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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  November 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> time to bundle up. the wind is blowing and temperatures at this hour are falling that as skies clear out. the last showers off shore and dry for the rest of the day, but the gusty wind is going to keep the chill in the air. we're watching the flags on top the aramark building. that gust is stronger above the building level and reach the ground as the morning progresses. 37 degrees here at nbc 10 but some spots north and west that are right at the freezing mark or below. pottstown, allentown and reading. now down to 36 degrees and above freezing in philadelphia, delaware and south jersey. factor in the wind that's already blowing and it feels like 29 degrees right now. so, get ready for a cold one today. 36 at 9:00. by lunchtime just 41 degrees and the winds will be blowing at 3:00. this afternoon 44 degrees will feel like it is in the upper 30s today. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in less than ten minutes. right now, let's check in with
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nbc 10 traffic reporter jillian mele. >> good morning to you, bill. another accident out of new jersey. happening on the southbound side of the turnpike exit 2, the right lane is blocked in that area. watch for a tap of the brakes there. looking good on the majors in bucks county. area bridges are also pretty quiet around 6:20 this morning we anticipate a bridge opening on the burlington, bristol bridge. for right now that bridge is clear of any incidents. platt bridge looks good right now. this is a note for later in the morning. eastbound side of the platt is expected to close because of road work in that area. use the girard point bridge as your alternate. route 1 is quiet in both directions at the christiana mall. first snowfall of the season early, yes, but a reminder of how important to get ready for winter. some parts of the county got around two inches of snow.
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as for getting around and snow yet to come. septa is putting its winter plans into action. jesse gary joins us live at the 69th street terminal. jesse, septa's maintenance program isn't so different than the one we're told, you know, to have for our own vehicles. >> vai, as septa does that and as you wake up this morning, you'll see a lot of the snow, the pretty pictures and video that you saw of the snow, that's all a distant memory. you can see that the grass here in upper darby is clear. the snow has melted. and the streets are beginning to dry out. but the snow comes as septa begins to winterize its fleet. the process for the thousands of buses is similar to what motorists might do for their vehicles. preventive maintenance every 3,000 miles and last winter they waited longer and that allowed fridged temperatures and moisture to work intotuernal pa
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and cause problems. >> it was a teaching moment for us. that's why we implicated some things that we did as a result of getting new motors and we do have a winter like last year, we'll be able to get through it. >> copeland is referring to a stock of extra engines for the train trolley and subway fleets. those railbound vehicles are susceptible to harsh weather and their engines can lose power over time. these are labor attempted efforts consuming half a day to just "winterize" one of the bus business hind me. live at the 69th street terminal in upper darby this morning. jesse gary, nbc news. we'll learn about an arrest in a delaware homicide case. on tuesday a body was found near a public pool in wilmington eaten park. a man in his late 30s to early 40s. the mayor and police chief will announce details of the arrest later this morning. in delaware county a
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preliminary hearing is scheduled later this morning. the second grade teacher charged with sexually abusing children in two school districts. he is on paid leave from his school in darby township schools. new information on a barricade situation. a man arm would a knife was arrested overnight. the man barricaded himself inside the wibuilding on jackso avenue. this happened around 8:00 last night. no reports of anyone there who got hurt. learning new details of a police-involved shooting that happened in trenton. darnell stafford was involved in the shooting. stafford started shooting at them, so they fired back. the shooting left bulletholes in a police suv. both officers are fine and they're arrested with their families this morning. accused kidnapper delvin barnes is expected in a philadelphia courtroom for a bail hearing. she abducted freeland-gaither  off a germantown street last
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week. meantime city council honored all the investigators that worked together to rescue freeland-gaither. her dad says his daughter is a hero. doctors say pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane still is not ready to return to work. kane suffered a concussion in a car accident last month. since the accident the pain in her neck and her back has intensified. attorney general kane will continue to work from her home. she communicates with staff regularly and is kept aprized of all activities. it accident happened on october 21st when the car crashed into a parked car. the driver took his eyes off the road to pick up an ipad. kane was not wearing her seat belt and her head hit the car window. she could tentatively return to work november 24th. city council continue its hearings. council members rejected the
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city's deal to sell to a connecticut firm for more than $1.8 billion. the council talked about other options and one excluded from the decisionmaking process. >> yes, he invited council members and others to a couple meetings at which he told us what he was going to do. that is not what fair minded people think of as a collaborative process. >> the hearings will include testimony from experts on a new direction for pgw. uber x can claim a partial victory. the ride sharing service won approval to operate in most of pennsylvania, but in philadelphia, it is still off limits. yesterday the state public utilities commission ruled uber x can operate for two years, but, instead, the service must meet requirements for car forsurance, driver background checks and financial reports. the puc made it clear uber x's last chance to do business in the state. >> patience is exhausted.
