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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  November 6, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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the victim of the abduction that was caught on camera is back on philadelphia now. this morning, carlesha freeland-gaither out of the hospital. they see her going into a van there. the suspect is in federal custody. nbc10 has you covered. our team of reporters is working all night and all morning to give you an investigation into the suspect's criminal past. we're also tracking rain into parts of our area, you can see on nbc10's "first alert" weather radar. it's going to be a wet day and it will start with the morning commute. we've got you covered, though, it's 5:30. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. let's get to that forecast with meteorologist bill henley. you told us the rain is coming and it looks like it's sticking around, huh? >> yeah, for most of the commute. it will taper off this morning and this afternoon. later today, we're still looking at showers. right now, steady rain. light rain falling on delaware and center city. most of the area is getting that light rain. there are a few breaks in parts
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of south jersey and delaware. and a couple spots coming down in steadier, more moderate and showers in language caster county. and steadier rainfall in western portions of chester count itty. seeing steadier rainfall. but not heavy rain. no real cold weather either. 40s and 50s. doylestown, 46 degrees. wilmington is 50. dropped to 49 at roxborough. and northeast philadelphia at the airport, 51 degrees. sunshine, not happening today. it's rain that is going to be steady this morning. 51 degrees. not much of a warmup by 9:00 but then we'll get some breaks in the rainfall. still some scattered showers at lunchtime. 54. your hour-by-hour future weather when i am back in ten minutes. "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele with an update. >> good morning. septa rail line has suspended service until further notice between airport and 30th station due to signal and switch
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problems. keep that in mind. an overturned tractor trailer northbound side of the new jersey turnpike, route 73 near exit 4. the two left lanes are still blocked. take 295 as an alternate. in plainsboro, this accident cleared route 1 southbound at college road, you're good to go there. this is what the roads are looking like this morning. 76, 202 in the king of prussia area. chris. a family reunited. carlesha freeland-gaither is now back in philadelphia. >> she was found alive in maryland less than 72 hours after abducted in germantown. she left the hospital in columbia, maryland, around 1:00 this morning. this is video of the van taking her and her family. and carlesha's abductor is in custody. and we're hearing from this family members. >> we begin in philadelphia with
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nbc10's katy zachry. >> reporter: we know carlesha is back home in philadelphia. family members tell us she is down the block inside her mother's home in north philadelphia. they've asked for their privacy, so we are giving them that this morning. they were reunited with carlesha at a hospital in maryland late last night. they left there early this morning. they drove back in the same van. it's the first time they've seen each other since carlesha was kidnapped sunday night. they are now together inside her mother's home. one relative told me carlesha would likely speak this morning. in the meantime, here's more from her cousin about carlesha's safe return. >> it was a relief. a relief all day. you know she's safe and she's in good health. god was on our side. everybody was praying for us. >> that cousin went on to say they can finally get some sleep. get some rest. something they have not had in three long days since carlesha
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was kidnapped. we saw a different side of the family at a press conference in northwe northwest detectives. they thanked the northwest detectives who promised carlesha's return. >> he stood in my kitchen in front of me and said i'm bringing your daughter home. he said, no, i'm bringing your daughter home. and he brought my baby home. >> reporter: the family went on to thank the area and the people for the tips. they have comments about the abductor, the man who they say kidnapped carlesha. reporting live, katy zachry, "nbc10 news." when carlesha was found, she was found inside a car with her spu suspected kidnapper delvin barnes. the fbi said he actually tried to drive away. the couple in his car were found
