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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 11, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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a series of fires overnight at six flags. we're live as investigators work to find out if four different fires at that amusement park are connected. a strange way to celebrate a win. what police say an eagles fan was doing in the parking lot last night that has him charged with assaulting an officer. we're watching out for fog this morning, not seeing any of that on our camera here in center city as we take a live look. off to a chilly start this morning, but looking ahead to another warm up later today. this is nbc 10 news today on this veterans day. i'm chris cato. let's begin with bill henley and his first alert forecast.
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it is chilly, but a few degrees warmer than yesterday morning. >> much of the area in the 30s this morning and cool enough for some areas of fog. see some low clouds starting to form over center city in that live view. the fog is thickest in new jersey. mt. holly, atlantic city all seeing dense fog this morning for wrightstown and the visibility just dropped in dover from three miles to 1.75 visibility at this time. but we will see spotty fog gets thicker before it improves. look at the temperature, 37 in potstown and allentown one degree above freezing. so, we're starting off along the i-95 corridor in the 40s with some area fog and areas of fog and those spots of fog will disappear with some sunshine. 50 degrees at 9:00 and by lunchtime, 61 degrees. your hour-by-hour future weather in less than ten minutes. right now first alert traffic
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alert reporter katy zachary is standing by. good morning, katy. >> there is some overnight construction. we want to start things off live look at 202 and there is construction affecting things in both directions but not enough volume to cause delays as things pick up later in the morning, it might delay. taking a live look at 95 right now. cottman avenue. there is overnight and long-term construction in the southbound lane and the lights and cones in the right-hand lane. drive times look great between wood haven and the vine. some construction to tell you about on 76 westbound if you're trying to access 76 westbound from spring garden, there is some construction on that onramp and that construction is in place until late november. you can take girard to access 76 westbound. when i see you in a bit, there is some construction and we'll look at the 42 freeway. here's what we're covering
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for you new overnight a series of fire at six flags causing problems for firefighters in ocean county new jersey even into this morning. the fire started at a utility shed and spread to the sheds in jackson. jesse, what is the situation like now there? >> chris, the fire is out and there are no reported injuries to the scores of firefighters that contained the flames. sky force 10 over the safari adventure section of this theme park. investigators say the fire started in a utility shed but spread and grew into four smaller fires and the mayor says there were no injuries and park officials tweeted a short time ago the animals here were also unharmed. now, in making calls to the park and fire officials to gather more information on how this fire started and spread, i'll try to update you coming up in 30 minutes. we're live in jackson, ocean county, new jersey, jesse gary.
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three minutes after 4:00, new from overnight, the captain of that ferry boat that sank off the coast of south korea killing more than 300 people has been sentenced to 36 years in prison. investigators found him guilty of abandoning ship. he was acquitted of the more serious murder charges. prosecutors were seeking the death penalty. philadelphia police will charge a driver with dui after this overnight crash. the man was heading towards the intersection when he lost control and the dar flipped over there and hit a parked car. the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police responded to a bizarre incident after last night's eagles game. they say a man tried to attack police with a metal baton. this is video of the police response from our camera at the wells fargo center. officers say the man was wearing eagles gear waving that large metal baton. when he was approached he did
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attack an officer and the officer wasn't hurt and the man is arrested and facing several charges. four inmates were hospitalized late last night after a fight at a prison. sky force 10 was on state road just before 11:00 last night. four men were stabbed with makeshift weapons during this fight. it's still unclear what started the violence. the man who is accused of abducting a woman in philadelphia will begin his journey back to pennsylvania to face charges today. in just a few hours the fbi will take custody of devon barnes in philadelphia. tomorrow he will appear in a philadelphia court. now, barnes faces federal kidnapping charges in philadelphia after authorities say he abducted carlesha freeland-gaither. 4:05 and we have new information on the capture of
