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tv   Today  NBC  October 20, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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diamond. >> that sounds great. coming up on the "today" show. >> up next, local updates in about 25 minutes. >> and on right now, you can always get the latest news and weather. in the clear. the quarantine period for 48 people who had contact with dallas ebola victim thomas eric duncan has come to an end and none of them have symptoms z a turning point for ebola in this country? nazi war criminals paid millions in social security by the u.s. government. some of them alive and collecting today. the loopholes that allows your tax dollars to go to men behind one of the biggest atrocities. is it hannah? investigators scouring the scene where a body was found. autopsy results expected as early as today. and second to none, peyton
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manning sets the nfl record for career touchdown passes. it's what his teammates did with that historic ball that has people talking "today," monday, october 20th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and, good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer, along with hoda ko kotb, in for savannah, al roker and natalie morales. good morning good to see you. >> good morning! >> it was fun, a well-orchestrated game of keep away. i'm not sure if he was in on it. i guess he said he wasn't. but that was very, very funny. >> 510 passes. >> big deal. >> wowza. >> meanwhile, do you know who we
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have on the plaza today? neil diamond. >> look at him out there. ♪ i've been inclined >> in the chilly weather. >> good news is -- >> he looks like sol. >> if you know no words, at least you know those. ♪ bum bum ba dozens of people exposed to dallas victim thomas eric duncan are now emerging from quarantine showing no signs of that illness. "today" national correspondent craig melvin is in dallas. craig, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. 48 people who came into contact with duncan between the time he left liberia and when he came to this dallas hospital, all of those folks have cleared the maximum 21-day incubation period, as you say, without getting sick. among them, some of duncan's
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loved ones, who are feeling relief tinged with sadness. three weeks behind closed doors as her world came crashing down, duncan's fiance, along with other friends and family, free to leave this apartment after the incubation period. we are so grateful that none of us has shown any sign of illness but adding the quarantine is over. our time of mourning is not over. she missed a memorial service held for duncan in north carolina sunday. duncan's mother, comforted in her grief by a small child. the pastor there urging restraint. >> please, liberia should not be looked upon as carrier of ebola to be discriminated against.
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>> reporter: 30-person rapid response team from the military ready to leave at a moment's notice for reports of infection. no infection was a result for a dallas health care worker, escorted off the carnival cruise ship magic in galveston sunday. she handled ebola specimens and voluntarily isolated herself while a blood sample pick ed up by helicopter was tested and turned out negative. >> there's no information at all almost the entire time. >> you think about it, it would have created pandemonium if they gave us everything. >> yes. >> reporter: three americans who contracted ebola are still hospitalized. ashoka mukpo is doing well, says his father. authorities say the same for nina pham and nurse amber vinson is in stable condition. a school in oklahoma is refusing to allow several students and staffers to attend because they were on the cruise ship with that lab technician who tested negative for ebola. the school saying that they're
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doing it out of an abundance of caution. matt? >> craig melvin. it goes on and on and on. early this morning i spoke with pastor mason. he is speaking on behalf of thomas eric duncan's family and had to inform them of his death. asking him about the mixed emotion louise troh is feeling this morning. >> mixed emotion, i'm sure, is true but joy is taking over, i'm sure. she continues to mourn the loss of her beloved fichltance but a her possessions, being displaced and sympathy for all of those who contracted ebola but today -- today is a good day. >> she has had to look back at these past 21 days what's happened in her life. mr. duncan first went to the hospital, complaining of symptoms. and that first time he was turned around and given just
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antibiotics. does ms. troh think he could have survived, that he could have been saved, had he been treated earlier? >> well, i mean, she thinks that, certainly, he would have had a better chance. there's no knowing for sure whether he would have survived, whether his illness had progressed beyond the point of recovery. but certainly she appreciates the apology of the hospital that they could have done some things differently, including admitting him that first day. >> let me just ask you. there's been so much talk about mr. duncan's trip here to the united states. does she feel that he was completely honest with her in terms of his possible exposure to the ebola virus while he was still in liberia? >> she does. i think she has her own story to tell about that. and i know she will look forward to telling that in her time. but she is confident that he didn't knowingly bring ebola to this country. >> and i just want to go back to something you said earlier.
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we have to remember that not only has she suffered an enormous personal loss with the death of her fiance, but so many of her personal possessions were actually destroyed because they went through her apartment, making sure that there were no traces of that virus anywhere. how does she start over? >> well, she's going to start over by being able to choose new things and by making her own decisions now, with the aid and generosity of people of the community and the help of local government and the church. so, there are a lot of people who have stepped up and said, you know, she did not lose all of this by any decisions of her own. they were taken from her and she made no choices that led to this in terms of her own bad decisions. so, she was able to choose the things that she wanted when she bought them originally. she'll be able to choose those things to replace and i think that's the right thing. >> mixed emotions. today, we concentrate on the joy of her being symptom free and getting through this quarantine
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period. pastor george mason, thank you, sir, very much. >> you're very welcome. thank you, matt. >> all right. as craig mentioned, that formation of an ebola rapid response team, it's part of the obama administration's effort to ease public concern. does it go far enough? national correspondent peter alexander is at the white house with that part of the story. good morning, peter. >> reporter: good morning to you, hoda. president obama waking up in his hometown of chicago this morning. he could cast his ballot in the early voting. health issues raised by ebola are proving that they, too, are not immune from washington politics. facing a bitter political backlash, this morning the obama administration is ramping up its response with the president's so-called ebola czar, formally beginning work this week. citing claims lack of public experience. >> we need to symptom the
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uncertainties and i'm not sure that a czar that has no background can help that. >> reporter: a leading expert defended the president's choice. >> i think that's a misplaced criticism. what we're talking about now is an ebola response coordinator, somebody who has extraordinary, as he does, managerial experience. >> reporter: calling on the president to impose a travel ban on flights to west africa. >> do you let people come here from this area that is clearly stressed and one way to prevent that is to not issue them a visa. >> reporter: joining that chorus, two democrats in top senate races, kay hagan in north carolina and georgia's michelle nunn. so far the president has pushed back. >> trying to seal off an entire region of the world, if that is possible, could make the situation worse. reportedly, the president is angry with his own administration's response. following scandals with the secret service, the v.a., the
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sloppiness of the very institutions in which we place the most trust, deepening americans' doubt about their own government. senior advisers tell me ron clane will officially begin as ebola czar this week. that response team will consist of 20 critical care nurses, five trainers in infectious disease and infectious disease protocol. hoda? >> peter, thank you very much. investigating the disappearance of uva student hannah graham are scouring the area where a body was found over the weekend. more tests are needed to make a positive identification. gabe gutierrez is following this story. good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. investigators will keep searching the area where the
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body was found for more evidence. in recent days they had targeted their searches before making the grim discovery. authorities are hoping to positively identify the possible remains of missing uva student hannah graham. >> this, sadly, is now a death investigation. >> reporter: saturday's disturbing discovery on an abandoned property came after five weeks of frantic searching and desperate pleas from hannah's parents. >> please help end this nightmare for all of us. >> i can only say divine intervention. something said keep on going. >> reporter: it was the largest missing person's search effort in this state's history. the remains were found here in this rural area off this road about a dozen miles from charlottesville. it was only five miles from where the body of another missing college student, morgan harrington, was discovered three months ago after her 2009 disappearance. virginia state police are investigating what they call a forensic link between the harrington case and jesse matthew, the man charged with
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abducting graham. he was seen with graham in surveillance video the night she vanished and later arrested 1300 miles away on a texas beach. >> if they can tie him back to her remains the case is as solid as it can get. >> reporter: students are heartbroken. >> i am personally -- i'm hopeful for the family that they are getting closure. >> everyone i've talked to is really sad. >> everyone has sort of felt like it could have been their family member, their friend. >> reporter: matthew is being held without bail. the remains were found near an area where he had once lived. his attorney says he will not comment until the medical examiner identifies those remains and, matt, that could happen as early as today. >> gabe gutierrez in charlottesville. gabe, thank you very much. natalie joins us now with the top headlines. hi, natalie. >> that's right. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> for the first time the u.s. military has dropped weapons, ammunition to kurdish militants
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fighting isis. the air drops came after at least 135 air strikes against isis in the area. the move is almost certain to anger the kurdish government, which said it would oppose any u.s. arm transfers to the kurdish rebels in syria. outrage this morning after a two-year associated press investigation revealed that dozens of suspected nazi war criminals have collected millions of dollars in social security payments, even after being forced out of the united states. four men, including jacob danzinger, are still receiving payments today, around $1,500 a month. and those payments flow through a legal loophole that has given the u.s. justice department leverage to persuade nazi war criminals to leave. if those suspects agreed to go or fled before deportation, they could keep their social security benefits. a huge tree removal crane did some big damage sunday when
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it toppled over in florida. it was all caught on camera. it was working in the middle of a largo neighborhood when it tipped over. the crane's operator was able to jump to safety. the crane did damage, as you saw there, those three vehicles and an rv and, unfortunately, a home as well. a california woman brings new meaning to the phrase stuck in a relationship. this may be the craziest story you'll hear all day. sunday morning, firefighters in thousand oaks had to rescue a woman stuck in a chimney eight feet down. they dismantled the bricks and used dish soap to get her out. the homeowner wasn't home at the time. he met the woman online but after a couple of days told her he wasn't interested. >> we hung out a couple of times. you never know how crazy someone is until they do crazy things and, you know, this is a pretty crazy thing. >> you think?
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geneveva was taken to the hospital and then arrested. a weatherman in edmonton, canada, learned that the hard way. he was joined by his dog during the weather segment in an attempt to raise awareness for the local humane society. as you can see, ripple got a little excited by his tv debut and stole the show, at one point even chewing through that leash. ripple, down, boy. good dog, ripple. >> ripple needs a little obedience training. >> yeah. >> by the way, that's the best kind of tv. >> great dog to adopt. he's going to take some work. >> natalie, thank you. mr. roker? let's show you what we've got going on. chilly start here in the northeast. >> cooled down quite a bit. >> that's right. people walking out the door, over 12 states we've got freeze warnings and frost advisories from the virginias all the way up to new england. boston right now, 39.
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atlantic city, 37. lynchburg, 37 degrees. it's going to stay chilly today. syracuse 58 for a high. new york city, 61. norfolk at 71 degrees, one degree below average. wet weather through the great lakes. weak frontal system moving through. it will spawn what we expect to be a pretty strong nor'easter. look at that coming up in the next half hour and heavy rain into the pacific northwest. next half hour and heavy rain into the pacific northwest. we'll get to your local forec we've heard that over next half hour and heavy rain into the pacific northwest. 4 hundred million vacation days go unused every year. that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard. they're paid vacation days. if you guys agreed to travel more we'll all do better in school. we'll have a better understanding of other cultures. i will learn to parler français. oui oui. we're not asking for much we just want one more day. "one more day" for help planning your one more day, contact mastercard concierge services or download our new app. because one more day is priceless.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold start this morning in the 30s, but temperatures, though, will warm into the 60s this afternoon. partly to mostly sunny skies, low 60s later today with southwesterly winds at 12 miles an hour. tomorrow cloudier but a little bit warmer, 66 degrees before showers move in. once the showers move in, the temperatures drop for wednesday and thursday. but sunshine reappears for friday and stays for the weekend with highs in the upper 60s. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. we want to go back to that story. bob yea gechlt r has the best line of all. >> no. >> did you see the ash on her? >> i thought that was commercial break stuff, but -- >> don nash said we have to use that. >> that's what we talk about when we get to the local forecast. >> oh, you were kidding? >> he was kidding. >> all right, kids. let's move on, shall we?
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tennis star serena williams firing back at insensitive and offensive comments made by the tennis federation, which led to a year-long ban from the sport. >> chairman of the kremlin cup, even former coach to boris yeltsin. under fire for something he said on russian tv for the way serena and venus williams look. he made the comments during a russian talk show. the now suspended president of the russian tennis federation was appearing alongside russian tennis champion when the host asked her how she felt playing against serena and venus williams. he interrupted, calling them the williams brothers and adding that it's, quote, scary when you look at them.
7:19 am
>> someone with his power, it's really unacceptable to make such insensitive bullying remarks. >> reporter: on sunday, serena williams addressed the insult head on during a news conference at the world tennis association in singapore. >> i thought his comments were insensitive and extremely sexist as well as racist at the same time. >> reporter: russian tennis great maria sharapova also came to the williams' sisters defense. >> it was very inappropriate, especially in his position and all the responsibilities that he has. it's just really irresponsible. >> reporter: also a member of the international olympic committee was suspended for one year and fined $25,000 by the wta. he issued a letter of apology released by the russian federation saying his intended small joke was inappropriate in any context. and that the williams' sisters
7:20 am
are among the greatest players ever to compete in our sport. now he also said, i do not think this story deserves such hype. after all, everything said on air was said without malice. >> all right. looks like they punished him all right. thank you, katie, so much. peyton manning further cemented his place in the record books last night. this guy has a future. carson is here with more on that. >> history made in denver sunday. peyton manning through his 509th career touchdown. you saw it there. take a look at it again. it was this eight-yard pass to damarius thomas, dragging that foot down there. that is the record breaker. he threw four touchdowns, surpassed brett favre's record. brett favre tweeted out well deserved, peyton. congratulations on breaking my record #on to 600. this is a moment we showed at the top of the show, playing
7:21 am
keep away with the ball. that ball is headed to the hall. it's already in canton, ohio, today. 4:00 pm eastern time it will be on display. lots of activity going on. broncos twitter. congratulations to peyton manning. you are the man. guys, back to you. >> certainly is. carson, thank you very much. will he ever be captured? the manhunt for the person who kill aid pennsylvania state trooper. is your child safe whenever they get on or off the school bus? an eye-opening rossen reports series. first this is "today" on nbc.