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130 miles in jessup, maryland. that's when police took barnes into custody. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is live there. randy, you actually learned that barnes was wanted in another abduction case just last month, right? >> reporter: and we've also been speaking to his family who tell us he has had a troubled history with women in his life. and we're also learning that he's the prime suspect in yet another kidnapping. this one a 16-year-old out of virginia. we're talking with sheriffs in charles city, near richmond. they say, they, too, were tracking down delvin barnes, they think he was involved in a brutal rapech a 16-year-old girl back in october. these details horrid. police say barnes hit the girl with a shovel. stuffed her in the trunk of his car. poured bleach and gasoline on this teenager. she did manage to escape. she is alive. barnes accused in this kidnapping out of philadelphia. we spoke with barnes' uncle who
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lives in philadelphia. he tell us you barnes, a son of a minister, was raised right but always had issue, with the women in his life. >> this is hard [ inaudible ] you know, had problems with women. so he'd take it out on women. apparently one of them. >> reporter: and that uncle also telling us that barnes does have a young daughter. i can tell you barnes is now in fbi custody here in maryland. i've been on the phone with investigators here in maryland and down in virginia. they tell us they expect him to make some sort of an initial court appearance this morning. then they think he will be extradited first down to virginia to face those attempted murder charges which means according to what i'm hearing, he may not make it up to philadelphia anytime soon. we're live in jessup, maryland. randy gyllenhaal, "nbc10 news." >> important to emphasize that
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police say this was a random kidnapping, kcarlesha did not know the suspect. this morning, though, carlesha is safe. nbc10 is committed to staying on top of this breaking story on the air, online and on social media. now, there are a lot of other things to cover too this morning. here three things we're following for you. >> the first has to do with business in the poconos and the message it's safe to return after the arrest eric frein there. bob casey will join resort leaders to promote that the poconos is a place, a go-to place for shoppers and families. businesses were hurt for seven weeks while they searched for eric frein. mayor eric jackson will deliver an address at city hall. he's going to talk about how his administration has spent the last 100 days. jackson said it's important for citizens to take part in the process to design trenton's renewal. and the future of atlantic
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city will be the topic of what's called a teach-in at the galloway campus of richard stockton college. former casino workers will participate. at the timing their skills for when their needed. law enforcement going through training to prepare for the case of an actual child abduction. we'll tell you how this life like drill will alarm neighbors today. this is rainy conditions through the entire area. this is a rainy view of boathouse row. it just dropped to 49 degrees here at nbc10. the time is 5:38.
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making our mark on the world. now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> rain is coming down and so is the temperatures, very slowly. four degrees cooler than yesterday. the temperatures will hold steady and steady rain will carry us through the morning commute. you can see on the radar that
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the showers are steady for philadelphia and especially north and west. allentown, lehigh valley, berks county, and moderate showers in lancaster. meantime, in delaware there are showers this time we're not seeing rain but not far away. moving back in the area. stand by with the umbrellas. hour-by-hour future rain. 8:00 this morning. still plenty of rain across the area. by 10:00, we'll start to see the rain taper off in philadelphia. still coming down in delaware, south jersey. scattered showers north and west. then as we go through the hours this afternoon, we'll see spotty showers at 2:00. we could see heavier downpours late this afternoon. that's 4:00 this afternoon, from the lehigh valley right into philadelphia and wilmington as well. there is some drier weather ahead, the seven-day forecast in less than ten minutes when i come back. 20 minutes to 6:00. let's find out what's happening on the roads an mass transit we've had issues. >> it's already been a busy
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morning, "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele has updates. >> we've had updates. septa service has resumed and you can expect to see delays as it gets moving again. but service was suspended between 30th and it's been cleared. the other big problem, still out there, overturned tractor trailer northbound of route 73. exit 4 blocked in the area. take 295 to get around it. tracy. preparing to testify. we have new information about the ray rice appeal hearing and who could take the stand today. and we continue to learn more about the safe return of carlesha freeland-gaither. next, we'll walk you through a time line of the events since her abduction on sunday.
