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tv   Today  NBC  September 26, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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good morning. captain clutch. yankee legend derek jeter rises to the occasion again during his final appearance at yankee stadium. >> derek jeter ends his final game with a walk-off single! >> the celebration in the stadium, simply electric. this morning, the fitting farewell to one of the greatest players in the game. cause for concern? federal officials downplay claims that isis is targeting subway systems here in the u.s. so, why have they beefed up security in cities across the country? not talking. the suspect in the disappearance of uva student hannah graham chooses not to cooperate with authorities. will that change when he arrives back in virginia this weekend?
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and bye-bye bachelorhood. america's most eligible man, george clooney, could be just hours away from tying the knot. we're live in venice where preparations are said to be well under way "today," friday, september 26th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer along with hoda kotb, natalie morales and al roker. savannah continues on maternity leave. and really, derek? i mean, really? could you have written any script better? >> i think you need something. >> what's that? >> oh, i did. >> how much were you crying? >> i did. remember when i cried at "the notebook" on the plane? >> i know. >> that was dwarfed by this.
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i sat in my bed crying. >> that was amazing. >> what a night. >> did you all see it? >> i saw the highlights after. >> right? >> in the first inning, nearly homered and then this in the bottom of the ninth. walk-off hit. the win came. it was unbelievable, and a fitting farewell, as we said earlier. >> going out on top. >> this is now our top story. willie is here now with more on this. >> can i have one of those, please? i watched the game, post game press conference, watched the game again. i went to bed for about ten minutes. 14-time all-star, six on major league's all-time hit list and now one storybook ending. when derek jeter was asked what he was thinking when he walked to the plate for that game-winning final at-bat at yankee stadium, he said simply try not to cry. it's a routine derek jeter has performed in new york nearly 1,500 times before, slipping on the iconic yankee pinstripes,
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jogging out to his position at shortstop and playing baseball for the team he dreamed about playing for as a kid. but this time was different. this time was the last. as the sold-out star-studded crowd at yankee stadium chanted his name, jeter soaked it in briefly, then got back to business. >> runner goes. deep to left field. still back. still back. it's off the wall. >> double off the left field wall in his first at-bat. >> derek jeter with a double. that young man has the flare for the dramatic. >> reporter: later crossing home plate himself. jeter was drafted by the yankees in 1992, a scrawny teenager from kalamazoo, michigan. >> here is the kid, derek jeter, hunting for his first major league hit. >> by '95, he was called up to
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the big leagues. a year later he was a world champion and well on his way to being the toast of new york city. with the game tied in the bottom of the ninth inning and the winning run on second base, derek jeter came to the plate at yankee stadium one last time. >> base hit to right field. here comes -- >> number two comes through in the clutch again and the yankees win 6-5. >> derek jeter, where fantasy becomes reality! >> then he said good-bye. >> i want to thank everyone here. i've said it time and time again. everybody is chanting thank you, derek and i'm thinking to myself, for what? you know, i'm just trying to do my job. so, thank you guys. >> class to the very end at yankee stadium. just unbelievable. there was some question as to whether he would play this weekend. that was the end of his career in new york. is he going to play in boston, he announced, probably going to dh, not play shortstop again. out of respect for the boston
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fans i'm going to go up to boston and play. a moment tonight that was so moving. is he very close to his sister. his nephew, little guy named jaelynn tipping his cap at the end of the game. watch this. tipping his cap to the uncle he loves so much. speaking for a lot of yankee fans last night. said he won't be at shortstop in boston. he has played the field a lot over the last several years. >> hey, hey. >> easy. >> anyway, we should mention we'll be sitting down with derek next week on "today" for his first post retirement interview. >> willie, thanks. >> thank you, willie. >> now u.s.-led fight to destroy isis. more targets were destroyed by the terror group. iraq's prime minister claims that they're planning to attack american subway systems. kate snow is in lower manhattan with more on that story.
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kate, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. multiple law enforcement and intelligence officials tell nbc news that there is no evidence of any current threat against the new york city subway system. in fact, some officials said that what the iraqi prime minister said was total bunk. that said, the fbi director is warning that isis is capable of attacking the u.s. from coast to coast and in between, cities are scrambling to reassure riders they'll be safe on this morning's commute. in new york city, officer whose worked yesterday were kept on overtime through the night. we rode the number six train with the mayor and police commissioner. >> the people of this city should feel very comfortable and squur movi secure moving through the subways. >> reporter: they tried to tone down the initial warnings from the prime minister that alarmed so many. >> this of course, captures headlines. in truth, americans have to understand that these sorts of threats bubble up quite frequently and almost always they are not.
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>> reporter: comes at a time of heightened fear, made worse by terrifying beheadings. director james comey believes they now have identified that masked man in the videos and they're trying to identify two people in propaganda videos who appear to have canadian or american accents. he says he believes that isis is trying to do something in the u.s., something matt asked ambassador susan rice about earlier this week. >> do you have credible intelligence, ambassador rice, that would tell you that isis operatives, isis-trained operatives are currently on american soil? >> matt, we do not have any indications at the present of concrete plotting by isil against the united states homeland. we do know, matt, they're dangerous. >> reporter: officials all over the country are trying to walk that line between reassuring the public but also saying they're
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prepared just in case. the governor of new york saying that we are at the highest level of preparedness since we've been -- that we've been at since 9/11. hoda? >> kate snow, thanks so much. with a suspect now in custody, police are intensifying the search for missing university of virginia student hannah graham. so far the last man seen with her is not giving detectives an awful lot to go on. nbc's craig melvin has been covering the case from the beginning. craig, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. charlottesville, police, are in galveston, texas, this morning, preparing to bring back jesse matthew. at this point, they say they haven't spoken to him, because he has invoked his right to remain silent. meanwhile, police here in charlottesville say they are redoubling their efforts to find hannah graham. >> you understand your rights as i've read them to you? >> yes. >> reporter: jesse matthew jr. in a galveston, texas, courtroom, 1,300 miles away from
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where they say he kidnapped hannah graham, someone recognized him camping on a exclude e secluded beach. >> real soft spoken. didn't seem to come across as real tough or mean. >> reporter: he will be back in charlottesville to face a judge monday morning. >> we don't know where hannah graham is. we've got to find her. >> reporter: thursday, searchers scoured hillside orchards and other remote areas outside charlottesville. police are still trying to track matthew's movements. he was seen at a football game hours before she went missing and seen in surveillance video, police say, with hannah. but friends did not report her missing for a day and a half. >> this block of time is very big, large, significant block of time between the time that we know hannah graham disappeared and the time that disappearance was reported to us. we need to shrink that gap. >> reporter: it was another week before matthews showed up at
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police headquarters and then sped off. >> if he was seen, we need that information. if his demeanor, attitude, his personality was different, we need to know that. >> reporter: law enforcement investigated an on-campus sexual assault allegation against matthew in october 2002 when he was a student at liberty university in nearby lynchburg. the district attorney says no charges were filed. now his lawyers prepare their case against him for graham's disappearance, a community refuses to give up. jesse matthew's attorney also spoke yesterday. he said that matthew -- that his family is relieved that he was found safe. matt? >> craig melvin on the story in virginia. craig, thank you very much. new fallout on the ray rice scandal. a claim that the nfl security chief was the person in roger goodell's office who was sent a
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copy of the video back in april. nbc's national correspondent peter alexander has more on that. peter, good morning. >> hoda, good morning to you. this new report could complicate matter force the nfl, still trying to regain its credibility in the wake of the ray rice scandal. this new information offers more detail about an allegation that the nfl was sent that elevator video months ago, now naming the specific nfl executive it was mailed to. >> the answer to that is no. >> embattled nfl commissioner roger goodell has repeatedly insisted that no one inside the nfl offices saw the infamous ray rice video before it came out this month. but a law enforcement official who says he sent the video to the headquarters in april, now tells the a.p. he sent it specifically to the nfl's chief security officer, jeffrey miller. the official, who spoke anonymously, because he's not authorized to release details of the case, acknowledge that is he
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doesn't know if miller ever saw the video or even opened the package. miller release this had overnight. i unequivocally deny that i received, at any time, a copy of the video and i had not watched it until it was made public on september 8th, he said. last week, goodell said he repeatedly asked law enforcement officials for the video. >> we asked for it on several occasions, according to our security department. we went for it, asked for it several occasions through the spring all the way through june, february to june. >> reporter: according to the a.p., no one from the nfl ever asked me for the inside elevator video. he sent it to miller with a note, reading in part, ray rice elevator video. you have to see it. it's terrible. the same official told the a.p. he heard back from the nfl in april, 12-second voicemail confirming they received the package, a female voice saying, "you're right.
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it's terrible." robert mueller may never get to speak to the a.p. force. the law enforcement official says he does not want to talk to nfl investigators. by the way, rice's appeal of his indefinite suspension is on hold. nfl and players union have agreed to postpone the appeal until both sides can agree on an arbitrator. hoda? >> peter alexander, thank you. natalie is here with breaking news out of detroit. >> that's right, everyone. pedestrian bridge over a detroit freeway has collapsed, block all lanes of rush hour traffic on the south field freeway. it appears a car has been crushed beneath that fallen bridge, as you see there. at least one person was taken away on a stretcher. no word yet on what might have caused that to collapse. a protest march turned violent in ferguson, missouri, thursday night. tom jackson was marching with protesters when a scuffle broke out. at least four people were arrested. this latest incident comes after
7:14 am
jackson issued a video apology to the parents of michael brown, unarmed teenager shot by a police officer last month. protesters have pledged continuous civil unrest until officer wilson is charged in brown's death. new attorney general search is on this morning after attorney general eric holder announced his resignation thursday. the president heaped praise on holder, hailing him as the peop people's lawyer. he will stay in office until his successor is confirmed by the senate. you can see our exclusive interview with eric holder tonight on nightly news with brian williams. the third american aid worker to contract the ebola virus is back in massachusetts this morning. dr. rick sacra was released from the medical center where he was being treated. he said he felt great but extremely weak. the 51-year-old physician contracted ebola while working with pregnant women in africa.
7:15 am
captured on surveillance cameras, the suspect here as you see at the bottom left of your screen casually gets into the suv, slams it into reverse, crashing into the luggage rack and two valets. other people jump in to try to help. the car jacker reverses it again, pin twog men against another vehicle. eventually, he barreled his way through. the man was captured about ten hours later. he is facing charges of car jacking and attempted murder. >> wow! >> crazy stuff there. >> terrible. natalie, thanks. >> you got it. mr. roker? >> the calendar says fall, right? >> uh-huh. >> but not -- >> not so much? >> what we've got going on today. jet stream way up to the north. and a big ridge of high pressure dominating. and so with that warm air coming in here, look at these temperatures.
7:16 am
billings will be 88 degrees. 15 degrees above average. denver, 87. 12 degrees above average. omaha, nine degrees above average in the low 80s. it spreads into detroit. minneapolis, 81. spectacular start to the weekend here in the northeast. scranton, p.a., at 78. washington, d.c., 79. roanoke, looking at a high of 78 degrees. not a great weekend. it will be a wet one. lot of heavy rain through southern texas. pacific northwest looking a little on the wet side, too. into the great lakes and into the northeast. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. gets ready for lots of sunshine today. you'll need your sunglasses and temperatures warm to the middle to upper 70s this afternoon. warmer over the weekend, bright, sunny skies for the first saturday of autumn. 81 degrees and that warming trend continues for sunday, up to 83 degrees. humidity stays low both days. another warm day on monday and then we'll see a chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. but bright sunshine thursday. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. >> carson is here. normally i'm asleep like 8:00. i was a 12-year-old school boy. i had the chills. you can't say enough about derek jeter's finale at yankee stadium. neither could people online. it was a huge topic of
7:18 am
conversation, as can you imagine. over 2 million tweets. at one point, there were eight different derek jeter-related trending hash tags, eight of them. three of them were trending worldwide, #respect. #thank you captain and even the phrase "not a yankees." people were writing i'm not a yankees fan. hugh jackman got in it as well as hundreds of yankee fans showing their respect. take this moment in yankees fans. cheer, clap, smile, cry. this is our legend. this is your captain. farewell, captain. another reminder, derek jeter will be here today as matt mentioned earlier in his first post retirement interview. i want to apologize to him. awful crew will be all over him.
