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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  November 7, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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that are blowing into the area. we will get some sunshine to start with, but there's a good possibility that parts of the area will see a scattered shower later this morning and this afternoon. for now, the winds are at 12 miles per hour in philadelphia running a bit stronger in wilmington and the pocono mountains, in the mountains already dwgusting to 39 miles p hour. 39 degrees in mt. pocono and 45 in potstown and trenton 47 and upper 40s for millville and wilmington and northeast philadelphia. today, you will see sunshine to start with, but the wind will blow clouds into the area. still dry at 9:00 and chilly, too. 47 degrees. but by lunchtime, we'll be tracking a few, light scattered rain showers at 53 degrees. back with your future weather. right now, let's check in with jillian mele. good morning, jillian. >> good morning, bill, as promised, a look at 295. right at interstate 195. very empty. no issues to report on 295 this morning. heading into center city philadelphia.
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the vine street expressway also looking great in both directions. this is the vine on the 95 side, but clear the entire length between 95 and 76. right now following this fire activity in north philadelphia on north 22nd street between toronto and clearfield street. fire department activity out there. to avoid it take 21st or 23rd streets as your alternate. breaking news in west philadelphia. one person is dead, nearly two dozen people have been forced out in the cold after that fire at a homeless shelter. nbc 10 monique braxton is live on the scene. monique, what have you learned? >> firefighters remain here on the scene. the medical examiner has also arrived just a short while ago and they are preparing to remove a body of a person that passed away. the latest that we can tell you. the victim was a native of new york, 57 years old. one of the workers here told us that the victim was disabled. the fire commissioner also tells us that there was a walker near
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his bedside in the third floor apartment. >> we don't have a cause of origin and it appears to be smoking and if that's the case, what we want to ask the people if you do smoke, to smoke outside. you understand it is getting cold and the colder months, winter months and we want everyone to smoke outside and you have a less of a chance of dying in a fire. the fire marshal will be conducting an investigation. >> and the fire marshal remains here on the scene. we should also tell you that the fire commissioner told us that he believes this victim didn't stand a chance. now, the 23 people who are displaced have been bussed to a different shelterer. we're going to update their situation for you in the next half hour. live for now, north philadelphia, monique braxton. following a developing story. philadelphia police are still looking for this 18-year-old who they say raped a 14-year-old girl. it happened last night in darby.
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the investigation led police to west philadelphia. nbc 10 katy zachary live in darby this morning where police are looking for this armed and dangerous teenager and officers actually spoke to the suspect last night, right? >> that's right. police here in darby say the suspect called them last night saying he is not turning himself in for the sexual assault crime. instead, officers are going to have to find him. to add to all of this to make things worse, we're hearing that the victim says there were children in the house when she was raped. so, right now, you have officers both in philadelphia, specifically west philadelphia and darby looking for the suspect. 18-year-old kassim hill. he is accused of luring a 14-year-old girl into his mother's house and raping her earlier this week. according to police, a witness outside the home heard the teenage girl's screams during the assault and knocked on the door to try to stop it. that's when the victim was able to run free, according to the victim, hill was babysitting several young children at the
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time. >> if he was that brazen to do what he did to her, those five siblings that he's watching, what is he doing to them. you know, that is a sick individual. >> you just heard from the victim's aunt. we did conceal her identity to protect the identity of the victim of her niece. now, we did some checking and we look under to hill's criminal background. he has an extensive arrest history in philadelphia. he's been arrested for things like aggravated assault. if you see him, he is considered armed and dangerous. call police. reporting live in darby, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. this morning the suspect in the abduction of carlesha freeland-gaither is now in virginia and to face charges for attempted murder in a separate case. a $47,000 reward in the kidnapping case here in philadelphia, just who gets that? philadelphia police say the real hero is the guy who witnessed the abduction and then called him.
