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tv   NBC 10 News at 9am  NBC  September 20, 2014 8:30am-9:31am EDT

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our region will get one last wa warm-up of the season. good morning. welcome to nbc10 news today. i'm rosemary conners. brittney shipp is tracking the cool conditions but you may not need that jacket later on today, right? >> that's right. our temperatures are going to head above average, close to 80 degrees and then push into the 80s heading into your sunday. you can see the sun is shining bright. we're seeing a few clouds. as we look at our current temperatures, 58 degrees. allentown, currently in bloo m bell. 57 in washington township. wilmington, 54. closer to the shore, 70 degrees in atlantic city. 71 in lieu wis. as we head into the rest of today, in allentown, 76 degrees. mild. 78 for wilmington. mild conditions expected. a mix of sun and clouds along cape pay with temperatures staying in the low to mid 70s.
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but warmer weather is on the way, plus i'm tracking a chance of showers throughout the weekend. i'll have the details in my first alert seven-day forecast. right now authorities are in a wooded area of the pocono mountains hoping they've cornered the man accuse of shooting two state troopers and killing one of them. nbc10's matt delucia is live in the operations center. tell us what happened over night and what we're learning this morning. >> rosemary, the manhunt continues this morning and police have been narrowing their focus to a neighborhood in canadensis, monroe county now it's entered day eight, people in that area are hope this will end very soon. hundreds of state and local police last night continue to follow leads in their search for eric frein. a search that intensified as gunfire was reported near canadensis. that is where frein's parents live. a pennsylvania law enforcement source says that gunfire did not
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come from state police and was not related to the manhunt. still, many homes have been evacuated and some residents have been asked to take shelter. >> we just can't believe everything that's going on. it makes us feel really unsafe. you know, thinking that he's so close to us in the woods. i keeping looking out my back window and we're scared. >> frein is wanted in the shooting death of corporal brian dickson. police say frein ambushed dickson and alex douglas one week ago yesterday. roadblocks are still in place as police are asking travelers to avoid the area including price and barracks townships in monroe county. neighbors say the past week has been surreal. >> i would have never have believed it. we grew up together. our families, we all moved into the development together. we grew up together. we went to school together. we cried, laughed together. no. we can't hardly believe it. >> you don't know the real story or what's happened or what's in this guy's mind, what happened. it's sad for the families.
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just a shame all around, you know, for everybody. for his family, for officers' families. it's hard to know what to really think about it. >> eric frein was placed on the fbi's ten most wanted list earlier this week and as of right now the reward is up to $175,000 for his capture. live in digital operations center this morning, i'm matt delucia, nbc10 news. we are continuing to follow new developments in the police manhunt. you can count on nbc10 and for updates. we will check back in with matt in about 30 minutes. philadelphia police are investigating a double shooting in west oak lane. nbc10 was on the scene of the 7100 block of north 19th street where police tell us two people were shot during an attempted robbery. one victim is in critical condition this morning. the other is stable. police have not made any arrests yet in this case. also new from overnight, two people were rushed to the hospital after a boating
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accident on the delaware river. the coast guard says two men were headed north up the river when their boat struck something around midnight. the victims' conditions have not yet been released. today bulldozers will be brought in to remove debris in the site of yesterday's warehouse fire in philadelphia. nbc10 was on the scene last night at american and cumberland streets in west kensington where fire crews were putting out hot spots. officials warned neighbors to stay inside their homes because the wind was kicking up a lot of smoke. the fire crews will continue to check for embers here until this morning. that's when the heavy equipment will start removing debris. flames spread quickly destroying both a vacant building and adjacent paper company. the fire forced neighbors to evacuate and nearby schools to close down. three people were hurt, including two firefighters. investigators are nowing looking the cause of this blaze. the nfl is teaming up with
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domestic violence hot lines after commissioner roger goodell admitted that the league made mistakes. yesterday goodell promised a sweeping new policy. he said the entire league would undergo training about preventing abuse. we spoke to the group women against abuse who say that these recent allegations of violence involving nfl players have raised awareness. >> so what we hope is that every institution and every employer will take ahold of this and look at their own policies. >> meanwhile, the national organization for women is responding to goodell's announcement by saying that it was nothing more than an attempt to get the issue out of the headlines. in delaware, a teenager is charged with raping a child and is in custody this morning. police in harrington say the 13-year-old suspect turned himself in on thursday. the family of the 8-year-old victim contacted police last month. the teen suspect is now being held in a juvenile facility.