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grab the umbrella, the rain gear, before you head out the door. an obscure view of center city. we've got the wipers on. across the region, nothing too heavy. meteorologist bill henley is back in a moment to tells when it's going to move out. back to the top story now, carlesha freeland-gaither is back in philadelphia. she was found alive three days after being abducted in german mawn top this is video of her
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leaving the hospital at 1:00 this morning. let's take a look at the time line that police have been able to put together so far. surveillance video that we got just yesterday takes to us the hours before the kidnapping, 1:30 sunday afternoon showing that person of interest inside an acme supermarket in northeast philadelphia. less than eight hours later, the abduction. you've seen the video by now. 9:30, a guy dragged carlesha off the street in germantown. 6:00 a.m. monday, an atm withdraw in maryland. that same person of interest uses carlesha's car in aberdeen about 75 miles from philadelphia. and this surveillance video showing the same guy inside a gas station mini market in aberdeen. around 6:04 monday morning. and police found her and her alleged kidnapper in jessup, maryland. >> he's a predator, he's off the
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streets and hopefully he will be in jail the rest of his life. >> authorities say he will be charged federally for his crimes in philadelphia. today in gloucester county, an exercise in preparedness. >> the fbi is holding a training on how to respond to child abduction. the philadelphia special victims unit have been learning how to coordinate a response to an abduction. today, they will put that train to get test. during the drill, a child will be taken from mullica hill and they'll have to track that child down. >> based upon the decisions they make on this decision or they don't make, will dictate which way the investigation goes. >> now, you can imagine seeing this training could alert neighbors, they sent fliers out to the community, the police did, letting them know about the situation so they won't be concerned about the safety of the child and the police
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activity. and a look at stories making news around the country, vai sikahema is live in the digital operations center monitoring the feeds coming in, vai. >> yeah, tracey. after the midterm elections, president obama said he wants to work with congress to get new authorization in the militant use against the force against isis. the president said the nation needs to show the world a united front. andel until now, the white house has said it's authorized to carry out air strikes against isis under congress' 2001 authorization to wage war on terrorists. and former baltimore ravens running back ray rice and his wife jennay. he's expected to be back in court. in texas, nine people there
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are hurt after about suv plowed through a restaurant in houston. surveillance cameras show the car going through the glass window, across the dining room and into the buffet line. look at that. the victim's injuries are viern. the driver said she was just trying to park her car but hit the gas instead of the brake. that restaurant by the way is near the stadium 80 houston texans are playing. live in the digital operations center. vai sikahema. toys "r" us with the annual holiday toys drive with the marines. they'll be at king of prussia and cherry hill. customers can donate new unwrapped toys today through december 7th. all toys go to kids in need. >> they're getting the holiday spirit at franklin square in philadelphia. volunteers in peco were in center city yesterday.
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the free light show will feature 50,000 lights kicked off and running through december 31st. now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. this morning, rain. steady light rain. this is the view from center city. clouds will thin out later this morning, but until then, get your umbrella ready. 50 degrees and holding in philadelphia. that's a few degrees cooler than yesterday but warmer than normal for this time of year. the wind is light to no wind at all this morning. just a very gentle wind developing this afternoon as clouds start to break. right now, we're watching temperatures in the 40s to the north. allentown is in the 40s as well while it's 50 degrees in wilmington and philadelphia international is 50. newbold 50 degrees. and rain bringing the numbers down for warrington. and farther north and west quakertown holding at 49 degrees right now. a chilly start and a rainy one,
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too. look at the steady rain for philadelphia. you can see some breaks in the rain in the south. that's going to fill in and starting to in delaware, and the heavier rainfall to the west, that's more likely this afternoon when we'll see some scattered showers. it's part of a large system that produces rain today. but this is going to be a windmaker for tomorrow. and that's going to bring the temperatures down for the week. today, still climbing, upper 50s to 60 degrees. light rain this morning and then scattered showers during the afternoon hours. the wind will be light but not tomorrow. gusty winds out of the northwest. northwesterly wind brings chillier air. you'll feel it tomorrow and really over the weekend. saturday morning, 34 in center city. high of 50 saturday afternoon. still chilly on sunday. you'll make progress, come sunday afternoon. sunny skies. 60 in the afternoon and into the 60s for veterans day. nine minutes before 6:00. if you're heading out the door,
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take the umbrella. >> tack your patienke your pati. jillian mele will let us know what's going on. >> i definitely think you need the patience especially traveling the new jersey turnpike, route 73, exit 4, we have the two right lanes blocked because avenue an overturned tractor trailer. you can take 295 as an alternate. heading to 95 near cottman avenue, you can see the roads are wet. you can see that spray coming up from the vehicles. and we're also starting to see just a little hint of volume on 95 southbound. no significant delays just yet. you can see your drive times looking good. 95 southbound woodhaven to the wein, about 15 minutes right now. 15 minutes on 76 westbound from the vine to the blue route. if you're traveling the blue route northbound from 95 to 76, that's about an 18-minute trip. and don't forget, service has resumed once again on the septa airport line. chris. at 5:52. cincinnati bengals player devon
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still will have a special fan cheering him on in the stands tonight. his daughter leah will be at the game. she arrived in cincinnati ahead tonight's bengals/browns game. leah has been battled cancer at philadelphia children's hospital. we told you her story. the bengals will present a check to cincinnati children's hospital in leah's honor. and that money will go towards pediatric cancer research. if you have a question or concern for police. one local department wants to hear it. they're inviting residents to chat about it over coffee. we'll explain when we take you county by county next.