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at the bottom in job creation. massive cuts to education. and higher property taxes. under governor corbett, pennsylvania's been heading in the wrong direction. there's been no leadership and no vision. that's gotta change. as your governor, i will lead. and we'll move pennsylvania forward. we'll restore manufacturing jobs. close corporate tax loopholes. and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. after all, it's time to get pennsylvania moving again.
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coming up, a
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not hundreds. almay tonemimic technology intuitively transforms to your skintone. it's my one... and only. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley on this coldest day of the season so far, hey, bill? >> are those teeth chattering over there? temperatures are in the 30s this morning. it is a cold start. readings in some spots below freezing this morning. live sunny view of center city. look at the numbers. 30 now in chester springs, horsham is 32 degrees. it's below freezing for quakertown, pottstown and doylestown. and we're right at the freezing mark in atlantic city at the airport and mt. holly. a cold start, but sunshine will warm temperatures into the 60s later today. >> thank you, bill. let's get a check on the roads with katy zachry in the first alert traffic center. katy? >> hi, vai.
7:27 am
as you look behind me, you can see volume is building on 422 eastbound right near route 29. we're also following a new accident in voorhees, cooper road at evesham road. there is an accident there. and as we populaull out, you ca 27 on parts of 22, in the 20s for 476, but even below the teens, 7 and 8 for parts of 95 and 76. >> katy, thank you. a retired philadelphia police officer has been found dead in virginia and investigators ruled it a homicide. police found the body of 69-year-old virginia hill in her home early saturday morning. authorities say when they got to hill's home in suffolk, she was badly injured. she died at the hospital a short time later. hill served in the philadelphia police force from 1977 to 2002. we'll have another update in about 25 minutes. and of course, you can always get realtime information on i'm vai sikahema. we'll send you back to the "today" show.
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the sign says it all. neil diamond coming up with a concert in our 8:30 half hour this morning. we're looking forward to that. we're back 7:30 on a monday morning, the 20th day of october, 2014. good crowd out there on a chilly morning as well. >> yeah. >> neil is out with his first new album in six years, his 32nd studio album. >> i can't wait to hear his new stuff. today marks the end of the 21-day monitoring period for dozens of people who had contact with dallas ebola victim thomas eric duncan, including his fiance. so far, none has shown signs of the virus. the u.s. military has
7:31 am
dropped ammunition, weapons and supplies to kurdish fighters defending the syrian town of kobani after u.s.-led air strikes in that area. department of correctional services is denying a report that a cell has been prepared for oscar pistorius. he was found guilty in the culpable homicide of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. a judge is expected to announce his sentence tomorrow. dramatic rescue caught on camera as a man in a baseball cap ran into a burning building and carried out a man who was trapped inside that house. and then we've got a special rossen report. this one, really, you've got to see. you've got kids, exposing drivers who fail to stop for school buses. very, very dangerous situation. our good friend, meredith vieira is here, along with her producer, angela, who used to be one of our producers.
7:32 am
they buddied up for mammograms and received some unexpected news. we'll tell you about that. massive manhunt in pennsylvania for a suspected killer, eric frein. a search now in its sixth week. ron allen has the latest. ron, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, matt. yes, it's 38 days since frein allegedly shot and killed one state trooper and wounded another. the possible break over the weekend, a possible sighting that police have described as very credible. a woman out for a walk in the woods who thinks she came within 20 feet of frein. one of america's most wanted is still on the run. school is open today at pocono mountain high after a lost weekend, no soccer or outdoor activities because the manhunt for eric frein was suddenly right in the school's backyard. >> it's impacting the community. put a hold on our lives. >> reporter: frein's former high school. police closed in after she told
7:33 am
police she saw a man resembling frein carrying a gun. >> the suspect's face was covered with mud so a positive identification could not be made. >> reporter: dangerous and potentially deadly game of cat and mouse with a survivalist, marksman and avid war re-enactor. cold blooded and chilling, police call it, with frein writing how he ambushed the troopers and escaped. >> i'm not surprised he hasn't been found. he has had three years to prepare this. this guy knew where he was going and knew where he was going to hide. >> reporter: with no end in sight, these picturesque communities remain on edge as costs add up. many say tour you have thes are staying away, hunting season in some areas on hold. police operation reportedly is costing more than $1 million a week. >> when you have someone that is
7:34 am
capable of just shooting someone coming from work and taking their life is concerning, i think, to everyone. >> reporter: police have emphasized that frein has only attacked police and not civilians and his anger, for whatever reason, seems directed at law enforcement only. schools in this area are open with added security. hoda, matt? >> ron allen, thank you very much. it's going to start to get very, very cold. you would think maybe he would start to move closer to buildings. >> yep. and once the leaves fall off, you'll be able to see him a little bit better. >> exactly right. the search is on for an unidentified hero who helped to rescue a man from a burning home in california, the dramatic scene caught on camera. here's nbc's joe friar. >> reporter: seconds after spotting these flames and turning on her cell phone camera -- >> your dad is in there? >> reporter: this woman runs into a panicked woman who says her father is trapped. without hesitation, a few brave
7:35 am
souls rush toward the burning duplex. >> is everybody out? >> no, there's a man in there. >> reporter: suddenly a small explosion sends everyone scurrying. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: then, seemingly out of nowhere, a hero emerges, hoisting a man over his shoulder. >> oh, thank god! >> here he is, coming back out, carrying this man and sat him down. we just said, thank god. we're greatly relieved. >> reporter: robert wells is the man who was saved. at 73 years old, he relies on oxygen to battle lung disease but found little of it when the fire broke out saturday morning. >> i opened the garage door and there were flames. >> reporter: the rest of his family had escaped but wells says he was caught in a daze, just standing in his backyard until help arrived. >> and i guess i wasn't going fast enough so he picked me up and carried me out. >> reporter: they still don't know the name of the good samaritan in the blue dodgers hat. >> that was amazing. that was an angel.
7:36 am
>> reporter: wells' daughter just knows she's grateful. >> if it wasn't for him, i'm not sure my dad would have got out okay. >> reporter: if he's listening, they would like to thank him, the man with the big heart and strong shoulders. >> oh, thank god. >> reporter: joe friar, nbc news, los angeles. >> wow! >> somebody knows who that is. amazing. what a hero. >> incredible. that was great. >> wonder what you would do in that situation. >> right? >> yeah. >> check of the forecast, mr. roker? >> let's show you what we've got. we're watching an area in the gulf right now that's going to be developing. the national hurricane center has given it a name. they have called it invest 93, investigation area. 30% area, region of development. we expect it to move across, cause heavy rain for southern florida middle part of the week. we're watching this weak system coming across the great lakes. it's bringing some showers now. as the day wears on today, it will start to transfer some of that energy along the eastern seaboard. it will develop as a nor'easter tomorrow into wednesday.
7:37 am
rain becoming really heavy. coastal flooding, strong winds. it's going to be a mess from washington up into portland, where we could see three to five inches of rain, generally one to two inches throughout the region. lots of sunshine, though, here in the northeast. a chilly start to the day good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold start this morning in the 30s. the temperatures, though, will warm into the 60s this afternoon. partly to mostly sunny skies, low 60s later today with southwesterly winds at 12 miles an hour. tomorrow, cloudier but a little bit warmer, 66 degrees before showers move in. once the showers move in, the temperatures drop for wednesday and thursday. but sunshine reappears friday and stays for the weekend with highs in the upper 60s. have a great day. that's your latest weather. >> thanks so much. coming up, is your child's bus stop a danger zone? incredible video of drivers blowing right by stopped school buses right in front of
7:38 am
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medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪ 7:42. we're back this morning on rossn reports. drivers putting your children at risk by failing to stop for school buses. "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen here with part one of our series, "school danger zone." good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. 23 million children are out right now waiting for the school bus. when it comes, the flashing red lights go on. as a driver, you know to stop. kids are crossing right there. but so many people aren't paying attention and blow right by. or, worse yet, they're late for work and do it on purpose. already this school year, students have been hit and killed at the bus stop. but now a new push to catch
7:43 am
violators in the act. this morning, we're on patrol with police. and a warning here, some of the video is disturbing. keep an eye on this boy getting off the school bus. he crosses the street. that car nearly hits him, never even slowing down. this young boy isn't as lucky. that car slamming into him at full speed as he walked off the bus. and take a look. the stop sign is clearly out. so hard to watch, but amazingly, he walks away unharmed. according to the bus industry association, it happens over 70,000 times a day, vehicles passing stopped buses. heartpounding surveillance videos catching car after car, blowing by school buses during stops. those flashing red lights on, stop signs out. the offenders ignoring it. >> somebody just hit a kid trying to get on the school bus. >> reporter: 11-year-old michael burgess was knocked to the
7:44 am
ground just weeks ago. >> all i remember was seeing a car and i was so scared. i just knew the car was going to hit me. >> reporter: michael spent days in the hospital, in a body cast, with multiple breaks and fractures. >> i felt pretty lucky that i'm alive now, because i thought i would die, because the car was going really fast. >> reporter: it's not just cars either. watch this semi truck. driving off road to pass the stopped school bus. this other semi passes another stopped bus just before this kindergartner crosses the street. this is literally life and death. >> it is, life and death. >> reporter: the broward county sheriff's department, inviting us along to scan for offenders. >> there's no room for error in this. >> reporter: right away, we start following this school bus. okay, the yellow lights are on. it's about to make a stop. cars should be slowing down now. when the bus stops, we see the red lights are flashing. the stop sign is out.
7:45 am
keep watching. count with me. one, two, three, four, five cars fly right by. >> bingo. >> reporter: so many violators, our deputy can't even get them all. >> the reason i stopped you today is because you passed a stopped school bus. >> reporter: why did they do it? jeff rossen from nbc news. did you see the bus is this. >> no, i did not. >> reporter: do you have children? >> yeah. >> reporter: how would you feel if your child was, you know, crossing the street, expecting the cars to stop and then a car flew through? >> i would feel bad. i have taught my children to look both ways before they cross the street. >> reporter: but shouldn't they expect to be safe? >> but they need to be cautious, too. >> reporter: then deputies pulled over this car, the driver telling us she saw the bus too late. >> by the time i could do anything i said oh, my gosh. >> reporter: you realized what you had done? >> yes, yes. >> reporter: from now on, will you pay more attention? >> i always do but this time i didn't. >> reporter: drivers both slapped with a $270 ticket.
7:46 am
>> to me they're not paying attention or don't see it. you're talking about lives, children that could get hit. >> the video so dramatic. this problem has gotten so bad, school districts across the country now installing new technology on school buses, little cameras that activate when the bus stops. think of it like a red light camera, capturing the license plates of any car that flies by. they send the violator a ticket in the mail which range from $100 to $1,000 plus points on your license. but forget about that. you're talking about the safety of children. >> i see it all the time in my neighborhood. >> paappalling. >> scary. >> good thing they're cracking down now. coming up on trending, there's decorating for halloween, then there's decorating for halloween. some of these places are over the top. are they too spooky? next, carson is in the orange room
7:47 am
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7:51 am
it is that time when we get to carson daly in the orange room. hey, carson. >> it is that time. thank you very much, hoda. you have heard trick-or-treating but what about trunk or treating? when kids gather in a parking lot and go car to car versus door to door. it's popular in a rural area where trick-or-treating is harder. some go all out. christmas in october. this is a little ghost dance party happening there in that car and frogger. >> nice. >> we are getting in the spirit here, guys. go to and take the vote, scary movie spook-off here. second round tomorrow, scariest movie of all time. get those votes in. for me poltergeist. that just did it. i never went in my closet. >> exorcist for me. >> supernatural scary or thriller? >> however you define it.
7:52 am
>> the shining. >> to the omen, the ring. >> hudson hawk. >> we could go on. carson, thanks. kris jenner opens up about her divorce, her famous kids and her passion for cooking. her divorce, her famous kids and her passion for cooking. plus the legendary sir, we're loaded and getting ready to go... ...we're going to need you on the runway. (vo) don't let a severe cold hold you back. sir? (vo) theraflu starts to get to work in your body in just 5 minutes. (vo) theraflu breaks you free from your worst cold and flu symptoms. (vo) theraflu. serious power. hi. i'm new ensure active clear protein drink. clear huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got 8 grams of protein. twist my lid! that's three times more than me.
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breaking news this morning in bucks county. right now skyforce10 is over a deadly crash in bensalem, happening along street road and state road. we're told one person was killed there. for more on how this impacts the morning commute, let's check in with first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. katy? >> vai, as typical with deadly crashes, there's usually an investigation that lasts out there. we just saw that live video. again, here's the information from bensalem. state road between street road and dunksferry road, that's closed because of this crash at that intersection. an alternate is bristol pike or route 13 around that. looks like it will be out there for some time. a live look right now at volume building on cottman -- or 95, rather, right near cottman avenue. and take a look at drive times throughout the area. 95, 47 minutes it's going to take you to go from woodhaven to the vine and really slow going
7:57 am
on 76 and 476 as well. >> katy, thank you. let's get a check on the morning forecast from meteorologist bill henley, and a cool morning at that, bill? >> frigid in some areas, below freezing to start with. right now temperatures are below freezing in parts of pennsylvania and new jersey. we do have sunshine. a nice, sunny view of boathouse r row. that sunshine, though, is going to be warming things up slowly today. 37 right now in northeast philadelphia. wilmington is 37. pottstown has just warmed to 32 degrees. it's still going to be plenty chilly. at 9:00, 46, by lunchtime time 55 degrees and 60s this afternoon. happening today, philadelphia decriminalized small amounts of marijuana. starting today, people caught with less than 30 grams of marijuana will face a fine comparable to a parking ticket and not automatic jail time. this is after a bill by councilman jim kinney passed earlier in the year and was signed into law. we'll be back with more news in 30 minutes.