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you're either going to have to comply this time or the next stop is going to be the commonwealth court of pennsylvania. >> again, the ruling does not let uber x operate in philadelphia where the parking authority opposes the ride sharing service. happening right now, we are waiting to see when the grand jury might hand up its decision on whether a ferguson, missouri, police officer should face charges for the shooting and killing of 18-year-old michael brown. here is a live look from st. louis where the grand jury has been hearing testimony. attorneys for brown's family say the process appears to be coming to an end. brown's family says the teen was surrendering when he was shot and killed by darren wilson in august. police say brown attacked the officer and that wilson killed the unarmed teen in self-defense. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> skies are clearing out and the temperatures are dropping.
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those areas that are not completely dry, we could see some icy spots north and west. that is where the temperatures are right around the freezing mark. during the day, lots of sunshine and the temperature climbs but going to be a cold, gusty wind and feel like it's in the 30s even this afternoon. and then it gets colder as we head into the weekend. temperatures in the 20s for most of the area tomorrow morning. 32 right at the freezing mark for allentown and cleared out. still a few scattered clouds and millville at temperatures above freezing in those locations. here you can see the clouds over there city. live view from here at the nbc 10 studios. bit of wind already blowing the flag around and the wind is going to be building as the morning goes on. right now a nine-mile wind in philadelphia and ten in trenton and while it's calm in allentown allowing thotee temperatures to come down. feels right now like it's in the 20s for the i-95 corridor. so a cold start this morning and it is going to be a cold afternoon, too. we will see sunshine and just 35 in the mountains and 41 for
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allentown and quakertown and a gusty wind blowing for doylestown and mount holly and the wind will push the clouds out at the shore. atlantic city in the middle 40s along with vineland, dover a high of 43 this afternoon. bright, sunny skies and gusty winds. 42 from westchester and a degree warmer in chester and 44 for philadelphia and voorhees and glassboro. a look at a chilly weekend in less than ten minutes. at last check we have an accident in the new jersey turnpike and also a bridge open coming up in ten minutes. >> let's get an update with jillian mele. >> bristol bridge scheduled to open around 6:20 this morning and new jersey turnpike southbound an accident taking out the right lane in that area. the 42 freeway that's where we see the volume in the morning as drivers make their way out to the bridges and then on the southbound side right there a disabled vehicle on the shoulder and not causing a slow down
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southbound. new jersey transit line still operating on a saturday schedule because of system communication issues that actually started yesterday and still in effect this morning. that saturday schedule is between trenton and camden this morning the rest of new jersey transit, though, looking pretty good. septa had some big problems yesterday. service was suspended all day and night. septa officials had shuttle bus service in effect, but this morning service has been restored so you're good to go if you're taking the line. definitely seeing volume building, but no accidents on the majors in chester county. 6:10. the right to die. this california woman may be the turning point in the end of life debate in new jersey. and we are one day away from open enroll frment the federal health care program. the big question is, have all the kinks been worked out? we'll look at where things stand right now.
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just about 6:15 this friday morning. take a live look at center city philadelphia. get more sun about a half hour away. sun not the problem today, it is the cold. bundle up, we will have bill and his forecast along in a few minutes. the state assembly in new jersey passed a bill that would allow doctors to give drugs to patients that are life threatening ill. britney maynard is the terminal cancer patient who moved from california to oregon where she had the choice to die with her doctor's help. the new jersey bill would offer choice to patients with incurable conditions who have less than six months to live and protect those who want no part in it. >> that's what this legislation
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is about, personal choice and control of your circumstances. >> it's not clear when or if the senate will vote on the bill. governor chris christie has said in the past that he would not support such a measure. happening today in washington, the house of representatives will vote on whether to build the controversial keystone xcel oil pipeline. expected to pass and head to the senate which could take up the bill on tuesday. that would get it to the president's desk by midweek. the pipeline has been at the center of a six-year battle and some have raised environmental concerns since it will carry oil to the middle of the country. for the first time, muslims will lead their own prayers at the national cathedral in washington, d.c., today. the venue has hosted numerous national events and inner faith services in the past. organizers say the first muslim prayer service. foster better understanding and acceptance between christians and muslims. today the philadelphia archdiocese will announce it's mailing 10,000 letters to the pope written by students.
