patient parents, this might seem familiar to you. it's a public service ad that makes a humor look at how frustrating installing a car seat can be. what parents need to know. kelse kelsey, i have four children. i never knew if it was installed properly. what's the biggest mistake? >> unfortunately, there's many mistakes that can be made in regards to installing a car seat. we're looking for families to follow the recommendations with the american academy of pediatrics as well.
11:47 am
rear facing to max out the weight of the car seat up until the age of 2. keeping children in the five-point harness. even if they're above the age of 4. that's when families like to transition into a booster seat. we like to see children in booster seats until they are 4'9". >> tell me about the role in the buckle up for life program. >> buckle up for life was a program that was developed by cincinnati children's hospital and toyota. the goal of the program is to educate everyone in the family about vehicle safety and when riding in the vehicle how to remain safe. there's education for everyone, adults, teens and children. for families in need, we are able to provide them with a free car seat in addition to partnering them with a child passenger safety technician. we realize it's not enough just for them to have the safety device. we want to make sure it's installed correctly as well. >> we see how it's helping the kids. what are you doing to help the parents? >> buckle up for life has a
11:48 am
wonderful website. you can see -- you can come to an inspection station and have your own car seat checked. there's a link on there where you can put in your zip code and it will show you inspection stations near you. there's great videos on -- to guide you through the installation. there's a way to help appropriately select the car seat based on your child's age and size. there's great resources out there. i recommend families come out to the inspection stations. >> it helps to get more information about making sure our children are safe. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> thanks for dropping in and spending time with us. yesterday at this time we had a few clouds around that were kind of threatening looking. there wasn't any rain in the area. today, those clouds are not
11:49 am
threatening at all. we have more dry days ahead. we have more cool nights ahead. in the other end of the country in the southwest, they are getting just tremendous rains. there may be record flooding in parts of arizona and new mexico. right now we see lots of sunshine. no rain anywhere nearby. 70 degrees. the wind is light, much lighter than yesterday. the humidity is even lower than yesterday. the temperatures are in the mid 60s to the north and west. 65 in allentown. 66 in quakertown. pottstown, doylestown, 66. 68 in clayton. a lot of these places were in the 40s this morning. we're up to 75 in woodbine. at the beaches themselves, we have a little bit of a high surf because of the hurricane way,
11:50 am
way, way offshore. we continue to see the north to northeast winds keeping the temperature down just a little bit right at the beaches. the satellite and radar shows virtually nothing. we have some clouds in the poconos. this area in missouri is going nowhere near us. the futurecast shows that this pattern continues. we just don't have any kind of system, small or big, headed this way through friday. then on saturday, we start to see some showers with a front that are going to be approaching. this will take a while to get here. i don't think it's going to be affecting us until early next week. edouard just has the high surf. but this is the problem in the southwest. some really heavy rain going into new mexico and arizona. more on that coming up in the next couple days. temperatures in the mid 70s today with bright sunshine.
11:51 am
the seven-day forecast, another day with lots of sun tomorrow. then cooler on friday. but sunny and low humidity. great weather on saturday for the temple owls to play. kind of warm for football on sunday. but it will not be that humid. it won't be too uncomfortable. the showers will hold off until monday. sky force 10 is live over breaking news. this is in delaware county. you are looking at an accident on i-59 southbound. this involves a state trooper from the philadelphia barracks. injuries from this crash. we don't have any more information than that. somebody is hurt. we don't know who it s. we will follow this and keep you posted. we will be right back.
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we have breaking news in to nbc 10 just before noon. nbc 10 has learned lynn abraham has decided to run for mayor. she is a former district attorney who spent nearly two decades on the job. the campaign is still in the planning stages. she probably won't make an official announcement until
11:55 am
november. coming up this afternoon at 3:00, an all new "ellen "today. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. military makeover. a major installation in our area is about to make a $100 million change. we will tell you what that will mean for operations there this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. new at 5:00, gun sales crack down from pistols to rifles, these guns sure look like the real thing. they are being used in crimes. but they are actually toys. what atlantic city leaders are doing to stop shops from selling them. new at 6:00, the images that shocked a nation. the rutgers basketball coach abusing players. now another local college coach is facing allegations of inappropriate behavior. details on nbc 10 news at 6:00. glenn "hurricane" schwartz here now with a check on the weather for this afternoon.
11:56 am
looks nice. >> it looks beautiful. we have more of that on the way. temperatures into the mid 70s. a few degrees below average for this time of the year. then we have cool nights over the next few days. you can see all the way through saturday morning. we're going to get a little bit of a cool down on friday. looks dry the rest of the week, that's for sure. saturday looks dry and sunny. that's for sure as well. the temperature starts to go up. there's a front approaching as we head toward the beginning of the week. right now it looks like it's going to hold off long enough so that the showers come in on monday and not sunday. temperatures go into the 80s on sunday. >> it will be nice when jackson possibly comes into town sunday when they roll in. >> it would be nice to see him. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. have a great day.
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>> hope: [sobbing] [sighs, sniffles] [cell phone ringing] >> aiden: hi. >> hope: i need to see you. >> aiden: really? because i thought we said everything we had to last night in the-- >> hope: look, i don't want to spar, okay? >> aiden: okay, um... i'm at tbd. >> hope: i'll be right there.