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routine traffic stop in south carolina. this morning, the victim's lawyer is speaking out. and a moment some thought they would never see is almost here. we are live in venice, italy, where george clooney is getting ready to say "i do." first this is "today" on nbc. and you want to get an mba. but going back to school is hard. because you work. now capella university offers a revolutionary new way to get your degree. it's called flexpath, and it's the most direct path, leveraging what you've learned on the job and focusing on what you need to know. so you can get a degree at your pace and graduate at the speed of you. flexpath from capella university. learn about all of our programs at
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find it in the freshpet® refrigerator. right now at petsmart, save 20% on select vital® refrigerated food for dogs. i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast for this friday from meteorologist bill henley. bill in. >> most of the area seeing bright sunshine but still a few spots after yesterday's rainfall are dealing with fog this morning in the pocono mountains that is the view from blue mountain. thick fog in the reading area and just got thicker. zero visibility in reading. we have light fog, though, in blue bell. 40s and 50s to start with and sunshine and nice and bright and we'll warm our temperatures and doaway with the fog. 78 this afternoon. if you're getting ready to head out the door, let's get an update on the roads with jillian
7:27 am
mele. jillian? >> traffic is just getting moving on the tacony palmyra bridge. if you're walking ought the door, you're good to go ethere. 76 westbound volume very slow moving, as you can see. and an accident on this at delaware. septa is responding to an alleged plot by isis to attack subways in the u.s. more officers on the train system and urging riders to be vigilant. riders appreciate the extra effort. isis is plotting to attack subways in the u.s. and france, and the u.s. says there is no credible evidence of such a plot. i'm tracy davidson. another update in 25 minutes and you can can always get the latest news and weather on our website,
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7:30 on a friday morning, september 26th, 2014. there's a pretty shot of venice, italy, where george clooney is reportedly going to end his reign of america's most eligible bachelor. >> can i say something? a man wrote that line. >> his reign. >> who gets the crown now? >> we're showing you italy because we also wanted to share john mellencamp's song "r-o-c-k-in the u.s.a.." he will be here later to perform. does that make any sense? >> no. that's why we like it. a dangerous situation in
7:31 am
detroit, a pedestrian bridge over a highway collapsed. at least one car has been crushed. the cause of that collapse is under investigation. the suspect arrested in connection with the disappearance of hannah graham has invoked his right to remain silent. dr. rick sacra was release friday a nebraska hospital after being declared risk free. >> he got that blood transfusion from kent brantly, the other doctor who was cured. >> amazing. >> incredible. our biggest steals and deals ever! >> you're not going to believe the bargains on everything from designer dresses to toys that we've got lined up for you by our pal, jill martin. >> look forward to that. let's begin this half hour, though, with more on a disturbing police shooting we showed you here on thursday,
7:32 am
south carolina state trooper opening fire on an unarmed suspect during a traffic stop. nbc's stephanie gosk is here with the latest on this. steph, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. police reviewed that footage and found the september 4th shooting was without justification. trooper sean gruber faces charges that carry up to 20 years in prison. the victim's lawyer this morning is speaking out about the incident. moments before the confrontation, the dash cam video shows former officer gruber's car getting ready to leave the gas station when instead he backs up suddenly and stopped behind levar jones, getting out of his truck not far from the gas pumps. >> can i have your license, please? get out of the car! get out of the car! get on the ground! get on the ground! >> i'm just getting my license. you said get my license.
7:33 am
>> put your hands behind your back. >> what did i do? >> he fired his weapon multiple times. jones, unarmed, was shot in the hip. >> what did i do, sir? >> are you hit? >> i think so. i can't feel my leg. i don't know what happened. i just grabbed my license. why did you shoot me? >> well, you dove head first back into your car? then you jumped back out. i'm telling you to get out of your car. >> i'm sorry. i didn't hear two words. why are you pulling me over? >> seat belt violation, sir. >> i just pulled it off right there at the corner of the gas station. >> i got help coming to you. >> groubert has opinion charged with aggravated assault and battery. his defense attorney says there's more than one way to interpret the video and says his client was not guilti and was justified in the shooting. jones' lawyer disagrees. >> there's only one way to look at the video and the video evidence clearly does not lie.
7:34 am
mr. jones hope that is justice will be served in this case. >> public of department safety fired groubert saying, in part, i believe this case was an isolated incident in which mr. groubert reacted to a perceived threat where there was none. >> jones is recovering after a stay in the hospital. he is expected to make a full recovery. nbc news reached out to groubert's lawyers for comment did not hear back. he posted a $75,000 bond last night and will be back in court next month. matt? >> stephanie, thank you very much. the faa is taking baby steps toward a greater use of drones, granting six tv and movie production companies permission to use the devices. kerry sanders is in san diego with more on that story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. until now when movie makers wanted to get that spectacular aerial shot they had to use one
7:35 am
of these with a camera on board. now six companies have been given permission to use this, a drone with a camera on board. while it makes a little bit of noise here, what the companies say is that it's really opening up a visual window and, obviously, they believe, many more opportunities for the uses of these aerial drones. the commercial use, which has mot been allowed until now. and they say getting this opportunity to open this window and get visuals like this, something that just couldn't be done without a drone. in the blockbuster movie "skyfall" those amazing action shots were possible because the film was shot overseas with a drone like this. now, for the first time in this country, the faa says six american production companies can begin using unmanned aircraft. >> i'm sorry. i'm looking at it. i'm almost drawn to it. >> reporter: aerial mob in san
7:36 am
diego tony carmine says it's been a long two-year wait for permission. >> how big of a deal is this to the industry? >> it's a big deal. i'll compare it to when typewriters morphed into pcs. >> ready to go airborne, zblaven airborne. >> only licensed pilots can fly the drones below 400 feet during daylight hours and only on closed movie sets. >> you can go up, down and all the time the camera looks like it's steady. >> oh, yeah. >> this is not all just about hollywood magic. the faa is now taking applications from any and all commercial operators who believe a drone like this will be a game changer in their industry, too. amazon, real estate agents and farmers are all lining up for permission to fly drones. the faa says it's moving methodically to ensure safety. the drone industry believes this is just the beginning. >> it is a revolutionary change
7:37 am
on an evolutionary path. some people call it disruptive technology. it will, in fact, make the world a better place. >> reporter: so if you think, wait a second, i've seen these drones flying around real estating as and other locations, it's actually been illegal. and the faa is out, actually enforcing those rules. but the belief here is that this is a baby step, the very first step to the introduction of commercial drones like this in our country. hoda? >> kerry. let's get a check of the weather now from mr. roker. >> announcer: "today's" sunday night football weather is brought to you by nfl mobile. exclusively from verizon. >> all right. here comes our drone. [ buzzing noise ] not so much a drone. stationary front has been here the past couple of days. it's not going anywhere. over the next 24 hours, it will
7:38 am
bring two to three inches of rain to the west coast of florida. we move further west, trough of low pressure bringing a lot of rain from the gulf into texas. they'll be looking at one to three inches from del rio into brownsville. a lot of wet weather in the west, especially the southwest, low pressure develops. big strong storm moves in, flash flooding, damaging wind, isolated tornadoes possible. we could be looking at anywhere from three to five inches of rain in parts good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. gets ready for lots of sunshine today. you'll need your sunglasses and temperatures warm the middle to upper 70s this afternoon. a bit warmer over the weekend and bright, sunny skies for the first saturday of autumn. 81 degrees and that warming trend continues for sunday. up to 83 degrees. humidity stays low, both days. another warm day on monday and then we'll see a chance of
7:39 am
showers tuesday and wednesday. bright sunshine thursday. have a great day. >> let's get some of those drones up in the air, at&t stadium in dallas, drew brees and the boys are coming in to take on tony romo. is that right? i don't know anything about football. arlington, texas, clear and warm. 85 degrees. it has a dome. it doesn't really matter. that's right. it does matter it's on nbc, sunday night, football night in america. >> that's right, al. the best. all right, al. thanks. coming up on trending, be ready to smile, the most adorable argument over the weather you'll ever see. and up next, george clooney -- whoa -- an
7:40 am
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nestle. good food. good life. back now at 7:44. it is finally happening. hollywood superstar and long-time bachelor george clooney is about to get married and a-listers from all around the world are descending on venice. kelly cobiella got the lucky straw and made it there. >> reporter: hoda, helicopters have been overhead. water taxis zooming around. all signs that this is the venue and the big weekend for the wedding of the year with festivities kicking off at a hotel right around the corner. a rehearsal dinner. can you only get there by water taxi. the bride arrived earlier this week in milan. so far, no sign of the groom. >> where's george? >> reporter: as venice gets ready for the three-day
7:45 am
celebration, photographers and fans are hoping to catch a glimpse of the glamorous couple. >> we are in venice and george clooney is getting married. >> reporter: this is where we think the main celebration will happen saturday. as can you see, there's no room for paparazzi or crowds unless you want to swim. it's the seven-star aman canal grand hotel, stunning 16th century palazzo where rooms range from $1,700 to over $5,000 overnight. is there a wedding planned here? george clooney? his friend randy gruber is expected to be tapped the best man and amal's sister will like likely be the maid of honor. >> this is not going to be a huge celebrity extravaganza. george clooney has close
7:46 am
friends, a very close family. she is also very close to her family. >> reporter: city officials have said the couple will sign at the civil marriage registry monday. the bride arrived in italy looking relaxed, no prewedding jitters there, carrying a big box and stella mccartney clothes bag. >> everyone expects what she wears will be memorable and incredibly beautiful. >> reporter: she was seen at the if offices of alexander mcqueen, who designed kate middleton's dress. details are scarce. the only thing that's clear is their affection for each other. >> i think that they make each other happy. they have a real shared sense of conscience about what's important. i think that is probably a huge appeal to him. >> reporter: and both groom and bride also value something else, of course, their privacy. and what better place? ha, ha. than in the city of masks. take your picks.
7:47 am
>> i like the first one. >> that one is a little creep. >> i i want to see that dress. >> how smart to get married in a place that has water. >> genius. >> a moat. >> exactly. country music superstar carrie underwood is here, getting ready for a big performance this weekend and getting ready for her first baby. we'll talk about that. and in the orange room with we'll talk about that. and in the orange room with the overwhelming support of our if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage in many adults. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,
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we are so proud of the response to the shine a light project yesterday. thank you for that, you guys. it was the song with cyndi lauper and sarah bareilles. >> hoda, you should be proud. unbelievable. the minute we played that video yesterday, social media lit up, the #truly brave trending. these images started to come in of our viewers, their truly brave kids. we have those. special moments for all of us yesterday as we debuted your video, hoda, was having the stars of the video on screen. and the looks of their faces as they were watching themselves in that video for the first time. take a look. ♪ you could be amazing you could turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug ♪ ♪ what you want to say and let
7:52 am
the words fall out show your tree colors i want to see you be brave ♪ >> they all knew the words to the song and it was great to see the looks in their eyes as they were watching themselves. another star in that video was leah. devon put this picture up yesterday on their way to surgery and sent word out that the surgery went well but she is not yet cancer free. leah in our thoughts today. you can keep those pictures and stories coming. #truly brave. really remarkable shine a light. thank you, hoda. and thank you, sarah bareilles and cyndi lauper. >> raised more than $200 million ♪
7:53 am
♪ introducing made to matter, handpicked by target. exclusive innovations from brands that truly care about how things are made. only at target.