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this morning philadelphia police are investigating a theft after a woman was seen stealing money from a donation box. the incident happened yesterday afternoon at the crystal vision eye care center in mayfair. you can see on the left of your screen the woman puts that white box in her purse. the money was supposed to be used to send kids to summer camp, give thanksgiving baskets to families, and to give gifts to nursing home residence. the bankrupt revel city may be closed but there is still fallout. acr energy partners filed a court document yesterday about millions of dollars in unpaid utility bills. the price of atlantic city says the energy supplier is now on the verge of bankruptcy themselves. the company says revel only paid a fraction of the $12 million owed for utilities. acr though is still providing energy to that property to avoid mold, mildew, and other problems.
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you may remember the casino shut down earlier this month. the man who wants to buy revel says he'd like to turn it into a school. glen said he wants to build a second tower to house some of the smartest people in the world. they would work on global problems. he is the only bidder on the casino hotel. an auction will be held on wednesday if another qualified bidder comes forward. if you're looking for something to do today you may want to head to center city. a lot of action going on. philadelphia police officers will be wowing the crowds at the 60th annual hero thrill show. there will be demonstrations by the motorcycle drill team, cane nine unit and mounted police unit. they raise money for the education of family members of fallen police officers. dozens of turkish hostages held for months by isis militants are free this morning. what turkey is not revealing about their release. plus, we have an update on
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the battle to contain a run away wildfire in northern california. just as another blaze heats up in oregon.
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new this morning, isis has freed dozens of turkish hostages who were seized in northern iraq last spring. new video shows 49 former hostages arriving back home in turkey. they were taken from the turkish consulate in mosul, iraq, back on june 11th. the captives included members of diplomatic staff. it's not known what turkey did to secure their safe release. this morning u.s. defense officials are down playing an incident involving russian fighter jets that buzzed the coast of alaska. they found on wednesday u.s. and canadien planes intercepted six russian jets. according to defense officials the planes came close to u.s. airspace and then left. they said this type of incident happens apparently civil timsevs a year. france has joined the u.s.
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in the battle against isis forces in iraq. two french jets took off from united arab emirates on friday dropping laser guided bombs on a weapons and fuel depot outside of mosul. a spokesman said dozen of extremist fighters were killed during the strikes. let's head out west to northern california where a wildfire is spreading so fast that firefighters are using record amounts of flame retardant to try to stop it. the wildfire has been raging for about a week now. it's drif vep nearly 3,000 people out of their homes. several houses have been destroyed with thousands of others in danger of burning. names have scorched about 120 square miles of timber and vegetation and crews say they only have about 10% of it contained. they've got their work cut out for them. the man suspected of starting that wildfire, he was arraigned in court yesterday. wayne allen huntsman has been charge with arson, held on $10 million bail following his arrest on wednesday. hot and drys out wednesday
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are also fueling this brush fire in oregon. people were ordered to evacuate the town when the flames started spreading there. the fire has burned 150 acres. local firefighters and forestry workers are both working the scene. a man who jumped the fence at the white house and mate it to the front door is now in custody. this is that scare out of the white house we learned about last night. a toing to gr a fer took this video of the incident. white house security caught the man just outside the north portico doors. president obama and his family were not there when the intruder made his move. this week's wednesday's child is a big football fan. coming up next, we'll introduce you to him. plus, we have a warm-up in store for the weekend. right? >> that's right. temperatures are going to feel like we're at the end of summer, which we are. this is the last weekend and i'll let you know how warm we'll get. and we'll track showers and your
