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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  November 14, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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and on top of the snow, congratulations, we made it to friday. that will make a lot of the snow melt. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with his first alert forecast. good morning, bill. >> we are watching snow melt. the one exception the pocono mountains where it's in the 20s this morning and snow is on the ground. the rest of the area is drying out quickly and a gusty wind is blowing. lots of sunshine today, but don't look for a big warm up. this morning, watching for the last few showers in delaware and south jersey. see some light raindrops falling right along the coastline and a few spotty light rain showers moving through dover and into salem and cumberland counties and this rain ending shortly and then temperatures clear out and skies clear out, the temperatures will come down a little bit more. millville in the 30s this morning. 37 degrees at philadelphia international. factor in the wind that is already blowing and it feels like it's in the 20s.
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the forecast is calling for clouds to clear out, sunshine to start the warming process. but don't look for a big warm up today. 36 degrees at 9:00 and 41 will feel like it's in the 30s. thanks to a gusty wind at noontime. back with your hour-by-hour future weather in less than ten minutes. jesse gary is live at 69th street terminal in upper darby checking conditions there. good morning, jesse. >> that wind you mentioned, going right through me and feels very cold because of the wind and the snow that fell overnight melted on the grassy surfaces, but the streets are still wet and a lot of wet leaves that have blown on the roadways. as you head out to work, show caution. we're live in upper darby this morning, jesse gary. nbc 10 news. >> good morning, jesse. let's take you to delaware for a live look on what's happening there. on the roads, not looking too bad. as far as traffic goes, it's pretty quit and the roads looking really good to start this friday morning. that's route 95 and 495 all free
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of any accidents for drivers in delaware. if you're waking up and you have an early morning flight, this is what you need to know. the platt bridge eastbound you can take the girard point bridge that is going to be open this morning. from wood haven to the vine, about 13 minutes is your drive time right now. 14 minutes on 76 westbound from the vine to the blue route. the blue route is clear. 422 is even quiet. eastbound will take you about seven minutes. >> jillian, thanks. a live look outside. this is camelback where snow fell last night. tonight the ski resort will start making snow for the ski season that starts on black friday. nbc 10 was along lincoln highway in coatsville and it was a coating there. giving sidewalks and cars a coating and in west allen township they got more than a coating. two inches recorded there. >> so, eventually made it to
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gloucester county and nbc 10 in washington township where you can see the flakes down on the ground making for a wintry scene in the middle of fall. >> but teasing the kids, no, you did not get a day off of school today. no schools were open or closed or delayed today, but it is a good reminder that this is the time to sign up for school closings. school closing alerts. you can do that at and alert you via text or e-mail if your school closes because of bad weather. nbc 10's katy zachary is live in elkens park. katy, a big push in the health care world ahead of this weekend. tell us more about that. >> tracy, you probably remember very well the problems associated with the first open enrollment period last year. the website glitches and the overall confusion. well, health care advocates like this man say we should not see those kinks this time around. the system he says has been worked on. in addition to that, his dwrgro
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is offering people in our area free one-on-one counseling to help families find the most affordable plan. volunteers working with the uninsured to set up e-mail addresses to better communicate and also educating the uninsured about health care concepts and terms before they sign up for a plan so the process goes smoother and not as overwhelming. >> the people just did not have the information. that's the main reason. the information was not there and they did not feel comfortable doing it by themselves. >> it's understandable. last year there was a mad dash at the very end of the enro enrollment period to sign up because everyone, quite frankly, waited ununtil the very end. coming up at the 5:00 hour, you'll hear why it pays to sign up early. reporting live in elkens park, katy zachary. devlin barnes will return to
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a courtroom for a bail hearing. charged with a federal count of kidnapping for allegedly abducting carlesha freeland-gaither. city counscil honored the investigators who worked together to rescue her. her father says his daughter is a hero, too. >> i'm glad that my daughter was a friendly person and got him to being a friendly guy so he wouldn't harm her. so, again, i give all praise to my daughter. she's the hero. >> he thanked carl fletcher and gave police critical information about the kidnapper's car. senator menendez will call the government to look out for super storm sandy victims. encouraged to urge fema to do it again to prevent insurance providers to low ball sandy victims. some of those insurance providers created false results
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to reduce the amount of money paid out to policy holders. philadelphia city council will continue its hearings on the future of philadelphia gas works. council members officially rejected the city's deal to sell to a connecticut firm for more than $1.8 billion. council talked about other options and one included excluding from making the process. >> he told us what he was going to do. not what fair minded people think as a collaborative process. >> now, the hearings today will include testimony from experts on a new direction for pgw. a box office blunder. >> the mistake that could ruin this weekend's game for dozens of penn state fans. plus, the new sites coming to philadelphia that will add a modern touch to our historic city. and we'll show you how towns in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware are rethinking this year's winter weather plan after
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last year's snowy blowout. bill? above freezing for most of the area, the exception, pocono mountains. the view and you can see the snow is on the ground with temperatures in the 20s in the mountains and that snow is going no where for now. right now at nbc 10, 37 degrees at 4:37.