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> a nice, sunny start for most of the area, but not all. you'll find nothing but sunshine in the view of center city. a live view from the comcast center. meanwhile, the fog is worse now than it was earlier this morning. in reading, zero visibility there. temperatures fallen in the 40s and 50s and will not be this cool for long. bright sunshine to do away with the fog and also do away with the 50s. 70s this afternoon. now, let's talk about your ride to work and get a check of traffic with jillian mele. >> an accident on the northeast extension southbound right as you approach lansdale. heading to gillbertsville we have an accident involving an
7:57 am
overturned vehicle. watch for a delay there. 42 freeway at creek road, heavy volume northbound side as drivers make their way out to the bridges. the bridges, though, are accident free. two cities in our region will get special attention when a national summit on reducing violence begins in washington on monday. wilmington is one of those cities that has been selected as part of a violence reduction network. city in the group will have full access to special crime fighting resources. now, camden is the other city to be eincluded in that, it will be grouped with wilmington and also chicago, detroit and oakland, california. the mayors of those cities will join attorney general eric holder at the summit in washington. i'm tracy davidson, another local update in 25 minutes and you can always get the latest news and weather on now, back to "today" show.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> it's 8:00. six more weeks of uh-oh. groundhog gate. what did the mayor know and when did he know it? then carry on. carrie underwood stops by to talk about a big event and a big change coming. plus, r-o-c-k in studio 1a, john mellencamp is here for a special live performance "today," friday, september 26th,
8:01 am
2014. >> to the big apple! >> celebrating our new baby coming here at "today." >> two sisters wanting to meet al and matt! >> good morning. >> good morning. >> hey, there. >> i came all the way from texas to say, matt, please take a selfie with me! >> we're back now, 8:00 on a friday morning. it is the 26th day of september, 2014. and we've got a really big crowd here. >> we've got a sweet 16 right here, morgan. happy birthday. two sisters on vacation and we got a selfie request. can i do that real quick? >> yeah. >> here we go. >> that's a good one. thank you. >> we've got a lot coming up,
8:02 am
you guys. as you know, october is breast cancer month. we'll bring you a special series devot devoted to it. pink power. joan lunden, fighting her own very brave battle. >> that cover on "people" magazine brave enough to go on without a wig or anything is so inspiring. can't wait to see joan here next week. let's get a check of our top stories to natalie inside. >> good morning to you once again. it spells big trouble for air travelers. no trains are being allowed to depart from chicago o'hare's and midway airports. peter alexander has more on this. peter, what's going on? >> colleen -- excuse me, natalie, we're learning more information about this as we speak right now, taking place in aurora, illinois, adjacent to the o'hare airport right there. faa building, we understand it right now. root center was evacuated due to a fire in that facility. it resulted in a ground stop for
8:03 am
flights, we're now being told by the faa in that area, specifically those heading into chicago right now. the air space management, the people who oversee the air space there, that has now been transferred to a different facility. at this time, in terms of the fire, we're told the fire department is on the scene at that location, that employees have safely been evacuated from the facility and that no injuries have been reported at this time. again, it's significant because it affects travelers through that area right now. no flights that are presently in the air are affected by this. those passengers are all safe. there is, at this time, a ground stop both at o'hare and midway airports in chicago. natalie? >> peter alexander. and if you are traveling, of course, do call ahead. call your travel carrier. as millions of americans are boarding subway trains, officials are dismissing a claim by an iraqi prime minister that says that isis is ready to
8:04 am
attack american subways. meantime fbi director james comey says he believes his agency has identified the masked man seen posing with doomed hostages in isis videos. the law enforcement official who says he sent the video to the nfl in april says he sent it specifically to the league's chief security officer. the official says he doesn't know if the security chief jeffrey miller ever saw the dvd. in a response overnight, miller denied ever seeing a copy of that video. police say the suspect in the disappearance of college student hannah graham is refusing to answer questions, even though he was seen with graham on surveillance video before she vanished two weeks ago. jesse matthew was ordered held without bail after a court
8:05 am
hearing thursday. to find hannah, police are still trying to track matthew's movements. the problem, police say, is that friends didn't report her missing for a day and a half. >> there's a very big, large, significant block of time between the time we know hannah graham disappeared and the time that disappearance was reported to us. we need to shrink that gap. >> officials have also revealed that matthew was investigated in 2002 for a campus sex assault allegation. however, no charges were filed in that case. a mail carrier might brave a storm or a snarling dog from time to time to deliver a package but all bets are off when it comes to bears. a amailman in vancouver, canada left this explanation as to why the package wasn't delivered. you see there, bear at door. who can blame him?
8:06 am
let's get another check of your weather from al. >> okay, natalie. thank you so much. huge crowd. all the way to the end of the plaza. wow! let's show you what we've got going on as far as your weather. nice and clear here in the northeast. looking good from boston, washington, new york, chicago. looking great. in fact, these afternoon temperatures, 90s through the plains. also in the southwest. cooler in the northeast. lower humidity. spectacular. little rain there. as you get down to the california coast, looking pretty good. wet weather from the southwest into southern texas. southern florida as well. and around the great lakes, into the northeast after some morning fog, it's going to be a good morning i'm meteorologist bill henley. a bit warmer over the weekend, bright sunny skies for the first saturday of ah tum, 81 degrees.
8:07 am
the warming trend continues for sunday up to 83 degrees. another warm day on monday, we'll see a chance of showers on tuesday and wednesday and bright sunshine on thursday. >> and october 6th, stomp out bullying prevention. way to go. stomp out >> every day should be that day. >> absolutely. >> thanks, al. by the way, you know what is trending again this morning? >> what? >> "truly brave." >> thank you, carson. love it. thank you. also coming up on trending, is it sprinkling or is it raining? the cutest argument over weather you will ever see. carrie underwood on the special event she's taking part in this weekend and something very special happening in her life. also the mother of all steals and deals. you can't afford to miss the bargains, everything from fashion to jewelry. we've got it all lined up for you ♪
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8:11 am
(it's alive... it's alive!) make your halloween come to life. twizzlerize your tricks and treats with twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. 8:11 now on a friday morning. time for what's trending today. first up on this friday, as we spin. take the dramamine, mayor accidentally dropped chuck, the groundhog on his head during an annual event. this is, you know, i guess where we learn if he sees his shadow, if there's more winter that, sort of thing. it was a flub for sure but turned into a much bigger story when the new york post revealed that chuck, the groundhog, suddenly died after that fall
8:12 am
from sudden internal trauma. it wasn't even chuck. it was charlotte. >> now, officials could be banned from holding groundhogs. >> why are you laughing? >> they're clearly hard to handle. i feel terrible. >> six-foot drop. >> some people laugh when they're really sad. >> yes. >> did you see the episode of mary tyler moore? >> exactly. you know how we like to take you behind the scenes here at "today." this morning, we want to show you how al and his genius weather team plan their weather forecast. take a look. >> it's sprinkling. >> no, it's raining. >> mom told me it's sprinkling. >> that's rain. >> ow! >> are you okay? >> it's rain.
8:13 am
>> you hurt my heart. >> adorable. >> they can't quite agree on whether it's raining or sprinkling but this video is poking hearts all over the internet, up to more than 2 million views. >> poked our heart, too. >> we all agree, viral videos are great but the internet is truly its best when it helps us save time. who likes mangos? >> love mangos. >> this video we all can agree it's hard to cut. align that edge with the glass and push. there you have it, mango ready to eat. >> wow! >> amazing.
8:14 am
>> it's that ease. >> i this is katie, the woman in that video, featured on her youtube video and happened to be a page on nbc. >> true. >> is it only you who can do this or you all can do this? >> i think you all can do it. i have faith in you. >> it's just important to -- >> mango in the right hand or glass in the right hand? >> depends on if you're right-handed. >> where the flesh meets the skin and then just push. >> mine it's not -- >> not working. >> al's got it. >> that is the greatest life-saving and life-changing -- >> great sbest life changing. >> it's a life changer. >> mine's not ripe enough really but you could see -- >> they have to be ripe. >> you need to spend more time at the gym. >> tell me about it, al. i'm going to start poking you. >> the three of you have figured it out. >> i'm the mango pro here right and mine didn't work all the way. it does depend on ripeness.
8:15 am
i'll go with that. >> thank you for providing me with a very ripe mango. >> that is what's trending today. we are back with a country sensation. our friend, carrie as you know, carrie underwood is a bona fide superstar, garnered more than. now carrie is using her status
8:16 am
to raise awareness about global poverty. she is performing right here in new york tomorrow at the global citizens festival. carrie, good morning. >> good morning. >> we have so much to talk about. i want to talk about that global citizen stuff in a second. i'm sorry, i'm busting about your other news, okay? >> what other news? >> your other news that -- >> i have a lot of news these days. >> you revealed on instagram with your two puppies that you are expecting. >> yes. >> tell me how that feels. >> it's weird, to be honest. sometimes i'll be with my husband and i'm like, i'm going to be a mom. you're going to be a dad. just realized. but we're really excited. >> wow! what do you think about motherhood? >> um, i mean, i have a wonderful mother. >> i know you do. >> so, if i could be even a little bit like that, i think we'll be good. i'm excited. >> i'm so happy for you, honey. let's talk about the concert in central park. this is a big -- this is a big, big deal.
8:17 am
i got my tickets yesterday. i'm very excited. tell me why this concert is unique compared to other venues that you play. >> the way you get to go, you earn your way in, basically, by doing acts of service, by being a part of movement. you can go to there's so many causes. you can find something that you're really passionate about. whether it's sharing things via social media or signing petitions or, you know, even just becoming better informed about different things that are going on around the globe, you can be part of these things and earn points and win -- >> kind of cool, right? >> win tickets to like what's happening tomorrow. >> you have a lot of great people. you, fun, the roots. >> jay-z. >> jay-z. >> i'm sure you've heard of him. >> it's going to be terrific. >> really cool lineup. >> you have some new music which
8:18 am
i always get excited whenever you're about to release something new. i know it's going to be one of those things. you have a little snip of a song. >> i do. >> what's the song? tell us a little bit about it before we play it. >> it's called something in the water. it's going to be a single off my greatest hits album that will come out december 9th. >> i've got to hear it. i like to concentrate. you know how i get with your music. ♪ must be something in the water ♪ >> very uplifting. very exciting that people will hear it monday. >> what's the meaning behind that song? >> it's really kind of, as i said, joyous, uplifting song basically about changing your life for the better and kind of having that aha moment, waking up and your life being different from that moment forward. >> so much inspirational stuff. i remember when you sang "amazing grace" at the opry. by the way, i have that on youtube and watch it when i feel crumby.
8:19 am
there's something about watching you sing that and watching the audience react. >> it makes my heart happy to sing things like that. >> we look forward to your new album next week. >> thank you. >> global citizen festival takes place. you can watch it live on nbc tomorrow. and a special prime time special will air. back to you. "we make football," josh elliott is traveling all across the country to see how the sport has shaped the lives of a lot of people. this morning he is in arlington, texas, at the home of the dallas cowboys. josh, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning to you. the house that jerry built is where we are this morning. of course, this sport reigns supreme here in the state of texas, never more so than under the lights of high school friday night. and while every school here cannot be a powerhouse, we wanted to introduce you to small
8:20 am
north dallas high, led by a very unlikely captain, trying to follow in his older brother's footsteps. you can hear shapiro's passion for a game still new to him. >> he has division i potential written all over him. he is one of those kids that you want to push for, root for. >> reporter: there may be a reason the north dallas high school senior hasn't been overly recruite recruited. >> we're not exactly friday night lights. we don't have a 40-man football team. we're not even half that. >> probably the smallest school in our district. 30 kids show up for training camp but the kids have heart. >> before walking on at smu, his brother left behind a numerical
8:21 am
legacy. >> number 80 is my brother's number. it started a whole new legacy for us. as a mexican family we dealt with soccer, soccer, soccer. started playing, just completely changed our view of a different sport. >> people push him everywhere. what is that? [ speaking spanish ] >> this year, luis was named the captain, a rarity for the kicker, and the leadership award winner is an honor student, who imagined a very specific future. >> i would like to be an engineer. i've always loved to be around cars. when i see a car in my mind i start working and design all these crazy modifications on it. it also relates to being a kicker. i'm taking my steps.
8:22 am
if i'm a centimeter off, it could completely mess up the whole idea of what i'm working on. >> reporter: such precision thus far has made all the difference for luis. so has the support of his home team. >> i love football. we're a football family. i've been playing for three years. my brother has been playing almost five years and we're just going to keep it going. >> an awesome time, meeting your entire family, especially your father. and his teammates from north high dallas. >> what is it about kicking that you like so much? >> i like being able to put up points for my team, i guess. just the environment around me. i start the game. i score for the team. i feel that being on the field my teammates about to start the game, emotional feeling for me.
8:23 am
can't wait to play. >> we saw your family and how much this is a family affair. your mom, your dad, your brother now into college. what is it to be around this family, too, every friday night? >> amazing. most of the players i've been with since my freshman year, sophomore year. we've known each other three, four years already. it's created a small family bond for us. we get new players, freshmen incoming. that's family to us. >> reporter: we don't want to let you guys get out of here without bringing in somebody a few of you might recognize. cowboys legend, michael irving. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. michael, you wanted to meet this guy and his teammates. >> yes, i did want to meet this guy here. we're happy to be here with you, man. >> what is it to see the family of football here? >> oh, man.
8:24 am
this is what it's all about, man. there's no greater place, man, that enjoying football right here in texas. right, guys? you guys know it. you guys know that. can i -- >> oh, yeah. >> i want to understand this now. you guys all know best how we do things here in texas. we love to do things big. here is what we're going to do. luis, you make this field goal, i'm going to have you and all your guests here be a guest of mine this sunday right here at the game when the dallas cowboys play the new orleans saints. and -- we've got an and in here. and all of these players, you'll be hanging out on this football field with all of the nfl players during the pregame warm-ups. all right? and -- one more and in here. we got an and in here.
8:25 am
and, luis, you will lead the team out of the locker room, through the door and on the field carrying the flag. >> but -- but you've got to make the field goal. one kick. >> one kick, bud. >> he gets to hold the football. this is too much pressure. like nfl pressure, luis. nfl pressure. the crowd's going crazy, the game is on the line. everybody's yelling! luis, luis, luis! >> yeah, baby! >> log on for your chance to win a trip to super bowl xlix. back to you guys in the studio. >> coverage beginning at 7:00 pm
8:26 am
with football night in america. coming up, live performance from john mellencamp and good morning, i'm chris cato. it is 8:26 and it's time to get your forecast with bill henley. >> yes, nice and sunny this morning for most areas. the few areas with fog are seeing it disappear. nothing but sunshine now over cape may. visibility is quickly improving every redding. no sign of any fog for the rest of the area. 59 in northeast philadelphia. 50s will warm through the 60s and into the 70s this afternoon. if you're heading to the
8:27 am
ballpark tonight it looks like a great evening for baseball. let's see how traffic is shaping up. good morning we still have accidents out there including one on 295. going to the gilbertsville area. there is still a delay. and this is 76 on the westbound side near city avenue. with more hospitals in the area seeing cases of what may be entrovirus, but hospital is making a change for visitors. we're back with another update in about 25 minutes, have a great friday.
