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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  November 11, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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we do continue to follow breaking news out of montgomery county. a fire broke out at a ymca in abington. new information from workers at the y. >> some of you are waking up to some pretty dense fog this morning. this is a live look at the delaware river where that fog is rolling off filling local streets. but that will clear out and even though we're chilly now, we should warm up. we will warm up. i am going to be optimistic and i'm also believing that meteorologist bill henley is right. we'll warm up once the sun comes out later today. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm chris cato.
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>> let's find with meteorologist bill henley. bill, talk us through this. >> the thickest fog is in new jersey. we've been watching it at times the visibility down to zero. now, some of that moisture is making it into center city. look at the low clouds over the city. it's a clear view, though, across the delaware. so, fog really not an issue in philadelphia, but mount holly, wrightstown, atlantic city all seeing dense fog this morning. the visibility is right back down at the airport and atlantic city may lead to some delays this morning. we're watching some areas of fog in delaware, georgetown is down to half a mile. it has been a bit thicker in dover and right now one-mile visibility. this was chilly temperatures this morning, especially north and west. those areas that are fog free. mount holly is 38 degrees and right at 40 degrees at philadelphia international and 46 degrees. but that number will, indeed, be climbing. fog disappears. 50 by 9:00 and 61 degrees by lunchtime. your hour-by-hour future weather
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when i come back in ten minutes. katy zachary is watching some of the fog. good morning, katy. >> something drivers are contending with. this is a live look in cherry hill right now. the intersection of route 70 at old orchard road. you can hardly see the headlights because it is so foggy out there. allow for extra time and keep your low beams on. a live look at the ben franklin bridge. you can see in the middle we're getting some construction crews, but it's not affecting anything in either direction if you're headed over the ben franklin bridge. all your bridges look good. finally for drivers in abington right at adams avenue, a fire earlier. crews are still out there. investigators are out there. so, we understand that southbound old york road, southbound between adams avenue and susquehanna has been reopened. you can take highland avenue or
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huntington avenue around that. let's talk more of the breaking news. new information from the scene of the fire at the ymca in abington. matt delucia is live with an update. i know you have been getting new information, matt, fill us in. >> tracy, one good point to mention is the southbound lanes have reopened. this happened just within the past 15 to 20 minutes. we're here at old york and adams avenue and i'll get out of the way and show you the lanes are shut down with fire activity and a lot of firefighters still going in and out of this ymca. the fire started about 4:00 this morning. right now we have the ymca spokesperson here, thanks for joining us out here on what has got to be a difficult morning. tell us what happened here. it doesn't look like a whole lot of visible damage. >> not a whole lot of visible damage. the fire broke out in one of one of the rooms in our child care center. there is smoke and water damage
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throughout that part of the facility. >> you were telling me just before we went on the air some of the sections will be closed today. for people who come out here today what do they need to know? >> the child facility will be closed until further notice until we find out the rest of the damage. the rest of the building is open right now. if anyone wants to take a fitness class or use the wellness center, they are more than welcome to do that. the pool area was closed, also, but we're waiting to find out if that will open today. >> thank you very much, we appreciate it. and she was just telling me that people were in the gym right now. so, part of this building was unaffected and most of the activity is happening right there in the front part of the structure but the sprinklers activated quickly. a lot of water and smoke damage, as she mentioned in this structure. but, again, just to point out, if you're driving southbound lanes of old york road reopened. you'll see those cars behind me. for now live in abeniinabington.
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several fires at six flags in ocean county were intentionally set. at least five different fires broke out first in utility shed and then the surrounding woods. jesse gary is live just outside the park in jackson. jesse, you're expecting another update from police shortly. tell us what you do know. >> that's right. i'm told i'm talking to lieutenant decker and he'll update me on the investigation into these fires in about 40 minutes. the fires were all tapped out in less than an hour. no reported injuries to the scores of firefighters who were out here working. sky force ten over the safari off road adventure, a section of this theme park. investigators say the initial fire started in a utility storage shed. the roof collapsed before the fire was brought under control. additionally four fires burned near the shed. they are investigating the possibility one or all were intentionally set.
