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tv   NBC 10 News at 6am  NBC  September 28, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the breaking news that we're following right now, a quadruple shooting. four men are in the hospital. now philadelphia police are on the hunt for the gunman. an early-morning fire inside of an apartment building has left two people hurt and investigators say it was no accident. hey, if for some reason, you didn't get to enjoy yesterday's summerlike weather, you will get another opportunity today. here's a live look at the center city skyline, but fall will be making a comeback this week, so enjoy those temperatures. we could be getting in the 80s today. we'll talk more about that in just a moment. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. this is "nbc 10 news today." it's 6:00 on this sunday. meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the pleasant conditions today. and at times yesterday, it felt downright hot. >> i agree with you. i left to just sit inside yesterday during brunch, but it's hard to complain about temperatures, so nice for this time of year.
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we'll see plenty of sunshine once again. our humidity stays down, but temperatures were well above average for us for this time of year. right now we're starting off on the cooler side for the poconos at 49 degrees, 50 degrees in allentown, 48 in quakertown, low 50s in bluebell. temperatures mild in philadelphia, in the 60s still. 55 degrees in trenton. closer to the shore, 63 degrees in atlantic city, 62 in avalon and 60 degrees in delaware city. as we head into the rest of today, for the poconos, 78 degrees and mild. warm conditions in the city, 82 degrees. and then if you're going to stay closer to the shore, expect temperatures in the mid-70s. so, how long will these summerlike temperatures stick around? i'll let you know coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. >> all right, we'll check back with you soon. thank you, brittney. we have an update on breaking news out of west kensington. four men were shot just over an hour ago here at hope and somerset streets. one of the men was shot in the back. the other three were all shot in the lower body and legs. police are now working to find the gunmen or the people
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responsible. we will have another update on this story in the next half hour. we also have some breaking traffic news in langhorne, bucks county. i-95 north was shut down, but we just learned that one lane is getting by. this is right around business route 1, that exit there. it was because of a car accident. this is a live look from our traffic camera. again, i-95 north as you approach the exit for business route 1. authorities tell us that one car crashed here and that a person was trapped inside. crews rescued the victim, who has a number of injuries. again, all lanes of northbound 95 were shut down just a short while ago, but as you can see, one lane is getting by in that area, so keep that in mind as you are headed out the door this morning. new from overnight, two people are in the hospital after an apartment complex fire, and right now investigators believe that the blaze is suspicious. nbc 10's matt delucia is live on the scene in mt. airy. and matt, what can you tell us about a possible suspect in this case? >> reporter: well, rosemary, that one suspect is being
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questioned by authorities right now, but in the meantime, firefighters and investigators remain out here on the scene. this is the chestnut terrace apartments behind me on the 7400 block of stenton avenue. firefighters say there were two separate fires, one on the first floor hallway and another on the third floor hallway. here's what the scene looked like earlier as tenants were sent outside very early this morning, around 2:20. tenants here started hearing smoke alarms. most of them were able to get out, but some could not. now, the two fires were small but enough to cause some big problems out here. those who could not escape on their own had to be rescued from their balconies. two people are in the hospital at this hour, as mentioned. one is a 56-year-old man being treated for smoke inhalation and second-degree burns. a 61-year-old woman is also being treated for smoke inhalati inhalation. we've been talking with a fire department spokesman out here this morning for updates. one thing that is making this investigation a little easier, they tell us, is what residents and firefighters could smell when they were inside.