8:28 am
8:30 am
it's 8:30 now on a friday morning. big crowd gathered in rockefeller plaza. 26th of september, 2014. it is a beautiful day here. hopefully, a nice weekend coming up in new york city. and we thank all these people for getting here early. >> great way to spend a friday morning. coming up, a rare bargain on, get this, american girl dolls. beautiful jewelry.
8:31 am
>> oh, i can't wait. >> all part of the biggest steals and deals ever. >> and a hall of famer in the house. john mellencamp is here. he will perform something old and something new. >> and, guess what? we've got another big concert lined up coming up next week. one of your favorites and one of my favorites, too, lady antebellum with a new album coming out. they'll be live tuesday on the plaza. golf's ryder cup is under way right now. you can catch live coverage right now on the golf channel and this weekend on nbc. i'm being told zach johnson, look at the shot right there, zach johnson and hunt eer mahan. rory and phil teed off moments ago. lot of exciting golf. >> i might watch a little of that. >> i might, too. >> i'm going to be honest. i don't think you should watch
8:32 am
that. watch us. i'll get a call from somebody from nbc. yeah, i can hear it now. anyway, let's show you what's going on for the weekend. saturday, wet weather through the western plains, risk of strong storms. wet weather through the southeast. beautiful weather through the great lakes, into the northeast and new england. then sunday, sunday, look at more sunshine in texas, low 80s. rain making it's way up into the mississippi valley. the west coast is going to be spectacular. and it's mesothelioma awareness day. >> we want everyone to visit cure it's a very rare and aggressive form of cancer caused by good morning i'm bill henley, get ready for lots of
8:33 am
sunshine today. you will need your sunglasses. temperatures will warm into the mid 70s this morning with much less wind. the warming trend continues for sunday up to 83 degrees. humidity stays low both days. another warm day on monday and then a chance of showers on tuesday and wednesday. bright sunshine on thursday. weather. hoda? >> al, thank you so much. if you like bargains, and i know you do, buckle your seat belt. "today" contributor jill martin is here with the biggest steals and deals ever. >> ever! >> we keep saying ever. what does that mean? >> this is the biggest steals and deals, the most items we've ever had in one steals and deals and there's a secret item. >> okay. let's do it. >> okay. >> i love these already. >> these are right up your alley, maggie london wrap dresses. we love these for ambush
8:34 am
makeovers. there's three different styles. go on to see what you like. the patterns, different sleeve lengths. obviously, what's flattering for you. the retail, $139. the deal $39. >> how do you even do it? and they pack easy, right? >> they don't wrinkle. >> we're about to hit the mother lode right here. >> this is major. >> your nieces watch this and little vale, if you're watching. if you're doing your holiday shopping, start now. american girl retail $169. let's start with the first collection, my american girl. go online. outfits, books, accessories. >> shoes. >> exactly what you get. retail $169. the deal $67. 60%. if you would like a bitty baby, the retail is $124.99. you get the doll and also all the little accessories and the books and you go online and make up a whole story. we love this. retail $124.99. the deal, $50.
8:35 am
that's 60% off. i want everyone to know you can only do it on you can't go into the stores or call. if you want it -- >> go to immediately. people are buying it up. what is next, jill martin? >> this is a little difficult to do. read the direction when you get it home. in the end it looks fabulous. air brush makeup kit. the retail is $490. you get this sort of professional look at home, foundations, highlighter, brush, primer, eyeshadow. the deal is $79. that's $84. >> if you've ever had this done on your face it's amazing how clean the finish is. >> you lose a few years. >> yes, you do. >> properly. >> be very careful. >> this is the whole situation here, accessories begging for holiday. nichlt nikki bacon, silver, rose or yellow gold.
8:36 am
anne hathaway, reese witherspoon. the retail $195. the deal $39. >> i'm shocked every time. i don't know what i'm doing here. what about the scarf? >> the retail $57. they're hand printed. retail $57. the deal $16.95. and lightweight. you can wear them throughout the year. >> and the bag department. >> a whole situation here. you can wear it while you're traveling. thank you for laughing. but everything is close to you. if you're traveling all around the country, and the world, you never know. >> okay. >> the messenger bag retails $325. it's metallic genuine cowhide leather. available in seven really fun colors. retail is $325. the deal $68. that's 79% off. but -- >> what? there's more! >> it's special on the web. >> what is it? >> a special available only on
8:37 am >> you have to go on to figure out what it is? >> i'm wearing it is the hint. >> your outfit? your watch, your bracelet. >> i wish my bracelet. >> what is it? >> i can't tell. >> earrings. >> we don't have any idea but it's something you're wearing. go on the web and figure it out. jill, thanks so much. wrap dress from maggie london, american girl, makeup kits, earrings from nikki baker, scarves from pepette, and the b bags. plus a mystery deal go on a special performance by a special performance by john don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off.
8:38 am
class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
8:39 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> we're back now 8:39 with
8:40 am
grammy winning singer/songwriter, john mellencamp, a constant on the music scene with song like "hurts so good" and "jack & diane." is he out with his 22nd album, "plain spoken." good to have you here. >> thanks for having me back. >> you said it's an age-appropriate rock album. what do you mean by that, at age 62, if you don't mind my saying? >> it's important you write to the people you grew up with and not try to be 35. and so i feel silly, you know, trying to act like i did when i was -- wouldn't you feel silly? >> sure. we all matured. why not pretend -- why not let people know we matured? you hit faith in this, loneliness, heartbreak. all the good ones. you said something in an interview with rolling stone magazine that i want to talk about. after you and elaine got divorced and your kids moved out of the house, i used to walk into my house and i could always
8:41 am
go, who loves their dad, i would hear elaine go i do, and then hug go i do, and spec, i do. there was a greeting i always had. i walk in the house now and go, who loves their dad and nothing. >> nothing. >> as a father of three, that made me sad. >> i'm a father of five so what i do now is i have to call them up and go, anybody still love their dad? i do. >> you don't get an answering machine, they actually pick up, right? are you feeling at this age it's easier to be more open about emotions like that and feelings like that? >> my inspiration today is coming from authors like, you know -- i hate to sound pretentious but steinbeck, hawthorne. i'm trying to write it about those type of things. i'm too old to write about girls. >> in august you announced you and meg ryan ended a fairly long-term relationship. i heard distance was a problem. did it just get to be too much?
8:42 am
>> meg's an angel. she's an angel sent to me and i'm very happy. nothing is over till it's over. >> that's nice to hear. one of the songs on this album you wrote in the 1990s and have been hanging on to. >> i actually started to write it. i wasn't mature enough to write it, a song called troubled man. the song came to me. hang on to ideas until they mature. >> and it sounded right at this time? >> yeah. i tried to write it two other times and it didn't make sense. >> what are you going to sing for us now? >> you want me to do small town? >> we would love it. ladies and gentlemen, john mellencamp. >> all right. hold on here. takes old people a second to get ready. all right.
8:43 am
♪ well i was born in a small town and i live in a small town probably die in a small town oh, those small communities ♪ ♪ all my friends are so small town my parents live in the same small town my job is so small town provides little opportunity ♪ ♪ i was educated in a small town taught to fear jesus in a small town used to daydream in that small
8:44 am
town another boring romantic that's me ♪ ♪ but i've seen it all in this small town had myself a ball in this small town married a couple gals and brought them to this small town now i don't know if it's small town or if it's me ♪ ♪ no i cannot forget from where it is that i come from i cannot forget the people who love me i can be myself here in this small town and people let me be just what i want to be ♪ ♪
8:45 am
♪ got nothing against a big town man i'm still hayseed enough to say look who's out there in the big town my bed is in a small town oh, that's good enough for me ♪ ♪ cause i was born in a small town and i can breathe in a small town gonna die in this small town oh, that's probably where they'll bury me ♪
8:46 am
♪ >> john mellencamp. he will be back to sing a new single for us in a moment. first on a friday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
8:48 am
we're back with john mellencamp. i mentioned the 22nd allal bum. i would like to put you on the spot but do you have a favorite song? >> i'm still looking for that. >> haven't written it?
8:49 am
>> still waiting for the day when i write that. >> this is "troubled man." >> "troubled man," yes. >> ladies and gentlemen, once again, here is john mellencamp. ♪ it's the wake of all evil a universal mess i've always found trouble even at my best no hopes to get better till they put me down to rest i am a troubled man ♪
8:50 am
♪ ♪ anxiety and sorrow underneath my skin self destruction and failure leads my head in i laughed out loud once i won't do that again i always travel the hell fire road to taste the sweet smell of sin i am a troubled man i am a troubled man ♪
8:51 am
i am a troubled man so many things have fallen through my hands i am a troubled man ♪ ♪ people up on the east side people on the gravel road people of many colors whose stories will never be told too late came too early for me to face myself i am a troubled man ♪ ♪ i am a troubled man i am a troubled man oh, lord ♪ i won't do anything but hurt you if i can
8:52 am
i am a troubled man ♪ ♪ ♪ >> john mellencamp. john, thank you very much. great seeing you. the new album is called "plain spoken." we're back on a friday morning. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
all right. let's get some special birthday wishes from mr. willard scott. good morning, willard. >> you are a beautiful crowd up there in new york city. one of my favorite towns, almost as my favorite town, jacksonville, tennessee. lillie bell cobb is 106 years old. she loves home baked goods and wayne nyswonger from des moines, iowa, 101 years old today. do you know what his favorite
8:55 am
hobby is? keeping track of the weather. partly cloudy, i see, up there. good man. make a fortune with that. this is clayton strider, a fine man, from lebanon, ohio. 102 years old today. and he loves to watch the cincinnati reds. this is jeanette rocco from brooklyn, new york. a rocco from brooklyn. bet she likes good old italian food. ooh. now back to new york. >> willard, thank you so much. >> look who's here. >> uh-huh. >> the people from the next hour. >> not the greatest hour, because that would be the hour after. >> yeah. >> the people from the next hour. >> al and natalie have been here the last two hours. >> i know but you get the idea. >> what's happening in the next hour? >> we have more with john mellencamp. >> of course you do. >> and entourage's
8:56 am
good morning i'm chris cato. let's get your forecast with bill henley on what's shaping up to be a beautiful friday. >> from the city to the mountains, nothing but blue sky. fog in the pocono mountains, but just a few spots are left this
8:57 am
morning. it will not last. the sunshine is nice and bright, it is 58 degrees. the humidity it dropping. we're headed for the upper 70s this afternoon. trepton right now is 61. >> pennsylvania state police plan to hold a news briefing for the search on eric frien. he ambushed troopers outside of their barracks and shot them with a rifle. today their checking out an abandoned hotel in the poconos that he used to visit when it was open. cooper university hospital in camden changed their check in procedure. no one over 16 can visit the
8:58 am
pediatric unit or the pediatric floor. the entrovirus has been confirmed in a dozen states including pennsylvania. stay with us for more coverage on the neteenterovirus.
8:59 am
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9:00 am
this is "today's" take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a brisk fall morning her on a friday. big old crowd outside on the plaza. i'm willie, along with al, natalie and tamron. john mellencamp waiting. a big crew waiting. story everyone is talking about not just here in new york but across the sports world and around the country, derek jeter last night could not have scripted a better ending to his career here in new york. the yankee captain going out in classic jeter style comes to the plate with the game tied bottom of the ninth. these are the scenarios as a kid
9:01 am
you dream about. >> okay. >> winning run is on second base. here is what he did. >> base hit to right field. richardson is safe. derek jeter ends his final game with a walk-off single! derek jeter, where fantasy becomes reality! >> the odds, when have you nine guys in the order, that he is the man at the plate and gets the hit in that spot are small. but he pulled it off. >> yankees beat the orioles 6-5. it was a crazy way to get there. they looked like they were going to win the game, were up 5-2 in the top of the ninth. our pitcher, our closer, i'm a yankees fan, blows the save. >> didn't blow the save. >> well -- >> set that up.
