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tv   Today  NBC  October 25, 2014 7:00am-8:31am EDT

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limb. good morning. why did he do it? >> there is a possible shooting in the cafeteria right now. >> the struggle for answers after a high school freshman opens fire, killing a classmate and wounding four others before taking his own life. this morning, a student who was there speaks to us live. extra dose of caution. new york and new jersey impose their own strict quarantine rule on those who have in contact with ebola patients overseas. this after one doctor is back with ebola. and holidays for a super hero. an entire town turns out to help make a special week for a brave little boy. we'll share this wonderful story of love and generosity today, saturday, october 25th, 2014.
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from nbc news, this is "today." with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm erica hill alongside sheinelle jones and maria larosa in for dylan. nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> a pretty busy news morning with the deadly school shooting happening in washington state yesterday. >> and not the only shooting. shots rang out in northern california, two sheriffs deputies were killed. two more people were wounded in a series of shootings that went over several hours. sheinelle will have more coming up in a few minutes. we begin this morning with that school shooting outside seattle. students and teachers ran out of the school to safety after a high schooler walked into a cafeteria and reportedly opened fire. one student was killed, as well as the gunman.
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this morning the entire community struggling with why a young man would open fire on his classmates. joe fryer is in washington this morning with the latest. joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. four victims are at the hospital being treated for are their injuries. two male students and two female students. and a family member now says at least two of those victims were actually related to the shooter. just hours after the shooting, hundreds in this heartbroken community gathered inside a church to pray for the victims. the motive behind friday's shooting at marysville-pilchuck high school remains a mystery, but a relative says the shooter knew at least some of his victims. >> there is just something that happened. only god knows why it happened. >> reporter: don hatch says his grandson and another relative were both injured and were both cousins of the alleged gunman. >> they're just three complete
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buddies. and they couldn't be closer than three brothers. >> reporter: witnesses say the shooting happened inside the school's cafeteria. >> i saw three kids just fall from the table. like they were falling to the ground dead. >> we have one known suspect. >> reporter: high-level law enforcement sources and witnesses identify the suspected gunman as jaylen fryberg. police say the suspect killed a female student before killing himself. >> a possible shooting in the cafeteria. >> reporter: the school remained in lockdown for hours with police gradually escorting students from the buildings, eventually reuniting them with their worried parents. >> i saw her and grabbed her and just didn't want to let go. >> reporter: classmates say jaylen fryberg was a well-liked freshman, elected to homecoming royalty this year. but they also say he recently got in a fight. nate heckendorff saw fryberg shortly before the shooting. >> he had no demeanor in his
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face of what he was going to do. >> reporter: in all, four victims rushed to the hospital, three with critical injuries to the head. >> best thing we can do is keep them in prayer. and that's automatic we can do right now. >> reporter: this morning, three of the victims remain in critical condition. the fourth victim was shot in the jaw, and is in serious condition. meanwhile, classes at the high school are cancelled all of next week. erica? >> joe fryer this morning. thank you. you can only imagine the fear that must have been going through the minds of the students who were inside that school cafeteria when the shooter opened fire. allen perez is a junior at the high school, just two tables away from the gunman when he opened fire. allen, good morning. thanks so much for being with us. >> hi. >> what you saw and what you experienced none of us should ever have to go through. how are you dealing with this? what kind of night did you have? >> i mean, i'm just trying to appreciate the fact that he didn't go after, like, everyone
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else, ended up firing on anybody else. and mostly everyone is alive. i'm just trying to keep a positive attitude about that. >> well, yeah. that's obviously huge that so many people got out of there, including yourself. you were two tables away when this happened. what did you hear? what did you see? >> well, i was just sitting there eating lunch, looking down at the table, and then i -- what caught my attention was i saw someone actually get up from the table and stand up. and i saw him walk up and he, like, had a gun. and i just saw him, boom, boom, boom, start shooting at people. and at that time i die just froze and i was like oh, man, so surreal what was happening. i never expected that to happen. but i guess nobody ever expects there to be a shooting in their hometown or anything. >> reporter: did you duck for cover, what did you do? >> i just stood up, like, right away. i forgot a lot of my things. i left my long board and a lot
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of my belongings at the school and just started running, like trying to get off campus. >> i know this happened in a flash of time, but did you get a sense as to whether these shots were fired randomly or that he was shooting at a particular table or particular people? >> i don't know. it didn't seem like he was just going on a spree, because he didn't just keep shooting. he seemed like he had set people he was going after. and he didn't just keep shooting at everyone else. >> did he say anything? >> i don't know, i didn't feel it. no, he didn't seem like he was even mad or anything. because i saw him earlier that morning on the way to my class. and, like, i said hi to him and he nodded back and said hi. so, you know, like, he didn't seem like he was really upset or anything >> this is not someone you call a friend, but you had contact with him. you would see him from time to time. anything -- did anything seem out of the ordinary prior to
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that moment in the cafeteria? >> no. he didn't seem like he was really upset at all. but i don't know him all that well, so it's really hard for me to say. >> other people have described a moment where it appeared his gun jammed or that he tried to reload. was there a pause in the shooting at some point? >> i didn't really try and stick around or i didn't really see that or anything. i just -- i froze for a couple seconds and then as soon as i really came to the realization, it was actually a school shooting, i just started running and running. >> all of us try to imagine what we would do in these kind of situations, and, of course, none of us really knows. describe what the scene was, what other people were doing when this was happening. were some in a sense of disbelief, or did everybody recognize the danger immediately? >> yeah, like, it was just like my reaction kind of -- everybody was kind of just shocked for a couple seconds and then everybody just pretty much