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detectives believe that duane fletcher should get the award. he heard streams in coulter street and he saw carlesha being grabbed on the street and being thrown in the car and called police twice while trying to detract the kidnapper. >> i was screaming. yo, what are you doing? i don't know if her scream overpowered mine or whatever it was, but he was moving fast. >> fletcher found her glasses and cell phone on the scene. he said his true reward is that he'll finally sleep knowing carlesha is home and the suspect is behind bars. our coverage continues and you can logon for more of duane fletcher's interview and read more about the abduction investigation and the charges barnes is facing in virginia. count on nbc 10 to bring you all the news across our region. first, we'll be checking to see if transit workers ratify their new contract with septa. expected to do so today. the two sides came to a tentative agreement last friday
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avoiding a strike that would have halted buses, subways and trolleys. monitoring a hearing involving jerry sandusky second charity, the second mile. and in philadelphia, we continue to follow the trial of former hero cop richard decotsworth. he was actually honored for bravery after being shot in the face during a traffic stop in 20 2007. a milestone today in the fight against ebola. the texas city where the first u.s. case of ebola was diagnosed is now ebola free. we'll have the latest from dallas and the efforts to fight the disease around the world. and, remember this. we don't want to see this, again. not much of it anyway. as temperatures fall a reminder from penndot about safe driving in the snow. temperatures falling this morning and we're in the 40s and no wet weather around right now. a live view from center city
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where the wind is starting to pick up.
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we're watching falling temperatures, but it is dry right now. upper 40s for trenton and dover. the wind is already a factor this morning and going to be increasing as the day goes on. that will deliver clouds to the area. right now 7 mile an hour breeze in allentown and a bit stronger in wilmington and gusts of 22 miles per hour in the pocono mountains that have spread to northeast philadelphia and parts of south jersey, as well. you see what's on the way, those are the showers that will blow into the area late this morning and this afternoon. thinning out and scattered rain showers develop, probably by late 10:00, 11:00 this morning in the allentown area and potstown see a few sprinkles at 11:00 this morning. and then early this afternoon, the showers will extend into
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northeast fifl and parts of south jersey, as well. stand by for a blustery day today. gusty winds to 35 miles an hour this afternoon. that will keep temperatures in the lower 50s today with scattered light showers. not everybody will get the showers but we'll all feel the cold for tomorrow morning. less than ten minutes i'm back with a seven-day forecast. at 20 minutes until 6:00. we just launched sky force 10. >> jillian mele is getting information about it. where is it, jillian? >> northeast philadelphia. ron street and ripply street. cottman avenue listed as an alterna alternate. an overturned vehicle that overturn under to a pole in that area. we could have quite a scene. for now avoid that portion of ron street in northeast section of philadelphia. 76 right at the vine street expressw expressway. the vine is also clear at this
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hour and for drivers in chester county, you can see over here we have some construction over there set up. it's really not active construction right now. it's just those cones in place for that long-term construction on 202 specifically the southbound side right near route 29. tracy? >> all right, jillian. gridlock in washington or a bipartisan breakthrough. president obama meets with congressional leaders for the first time today. she's her dad's biggest fan. the heartwarming video of a young cancer patient cheering on her dad from the stands for the very first time.
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this is the breaking news we're following for you. live on the scene of a fatal fire at a homeless shelter. 22nd and ontario. the man was found dead on the third floor. monique braxton is live on scene as investigators try to figure out if smoke alarms were working. we'll get an update in a few minutes. a 4-year-old girl who is fighting cancer got to see her dad at work last night. his job may be more exciting than others. she made the trip from philadelphia to cincinnati to see her dad play for the first time. leah is being treated for cancer at children's hospital of philadelphia. she accepted a check from the
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cincinnati bengals. >> we have up to the minute news thanks to our network of photographers and vai sikahema is monitoring those feeds. you have an update in a crash in idaho involving a national guard helicopter. tell us more about that. >> this happened about 7:00 last night near boise. two soldiers died as a result of that crash. it happened, this is a nighttime training mission that they were conducting last night and the names of the soldiers have not been released, but officials are investigating the cause of the crash. meanwhile, today president obama will meet with congressional leaders for the first time since republicans took over the senate in tuesday's election. among those expected to attend the meeting, kentucky senator mitch mcconnell who is expected to become the new majority leader. and the rockefeller christmas tree is arriving in manhattan. it has arrived. there you see a live picture of it in rockefeller center. the giant norway spruce came