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eric frein. frein's defense attorney said he was kept away from his attorney. but police told him he couldn't see the suspect because frein had not asked for a lawyer. he is accused of killing one state trooper and injuring another in union grove. he was captured after a 48-day manhu manhunt. now the blooming grove barracks has been closed to the public since that shooting on september 12th, but will resume full operations tomorrow. a northeast philadelphia man was injured when he tried to stop a burglar from taking his stuff. the man came in busting that burglar on emerson street around 6:30 last night. the 49 homeowner tackled the burglar. the burglar fought back hitting the homeowner in the head with a crowbar. >> this is my neighbor. no, this is unacceptable. >> now, that homeowner was treated for injuries to his
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head, face and neck and the burglar got away. today, of course, we celebrate our nation's veterans. this veterans day different from those in years past because the federal government is in the process of doing a better job of caring for our vets. yesterday the veterans affairs department announced the largest overhaul in its history and it will focus more on customer service and make it easier for veterans to access the department. one of the biggest problems has been health care. the v.a. has been under intense scrutiny over wait times in its hospitals. we checked with hospitals where they stand six months after that scandal broke. tracy davidson is live in our digital operation center with a look at the numbers. >> following wait time over thoiz wait times, the v.a. set a goal of 30 days or less for a veteran to get a first-time appointment. veterans are waiting an average of 19 days for primary care
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appointment. in wilmington, the average is much higher. they're at 66 days. here's a look at specialty care. the highest in this case is at the v.a. where they're waiting an average of 55 days for an appointment. veterans are also waiting months and months to get a response on their disability claims and according to bob casey, pennsylvania has one of the longest wait times in the country, 266 days. he addressed this problem before a veterans group in west philadelphia yesterday and says more needs to be done to fix this backlog. >> we do this not just to make a system work better, we do this to fulfill to fulfill a promise that this government, that our country has made to our veterans. >> senator casey is now sponsor a bill to address the backlog. it calls on regional offices to improve their practices.
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live in the digital operation center, tracy davidson, nbc 10 news. eight minutes after 4:00, a blast of winter weather in the upper midwest has now turned deadly. more than 16 inches of snow fell in minnesota yesterday. state police say two people died after crashing on icy roads. troopers responded to nearly 500 crashes and 700 spinouts. michigan's upper peninsula was still getting slammed with snow late last night. forecasters say this is the biggest storm to hit before thanksgiving in more than 20 years. and the cold air behind that storm is heading our way now. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley joining us. bill, will we see any snowfall out of this system? >> that is a possibility as colder air is going to come in later this week and then stay into next week. but today we're not dealing with cold, just a chill in the air that has led to some areas of thick fog first thing this morning. back in the 60s today with some sunshine and clouds and this evening could see a few showers. just some rain showers for our
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area. 39 degrees in doylestown and 46 in philadelphia and cape may, 54 degrees. much milder this morning. you can see some of the clouds on the view from the comcast center in center city. low clouds overhead and some areas of fog. the thickest fog new jersey, mount holly and atlantic city at the airport, quarter mile visibility and tom's river is seeing zero visibility and going down in dover getting thicker. some areas of fog, you see the clouds coming off the system that is off shore. the clouds will break and enough sunshine to warm us into the 60s this afternoon. but we are starting on the chilly side. look at the hour-by-hour warm up. future weather showing 55 degrees by 5:00 and scattered clouds and then into the 60s this afternoon. 66 degrees with clouds moving inland, that's 3:00 this afternoon. it's this evening these clouds could produce a few scattered showers mainly off to the north and west, about 8:00 this evening, the temperatures are still nice and mild.