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the mayor says that no injuries and that all of the animals are safe and sheltered inside the safari area. we'll have more in our conversation with lieutenant decker and also how the weather conditions out here may play a role in how this investigation leans. live in jackson, ocean county, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. at 5:36. new from overnight, police responded to a bizarre incident and a man tried to attack police with a metal baton. this is video of the police response from our camera at the wells fargo center. the man was dressed in eagles gear running through the parking lot waving around a big metal baton. when an officer approached, he attacked that officer. the man was arrested and facing several charges. a philadelphia police officer pulled from his burning car is telling nbc 10 exactly what he remembers. >> officer mark kimsy was pulled from his burning squad. he was rescued by joe chambers
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the 17-year-old volunteer firefighter who happened to be nearby and jumped in to help. he blacked out after impact and suffered a concussion, but what he does know is that he was grateful chambers was there. >> he is my hero, by far. i mean, if he wouldn't have pulled me out of that car, i would still be sitting in it. like a steak dinner or something and take him out because i owe him big. >> the 30-year-old officer was responding to a call with his lights and siren on. the two men then rescued the driver of the pickup truck. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you all the news from across our region. >> here are three stories we're following for you today. the man accused of abducting a woman last week in philadelphia will face charges today. the fbi will take custody of delvin barnes. authorities say in philadelphia
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barnes abducted carlesha freeland-gai trx freeland-gaither off the streets. >> the attorney for accused killer eric frein is claiming that police trying to keep him away from his client. james swept said he was hired by the frein family the night of his arrest after the nearly seven-week manhunt but police told him he couldn't see the suspect because frein had not asked for a lawyer. frein is accused of killing a state trooper at an amber attack in union grove. vice president joe biden will take part in the wreath laying ceremony on this veterans day. since the president is in china, ceremonies will take place at war memorials at the capital today including the world war ii memorial. dirt, grime and stain. the agency that manages atlantic city international airport says that airport is in worst shape than any other of it facilities. a big day for this new york
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doctor who tested positive for ebola. he is now clear of the virus. certainly not clear weatherwise this morning. low clouds moving into the philadelphia area and some areas looking at dense fog and it's chilly with temperatures in the 30s and 40s at 5:39.
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nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill hen lae. >> temperatures are coming down this morning and we're watching fog form. some areas of very thick fog, especially in new jersey. but a mild afternoon and the fog disappears and temperatures in the 60s and again tomorrow in the 60s. but then the temperatures tumabtum ab ble at the end of the weekend. right now 35 degrees and pretty cold in allentown, and northeast philadelphia is at 45 and with fog, atlantic city reporting 40 degrees. this is the view from cherry hill and route 70.
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you can see a little bit foggy this morning and some areas thicker than others and will not last all day. once the temperatures climb a little bit, this is the fog that will disappear. dense fog for mount holly, tom's river and atlantic city and we're seeing the visibility decline in cumberland county now under a mile and in millville visibility down to half a mile and now 2-mile visibility. how quickly things can change and monitoring that minute-by-minute this morning. the satellite shows low cloudiness and even the ones not seeing some fog, including philadelphia and areas north and west. but those clouds will break and we'll see enough sunshine to turn the temperatures around. look at the warm up this afternoon. by late this morning, we'll be in the 50s and by noontime low 60s and climbing into the upper 60s this afternoon. but there will be clouds around at times and during the evening hours, you may see some spotty light rain showers north and west. 61 degrees in reading at 5:00
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with a spotty shower possible and a possibility we'll see some of those showers in the philadelphia area, but not until late tonight. that's 11:00 tonight. see temperatures will still be mild at that hour. not a bad day overall on this veterans day. start with fog and it disappears. partly sunny this afternoon and high temperatures in the 60s. a chance of wet weather tonight and colder air by the weekend. the seven-day forecast when i'm back in less than ten minutes. 5:43 and let's update you on your ride to work on this tuesday morning, veterans day if you're working. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachary is working and a number of cameras out there. tell us what's going on, katy. >> focused on the new jersey cameras right now because no accidents coming into our system and fog is an issue for new jersey drivers. as evident by this live look at 42 freeway right at the new jersey turnpike. you can see there's fog out there and as i move on and show you the average speeds on new jersey roadways, you can see that fog isn't accounting for any slower traveling right now.