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an archbishop in rome has agreed to receive those letters and forward them on to the pontiff. pope francis and an estimated 2 million people are expected for the world meeting of families next september. drexel university will get funding for a program. they will recognize the culinary students as part of their food recovery program. students develop products and recipes aimed at reducing waste. they try to make sure the food that goes to soup kitchens and shelters are fully used and none of it is thrown away. well, thanksgiving is less than two weeks away and it looks like more americans will be traveling this year. a survey by trip adviser website found 43% of americans plan to travel this holiday season, up 7% over last year. also 88% of those surveyed said they're planning a trip just to take in thanksgiving shopping deals. shopping. >> yeah, that's still two weeks away and not worried about
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traveling on thanksgiving and traveling today. >> jillian mele has that. jillian? >> it's not too bad. two accidents out there, though. still have one on the new jersey turnpike southbound past route 322 the right lane is blocked there and then for drivers just got word of this accident. route 113 right near keystone drive and a vehicle that went off the road and hit a tree in that area and watch for emergency officials at that scene. 76 still pretty quiet. this is westbound side at city avenue. this is where we can see a jam and at some point this morning and for now you can see traffic is still moving on that part of 76 and drive times not looking too bad either. 76 westbound from the vine to the blue route. blue route northbound from 95 to 76. that's about an 18-minute trip and if you're traveling 202 this morning, nortbound between route 30 and 76, that will take you about 12 minutes. first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the rain, the snow has ended and the wind just getting
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started. a gusty wind blowing today. it's 36 now. that's down a degree in the last hour in philadelphia but with the wind at 9 miles an hour, feels like it's in the 20s right now. nice and clear in the pocono mountains and a view from blue mountain and you could see mountain is a bit white this morning. the snow in the pocono mountains is staying put for now as temperatures are in the 20s there and some areas north and west are getting close or below the freezing mark while it's above freezing in delaware and south jersey, we could see some icy spots in those few areas that haven't dried out completely. willow grove right now 32 degrees below freezing for eagleville and collegeville and 31 degrees in upper providence and near the freezing mark for pottstown. most of the area has dried out but surprise you as you head out to the sidewalk this morning. the clouds are headed out of here. look at the breaks in the clouds already and you'll see a lot of sunshine today. in fact, brilliant sunshine today but a cold one thanks to that wind gusting to 30 miles per hour.
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turns colder tomorrow morning. 20 degrees for the suburbs who will be in the 20s and 30 degrees in center city and a cold start for the walk to beat als, but a sunny walk around citizens bank park. saturday, sunshine. sunday, clouds return and sunday night we'll see a mix of rain and snow in parts of the area. then a chilly rain for monday. may end with some snowflakes, especially north and west monday evening and then tuesday, here comes the blast of cold air that will continue on wednesday and thursday. when in the mornings, the temperatures will be in the 20s. 19 minutes past 6:00 right now. with the arrival of the chilly temperatures. here is the reminder that help is available to help you pay your heating bills this winter. customers are encouraged to ply early for liheap. the fund could run low with the early onset of the cold weather. one in three people in philadelphia are eligible for the program. that means their income is at or below 150% of the federal poverty level.
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a charge is added against accused pennsylvania state trooper killer eric frein. he is now facing terrorism charges. and a letter to his parents that sparked the new count. also some football fans gearing up for the penn state/temple game tomorrow to be disappointed. we'll explain why fans could be turned away from beaver stadium.