9:02 am
>> you think that -- >> set it up. >> orioles tie the game in the top of the inning to set up all this drama for jeter and he said he is a guy who has not shown any emotion over the last 20 years, given the media not much. when asked what were you thinking when you came to the plate in the bottom of the ninth he said i was trying not to cry. this is what he said to the fan inside yankee stadium. >> i want to thank everyone here. i've said it time and time again. everybody is chanting thank you, derek. and i'm thinking to myself, for what? you know, i'm just trying to do my job. so, thank you guys. >> derek jeter right there. >> couple of things, the game was great. it showed his class. in the middle of that moment when it's all about him and they're chanting his name, he stops in the interview and said i want to salute the baltimore orioles for making the playoffs. you guys deserved it, tipped his hat to them. when asked if he was going to play in boston, he said i'm
9:03 am
going to play for the fans of boston. they've earned this and i owe it to them to play. >> designated hitter. he's not out on the field. >> his last game as shortstop was at yankee stadium. >> when there was an athlete we celebrated so much like this, such an icon and idol not only to parents and not only fans of baseball, but kids just idolize him. >> probably his friend, michael jordan. >> yeah. >> they have a lot of parallels in how they created their image, how they worked very hard. their cities love them. but the world, you know, loves them as well. but i enjoyed willie's reaction this morning. we had this conference call and i thought barry white was on the phone. yeah, i'm ready to talk. what's going on? i had an emotional night, man. i told all the kids to go to bed. shake it off. >> this is my night. >> there's a conference call? >> oh, yeah, we were meaning to tell you that. >> you missed that?
9:04 am
>> yeah. i think it's a conference call. >> what does that mean? >> dark natalie. >> real dark natalie. >> this has been going on, what, six months? >> who is on the conference call? >> you guys are on the air and we're toiling away, trying to get this show together. >> thank you so much. >> we sang karaoke as lionel rig ritchie and diana ross. remember that night? >> what did hoda refer to us as? >> that hour. >> very informative. there's snack. >> thanks for including me. it's a phone call. it's not like i could be there. i could pick up a phone. >> in the middle of your on-air? >> i'm not on 24 hours. >> almost. >> no. i mean -- >> "wake up with al," go to bed with al. >> just thinking, you know -- >> we'll consider it.
9:05 am
>> i am stunned! >> i said you would be considered. >> oh, by the way, there's a conference call. by the way -- >> willie and i decide what to wear, we try to coordinate. it's where all the magic happens. >> i don't want to be on the stinkin' conference call. >> i didn't think you did. bengals player devon still was cut but put back on the practice squad by the team so he could still have medical insurance to pay for his daughter's health care, 4-year-old little girl, leah, has neuroblastoma. a form of cancer. he post this is beautiful instagram, giving a pep talk to leah in the car before the surgery. >> i'm going to ask you again. i'm ready for today. are you ready for today? are you ready to get this cancer up out of you? let's do it!
9:06 am
fist bump. >> bengals are selling his jerseys for 100 bucks, donating the money to cancer research. so far over 100,000 -- 10,000 jerseys have been sold, million dollars donated, hospital children's of pediatric cancer. the cancerous tumor completely removed. she was one of the kids in hoda's fantastic video she put together with sara bareilles and cyndi lauper. >> oh, look at her. >> oh, $208,000 raised so far. >> that's amazing. i went on crowd rise to make a donation. you see the numbers changing. >> isn't that incredible? >> people leaving beautiful messages and people were sending in pictures of their own little survivors in the orange room just to show the reach. >> truly brave, #trulybrave still trending today and
9:07 am if you do want to make a donation. okay. when you travel with your spouse or with your significant other -- >> yep. >> -- do you buy the seat in the center so you guys can be together, like if you're the aisle or the window? do you take the center seat so you can be cuddly and hold hands or you go window and aisle? the reason we bring this up, "travel & leisure" october issue, you don't really know someone until you travel together. a writer tells a story about the first argument he had with his now wife about, where to sit on a plane during a long flight. he likes the window seat. his wife prefers the aisle. by the way, she's nila. since the flight was fully booked he decided to grab a window seat and his wife next to him in the middle seat. he assumed they would want to sit together and cuddle, right? not even close.
9:08 am
apparently the wife, nilu, not happy about this. she said she would prefer to have the aisle and have a stranger sitting between them. i am with you, nilu. >> really? >> really? >> yeah. you know what? >> wow! >> you want the ability to get up and go to the bathroom or be at the window. but somebody -- are you going to take the middle seat to be next to debra? >> yes. >> just so you can hold hands? >> i'll worry about some guy hitting on my wife. >> oh. >> that's a beautiful woman. >> that leaves the person in the middle, you're talking over that person. >> i don't need to talk. >> oh, oh! >> hey, here is an idea. why don't you just take different flights? call it a day. >> different cities. how did you enjoy vacation? >> i think the best solution, have kids and then it's two and two. >> or three and one. >> or three and one. >> do you know what gold is? >> what? >> you get to the point where you get there, you put them in two and your somewhere -- you're
9:09 am
near each other, but they're in their seat -- >> you're in first class? >> no, no, we're in coach. trust me. every now and then, upgrade, i give debra the up grade. >> smart man. >> because -- >> because you want to go home? >> no. people say look at al roker, what a jerk. >> on the conference call. >> on the conference call. i didn't even know that, because i'm not on the conference call! they're in first and we're in coach! >> sometimes you do get upgraded. christina says people don't want to see willie geist sitting in the front while the kids are in the back. >> i earned this, man. >> you know why? did you have a child? did a baby come out of you? no. >> wins the argument every time. >> every time. >> hands down. >> hands down! best you can say. >> i've carried that bullet for
9:10 am
nine months. >> set up another conference call. i want to share a story with you that may make you inspired, which seems to be the theme of the week. a 6-year-old boy wants to shine lights to the moon to honor his father, who is a soldier. his father was deployed to afghanistan and darren would talk to him by looking at the moon. you know, you tell a kid something, they're going to believe you. so, sergeant thomas allen went off to fight for this country and he was killed a year ago today. now the time darren told his mom, jamie, daddy's going to live on the moon. >> oh, my gosh. >> kids find ways of coping and dealing and he insisted on turning the porch light so that dad could see him. >> breaks my heart. >> tonight, one-year anniversary, darren wants all of us to turn on our porch light for his dad.
9:11 am
thousands of facebook followers have promised to do it. in fact, i have my ipad here. several people have already done it. we'll show you on the screen here. can i turn it around, guys? can they see? these are porch lights around the world that are already up in honor of darren's dad. so if you have a moment, set your alarm to remind yourself if you don't have one of those automatic ones and go out and let's all say hi to darren's dad. >> great story. >> to the moon and back. >> love that book, too. let's show you what we've got going on as far as your weather is concerned. we are looking at -- even with fall, going into the first fall weekend. we have big, bulging high pressure pushing the jet stream to the north. look at these temperatures. more like summertime. denver, 87 degrees, 17 degrees above normal. omaha, 84. rockford, illinois, 79. st. louis is 85. detroit at 75.
9:12 am
as we make our way into the northeast, bridgeport, 76 degrees. washington, d.c. will be at 79. charleston, 82 degrees. rest of the country, gorgeous day in the northeast, around the great lakes. rain down in florida. we have showers and thunderstorms making their way through southern texas into the southwest. hey, you ever see a rock star relax? . good morning i'm bill henley. get ready for lots of sunshine today you will need your sun glasses. temperatures warming to the middle to upper 70s. warmer over the weekend, bright and sunny skies for the first saturday of autumn and the warming trend will continue. another warm day on monday and then we'll see a chance of showers on tuesday and wednesday.
9:13 am
i also want to take a second and apologize. we were talking about fears yesterday and i tickled you. i want to apologize. >> why are you apologizing? >> some people took it the wrong way. >> oh, those people on twitter? >> exactly. >> can i clarify something quickly here? >> yeah. >> okay. only i can speak for me. >> right. >> i was not offended by al. he is paying for my dry cleaning because my dress -- i don't understand when people -- i think willie geist doesn't like you because he leans over or you were offended by al roker because al roker tickled you. really. i'm so -- i'm really, really tired of people trying to find problems in our happy home. >> are you going to tickle him or do something? >> i don't think so. hey, speaking of which -- you talked about clowns. >> oh. >> oh, no, don't do that. >> oh!
9:14 am
>> al roker! this is al roker. >> was that a setup for the clown? >> i don't like you. and it's evil. look at its face. >> you are sick, man! >> look at that thing. >> there's something wrong with you, man. >> send al all the tweets you want saying there are problems. >> a modern day renaissance man. >> al is mean. >> you set me up. >> #alismean. >> written a musical with stephen king, and a clown. >> john mellencamp, please save stephen king, and a clown. >> john mell[ julie ]lease save the wrinkle cream graveyard. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available. you'll see younger looking skin
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[ male announcer ] new crest tartar protection rinse. the only rinse that helps prevent tartar build-up and cavities. a little swishing. less scraping. yes! [ male announcer ] new crest pro-health tartar protection rinse. it helps you escape the scrape. it has been four years since grammy winning singer/songwriter john mellencamp's last album. his 22nd album called "plain spoken," we'll talk to john about that. first we asked you, before the break, which one of these has john not done? released a book of paintings, written a musical with stephen king, owned a restaurant or graduate with a degree in broadcasting. 36% of you believe that john does not have a degree in broadcasting. that was the number one choice. what's the answer? >> i've never owned a restaurant. >> never owned a restaurant? >> no. >> you have a degree in broadcasting?
9:18 am
>> i do. >> you went another direction with it, didn't you? >> the first job i had, when i got out of school, was in sales. i lasted one day. i was only like, you know, 21, 20 something. and, you know, i can't sell anything. that's what i found out. i thought i would do what you were doing or be on the radio or something. but i got a job in sales. i couldn't do it. i just said, okay, i'm going back to music. >> you're pretty good at selling albums. you're not doing too bad in that department. including this latest one, you called it music for grown-ups, not for jazzercize. >> you have to make records that are age appropriate. i tried to write about things that would interest, you know, people my age. and try not to write about the typical rock things anymore. try to take a lead from like,
9:19 am
you know, tennessee williams or john steinbeck. what did these guys write about? the american experience. so that's what i think is on this record. >> yet when you hit the road and go back out on tour again in january, they want to hear your hits, right? they want to hear "jack "jack & diane." do you love singing all those songs, too? >> i don't do all of them. i try to rearrange the songs in the fashion of the record that just came out. so, i will play those songs. but the audience might go, what's he playing? oh, i get it. and so what happens is you challenge the guys in the band. you challenge yourself. and you challenge the audience. and it makes it more of an interesting thing where everybody comes together, i think. >> speaking of "jack & diane," i read something that i didn't know until just now. it was not a diddy originally about two american kids growing up in the heartland. what was it originally? >> no, it was a diddy about two american kids growing up in the heartland but jack was -- it was
9:20 am
about interracial relationship between two young people in 1980 is when i wrote that song. so, it was a different time and i was convinced, through much arguing with the record company -- i didn't want to change it. i said no, this is what it's about. but then at the last minute, i said, okay. he's a football star. >> i know your fans can't wait to hear you sing that and all your new stuff, too, when you hit the road. always a pleasure to have you here. thanks for the concert you gave us a little bit earlier. >> thank you for having me. >> good to see you. >> thank you. natalie has all the news you need before you walk out the door. later, no entourage, just adrian grenier. later, noolive garden'sst adrian never ending pasta bowl is back and better than ever, starting at just $9.99. say yes to bowl after never ending bowl of your favorite pasta and more yes to savory new sauces
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9:24 am
headlines. new york city officials say subway riders don't have to worry, despite a threat from iraq's prime minister who says isis is ready to attack subway systems in new york and paris. security on the subways has been stepped up. if you miss a payment on your auto loan, don't be surprised if your car won't start. some lenders have been installing start disrupter that allows them to remotely disable the ignition if the payment isn't made. they've been installed on about 2 million cars. world-renowned escape artist from canada wowed shanghai by escaping the world's largest wooden roller coaster and just in time, chained to the roller coaster's tracks thursday and managed to free himself 58 seconds after the ride started. gunnerson jumped off the track moments before that coaster, running at a speed of 56 miles
9:25 am
per hour could have hit him. that is a close one, for sure. coming up, "entourage patented sonic technology with up to 27% more brush movements get healthier gums in two weeks guaranteed. philips sonicare discover the brush that's perfect for you. every time you take advil you're taking the medicine doctors recommend most for joint pain. more than the medicine in aleve or tylenol.
9:26 am
the medicine in advil is the number one doctor recommendation for joint pain. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil good morning i'm vai sikahema. let's get our forecast from bill henley, can't beat a day like this. officially it is gorgeous. sunshine is bright from the city to the shore. just a few thin, high clouds. the rain clouds from yesterday are completely out of the picture. so are the chillier temperatures. wildwood is 63. what a lovely friday, afternoon temperatures in the 70s. later on with a light breeze out of the north. >> thank you, this morning investigators are looking for the cause of a deadly house fire
9:27 am
in delaware county. it went to two alarms. up with person died in the fire and the person has not been identifies. police have placed more officers across the train system and the tran sis agency is urging riders to be vigilant. riders told us they appreciate the extra effort. they say that isis is plots attacks across the u.s. today, how an upgraded system will help attack severe weather. it is funded by an $87 million federal grant. it will fix flooding problems at a trollly underpass. get the latest weather and news on we'll send you back to "the today show."