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so, average speeds on the majors in new jersey are in the 50s and the 60s. so, traffic is moving well, just something the fog out there is something to be aware of. a live look at route 42 right at oaks where you can see your drive times between oaks and 202 on route 422 in both directions is about seven minutes. that's likely to creep up as the morning goes on and that volume builds. taking a look right now at your majors in pennsylvania. no issues to report or accidents on 95, 76 or 476. your drive times look great right now. >> all right, katy, thanks. a scathing report claims that philadelphia international airport is in the worst shape compared to any other new jersey or new york port authority airport. the transportation authority owns the airport and the port authority of new york and new jersey manages it. the agency's inspection finds that the airport is covered in dirt and grime. the ceiling tiles are stained and carpet in the terminals soiled and the restaurants in "poor condition."
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the commissioner said whoever compiled the report has not been to laguardia airport in new york. following breaking news for you this morning a fire in abington ymca. we learned the day care is closed because of the fire. working to find out how bad the damage is to therest of the building. free and clear, the new milestone the u.s. hits today in the fight against ebola.
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it is 5:48. we have up to the minute news from across the country through our network of reporters and photographers. nbc 15 vai sikahema is monitoring stories coming in including good news for the new york doctor that tested positive for ebola. >> good news for the 33-year-old doctor craig spencer been declared ebola free and be released from a new york city hospital. you may remember that dr. craig spencer returned last month from west africa after working with doctors without borders and he came down with with a fever and criticized for using public transportation and going to public places like a bowling alley. as part of his treatment he received a plasma transfusion from another ebola survivor.
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the last patient in the u.s. with ebola. now, also today the 21-incubation period for a nurse who defied orders in maine is over. she never tested positive for the virus. and the family of joan rivers says they're outraged after learning the results of an investigation into the comedian's death. according to new york state health department, the clinic where rivers underwent surgery made several errors during the procedure that ultimately led to her death in september. the report says staff failed to notice her deteriorating vital signs. they did not accuse the clinic of negligence. they will do everything it can to address the issues that were raised in the report. that's a look at all the stories and vai sikahema, nbc 10. lava spreading across hawaii
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has finally consumed its first home. the lava from mt. kilauea. a blast of winter weather in the upper midwest. we have been showing you now has turned deadly. more than 16 inches of snow fell in minnesota yesterday and state police say two people died after crashing on icy roads. troopers also responded to nearly 500 crashes and 700 spinouts. meteorologist bill henley joining us now and, bill, of course, the cold air behind that system is creeping our way, right? >> later this week, we're going to feel it. but those showers actually may be arriving this evening in parts of the area, but moving into warmer air. for us it may be rain. during the day today, we'll see the fog starting things off this morning disappear. we've seen some really thick fog, especially in new jersey. a live view from ocean county, jackson. you can see the fog and the street lights there. some areas seeing thicker fog
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than others. we will all see it disappear once the sun is up and starts warming temperatures up. but right now the temperatures are falling and plenty of moisture to produce fog. view from the nbc 10 studios. a live view and virtually no wind this morning and one of the elements to help fog to form. philadelphia international at 46 degrees and you can see the low clouds over center city and look in the distance you can see some of the fog. view from comcast center commanding view of the changing scene this morning. but temperatures have really chilled down north and west, pottstown at 36 degrees and wrightstown is 39 degrees and 44 in camden and cherry hill has seen some fog this morning. 42 degrees and 40 right now in glen dora. the temperatures are staying in the low 40s in part because of the clouds that are overhead. there's the snow. this system is on the move by the time it gets to us this evening, there's a chance of a spotty shower.