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fall forecast. guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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if you drive a toyota we've got an important recall this morning. the automaker is recalling 20,000 of its vehicles for a possible fuel leak. on the list, certain lexus and toyota camry models as well as the highlander, avalon and sienna. the problem is with the fuel delivery pipe. it may leak because it was not welded correctly. drivers should contact a toyota dealer for repair. now to this week's wednesday's child. he's kind and helpful and he is
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a huge football fan. he's more than ready to find a loving home. we are introduced to kenny. >> kenny. welcome to the eagles locker room. kenny is a fun an sweet 13-year-old who loves anything and everything football. so we took him to the epicenter of philly football, lincoln financial field. you got to see these guys' lockers down here. how about he mccoy. >> he has an infectious smile. everything about him is just love. >> we toured the locker room and got a feel for what it's like to be an eagle. >> ever been in a stadium before? >> no. >> it's huge, huh? pretty cool. and we went to the center of the action. this is just like walking out as a player for the first time. whoa! it's huge! kenny has been diagnose with autism and enjoys going to his
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school. he loves being helpful to all of his classmates. >> his teachers have described him as a leader of the classroom. he loves helping out, you know, when he sees kids doing things, he likes to try to get in there and show them how to do it the right way. >> reporter: the ideal family would be loving and support him unconditikconditional unconditionally. >> kenny would do well with any family, older and younger children. he does need to be in a classroom. >> reporter: he is more than ready for his forever home. >> one, two, three. >> eagles. >> reporter: kenny is this week's wednesday's child. >> you can make kenny's dream of a forever family come true of the dream of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation by going to our website and search wednesday's child or you can always call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. now, your nbc10 first alert weather with meteorologist
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brittney shipp. >> good morning. as we head into the rest of today we're going to see warmer temperatures than how we ended your workweek. warmer today and tomorrow. so we'll head into the mid 80s by sunday. we are tracking isolated stray showers throughout the weekend. i'll show you when. then a dry stretch into the first week of fall. philadelphia, 61 degrees. sun is shining. humidity is at 87%. wind speed out of the ea east-northea east-northeast. visibility is clear. across the rest of our region, temperaturewise we are seeing a mild start, especially in dover and in wilmington at 64 degrees. 57 in pottstown. 58 in allentown. we're in the mid 50s right now in the poconos. it's mild really even stretching back to the midwest. temperatures in minneapolis ant 56. 63 in chicago and 53 degrees in detroit. our visibility is down a bit in allentown. same thing in lancaster. down to three miles per hour. also in the poconos, only down
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to two miles in visibility. we're down to three miles with our visit in mt.p:rpocono, fiven millville. clear visibility in wildwood and same thing in dover. our average for this time of year, 77 degrees. as we head into the rest of today. above average conditions for a change. feel like fall all last week and now as we head into sunday, well above average. that's one day in the mid 80s. we dropped right back down with a cold front as we head into monday. satellite radar is quiet conditions. we are going to see a slight chance of showers for atlantic city. that's closer to 7:00 p.m. it is going to be short lived. then we won't see another chance of showers until 3:00 a.m. that's going to be mainly confined to allentown and parts of reading as we push into your evening hours on sunday. that's when we will see another slight chance of showers. looks mainly confined to doylestown and reading. a few stray showers may pass through philadelphia. just a few isolated showers. even the possibility of a
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thunderstorm. but your eagles forecast if you're heading out to tailgate on sunday is safe. it's going to be really nice. by 1:00 p.m., 80 degrees. by 4:00 p.m., nice and warm and 84. fall officially starts on monday at 10:29 p.m. and we will see the sun directly over the equator. as we head into the start of fall we will also see temperatures dropping back down with a cold front that's going to move us back into the 70s. 72 degrees on your monday. staying in the low 70s on tuesday. still ahead, the best highlights from the best high school football game. see if your team met the grade, coming up.