9:28 am
i'm vai sikahema, see you in about half an hour.
9:30 am
oh! >> very fun. >> willie! >> he got up. i didn't even realize that. >> willie geist. wow! now we know what scares you, willie. >> yeah, that was great. >> can i just say something? >> yeah. >> he's still there. >> a possessed clown. >> can you cut this clown down? >> if you're just joining what happened -- >> yesterday we talked about -- >> our fear. >> our fears. tamron was tickling. i tickled her. and natalie's happened to be -- >> clowns, especially evil looking ones like the one right above. >> yeah. >> al roker set us up basically. we were getting tweets from people who said the tickling thing that wasn't so funny and i
9:31 am
said it was absolutely funny. i walk over to hug the great al roker to assure him that i wasn't offended by the tickling. >> we're family. >> we keep two of the four members out of the conference call. >> we're going back to that. >> i go over to hug, hug it out. fight the twitter haters. >> next thing you know -- >> evil clown. >> and on twitter, the guy's name is @joegreen, he captures the -- >> look at this screen graph. this is epic. my phone is on lock. >> we have it on screen here. >> they told me to have it on ready in case. joe green wrote to us, and with that, my day is done and has a screen graph of our direction. willie is levitating. >> willie walked away. >> this is before he ran. he didn't walk away. he ran and natalie is just like -- >> can i tell you -- >> are you all right? little bit? >> you what?
9:32 am
>> we need a photo of -- >> wow, let's make sure adrian grenier doesn't sit in that seat. wow! >> al is going to do this, we need depends to sponsor us. it's terrible. >> how is your weekend looking? sunshine in the northeast. great lakes, new england tomorrow. rain down through florida and the southeast. slight risk of strong storms in the southwest. lot of rain. we'll be watching that. as we move ahead to sunday, sunday, again, northeast, new england, fantastic. it's more like a summer day. it will be like a summer weekend. temperature low 80s. wet weather through the gulf coast and on into florida. rain in the southwest, northern plains and west coast you'll have a spectacular weekend. temperatures low to mid 70s and good morning, i'm bill henley, get ready for hots of sunshine today. you will need your sun glasses. temperatures will warm to the mid to upper 70s this weekend.
9:33 am
bright and sunny skies for the first saturday of autumn and the warming trend continues for sunday up to 83 degrees. humidity is low both days. another warm day on monday and a chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. bright sunshine on thursday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks a lot. best selling novel "gone girl" took the literary world by storm selling more than 8.5 million copies worldwide. >> it's been adapt into one of the most anticipated films of the year. take a look. >> amy, who are you? >> a, i'm an award-winning scrimshaw, b, moderately influential war lord and, c, i write personality quizes for magazines. >> your hands are far too delicate for scrimshaw work and
9:34 am
i happen to be a weekly subdescriber to war lord weekly so it must be c. >> and you, who are you? not only the book's author, but she wrote the screenplay for the film. gillian, good morning. >> good morning. >> some cry, some go on eating binges. some have said they go on long vacations. for you, when you closed that book, wrote the last words, did you know you had a hit on your hands potentially? >> i really didn't. in fact, i was nervous about the whole thing. it's not a traditional wh whodunnit. i liked it but, here, world. hope you enjoyed it maybe. >> i loved it. read it in a day and a half. all my girlfriends, you've got to read "gone girl." you actually got to write the screen play. was that something you worked out? >> i really wanted to do it. only i can do it. i must do it. i must do it.
9:35 am
and they were like, okay, do it. and i was like, no, whoa, what have i gotten myself into? the book was dense and complicated. once i sat down with it, i was like, what have i got myself into? it was fun to revisit the characters. i'm a serious rewriter. i'm never quite done. to get to revisit it was fun for me. >> and then the casting. you wanted ben affleck for nick and then you get him. >> yeah. >> did you go down the list of your dream -- idea of a dream cast? >> you know, i just knew ben would be perfect for nick. he is a tricky role. you have to believe he may have killed his wife but you also to have to have a fondness for him. you can't really turn on him. i thought ben had such a natural likability and charm that i thought he would be great. >> you know, we're sitting here. we met you. you're well adjusted, cheery, pleasant person. i have to know, where does this stuff come from? you've written three novels and they're all very, very dark.
9:36 am
once you said you had to thank your husband for continuing to sleep next to you, knowing what's going on in your head. >> yeah. brave man. >> where does this come from? >> i've always been someone who, i like scary stories. people either like to be scared or they don't like to be scared. i grew up in a very calm, safe kind of mid western home. i was able to kind of go to that dark side and look under the rock and then go back to my safe place. i've always been like, what's under the rock? >> i love the evolution of how you came about to be an author as well. you started off writing columns for "entertainment weekly." what was it that inspired you or made you think i have a great novel in me? >> you know, i've always loved books. books are my constant companion. i'm never not reading. i was getting to right for "weekly." i wanted to create my own world and sustain it for a while. i started writing on the nights and weekends to see if i could really. >> you had, to me, one of the
9:37 am
greatest jobs before this. you sold honey-baked hams. >> i knew you were going to say that. >> honey baked ham? >> i know. i used to smell them in my sleep. >> what was with the yogurt? >> i was the world's greatest -- i got to dress up as a yogurt cone but also wore a tuxedo. >> formal yogurt cone. >> at a mall to give out yogurt samples, bow tie, giant lid, cone thing and a spiral perm. there was also a fan inside to keep you cool. >> are there pictures? >> there was always this -- >> protect your hair? >> pull up that spiral in my perm. so, my motto is always be nice to people dressed as food. >> good word of advice. throwback thursday, post that picture. >> i need to find that. >> next time can you bring a
9:38 am
ham? >> congratulations on the film. huge hit. reviews have been amazing. i've been reading them this morning. >> up next, "entourage" star adrian
9:39 am
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9:42 am
♪ vivofit. gently reminds you to get moving. join the movement. hbo hit series "entourage" know him as vince. we'll see adrian grenier return to that role when "entourage" the movie returns to the screen. >> airing tomorrow on nbc and msnbc, global citizen. such an incredible project. what brought you into the fold? why did you want to be part of this? >> it's my home city. i live here in new york. i went last year to the concert in central park. it was such an awesome show. and for such a great cause, to
9:43 am
end extreme poverty around the world by 2030, which is an amazing goal. le. >> how do you go after it? >> i went to africa with gpp and learned so much about what they're doing. and i think for me it really starts with education. education is really the building block to ending extreme poverty. >> yeah. so, you must be excited to be one of the hosts for this because it is really something you're passionate about. and also by your celebrity it brings people to the screen to see what's going on. >> absolutely. we all do our part in our own way. lucky to have an opportunity to get up on stage, introduce the roots and all the other bands playing. everybody in the audience has done something to participate, to help the cause. >> also what i think is awesome about the project is that it makes helping and being part of solving a problem cool.
9:44 am
often times people think, oh, yeah. i'm a young person. i don't have to worry about that. i'm looking through my window or through my selfie and not at the world. and this festival makes it cool. i know that sounds trite, but sometimes that's needed. >> the thing about global citizen, we're all global citizens. we're all in this together. we're a big family. and the world is shrinking. now we can rub elbows and connect with the world. and every individual -- it's not just about giving money. in fact, it's not about giving money. >> volunteering. >> giving your time and passion and participating. that's the way communities are built. that's the way societies are built. that's the way we're going to get ourselves globally out of extreme poverty. >> speaking of time, you're about to embark on this really cool adventure where you are looking for the loneliest whale as a documentary? >> that's right, the loneliest whale in the world who speaks a different frequency than other whales so he has gone his whole
9:45 am
life calling out and no one has answere answered. >> oh! >> so sad. >> we're going to try to hear him. that's our primary goal. but telling his story, i think, will allow us an opportunity to tell us the story of the plight of whales and what is really in their way, which is, you know, the health of the oceans. >> quickly i have to ask you about "entourage," the movie. it's supposed to come out june of next year. but mark wahlberg, the producer, is saying it's so good he wants it to come out sooner. what do you think? >> we'll have a whole year to get excited. >> before we let you go, you have to tell us about these -- >> what's going on here? >> what was going on with -- >> #drawings of adrian grenier. >> is this you as a pirate? >> this started on set. one of the crew member's
9:46 am
daughter drew a picture of me and said it would be so great if you could give a shout out to her on social. i said such a good idea. so many great artists are always drawing pictures of me and have to give them an opportunity to be recognized. >> look at this one. >> amazing artist out there. >> so credible. >> is this your wallpaper in your apartment now, just pictures of yourself? >> uh, no. >> but the good news is if you get arrested, here's your photo. >> the number on the bottom of that one. >> adrian grenier, thank you so much. you're amazing. you can catch the global citizen festival 3:30 tomorrow and join tamron at 9:00 pm here on nbc. take the bite out of garlic. all you need is three minutes. take the bite out of garlic. all you need is three minutes. clever cooking we are the solis family. and this is our chex commercial. there's lots of choices and each of us has a favorite.
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9:51 am
so, have you ever wondered if it's okay to cook a steak while it's frozen or pour coffee while it's still brewing, will it taste the same? >> chris kimball, the host of "the make ahead cook." let's get started with garlic. love the taste but not the bite. >> three minutes on high in the microwave, peel garlic stops the reaction that creates the harsh bite. one of them is safe. >> when you say bite, what do you mean? >> that after bite. >> aftertaste? >> like, you know, you have no social calendar for two days. >> oh, the smell? >> it's the taste. >> this one is the one that's been microwaved. >> very good. that's why i put the carrots there. >> aha. >> you can tell the difference. this happens all the time. >> you want to defrost it. takes a couple of hours. put eighth-inch oil in the
9:52 am
skillet, completely frozen steak, cook it 90 seconds a side, 275 degree oven to finish. freeze a steak overnight uncovered on a baking sheet, parchment paper, then freeze it. by the way, one of these was done with a frozen steak, one with a thawed steak. you can see the difference. >> i'm guessing that's frozen. >> this is actually frozen. it's perfectly cooked. this one is thawed. >> that means it's not perfectly cooked? >> the outside gets overcooked if you have a thawed steak. >> first cup versus the last cup? >> if you're impatient, and we know you are. you get eight times the strength in that first cup coming out. >> wow! >> you grab it coming out, don't wait till the pot is full. the last cup is very weak. one of these is the first cup and one is the last cup. >> this is darker. >> this is the first cup.
9:53 am
>> lots of slow cookers cost up to 200 books. hamilton beach, 30 bucks. great job. >> cute. >> and also when you're finished, you can put these little clips on, put it like that for carrying. >> cute. >> and last? >> rachel ray has a lasagna lugger. and this keeps up for three hours -- >> is there lasagna in there? >> lasagna lugger. >> and it's hot, too! >> hot, too. >> going in! >> that's
9:54 am
9:55 am
test. >> the stop it! enough! >> chuckiesomething. >> okay, okay. we got point. >> kathie lee and hoda are next. >> this is great mac n cheese. >> we'll get the video of willie jumping when he saw this thing. go online and check it out.
9:56 am
test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. good morning i'm vai sikahema. let's get our first alert forecast from bill henley. >> it's a gorgeous day, isn't it?
9:57 am
heading to the upper 70s this afternoon with bright sunshine and less wind. the flags are blowing, that's a northerly wind. it will stay lighter during the day. up to 13 miles per hour now. temperatures up to 66 degrees. also 66 in northeast philadelphia and wilmington. >> pennsylvania police say they will hold a news briefing later today on eric frien. he is the main suspect in the murder of a police officer. they are checking an abandoned hotel in the poconos that he used to visit when it was open. up to 1,000 officers have been on the trail of the suspected killer. >> a woman at the sunoco station
9:58 am
was putting gas in her car when another vehicle crashed into a pump. her baby was in the vehicle and was not hurt. we'll have another update in 25 minutes, we'll see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. so glad you're with us for try day friday. september 26th. we have a big show for you. we'll tell you about it in a second. first of all, kudos to my hoda woman. her music video, it was -- there was so much reaction to it, truly brave, that the whole site just -- >> crowd rise. >> crowd rise. >> it crashed. it crashed. so we don't know -- hopefully -- please keep trying, everybody. such a worthy cause. >> go to and slash
10:01 am
hoda with my name. and give 5 bucks or 10 bucks. all for kids with pediatric cancer and thanks to sarah bareilles and cyndi lauper. >> if you missed it yesterday, go to and press the connect button and watch it again. you're goi ing to want to give more than $5. and the children are so precious and they got on the bus to go back to philadelphia and with such joy. just meant the world to them. and, hoda, i never truly -- never been more proud of you. you put your heart and soul into it and it showed in every second of that video. so, anyway -- >> thank you. >> you're welcome! >> big show today. "revenge" star emily van camp. >> not what she seems to be. >> that show is -- >> and matthew husbaimaginmatth >> and how bad is it to top off your gas tank? >> we're going to do a game. >> i like games. since half of you watching are probably divorced, we want to
10:02 am
know this. 50%. >> don't feel bad. so are we. >> how did you let people know that you were getting a divorce? and that's one of those questions the social cues column because it is always so awkward. i had people come up and go, i met your husband, and you're, like, no, okay. you don't know how to approach it with them and explain that is no more. what did you do in. >> it seems there are very few people that need that information. i didn't tell anybody at my church. i didn't. i told my mom and my dad and my brother and my sister and maybe two close friends and that was it. and never said a word about it to anybody because it was nobody's business. it was a different world today where everybody puts all their junk out, you know what i'm saying, for everybody. and the truth is, obviously, honestly, nobody really cares. a few people do. but the old saying, when i was 20, i was worried about when what people thought. when i was 40, i didn't care what people thought about me. when i turned 60, i realized nobody thought about me at all.