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it is 4:39. happening this wookd top dogs from across the country will be in our area for the national dog show. more than 175 breeds will compete at the philadelphia expo center in oaks on saturday and sunday. one dog will win the ultimate title of best in show. if you can't make it out to the show this weekend, you can see it on nbc 10. we will show it to you on thanksgiving day here on nbc 10 beginning at noon. for animals that are sometimes a little easier to see on display, the lehigh valley zoo in allentown have seen winners before but cold and snow in november is even too much for the penguins.
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those birds from south africa don't come outside in freezing weather and that's the same policy for camels and other exotic animals. the zoo is getting ready for its month long winter likes festival and even with some animals hibernating they hope they will come out and enjoy the season. your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> haven't gotten one complaint from a penguin from yesterday's snow. look at this wind, it's cold outside. those birds have to be happy this morning. a few scattered clouds. this is a live view from the nbc 10 studios and the wind is going to be a big factor during the day. right now a steady wind at 14 miles per hour out of the northwest in philadelphia. look at the gusts in the pocono mountains and 21 mile per hour gusts and 22 in cape may. that gusty wind that will stay with us and giving us wind chills in the 20s right now. feels like 28 degrees in philadelphia. 28 the wind chill for allentown
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and 31 in millville. a blustery start and we'll be watching the snow disappear in the pocono mountains. that's the view this morning, but the wind will not disappear. the gusts will stay with us into the afternoon hours, but we will see lots of sunshine today. that does change over the weekend. got the seven-day forecast when i come back. at 4:41 time for a check of the roads on this friday morning. hopefully a smooth drive awaits you on the final day of the workweek. >> fingers crossed. let's check with jillian mele. jillian? >> pretty smooth out there so far. this is not what i had up just a second ago. anyway, this works with like the severe weather center. this looks like the snow pictures we had out there. this is route 22 at airport road for drivers in the lehigh valley and snow that you were seeing in our viewer photos not seeing it across the roads, that is good news for drivers out there. route 22 is clear and the northeast extension is even pretty quiet this morning for drivers in chester county, route
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100 at route 113 is it quiet. the armand hammer and if you travel 422, that's still out there. just a few more weeks to go. you can see average speeds on 422 at 55 miles per hour and that's pretty much what we're seeing across the board on route 202 and 76 right now. tracy? many nbc 10 viewers snapped pictures of the snow in their community and they sent it to us last night. golden retriever checking out the snow. in berks county, very snowy backyard there. if you had a snowy scene at your house, send it our way. you can upload it at our website check out the photogallery. you can see them closer at our website. atlantic city is one step closer to losing another casino. >> we'll tell you about the final ultimatum that thousands are facing this morning.
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gassing up on the pennsylvania turnpike just got easier for some drivers. the new option if you want to top off the tank.