7:58 am
with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years.
7:59 am
why would we give tom corbett four more years?
8:00 am
>> it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, life savor. >> if you go with somebody, you're more likely to do it. >> if you didn't push me, i probably wouldn't be here. >> back with her friend and colleague, as they share the unexpected results of their on-air mammograms. then, think you know everything about the kardashians? think again. we're keeping up with kris jenner, as she talks about her famous family and shares secrets from the kardashian kitchen. plus, he got the way to move us. ♪ she got the way to move me cherry ♪ >> the legendary neil diamond celebrates his first new album in years with a live concert on the plaza. "today," monday, october 20th, 2014.
8:01 am
♪ sweet caroline good times never seemed so good ♪ >> from oklahoma! >> neil diamond, we love you! >> these girls love diamond. >> we got up at 3:00 am to get a picture with neil. >> my sweetest caroline and i came all the way from atlanta, georgia, to see neil diamond. ♪ sweet caroline good times never seemed so good ♪ we're back now, 8:00 on a monday morning, the 20th day of october, 2014. we're all doing the neil diamond hop here on the plaza. >> to stay warm. >> it's cold out here. we're keeping track of how many times during the show we can say ♪ ba ba ba >> so good to have you back, sir. >> i love to be back. i love the weather. thank you for having me.
8:02 am
>> you love this? >> you do? >> you love it because we gave you the hand warmers. >> thank you. little secret we don't want to talk about. >> neil is going to be singing for us in the next half hour. i'm matt lauer, with hoda kotb, al roker, carson daly. savannah continues on maternity leave. starring on broadway in a new role "the elephant man," bradley cooper will be here next week. >> that should be great. natalie has the headlines for you. good morning, everyone. dozens of people who had contact with ebola victim thomas eric duncan are now free to emerge, quarantine free. craig melvin is in dallas. >> reporter: natalie, good morning to you. 48 people who came in contact with duncan from the time he
8:03 am
left liberia till the time he came into the hospital, those people have been cleared, the 2 -day period without getting sick. some of his relatives, including his fiance, louise troh, not able to go to a memorial service over the weekend, held saturday in north carolina. their son actually not going to attend school today. he may go tomorrow. meanwhile, there was that cruise ship where one of the hospital workers was aboard this ship. she self quarantined. they helicoptered the test out. turns out she was negative. she does not have ebola. that ship pulled into port in galveston, texas, as scheduled yesterday. we found out earlier this morning there's a school in moore, oklahoma, that will not be allowing certain students and teachers to attend because they were on that cruise ship. again, they're doing that out of an abundance of caution. that's the very latest from here
8:04 am
in dallas. again, we're expecting a news conference in about 20 minutes where we are going to be learning more about the handful of folks still being monitored. natalie? >> looking forward to that. craig melvin in dallas, thank you, craig. the pastor who served as spokesman for the family in dallas, texas, says his fiance is thankful for being out of quarantined and fear of being stigmatized. >> i think she has had tremendous goodwill come to her from all over the country and this immediate community. certainly from our church. i think it's been balanced for her in quarantine. >> reporter: pastor george mason also said duncan's fiance looks forward to replacing the personal possessions she had to give up when she was quarantined. this morning, we have an update on an arkansas woman who is suddenly facing life without her husband, an iraq war marine
8:05 am
who did not survive the tornado that ripped their house apart last week. janet shamlian reports. >> reporter: slowly on the mend, the physical damage to her back, neck and lung caused when a tornado took a direct hit on her home, is healing. but the nightmare of the twister that also killed her husband, eddie, is only now beginning to sink in. >> we have ups. we have downs, but we had each other. and one thing we never lacked in this family was love. i don't know how i'm going to be able to do it every day without him. >> reporter: 33-year-old eddie withaw was at home with roksanne and their three children when the tornado hit. the couple was literally blown out of their house. >> we woke up to the roof being torn off and i started flying. my husband started flying. and he grabbed me and pushed me
8:06 am
under a bunch of stuff and said don't move if you want to live. just as he said that, i watched him fly away. >> reporter: the family wasn't able to salvage much from the rubble where their home once stood. but they did retrieve a scrapbook, mementos from eddie's years in the service and some of his marine corps medals. >> he was my hero. he was my kids' hero. right along with the country. >> reporter: janet shamlian, nbc news. >> so sad there. now on to happier news. royal baby news coming from london, kensington palace announced that prince william and duchess kate's second child is due in april. the due date has not been released. the palace says the duchess is still suffering from extreme morning sickness but is steadily improving. tomorrow she is scheduled to make her first public appearance since her pregnancy was announced. springtime in london, sounds
8:07 am
look a good plan to me. 8:06 now. let's get another check of the weather with al. >> thank you so much, natalie. let's show you what we've got going on right now. watching the area in the pacific northwest. heavy rain. and over the next couple of days, you see seattle. they're looking at wet weather. the wet weather will continue right on into the early part of the week, mid part of the week. next 72 hours, up to six inches of rain, coastal washington and oregon. there is going to be coastal flooding. big problems there. wet weather in the southwest, into southern texas. look for sunshine up and down the east coast. sunny skies and mild conditions through the northern plains. and gorgeous day in los angeles. plenty of sunshine. high of good morning i'm bill henley, a gold start this morning in the 30s. the temperatures will warm into the 60s this afternoon. partly to mostly sunny skies.
8:08 am
southwesterly winds. 66 tomorrow before the showers move in one when they move in the temperatures will drop. sunshine reappears on friday and stays for the weekend with highs in the upper 60s. have have a great day. >> hoda not understanding -- >> we come back after the weather. >> i went inside, got my coat. >> what are you doing? >> they said get back out there. >> anything you say will be held against you, hoda kotb. >> our big concert from neil diamond coming up. first on trending, why lordes "royals" is now banned from radio stations in san francisco. meredith vieira and her producer have on-air mammograms. and kris jenner. >> run inside, hoda! run inside! check out all these airline seats.
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so it seemed like a gwell, we make it pretty easy. in fact, your appraisal should be ready, let's pull it up. now, how long do i have to decide on this offer? seven days, and we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours. but if i decide to buy a convertible? the offer is exactly the same either way. nice! aaanndd... here it is! we'll take it! terrific. sell your car the fast and easy way, with no strings attached, at carmax. start here. back at 8:13. time for what's trending today. let's start off on a monday morning with a story that's lighting up our facebook page. toys r us is selling a toy that's creating a lot of controversy, "breaking bad," a teacher turned crystal meth dealer. the walter white action figure comes complete with what's
8:14 am
supposed to be a bag of crystal meth. now one florida mom is boycotting toys r us, calling the toy inappropriate and demanding it be pulled from the shelves. toys r us tells us the toy is located in the adult action figure section of the stores and that the packaging clearly states it is for ages 15 and up. what do you think about this? >> terrible. >> 15 and up still is -- >> right. >> -- not appropriate. >> i saw some hidden camera video that showed that those dolls were hanging next to, like, thomas the truck or something like that. >> have you seen the "walking dead" dolls? they come with a bag of dust. >> is that true? >> no. >> but that's next. >> come on, guys. >> you're on to something here. >> you walk aid litted a little for that joke. >> me? >> what do the songs "witchy woman" and justin timberlake's "suit and tie" have in common?
8:15 am
>> absolutely nothing. >> collection of the greatest hits became the first album to be certified platinum and justin's 20/20 experience could be the last. website death and taxes is saying this could be the firstier ever that no artist has recorded a certified platinum album, meaning it sold more than a million copies. the only ones coming close are beyonce's self titled album and lorde lorde's. >> speaking of lorde, here is something interesting if you're heading off to work in san francisco this morning. there's one popular song you'll not be hearing on the radio. ♪ we'll never be royals >> how come? >> nothing personal against lorde or royals. the world series gets started tomorrow and that's a bad thing there. >> if you're a san francisco giants fan, it is.
8:16 am
they're set to take on, that's right, kansas city royals. two radio stations died they'll ban that chart-topping single. one kansas city station says it will play "royals" once every hour. >> i like it. >> might go platinum now. might help it. >> one station is playing "royals" nonstop. find ourselves living our lives through our smart phones, right? here is a good reason why you shouldn't do that. this is happening during a live news report. watch the guy -- >> oh! >> trying to take a picture of the action. takes a long walk off a short pier. >> i bet that hurt. >> wow! >> i would love to see that from his camera view. >> camera's ruined. >> exactly. >> halloween is quickly approaching. if you've noticed that your
8:17 am
neighbor's decorations are spookier, you're not alone. here is kevin tibbles. >> reporter: when it comes to halloween, a lot of folks get creepily creative. with all these hair-raising, spine-chilling displays comes the question, has halloween gone a little too ghoulish? >> no one has ever come to our block just for sight seeing. >> reporter: zombies aplenty adorn this yard in minneapolis, so scary tour buses stop by to witness the ghostly sights. monica paquet lives nearby and says it may be too much for tiny tri trick-or-treaters. >> there may be kids who go truck or treating on our block who are frightened by the setup. >> reporter: in pittsburgh's brookline neighborhood, they want this house of horrors decorations taken down. these severed heads, of course, are fake but can still provide a
8:18 am
real scare. >> it's incredible. >> it's amazing, this guy. he is committed. >> reporter: joe diorio started this years ago. he says it gets bigger and gorier every year. >> overwhelmingly, people seem to enjoy it. they keep coming by, giving me thumbs up, high fives and tooting their horns. >> reporter: tooting their horns today. come halloween, it will be shrieks, screams and trick or treat. for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. >> you know what's funny? we all had the same reaction. the skeleton thing didn't bother us. it's the babies. that freaks us out. up next, meredith and her long-time producer get mammograms on meredith's show and get some unexpected results as well. we'll talk to them in just 30
8:19 am
back now with our ongoing series "pink power." in an effort to bring awareness to breast cancer awareness month, meredith decided it was time to get a mammogram. she teamed up with angela lagreca. the outcome was unexpected. >> we all know how important it is to get mammograms and ang and i put it off for a while. we went for our appointment and recorded it for the show. here's what happened. >> it's something we always used
8:20 am
to do together. >> we have an appointment sblt buddy system mammogram. it had been two years since i last had one, and angela had been putting it off for five year years. >> hi. how are you? >> i'm going to be in the other room watching as it happens. >> after taking nine images, dr. drosman informed me that i need further testing with an ultrasound. >> part of this is being able to open up the breast tissue and see all the areas clearly. >> right. >> i'm relieved to get a clean bill of help. what about angela? >> i do see a little nodule area here that i would want to biopsy. >> now i have to have a biopsy on the right side and an aspiration on the other. >> she would have to wait 24 tense hours for the results but angela's biopsy was done immediately right there in the office. >> did it hurt? >> the aspiration i felt. the biopsy felt like a staple
8:21 am
gun but it didn't really hurt. >> it's good we came. >> do you think it's going to be okay? >> i think it's going to be fine. i really do. >> thank you. thank you for go iing with me. >> i love you. >> i love you, too. >> wow! let me start by saying welcome. for everyone who doesn't know angela, angela is also part of the "today" show family, worked here for many, many years, until you abandoned us and went with meredith. you know what? we're fine with that. why don't we talk for a second? when something like that happens on television, it has to be so jarring. what's your diagnosis? what did it feel like, having it come out in that way? >> well, i mean, as the producer, as a producer, i was looking up and i was a little stunned because i thought, this is crazy. and then dr. drosman said let's stop, which i thought was the right thing. but then i said we can't do this and not do it. we based the show, meredith's show on being authentic. we this these great little mammograms. >> you had to tell the truth. >> right. i said let's continue. >> are you still processing?
8:22 am
>> yeah, i am processing. physically, i'm getting opinions and i'm going for information and i know sort of what i have ahead of me. i have to have chemo, even though it's early stage, because it's invasive. it's also the nature of it. i have to either have a lumpectomy with radiation or maybe something more than that. >> wow! >> i'm waiting to get results. it was a little surreal. >> i'm so glad you went when you did. i was -- i'm guilty of this, too. i'm not casting any -- you're supposed to go every year. you didn't, mer? >> i didn't go for years and years. my mom had breast cancer. my grandmother died of breast cancer, both post menopausal. and my dad was a doctor. you would think i would be so proactive about my health. angie's dad is a doctor. i think if i didn't go, no harm could happen to me. it's total il logic. >> it's ridiculous. >> how many years since you've gone?