10:03 am
anyway, so -- >> they asked if you should put it on facebook. that's the question. >> this woman, she's angry, she wanted to put it up about her affair and why she -- what caused it, and -- >> some people say, look, a lot of people do post things because they feel like instead of having a conversation with all their people, they should just post it. i mean, i think obviously you can get too wordy. sometimes people get verbose and put out way, way, way too much information. >> and in the heat of a hurt or anger, it is, like, she shouldn't tweet, right? at a time like that. you certainly shouldn't go on facebook. >> have you ever written, you've been so angry about someone that hurt you and wrote wrote an e-m. but then you don't send it. like, i kept those because i was so, you know, devastated, always been so glad i didn't send it, but you look back, and you realize how angry and upset you were. >> there is a person on
10:04 am
television regularly, very, very successful, who i had become friends with. all of a sudden, frank and i noticed a complete change in the person and just on camera, weren't seeing him socially very much. but also just rude and unkind and just unnecessarylily and i t down and wrote a three page letter saying i'm concerned about you, why are you treating good people like this? christine said, before i do this, maybe there is something going on in his life i don't know. wife had left him, was getting a divorce and he was devastated. i didn't know. i tore up the letter. and wrote a note saying, so sorry to hear about the marriage. that's what you do instead. sometimes people do things for a reason. often bad behavior comes out of being hurt. just hurt. >> you lash out at people. >> you want to put it some place. best place to put your hurt and anger and frustration,
10:05 am
treadmill. take it out on the machine instead of people. >> or -- >> no. that's not healthy. or while you're on the treadmill. >> phil says do not put your stuff out on facebook and all that because you're going to regret telling the world your story. at the time it seems like a good idea, but just pause for a moment. >> hit your pause button. you're not the center of the universe and most people could care less. >> here are weird things that couples do fight about, in case you're wondering. buzzfeed did a great video they do. and they let us know what couples are fighting about, weird things. let's take a listen. >> oh, my god, could you choose any louder? >> this goes on here. it takes two seconds. >> what do you want to get for dinner? >> i don't really care. >> seriously? six more inches and it's in the sink. >> anything will be fine. >> fine. fine. all right. we're going to get pizza.
10:06 am
>> anything but pizza. >> what do you want to eat? >> bill paxton. >> bill pullman. >> bill paxton was an alien. that is bill paxton. that's him. game over, man. that is that man right there. why are we fighting about this? i'm sorry. i shouldn't have made you make the decision. that being said, i think your original call of pizza is fine. just not pepperoni. >> it is so true. >> isn't it? >> half the time you go what were we arguing about? >> it explodes as nothing. but don't you hate when you say where do you want to go, what do you want to eat, i don't know, you go well i picked last time, where do you want to go? >> how about putting it in the dishwasher, you know? frank is such a meticulous person, such a meticulous, i
10:07 am
loved that about him, always smells good, always -- but in our bathroom, he, every single morning i come in and he sees -- what the man has done with six towels and a wash cloth, can't even imagine. and for years it made me crazy until i all of a sudden started going, you know what, it means i still have him. he's still here. i have him. and there is going to come a day when i walk in and the towels are perfect that i don't have him. that's the way i feel about my kids, shoes and -- when cody is home, i used to be so mad, but i have him, he's home. cassidy as bad as you are, hoda, you are awful, terrible, nobody -- i would put my daughter up against anybody in the world as the messiest human being you've ever met. but i miss her messy. so it is all -- >> that's a great lesson. that really is. >> you know what i thought to myself? back to when i remember, because
10:08 am
i wanted to write it down because it was so great. >> and then you forgot it. okay. >> i want to get it right. no when know when to walk through the door before someone else shows you where it is. >> huh? >> you know what? i'm going to explain this to you because apparently somebody doesn't understand it. you know they say, they showed them the door, meaning go. know when the time is right so you can leave first, go through the door, before somebody shows you the door. by the way what is your excuse today? >> i forgot what it was. >> there will be a quiz later, buddy. >> the quiz will cost you $100, which you just earned. all right, kids, real quick,
10:09 am
"snl" starts the new season tomorrow and they have candy. >> this is unbelievable. >> do you know what these are? can we show them? >> pete's famous schwety balls. they're salty peanut butter malt balls. go ahead, look at it. mm. so moist. >> don't say moist! >> releases a line of candy. >> the people that had colon blast. >> colon blow. >> i love it. how do we go to sweet babies from this? >> it is time for johnson's baby -- >> no friday funny? >> our first baby is zaiden manuel jones born august 6th. dad is home for the birth of his
10:10 am
new son. congrats. >> next baby of the week is lincoln russell moyer, born in reading, pennsylvania, on september 11th. his parents susan and mark offer this advice to new parents, it is tough at the beginning, but it will get better. >> to natalie rose kitabijian born august 15th in north ridge, california. her parents angela and jaha say they nicknamed their daughter smile face. look at her. >> because she is a smile face. >> okay, stop. >> and our final johnson's baby of the week is naima briele singleton born in new york city on august 17th. her parents angelina and henry say to be great parents you also need to be great -- >> if you want your baby to be a johnson's baby of the week, go to if you're home -- >> work doing a promo for "dateline" instead of my friday funny. >> tonight, wait, don't laugh,
10:11 am
it is a "dateline" promo. >> a murder mystery. no laughing. >> "dateline" murder mysteries are the kind where you pop the popcorn. tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central on nbc, tune into "dateline." there it is. no time for friday funny. >> emily van camp tells us how she gets sweet revenge after this. did you hear about the one about the priest and the rabbi? [ man ] i think this is a good time to tell you: you're doing okay, mom. i can call you "mom," right? i know we haven't known each other very long, but you seem like a real keeper. you're not perfect. but you're trying. anyway, i want you to know how much i appreciate you. you know, right? how much i love you. you're doing okay, mom.
10:12 am
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10:14 am
i just can't stand seeing him like this. he's in pain. one in three people will get shingles in their lifetime. the shingles rash can last up to 30 days. i wish that there was something i could do to help. some people with shingles will have long term nerve pain which can last for a few months to a few years. don't wait until someone you love develops shingles. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk.
10:15 am
actress emily vancamp got her big break when she was 15 and her career has taken off ever since. she's appeared in several popular tv shows including the hit family drama "brothers and sisters" where she remained a series regular for four seasons. >> now she's back on one of the hottest shows on tv. the show called "revenge." she plays emily thorn, aka amanda clark. take a look. >> i want pascual back. you led him to his death. you insinuated your way into my family. you have earned your pain. >> you're exactly where you belong, victoria, ranting on like a lunatic. i'd do it all again. >> is she good? >> you started out so sweet.
10:16 am
>> what happened to you? >> i just changed. >> she brings it out in you. >> i know, right. >> complicated playing two completely different women, the evil mean one we saw and the sweet one we sometimes see. >> they're the same person, but they have different stories. >> different personalities. >> she's a character within a character. so, yeah. it is hard to juggle but so much fun. you're doing tv. you're doing 20 episodes every season, it is nice to have some variety. i'm so thankful. >> did you know it would be this hot when you started it? you get a script, you don't know. >> a script like this, this could go either way, either catch on or not. but it did, and, wow, we were so excited. we were the underdog that year. there were so many great shows coming out and suddenly it just kind of exploded. >> it is interesting, so it is all -- it is set in the hamptons, it appears to be set in the hamptons, has the same
10:17 am
vibe and feel, but you shoot this whole thing in l.a. >> we do, we do. >> genius. >> it is amazing. it is nice to be able to be there and we're on big sets so we can kind of control the mood of the show. >> climate. >> and climate, exactly. you can see it is rainy here. exactly. but it is great. if you really look closely, you can see we're on los angeles beaches, you know? bought we ma but we make it owork. it looks like the hamptons. >> how much time do you know what the plot twists are going to be? >> a little bit. we know an ark generally. >> an ark, an acting term. tell me about your ark this season. >> i think the biggest surprise of our season finale last season was that my father is alive. >> stop it! >> yes, he is alive. >> that's why you're exacting revenge. >> exactly, exactly. so it is a huge -- the show turns on its head because what was all of this for?
10:18 am
and you'll see -- exactly, you can see the torment when she realizes her father is actually alive. >> a lot of people died along the way. >> yes. the truth is she's never actually killed anybody, but there has been collateral damage. >> you're an accessory. >> exactly. >> beautiful accessories. >> our costume designer is genius. >> good luck with this. >> even it is on another network, we love it. >> we'll just say "revenge" premieres on sunday night. >> great to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> bobbie thomas is making products to push beauty boundaries right after this. rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, this can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain, so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for
10:19 am
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10:22 am
and it is time for bobbie's buzz. >> with the changing of the season comes new formulas that will enhance your everyday beauty routine. >> who better to tell us about them than "today" style editor, bobbie thomas. >> there is so much new beauty out, i want to talk about some forward thinking formulas. cover girl is launching this month in october a foundation that is called ultra smooth for your peach fuzz. >> i don't have peach fuzz. >> i tried it out, it does -- on my hands and arms -- >> it covers it up? >> it takes your hair and almost creates a film to paste it down against your skin. but it looks natural. so i will say if you don't --
10:23 am
this is actually going to conceal the hair on your -- >> okay. >> next, bare essentials has a bb eye shadow cream. this is revolutionary because it has everything you need in one, so instead of putting a basic eye shadow to start, you have a spf foundation, a primer and the color which is really great. all natural colors. it comes in ten skin tone flattering colors. >> five seconds or i put my hand away. >> and jessica simpson, katy perry went to every color of the rainbow, j. lo, beyonce, rita put the formula in a package. it is a weekly remedy, first tube opens the shaft of your hair so that the cuticles, i know, gets the nourishing deposit and it seals it. so you're in the just washing out conditioner. so you're going to put a deep conditioner, you often wash a lot of it out, this is the first
10:24 am
to do that. >> seal it in, hoda. >> and then last but not least, if you're on the kale craze like everybody seems to be this year, there is nail kale. there is actually kale extract in here that has protein and carotene that will strengthen your nails and comes in the color that i have here on my nails. >> it makes them stronger? >> it does. the base coat is really -- i like it. i tried it. i don't put anything up here i don't like. >> i no that know that. >> great for the money. i like that. >> we love you. get ready for some relationship advice. >> how your husband really feels about you taking his name after you say i do. >> laura and jorge posada weigh in on that. >> and the perfect dating profile after your local news. ♪
10:25 am
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sure wish youactually... bring layaway back. that way i could split the payments into little bite-size chunks. i mean you feel me right? yeah uh, sir... oh! layaway is back, with no opening fee. backed by savings catcher. walmart. hey! >> what am i? . >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now good morning. i'm vai sikahema.
10:27 am
good morning. so nice and kfrptable this morning. we're in the 60s, low 60s in the mountains, 66 in philadelphia, 64 at the shore. with a little bit of a breeze blowing, overall a gorgeous day, high temperatures in the 70s this afternoon and a little warmer this weekend. septa is reporting to an alleged plot by isis to attack subways in the u.s. more officers have been placed across the train system. they're urging riders to be vigilant. iraq's prime minister says isis is plotting to attack subways in the u.s. and france. but the u.s. says there's no credible evidence of such a plot. two cities will get special attention when a special summit begins in washington. vrn violence reduction network, cities in that group will have
10:28 am
special access to crime fighting. camden is the other city in our area. the mayors will join eric holder in a summit in washington, d.c. crime in camden will be a topic on tonight's "nightly news with brian williams" broadcasting from the battleship new jersey on the delaware. that's "nbc nightly news." we of course will have a full hour of news coming up at 11:00. you can always get the latest news and weather on we'll send you back to the "today" show. i'm vai sikahema. have a great day and a terrific weekend. snoo .