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happening today. we'll actually hear from those two window washers who became stranded outside the 68th floor of one world trade center. the fdny had to rescue the men from a hanging scaffolding. new this morning, penn state is scrambling to accommodate fans after more than 100 tickets for saturday's game against temple were stolen. according to the "patriot times" 115 tickets were swiped that temple was returning to penn state. the nittany lions are warning that anyone trying to get into beaver stadium using one of those tickets will not be allowed in. if you purchased any of the tickets that were stolen, you can go to our website. there we have a link to a phone number that you can call to resolve the issue. at west virginia university officials have suspended all
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activities at campus affiliated fraternities and sororities. the 18-year-old is now in critical condition. last week the school suspended a different fraternity after pledges got into a street brawl. all greek activities are on hold at west virginia during investigations of those incidents. well, the cost of a college degree is increasing, according to the college board. the average cost of tuition room and board at a four-year school has risen to $19,000 a year. hard to believe, but thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. it's a little easier to believe now with the snow we had last night. looks like more americans will be traveling this year for their turkey dinner than they did last year. a survey by the trip adviser website found 43% of americans plan to travel for that holiday. up over 7% from last year. 88% of those surveyed said they're planning a trip just to
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take in the thanksgiving shopping bargains. tracy? septa is getting ready for more wintry weather and we checked with their managers to see how they're preparediing an they learned lessons that slowed them down. more preventative and how septa will keep its trains and trolleys running this winter coming up this morning at 5:00. small towns battered by the cost of last year's winter are adding money to their budgets for winter season. they added a new $100,000 plow and salt truck to a fleet that was pretty beaten up by systems last year. in upper hanover township public works crews have put new plow blades to replace ones damaged by too much use. many cities are trying to build up salt reserves that ran out last year. it is costing $10 to $12 more per ton. >> every order we make. normally we order 200 to 300
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more. we are looking at a $2,000 to $3,000 cost difference from last year per load. >> right now we have about 1,200 ton of salt and about 400 ton of mixture. and that should hold us, hopefully we won't have anything until the end of this year, we should be in good shape. >> you just jinxed us. >> yeah, probably. >> most towns say that after last winter they were forced to come up with a new worse-case scenario for their budgets. nbc 10 did some checking with other states in the region about their road salt supplies. new jersey told us they are 100% stocked at capacity with 164,000 tons of salt and they're expecting another 20,000 in january and february. in delaware, they tell us they also have a full inventory for the season ahead and easy access to the port of wilmington, where they can get additional shipments from overseas. 4:48. don't wait until it's too late. that is the message with the cold air arriving here. now it is the time to get help.
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customers are encouraged to apply early for the home heating assistance program. it may run low with the early onset of cold weather as it did last winter. one in three people in philadelphia is eligible for this program and that means that their income is at or below 150% of the federal poverty level. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> rain turned to snow across much of the area. last night morgantown was seeing the flakes. you could see it wasn't really sticking to the roads as the temperatures stayed above freezing. limited accumulation on some spots and making everybody thinking more towards winter. but, still, got more than a month to go before winter arrives on december 21st. the cold, that is getting an early start and we're going to feel it over the next few days especially. right now a bit of a breeze blowing. the wind will be picking up during the day. we will see sunshine. so, the temperature will be climbing. it's above freezing for most of the area, 37 degrees in
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philadelphia and the winds, though, already steady at 14 miles an hour. making it feel like it's in the 20s. there is the snow that is going no where as temperatures in the 20s in the pocono mountains and that's the view this morning. the showers have ended north and west. but we're still tracking a few raindrops. this time in portions of central delaware into cumberland county and new jersey and along the coastline it's starting to dry out in cape may, but still a few rainke raindrops there. the rain is pushing off shore and toms river is seeing conditions dry out right now. the streets will be wet, but temperatures are above freezing across new jersey and across most of the rest of the area, too. hour-by-hour forecast showing 44 degrees this afternoon. this is as warm as it's going to get today because of the wind that is going to be blowing and riding in on that wind is a colder air that you will feel first thing tomorrow morning. your hour-by-hour forecast calling for 10:00 tonight to be in the 30s in philadelphia and then as we go into tomorrow
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morning, it will stay clear, look at the 20s popping up. first thing in the morning. 34 degrees to start with in philadelphia. it's going to get cold on us. today certainly will feel cold and temperatures will top out in the 30s and winds gusting to 30 miles per hour. the seven-day forecast, there it is. 33 degrees tomorrow morning. going to be a cold start for the walk at sit citizens bank park. clouds increase on sunday. sunday night and monday, we're looking at rain moving into the area and parts of the area south and west could see more snowflakes on monday. clearing out with a cold wind on tuesday. 30s for tuesday, wednesday and then a bit milder after a cold start thursday. >> all right, bill, thanks. nine minutes before 5:00. first, rummage for the gloves. find the gloves because it is chilly this morning. >> the rummaging is always in order. it never fails, we know cold weather is coming and we don't look for our stuff and at the last minute you are pulling out
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gloves that don't match. >> one glove and not the other. >> there's rock salt in weird places. all sorts of calamities. >> sound like a personal problem, chris. >> maybe i'm venting too much here. jillian, help us out. >> we don't see snow on the roads, but this is a live look at montgomery right at bucks and montgomery county. upper state road and county line road. just use caution, slow it down wherever you're going this morning. 95 looking great near philadelphia international airport. but, i will tell you, if you have a flight this morning, you could run into a problem if you use the platt bridge to get to the airport. later this morning between 9:00 and 3:00, the eastbound side of the platt is expected to be closed because of construction in that area. take the girard point bridge, that is your best bet there. this is a heads up if you ride new jersey transit. they have been dealing with system-wide communication issues there. the new jersey transit line is operating today but on a saturday schedule.