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but during the day, fog disappears. look at this, perfect for veterans day and all the activities. partly sunny and temperatures in the middle to upper 60s this afternoon. tomorrow not looking bad, too. after a spotty shower tonight, 53 degrees tomorrow morning and we'll start with clouds, they'll be clearing out during the day and a gusty wind blowing them out of here. 66 degrees the high temperature. riding in on that wind wednesday will be the cold air that comes in thursday. 38 in the morning, just 50 in the afternoon and chillier on friday, there's still a chance we'll see a spotty shower, raindrops and possibly the first snowflakes of the season early on friday. doesn't look like a huge system by any means, though. turning colder for saturday's walk to fight als at citizens bank park. a chance of rain returns sunday. eight minutes until 6:00. some of you will see some fog out on the roads this morning as you start your morning drive. >> let's find out what else you can encounter with katy zachary. katy? >> those drivers in new jersey,
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primarily, will see the fog. a live look at route 73 in evesham road. throughout the new jersey area as bill just told you about. so, something for drivers to be aware of, but when we're looking at average speeds on the new jersey roads, it's really not slowing things down. drivers are being safe and no accidents in new jersey to report. on 95 at girard avenue there was recently a disabled vehicle at cottman avenue and that was cleared in a matter of minutes. you are great on 95 from cottman, allegheny, girard. your drive time between woodhaven and the vine looking really good. 14 minutes in both directions. in abington we're advising you to stay away from a situation right at old york road and adams avenue. a fire at that section. crews are still out there and a live picture in the next ten minutes of that. you're being advised to stay away from the area, even though old york road southbound lanes have reopened. the northbound lanes should reopen in about 30 minutes from
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now. you could use highland avenue or huntington avenue to get around that. getting the house back on the winning side, next at local lawmakers' plan to turn around atlantic city and also several fires started overnight at six flags in ocean county. jesse gary is making calls right now to find out if all those fires are connected. he'll have a live report with new information coming up at 6:00 a.m. and on the day we honor our veterans we're learning more about the best and worst places for veterans to live. just ahead, we'll tell you where philadelphia falls on that list.
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three minutes before 6:00. now to atlantic city casino crisis. giving its union an ultimatum. the union does not drop its appeal of a savings package to keep the casino alive, they will shut it down next month leaving 3,000 employees out of work. the union blames carl icahn and says if he didn't increase the interest rate there would be enough money for all workers to have health insurance. trump's ceo sent a letter to workers saying we tried
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everything to save this company. the letter continues, this is like a spoiled child. saying to his parents who have just gone bankrupt, i will not under any circumstances give up my fancy sports car. meantime, a new jersey lawmaker thinks he can help stabilize atlantic city financial crisis. yesterday state senate president outlined a plan that he says will raise $305 million towards the city's $377 million tax levee. it would establish a set amount that the casinos pay in taxes each year and also allow all casino operators to pay health care and retirement benefits for employees and it would redirect gambling taxes to pay off debt. time now to go county by county highlighting the stories happening in your neighborhood. starting in camden county where dozens of cats were rescued from an abandoned home in voorhees. 40 cats were left alone in filthy conditions. no food or heat. those workers tell us some kittens had bite marks on their
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faces and throats. the new jersey state animal rescue shelter is collecting donations so that the cats can be vaccinated, cared for and put up for adoption. a chester county community will debate whether alcohol should be sold at a local sports complex often used for youth events. they want permission to serve beer. that center was built 15 years ago under the condition it remains alcohol free but not just kids play here. the center says it has a lot of adult leagues and also cater to parents who are at youth sports tournaments. a public hearing will take place tonight at the township supervisors' hearing. a veterans day salute taking place at veterans plaza that will be followed by a wreath laying ceremony at the war memorial. remembrance kicks off with a parade last friday. so many great veterans day events happening around the area. we wanted to squeeze more in for you this morning but we just ran out of time. you can count on a parade or some awesome event happening in
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your neighborhood and the weather should be perfect for it. vai and tracy. >> we thank you for your service. you're watching nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 breaking news. we are following breaking news at a ymca in abington. inside is extensive damage and could cause child care issue for parent. firefighters rushed to six flags and this morning the fire marshal is taking a closer look to see if these fires were set on purpose. headed back to philadelphia. the man accused in this vicious kidnapping will soon be back in town to appear in front of a judge. and it's a foggy morning in some sparts of the tri-state area, but once that burns off it will warm up and we'll get your forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. good morning, nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson.


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