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back with more of "today" on this try day friday. it is time for the other view. and the answers to your questions when it comes to, hey, your relationships and dating. yes. we see you. >> here to help you get over those bumps in your love life is relationship expert and host of iheart radio's love life with matthew hussey. >> how many times do we have to say it? >> our first question from alesha bars. she asks, my boyfriend and i have been together for three years and have been happy. over the last eight months i feel like a roommate and friend are more than a matthew husbandcy matthew husbandcy matthew hussy fix it? >> this is hard. i can see that look like it is a
10:31 am
hurtful subject to not be attracted to someone anymore and for them to feel it. here is the problem be with this matthew hussy uple of that hap do bring attraction back. one of them is seeing other people finding your partner hot. that helps. hard to engineer, but it helps. >> should you hire some people to do that? >> maybe. the second thing is losing them. very often absence or losing them altogether makes you realize that. the third thing is them being a little less predictable. i was once told attraction is about keeping someone slightly off balance. and sometimes in relationships we feel too stable the whole time. something needs to be shaken up, whether -- i know -- i've had my attraction with someone change just when a piece of music came on and they started dancing. >> that happened to hoda when she saw you do that weird thing up there? >> the shoulders. >> it went in reverse. >> it went in reverse. >> that's the key. it is hard for her to engineer that. it really is. but she can -- here's what i would say to her, don't come at
10:32 am
him with all the things he can do from a low point where you say i'm not attracted to you anymore, but here is how i can get attracted to you. men are fragile. find a moment where you're in a beautiful moment, and then start talking to them about what you tv. >> she once was. >> why do you find frank attractive? >> we gave up on that so many years ago. >> that's not true, is it? >> no, it isn't true. >> you play. >> you play and you laugh and you -- keep reminding yourself of what you fell in love with initially. it is still there. you remind yourself. >> that's very true. but also i think it helps to show the person the things that they were attracted to in the first place as well because -- >> i can't put it on anymore. >> let's get to the next question. this is lauren, she's from long island. and she's got a question for us. lauren? >> hi. i'm 37 years old and i'm looking for someone to settle down with and hopefully marry one day.
10:33 am
i'm on two different online dating sites. i also tried singles events but nothing is working. i put on my online profile a lot of qualities i'm looking for in a future guy. what other things should i try to get a guy to notice my profile? >> it was lauren, right? >> yes. >> hi, lauren. look, i'm saying this not just to you, but to everybody, no one cares what we want. they only care what they want. if you think about a dating profile, it is an advertisement if anything. if you saw a billboard for a company and they said, we want your money, so spend it with us, it wouldn't work. what they do is they cater to our needs. they figure out what we want and they tell us that they have it. i want to see from you, what is that movie you have an opinion on that is funny that everybody loves and you hate, your opinion is funny about that. stupid stuff. >> get their attention. >> get their attention. do you like going to football games but you also like a girlie day at the spa?
10:34 am
we see, she's someone who can have fun with me in something that is masculine, but can also be a real feminine woman as well. and also, when you said -- when you said about wanting to be married, that's fine, but in the dating profile, i think it is really important that people don't state that in that way. because the problem is, there is a guy, i'm thinking, i'm going to go on one date with you, if you like me, now i'm getting married to you. instead, i would like to get married at some point, but it has to be the right guy and i'm willing to wait. >> good advice. if you want to submit a question for matthew, go to and hit that connect button. how bad is it to stifle a sneeze? >> we'll help you sniff out some bad habits coming up. >> and which of us has the nose for fine wine. what a goofy guy. how do you eat your eggo? you can start with the syrup all on top, maybe not apple chunks and cinnamon and honey if you got bring on the chocolate spread
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10:38 am
no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for me. ask your doctor about xarelto® today. you all know how much hoda and i love a little sip of wine once in a while. how well do we know wine? >> we're about to have a wine tasteoff, a little competition where we put our taste buds to the test to see if we can match up the wine with its price tag. >> our good friend, the executive wine editor at food and wine magazine, ray aisle. hey, ray. >> hello to you guys. thrilled to be here. >> that's a great combination of colors, buddy. >> you know. i feel gray today. i want to get some excitement
10:39 am
going. >> springtime. >> we should point out we have price tags, $10 up to $37. >> yes. >> and we're going to just try to guess the prices on these wines, right? >> you are. you are going to try to guess the price. not easy thing to do. whoever guesses all the prices right or whoever wins gets the wine. >> okay. >> we're taking it anyway. >> so try the first one. >> okay. see what you think. this is chardonnay, very popular in restaurants around the u.s. you know, i think it is a classic kind of apple and pear characteristics to it. >> we taste them all and then tag them. >> want to taste them all? then we have rose, usually popular these days. this is from the south of france. really crisp, has that kind of -- walks that line between red and white. nice bottle. nice bottle of rose, i think. another chardonnay, to make things tricky. this one is a french chardonnay. also popular in restaurants.
10:40 am
i never know. >> not french. >> it is not yours. >> and that's got -- >> the trouble is we just had rose, so it is a little -- >> confused. >> you're supposed to cleanse your palate a little bit. >> you're experts. and then red. this is a big robust red, merlot cabernet blend, and i think, you know, a lot of flavor packed into it, a lot of richness. and the question is, how much do these wines cost. >> so our price tags just so we can tell everybody at home, $10, $14, $25 and $37. >> i actually -- >> okay. i am going to guess. i'm going to go the big money on the red. >> i was going to do that too. should i do a different one? >> do a different one. it is much more fun. or do the -- >> where is the big numoney? >> i don't know. i'm guessing. >> i'm going to go with this is 10 bucks here. >> right there. okay. >> i don't know.
10:41 am
>> i thought that was 14. >> where do we think the next two are? >> i'm going 25. >> i'm going -- i can put this on the same one? >> yeah, yeah. >> all right. >> i'm now completely -- >> two more to go. >> $10. >> i'm going to go -- i don't know. >> you can't put -- that's what i thought was most. so now i don't know. >> all right. >> okay, we are ready. >> the reveal. we're going to go in order, the least expensive wine, you guys thought this was 37 and 25 bucks this is $10 a bottle. >> next. >> okay. and next up, this wine, $14 a bottle, spot on for $14. >> kathie lee, you're right. >> that is the novella chardonnay from the south of france. this wine, you guessed $14. >> what did kath guess? >> $37. >> it is actually $25. it is an expensive rose, brangelina wine. >> oh, yes. >> it is really a very good
10:42 am
wine. >> a beautiful -- >> very popular wine in america, but neither of you thought it was the most expensive, it is. cake bread chardonnay. >> i've been known to drink as >> ray, thanks so much. how bad is it to fold laundry while it is still damp? >> we'll help you clean up your dirty habits. >> are you striking out in your relationship? >> laura and jorge posada are here. we love them. thank you. >> you're welcome. low price. goose bumps wa i let him know every time i save a dollar. every time. now there is a tool made for you. introducing savings catcher from walmart. it compares prices to top stores in your area. no more driving all over town. if there's a lower advertised price, walmart will give you the difference on an e-gift card. oh! money! every penny counts! yep! try the savings catcher for yourself. go to and enter your receipt. save money. live better. walmart. here's something fun to do with hot dogs.
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10:46 am
she is a life coach, a lawyer. he is a former all-star catcher for the new york yankees. together, they make one great team. laura and jorge posada. and they're ready to play a little he said, she said, when it comes to relationships and family matters that many of us deal with on a daily basis. first and foremost, the amazing derek jeter has now officially retired from 20 years in --
10:47 am
>> last home game. has another game yet. >> last home game. what would be your advice to him, jorge? >> he said he wants to travel, wants to settle down, you know. i think when he comes down to it, have fun. he hasn't had a summer in for so long, so just go out there and spend time with family, spend time with people you have missed throughout the summers, have fun with people you like. >> okay. and now to the issues. first one is should a woman take her husband's name? jessica simpson was on with us a couple of days ago. >> right. >> she revealed that next time she has to get her driver's license, she's going to put down the name, i believe his name is johnson. >> you took hour are hjorge's l. was that an easy decision for you? >> it was easy because he took me to the dmv. >> it wasn't like, you know, we
10:48 am
needed to get it done, but for some reason i just thought that, you know, once we get married, it was part of it, you know, like it was not -- >> madofficial. >> made it official, you know. >> were you reluctant at all? >> no, i thought it was cute that he wanted -- that he wanted to take me and he wanted me to -- i thought it was cute and he took the time, you know. now i need to get my license, will you take me? >> not again. >> let's talk sports because it is -- there are sports going on all year, all over the tv. a lot of wives and some -- they're losing their spouse to sports. what is the best way to cope with that? if your husband wants to do nothing but watch sports and you want to do other things, how do you feel? >> watch sports and take that time to do the things that you want to do with yourself or your friends. >> what if he wants mrs. posada to sit there with him? >> that's not going to happen.
10:49 am
>> jorge? >> i tried. there is no way. i go it a place i can be alone, probably a theater or nobody is bothering me and lock myself in. >> and i use it to my advantage. if i need to ask him something or tell him something, he's watching the game, he's not listening to me. i'll say, you know, i asked you, but you weren't listening to me because you were watching the game. >> you don't resent him for not spending time with you? some wives start resenting, they say, he's at it again, i need this, i need that. >> let him be happy. if he enjoys that, why not? >> topic three is parenting duties. when homework is an issue, and sometimes that becomes the wife's domain, how do you guys deal with that issue? >> well, at the beginning when the kids were going early wie were rotating, you take care today, i take care tomorrow. i was pretty much away a lot. so when i got home -- >> it changed. >> i don't know what's going on. i don't know all that's going
10:50 am
on. i'm, like, i was going back in the book, like, i'm lost. i got no -- >> past third grade, i was done for. >> i did it for 12 years, and he retired and now his shift is for the next 12 years. >> good luck. >> it's tough. no idea. we got a tutor. best money. >> game called ball and chain trivia. laura, we asked jorge who was interested in marriage first, you or him. what do you think jorge said? >> him. >> jorge, who was -- why are you -- it was you? >> yes. >> all right. >> you knew. >> i didn't know, when he proposed, i punched him. >> her way of saying -- >> yeah. >> all right, jorge, if laura could choose one thing of yours to get rid of, what would it be? >> he's perfect. >> i have no idea. >> there is something she can't stand. >> i don't know. >> the correct answer is --
10:51 am
>> the machine. >> easy. >> laura, we asked jorge, who usually gets thure way with things, you or jorge? >> i do. >> you're right. >> very close to a perfect -- >> happy life, happy wife. >> thank you for coming in. how bad is it to eat raw cookie dough really? >> the truth about some common habits. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
10:54 am
how bad is it to stifle a sneeze or eat raw cookie dough. if those questions leave you scratching your head, we have the perfect game for you. >> here to test your knowledge and ours, the food habits you may want to break, is hgtv magazine's editor in chief sarah
10:55 am
peterson. >> thank you for having me. >> we're ready. we have our answers. >> we talked to experts, those are your choices for the answers. okay. first question, how bad is to cook vegetables without washing them first? >> oh, not so bad. >> not so bad. >> it is really bad. >> why? >> food safety specialists at the university of minnesota, here's the deal -- >> who specifically? >> if you cook your vegetables, sure, the bacteria goes away. here is the thing, you probably chop them and prep them on a cutting board before washing them and the cross contamination continues. safety -- >> what if you have a clean cutting board? >> you need to wash your vegetables. >> you cook them -- i'm going with what the experts say.
10:56 am
folding laundry while it's still damp? >> what, foldi iwhat? >> folding laundry when it's still damp. >> i think it is pretty bad. >> pretty bad. >> we're both wrong? >> pretty bad. >> it changes -- why? >> pretty bad, if you fold laundry that is damp, it is going to smell, it will smell like mildew and mold. >> that's super bad. >> okay. back to the experts at the university of kentucky who also -- >> all right, next one. >> how bad is it to stifle a sneeze? >> not very bad. >> hold it in. it is a medical issue. i want to help you out. >> super bad. >> not so bad. >> it is super bad. yeah. emt doctors at the university of mississippi medical center say you don't want to keep that stuff in, let it out. >> let it go. ♪ let it go >> cover your mouth, though. that is super bad not to do
10:57 am
that. good that sneeze out. >> all right. >> how bad is it to eat raw cookie dough? >> not so bad. >> store bought and homemade. so there is a little hint there. two different answers. two different answers. how bad is it to eat raw cookie? >> i say not so bad. >> i say pretty bad. >> you're both right. it is not so bad if you eat the store bought. homemade, because you are cooking with eggs and flour, it is bad. >> thank you. >> you are a sweetheart. thank you. >> we have blake shelton. >> what? >> amy grant, susan boyle. >> jordan sparks, rita wilson, tyler perry and kate walsh. >> what a surprise. >> have a great weekend.
10:58 am
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. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. we begin with breaking news out of delaware county. skyforce 10 is over a deadly accident in havertown. workers were putting a new roof on a building when wires were hit. one worker was killed, another was shocked and sent to the hospital. as soon as we know more, we'll bring it to you live. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. speaking of weather, that's more like it. after a wet stretch, the rain is finally moved out. things are all clear as you see on the first alert