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about ten tell 9:00 on this saturday morning. looking live at the center city skyline. we do have clouds out there but they will push out. temperatures in the low 60s but it is going to warm up today to the upper 70s. this is like the last push of summer. this is the last official weekend of summer and then, of course, we kick off fall for the beginning of the week. keep that in mind if you're headed out today. warmer. you probably don't need to bring the jacket. good morning to you. danny pommells from comcast sports. a fabulous friday night last night. a showdown between high school power houses that kicks off this week's edition of "the high school blitz." timber creek and cherokee, here we go. traditional powers who have never played each other. this is not traditional. the trick play works to perfection. gary sams to ellison. timber creek knocks off cherokee by eight. ♪
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uh-huh, plenty to get excited about in camden. two great moves here from camden's williams. great fake, then an even better spin move. camden runs around them, 47-7. eastern rb c.b. stevenson stretch in for the touchdown. 30-12 winner. classic league action.arch archbishop wood rolling out on catholic. archbishop wood wins going away, 42-12. ridley, running straight ahead on marple newtown. easy touchdown. easy night as well for ridley as they roll in a 37-0 shutout. penn charter. go to lehigh valley. white hall getting the ball to barkley. he's going to penn state next year. here's why.
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into the end zone. 232 total yards. touchdown. wyatt hall rolls past liberty, 56-20. >> the high school blitz game of the week is brought to you by your quality plus ford stores. home of america's favorite brand. >> yep, yep, you wanted it, you got it. northeast and george washington. northeast down eight in the closing minutes. manley keeps himself to get in for six. northeast going for two and the tie. but george washington said, uh-uh, washington hangs on and wins, 14-12. time for skylights. skyforce 10 high above unionville and sun valley. unionville's alex to nash in the end zone for six. unionville was a 38-point shutout. meanwhile, westchester back to punt. gets the block. that would lead to a score. downing town east wins, 28-12. oxford. this is qb calling his own number, good choice.
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huge gain here. he would run it in later. oxford wins in a shootout, 53-47. >> the high school blitz play of the week is brought to you by toyota. let's go places. >> it pays to have good hands. check this grab out by receiver. great. pins it against the shoulder with one hand and rolls. frankford beat bell, 39-14. having trouble with lincoln. pass kicks off by lincoln's lackney. catch them if you can like the gingerbread man. lincoln runs past them. dobbins and the future looking bright for dobbins' running back. breaking tackles. getting to the outside. and forget about it. dobbins puts future in their rearview mirror, 37-0. and, yes, this is just an appetizer. cue the music. the main course is tonight on
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"the high school blitz" at 7:00 right here on nbc10. you can vote for the high school blitz game of the week for next friday. here are the choices. haddonfield and collingswood, westchester henderson and unionville, roman catholic and episcopal academy. to vote go to logon to our facebook page. you can call our text your one-time vote to 610-624-4111. still ahead on nbc10 news today, matt delucia is keeping us posted on the stead up manhunt in the murder of a pennsylvania state trooper. >> eight days, no arrests. people living in northeastern pennsylvania are anxious for this manhunt to come to an end. i'll fill you in on what happened overnight. brittney? >> and in this last weekend of summer, it's going to feel like summer out there. temperatures pushing into the mid 80s. i'm tracking a chance of showers. i'll let you know what to expect and help you plan your weekend coming up in my full forecast.
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i'm stanley tucci and i love new york. there's no place like it in the world.