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started running out of the building. a lot of people were crying. some people were screaming and stuff. everybody was freaking out about what happened. >> well, allen perez, we thank you for staying up late or getting up early, whatever the case may be, to be with us this morning. we're glad you and so many of your classmates are okay today. thanks for the time. >> it's no problem. >> all right. erica? a doctor who contracted ebola after treating patients with the disease in west africa is hospitalized this morning here in new york city. as government officials try to calm fears about the virus. late friday, new york, new jersey and illinois's governors all announcing a mandatory 21-day quarantine for any health care workers returning who had treated patients in west africa with the disease. this as a worker who recently came back from the region is hospitalized in newark, new jersey, with a fever. so far, officials say that person does not have ebola. there is some good news to report. one of the dallas nurses who contracted the virus caring for a patient, nina pham, is now
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ebola-free. she returned home to texas overnight, just hours after meeting with president obama and being released from the hospital. for more now on these developments here in new york, we turn it to ron allen, who is outside the hospital where dr. craig spencer is being treated. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. the word here at the hospital is that dr. spencer is still in stable condition. well enough to talk to friends and relatives by cell phone from his isolation room. and yes, there is another health care worker just back from west africa, who is in isolation not far from here under newark, new jersey, under a new policy, put in quarantine as soon as she arrived on u.s. soil. while dr. craig spencer tries to recovery, officials in new york do everything they can to reassure and prevent a different kind of outbreak, panic. >> new yorkers who have not been exposed to an infected person's bodily fluids are not at all at risk. >> reporter: but now health care workers exposed to ebola in africa, returning to new york and new jersey's busy airport
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face mandatory quarantine, 21 days, the time it takes for ebola to run its course. the cdc recommends those workers monitor themselves. >> voluntary quarantine. no. it's almost an oxymoron to me. this is a very serious situation. >> reporter: meanwhile, disease detectives track down people who have had contact with spencer. his fiancee and two friends also now in quarantine. and places spencer has been. his apartment, a coffee shop, a bowling alley, have been sanitized and given clean bills of health. but some here still worry about getting too close in places like the subway. >> you don't touch the guardrail. you're not sure if somebody coughed or sneezed. >> reporter: but they say you can't catch it like that. >> i thought it was bodily fluids. >> reporter: dr. natalie aczar explains bodily fluids means blood, vomit, from a person sick with ebola. as for the subway -- >> we have very good evidence
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that the virus does not survive on dry surfaces for very long at all. not airborne. >> reporter: spencer did ride the subway several times, but officials say there is no indication he was contagious at the time. and the system is safe. and as for that health care worker in isolation in new jersey, she arrived here with no symptoms, developed a fever, doctors say, and now we understand she has tested negative -- negative for ebola. so far, new york, new jersey, illinois, the only states to impose mandatory quarantine on health care workers returning to this country from west africa. erica? >> ron allen, thank you. dr. rick sacra is a former ebola patient, virus-free for about a month now and joins us this morning. nice to have you with us. you obviously have a very unique perspective. >> thank you. >> give us a sense. you have been ebola-free for about a month. how are you feeling this morning? >> i'm feeling pretty good, i'm starting to get my stamina back, my strength back, so i'm very thankful for that. >> we're thankful you're able to be here and tell us that.
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let's take a look at some of these mandatory quarantines. so last night was our new york, new jersey, illinois has been added to the mix. health care workers returning from west africa treating patients have to go into a mandatory 21-day quarantine. is that effective medically? >> well, i'm sure it's effective, but it's more than what's -- it's more than what's needed medically. because we know that individuals who don't have symptoms cannot transmit the virus. >> so then as you look at this, as someone who has dealt with this, what do you see in terms of the reasoning behind that? >> well, i -- of course, the local authorities have to make decisions based on their constituency and what the mood is out there. there's -- you know, scientists like to do things based on data and facts. but then political reality is sometimes different from that. but i do think we need to keep
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our focus on west africa and what's happening there. is this going to have an impact on our ability to take a real part in fighting the outbreak in west africa? >> so by this you mean that that mandatory quarantine, so that -- are you saying it could have an impact on whether or not people make the decision to go there and to help deal with the crisis? >> sure. you know, these -- i think people like dr. spencer should be -- we should view them the same way we view firefighters and police officers, people who are putting themselves in harm's way to make a difference. and then when you welcome that kind of person back from there, their service with a 21-day quarantine, it kind of just puts a big burden on them. it's going to reduce the ability of our nation to fully take part in the global response to ebola. >> you're part of the americans taking part in that. why do you think it is so important for the u.s. to play a role there? >> well, we have -- you know, you have a nation like liberia,
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which is the one i know best because i've lived there for years as a missionary with s.i.m. you know, you have a nation of 4 million people with less than 50 doctors. and then you take that already overstretched health care system and you add the ebola crisis on to it. there is a huge need for manpower, for personnel. who is going to care for these patients? who is going to provide the health care? so it's a huge need for volunteers from a resource-rich place like the u.s. and like europe and other places in the world that have those resources. >> volunteers who could hopefully help stop the spread in africa and ultimately other places. i do want to ask about dr. spencer before we let you go. you have somewhat parallel stories, as you know. he's going through a rough time right now, as i can imagine. have you had any communication with dr. spencer or his friends or family? >> i have not. i didn't know him. he served in a different country
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than i did. so i haven't had direct communication, but i wish him the best. he's -- you know, he's done everything -- he's done everything right, and frankly, should be congratulated. he reported the moment he had symptoms, he followed every protocol that was necessary. and by getting into care early, he's giving himself the best chance of a cure and of getting well. and i wish him the best. >> we appreciate your perspective this morning, and glad to have you here doing well. i'm sure you are, as well, dr. sacra. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> lester? here in new york city, police officials say a terrifying hatchet attack against several nypd officers was a terror attack. the latest example of violence against law enforcement members and as many people worried about so-called lone wolves. stephanie gosk has more. >> reporter: the attack was as surprising as it was frighten g frightening. new york police commissioner bill braden is calling it a terror attack. the 32-year-old suspect, zale