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chris? if you drive an electric car, the cape may lewis ferry will soon there a bonus for you. two free electric charging stations near the terminal building in lewis. state researchers will monitor those stations to see how much they're being used. commercial drivers who use compressed natural gas have places to fill up on the pennsylvania turn pike. three new pumps are open at the turnpike's new stanton service station in westmoreland county. it's popular among commercial trucks and charter bus companies. it cuts down on pollution and it's also cheaper than regular gas. how about this, a wounded veteran gave his new bride a stunning surprise on their wedding day. >> i had to do something just to show her that my affection for her is as much as what she feels for me. >> next, his gift that is making this couple a vieral sensation this morning. plus, a present for the pope. what thousands of students in
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this area are doing to try to convince the pontiff to visit philadelphia next year.
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4:55 and postal workers in philadelphia are holding a rally. protesting the closing of mail processing centers, which they say will lead to delays in the delivery of mail for everyone. this is all part of a national day of action. today's rally will be held at ninth and market. today officials in delaware county will hold a briefing on why they don't want any more casinos in the delaware valley region. council members say they will urge the gaming control board not to issue any morelysins in the area. why they think it will have negative effects for people throughout delaware county. now to the atlantic city casino crisis. the company that owns the trump taj mahal is threatening its main union with a december closing date. trump entertainment resorts says if united 54 doesn't drop its
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appeal. local 54 is appealing a bankruptcy court's order that terminated its contract, which canceled the health insurance and pension coverage for those workers. trump entertainment resort, trump entertainment ceo robert griffin said the appeal has to be withdrawn by the end of this month to avoid the loss of 3,000 jobs. you may see hi-tech displays coming to philadelphia soon. considering allowing digital displays that would look like this to be put in parts of the city. they would show news, public service announcements and advertising. they would make money for the city, as well, highlight some of the famous attractions here. pope francis is about to get a lot of mail from kids who want him to come to philadelphia for the world meeting of families next year. today the philadelphia archdiocese will announce its mailing to the vatican some 10,000 letters written by students. archbishop in rome has agreed to receive the letters and then
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forward them on to the pontiff. an estimated 2 million people are expected in philadelphia for the world meeting of families next sapt. a veteran who was later paralyzed in a motorcycle accident gave his wife a surprise on their wedding day, their first dance. >> this morning we're hearing from the happy couple. >> he really wanted more than anything to stand for their first dance as man and wife. so, he and his military brother came up with a way to suspend him with ropes and a vest and, as you can expect, there was not a dry eye in the place as they started their dance at the reception. >> i was crying and he's like, so, you can sway back and forth. >> you can sway back and forth, it's a dance. and i was just so amazed. >> i had to do something just to show her my affection for her is as much as what she feels for me and this is how i did it.
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>> the couple says they're glad they could share the special moment with the more than 1 million people who have watched their first dance online. >> i'm going to cry. that gives me chills. >> that is pretty awesome. >> sweet. >> swinging back and forth is the perfect way to dance. the only way i can dance. >> that's right. you're watching nbc 10 news and nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 news starts right now. it came and for many of you, it went. the first snow of the season left a coating on the ground and it covered cars and it's gone almost as quickly as it came. this blast of cold and no did not have a major impact on travel or transportation but it is a reminder that winter is on the way and this morning taking a closer look to see what septa is doing to get ready for that. the cold is here and look at the wind as we take a live look there at the flags atop the
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aramark building. near freezing outside this morning. you can count on the nbc 10 first alert weather team to prepare you for the cold blast that is going to give us some pretty harsh visit over the weekend. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. meteorologist bill henley has been tracking the temperatures and then with the wind, time to start talking about wind chill, bill. >> we'll certainly feel it this afternoon especially. the wind is stronger than. right now watching the temperatures drop and skies clearing out, but we could see some icy spots this morning. especially north and west where it is colder than center city. center city is above freezing. the last showers are now pushing off shore and the drying process has begun. but those areas that have not completely dried north and west, the lehigh valley. allentown now at 32 degrees and watch out for icy spots in pottstown and reading. we could see some icy spots north and west, but not in philadelphia or the immediate suburbs. just a cold,


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