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one of my favorite fall activities is visiting our world-renowned wineries and craft brewers. and, award-winning distilleries and cider makers. they're located all across our great state. come raise a glass to your favorites. plan your fall getaway at there's something for everyone the manhunt intensifies. this morning authorities could be closing in on the suspected gunman just over a week after a pennsylvania state trooper was killed and another wounded. here's a live look at lincoln financial field where
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the eagles and redskins will be playing in the 80s tomorrow. we are warming up for the last few days of summer. good morning. welcome back to nbc10 news today. i'm rosemary conners. it's just about 9:00 on this saturday morning. meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the milder temperatures. we're spoiled with this weather. >> we are. we've earned it, especially if you felt like fall came too early this year, last week. today will warm into the high 70s. and by tomorrow, mid 80s. live laook at cape may. cloudy skies. 64 degrees in reading. mix of sun and clouds. philadelphia at 64 degrees already. atlantic city stayed mild, 70 degrees. as we head into the rest of today, expect your temperatures in the city to push into the 70s. 78 degrees by noon. by 6:00 p.m., 76. and again tomorrow, even warmer. i'm also tracking a chance of showers. i'll go overall the details
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coming up. the manhunt for a suspected gunman is intensifying in the pocono mountains this morning. police are in the woods near the home where 31-year-old eric frein lived with his parents. nbc10's matt delucia is following the developments live in our digital operation center. matt, an emergency alert went out not too long ago. >> yes. an hour ago an emergency alert was issued by the. . state police, asking all residents of barracks and price townships to continue to shelter in place. the suspect, eric frein, we're told, may be hiding out near his family's home in canadensis, monroe county. last night there was gunfire. senior pennsylvania law enforcement source says those shots did not come from state police and were not part of the search that brought on the heavy police presence. mean why, as many as 200 officers at a time are going out to find this suspect. he is accuse of ambushing two troopers at a state police barracks one week ago yesterday. one of the troopers was killed.
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another, alex douglas, was critically injured. because eric frein is considered armed and dangerous, neighbors say they are shocked by what has happened and they are hoping for a peaceful end. >> you don't know the real story or what's happened and what's in this guy's mind of what happened. it's sad for the families. and just a shame all around. you know, for everybody. for his family, for officers' families. i hard to know what to really think about it. >> eric frein this week was placed on the fbi's ten most wanted list. there is a $175,000 reward being offered for his capture. and police in northeastern pennsylvania say they have fielded several tips on frein's whereabouts. but as of right now no arrest has been made. we're going to stay on top of this. now, live in the digital operation center, matt delucia. >> as you heard matt say, nbc10 will continue to follow this police manhunt and bring you updates as soon as we get them. you can check in on
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new from overnight, philadelphia police are looking into a double shooting in west oak lane. nbc10 was on the scene of the 7100 block of north 19th street where police tell us that two people were shot during a robbery. one victim is in critical condition. the other is in stable condition. police have not made any arrests yet in this case. also new from over night, the coast guard is trying to determine what caused a boating accident on the delaware river. authorities say that two people, two men, were headed north up the river when their boat struck something around midnight. the victims were rushed to the hospital but their conditions have not been released yet. today bulldozers will start clearing debris from the site of yesterday's warehouse fire in philadelphia. last night nbc10 was on american and cumberland streets in west kensington where fire crews were putting out hot spots. officials warned neighbors to stay inside their homes because the wind was kicking up a lot of smoke. the fire crews will continue to check for embers here until
9:04 am
heavy equipment will remove the debris today. flames spread quickly destroying both a vacant building and adjacent paper company. the fire forced neighbors to evacuate and nearby schools to close yesterday. three people were hurt, including two firefighters. investigators are still looking into what caused this blaze. this morning we are hearing from a relative of donald spirit, the man whom police say killed six of his grandchildren, his daughter, and then himself. spirit and his seven siblings grew up in camden county. he moved to florida about 25 clears ago but several of his relatives still live in new jersey in. his sister-in-law tells nbc10 she spoke to him a few weeks ago and saw no signs that he plabd planned to carry out this mass murder. >> grapd childrndchildren, he l. this is something i cannot explain p i have no explanation
9:05 am