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>> preliminary reports by the fire marshal indicates that there was a strong odor of gasoline, plus that there were two separate fires, one on the first floor and one on the third floor. that kind of, like, indicates that it's suspicious in nature. >> reporter: yeah, so investigators are still out here. the fire marshal is still out here on the scene, and we've been told that since the fires were small, residents should be allowed back inside some time soon. in fact, just before we went on the air, we saw a firefighter escorting one of the residents back inside the building. you know, when situations like this unfold, people leave their medications and some items that they need inside the apartment, so they're going back in there to get what they can at this point. but at this point, we do see that the lights are not on in this building. we have peco out here, pgw, managing this situation, but we also see the red cross out here, the salvation army is here as well helping these displaced tenants. at this point, we don't know exactly how many people were
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displaced as a result of this fire, but again, the fire department tells us that there is some smoke and water damage inside this building here. again, this is the chestnut terrace apartments on the 7400 block of stenton avenue. we'll be back in about 30 minutes with another update. for now, two people still in the hospital, nonlife-threatening injuries. live in mt. airy this morning, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> all right, some good news there. thank you, matt. investigators are busy this morning, also looking into the cause of a house fire in southwest philadelphia. nbc 10 was along willows avenue where the blaze broke out around 2:00 a.m. authorities tell us that it started in a second-floor bedroom. one person suffered smoke inhalation and was treated at the scene. developing right now in japan, rescue operations are continuing this morning after the sudden eruption of mt. ontake in central japan. more than 30 people are feared dead. the volcano erupted yesterday afternoon. mt. ontake is a popular climbing
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destination. at least 250 people were initially trapped on the slopes, but they were able to get down to safety. back here in our area, philadelphia police are looking for the person who shot a woman who was walking her dog when it happened. right now, the victim is in critical condition. police say she was hit twice at point blank range, including once in the forehead. this happened along moore street in the strawberry mansion section of the city. investigators believe that the woman was the intended target. now they're trying to figure out what led up to this violence. this morning police believe they have eric frein cornered within a 5-square-mile area near his parents' home, but authorities have yet to capture him and bring him in. frein is accused in the deadly ambush outside of a pennsylvania state police barracks. he's been on the run since september 12th. police say new clues from his computer show that he had been planning an attack for years and had even searched ways to avoid police manhunts. one trooper was killed in the
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ambush. a second was injured. authorities believe that the survivalist is armed with at least one high-powered rifle. this morning philadelphia police say two men will face charges in connection with a deadly hit-and-run that claimed the life of a 73-year-old victim. this happened at gorges lane and ardley street in the philadelphia's mt. airy section on friday. police say a vehicle blew through a stop sign and hit a car with the man and his grandson inside. the elderly man died. according to investigators, the two men who caused the crash then took off on foot. right now a 21-year-old and a 27-year-old are in police custody. a child is still in the hospital after a septa bus crash that killed his mother. police say they were crossing the street at 15th and washington in south philly on friday night. that's when the bus ran into them. 29-year-old sheena white was killed. her 8-year-old son suffered cuts and bruises and is still under doctors' care. now news from our south
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jersey bureau. take a good look at this man who police say robbed a 7-eleven in morristown on thursday. this surveillance photo was taken around 2:00 a.m. inside the store at camden avenue and linola road. investigators say the suspect threatened the clerk with a gun before taking cash and cigarettes and running off. if you recognize this man, police would like to hear from you. philadelphia police are trying to track down a concierge at a center city apartment building after they say he stole nearly $8,000 worth of items from a tenant. this is leonard burton. he worked at the westbury apartments on south 15th street. police say that in august, he was captured on video stealing from a woman's apartment. right now there is a warrant out for his arrest. a philadelphia community is acting to make children safe while walking to and from school after the murder of a 15-year-old girl. the group men in e.d.g.e. or economic development global enterprises met with parents to make walkways safer for
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students. many at the meeting say they felt compelled to take action because the gunman charged in last week's shooting is from their neighborhood. authorities say that darian person, whom you saw just a moment ago, shot 15-year-old aisha abdur-rhaman outside of einstein medical center as she was walking home from school. police also arrested a 15-year-old boy they saying egged on the gunman to start shooting into a crowd of kids. happening today, more than 1,500 marchers will be part of the annual puerto rican day parade in philadelphia. for more than 50 years, the parade has honored puerto rican heritage and traditions. it begins at noon at 18th and the ben franklin parkway. the parade will then move up the parkway to aikens oval. philadelphia police say the inner drives of the parkway will be closed until that area can be cleared, so if you're going to be out in philly today, just keep that in mind. next, a ferguson police officer chases after two men. one of them pulls a gun and
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shoots that ferguson, missouri, police officer. it's just the latest violence as the town deals with continuing racial unrest. plus, the man accused of beheading a former co-worker and attacking another is now talking with investigators. we'll have more on the charges that he's facing.