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thompson, converted to islam two years ago, according to police. an intro avert, angry at the police and the military. the facebook page believed to be his including a photo of an armed fighter, is just part of his activity online. >> visiting websites that are focused on designated terrorist groups, al qaeda, isis, al shabaab. >> reporter: authorities believe he was self radicalized and acting on his own when he charged down a sidewalk in queens, armed with a hatchet. the target of the attack, four police officers here. the other two had the wherewithal to draw weapons and defend themselves. you can see the bullet holes in this building. >> reporter: thompson was shot dead while 25-year-old kenneth healy lay on the ground, struck with a critical blow to the head. the rookie cop remains in the hospital, while concerns grow about so-called lone wolves. this attack coming only days
7:17 am
after a shooter killed the soldier in canada's capital. >> these are not individuals traveling traveling to foreign training camps or communicating with foreign governments or terrorist organizations. they're people who often don't show up on the radar until it's too late. >> reporter: groups like isis are only getting better at reaching like-minded westerners online. >> isis' ability to use social media has proven for mar effective than al qaeda. in that sense, their message has resonated. >> reporter: preventing the message from turning into action, experts say, is law enforcement's growing challenge. for "today," stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. time now for a look at the rest of the morning's top sdoers stories. >> sheinelle jones, good morning. >> good morning. the governorel california is extending condolences to the families of two sheriffs deputies shot to death friday. authorities say a man armed with an assault rifle shot and killed deputy danny oliver and
7:18 am
detective michael davis jr. during a wild six-hour manhunt friday. two others, a sheriff's deputy and civilian were wounded. hundreds of people took part in the search for the shooter. a salt lake city man is under arrest. a woman was also taken into custody. authorities on the hannah graham case say they are now focusing on whether additional charges will be brought against the prime suspect. on friday, it was confirmed remains found near the university of virginia campus belonged to the 18-year-old student. graham was last seen in september with approximate 32-year-old jesse matthew jr., charged with abduction. the secret service is ramping up security at the white house after another man jumped the fence this week. >> reporter: when 23-year-old dominic add sanaa jumped the fence he was stopped immediately. the response is textbook. still, there is deep concern that seven people have gotten over the fence so far this year. so on friday, the secret service moved a second fence line
7:19 am
further back to response to him jumping the fence wednesday night. that's when fox news video captured him kicking and fighting back against two secret service dogs who attacked him and ultimately took him down. now that second fence line was put up about a month ago after this unprecedented breach in which an iraq war veteran jumped the fence and made it all the way inside the white house. officials here say the department of homeland security is in the process of reviewing ways to enhance security measures in and around the white house. some lawmakers who have also been looking into security say the key is improving technology. >> we don't have the most recent technology. we ought to have that. by the way, this is the number one protective agency in the world. it is the elite of the elite. and why shouldn't they have the very, very best equipment? >> reporter: now, the dhs review is expected to be completed in the next couple of weeks. that latest fence-jumper is in custody. he's undergoing a mental
7:20 am
screening. he's scheduled back in court on monday. sheinelle. >> thank you, kristin. the defense department has released the first video of u.s. air strikes in a syrian border town of kobani this week. look closely as an isis vehicle reportedly rigged with explosives is targeted by the air strike and erupts into a huge ball of fire. hawaii's big island is on alert as lava creeps towards homes there. the lava is now just 250 yards from a road. authorities say they will go door to door today to find out how many people might need shelter. and now for a supersonic skydive. a google exec broke the sound barrier and set several skydiving records over the southern new mexico desert friday. the jump was part of a project to develop a self-contained commercial space suit that would allow people to explore some 20 miles above the earth's surface. that's a good question. would you do it if you could, erica and lester? >> i don't know about that one. >> i've never been sky-diving. >> neither have i. >> i would say as long as the
7:21 am
engines are turning and wings are attached no need to jump. >> i kind of like thinking of that one. >> the weather channel's maria larosa is in this morning. good to see you. >> good morning, guys. wild weather on both coasts recently. right now, still going strong across the pacific northwest. heavy rain coming on shore right now. but the power of it is right there. so that is going to continue the rainfall, but also bring some really incredible wind gusts. you have the wind advisories, high wind warnings. we're talking gusts 70, 80 miles per hour, especially into the canyons, maybe as much as an additional 4 inches of rainfall over the next couple days. that's a look at the weather a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. lots of sunshine and mild temperatures right near 70 degrees. some spots may hit 70. 67 to 70. winds out of the west at 5 to 15 mile percent hour. sgusier in late evening and over night hours and windy sunday.
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plan on that. as you make your sunday plans. mixture op sun and clouds monday. sunshine, 66. tuesday, 74. warm, lots of sunshine. cooler on thursday, 61. till ahead, a special halloween treat from harry potter author
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it's big news this morning from harry potter author jk rowling. >> she made an announcement on her potter-more website that has plenty of fans rather excited this morning. sheinelle is in the news room with the scoop for us. >> you know jk rowling fans are always antsy for new material, and the author is delivering once again. rolling will be releasing a new 1700-word tale telling the back story of one of her characters,
7:25 am
dolores umbrage, she was promoted to head mistress. she used corporal punishment to keep hogwarts students in line and is the only person other than lord voldemort to leave a physical scar on harry. the short story will be released on halloween for free on her pottermore website. who is excited? the last sometime she did this in july, the site crashed. >> i'm predicting more of the same. >> operative term being free. >> yes. definitely a halloween treat, not a trick. we hope. oh, unless. >> sheinelle, thanks. still to come on "today" -- >> a popular reality tv show now cancelled. we'll tell you why tlc is taking "honey boo-boo" off the air. >> first, these messages.