for this. >> spirit was involved in a few incidents related to guns. he served time for the accidental shooting death of his 8-year-old son in 2001. in 1997 he zerd 20 days on a gun charge in atlanta county. the same year he was sentenced to probation after his conviction in camden county for receiving stolen property. the so-called underling of philadelphia drug kingpin savage will serve life in prison for a deadly fire bombing. merit was sentenced yesterday. last year a jury found him guilty of conspiracy to participate in drug trafficking and the 2004 arson. this is video from that incident. the incident killed several members of a family of a federal witness. there were six victims including four children. right now savage is on death row for killing at least a dozen people while he ran a violent cocaine empire. a mistrial in the case against the former son-in-law of pennsylvania governor tom corbett. gerald gibson is a former philadelphia police officer. he was working the narcotics
9:06 am
beat when he was caught up in a drug sting. gibson is accused of taking some of the marked bills that were placed inside a car that he was ordered to take control of. a jury could not reach a verdict in his case so a new trial date has been set for january. students and faculty members at the university of delaware are urging school officials to be more transparent when they investigate claims of sexual assault and harassment. a rally for change was held yesterday on the campus in newa newark. last spring a student filed a complaint about a sociology professor. she claimed that he offered her an a grade in exchange for sexual favors. the student and another professor who helped file the complaint said the university never told them how the issue was resolved. >> this isn't about recognizing that we need to make better
9:07 am
policies so that victims and survivors feel safe going forward, so there's dialogue about what happened, so we can do prevention, too. not just look at things after they've happened. >> nbc10 also reached out to the university. officials would only confirm that the professor is no longer teaching classes there. in atlantic city, the trump taj mahal's internet gambling partier in is leaving the new jersey market. ultimate gaming is claiming multiple breaches. trump entertainment resorts already told employees it may close the casino on november 13th. ultimate gaming has not said when it will end its operations in new jersey. we've got mixed news in philadelphia school budget crisis. the district will be getting a chunk of money from the sale of vacant buildings but it's only a fraction of what they're worth. 11 vacant school buildings worth $18 million have been approved for sale but the district will only get about $2 million of that money. that's after closing costs, bond repayments for repairs, and upgrades to the closed schools.
9:08 am
bok technical high school is up with of the buildings. it will be developed into apartments and offices. happening now, new jersey transit police are conducting an emergency response drill at the river line burlington south station. the drill will test responses from several agencies to simulated transportation incident. riders may notice more police, fire, and emergency personnel around the station between noon -- between now and noon so keep that in mind if you are headed out for the day. an historic racing day in bucks county. it's the first for the pennsylvania derby. the preview coming up.
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teenagers who have performed at philadelphia's kimmel center in the past is going to sleep there in a no tech-athon. they will raise awareness for the the need for balance for their lives by raising money for the tyler clemente foundation. the rutgers student committed suicide four years ago. hundreds of hospital nurses in delaware county could go on strike tomorrow. according to union leaders the nurses at the medical center are ready to walk off the job for two days. the hospital says if the strike happens it will bring in licensed experienced and well-trained nurses to do the job. the hospital nurses have been working without a new contract
9:12 am
since june. i guess it's that time of year. i suppose so. jcpenney is looking to hire on help for the holiday shopping season. getting close, i suppose. retailer says it will add 35,000 seasonal workers. that's the same amount the company hired for the holidays last year. ups, fedex, kohl's, and walmart have announced they will be hiring more seasonal workers this year than they did last year. finally, it's about time. a popular food store will now be doing what most other grocery stores already do, whole foods will test its first rewards program in the next couple of weeks. starting in princeton and then later this year at stores throughout the philadelphia market. shoppers can use a bonus card or download an app from i stuitune. last week they would accept apple pay featured on the new iphone 6. whole foods will let shoppers exchange points for free cooking classes. today a big crowd is expected in bensalem from the
9:13 am
pennsylvania derby and champion thoroughbred is in the field is part of the reason why. kentucky derby and preakness winner california chrome is entered for the big race. it will be chrome's first race since the belmont in june. his appearance on the racetrack today will mark a first for thoroughbred racing in pennsylvania. >> this is the first time in the history of the track that the reigning kentucky derby champion will race, be in the gate to start for a pennsylvania derby. >> and you to be calling that race. >> i've been waiting 28 years to do something like this. good for him. >> if you are heading to see the pennsylvania derby with california chrome, the gates open this morning at 10:00. or you can watch the coverage live of the pennsylvania derby this afternoon at 4:30 on the comcast network. talking sports now is the eagles gear up for the redskins tomorrow, will desean jackson get a chance to face his former team? it was not the best start for fliers training camp. just a few minutes in, claude
9:14 am
giroux was off the ice. details are nek. at least we know for the eagles game, perfect tailgating weather. we're going to see temperatures pushing into the 80s. i'll help you plan the rest of your weekend coming up in my first alert full forecast.