8:23 am
>> we went in 2008. >> at the "today" show. >> i think since 2008, which is ridiculous. and i know that. i don't think i'm unusual in the sense that so many people put things off because, really, you're afraid. and i know better. you know better. >> right. >> i really put it off. i talked to so many people after this. now everybody who knows me, they're calling and getting mammograms, which is great. and sonograms, which is how it was discovered. >> you guys did the buddy thing, which is such a smart idea. did you call her in years past, mer, and say, let's go? it's our time to go. >> yeah. >> what did you say? >> i'm too busy producing segments. i never submit my health insurance. it's too expensive. i'm not going to get the money back because i'm too lazy. >> the doctor would yell at me every year. where is angela? >> tell us the importance, meredith, of going on the buddy system. that's really almost the only way some people ever end up going. >> you can encourage each other, nudge each other a little bit. we've got to do this. make it a day. hopefully a celebratory day. but in the case of where you get
8:24 am
bad news, it's great to have a friend there. i was so glad to be there for angela. >> i literally owe meredith my life, which is annoying now. what do i get her for christmas? >> you better start thinking. >> little trinkets for the tree. seriously? >> did you know what to say, meredith? sometimes when you're with someone going through something like that, it's hard to know what -- you said i love you but -- >> i think that's about all you can say, and that i'm here for you and whatever you need. and i've been on the internet all weekend, googling everything about breast cancer so i can be an advocate for angela, too. >> how about people watching this show, your show? >> get your mammogram. don't be afraid. go with a friend. i really do believe that's the best thing you can do. >> for the men out there who care about women in their lives, fathers, husbands, boyfriends, brothers, cousins. say it. and take it seriously. women have to -- there's so much information out there. there's such a support system that i didn't expect. >> you have a little baby you have to take care of.
8:25 am
>> ava. >> you'll be around for a long time. >> thank you. >> you guys, thanks. >> thank you. >> we're going to follow, too, on her show. kris jenner reveals her secret passion. and matt's outside with a man in our crowd -- the man in our crowd. he's here to sing. >> we've been talking about this for weeks. finally, neil diamond here to perform for o
8:26 am
good morning i'm tracy davidson. a chilly start to your morning. >> the sun has been up now for more than an hour and some of the coldest temperatures are still below freeding. the pocono mountains saw some sunshine. right now we're watching the temperatures, some of the coldest readings are in bucks county. 31 right now in langhorn. on the roads we have been watching a serious accident in
8:27 am
ben salem. >> sky force 10 was over the scene of a deadly crash in bucks county. this is state road and street road. i will show you an alternate around this. it is between state road and street road and dunksferry road. volume was building in the eastbound lane recently but it's levelled out now. volume is the story this morning on many of our majors. the man accused of raining a doctor is scheduled for a hearing this morning. investigators say he followed the victim and forced her into her home. they were able to find him by tracking down the victim's iphone.
8:28 am
8:30 am
8:30 now monday morning, october 20th, 2014. to say there's a chill in the air might be an understatement. it's got to be, what, in the high 40s? >> 45 degrees. >> might be coat weather. just maybe. coming up, a warming concert from rock 'n' roll hall of famer neil diamond in our 8:30 half hour. we're looking forward to listening to neil diamond in a couple of minutes. also kris jenner is here.
8:31 am
we'll chat with her about her family, what's happened in her life. and did you know she's a cook? >> i hear she can cook. >> she can cook a mean dish. we'll talk to her about that. >> we want to tell you about a really exciting project that's tied to the movie "unbroken" directed by angelina jolie, comes out later this year, the amazing true story, faced daunting odds as an olympian, war hero, p.o.w. >> strength has helped them overcome huge obstacles. >> #i am unbroken. we should mention, "unbroken" comes out christmas day. looks like quite the movie. >> we'll get great submissions on that one. >> absolutely. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> starting off with today, wet weather making its way through the great lakes. heavier rain into the pacific northwest. showers through southern texas, into the southwest.
8:32 am
beautiful midatlantic states. tomorrow, a nor'easter developing along the midatlantic coast, bringing rain and some of it will start to get heavier at times as we get on into wednesday. more wet weather moves through the pacific northwest. sunny skies through the southeast. heavier rain also developing in central and southern florida. more beautiful weather along the west coast. 77 in l.a. 69 and sunshine in san francisco tomorrow good morning i'm i'bill henley. a cold start this morning. it will warm into the 60s. low 60s later this afternoon. tomorrow, cloudier and warmer. 66 degrees of course showers move in. the temperatures drop before wednesday and thursday. sunshine reappears friday and stays for the weekend with highs in the upper 60s. have a great day.
8:33 am
>> and that's your latest weather. hoda? >> al, thank you so much. kris jenner's life is an open book as the head of the kardashians empire. there's one thing you may not know about her. she loves to cook. "in the kitchen with kris: a kollection of kardashian favorites." >> we're sitting in front of your kitchen. >> that's my kitchen. that's it. >> i don't see you cook in the show, yet this is something you really enjoy doing. >> kourtney, i was 22 years old. have you to feed her. they give you a baby, you have to feed it so it will grow. i've been cooking. over the years i have found that my family loves certain recipes that i love to make. >> what's the go-to? what's the number one? >> it used to be -- i love pasta. so, many, many pasta dishes
8:34 am
along the way, sausage and peppers and pasta primavera. everybody has a favorite. kendall's favorite is -- it's just -- she needs it the day before. brownies and -- >> dedicated to the ones you love. >> yes. >> it mentions your kids and everybody, but it doesn't mention bruce. >> well, you know what? because i did it for the kids this time. and bruce and i were, you know, getting a divorce. so, i mean, he's a great guy, but i just did it for the kids and grandkids. >> now how is that separation, divorce proceeding, how is that going? >> you know what? at some point in your life, you have to make a decision to do what's right for your -- you know, your family. >> yes. >> and the kids. and i think we decided to be grown-ups and we decided if we're -- you know, we're just better apart than we are together. but we're still really good friends. so you just have to say, okay, we're going to do this the way we think it's best for everybody
8:35 am
and everybody is really comfortable with it. >> it must be weird looking through tabloids and magazines. you're in every one, one of you or your kids is in every one. >> they're 99.9% wrong most of the time. >> will you clear up a few things? bruce, they show him and say he's slowly developing into a woman. >> yeah. >> is that a bunch of malarkey? >> it's silly. they've been saying that since the '70s. you would think you would be cooked by now. i don't know. >> that story line continues? >> it just continues, since the '70s. they all do. they keep regurgitating the same old stuff. >> do you care who he dates? the latest tabloid, he's dating a friend of yours. >> right. i just want him to be happy. i don't know who he is dating. he doesn't check in with me, give me a play-by-play. it's his life. he's still the father of two of my children and so we're friends. >> speaking of those two and flipping through another magazine "time" magazine, flip,
8:36 am
flip, flip. >> yeah. >> kendall and kylie, the most influential teens. how did that feel? >> isn't that great? i'm really proud of those two. they are amazing kids with great hearts. they're really smart. and they work hard. they've got that great work ethic. they picked up probably from their older siblings. >> or from you. >> they know how to get it done. so i'm just proud of them, that they have picked projects that they like to work on. they have a clothing line. kendall's modeling and kylie has her new hair extension line. and everything that they do, they do with a lot of passion. >> i think that's interesting. there was a little, as there is with most things. there's a little blow back on the "time" magazine. but the kids do more than show up and look pretty. >> oh, god, yes. when they do their clothing line, they don't just stamp their name on something. i told you this before. they're in a design meeting, doing zippers and lining and buttons. they actually have the best
8:37 am
education in the world, doing what they're doing. because they've learned so much about business. >> sure. >> and being an entrepreneur and how to make things happen from nothing. >> overall, are you happy? >> i am so happy. >> i can tell. i can tell. you're going to come back a little later. >> yes, i am. >> you're going to cook with us at 10:00. >> would love to. >> thank you so much, kris. thanks for being here. again it's "in the kitchen with kris." neil diamond live on our toyota concert stage. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> all right. get ready to act all modest, because i'm going to brag about you. neil diamond say living legend, preparing to release his first studio album in about six years. he will take to our concert stage in a moment. first a look at his very
8:40 am
impressive resume. his career has spanned more than five decades and so have some of his hits. ♪ sweet caroline >> perhaps none more famous than 1969 "sweet caroline" which went platinum and has since become a fan favorite at sporting events. ♪ we're coming to america >> from his new york city roots, neil diamond went on to become a grammy winner, member of the rock 'n' roll hall of fame and songwriters hall of fame. he sold more than 125 million albums, has had 37 singles in the top 40 and 16 top ten albums. ♪ time to chase the night away >> now at the age of 73, he is out with a brand new album, new tour and is live with us this morning. ♪ does forever sound okay >> one other thing, he happens to be a really nice guy. ladies and gentlemen, neil diamond.
8:41 am
♪ where it began i can't begin to know it but then i know it's growing strong ♪ ♪ was in the spring and spring came the summer who'd believe you'd come along ♪ ♪ hand reaching out ♪ hand touching hand reaching out touching me touching you ♪
8:42 am
♪ sweet caroline good times never seemed so good ♪ ♪ i've been inclined to believe they never would but now i look at the night and it don't seem so lonely we fill it up with only two ♪ ♪ and when i hurt hurting runs off my shoulders how can i hurt when i'm holding you ♪
8:43 am
♪ warm touching warm reaching out touching me touching you ♪ ♪ sweet caroline good times never seemed so good ♪ ♪ i've been inclined to believe they never would ♪ last chorus now. all together. ♪ sweet caroline good times never seemed so good i've been inclined to believe they never would ♪
8:44 am
all right ♪ sweet caroline >> neil diamond! neil's back with more music in a moment. but first, on a monday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
at the bottom in job creation. massive cuts to education. and higher property taxes. under governor corbett, pennsylvania's been heading in the wrong direction. there's been no leadership and no vision. that's gotta change. as your governor, i will lead. and we'll move pennsylvania forward. we'll restore manufacturing jobs. close corporate tax loopholes.
8:46 am
and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. after all, it's time to get pennsylvania moving again. back now with more from this morning's special toyota concert series and our great guest, neil diamond. >> his brand new album is called
8:47 am
"melody road." good morning. welcome back. this is the first time, you told me, you've had to perform in weather this cold. >> yeah. it's like a field test for me. and it works. there's still a voice there, so i'm happy. >> wow, this is number 32, in terms of albums. when you think about that number, is that daunting? do you think there are a lot more ahead? >> i hope so. i hope so. i mean, i'm still writing. so, that's a good -- you know, that's a good clue. >> are you as proud of your longevity as you are the critical acclaim? >> i like being around for a long time. >> the alternative -- >> yeah. and it helps when you want to make plans. but, yeah, i like it. i never expected it. you know, when i started, a career was three months. one record. so, i'm very happy to be here. and people still know who i am. >> can we ask a little something? >> yes. >> sweet caroline, we heard it
8:48 am
was about caroline kennedy and then i think last night or the other night on fallon, maybe it wasn't. what's the truth there? >> the name was a name that i had never heard before. i wrote it down. and, of course, i knew caroline kennedy. but it came up. i was writing a song in memphis, tennessee, before a session. i needed a three syllable name. my wife at the time, her name was marcia. and i couldn't get -- sweet caroline. >> yes. that's the one. >> and that was it. that's what it's been. >> what are you going to sing now? >> i'm going to sing whatever i'm told to sing. >> hopefully, you have more of an idea than that, because i have no idea. ladies and gentlemen, neil diamond.
8:49 am
♪ ♪ that's how we started together and how we're gonna stay you taught me about good times i fought through a little bit of rain you brought me the heart of your sunshine took on the heart of my pain ♪ ♪ it wasn't supposed to happen but then you happened to come my way every night every day every word that you say made it so ♪ ♪ every thought that i had said i ought to be glad
8:50 am
now i know ♪ ♪ you showed what a little bit of love can do you opened my eyes and a light came through took me to a place that i never knew good-bye to my little bit something blue ♪ ♪ you came and you found me wanting i'm here in your debt some days are a little bit daunting some days i'd rather forget you changed it all for the better. but i know i better be good to you ♪ ♪ every night every day every word that you say made it so ♪
8:51 am
♪ every thought that i had said i ought to be glad now i know ♪ ♪ you showed what a little bit of love can do you opened my eyes and a light came through took me to a place that i never knew so long to my little bit of something blue ♪ ♪ you showed what a little bit of love can do you opened my eyes and a light came through took me to a place that i never knew good-bye to my little bit of
8:52 am
something blue ♪ farewell to my little bit of something blue ♪ oh, yeah. >> neil diamond. once again, the album is called "melody road." neil will be back with us more in our next hour. first this is "today" on n
8:54 am
what a great concert. back now with birthday wishes to share from our good friend, willard scott. hey, willard. >> hey, new york. how about that? beautiful breakers. spectacular house. you've got to come visit, come see it. i'll pay your fee if you come on by. happy birthday to helen freeman from canton, ohio. 100 years old today. everybody loves her. nice lady. as sweet as she can be. she loves to travel. this is anthony michael galgano from hampton bays, new york. 100 years old today. he loves to surf fisher. and john walker from dallas, texas, you know. he is 100 years old today and he
8:55 am
likes woodworking. lorena pearl travelue from weed, california, 100 years old today. she loves to play on her ipad and can almost get music out of it, she like it is so much. that's it, that's all. the folks in champing at the bit to tell you what's happening in the world and i love my birthdays. >> thank you so much. the gang's all here. what do you have coming up in the next hour? >> friday we went to a haunted house. >> is that right? >> and one of us -- >> it was mazing. >> -- was injured. >> willie again? >> how bad was the injury? >> well, you'll hear about it. >> and neil diamond. >> he's going to stick around. >> who wasn't injured at the haunted house, is sticking around. >> one of the nicest guys in the world. >> right? >> so great. >> melissa mccarthy will be by. >> good show. >> let's get back to this injury for a second. severe injury? there's one of you not here, i noticed. >> that's not necessarily the
8:56 am
person who was injured. >> there was a hospital involved. >> really? >> that's how bad. >> oh, my gosh! >> i don't even know this good morning i'm tracy davidson. a chilly morning let's get the details from bill henley. temperatures still cold outside for most of the area. we have sunshine so they're starting to make some progress. right now sunny skies, the view from center city shows a few scattered showers.