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at 6:23. a new attraction. a grand opening for the raufman institute ice rink. the ceremony starts at noon and the rink will remain open to the public through the endof february. penn state football is scrambling to accommodate fans after more than 100 tickets for saturday's game against temple were stolen. according to the "patriot times" 115 tickets were swiped from
6:24 am
temple's allotment. the nittany lions warn anyone trying to get into beaver stadium using one of those tickets would not be allowed in. if you purchased any of the tickets that were stolen, go to our website and we have a link there and a phone number where you can call to resolve the issue. good morning, just got word of an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound as you approach valley forge. two lanes are blocked and you can expect to see a little slow down in that area and monitoring two other accidents and give you those details coming up in just a few minutes. right now, center city philadelphia, the top of the comcast center and clouds out there in the distance, bill, and it is chilly. >> the wind is blowing the clouds around and that wind will stay with us through the day, making with a cold start. now, most of the area in delaware, south jersey and the i-95 corridor, temperatures above freezing. right at the freezing mark for pottstown and doylestown and you could see some icy spots this
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morning. so, be on the look out for that. monique braxton is out in the cold this morning. how are youmonique? >> pretty good, bill. they always say it's coldest before dawn. talk about the cold weather and the snow they experienced last night. and tomorrow marks a milestone for the affordable care act. coming up, i'll tell you some important things you need to know if you're renewing your coverage. and it's the wedding dance that has gone viral and it's not because of fancy moves or choreography that left everyone crying tears of joy.
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back in court. today a judge could make an important ruling about the guy accused of kidnapping a philadelphia woman and taking her to maryland. bundle up. we're waking up to a cold and blustery day. we'll get your first alert forecast hour by hour. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. meteor also bill henley is tracking that with your first alert forecast. bill? >> blustery day ahead. the wind is not strong just yet, but when it's this cold outside, you don't need a lot of wind to make it feel like it's in the 20s. snow in the pocono mountains visible on the slopes. that's a live view from camelback. see the clouds are overhead, but those will be thinning out and it's cold start in the pocono mountains. now 24 degrees mt. pocono and right at the freezing mark for pottstown, allentown and most of the area has dried out and watch out for a bit of slipping and sliding to start with. feels like it's 29 degrees in
6:30 am
philadelphia. and as the clouds clear out, we'll see plenty of sunshine, but not much of a warm up. 41 degrees at lunchtime and 44 will feel like it's in the 30s at 3:00 this afternoon. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in less than ten minutes. first, let me check in with meteorologist jillian mele. >> to you at home, 309 at 202. no accidents there. approaching valley forge, two lanes are blocked there and hilltown township near keystone drive. just past route 322, exit 2. still have an accident blocking the right lane in that area. if you're taking new jersey transit this morning, the river line is operating on a saturday schedule between trenton and camden. this is due to system communication issues that actually started yesterday. still happening today. so, that's at least good news, though, it's running. just something for you to be aware of. also just in from patco.
6:31 am
all credit and debit options are currently down. if you're riding patco, that's a note i wanted to pass along. happening today, accused kidnapper delvin barnes is expected to return to a courtroom in philadelphia. this time for a bail hearing. chris cato is live in the digital operation center. >> we probably don't need to know what carlesha freelandgaither was subjected to. we now have insight into how she interacted with that man to keep herself from getting hurt. delvin barnes is the man who is accusing freeland-gaither on the street and on wednesday a federal judge appointed a lawyer for him. today barnes goes back to court for a bail hearing, which he has almost no chance of getting. philadelphia city council honoring the investigators who rescued freeland-gaither.
6:32 am
and then her father spoke, his daughter is herhero, too, for keeping her wits. >> being a friendly person and he wouldn't arm her. so, again, i give all praise to my daughter. she's a hero. >> saying his daughter made friends with her kidnapper so he wouldn't hurt there. fletcher called 911 giving police critical information about the kidnapper's car. barnes facing one kidnapping, one federal kidnapping charge and in virginia still facing charges on kidnapping, secual assault and temped murder for his allege attack of a 16-year-old girl there. live in our digital operation center, chris cato. the man accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper and alluding police for seven weeks now faces terrorism charges. eric frein told investigators that he shot and killed one trooper and wound another outside their barracks in pike county because he wanted to,
6:33 am