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what a nightmare. more u.s. tourists are being evacuated out of mexico's loss
9:17 am
cabos. more than 500 americans will put on four charter flights. back home between thursday and friday. thousands of americans were stranded after the storm left a path of damage last weekend. food, water, gasoline with all scarce and reports of looting. a glocester county couple is back in the u.s. after being stranded in mexico for days. they shared these photos with us of their hotel in cabo. the roof ripped off. there were gaping holes in the walls. debris everywhere. they had been on a bus chartered by their hotel since tuesday, was headed back to the u.s., but poor road conditions and mudslides hampered their trip, to say the least. >> one problem after another. you know, after -- >> the couple arrived in san diego late last night. now they are one step closer to their 8-year-old twins in pittman, glocester county.
9:18 am
now you're nbc10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good saturday morning to you as we head into the rest of this afternoon. temperatures are going to warm up, back to the mid to high 70s for most of our area and warmer on sunday. tracking the return to showers as well. then a dry stretch after we get through with the showers. for philadelphia right now, plenty of supposed shine. 64 degrees. humidity is at 80%. wind speeds out of the east at six miles per hour. visibility is clear this morning. temperatures throughout the rest of the region at 56. the poconos, 62. and allentown, 59 degrees. pottstown, 61. blue bell, 64. northeast philly and 612 in mt. holly. closer to the shore, it's a nice mild start to the morning. atlantic city at 71. same thing in avalon. 70 degrees at the atlantic city airport andover this morning already in the 70s. 24-hour temperature change map shows we are up ten degrees in the poconos from this time
9:19 am
yesterday. we're seven degrees warmer in allentown. six degrees warmer in wilmington. eight degrees warmer in atlantic city. so temperatures are warming up for us. our average for this time of year, 77 degrees. today will be above that average. 84 heading into sunday. officially the last weekend of summer and it's going to feel like summer conditions. so our satellite radar shot shows us quiet conditions as well. we are going to see our wind speeds shifting and that's going to allow for more moisture to come in and this means we're going to see humid conditions as we head into tomorrow. humid and warm. for your saturday at 7:00 p.m., showers mainly confined to the shore. that's it as we head into your overnight hours. closer to 3:00 a.m., light rainfall, sprinkles near allento allentown, reading, and parts of philadelphia stretching down into dovernd cumberland county. throughout the day on sunday you should be fine. 8:00 p.m., another round of very light isolated showers pushing into sunday night, clearing up as we head into your monday.
9:20 am
we have a cold front that's going to move through and that's what's going to drop our temperatures right back down after we reach a high on sunday of 84 degrees. for today, by noon we will be at 78 degrees. by 6:00 p.m., 76. nice and warm. it will be a warm evening out. if you're heading out to the temple football game, 75 by 1:00 p.m. by 4:00 p.m., 79. nice conditions expected for you. and then same thing if you're planning on going to the eagles game on sunday. beautiful conditions for tailgating. mostly cloudy skies. we are going to see humid conditions. 80 degrees by 1:00 p.m. by 4:00 p.m., 84 degrees. your seven-day forecast shows that we are going to see a cold front that's going to help trigger the lath showers. it's also going to drop the temperatures more than ten degrees on monday. fall officially starts at 10:29. we'll have our first full day of fall on tuesday with temperatures in the low 70s. in sports, phillies got a big home run out in oakland but it wasn't enough to top the as.