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good morning. i'm rosemary connors. a little bit chill where out there right now. it will warm up. let's check in with meteorologist michelle dproes man. hey, i michelle. >> beautiful day as we head throughout our saturday. it is chilly though as we start out the morning. live look outside. you see that sun shining. that will warm us up later. right now though, 41 in allentown. 44 in lancaster. 37 in millville. and 40 degrees in atlantic city. today, sunny and mild, 67 to 78. perfect late october day. we're looking at lots of sunshine as we head throughout the day. also on sunday, windy on sunday. we will see winds gusting 25 miles per hour at times.
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56 monday. 56 and then by tuesday, warmer, lots of sunshine. 74. warm on wednesday. 77. nighttime showers and then cooler on thursday. chilly on halloween. 59 degrees. new from overnight. one man is dead, another is wounded after a shooting in philadelphia. nbc10 was on the scene in kensington where police tell us the gunfire erupted at fourth street and indiana avenue just after midnight. a 25-year-old man was rushed to the hospital where he died. a second man who showed up at the hospital with a leg wound is being held by police as a person of interest. a man was hurt after a shooting in philadelphia's queen village neighborhood. authorities tell us he was shot at second and carpenter streets just before 3:00. the victim was taken to the hospital. his condition is unknown at this time. police have not made any arrests in this case. i'm rosemary connors. we'll send it back to the "today" show. i'll see you in 25 minutes for another update. have a good one.
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♪ back now on a saturday morning, october 25th, 2014. it is a beautiful fall day here in new york city. in the 70s later today, we're hearing here. lots of folks out there to enjoy it with us on the plaza. nice to have them here. coming up in this half hour, we'll take a look at what seems to be a growing problem inside high school locker rooms. several football teams coming under fire for alleged bullying. so why does this keep happening? also, one of the most heart-warming stories of the day. we do have to warn you, you might want a box of tissues handy. we'll tell you how complete strangers are coming together right now to help make the holidays unforgettable for one very brave little boy. doctors say a rare disease means he may not have much time left.
7:31 am
so everyone pulling together here to make sure he has some pretty incredible moments. and later, more and more couples are meeting online these days. but it's not always on dating sites that bring them together. in this case, we're going to tell you a story of a couple who came together through social media. we'll share their 21st-century love story. we want to begin this half hour with the surprising cancellation of a popular reality tv show. tlc announcing it's saying goodbye to "here comes honey boo-b boo-boo" in the wake of disturbing allegations about who the little girl's mother was dating. here is dave gutierrez. >> one, two, three, four. >> reporter: this morning, "here comes honey boo-boo" is over. and the mother of the show's 9-year-old star is defending herself. >> the statement of me dating a sex offender is totally untrue. >> reporter: the cancellation comes after tmz reported that mama june was dating 53-year-old mark mcdaniel, a registered sex
7:32 am
offender, who was convicted in 2004 of aggravated child molestation. nbc news could not reach mcdaniel for a statement, but on facebook, mama june insists she is not dating him. >> i would never, ever put my kids in danger. i love my kids too much. that is my past. i have not seen that person in ten years. and don't want to see that person. >> reporter: tmz won't publicly confirm its exact reason for dumping the show, but in a written statement says supporting the health and welfare of these remarkable children is our only priority. a network source says it will provide honey boo-boo and three sisters with counseling, even though the show is off the air. >> this thrust this family into the spotlight and so they need to take responsibility as far as what happens next. >> i am ready to go! >> reporter: series, the spinoff of "toddlers and tiaras," follows the family in rural georgia. its fourth season finished
7:33 am
airing in august. >> the show wasn't doing as well as it was before. but the show wasn't failing. not yet. >> reporter: tlc had reportedly already filmed the shows this season, which was expected to premier in january. now mama june has this message for fans. >> we just wanted to let you all know from the bottom of our hearts that we actually love you all and we do care about you all. >> reporter: an abrupt end to a reality show with no shortage of drama. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news, atlanta. let's get you another check of your forecast now. >> the weather channel's maria larosa is on the plaza for dylan this morning. good morning. >> you can feel the energy on the plaza, because the nor'easter is out of here. we have kendall here. it's your birthday. you've been here since 4:30 this morning? >> yes. >> where are you from? >> washington state. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> one more year in the teens. missing really nasty weather across the west, but the mid section is all about the warmup. high pressure jet stream way to the north.
7:34 am
that's allowing temperatures anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees above the average. places like amarillo nearing 90 degrees. dallas could see a record high today as well as oklahoma city. and summer-like weather continues into sunday, feeling more like average temperatures for june. and it goes all the way up into the northern plains. across the rest of the country, beautiful in the southeast. still watching the major storm across the west. it could bring some showers to the world series game in san francisco later on this evening, along with that, some pretty gusty winds. that's a look at the weather a good saturday, i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. we're going the see lots of sunshine and mild temperatures. 70 degrees. 67 to 70. wids out of the west at five to 15 miles per hour. gustier in the late evening into the overnight hours. a windy sunday. so plan on that as you make your sunday plans. a mixture of sun and clouds by monday. sunshine returns. 66. tuesday, looking good, 74. warm, lots of sunshine. warmer on wednesday.
7:35 am
77. cooler on thursday. 61. and a little shoutout to perry, ohio, home of the super bowl champs. who knew? erica, back to you. >> maria, thanks. still to come this morning, could bullying be on the rise in dove bar for 7 days? with one small catch. no mirrors. everyday they wash with dove beauty bar but can only feel what's happening.
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welcome back. you may recall locker room bullying in the nfl made big headlines last year. and now it's nation high schools coming under scrutiny for the same thing. earlier this week a school in pennsylvania cancelled the rest of its football season because of alleged hazing. it's just the latest team to come under fire. and experts say the problem is a lot bigger than a lot of us might have imagined. here is ron mott with more. >> reporter: like the game itself, youth football is taking some big hits off the field. as alleged, bad behavior continues to make headlines around the country, despite growing efforts to combat bullying.