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this weekend, grief counselors are talking with students at a north-central texas college. that's after that bus crash in oklahoma. we're going to get to that story in just a moment, but first, we want to let you know what's happening in ferguson, missouri. there was another shooting there, this time a police officer. here's what we know. that police officer is in the hospital this morning after he was shot in the arm last night. investigators say the officer approached two men who were hanging out at a closed community center. according to authorities, the men began to run from the
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officer and then they turned around and opened fire on him. this morning, the search continues for those two suspects. authorities say they do not believe that this shooting was related to the protests that have been happening in that area. speaking of those protesters, they have pledged continued civil unrest until officer darren wilson is arrested and charged in the death of michael brown. the unarmed teenager was shot and killed back in august. since then, a grand jury has been meeting to decide whether officer wilson should be indicted. the man accused of beheading one woman and attacking another at a food processing plant outside of oklahoma city is expected to be charged with first-degree murder and other offenses tomorrow. alton nolen regained consciousness yesterday. he was shot during the attack at the vaughan foods facility. detectives have been interviewing nolen, who say they was recently fired from his job. the company's coo, who is also a reserve sheriff's deputy, shot nolen during the incident. the surviving victim has been released from the hospital.
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as a serious respiratory illness sweeps across the nation, some children are now facing a new problem that seems to come with the virus. we'll talk about it in just a moment. and i'm tracking another warm day for you, temperatures pushing into the 80s on this sunday. find out how long these summerlike conditions will stick around. that's coming up in my full forecast.
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good morning. as we head into the rest of your sunday, we are going to see temperatures pushing well above our average. our average for this time of year typically in the low 70s, but instead, we'll push into the low 80s. we are tracking showers as we head into your workweek, and fall-like temperatures will settle in for us once again. so, enjoy the 80s if you love
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them. we saw them yesterday and we'll see them again today. for philadelphia right now, 61 degrees, humidity's at 90%, the air is calm, and our conditions are similar to yesterday morning at this time. right now throughout the rest of our area, mid-50s in trenton, 53 degrees in mt. holly, 57 in wilmington and in dover. our visibility is down in a few locations, specifically lancaster, and that's because we're dealing with a bit of patchy fog today. same thing in mt. holly, where we've seen visibility reduced to about 2 miles. dry conditions will continue for us. we do have an area of high pressure that's going to stay in control once again today before sliding off to the east. we will also see a weak cold front cool us down as we head into tuesday. so, our clouds are going to increase as we head into our overnight hours tonight. by 2:00 a.m., you are going to notice partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. it will be a cloudy monday. we'll still stay warm. and then by tuesday evening, we are going to track the chance of showers right now, mainly confined to the poconos, stretching down into allentown. but of course, if this changes,
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we'll let you know. but just keep that in mind. we are dealing with a chance of showers as we head into tuesday, but warm conditions expected for us once again today, even heading into tomorrow. 78 will be the high for the poconos, 81 in allentown, low 80s in quakertown, 80 degrees in reading. temperatures in trenton at 83 for us today. low 80s in northeast philadelphia. closer to the shore, 76 in atlantic city, 74 in cape may. if you're heading down rehoboth beach, low 70s for us. then closer inland in dover, 80 degrees. low 80s in vorhees, 81 in glassboro and 81 in chester. so, a nice day with wind speeds staying relatively light. throughout the rest of your morning, by 9:00 a.m., 68 degrees. by 11:00 a.m., 72 with sunny skies. then by 1:00 p.m., 79. so, it will be nice if you're heading out for lunch. as we head into the rest of today, our temperatures will range between 80 and 83 degrees, sunny and warm. and that's just a gorgeous shot as the sun continues to come up over center city.
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seven-day forecast shows we'll stay in the 80s both today and tomorrow, but clouds increase overnight tonight, and cloudy monday. a chance for showers, mainly for the poconos and allentown, as of now on tuesday, and then temperatures stay in the mid-70s for most of next week. >> looking good. thank you, brittney. now back to the story about the students from a college in texas. this weekend, grief counselors are talking with students at north central texas college after the death of four softball players in a bus accident. nbc's dan schenamen takes a closer look at the investigation. >> reporter: ntsb investigators arrived on the scene, one littered with tire marks, twisted metal and practice balls laying in the roadside brush. the site of the collision that killed four members of the north central texas college softball team. >> this is truly a parent's worst nightmare. >> reporter: the crash happened friday night. the team just 40 miles from home. a tractor-trailer truck veered across the median, slamming into the bus. witnesses describe the chaos.