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from a farm in danville montor county and cut down on wednesday and made the three-hour trip. need a little bit of time because of its size. of course, you can see the tree lighting ceremony right here on nbc 10 on december 3rd. that happens to be a wednesday. the treelighting ceremony from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. who for people like us who work early, but you'll be able to see it thursday morning. 5:46. the ebola scare in texas is officially over. as of midnight it has been 21 days since anyone there had had contact with someone who came down with that virus. 21 days is the incubation period for ebola. health officials were monitoring 177 people after a liberian man died at a dallas hospital and two nurses became infected. a hospital in switzerland was given the green light for an experimental ebola vaccine. developed in canada and the second vaccine to be tested. the first injections will be
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scheduled on monday. germany has detected a strain of bird flu that has hit asia but never reported in europe. health experts confirm around 5,000 turkeys in northeast germany are infected with the h5n8 strain. that strain was never detected in human. the nasal spray version of the flu vaccine did not protect children against the swine flu last year and might not work again this season. the vaccine had little or no effect against the bug in young kids. swine flu is not expected to be a major concern this year. a radio station is playing a different tune this morning. amid a format change that started last night. the station is now called boom 107.9 and will play throwback hip-hop. an executive would not talk to us on camera but the laid off workers filled a variety of positions, including on air and they did receive severance
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packages. new jersey says an online gambling firm broke the rules and must now pay up. caesar interactive caesar entertainment which owns three casinos in atlantic city. fined by the state for soliciting more than 250 people that had voluntarily banned themselves from gambling. they were on the self-exclusion list. state gaming officials tell us this is the first fine they imposed since new jersey allowed online gambling last year. a new jersey lawmaker says the gasoline tax has to be raised to fix the state's roads, bridges and rail lines. that issue was brought up at a hearing yesterday in camden and that is what pays for road and bridge projects and expected to run out of cash in july. a bill introduced last week would raise the gas tax about 25 cents. penndot is preparing for winter weather. a winter operations video available on youtube. it highlights the winter fleet
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that is ready to roll once the first flakes start falling. more than 2,200 trucks and 5,400 drivers and tuned up and prepared to tackle 40,000 miles of roadway throughout pennsylvania when the first storm hits. now, the video also includes advice for you on the roads. penndot recommends that drivers need to carry an emergency kit in their cars. of course, you should slow down during rough weather and increase your following distance and avoid distractions, always. they also want you to follow penndot on twitter. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> less than an hour before sunrise and we're going to see some sunshine, at least to start with. this is a nice, mostly clear view from here at the nbc 10 studios and clouds on the horizon and the wind is already blowing. we've seen wind gusts of more than 20 miles an hour in the region. 49 degrees right now in philadelphia. that northwesterly wind at 12 miles per hour makes it feel like 44 degrees this morning. a bit of a chill in the air and
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still a bit damp on the roadway in cape may after the rain yesterday, but those showers will be drying things up quickly. the showers are already out of the picture for now. we're tracking some showers to the west at will be moving into the area late this morning. 49 in wilmington and 47 degrees currently in trenton and that's in the 40s for camden and right now glendora and voorhees at 37 degrees. with the wind blowing throughout the day, it will feel chilly even at noontime when the temperatures at lower 40s. ramp up as we go into the mid-afternoon hours. look at the 20-mile-per-hour winds for pottstown with gusts up to possibly 35 miles per hour. gusty winds will blow clouds back into the area and some scattered showers and temperatures in the lower 50s today. showers are out of here tonight and it gets cold by tomorrow
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morning we're looking at temperatures in the lower 30s for center city and may drop into the 20s tonight. and then just 50 degrees tomorrow afternoon. a little bit milder on sunday, but the real warm up comes monday. afternoon high near 60 degrees and tuesday, veterans day, goes even warmer. up to 64 degrees after a morning low of 45. then a chilly breeze blowing on wednesday with a chance of a shower turning colder thursday. nine minutes before 6:00. a few minutes ago we told you we launched sky force 10. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has that. jillian? >> over the ronhurst section and that is the overturned vehicle. ron street right near ripply streets, right in that area. that vehicle completely on its side and a pole down in that area because we're told that a vehicle overturned into a pole. this is going to be blocked off. if you want to avoid that portion of ron street, you can
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take cottman avenue. eastbound side as traffic moves along just past route 29, more drivers on the roads, but no significant delays to report just yet and no accidents on any of the major highways in pennsylvania, new jersey or delaware. speaking of new jersey, checking some of your drive times on the marge majors there. 295 looking good. new jersey turnpike southbound from mt. holly to 168, 17 minutes and 14 minutes on 42 northbound from the expressway out to the walt wittman bridge. a walking history lesson. a surviving member of the tuskgegee airmen stopped by class yesterday. the author and former pastor spoke to the kids about his life and told nbc 10 that kids really need to focus on continuing their education after high school. >> you need to go to college.