7:39 am
southern california, 21 high school players suspended over hazing claims. ohio, four freshmen kicked off the team of a cincinnati school in what police say was a simple assault of a 14-year-old in the locker room, allegedly hit in the groin with a pair of cleats. sayrevil sayreville, new jersey, aggravated sexual assault, the season cancelled. and in philadelphia, another season cut short for what the superintendent describes as humiliating and inappropriate initiations of new players. police called it a form of waterboardi waterboarding. >> given the fact they suspended the football season, something bad must have happened. >> reporter: often excused as boys will be boys, experts say these behind the scenes behaviors are increasingly coming to light with serious consequences, despite pressure on victims to keep quiet. >> the locker room kind of is this shrine, right? we think about the football team as you kind of take a code of honor and you take a code of ethics, unspoken or spoken, that
7:40 am
these are your brothers and these are the people you look out for. but when your brother is hurting you, where you go with that. >> reporter: outside indianapolis, two seniors, kyle johnson and austin martin, were expelled and charged with six felonies and misdemeanors in three alleged incidents involving the same freshmen in a school locker room. >> i've talked with kyle as to what happened very briefly, and i would think to a layman's it term, his version would be this was horseplay. >> initially there is some allegation of sexual battery or something like that which caught the news and obviously that's not the case here. >> reporter: both men have pleaded not guilty. what's supposed to be fun and games now more than ever is no laughing matter. for "today," ron mott, nbc news, boston. still to come this morning on "today," the one-woman mission to give police departments some four-legged help. but first, these messages. if yand you're talking toevere rheumyour rheumatologiste me, about a biologic...
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7:44 am
one texas woman is on a mission to make sure law enforcement officers get the partners they need. janet shamlian explains. >> come out now! my dog will bite you! >> reporter: this is a police academy for a different breed of officer. where year-old german shepherds are trained to track suspects. some, like yago, also sniff out explosives. >> they're highly trained, ready to go on the street and do their job. >> reporter: but in small-town departments like pasadena, texas, those jobs are harder to come by. the cost and care of a k-9 line austin, it can be the first to go. how difficult would your work be without austin? >> it would be huge. they're a phenomenal tool for us. and it would be a whole different show without him, for sure. >> reporter: and it almost was. after his dog retired, bringer wasn't sure he would get another. then he heard from christie
7:45 am
shiller. >> when somebody goes out there and you're asking them to be -- take a pay cut, be underpaid, and we're not going to give you the equipment you need, i just -- i don't understand. and yet these people still put their lives on the line for us every day. >> reporter: when shiller gave austin to officer brinker, it was the 60th time she has made such a gift. in just a few years, the texas mom has given dogs to 33 agencies in 17 states, as part of the nonprofit k-9s for cops she started after learning of the need. >> without christie, it would be very difficult for some police departments who have never had a k-9 to have a k-9. >> reporter: she dug into her pocket for the first, but now she knocks on corporate doors and holds fund ra-raiserfund-ra. >> it's amazing what they have done with the little i have given them. >> reporter: helping those who serve and protect with the gift of a k-9 partner. for "today," janet shamlian, nbc news, houston.
7:46 am
why helping others just may help you too. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
7:47 am
7:48 am
♪ ♪ shine shine shine >> this morning we're shining a light on make a difference day, an initiative started 20 years ago by usa weekend and points of light to encourage millions of americans to give back to their communities. this year, nbc is also proud to be part of that collaboration. and whether you are a regular volunteer or maybe trying to figure out how you'll ever find the time to give back, the good news is, you can make a difference. even with just a few moments. and today might be the perfect day to get started. whether it's putting a roof over someone's head or providing a square meal for someone who is hungry. >> beautiful. >> millions of americans across the country regularly give up their free time to give others a helping hand.
7:49 am
help that's not just welcome, it's essential. >> we could never function without the volunteers. >> the food bank for new york city supports 1.5 million new yorkers every year, through its network of soup kitchens, pantries and school programs. this 90,000-square-foot distribution facility requires 800 volunteers every week to meet those needs. people like scott feldman, who has been volunteering here for nearly two decades. >> i think it's exhilarating. all these volunteers give their time. they don't have to -- >> everything about volunteering makes you feel good. we always say the first ingredient, the first thing we ever pack in those boxes is love. >> we sometimes think that volunteering is big and hard and complicated and you've got to find lots of time to volunteer. whatever you're passionate about, whatever you care about, you can make a difference. >> reporter: more than a quarter of all americans, 62.6 million people, volunteered at least once between september 2012 and september 2013.
7:50 am
this family from phoenix has put its volunteering in high gear. the family of eight spent their kids' fall break traveling in their rv to do chores for people financing financial or medical hardship. what started out as a lesson in empathy for their kids has become a lesson in giving back for everyone. >> we all need each other, whether you're healthy or sick -- there is something for everyone. everyone can help each other in some way. >> and it doesn't have to be a formal, scheduled affair. helping at your child's school. a local animal shelter. or even just tweeting your support for a cause can all make a difference. >> there's no wrong way to give back. time, talent, voice, money. i do think there are lots of ways that people can give and support. >> this family feels particularly passionate about the food bank, because at one time they were clients. what is the most important part about giving back or volunteering for you? >> it's knowing that at the end of the day you're not only helping yourself, you're helping others as well.