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>> what i seen tonight i'm going to remember for the rest of my life. >> reporter: freshman infielder katelynn woodlee and three teammates, meagan richardson, brooke deckard also killed. a dozen others were injured. >> our mission is to find out not only what happened but why it happened so that we can prevent things, tragedies like this from happening again. >> reporter: the tragedy has left the small texas community in shock. >> this is the most traumatic event that nctc has had in its 90 years of history. >> reporter: the lady lions had just played a scrimmage against southern nazarene university. >> it just broke my heart. i couldn't believe that those girls we just played against and prayed with after the game, some of them are not here anymore. >> reporter: two small college communities now mourning an almost unbearable loss. dan schenamen, nbc news. now to health news. federal health officials are monitoring nine children in
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colorado for symptoms of muscle weakness and paralysis. at least four of those kids have already tested positive for a rare virus strain that's spreading across the country. the cdc says 277 people in 40 states have tested positive for enterovirus 68. virtually all of them children. doctors say the paralysis could be an extreme complication of the virus that typically develops like a very bad cold. >> some of of these kids i think are just having some weakness, and some have progressed to paralysis. >> parents have been warned to watch for symptoms in their kids like extreme trouble breathing, severe coughing, wheezing, fever and a rash. the cdc wants doctors nationwide to report any clusters of kids with breathing problems, muscle weakness or paralysis. a mosquito-borne illness is overwhelming hospitals in the caribbean and central and south america. more than a million people have been infected with chicken
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gungea. it's usually not deadly but can cause joint pain and a fever for several days. there have been a few locally transmitted cases in florida, and experts say it has the potential to spread farther into the u.s. we are getting a look into the never-before-seen historic hospital on ellis island where thousands of people died. we'll talk about it after the break.
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and it's the last game of the season for the phils. here's a live look at citizens bank park. they take on the braves this afternoon at 1:35. weather should be fantastic for a ball game. we don't have any rain to deal with. it's going to be warm out there and sunny, so take advantage of it. the national parks service is opening up a section of ellis island never before seen by the general public before in more
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than 100 years of its experience. it's where thousands went to die, but untold tens of thousands went to survive. brian thompson has our story from ellis island. >> check for life. >> reporter: this is a side of ellis island you have never seen before. lady liberty not far away. this is a hospital complex built from around 1900 to 1908 or so. french artist j.r. was commissioned to capture some of the faces of the millions of immigrants who came through ellis and the tens of thousands who, showing illness, were sent here. >> oh, lots of fear, absolutely. fear for children, fear for women. >> reporter: only guided tours will be provided as most of this complex is in a state of what they call a arrested decay. some is not as arrested as others, but it is a work in progress. the morgue, a teach iing space, still has frayed wires hanging
6:26 am
from a light fixture in the tuberculosis ward, one of many rooms specialized for the disease. j.r.'s haunting images are scattered throughout the complex, while a plan years in the making has been altered more than once. >> part of that is because of climate changes, and obviously, what happened here on ellis island with hurricane sandy. >> reporter: as a hospital, it was closed before world war ii. now a select few, at least to begin with, will get a chance to see what this represented to america's immigration story. >> we weren't trying to turn people away. we wanted you here, but you needed to be healthy to stay. >> reporter: no question, this is a hard hat tour. just ten people at a time. it will be four days a week, four times every day. it will take a $25 ticket by reservation. on ellis island, brian thompson, nbc 10 news. >> tours of the ellis island hospital will begin on october 1st. coming up, a fire that forced dozens of people out of their homes early this morning is now being called suspicious. nbc 10's matt delucia's live at
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the scene for us. matt? >> reporter: yeah, rosemary, suspicious because there were two separate fires in this apartment complex here in mt. airy. investigators are looking at the odor of gasoline right now, and one suspect is being questioned. i just talked with people who were out here helping the displaced residents. i'll have that coming up in a couple of minutes. and if you enjoyed our temperatures in the 80s like yesterday, we'll see another round today, but how long will the summerlike conditions stick around? i'll let you know, coming up. the usual?