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aim for college. can't get anything without going to school. >> did you hear him say aim high so when you fall you'll still be up there. great advice there. he served with the airmen for a week before the end of world war ii. veteran day ceremonies are starting today in parts of the area and happening all weekend. we'll take you county by county next for a look at what's happeni happening in your neighborhood. the valuable collections stolen by burglars have been returned to its owner. the website that helped crack the case.
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four minutes before 6:00. a california man is thanking police officers for tracking down military memorabilia stolen from his home during a burglarly. all the items were from family members that served, including both sides of the civil war. keepsakes actually turned up on craigslist. the police tracked it all down and returned every item. >> devastated like somebody took your heart out. this is all i've got. if i could give $1 million, i would. >> instead, bob and his sister wrote a thank you letter to the modesto police department for
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retrieving the valuables. chris? we have our county by county coverage now highlighting events that are being held to honor the nation's heroes ahead of veterans day next tuesday. those events starting in chester county a parade scheduled in coatsville. that starts at 9:30 this morning. now, to new castle county where delaware governor will attend an event in wilmington today. that begins at chestnut run dupont plaza. the governor will give a speech and a moment of silence and the presentation of a wreath. over to delaware county now, a fund-raiser to benefit troops and their families. the seventh annual salute the troops bike show will be held in media tomorrow afternoon. this is video from the event from a previous year. the car and bike show starts at 2:30 tomorrow. and bucks county, a veterans
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day parade and a monument dedication sunday morning or sunday afternoon rather. it goes down edgewood road to veteran square park. after the parade, the township is dedicating the new veteran monument that contains the names from veterans among those victor, a resident who is the pilot of one of the planes that was flown into the world trade center on 9/11. also on sunday, there will be a veterans day ceremony in trenton, mercer county. starts at noon at the catholic war veteran th. they will have a wreath laying and a playing of taps there. in salem county people will hear from a world war ii veteran with quite a story to tell. speaking at the historical society farmhouse museum at 1:00 p.m. he served in the army's 44th division 114th infantry from 1940 to 1944 and he is quite the walking history lesson.
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i've read a lot about him. the event in salem county is free as are all of those events across the area. of course, plenty happening on veterans day, too. we'll tell you about that on monday. tracy and vai? >> part of what tom brokaw calls the greatest generation. nbc 10 news at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. >> nbc 10 breaking news. we are following breaking news for you in north philadelphia. flames ripped through a homeless shelter overnight killing one person and leaving several others without a place to stay. on the run, this morning darby police are searching for this man. police say he's an armed and dangerous sexual predator and he's even taunting them. take your jacket as you head out the door. going to be a chilly, blustery day. we'll get your forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. just about 6:00 a.m. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. did you say take a jack isn't.
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>> first alert meteorologist bill henley to tell me if i am going to regret that. >> a chilly breeze that's blowing this morning. now, it's going to blow some clouds into the area and later this morning, this afternoon, might even get scattered showers but right now most of the area is pretty clear. in fact, clear enough to see the full moon. look at that beautiful shot. doesn't that look nice. with clear skies, that's when you get your colder temperatures and that is what we were seeing this morning. the temperatures will be dropping. right now it is on the chilly side because of the wind that is blowing, gusting to more than 20 miles an hour in parts of the area. 45 currently in trenton and northeast philadelphia is 47 and it's 47 now in philadelphia and potstown is 42. so, with sunshine in store for us, coming up in just over half an hour. we'll see the temperatures climb upper 40s by 9:00 and then into the 50s but a chance of some scattered showers by lunchtime. we'll go through it hour by hour with the future weather.


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