7:51 am
>> volunteering does feel a little bit like a vacation for the soul. i think people are enjoying that. >> and it turns out volunteering may also help you live a little longer. a review of 40 studies from the past 20 years, that review done by a medical study in the uk, found volunteering is connected to lower rates of depression and increased overall well-being. if you're interested in getting involved in usa weekend's make a difference day, just log on to and search for an existing project in your area. you can also plan an event of your own. and these organizations will say to you, you don't have to commit to an hour a week for me. we will take whatever we can get. because typically if you come in once, it encourages you to want to do it again. and even if you're just telling people about it, being a mouthpiece for an organization can really help drum up support for them. >> i thought it was interesting she said vacation for the soul. i've never heard that. i'm going to use that. i'm feeling it. all right. still to come on "today," how could anyone make it through an
7:52 am
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good morning. i'm rosemary connors. let's get a check of the forecast with meteorologist michelle grossman. hi. >> it's a good one. we're going to see temperatures near 70 degrees. lots of sunshine. a little cool though right now as we look outside, looking at mostly sunny skies. live look along boathouse row. pretty. 49 in philadelphia. 44 in mt. pocono. a chilly 37 in millville. we're off to a chilly start but we're going to be warmer this afternoon. seven-day forecast. mostly sunny, 69 today. windy though sunday, 66. monday, 66 as well. mostly sunny. tuesday, that's when we warm things up. 74. warmer on wednesday. 77.
7:57 am
could see nighttime shower. mostly cloudy. thursday, cooler, 61. halloween, 59. today marks day 43 in the police manhunt for alleged cop killer eric frein. he is still on the run but another man is channelled. he was charged yesterday with making false reports. police say he told him frein asked him for a fake id so he could get into can that da. he later admitted he was lying. frein has a evaded police and fbi agents since mid september when police say he ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers in pike county, killing one and wounding the other. searchers believe frein may have been spotted monday near pocono east high school. septa's largest union will decide tomorrow whether to authorize a tristrike. there is no plan at this point for a work stoppage. they have been working under an expired contract since march. i'm rosemary connors. michelle grossman and i will see you back here at 8:30.
7:58 am
have a good one.
8:00 am
good morning. it's saturday, october 25th, 2014. here's a look at today's top stories. why did he do it? outrage and disbelief in washington state after a popular high school freshman opens fire inside his school cafeteria. killing a classmate and injuring four others. this morning, the search for a motive as authorities and the community struggle for answers. extra dose of caution. new york, new jersey and illinois now enacting mandatory 21-day quarantines for health care workers who had been in contact with ebola patients in west africa. meantime, one doctor in new york city is still being treated for ebola this morning. and holidays for a super hero. an incredible story of an entire community joining together to bring the rest of this year's holidays to a brave little boy who is battling a rare disease.
8:01 am
we'll take you to the town that's decked out in christmas lights in october. good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill alongside sheinelle jones and maria larosa in for dylan this morning. we are following several developing stories this morning from that deadly school shooting to the latest on the ebola scare here in new york and across the country. >> let's start with the shooting inside the high school outside of seattle. it was a terrifying scene as students and teachers ran out to safety. the gunman apparently walked into the cafeteria and started shooting. this morning, the community is trying to figure out how this could have happened. joe fryer is following it all from washington this morning. joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. investigators are still trying to figure out the motive in this shooting. of police say that two students were killed, including the gunman, after he opened fire inside the cafeteria yesterday morning at marysville-pilchuck high school. four other students were injured. two males and two females. three of them hospital officials
8:02 am
say were shot in the head. they remain in critical condition. family members tell us at least two of the victims were actually related to the gunman. they were cousins, and according to one relative, they were all very close. high-level law enforcement sources and witnesses identify the alleged shooter as jaylen fryberg, a freshman at the school. earlier on "today," we spoke with an eyewitness to the shooting. >> i saw him walk up and he, like, had a gun. and i just saw him, boom, boom, boom, start shooting at people. and at that time i kind of just froze and i was like, oh, man. it was so surreal what was happening. i never expected that to happen. >> reporter: last night, hundreds filled a church for a vigil to pray for the victims. classmates say fryberg was well-looked. in fact, he was recently elected homecoming prince. but students also tell us he recently got in a fight with another student. at this point, police are not commenting on a motive, because
8:03 am
it's so early in the investigation. overnight, they continue to look for evidence at the crime scene. the school will remain closed all of next week. lester? >> all right, joe fryer for us this morning. thank you. this morning, three states have a mandatory 21-day quarantine in place for all health care workers returning to the u.s. after treating patients -- ebola patients in west africa. new york, new jersey and illinois all taking that extra precaution to help protect against ebola. this as a doctor who recently returned from the region was hospitalized in new york city with the virus. ron allen is outside the hospital where dr. craig spencer is being treated. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. we understand that dr. spencer remains in stable condition. not a lot of details being released about his treatment or his condition. we do understand, though, that the doctors have been saying he's been on his cell phone from his isolation unit talking to friends and relatives. that's one indication of how he's feeling. we hope to hear more today.
8:04 am
also from newark, new jersey, just across the river an update on another health care worker who was taken to the hospital yesterday. she has tested negative for ebola, we understand. and she was taken to the hospital immediately after arriving in newark airport under a new mandatory quarantine policy. announced yesterday by the governors of new york, new jersey and now illinois. concerned about the high volume of traffic of people coming into those airports like jfk and o'hare from west africa. so now health care workers who have been in touch with ebola patients have to go to quarantine for 21 days, the normal course of time that ebola takes to run its course. to be observed, to make sure they don't have the disease, and, again, the word today is that the woman who came from west africa also working for doctors without borders, as was dr. spencer tested negative. the officials here doing everything possible they can to reassure a still worried public. the cdc, centers for disease control, had a voluntary quarantine policy in effect for health care workers.