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time to take a look at news from all across the region from county by county coverage. in new castle county the minimum wage issue will be on the agenda. a proposed ordinance will raise the minimum wage to $10.10 for city contractors. if approved that will take place in january. in burlington county, reporting a dollar took jewelry from a home.
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morristown police released burglary prevent kits here. they say homeowners should leave inside and outside lights on a timer. install mobility activated lights. and use your burglar alarms if you have them and lock your doors. now to chester county where administrators are considering a big tax release. they want them to withdraw $1.3 million from a trust front. raise taxes 30%. they say without a budget the city will be forced to raise taxes by 70%. and in delaware county, people have their chance to talk to law enforcement officers and get caffeine. the delta times is reporting that residents can meet with upper darby police with the second coffee with a cop from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30. people can ask questions, learn about police work or just say what's on their mind.
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to lehigh county where snow angels say they will be coming to the rescue of senior citizens once again. 65 students from allentown high school have signed up for the program. when three or more inches fall in the city the group will help seniors clear sidewalks for those who need it. things will be blasting off in bridgeton. a rocket celebration will be held on the soccer field at noon this saturday. a councilman came up with this idea in teaching kids how to build rockets. a supervisor got on board and sent out notices to come out out with their rockets on hand. in montgomery county, how about this, an ardmore couple's catchy tune has landed them a big prize. ♪ >> beer and wine and make the place feel like home, they're getting a $250,000 check from wells fargo. popperage is one of the winners
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in what makes a home contest. they were married in september and wrote that song that's what makes a place feel like home for the winning video destined to go viral right now. tracy and vai. and now they're one step closer to owning a home. $250,000 it take you a long way. >> congratulations to them. "nbc10 news" starts right now. >> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. >> it's a new day and carlesha freeland-gaither is a free woman. new this morning, she's back with her family just three days after being violently snatched off a philadelphia street. we have a team of reporters who have been working around the clock to get new reaction from carlesha's family. and new information about the suspect. outside, take it slow on the roads. it's going to be a rainy morning commute. >> good morning, this is "nbc10 news." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema.
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it's rainy, dreary out there but at least it's friday eve, as jillian likes to say. let's get to meteorologist bill henley. >> and the temperatures are not bad. nowhere near freezing. they're actually milder this morning than normally this time of year. we're in the upper 40s and low 50s. chilly rain is falling. still, it could be a whole lot worse. there is a live view from center city. dreary conditions. light steady rain for just about everyone. the steadiest rainfall, north and west with moderate showers at times moving into lancaster county. steady rain is light. and there are a few spots in south jersey at least from now are getting a break from the rain but that won't last. 50 right now in philadelphia. northeast philadelphia and wilmington. since we've been on the air the last two hours. the temperature has only dropped one to two degrees in the area. so slowly coming down or go much lower this morning. at the bus stop this morning. suburbs will be in the 40s, center city in the low 50s.


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