8:57 am
the temperatures have started warming. a big jump in the temperature in wilmington right now. logan township is 40. and turnersville is 40. happening right now in bucks county, police are investigating a deadly crash that is causing problems for the morning commute. this was at street road and state road. one person was killed here and we just checked with police and they say those roads are still closed. a retired philadelphia police officer is found dead in virginia and it has been ruled a homicide. when they got to her home she was badly injured. she died at the hospital a short time later. she serving on the force from 1977 to 2002.
8:58 am
>> philadelphia is the first city to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. people with less than 30 grams will have fines less than a parking ticket. it will ease the judicial system. you can find more on our website, i'm tracy davidson, now back to "the today show."
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a monday morning, october 20th, 2014. it certainly feels like fall out there. i'm willie, along with al, natalie and tamron. hope you all had a good weekend. we had an exciting weekend, the four of us did. >> to start off. >> starting off the weekend, capped by a visit to the hospital? >> let's start at beginning. >> we went together, the four of us, to the brighton asylum haunted house in passaic, new jersey. >> an asylum that's haunted. >> big old abandoned asylum. this is the infrared camera
9:01 am
following us through these hallways, people jumping out with chainsaws. i guess we went one by one, single-style formation. >> we decided to hold hands. >> because we couldn't see, for one thing. >> i'm wearing a -- >> manzier. >> on the outside, considering fashion choice. and that screaming led to an injury, i understand. >> natalie, your voice was sore. 20 minutes. you walk through. the entire time, someone is either jumping out at you or you're bracing for someone to jump out at you. >> uh-huh. >> and al, once we ran for freedom and got out, you said oh, man, my shoulder. i think i hit my arm, scraped up my arm. >> that's because -- here is the thing. they said on average it takes 20 minutes to get through. we cleared it in a little under 12 minutes. >> that's right. >> we were going, as willie is the lead man -- >> willie is the lead. >> we were going at about, i don't know, 30 miles per hour.
9:02 am
so we're whipping into walls. bam, boom. it's called a haunted house, not a bumper car derby. >> so your shoulder got injured ? >> i didn't get injured. >> so i got in the car to go back home, because this is in new jersey. i started sweating and the driver who brought us out said are you okay? and i said i don't know. my stomach hurts really bad. i can't breathe. and he said let me pull over. i said no, no, no, don't pull over. take me home. i took a hot herbal muscle-soaked bath, feeling nauseous and i'm really worried. do i call 911? do i call my mother? i don't know. i take an advil, advil pm. i start escalating. i go to sleep. next morning, i was at a five or six and al calls and says i think you might have appendicitis. >> i've had it once. whatever happens if, you're still nauseous, you ought to get checked out. >> i was really in so much pain. went to the hospital. didn't tell my mom.
9:03 am
until now. because she would have been hysterical. went to the hospital. had a sonogram, blood work, the whole nine yards. >> and what did they say? >> i have a deep muscle tear. >> from screaming for 20 minutes? >> for screaming for 20 minutes. >> it's a good scream. >> thank you. >> it was so painful. my throat is still sore. and i decided -- you should let us know. go to our today -- #today's take. i don't think horror places like that are for everyone. >> no. they do warn and say -- >> they have a warning. >> make sure you're able to handle it. we should thank our producers for sending us on that. >> yeah, thank you. >> is your throat sore? >> i'm good. i had a great weekend. >> al is talking to the zombies. hey, how's your day? how's the weather in your neck of the woods? i was like, al, don't engage. >> the guy walked up with a bloody head, screamed at al and he said, you know, you should
9:04 am
have that looked at. >> natalie's wedding ring -- i said i'm going to make a cast of your -- her ring, the design was embedded in my palm. we were clutched. and willie, he's trying to act like he's so calm and cool, was the grip. the willie vice grip. >> i was trying to make you feel secure, tamron. the vice grip and the sweat certainly escalated as we went minute to minute. >> when you see the piece -- i think it's going to air the day before halloween to get you in the mood. tamron had literally -- she had this pristine t-shirt that had she literally -- you were going out after. >> i was going out. >> she literally sweated through this. she pitted it out completely. >> she pitted it out. >> i pity the fool. >> you pitted the fool. >> tamron, when she screams, she also jumps. and so my hand is going like this the whole time while you're jumping. i think that had to do with the tear. >> you were screaming. >> i was screaming pretty --
9:05 am
>> you both were. >> all a great advertisement for the brighton asylum haunted house in new jersey. >> scariest place on earth. >> not for everyone. >> make sure -- that's right. put your doctor on call. >> and thank you very much. listen, another story hays caught our eye today far from a horror house or house of horror, but something that is absolutely scary. this facebook battle between, i guess you could say, two families in a sense. it brings the question up of how responsible are parents for their kids' actions? bottom line is a young man posted a pretty mean description of a young girl on his facebook page. they're in seventh grade, in georgia. and the family was told to take it down. but it remained up on his facebook page after -- this went through the courts. this went through the schools, the whole nine yards. the app he used to create the horrible image of this girl, i hate to say it but it's
9:06 am
something called fat face app. that tells you in itself how mean it is. it stayed up online for 11 months. now the question is, the parents of the boy, are they responsible for their child's actions? >> the courts say that they are responsible, because they were -- because they knew that he had, i guess, posted these harsh things on that site, on her site. >> if you didn't know, that's one thing. once they knew, once they were apprised of it and once they were told, take this down. >> absolutely as a parent if i -- god forbid something like that was happening with my children. i would make sure that, you know, you can't do that. >> and it wasn't his facebook page. he created this other facebook page. >> he created one. >> i guess you could excuse the parents, they didn't know where to look. but when it stays up for 11 months after the school tells you about it. they disciplined the kid. the parents grounded him. how could it stay up for 11 months after that? that's the question. >> he's in the seventh grade. if you can't control the seventh
9:07 am
grader in resource homyour home chance for the teachers or principal, because if he's not showing -- we spoke to the parents of the young girl. all parties were aware. >> sure. >> we have no information that indicates the parents were unaware of this page created. >> i'm surprised facebook didn't take it down. >> they did eventually. >> it took 11 months? >> yeah. >> that's crazy. >> that's cyber bullying. you need to step in and -- >> if the kid drinks underage, if there's cyber bullying -- >> once you know -- >> you have to parent your child. it's your responsibility to do something and say something to correct that behavior. >> i agree. >> i agree. >> let's move on to the most interesting story of the day. this, out of california. on sunday morning, firefighters had to rescue a woman. get this. she got stuck about eight feet deep inside a chimney. here is the interesting part of this whole story.
9:08 am
she met this guy online. >> lawrence fernandez. >> he met the woman online. after seeing her a couple of times, i guess he tried to break off the relationship. and that's when she showed up at the house and the rest ensued. here is what he has to say about their so-called relationship. >> i met her online not too long ago and, you know, i thought she was pretty normal, as you meet people online. and, you know, we hung out a couple of times and, you know, you never know how crazy somebody is until they do crazy things. and, you know, this is a pretty crazy thing. >> as al said earlier, was the rabbit in the pot? >> i'm telling you. >> oh, my gosh! >> that's nuts. thankfully, she was okay. >> they were able to take her out. >> they had to take the chimney apart brick by brick, use dish soap to lubricate her to get her
9:09 am
out. turns out her last name was claus. >> that's terrible. you guys are all married. i'm single. people have often said have you ever gone on a dating site? no offense against them. i'm sure they're fantastic. i know people who have met, fallen in love, gotten married but -- >> for every one of those. >> yeah. >> this is the one odd -- >> i don't know. >> woman down a chimney is, hopefully, the exception. >> i don't know. you may not have someone in your chimney, but i've heard some pretty crazy stories. this friend of mine went out on a date with a guy. and -- i can't even tell it. never mind. >> you started the story. >> come on, really? really? >> you know why? because she watches the show. >> you started it. >> nothing like outing her. >> al will do the weather. i'll vet the story. >> what the heck? seriously. >> stay tuned. >> please forgive me. >> we should have left you in that house. >> no!
9:10 am
>> oh. >> oh. >> i'm only kidding. i'm kidding. it's an asylum. there were doctors there. >> you cut me deep, roker. >> you know what? >> he feels terrible. >> we'll hear the story later. >> can i have some cupcakes. >> cupcakes? your voice broken a little bit. can i have some cupcakes? we're watching the tropics here. got this one area that has about a 30% chance of developing 35 miles off the mexican coast. we expect this now up to 40%, expect this thing to make its way toward southern florida later in the week. another three to five inches of rain there. we're also watching this system causing showers around the great lakes. that's going to be pushing south by tomorrow, a system forms off the coast. looking for a nor'easter to develop. rain becomes heavy at times. coastal flooding. strong winds. high pressure banked up over canada. some areas picking up three to five inches of rain
9:11 am
good morning i'm bill henley. a cold start this morning into the 30s. the temperatures will warm into the 60s this afternoon. partly to mostly sunny skies. low 60s later today. tomorrow, cloudier but a little warmer. 66 degrees before showers move in. once the showers move in the temperatures drop for wednesday and thursday. sunshine reappears friday and stays for the weekend with highs in the upper 60s. have a great day. >> okay. are we going to hear the story is this. >> guy shows up for the date. >> i'm not looking for a relationship. i want to have a little fun. he had a duffel bag full of costumes at a restaurant and he wanted her to go into the bathroom and change into some of the costumes he bought. true story. >> where is the weird part? >> his name was willie geist. >> that's weird. >> that's a little weird. >> she said she thought he was a
9:12 am
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now that he's lost the weight, he's a bit of a show-off. iams indoor weight and hairball care: manages weight and reduces hairballs. of course, he still loves a good hiding spot. just one of many iams formulas to keep love strong. melissa mccarthy is known for her incredible physical comedy, from her turn in "bridesmaids" to her role in "identity thief" but her role in "st. vincent" is a bit of a departure. >> a single mom who moves in next to a grouchy neighbor, bill murray. whether she'll be part of an all-female "ghost busters" sequel. >> melissa? >> yes. >> red hot career right now. from "bridesmaids" to "the
9:16 am
heat," "identity thief," "tammy." along comes the script for "st. vincent." >> why is he mowing your dirt patch? >> what made you say yes? >> oh, i didn't say yes. i had to try my hardest. i auditioned. i begged. >> you auditioned? >> oh, yeah. i don't think whoever it was, the studio or whoever didn't think i was the right fit for this part. i said let me go on tape. i'll do whatever i have to do. i really wanted the part. >> are you going to pay for my fence? >> yes. >> my tree? >> i'm not sure how i can pay for a branch. >> what mom is going to leave her kid with this hard drinking, smoking, prostitute-befriending wretch of a neighbor sh. >> i know. i loved maggie because she had no other choice. she wasn't the good guy or the bad guy. what other choice do you have? you're a single mom. you have to go to work. can you not leave that job. you have no other choice. >> i'm showing him how the world works.
9:17 am
you work, you get paid, you drink. >> actors always say comedy is harder than drama. you're a comedy master. is it harder than drama now that you've done it? >> i think it's trickier. drama, if you hit something truthfully, it usually works across the board. i think comedy, put 100 people in a room, eight love it, eight roll their eyes, three think it's the funniest thing on -- it's so subjective. >> the little boy who plays your son, jaden. >> he's amazing. >> what were you like, you know, as a kid? >> bad. >> didn't you get in trouble for like chatty kathy in the class? >> duct tape on my mouth. oh, are you -- this never stopped. this never stopped moving. they were always like, why don't you go outside and clean the erasers again? i'm like, i just cleaned them. and one of the nuns would send me out there, go clean them again, because you won't stop talking. >> tell me about meeting bill murray for the first time. >> panic. white hot crazy panic.
9:18 am
i had been spinning out about what to say, what not to say. i was like, don't try to be funny but don't be unfunny. don't say anything dumb but don't try to be smart. he'll smell that a mile away. he walked into the trailer and he made a bee line for me, started turning me around, lifting my arms, bending my elbows saying you're shorter and taller than i thought but older in a younger kind of -- i was like what? i was so befu did. dled by what i was doing and it was making me laugh and i was like oh, my god, okay. i got to meet bill murray and he distracted me enough that i didn't have time to be nervous. >> got to run. got a date with a ghost. >> bill murray in "ghost busters" and who did "bridesmaids" tweeted out it's official and will star hilarious women. >> yes. >> are you one of those hilarious women?
9:19 am
>> i have no -- no, we have not talked about that at all. i want to play a building in ghost busters. >> air marshal, do you want to get back in that restroom and not rest? >> "bridesmaids, is there any word on that? people would love to see a sequel. >> i would do anything with those ladies again. that's for sure. that was like the time of my life. so if anybody comes calling, i'm there. they have my number. >> i can't tell you how many people chipped in on her in "ghostbusters." the legendary neil diamond returning to our concert stage. we'll find out, once and for all, finally, who is sweet caroline? >> very sean con scrubbing bubbles, the boys in 2b threw another party. bathroom is trashed and adrien is stuck
9:20 am
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9:24 am
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
and now introducing, aleve pm for a better am. . we're following breaking news in lancaster county over a school bus accident. that bus is on it's side. it was involved in an accident. this is strasberg road and south vintage road. it was involved in an accident involving a bump truck as you can see as we pull out a little bit. we don't know it there was students on the bus although the back door is open. one of the wheels is off of that school bus. we're making calls to see if
9:27 am
there was students on the bus. now in bucks county where there was a deadly crash was causing problems for communities. the roads are still closed. now to update you on the forecast for this morning, it's chilly. bill henley has that. >> freezing temperatures starting things off for much of the area. we have bright sunshine right now. clouds will be moving in during the day at times. temperatures moving up. that's a live view from center city. right now 45 in philadelphia. allentown still in the 30s but the red of the area into the hos and will hit the 60s this afternoon. veterans looking for work can get help at the union league in center city today until 3:00 in the afternoon. we'll have another local update in 25 minutes.