8:05 am
now these health officials are taking it one step further. erica? >> ron, there is concern with these mandatory quarantines it could have an impact on health care workers volunteering to help fight this epidemic in west africa. in fact, dr. rick sacra expressing his concerns to us here on the "today" show this morning. have officials responded at all to those concerns? >> reporter: they say their priority, their biggest concern, has to be the citizens of these states. and they say that new york, new jersey, and illinois, chicago especially, are unique because there is such a high volume of traffic from west africa coming into these airports. those are three or four of the airports designated around the country as places where people can come for enhanced screening. the bottom line is that there is such a concern in the public about this epidemic in west africa and about the threat to the united states, which, again, everyone here continues to say is minimal, if it exists at all. so some are seeing this as a political step, more so, than a
8:06 am
medical step. but yes, there is a lot of concern. some concern, i should say. but this will discourage volunteers from going. they have been trying to encourage more health care workers to come to west africa to deal with the epidemic, they're not getting enough workers as it is now. and doctors in countries like liberia, there are still hundreds if not thousands of people coming down with this disease. and a very small number of doctors and nurses there to help treat them. that's where the biggest concern is. the epicenter of this epidemic is. again, officials here in the states have to do what is in their best interest, our best interest as americans, to protect and reassure -- mostly reassure, not protect, but reassure the public, because there is so much concern about ebola. >> ron allen this morning, thank you. let's get you caught up on the rest of the morning's top stories from overnight. sheinelle jones is here with that. >> good morning. flags have been ordered to fly at half staff in sacramento today after the brutal killings of two sheriff's deputies.
8:07 am
authorities say a man armed with an assault rifle killed danny oliver and michael davis jr. during a wild six-hour crime scene friday. two others were wounded. police joined by hundreds of searchers used tear gas to force the suspect to surrender. he's in custody along with a woman this morning. investigators on the hannah graham case are considering additional charges against the prime suspect in her disappearance now that her remains have been identified. authorities made the announcement late friday. the 18-year-old missing university of virginia student was last seen in september. authorities in new york are now calling the hatchet attack on police officers an act of terrorism. new york city police commissioner, william bratten, says the suspect who was shot and killed by officers was a self radicalized muslim convert. police are still searching his computer for clues, but say they found searches for beheadings and the shooting in canada earlier this week. now to a story you have to see to believe. particularly when you see the aftermath of the crash like
8:08 am
this. it's really hard to imagine that someone could get up and walk away, virtually injury-free. but that's what happened. and wait until you hear what saved the driver. here's janet shamlian. >> reporter: this is the kind of horrific crash scene where a family usually gets bad news. but in oklahoma city, kelly white is talking about how he survived this tangle of wreckage. amazingly, he walked away with only a few cuts. moments earlier, he feared it might end differently. >> i looked over to my right, and i saw a truck coming. he was carrying so much speed, there was no way he was going to make the turn. >> reporter: a tract tore trailer coming directly at him. he braced for the worst as the impact slammed his car into a concrete bridge. but it wasn't over. as if in slow motion, the truck was tipping, about to crush his car. >> he could look up and see the trailer falling over. i was trying to react by switching down in my seat as much as i could. but i could still feel the headliner coming down on my
8:09 am
head. >> reporter: these pictures show just how bad it was. but white was in good shape. he almost couldn't believe it. he then discovered why. >> the top of the headrest stopped the roof from coming down any farther. >> reporter: that's right. the driver's seat headrest saved white's life. the driver of the truck was also okay. >> i'm just grateful that i walked away from it. everybody said that you need to realize how lucky you are. and i do. >> reporter: the closest of calls with the best of endings. for "today," janet shamlian, nbc news. >> goodness. now to some incredible video out of greece. torrential rains in the capital of athens have turned roads into rivers. look at this, sweeping away cars. other cars were seen overturned or like this, backed on top of each other. the kansas city royals are preparing for game four tonight after a big win against the san francisco giants friday. some credit the royals' winning streak to a player who doesn't want to make a stink.
8:10 am
let me explain. salvador perez has a lucky charm. perfume. last year, just so you know, it was victoria's secret. this year, it's 212 men. perez has reportedly gone through three bottles already. >> i wish i had a few guys to smell. aren't you curious? >> i am curious. we can get some for tomorrow. you're here from kansas. >> lester is a bay area boy. >> i grew up in kansas city. so i gave it a little eyebrow. >> nice. >> thanks very much. let me get a check of the weather now from the weather channel's maria larosa on the plaza. >> good morning, guys. refreshing here, our nor'easter out of here. but i smell football in the air. we have some michigan state -- your spartans take the to the field at what time? >> 3:30. >> so whether you are going to a game, participating, let's look at the weather expected for
8:11 am
today. you have a cold front coming on through, may bring showers into your northeast. but otherwise nice weather and cool breeze. gorgeous across the southeast with mild temperatures. but the heat is on. dallas headed for a record high. meanwhile, tracking that big, big storm across the pacific northwest, everything with it. the mountain snow, the wind and the rain. we could see those winds in excess of 70 miles per hour. some of those gusts in the canyons. still raining tomorrow, but you see most of the country fairly quiet. we're into the 70s all the way into the northern plains as the heat begins to spread across the southeast with temps there into the lower 80s. th a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. lots of sunshine and mild temperatures right near 70 degrees. some spots may hit 70. 67 to 70. winds out of the west at 5 to 15 miles per hour. gustier in the late evening to overnight hours. windy sunday. plan on that as you make your sunday plans. mixture of sun and clouds by monday.