9:21 am
ryan howard blasted a join' lester pitch over the center field wall. 22nd of the season. lester was overpowering the rest of the time. same teams this afternoon at 4:05. the rest of your sports with danny pommells of comcast sportsnet. >> yes, it is that time of year. next week summer is over and fall officially begins. fliers opened training cap. claude giroux left with a lower body injury and is expected to miss two weeks. >> training camp, things happen. i've been through this before. everybody has been through it. i'm not -- i'm not going to make it a big deal. >> all right. let's talk football now. eagles linebacker hendrix is out. he didn't practice all week because of a calf injury. desean jackson did practice yesterday for the first time this week though he was limited. jackson injured his shoulder in
9:22 am
washington's win over the jaguars. officially listed as questionable for this sunday. >> yeah, he did good today. we'll see though. he was very limited as you well know, you see out there. i think it was a step in the positive direction. get another look at him tomorrow with the trainers and then we'll gauge him on sunday morning and see where he's at. but i think he's taking steps in a positive direction. >> for all intents and purposes, sproles played so well last sunday he was named player of the week. sproles had 32 touches in the first two games. chip kelly was asked if a player of his size and age, 31 years old, can keep that up for an entire season. >> that's a good question. i think he can. i think when you look at his fitness level and i think his size may be a little misconception there. 200 pounds. i think that's where he's short but he's not small. i think there's a difference between that. he's probably the most fit guy on our team. i mean, there's a special quality to him from that standpoint.
9:23 am
and i don't know if we knew that when we got him. >> eagles/redskins sunday at lincoln financial field. that's your look at sports. i'm donny pommells from comcast sportsnet.
9:24 am
9:25 am
so if you've been putting off exercising, working out all week i think you really don't have an excuse today. here's a live look at boathouse road. it's going to be packed with people running and biking. great day to do it. mid 60s. we're going to warm up into p mid and upper 70s. should be pleasant conditions outside. the university of pennsylvania is turning out a lot of billionaires. i'm an alum but not a billionaire. that's according to a new report from wealth. x. more billionaires went to penn
9:26 am
than any other college in the world. 25 received their bachelors of penn. the only other colleges were harvard and yale with 22 and 20 each. princeton had 15 billionaire grads. a harvard fest is going on this weekend at spruce street harbor park in philadelphia. the pop-up park has been open all summer long along the delaware river water front but has now been given a makeover for fall. the harbor fest runs through tomorrow and will include fall-themed regional craft beers, food, daily live music and kid's craft. it closes next sunday, september 28th. great day to head outside. one last check of the weather from meteorologist brittney shipp. >> that's right. start making your plans now the temperatures will stay in the 70s. high 70s today. push into the mid 80s tomorrow. so warm and humid conditions expected for us on this final weekend of summer. take look at our seven-day forecast. tomorrow, 79 degrees with
9:27 am
cloudy -- today 79 degrees with cloudy skies. sunday, warm, 84 degrees. monday, fall officially starts. a cold front will drop our temperatures down to 72 degrees. we stay in the 70s next week. >> thank you so much. that's going to do it for us today. i'm rosemary connors. for brittney shipp and everybody here on nbc10, have a great saturday. see you back here tomorrow.
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-hi. my name is kevin klein. -and i'm josephine klein. -and we live in floral park, new york. so the way we met-- we actually both grew up in floral park. so i'm a year older than josephine, so we kind of hung out with different crowds. we-- it was more like a "grease" kind of story. she was more with the jocks, and i was more not with the jocks. then-- we really didn't know each other through high school. we actually-- the way we came together was a friend of ours-- a friend of mine and a friend of hers were get married, and we were in the wedding party.