9:28 am
i'm tracy davidson. now back to "the today show."
9:29 am
9:30 am
welcome back to "today." it's monday, october 20th, 2014. i'm willie, along with al, natalie, tamron. peripherally, to my left, is neil diamond. >> oh, my gosh! >> he's right there. i'm trying to keep it together. >> keep it together. >> neil diamond coolness. >> look at that. >> it's just like -- look at that. >> a face for mt. rushmore. >> soak it in. >> try to keep it together. a good moment. >> surrounded by fried chicken and pizza. >> unrelated. >> how fantastic is that? look at the bodyguards back there. >> neil diamond for us is our monday moment. something else caught our eye. friday, jimmy kimmel and bradley cooper. >> fallon.
9:31 am
>> did i say kimmel? i'm sorry. >> the other jimmy. >> they could not control the laughter. we've lost it a couple of times here on this show. take a look and we'll explain exactly what was happening there. >> this is based on a true -- true story. >> we got it. we got it. we got t we got it. >> you can't laugh at -- you can't laugh at elephant man. okay. here we go. >> i won't look at you. >> okay. don't look at me. >> we got it. we got it. we got it. okay. we got it. >> this is a -- this is based on a true -- >> should we take them off? >> the continuity of --
9:32 am
>> bradley's play "elephant man" and they had these strange hats on with the little fur at the top or hair. >> they're wearing the hats. they were doing a bit with the hats and they tried to make a serious turn to "elephant man" which is a serious story and they were incapable of doing it. >> jimmy fallon on the floor. >> on the floor. >> that's what i love about jimmy. >> he lets loose. >> he loses it during a sketch. >> let us know the video, the photo, that will make us lose it. use the #mondaymoment. we lost it laughing at you a few times. >> many times. >> not when you were here, though. >> yeah. >> laugh iing with you. >> i think you explained it well the first time. >> no, not at you. we laughed with you. >> that's what you meant. >> oh, you're dr. evil? >> no, this is mr. fastidious. let's go over to the map, shall we? wet weather through the great lakes. nice day in the northeast. chilly start. 12 states with frost or freeze
9:33 am
advisories. more heavy rain making its way into the pacific northwest today. wet weather from central new mexico, arizona -- new mexico making it all the way into southern california -- southern texas. i can't tell what state we're on. mr. fastidious doesn't know his geography. we have rain continuing, southern texas. heavier rain developing widespread throughout the northeast in young as a little bit of a low pressure system, nor'easter develops up along the coast. we'll be watching that very good morning i'm bill henley. a cold start this morning in the 30s. the temperatures will warm into the 60s this afternoon. low 60s later today with winds at 12 miles per hour. tomorrow cloudier but warmer. 66 before showers move in. once they move in the temperatures will drop, sunshine
9:34 am
appears for friday and stays for the weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> we're in the presence of a true music legend. >> what do you want him to say? >> he looked around. he looked behind him. neil diamond's career has spanned more than five decades and, of course, is still making music, including on the plaza this morning. >> 32nd album comes out tomorrow called "melody road." nice enough to hang out after putting a great concert on. neil, thank you so much. >> happy to be here. thank you so much. >> you've never sung in weather that cold before? >> no. this is the first time. i didn't know whether the voice would come out. you know, usually you're pretty confident about opening your mouth and breathing in a certain way and a voice comes out. i didn't know what would happen. but it happened. thank you, god. >> it sounded -- it sounded terrific. and you've got a heck of a tour coming up. >> we do.
9:35 am
we'll start in -- first part of march and go through the end of next year, into the year after that. >> wow! >> and we don't know what's going to happen after that. >> you just said something really interesting. we were talking when al was doing the weather. you're a little bit scared to get back out on the road. >> i am. >> explain what you meant about that. >> it's not a usual thing to do for a living, or anybody, just to get up in front of thousands of people, keep them seated and have a good time. i've forgotten how to do it since i did it 2 1/2 years ago. so i have to acustomize myself to doing that now. and it takes a while. i'm 2 1/2 years away from having done it. and i hope i remember some of it. that's all. >> i think you'll do just fine,
9:36 am
neil. >> when you break out "sweet caroline," the minute that song starts, people get so into it. what's that like for you? >> it's so amazing. i can't account for that either. i thought when i wrote the song, i thought this is some kind of magic that happened. it was very unexpected. it was last minute. the whole thing took about half an hour. >> only half an hour? >> it took about half an hour to write it. >> who is it about? who is caroline? >> it's actually about my former wife, marcia, but i couldn't get marcia into the three-syllable name that i needed. so i had -- i had caroline kennedy's name there from years ago. one of my books and i tried sweet -- that works. it didn't work with marcia. so i couldn't tell her that i dedicated the song to her.
9:37 am
it was almost marcia. >> that's my song, really. >> she said to me, but you told me you were going to write about me. i'm sorry, dear. >> i did, sweetie, really. >> it was. there was no way to squeeze it in. >> how do you balance when you have such incredible classics with that musician spirit who wants to create new music and you want your fans to love it? how do you balance that? >> you try to write new songs that are on the same level. that's always the challenge. and sometimes you do, and sometimes you don't. this new album was -- i was a nervous wreck, because i knew i had 40 or almost 50 years of songwriting to match up to. but there was some -- i got lucky with this album. there's some really, really special songs in there. so, whew! it's like you dodge a bullet. >> neil diamond's fun fact. he hates haunted houses. >> i hate anything scary. >> we're with you. >> yeah.
9:38 am
scary. >> scary. >> by the way, i made the sean connery. take a look. >> highlight reel? >> you have more hair. >> pretty good. >> i don't have my glasses. is that sean connery on the left? well, i can't tell the difference. >> he as not moving in the video. >> i didn't know. he didn't move yet. >> the album is called "melody road." you have one more song coming up with kathie lee and hoda. >> thank you so much. >> i love it. i don't know which one i am in the video. coming up next, unexpected diagnosis and the power of positive attitude. a gr i had this deep, radiating pain, everywhere. and i wondered what it was. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and less pain means i can do more with the ones i love.
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everybody loves the sweet, fluffy deliciouslness of king's hawaiian bread. find us in the deli or in-store bakery. also try the complete line of king's hawaiian sandwich rolls. before we start, on the way out the door, mr. neil diamond goes up to tamron and goes, tamron, boo! >> he did. guess what i did. it's an honor to be frightened by mr. neil diamond. breast cancer awareness month, a great story of a young survivor inspiring others. >> despite several obstacles along the way, sarah realized the power of positivity. >> 25 years old. i found a lump in my breast. i decided to be proactive and get it checked out and it turns out that it was, indeed, breast cancer. >> i, immediately, burst into
9:43 am
tears. i thought i was going to die. >> sarah's mother, lillian, and her twin, lois, are both breast cancer survivors. >> in our middle to late 50s. i never thought it would happen to her. >> it's very uncommon for breast cancer to happen at the age of 25. breast cancer happens, on average, at around age 60. >> about one out of eight invasive breast cancers are found in women younger than 45. and only 1.8% of breast cancer patients are between the ages of 20 and 34. sarah, along with her doctors, responded aggressively to her stage two breast cancer with chemotherapy plus a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. >> i had a choice to be angry or sad, but i chose to be positive and hopeful. >> and there was unwaivering support from her college sweetheart, matt. >> there was never any question that he would be at every single appointment. i went to graduate school and i got married and bought a house and got a dog and was doing all the things that i had hoped to
9:44 am
do. >> then the unthinkable happened. >> i had just sort of celebrated my five-year cancerversary, we call it, and discovered another lump on top of my reconstruction. >> you're looking at a picture of sarah's chest. the area of abnormality that's a little thicker is about three centimeters, which was how big her recurrence was. >> after surgery, they're rolling me into the elevator and i look out the doors and there's a big sign that says maternity ward. and then the doors close. and at that moment, i really thought that that was never going to happen. >> but sarah's health needed to be the priority. especially after it was tested in a new way. >> i was participating in a runway show of breast cancer survivors and went into cardiac arrest. today, i have internal cardiac defibrillator that monitors my heart rhythm. >> at that moment, sarah decided
9:45 am
neither that near-death experience nor treatment of the new tumor would keep her from pursuing a role she has long sinced hope for, mother. >> we went through the process of ivf. i think i had made a joke at some point and i said let's just have lisa, my husband's sister, carry our embryo for us. and that was like, she's actually already mentioned it to me. >> i had no clue what was involved in having a child for someone else, but the thought of it did not scare me at all. >> she was just not going to take no for an answer. she kind of -- god like. she's way better than the best sister ever. >> embryos transferred into lisa just before sarah started another round of chemotherapy. fast forward nine months. on april 8th, 2011, lily was born. >> people have asked me how is it to give up your child? i never gave up my child. it was always matt and sarah's in my head. >> i can never thank lisa enough. cancer is such a horrible thing
9:46 am
and it takes away so much. but i got this really amazing thing because of it. >> wow! >> sarah's healthy, doing well. her daughter, lily is 3 1/2 years old. sarah's oncologist suggests that lily start getting screened as early as age 20, something we were discussing. sit down, talk with your doctor. get a clear idea of when you should start having your exams. because your family history, certainly, as you all know, matters. >> absolutely.
9:47 am
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whi, how's it going?. whatever you're looking for, start by test-driving nearly every make and model all in one place. carmax. start here. (together) it's got grains, which i like. i like the little bunches of oats. what i like is actually the flakes. it's got crunch, which i love. mmm. it's really good. honey bunches of oats. yay!
9:50 am
gramny nominate d and in hi words, a little fat. his words. >> his words. >> jim gaffigan, good morning. we surrounded you with everything. >> that's popeye's. that's popeye's. >> you can tell. >> you know why it's called popeye's? after you eat it, your eyes pop a little bit. >> reason to get in there. >> you see yourself more as an eatie than a foodie. what's the difference? >> i think it's laziness. you don't mind if i do the interview with my mouth full? >> no, that's what you do. >> this is my with wife's nightmare, me being surrounded by food. >> whose a much more healthier
9:51 am
eater, right? >> i look like i had two wives and i ate one of them. i just want the closest best burger. i don't want to go on a journey. i don't need to know how they make it. >> there's plenty of burgers close at hand. >> i just want to eat. >> when you're on the road doing your stand-up, a lot of it is about food, what do you surround yourself with? do you go to the nearest burger joint? >> i post something on twitter. al, when are you going to follow me on twitter? texts me nude photos of him all the time. >> and i was covered in bacon. >> yeah. usually, i'm going to chicago, atlanta. i have two stops in texas. texas, which is an amazing -- like the fact that everyone in texas is not 4,000 pounds is amazing. because they have barbecued steak and --
9:52 am
>> is that your favorite kind of food, as he puts more chicken -- >> i try to be equal to all foods. >> except for seafood. >> seafood is disgusting. >> all seafood or just shellfish? >> it's just -- i mean, fish in general is disgusting. that's why fish are always frowning. they're always like -- >> you call it the vegetable of the sea. >> yeah. well, you know, seafood, shellfish, like clam and oysters, you eat those? >> i do. >> they're filters. >> they're snots on a rock. it's sfwusting. i'm not saying in the 1700s we didn't have to eat that but that's disgusting. >> you have five young kids. do they eat like this or -- >> i haven't met some of my children. there's so many of them. my wife is so fertile. she's like catholic. my wife, she buys all the healthy stuff. we would have bread but would be made of sawdust and stuff like that. we wouldn't have cupcakes.
9:53 am
look at this. >> this is why you go out on the road. >> what is this? the whole idea of like, you know what? just go and get that fat guy some food and just -- guacamole. >> you're not fat, by the way. >> if i died right now -- >> uh-huh. >> many of my children would know me as the balding guy who is obsessed with this green dip. this is amazing stuff. >> your last meal then? >> mexican food is very important to me. not just because i'm mexican. >> thank you so much. >> by the way, you can read an excerpt from "food: a love story" at jim, feel free to help yourself. >> i'm going to follow you right
9:55 am
all we need to say is jbh is
9:56 am
we are following breaking news in lancaster county. we're over the scene of what was a school bus accident. we just got a update from troopers saying a dump trunk ran a stop sign and it hit the bus. the bus was carrying special needs children that have physical disabilities and need wheelchairs. three adults and three students were hurt.
9:57 am
we're hold that witnesses on the scene pulled people off of the bus. just in the past 10:00 a tow truck did right that bus. we'll continue to follow this breaking news and have updates here and on there was also an accident along street road and state road and those roads remain closed. it is a chilly morning, let's get the details from bill henley. >> some spots this morning below freezing. enough sunshine is making it through the clouds to warm things up. we'll be in and out of the clouds during the day today. the temperatures up to 51 degrees in philadelphia. 5 7 right now in wildwood. we'll see clouds and sunshine with highs in the 60s.
9:58 am
>> you can always get the latest on i'm tracy davidson, now back to "the today show".