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59 degrees in philadelphia and farther north and west, it's in the upper 50s, as well. so, today we will see fog disappear and partly sunny skies and nice and mild. 64 degrees this afternoon. some of the cooler areas up to 67 in a few spots. and it looks like it will continue into tomorrow, too. the extended future weather in less than ten minutes. 11 minutes after 4:00 and time to check the roads out there on this early tuesday, veterans day. first alert traffic reporter katy zachary has a look at that. everything clear out there? >> the beauty about this time of morning, there's not a lot of cars on the road and the only thing you have to deal with is construction. disabled car but that has been moved. that was not tying things up, but just something to show you that there isn't a lot going on at this early morning hour. for drivers on 422 eastbound the
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ramps to and from armand hammond boulevard. route 42 at creek road. there is some fog on the roadway there. just keep that in mind if route 42 is part of your commute. there are some drivers out there and overnight construction and not delaying anything. finally for drivers in bear. right lanes are blocked in both directions until later this month. chris? 12 minutes after 4:00. free and clear, the new milestone the u.s. hit today in the fight against ebola. plus, the rivers report. joans river's family reacts to the comedian's death and who is to blame. a husband is accused of dumping his wife's sports car in the delaware river. why police say he did it. throughout the 4:00 hour, we are showing businesses who are offering special freebies and special deals to our veterans on
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veterans day. we have it full list posted on our website,
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today, dr. craig spencer will be released from a new york city hospital after being declared free of the ebola virus. dr. spencer returned last month after working for doctors without borders. he was monitoring his own health when he came down with a fever. he was confirmed to have ebola and criticized for using public transit and as part of his treatment, he received a plasma transfusion from another ebola survivor. he is the last patient in the
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u.s. with ebola. also today, the nurse who defied quarantine orders in maine no longer needs to be monitored for symptoms. it ended about four hours ago at midnight. she has been an outspoken critic for aide workers who treated ebola patients in west africa. the family of joan rivers says they're outraged after learning the results of an investigation into the comedian's death. according to new york state health department the clinic where she underwent surgery made several errors. the staff failed to notice her deteriorating vital signs but does not accuse the clinic of negligence. the clinic says it's addressing all the issues raised in that report. today president obama will meet with china's president in an effort to open trade and create jobs. this is chinese president greeting president obama at his arrival for the apec summit.
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the first time the leaders have met on chinese soil and yesterday obama announced a new deal to extend visas between the two countries. and generate $85 billion by 2021. and since the president is in china, vice president joe biden will take his place in a veteran day ceremony. this is video from last year as president obama placed the traditional wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. veterans have been buried for the past 415 years. philadelphia police are asking for your help in finding this person who sexually assaulted and robbed an 18-year-old man. the suspect caught on surveillance video here. this is inside the golden dragon chinese restaurant in kensington. detectives believe the suspect followed the victim out of the restaurant to his home where he forced the man inside at gunpoint and sexually assaulted him.
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once decorated philadelphia police officer richard decoatsworth was acquitted of aggravated assault charges. the jury did find him guilty of simple assault. he attacked his then girlfriend at the port richmond home they shared. in 2007 he was hailed as a hero after being shot in the face at a traffic stop. his sentencing set for january but they do not believe he will get jailtime. an upset husband is responsible for dumping this perfectly good corvette into the delaware river. our camera was there as marine units fished that car out of the water last night. police tell us that the man pushed his wife's car into the river because the two were going through a divorce and he did not want her getting it. police are still looking for the man. they have not released his name. they do plan to charge him with several things. we are learning more details this morning about what's in store for next year's world meeting of families in philadelphia. organizers are outlining what to
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expect during the six-day event next september. among them, advice on tackling everyday issues like keeping your family financially afloat. most of the events programs will hit on practical programs like that. come to philadelphia along with pope francis to learn more about the newly released lineup, go to our website, now your nbc 10 first alert weather. with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a cool start, not as chilly as yesterday. a little bit cloudier. view at nbc 10 studios. you can see low clouds moving in and watching for areas of fog moving in at central new jersey seeing the worst of it. 46 degrees in philadelphia. that's eight degrees warmer than yesterday. just a gentle breeze out of the north, northeast. no fog at cape may, but just up the road, the fog is thick at the airport for atlantic city and interior new jersey as the temperatures have dropped for