8:12 am
sunshine returns. 66. tuesday, looking good. 74. warm, lots of sunshine. even warmer on wednesday. 77. cooler on thursday. 61. and that's a look at your weather. let's get back to you. >> maria, thanks. this morning we have an incredible story to share with you. it's about an entire community coming together to make the holidays very special for a little boy with a very serious disease. miguel almaguer has the story. >> reporter: the holidays have come early in this small utah community. of friday night was christmas. ♪ thursday, a parade celebrating a november birthday. >> ethan. you are our hero. >> reporter: and on tuesday, halloween. the reason for the calendar confusion, a 4-year-old boy who is running out of time. >> up, up and away. >> up, up and away. >> reporter: ethan van leuven is battling acute lymphoblastic
8:13 am
leukemia. a disease he has been fighting half his life. >> doctors said he has two days to a couple weeks left to live. and that's when we thought we would make the most of the last days he has remaining with us. >> reporter: the community pitched in to give ethan the week of a lifetime. >> people are very wealilling t get things put up. >> reporter: and the van leuvens have the chance to let ethan experience his favorite holiday one more time. >> he's been talking about it since last christmas. and so we wanted to make sure we had that last family christmas all together. >> reporter: and what a christmas it was. santa claus, a hayride, a police man bearing gifts. and the realization that the christmas spirit can be a year-round phenomenon. >> you're a special little boy. so many people are coming to give you christmas presents. >> reporter: parents often complain that kids grow up too fast. >> merry christmas? ♪ >> reporter: the van leuvens know it's much worse when they
8:14 am
don't get to grow up at all. for today, miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> wow. we've reported a lot of evil in this broadcast. but i hope the take-away from this hour and a half is how good people can be. >> they can. what a beautiful, sweet little boy. we'll be back after this. after seeing everything, but let me take one last look. sure. take your time. built-in nav, heated seats for mom, dvd with wireless headphones for the kids! and tons of room for the golf clubs! golf clubs, and strollers. shhh ... i love this part. so what do you think? i think it's everything we wanted. great. discover for yourself why more people find their perfect car at carmax. carmax. start here.
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8:17 am
or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. i found answers about fibromyalgia. then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. back on a saturday morning with a love story that is truly a 21st-century kind of love story. right? >> good one. anybody single? is there? if you're single, all of the love experts say you should be open to finding love in new places. this certainly qualifies. one couple will soon say "i do" after starting a relationship a few years ago thanks to instagram, twitter, facebook and
8:18 am
their familicameras. call it a modern-day love story. girl sees boy on instagram, boy follows girl on twitter, they meet, fall in love and document their entire relationship on social media. meet corey and bethany. >> being ourselves. i guess people like that. the authenticity. >> reporter: professional photographers by trade, they have been instagramming their relationship ever since their first date on a washington beach. >> we sat there and watched the sunset, took photos. >> he taught me to swing dance on the beach, very romantic. >> reporter: thousands of photos later, cory decided to pop the question, capturing it on video, of course. >> dinner on the beach. and pretty excited. >> we make videos of our adventures. i thought he was just going to document another video. and i was like, wow, okay. this will be cool. ♪
8:19 am
>> reporter: with more than half a million instagram followers between them, bethany and cory have essentially become social media celebrities. >> it's awesome. it's kind of weird at the same time, so many people watching our life. >> reporter: it may not go down in history with bergman and bogart. >> here's looking at you, kid. >> this just happened. >> reporter: but for now, it's a millennial love story for the digital age. >> sharing photos kind of changed our lives and instagram changed our lives for sure. >> bethany says they're thinking about getting married next summer, and you can bet they'll be using all of these social media platforms and more to mark the moment. >> no wedding photographer. right? >> it's the way of the future. i have a friend who is actually now engaged. she made her fiancee on twitter. i kid you not. >> the way of the future. >> yes. and everybody around here is married. did you notice that? >> one guy raised his hand. >> are you single? >> a prince.
8:20 am
>> we'll be right back with more. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:22 am
that is going to do it for us on a saturday morning. but tomorrow on "today," as we prepare for halloween, we send dylan undercover to a haunted house to see just what goes into scaring you. >> we'll see you then. actually, i'll see you before then, tonight for "nbc nightly news." have a great day, everybody. thanks for watching. dove bar for 7 days? with one small catch. no mirrors. everyday they wash with dove beauty bar but can only feel what's happening. on the seventh day beautiful skin is revealed. dove is different. with one quarter moisturizing cream
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enter today at and you could have your mortgage paid for an entire year. i'm rosemary connors. just ahead on "nbc10 news today," we are continuing to follow new developments about ebola concerns. a health care worker who arrived yesterday from west africa remains in quarantine at a new jersey hospital after coming down with a fever. but there's new information about her condition this
8:27 am
morning. michelle? temperatures in the 30s and 40s. warming this afternoon. full forecast is straight ahead. silence instead of cheer to think football field at a local high school. we'll have the detail on a new hazing scandal that ended the season early for one team. those stories and much more next on "nbc10 news today" at 8:30.
8:28 am
8:29 am
we have new information this morning about the first person to be quarantined under new ebola rules in new jersey. we'll update her condition in a live report. gunfire erupts overnight in a philadelphia neighborhood. police may have a lead in this deadly double shooting after they say a person of interest showed up at the hospital. get ready for a sunny saturday. here's a live look at beautiful boathouse row where it will be warmer today than usual. goods morning. this is "nbc10 news today."
8:30 am
i'm rosemary connors. it's just about 8:30 on saturday morning. michelle grossman is tracking the pleasant weather on this last full weekend in october. can't believe it. perfect conditions today, michelle, to pick out a pumpkin or rake some leaves, right? >> perfect. we're going to be warm this afternoon. sunshine the entire way through. a little breezy as we head throughout the afternoon. but really nice for the last weekend in october. let's look outdoors. we're looking at sunshine. live look at the ben franklin bridge. looking at temperatures cooler than this time yesterday. so 16 degrees cooler in pottstown. 15 degrees cooler this time yesterday in reading as well as mi millville. that puts us mainly in the 40s and 30s. we are off to a chilly start if you do have a 5k race, out and about early, you want to dress for the 30s and the 40s. 41 right now in allentown. 43 in lancaster. 48 in philadelphia. trying to get to that 50-degree mark. 39, chilly, in millville. as we go throughout the day, we're look at a nice one. enjoy it. by 11:00,