9:59 am
at the bottom in job creation. massive cuts to education. and higher property taxes. under governor corbett, pennsylvania's been heading in the wrong direction. there's been no leadership and no vision. that's gotta change. as your governor, i will lead. and we'll move pennsylvania forward. we'll restore manufacturing jobs. close corporate tax loopholes. and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools.
10:00 am
after all, it's time to get pennsylvania moving again. from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it is fun day monday, october 20th. jenna bush hager is in for kathie lee this week. >> hey, girl. >> hey. let me tell you what i love about jbh, when she shows up, she doesn't show up empty handed. just wanted to point out before we even tease the show, i'm so curious about this, she brought a beverage -- >> this is a beverage. >> what is going on with it? >> this beverage, i don't have any of the details, hopefully somebody does, this is fruit cocktail by veev.
10:01 am
they're $9.99. >> what is the better point? >> organic. 125 calories. >> it is a pina colada. >> for a pina colada. you know how fattening they usually are. >> let's taste it. >> oh, my god. >> it is coconut water. >> it is really good. >> hats off. you can get the -- we'll get into the -- >> get them, healthy, delicious, and hydrates while it dehydrates. right? coconut water hydrates. >> big show today, we have the kardashian matriarch kris jenner will cook for us. music from neil diamond outside. his voice is awesome throughout. >> he sounds great. he looks great. the nicest. >> by the way, he was out at 6:15 in the morning shaking hands, it was chilly out, he sang. taylor swift may be singing about one of her ex loves. that's the -- >> shocker. shocker.
10:02 am
that's what she does. >> it must be scary to date taylor. >> i would be scared. i would be scared. she's smart. >> she's a genius writer. genius. >> so let's hear about your fun filled weekend. what do you do on the weekends? >> what do i do? i was in l.a. all last week for work. so i was on the red eye home on friday. >> okay. love that. >> fun. i got to be with my babe. mainly -- >> how is she? what is she doing? >> everything about her is so cute. we have first birthday parties, of course. first birthday parties are the new norm. which are really fun. i had a fun adult brunch yesterday. but i don't know about you, my sundays are totally dominated by football. >> that's all there is. >> yes and no. yes and no. for example, we schedule the brunch with good friends, the boys were on one side with their phones, my fantasy team -- jenna, my fantasy team. >> i don't get the fantasy
10:03 am
thing. i get the real game while it is going on. >> then he was furious, he's a redskins fan, which -- >> by the way, that was bad. >> what do you mean it was bad? >> did they win? >> they won. >> oh, that's right. all the teams lost yesterday, the saints lost, the giants lost. >> you have multiple teams. >> i pick a few. let's talk about halloween. what is -- >> i got home, i was jet lagged but didn't care because i ripped into the amazon bags and i pulled out neleh's costume. one is baby elvis. >> i love that. >> she even has -- look at the snarl. she even has the snarl. >> okay. >> and i just -- i didn't put any gel in her hair. lift it back with a little rag, and on the actual day i might spray a little -- baby friendly. and number two, a peinata. >> i like the pinata, as long as
10:04 am
she doesn't choke on the little things. >> my mom is like is that paper? i'm, like, no. >> should baby neleh be belvis or the pinata? >> the reason why i like belvis, she can only be a boy for that much longer, you know what i mean? next year she's going to want -- >> when you went out for halloween, you said you were always the boy. >> that's true. i could never pull off like the naughty nurse. >> one of my friends used to dress up that way when we were older, the sexy, naughty, whatever and i was always the cow with the utters flapping around. i always had more fun. when you try to dress like that, and go to a party -- >> a, you're worried things are going to fall out. i was. even if it was just a stomach wall, nobody wants to see that. second of all, i was always the one that was nominated to be the boy. it was, like, who is going to be austin powers. jen jenna.
10:05 am
who is the person with the mustac mustache? jenna. last year neleh was a baby astronaut, and everybody was, like, what a cute boy. i'm, like, girls can be astronauts. >> good for you. good for you. by the way, if you're wondering what the top costumes are, if you're trying to figure out what your kid should have, yahoo! is doing one of those searches. the number one costume, teenage mutant ninja turtles. searches up over 5,000. number two is a pirate. number three, how does this stay in the top three over and over again, star wars. >> i'm shocked. first of all, every little girl i know is being elsa from frozen. so where is that? >> frozen in the top ten. >> top ten, but not the top three? >> not even top five, i don't think. so two of those from the '80s. >> they did just do the teenage mutant ninja turtles, didn't they, recently? >> you're right. >> it is interesting. >> it has been confirmed there is an heir to the spare on the
10:06 am
way in april. kate is having a baby. >> we all knew that. >> she's due. now we know when, in april. her baby is 14 months. >> her baby is 14 months. neleh is 18 months. >> let's pretend for the sake of discussion you're pregnant again. >> which we all know i'm not. >> isn't true. right. would that be -- would that be something you look forward to or would that be difficult? >> okay, well, kate has that terrible morning sickness, i was so lucky, knock on wood, which we don't have here, that my first pregnancy was mild and i felt pretty great. so if i was kate, i would -- i don't know if i would love that morning sickness while taking care of a toddler. but i have to say, i would be okay with being pregnant. >> are you going to have other kids? >> i could love to. look at neleh. how can you not have another -- >> you need to. >> i think it be would be good. it is about time maybe. >> can we show the cutest video? we have a lot of cute video. this one surpasses all. there is a baby lamb.
10:07 am
>> okay. >> and the baby rhino. >> a baby lamb and baby rhino and best friends, right? >> best friends. watch, but the rhino is trying to imitate what the lamb is doing. so, okay, look. look how the lamb prances. oh, my gosh. >> cute. >> they could be a dangerous friendship if that rhino steps on that lamb. >> this is in south africa. look at him. he's like, i got this, if i can do -- >> that could be a broken foot. >> so cute. >> that is adorable. >> i like it. >> there is another video that i love. >> what is it? >> this is about a dog who is doing -- of course, we could do animal videos all day who is doing the weather forecast, okay. he was available for adoption. he was being featured on a newscast in canada. let's see what happens.
10:08 am
>> jasper with the minus 2 degree mark. no -- minus 3 in grand prairie, the temperature at east river is minus 2. it is 4 at lord minister. all right, all right, all right. okay, okay. you're going to hold -- okay. does start to warm up nicely as you get into the weekend. >> chewed right through the leash. >> you're on your own. all right. >> blake is getting a little cujo. i'm getting scared. i don't know what is happening to my dog. >> terrible 2s. >> something happened. he was so cute and now he's like -- >> he's regressing. >> now he see other dogs and people, it is weird. now i'm scared. >> bring him in tomorrow, please. >> no. >> yes, please, bring him in. >> it is weird when other people hold -- he's getting a little aggressive. i'm not sure what i'm doing. i'm trying to do everything right. i'm following all the rules. >> you're parenting fine. >> i have a dog reverend, the dog reverend. >> you have mom guilt right now.
10:09 am
you have mom guilt. but you're doing just fine. >> you have a dog reverend. a reverend of dogs, she comes to my part. >> she's a reverend -- does she pray for blake? >> she does that too. this is a beautiful piece of video, guys. there is an 8-year-old boy, like a team mascot at high school. his brother plays on the team and he has down syndrome. they decided what they were going to do is make a fifth quarter, a fifth quarter just for him, for gabe. so let's take a look at what happened during his fifth quarter. >> they're trying to show him the way. >> oh. >> so amazing. >> oh, my gosh. >> he's going -- >> so close.
10:10 am
oh, my gosh. >> touchdown! >> touchdown! >> that was beautiful. >> that touchdown, and the best thing about it is the other team, the white team trying to get him and couldn't get it, so sweet. >> i win, i win, i win. >> we want to thank, before we get to our favorite things, we have a nice group of people here with us today who are visiting, friends of kathie and other friends of the show. so thank you so much. you have a favorite thing? >> i'm obsessed with halloween. my favorite thing is trick-or-treating for unicef. do you ever do this? >> yes. >> do you remember that? they still have it. i did it when i was little. and now, neleh might be a little little, but she could do it. it is so good to teach something good while we're just talking about candy and baby elvis. >> right. okay.
10:11 am
my favorite thing, you're going to love this. i'm always -- whenever i run at the park, i get sick of my thing, i don't like -- sometimes pandora isn't great. there is an app you're going to want to download immediately. rainy, one of our producers told me about it, it is called rock my run. >> rock my run. >> you download like country or pop or whatever, and then it gives you a mix and it is exactly 30 minutes, like, let me see if this one even works. this is my country one. it doesn't work in here. we're inside. we don't have good wi-fi. but it is so amazing because it gives you a chunk and so you have to run it in order -- >> can you put, for example, can you put like slow -- ♪ it is acting funky, but -- >> could you put slow rider radio in? >> no, it is one mix and all the songs go to the rhythm of running, florida georgia line. sorry. we have bad internet here.
10:12 am
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10:15 am
there are over 150 surprising ways to become army strong. talk to your son or daughter about opportunities in the army. it is time for "today's buzz," and all the hot happenings in hollywood you may have missed while running errands and planting mums. >> were you planting mums? >> that's what i was doing. >> here to get you caught up on the juicy scoop is joe levy. >> how you? taylor swift in the news, as always. this time it says her new song, the one about in the woods -- >> out of the woods. >> out of the woods. but it may be written about one harry stiles. >> it could be. there is some clues in out of the woods. if you go to the lyrics, there are mentions of your necklace around my neck, we were two paper planes passing each other. harry had a paper plane necklace when they were dating, taylor wore it. internet detectives think this
10:16 am
is an important clue. she's not commenting. there is no confirmation. but she's got an album out next week, it could be a big one. what do i think? i think if this song isn't about him, another one on the album call eed "style" could be. harry might be getting into the act. he's got a song he wrote for a pop duo out called "i love you." there is no clue in this one, except it is about a girl i really love, when i think of her, a smile comes to my face, i wasn't there for you, but i still think of you. these are sweet songs. >> they're still friends. >> they are? she says they're still friends and from his song i'm inclined to believe it. >> on a side note, i'm taking guitar lesson and the easiest songs to play in the world are the taylor swift songs because there are only four chords. i'm learning it. >> you're learning guitar? >> i'm learning it. matthew morrison. >> he got married.
10:17 am
>> he got married. let's keep it -- he was in hawaii. so he did get married this weekend. he -- >> maui. >> no, he got married.ç:u@r i'll stick with married. small wedding, 50 people, he and his fiancee engaged june of last year. renee fuentes, a model. and they got married in hawaii. very glee kind of wedding. they both sang at their own wedding. yes. after they did a hula dance together to celebrate because it was in -- >> maui. >> there we go. >> they sang a medley of ely goulding a goulding songs. >> maria carey is in the news. somethi something about a dress. >> she's kind of wearing it. if you can see it -- no, that's
10:18 am
me. the dress is slit very high up on the leg, yes. so it is -- >> she looks good. >> she does. not the right dress, though. >> really? >> well -- >> i couldn't -- >> it is very high on the hips. the hand is strategically placed so we don't see all of mariah. she is on tour in china right now. this is the elusive chanteuse tour overseas now. and, you know what, i'm glad we're talking about this instead of the split with nick cannon. let's key our eyes focused on the wardrobe. >> brad pitt, number one in the box office. >> number one with "fury," $28.5 million. knocked "gone girl" out of the number one spot, after three weeks. still number two, that's pretty good. here is the surprise on "fury," the studio says about 40% of the women seeing this world war ii picture -- 40% of the audience is women. >> that isn't a surprise. it is brad pitt. >> put some mud on him, he's still brad pitt. >> still handsome.
10:19 am
kris jenner cooks up something good for the soul. >> if your phone is ringing, it is probably not us. >> it could be. >> give them hope. >> it could be. >> give them hope. >> it could be. >> we're that's why we make ocean spray 100% juice. it has plenty of natural goodness, but there's no added sugar. so say hello to 100% juice -- and goodbye to added sugar. i thought we weren't adding any sugar. oh. uh -- okay, nobody use these cranberries over -- over here. ocean spray 100% juice. tastes good. good for you. and add a packet of hidden valley original ranch. it becomes the first thing they reach for. ranch mashed potatoes. hidden valley it!
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cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate.
10:22 am
it is now time to surprise our fan of the week. >> okay. drum roll, please. while we spin the globe. today it is landing in -- your favorite city, new orleans, louisiana. >> jill joins us on wdsu, channel 6, she's joining us by skype with her daughters, mary and grace. hi. >> hi. >> hi. >> so excited. >> oh, my gosh. so exciting. before we put you to the test with trivia, let's tell everyone why you were chosen.
10:23 am
jill watches the show every -- hi. every day since she had her first daughter mary. as a stay at home mom, she said it was a treat to watch the fourth hour because she was hanging with people like you. >> that's exactly right. now four years late, mary and grace keep mom company during the show and they have become fans themselves. sometimes they pretend to put on their own talk show just like that. >> they put on their own talk show without the wine. they're also huge fans of the new orleans saints. just like you. >> i love it. now it is time to put your fan dom to the test with a random trivia question, 15 seconds it guess the answer. you have to guess it right to win the grand prize. are you ready? >> ready. >> okay. here we go. jill, who is hoda's favorite football star? he surprised her on the show earlier this year -- >> hold on, she doesn't need the -- >> you don't need it. who -- >> drew brees. >> yes! you won. >> jill, you have won the grand prize. it is a fabulous trip.