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not tonight. introducing longhorn's steaks that sizzle for $12.99. the smoky double bacon sirloin. the new spicy sriracha sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. steaks that sizzle. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. breaking news that we're following right now. the search for the person or people who opened fire in a philadelphia neighborhood this morning, shooting four men. investigators are busy after a suspicious fire at an apartment building in philadelphia. we'll have an update on the victims who went to the hospital in a live report. okay, we know it is fall, right? but feeling a whole lot like
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summer. here is a live look at center city. you can see city hall and the comcast building. the sun's starting to come up. it is going to be a gorgeous day. good morning and welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:30 on this sunday. let's get right to the forecast now with first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. and brittney, know we are into fall, but it's a little bit of a slow start, right? >> one would think we were in the middle of the summer with temperatures in the low 80s and we'll see that again today. the great thing is at least the humidity is staying down, so it is going to feel pretty comfortable out. and as we head into the rest of your workweek, change is on the way, so don't get used to the 80s. they are disappearing as we look at the seven-day forecast. that's coming up. but right now, temperatures are mainly in the 50s throughout most of the region. 52 degrees in pottstown, 50 degrees in allentown, 49 in the poconos, 53 degrees in atlantic city and 57 in dover. if you decide to head on out to the phillies game today at citizens bank park, we are going to find really nice conditions. take a look at this.
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by 1:35, 79 degrees. by 3:00 p.m., 80 degrees. and by 5:00 p.m., temperatures still in the low 80s. your seven-day forecast is coming up. we have some new information about that breaking news that we've been telling you about, this quadruple shooting in west kensington that happened early this morning. philadelphia police tell us that the suspect pulled up in a car at hope and somerset streets and opened fire. four men were shot. one of the victims returned fire. all four of those men are being treated at the hospital this morning. police say they found 23 shell casings at the scene. as soon as we get new information and more information, we'll bring it to you. and new from overnight, police are questioning someone in connection with an apartment complex fire in a philadelphia neighborhood. nbc 10's matt delucia is live on the scene in mt. airy. and matt, at this point, we do know that investigators believe that this fire was no accident. >> reporter: yeah, and rosemary, that's partially because there were two separate fires here, one on the first floor and one
6:32 am
on the third floor. we've been seeing some firefighters leaving the scene within the past few minutes, but the fire marshal is still out here conducting this investigation. just behind me you can see what is left out here. i mean, the building is still intact. they were small fires inside this building, but a lot of residents displaced as a result. this is the 7400 block of stenton avenue, the chestnut terrace apartments. now, firefighters say that the two separate fires, because of that, that they believe they were deliberately set inside this building. here's what we know as we show you what the scene looked like a little earlier. this was around 2:20 this morning. tenants started hearing smoke alarms. most of them were able to get out, but some could not. and when firefighters got here, they found that fire on the first floor and third floor hallways. they were small fires, again, but enough to cause some big problems out here. those who could not escape on their own had to be rescued from their balconies. now, two people are in the hospital at this hour. one is a 56-year-old man being treated for smoke inhalation and
6:33 am
second-degree burns, also a 61-year-old woman is being treated for smoke inhalation. and as we come back out here live, you can see that there are still some utility crews out here and some people have been going in and out of the building. the lights are still out, the power is out, and we also talked with some of the firefighters who were out here about an odor that was coming from inside this building. take a listen. >> preliminary reports by the fire marshal indicates that there was a strong odor of gasoline, plus that there were two separate fires, one on the first floor and one on the third floor. that kind of, like, indicates that it's suspicious in nature. >> reporter: and as we come back out here live right now, we'll show you that there are still people out here. the red cross is out here on the scene. and just within the past 30 minutes, we saw a couple residents going back inside the building to grab some medications, some personal items that they need at this hour. at this point, there's no timetable on when residents will be allowed back inside, but i just spoke with the red cross a
6:34 am
few minutes ago. they tell me that roughly 70 people were displaced as a result. and a fire department spokesman that you just heard from there says that there is that one suspect who is being questioned right now. at this point, we have not heard of any formal arrests, but as soon as we get new information, we'll be sure to pass that along. for now, live in mt. airy, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. we are also following the events of a house fire in southwest philadelphia. here's what we know. this happened along willows avenue shortly after the blaze broke out around 2:00 a.m. that's when we arrived. authorities tell us that it started in the second-floor bedroom. the victim in this case suffered smoke inhalation and was treated at the scene. investigators are now looking into the cause of this fire. now to a developing story that we're watching out of japan. more than 30 people are feared dead near the peak of an erupting volcano. hundreds of police and military officers continued their rescue operations at the top of mt. ontake in central japan. the volcano erupted yesterday
6:35 am
afternoon. at least 250 people were initially trapped on the slopes of the volcano, but most of them were able to get to safety last night. back in our area this morning, a woman is in critical condition after she was shot while she was walking her dog in a philadelphia neighborhood. right now police are looking for the shooter who opened fire along moore street in the strawberry mansion section of the city. according to authorities, the woman was shot twice at point blank range, once in the forehead and once in the thigh. we talked to a neighbor who heard the whole thing. >> anywhere between like four and seven shots. they were loud. i knew they weren't firecrackers or anything. and it was pretty scary. >> police believe the shooter targeted the woman. right now they're trying to determine the motive. today marks the six-year anniversary of the unsolved murder of a gloucester county man, and his family is still seeking justice. 24-year-old matt novak of harrison township was shot and killed on north sixth street in north philadelphia back in 2008.