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much of the area, the 30s, wilmington, doylestown, wrightstown and 41 at camden and hattenfield in the 30s this morning getting very close to the 30s for cherry hill, glendora and blackwood. temperatures are still falling but with the clouds that have moved in overnight, the low cloudiness will not fall as quickly as yesterday. speaking of stuff falling. look to the northwest. that is snow. cold air that is going to be arriving here late this week is producing snow through iowa into minnesota, wisconsin and into canada. there's a slight risk of seeing some showers in our area late in the week. a better chance we might see the first snowflakes of the season next week. today, mild, look at the afternoon temperatures. 67 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. and with a few more clouds around overnight and a sprinkle in some spots during the evening hours, won't get as cold tomorrow morning. we'll be in the 50s to start
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with. and then as clouds clear tomorrow, look at that. tomorrow afternoon, we are right back in the 60s. i'll show you how long that is going to last coming up in the next half hour with the seven-day forecast. 21 minutes after 4:00. yes, another chilly morning, you want the heat on in the car and the well insulated coffee mug. very important so your beverage doesn't get cold on your drive in. >> i don't have one of those. do you have one of those? >> we need to invest in one. mine is not very good. >> i'm part of that investment. a detour to tell you about. you want to stay away in abi abington. between susquehanna avenue and adams avenue. we have a crew out there, we should have pictures for you shortly. you want to stay away from this area, specifically the abington area.
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right at muontgomery drive and the whole stretch of 76 will take you 15 minutes to go from the blue route to the vine in both directions. for delaware drivers 95 north and southbound right at the exit for route 202, the right lanes are blocked until 5:00 a.m. probably were not up to see this or at least the end of tit. crushing the carolina panthers, 45-21. a big night for sproels who scored the first touchdown in the first quarter and then followed up that with this little 65 yard punt return for six. to put the eagles up 17-7 in the first quarter and the good guys never look back. after that they led 31-7 at half-time. two touchdown passes, more than 300 yards. the eagles are now 7-2. up next, a sunday showdown with the 6-3 green bay packers at lambeau field. cozy lambeau field this time of year. to high school football now.
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a reminder you can vote for our next high cool blitz game of the week. pottsgrove and springfield delaware county. those teams with one loss here. west deptford and glassboro. still plenty of time to vote, though you can do that at or our facebook page and you can call or text your once a day vote to 610-624-4111. the game with the most votes will be featured on high school blitz right here on nbc 10. toy trouble. the kids meal treat that poses a threat to millions of children this morning. plus, overrun by the stomach bug. the extreme action one school had to take after sickness plagued too many students. here is a look at three more businesses in this area offering up some freebies to veterans today.
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4:26. listen to this. so many students are sick that school husband to shut down. the superintendent said there has been an outbreak of flu and stomach virus and attendance on friday was only 85%. the superintendent decided to close schools yesterday to keep the illness from spreading. that gives students a four-day weekend there since schools are also closed today for veterans day. this is important o, we have a consumer alert here to tell you about this morning. mcdonald's is recalling more
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than 2 million toys from happy meals because of a choking hazard. the hello kitty themed whistles. they are red and a pink shape lollipop there. pieces inside that whistle could come out and kids could choke on them. two reports of kids so far coughing out pieces of that toy. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> keeping a look out for fog. there is some very thick fog in parts of new jersey this morning. in center city, just some low clouds overhead and temperatures that are milder. 46 degrees at 4:27. katy zachary is in the traffic center. morning, katy. a live look at 476. the blue route right near ridge pike. some cars on the road and no major volume and no accidents on any of our majors and following fire activity in abington and i'll tell you more about that coming up. >> all i remember seeing the side of a truck and then seeing
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that airbag had gone off and that my car was on fire. and thank goodness some good samaritans jumped in to pull that philly cop from his burning car. next, his words to his teenage rescuer.
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♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. series of fires overnight at six flags. we're live as fire investigators work to find out if four of these fires are connected. a strange way to celebrate a win. what an eagles fan was doing in the parking lot last night that has him charged with assaulting an officer. for your ride to work,at


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