10:24 am
>> you and your guests will head to the great city of chicago to stay at the thompson chicago for three days and two nights, stay in a lakeview room with access to all of the local landmarks and attractions. >> you'll have a lexus at your disposal and you'll receive two vip tickets to the museum of contemporary art to attend the david bowie exhibit, all trip and airfare accommodations furnished by the thompson chicago. how about that, jill? >> thank you so much. i'm so excited. >> who are you taking? >> my husband. >> okay. good answer. >> we're are a little -- >> we feel a little bad about drew brees, but we're coming back. >> love your voice, jill. got that accent. >> coming up, two things that are good for you. kris jenner's chicken soup. >> and classic music by neil diamond. so stick around for your local news. ugh.
10:25 am
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10:26 am
we bite it. we sneak it. we smoosh it. we savor it. we love it. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate. nbc 10 breaking news. >> that breaking news is in lancaster county. skyforce 10 is over this school bus crash in paradise just a short time ago. state police tell us a dump truck ran a stop sign and hit this bus which was on its way to
10:27 am
school in the pequea valley school district. it was carrying special needs children who have fphysical disabilities. two students and four adults were hurt. they were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. witnesses at the scene had to pull people out of the bus. we'll have more on nbc 10 news coming up at 11:00 a.m. and get updates on right now roads remain closed in bucks county after a deadly accident. skyforce 10 was over that scene on street road and state road in ben sailsalem bensalem. one person died in that crash. temperatures are climbing with a combination of clouds and sunshine. we'll see periods of sunshine, but there are some clouds around. farther north and west we're seeing some spotty showers on the radar. most of the day should be dry today. it's tomorrow that is more likely to get some wet weather.
10:28 am
51 degrees already in philadelphia. nice rebound from the cold start we had to start with this morning when temperatures were in the low 30s for much of the area. low 60s this afternoon with southwesterly winds to 12 hours. day 38 of the police manhunt for eric frein. schools in the poconos near the spot where frein was spotted are open with increased security. authorities say frein was spotted friday near pocono moun high school where he was once a student. we'll be back is more news in a half hour.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back with more of "today" on this monday. time to take you into the kitch be kitchen with kris jenner. >> fans tuned in by the millions to watch her life unfold on "keeping up with the kardashians". now she's sharing something i didn't know about her, you're an amazing cook. >> this is one of my passions. this is what i want to do when wasn't to relax and it is crazy. i used to do it because i had to, and you bring kids home and you got to feed them. >> right. >> that's one thing. now i do it because i love it. >> therapeutic. >> yes. >> we should point out, there is a brand-new cookbook out, and it is called "in the kitchen" wi w kris." >> it is spelled with a k. >> we got you.
10:31 am
>> must have been hard to narrow down the recipes since you love it so much. how did you pick which ones? >> i started out with everyone's favorite. i have so many family members, it was easy to say, okay, the first 62 recipe and that's the easy part. and trying to describe it. but kim had a favorite, we put her mac and cheese in there. rob loves my brownies and my sausage and peppers. there are so many different things i made for years that are my go to meals, i once had an entire family that went on spaghetti strike. they said, we're not eating -- they were sitting in my kitchen like -- >> you had it too much? >> i guess. we all love pasta. then i had like a little minute in my life, you know, because i had nine lives, i had a little minute where i got the everything is made with spaghetti because i was so busy. >> i think it is interesting. people look at you and they think does she really cook? we see her glamorous life.
10:32 am
>> do you ever get a chef? >> yes, i do. finally after 50 some odd years i treated myself, we were working 18 hour days, seven days a week, and so sometimes, yeah, you'll see our chef on the show. i no longer have a chef at the moment. i would love one, by the way. but, no, i love to cook and right now i'm cooking every night for my granddaughter, who lives with me, my roommate. i make her real food because she -- >> you have to give me recipes for mila. >> her favorite thing, i make her pilaf every single night. rice and egg noodle and rendered butter. you'll love it. this is my hearty chicken soup. this is what i make every time somebody doesn't feel good, or are it gets cold in california. start with water. >> you make homemade soup? >> yes. i boil down my broth and what i start with, but here is the easy part. i get two cooked chickens from any, like wonderful market. peel them and shred or chop.
10:33 am
put the chicken in. just in the water. and then -- >> wait -- that was wrong. >> that was wrong. that's the vegetables. that's me throwing the -- the vegetables. >> we're just going to -- i can't help myself. this all goes in. this is going to cook for two are hours. it is going to simmer. >> you don't chop the vegetables first? >> no. >> cook them and then chop. >> taking the chicken off the carca carcass, putting it aside. this is cooking for two hours. we'll let it simmer. at the end of the day, we'll drain off all of this stuff, which the flavor from this is amazing. and just really raw and sort of rustic like that. you're going to -- >> it is so good, you guys. the smell in your house is amazing. it permeates the whole thing. this is your broth. what we're going to add is all
10:34 am
of the vegetables that you chop up. >> okay. >> we got ahead of ourselves. >> we're going to add the chicken to this. >> you even put broccoli. i like you make it vegetable heavy. >> zucchini, squash, scallions and the cumin and the spice. and the spicy, there is a little kick to it because of the red -- the chili powder, which i love. >> it helps if you're -- >> then the last ten minutes, this is barley. this is barley. we're going to bring this to a boil and then let it simmer. >> jenna, come down here. tell us about these two beauties you have going on. >> isn't that great? this is kim's mac and cheese. and this is my favorite berry cobbler. it is good, right? and hearty and yummy, but really thick. >> more like a stew. >> it is almost like a stew, but -- it will make anybody feel
10:35 am
better too, by the way. >> this is healthy. let's get to the mac and cheese. this is my favorite. you like that? with the crumbles on the top. >> like mom used to make. tastes good. >> this i love. you get into this, this is so -- >> my god. >> yummy, right? >> this is crazy. i do this with vanilla ice cream. >> what is the top? some sort of biscuit? >> yes, the recipe is in there. >> you can find all of -- this is delicious. all the recipes on >> you need a man to cook for. this is good. >> man a man ybe a man to cook . neil diamond gets even better when he sings. >> and sticky money matters. wpreferred networks, including manyunited healthcare,lan
10:36 am
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10:39 am
(together) it's got grains, which i like. i like the little bunches of oats. what i like is actually the flakes. it's got crunch, which i love. mmm. it's really good. honey bunches of oats. yay! if you're married or in a relationship, you know how difficult there are topics for a lot of couples and money is a difficult one. >> yes, it sure is. should you get a joint bank account, which insurance plan should you get, what is better for both of you, there are all sorts of questions. money court is now in session. >> here to issue a verdict for three couples is david bach, author of "smart women finish rich". >> i want to finish rich. we're calling him today judge
10:40 am
dave. >> judge dave is here, in the house. >> brave couples, money is a very sensitive topic. >> definitely. good arguments. >> our first couple, come on out, robin and richard. they have been married eight year and are trying to decide on a new health insurance policy. robin wants one with a higher monthly premium and lower deductible. richard wants a lower maonthly premium and higher deductible. richard, you go first. >> i would like a higher deductible because i feel that we're going to reach it quicker because we had a few issues in our family with -- we had cancer from before, and in first few months i'm going to pay off my deductible and then have extra money because i have a lower premium so i can take a vacation. >> okay. that makes sense. robin, let's hear your side of the story. >> i would like to have a lower premium and have a -- i'm sorry,
10:41 am
eye higher premium and lower deductible because i feel that we are going to meet the deductible immediately and then all of a sudden our health insurance is going to be paying us back immediately. otherwise, we are going to be paying and paying and paying our medical costs every never see our health insurance pay us back. >> time for the verdict. >> what are you going to do with the savings? >> a cruise. >> the verdict is, this is not a high deductible, high cruise factor. all right. here's the deal. the verdict, nice try, but you lose. the verdict is for -- the verdict is for robin. >> why? >> here's why. first of all, when you're in your 50s, you're young 50s, going to the doctor a lot, these guys are both talking about they're going to the doctor a lot, that's the wrong person to get a high deductible plan. high deductible does not mean you'll be not spending money, it can cost you more. so young people who don't need to go to the doctor on a regular
10:42 am
basis, a high deductible plan can work. for everybody, millions of people who need to know about this, november 15th is the new date. the date we all-like at n look plans for the year. go to health, print the report, look at the summary. look at the costs and then look at your current year. what did you do medically and estimate what you'll do next year. for most people, high deductible, for these guys, doesn't make sense. >> congratulations. >> sorry to the loser, you still win, you're married. we got our next couple, they're about to get married. shafali and duvall. all right, you have been engaged since july and you're disagreeing and this is a hard subject, on whether or not to get a joint bank account. once they get married. sha shafali wants separate accounts and duvall wants a joint
10:43 am
account. okay, judge dave. or, plead your case. >> i want the dual income. >> you want extra cash. >> okay. >> shafali. >> i want separate accounts because he spends a lot of money. he's starting his new business, and i just want to make sure we keep track of everything he spends. >> is it about trust or not for you? >> for me, it is trust, he spends a lot, like, i just want to make sure i have control. >> and you just want more money. >> absolutely. absolutely. that's one of the perks. >> don't you -- she makes the money for herself, don't you ever think if you want to buy something, you should buy it with your own work money or no? >> well, before, but now it is we're together. >> up to you. >> i think what i heard is that her money is hers and her money is yours? >> correct. >> wrong. the verdict is for you.
10:44 am
here -- >> i win. >> she wins on this one. here's the key. right now you're the one who is paying the bills, correct? >> yes. >> and you're the one tracking the money? >> yes. >> and you're the one spending the money? >> correct. >> you need to do what i call growing up a little bit here right now. here is what i want to have happen. you have separate accounts for right now. he account and she account. the way you get -- >> he account and she account. >> the way you're going to get to a we account is you're going to show us you can grow up a little bit financially. i want you tracking the bills for the next 90 days. i want you writing the checks. in 90 days when you show financial responsibility, i'll -- >> you'll meet together with them? >> i will. >> meet with my husband henry and me. >> you guys, thank you so much. don't go anywhere. >> you all get to get married. >> you win. >> guess who is about to sing for us? >> who? i actually know. neil diamond. >> don't miss a great performance. ♪
10:45 am
when he first joined the army, i was very nervous. ♪ we didn't know what they would have him doing. ♪ but, bobby always had a plan. ♪ [ male announcer ] with unmatched training in over 150 careers beyond the battlefield, there are over 150 surprising ways to become army strong. talk to your son or daughter about opportunities in the army. talk to your son or daughter (dootrick or treat! mmm! thank you! mmm! mmm!
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10:48 am
with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
10:49 am
the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> all right, he was out performing on the plaza before the sun came up this morning. we're so lucky because he is performing for us right here. >> yes, we're talking about grammy winner, rock and roll hall of fame member neil diamond. >> he has a brand-new album, his first in sixth year, 37th album of his career called "melody road". >> he's about to go on tour. before that, he's singing for us here. here is neil diamond with his classic song "crackling rosy." ♪ crackling rosy we ride
10:50 am
until it don't rain no more ♪ ♪ taking it slow love, don't you know ♪ ♪ hitching on the twilight train ♪ ♪ ain't nothing here that i can't take along ♪ ♪ maybe a song ♪ sing when i want don't need to say please to no man ♪ ♪ come on you got the way to make me happy ♪ ♪ you and me we do in style ♪ ♪ crackling rosy you seem like a guitar humming ♪ ♪ hang on to me girl ♪ play it now play it now ♪
10:51 am
♪ play it now my lady ♪ ♪ crackling rosy makes me smile ♪ ♪ that's all right we got all night ♪ ♪ set this world right you got the way to make me happy ♪ ♪ you and me we do in style ♪ ♪ crackling rosy like a guitar humming ♪ ♪ hang on to me girl our song keeps running on here ♪ ♪ come on play it now play it now ♪ ♪ play it now my lady ♪ ♪ crackling rosy makes me smile ♪
10:52 am
♪ that's all right we still got all night ♪ ♪ set this world right ♪ >> neil diamond, we're back to shine a light, a spotlight on one of our biggest fans. it is amazing. first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
revealed through the work of its scholars and graduates. it has inspired strength and purpose. an enduring symbol of passion and excellence that is not static, but moves among us. a feeling...a shared experience, a reminder that we are connected for life.
10:54 am
we are penn state, making our mark on the world.
10:55 am
you know what is great about our facebook page? >> tell me. >> i'll tell you. we get to keep up with all of our fans to find out what is going on in their lives. now it is time to shine our fan spotlight on a little guy who
10:56 am
will have you seeing double. are you ready? >> let's get right to it. oh, my gosh. >> so cute. >> it is from maggie omaria who bought this doll for her older kids when she was pregnant to prepare for the new sibling. and now schuyler arrived, she had no idea they would look exactly alike. >> that's crazy. they call that mini me. how cute is that? maggie, thank you for sharing. we love when you send pictures and we love to talk about you on the air. please keep sending pictures to our facebook page. any cute videos. also vote on jenna daughter's mila's costume, belvis or the pina pinata? >> you decide and that's the costume she'll wear. >> on halloween. >> a star studded lineup, we have hotty keanu reeves with us.
10:57 am
>> and actress sofia vergara. >> william shatner too. >> so much fun.
10:59 am
11:00 am
nbc 10 breaking news. >> at 11:00 this morning, breaking news, at least four students hurt when a bus flipped onto its side. nbc 10 has following this breaking news throughout the morning. it happened around 8:00 this morning. here is a live look over the scene in paradise. witnesses at the scene were able to rescue and help the victims. within the last 20 minutes, nbc 10 has learned that the driver of the dump truck was also taken to the same hospital for treatment. the bus and the dump truck collided on south vintage and strasburg roads. reporter ann shannon from wgal has the latest from the scene. >> reporter: good morning.