6:36 am
he had just attended the puerto rican day parade in the city when the car he was driving in broke down. novak asked a passing vehicle for some help. he got into the car. when he later got out, he was murdered. today there are websites dedicated to finding the killer and there's a $42,000 reward still being offered in the case. this morning, two men are in police custody. they're accused of being involved in a deadly hit-and-run in a philadelphia neighborhood. it happened at georges lane and ardleigh street in the mt. airy section on friday. according to police, a 73-year-old man and his grandson was struck. the elderly man died. according to investigators, the two men who caused the crash took off on foot. >> boom! that was it. then a couple minutes later, you know, we heard the siren and then the cops were out. so, i didn't see anything, but i did hear. >> the two men in custody are 21 and 27 years old. they are facing charges in
6:37 am
connection with this crash. we are now on week three in the search for eric frein. police say that new clues from frein's computer show that he had been planning an attack for years. investigators say that frein's internet searches included how to avoid police manhunts. frein has been on the run since september 12th, when police say he opened fire outside of a state police barracks in blooming grove. one trooper was killed, a second injured. people who live in that area say the ongoing search has them on edge. >> stressful, because on the road i drive, east stroudsburg, he could jump out at any time. >> knowing she has to travel through an isolated area on her way to school for classes in east stroudsburg and there's no cell phone service through that area. >> authorities say they are focusing the manhunt on a 5-square-mile area around the home where frein's parents lived. now to news from our delaware bureau.
6:38 am
a new castle county girl is in the hospital this morning after police say she was attacked by her family's dog. this happened at a home on adeline drive in newark yesterday afternoon. the 8-year-old was in the house with a 15-year-old girl and a pit bull when the attack happened. according to authorities, the dog was even aggressive toward officers when they arrived to help the victim. an officer ended up shooting and killing the animal. the 8-year-old girl was air-lifted to children's hospital of philadelphia where she is in critical condition. now to a story you saw first on a teenager says her boyfriend was attacked by a group of men because he was trying to defend her. the 17-year-old tells us that she was walking with her sister and her boyfriend on dicks avenue in southwest philadelphia when a group of men started yelling rude comments at her. the teen says when her boyfriend spoke up to defend her, the men started punching him. right now, as you can see, he's in the hospital. according to the teen, her boyfriend will need to have
6:39 am
surgery on his jaw. police are now investigating the attack. let's head to new jersey now, where a motorcyclist in ocean county says a truck forced him off the road and then the people inside that truck stole his bike. according to police, an older pickup truck pulled alongside the victim on horicon avenue in manchester township around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. he says the passenger pulled out a gun while the driver used the truck to force him to pull over. the two men inside the truck took the victim's 1976 harley-davidson. it has some distinctive artwork, and anybody with information is asked to call police. happening today, the two-day bike ride to raise money to cure multiple sclerosis will end in cherry hill. nbc 10 was there yesterday when the trek began. the riders headed to ocean city, and today they will return to cherry hill. the bike ride makes up half the annual fund-raising for the regional ms society. next, new start-ups are
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trying to cash in on legalized marijuana. and yes, there is an app for that. we'll give you all the details after the break.
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almost quarter until 7:00 this morning. we want to give you a live look at the ben franklin parkway, where setup is under way for the four seasons parkway run and walk to benefit childhood cancer. registration begins in just about 20 minutes, at 7:00. more than 10,000 cancer patients, their families and supporters will participate in the 5k run or 2k walk. this weekend in denver, entrepreneurs are gathering for the first marijuana tech
6:43 am
start-up conference. they're pitching their ideas to investors, everything from a journaling app for growers to a website for connecting marijuana buyers and wholesalers. one investment group at the conference has already shelled out more than $12 million on marijuana-related start-ups. it predicts the industry will grow to more than $10 billion by 2018. now, cnbc's tyler mathisen has a preview of the week ahead from wall street. >> on wall street, the month of september and the third quarter of the year both come to an end as october, baseball's postseason and the final quarter of the year begin. investors get the latest read on the u.s. labor market this week. september's all-important jobs report on friday. the numbers for august were far short of the 200,000 added jobs that were expected. we'll see if that was a one-time setback or a sign of a slowdown in overall job growth. automakers will roll out their sales data for september. no speed bumps expected there as sales of new cars and pick-ups
6:44 am
have stayed very strong all year. we'll also get a report on pending home sales for august and first-time jobless claims. don't look for much else out of washington this week. members of congress are back home in their districts campaigning and raising money for the midterm elections in november. and the global gaming expo takes place in las vegas, where the slot machine industry unveils its newest games and products to casino operators. i'm tyler mathisen. get all your business news on cnbc. the phillies dropped the ball against the braves. yeah, literally. ooh. plus, coming up, we'll hear from the eagles as they arrived in san francisco ahead of this afternoon's game. it's all next in sports. and if you do plan on heading out to the phillies game today, we are going to see beautiful conditions. we'll let you know how long these summerlike temperatures will stick around. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
6:45 am
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good sunday morning to you. take a look at this beautiful sunrise. we are seeing a bit of patchy fog throughout the rest of our area and temperatures today, it's going to feel like we're back in the middle of summer, summerlike conditions on your sunday. tracking a slight chance of showers as we head into next week and then fall-like conditions will settle in once again. so, this will be short-lived, our summerlike weather, so make sure you get outside and enjoy it. if it's too warm for you, we'll cool back down. philadelphia 61 degrees, clear skies, humidity is 87%. the air is calm. it's really an enjoyable morning out. so, maybe you can head out early and jog. 49 degrees in the poconos, 50 degrees in allentown. we're at 52 in pottstown, 56 in
6:48 am
kennett square. look at how mild it is, in the 60s for philadelphia, mid-50s in cherry hill, 58 degrees at northeast philly, 53 in mt. holly. closer to the shore, we're a little warmer, as usual, 62 degrees in avalon and 65 in lewis. our visibility is down in parts of lancaster. a bit of patchy fog near pottstown, also stretching into mt. holly and down in millville where visibility is down to about 6 miles per hour. summer did make a return this weekend, today and then again on yesterday. it also was pretty warm. 74 degrees is our average for this time of year, but instead, as we head into the rest of today, we'll be almost ten degrees above average. but if you take a look at the record for sunday, it is 91, so we're not going to see near record heat. it's not that warm, but definitely above our average and warmer than we typically are for this time of year. heading into monday, temperatures drop down a few degrees and then we'll see another cold front move in tuesday and drop us even more. so, our satellite/radar shot shows very quiet conditions, not only for our area, but really
6:49 am
the eastern half of the entire country seeing quiet conditions. we'll also see mild conditions as high pressure stays in control over our region. that area of high pressure's going to slide offshore. we'll see our clouds increasing as we head into your overnight hours. it will be a cloudy day on monday but still warm, temperatures above average for us. and as we head into tuesday, we are going to keep an eye on our chance of showers from allentown stretching into the poconos. we are going to see a back door cold front that's going to also help drop our temperatures. for today, 78 degrees in the poconos and mild, 82 in the city and warm, and then mild conditions expected closer to the shore. our temperatures range between 80 and 83 degrees. sunny and warm. southwesterly wind 5 miles per hour. and your seven-day forecast shows temperatures at 83 degrees today, 80 degrees on monday, dropping into the mid-70s next week. nfl commissioner roger goodell says the league has a plan to move forward following several domestic violence charges against its players. goodell made a visit to the
6:50 am
national domestic violence hotline in austin, texas, last night. he's been facing a lot of pressure following his controversial handling of the ray rice case. goodell sent a letter to all team presidents, outlining steps on how the league will handle future cases. that letter talked about sponsoring a $3 million public service announcement campaign. also, the nfl has made a donation to the domestic violence hotline. all right, we have got eagles/niners today. the birds have won their last four trips to san francisco, but this is their first game at levi's stadium. here are the birds arriving yesterday in san fran. the 49ers are the worst second-half team in the nfl, getting outscored 52-3. they're the only team that hasn't scored in the fourth quarter. they're 1-2. so, jeremy maclin, do you think the niners are a desperate team? >> i wouldn't necessarily use the word desperate, you know. obviously, we're coming into their hometown, in their stadium, so we know they're going to be eager to get a win. but you know, we just play the
6:51 am
football we're capable of, like i was saying. >> comcast sportsnet has your eagles coverage starting today with "pregame live" at 3:00. phillies time now. a.j. burnett loses his 18th game this season last night, a career worst, most by a phillies pitcher since steve carlton 41 years ago. yeah, lefty. second inning against the braves, ryan howard sends this one out. that is just his third homer this month. ties the game up at 1. seventh inning, tied at 2 until justin upton. two-run shot off a.j. burnett. both upton brothers homer in the game. now, pitching coach bob mcclure comes out to talk to a.j. burnett. a.j. turns his back on him right there. a.j. says after the game he was not upset at mcclure, he was upset at the pitch he made. burnett gives up four runs. ninth inning, look at the phillies fans behind home plate mocking closer ken kimbrel. bases loaded for ben revere. ball game. phillies lose 4-2. a.j. says he's going to have hernia surgery next week. he's not sure he's going to take the big money option for next
6:52 am
season. >> it's tough, man. tough to walk around and look at these guys. like i said, you're brought in to make an impact, you're brought in to help, and i did that a handful of times, so it's tough. >> is it hard to walk away from $12.75 million? >> money ain't everything, man. shows you this year, they paid me all that and 18 losses. so, money's money. >> good point. penn state loses at home to northwestern for the first time in ten years. it's actually the nittany lions' worst home loss in 13 years penn state had out-scored their opponents 20-0 in the first quarter, but yesterday they got down 14-0, and then frustration. bill belton, christian hackenberg in the third quarter, not exactly seeing eye to eye. and a scary moment. hackenberg scrambling, nasty collision with northwestern's matt harris. harris would be carted off. both teams showing their support. he did give the thumbs up and he is okay. he did travel home with the team. things for penn state get worse.
6:53 am
hackenberg, bad throw here, pick six. penn state loses 29-6. james franklin says they weren't ready to play. >> i want the fans and i want the media and i want the recruits and i want everybody to know that there is nobody that cares more than this coaching staff and these players, and we will get this fixed. we will get this fixed. thank you. temple visiting uconn. this is tavon young. the interception for the owls here. he's got some moves! 93-yard interception return for the touchdown. temple wins 36-10. they are 3-1, best record in their conference. penn hosting villanova for the final time in al bagnoli's career. third quarter, all nova. john robertson, four touchdowns, finding mike burke. the wildcats beat the quakers 41-7. nova is 3-1. so is delaware. they win as well. sixers make a trade for guard keith bogans and a future draft pick from cleveland for a protected second-round pick next
6:54 am
year. their first-round pick from last year was a grand marshal in dover, delaware, yesterday. >> drivers, start your engines! >> michael carter williams, mcw looked like he could give mike quarter a run for his money with the job with the sixers. kicking off the nationwide series dover 200 at the monster mile. kyle busch won that race. i am john clark. enjoy your eagles sunday.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
we have a live picture we want to show you, right? are we going to take a look outside? >> i think we are. hope we are. >> well, we were hoping to bring that to you right when we came back. caught a little off guard there, but as we take a closer look, plenty of clouds, a little sunshine today. patchy fog throughout the area, but another warm, summerlike day in store for us. sunny and warm heading into tomorrow. our clouds will increase. beautiful for the phillies game, if you're lucky enough to head out. then our temperatures drop back down into the mid-70s for the rest of this week. >> that's not a bad deal, either, you know that? >> we really cannot complain. >> that's it for us. have a good one.
6:58 am
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welcome to the first tee on a sunday at the ryder cup. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. this is match number three. on the tee, representing the united states of america, rickie fowler. >> rickie fowler, just 25 years old. a 21-year-old and a 24-year-old are in the first two matches ahead of him. he's played in every session so far. and will make it five. played a team session with jimmy walker, going 0-1 with tee


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