"make a change in government and wake people up." authorities also say frein wrote a letter to his parents in which he said he was trying to start a revolution. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. the jury has awarded $45 million in damages to one of the mentally disabled adults who were helicopter captive in a philadelphia basement. she and others were subjected to more than ten years of abuse. during a scam to steal the victim's social security checks. among those rescued from the tuconey basement in 2011. weston and the other defendants are in other custody and the trial is expected next year. a big health care push ahead of this weekend because tomorrow marks the second enrollment period for the affordable care act. katy zachary is live in elkins park. how are things expected to be different this time around following the glitches last year? >> you probably remember the
6:34 am
enrollment problems last year, the overall confusion with enrolling. we talked to a health care advocate who was outside this grocery store behind me talking with the uninsured. he is pedro rodriguez. and he is with get covered america. he says we should not see those kinks this year. his group is offering free one-on-one counseling to help people in our area, individuals and families to find the most affordable plan. this year they have young volunteers setting up e-mail addresses for the uninsured, so a better line of communication and volunteers are teaching the uninsured about health care terms and concepts before they sign up so the process won't be as overwhelming for them. >> the reason people are given now is that they just didn't have the information. that's the main reason. the information was not there and then they didn't feel comfortable doing it by themselves. >> the enrollment period begins tomorrow and lasts through february 15th. if you're just simply renewing
6:35 am
your insurance plan, you do not need to logon and go through the process. if you had coverage and want to change your insurance plan, well, this time around you do need to logon and go through that whole process. reporting live in elkins park, katy zachary. 35 degrees outside. more federal aid is being directed to new jersey following the destruction caused by superstorm sandy. grants total more than $14 million. the money will come from fema and go to new jersey's office of emergency management. the city of margate and somerrset accusations and hudson sewage authority. winter is fast approaching and for how much snow we actually got last night. west kalen township got 2.1 inches and south jersey got a trace of snow. as you might have guessed, the poconos got some of the larger
6:36 am
amounts of snow. nbc 10 monique braxton is checking the conditions. how is it looking right now? it looks pretty dry. >> hey, vai. more than half the cars and trucks that have come here to this wawa in thorndale look like this. they're coat would snow. we've been talking to people the past hour or so and they've seen up to two inches in their yards here in chester county. while people say they were prepared, no one we spoke with hopes the winter teaser is an indication of things to come. >> i don't want to have another winter where we, ice. i had no power for four days. and i had to move my family down to my mother-in-law's because she had power and i didn't. don't want to have to go through that, again. >> my hands are cold and my feet are cold and my car is covered in snow. not happy. >> it is inevitable. >> as long as it's not like last year.
6:37 am
i don't want snow like we had last year. not a all. >> well, winter is a few weeks away and it's nothing like a teaser to get us ready for it. right, bill henley? >> it's going to be plenty cold over the next few days, but i think she'll be happy to hear that we don't have any major snow heading our way. the clouds from last night, they're already moving out. this is a live view from here at the nbc 10 studios. a 9-mile-per-hour wind and 36 degrees and feels like it's 29 degrees. colder spots, doylestown, pottstown right at the freezing mark. might be some icy spots this morning. westtown right at 32 degrees and now 31 in chester springs while phoenixville is holding at 32 this morning. the wind, right now, 10 miles per hour or less but a gusty wind this afternoon, which is going to leave it feeling cold. already the wind chill in the
6:38 am
20s. at best today it will feel like it's in the 30s. while the actual temperatures climb with sunshine into the 35 and right in the middle 30s for mount pocono. 41 for allentown and quakertown and northeast philadelphia and mount holly but a gusty wind will be blowing and that wind will blow the clouds out for dover, vineland and atlantic city. afternoon temperatures in the hh 40s for wilmington, chester and philadelphia, it will feel like it's in the 30s. gets colder tonight. the seven-day forecast when i come back in less than ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. be prepared for the snow and the side effects of it that may come later in the season. and, of course, now is the time to sign up for school closings on doing so alert you via text or e-mail if your school closes this winter because of bad weather. let's get you ready for your ride to work. >> jillian mele in the traffic center with us. jill? >> a little bit of congestion on 76 near the conshohocken curve.
6:39 am
couple things on 95 northbound side right at girard avenue a disabled vehicle in the process of clearing and southbound side, check it out, you can see average speed is 13 miles per hour. that heavy volume is out there right now on 95 southbound from cottman down to girard. pennsylvania turnpike westbound approaching valley forge and an accident that was blocking the two left lanes and has since been cleared to the shoulder. at least that activity is off of the highway itself. route 113 near keystone drive. we still have an accident there. also still following one on the southbound side of the new jersey turnpike just past route 322. right lane still blocked in that area and expect to see a bit of a slow down there. for drivers in delaware, not reporting any accidents on the majors. this is 95 and you can see it's looking pretty good at route 273. vai? >> thank you, jillion. casino crisis. atlantic city taj mahal could close its doors in a few weeks and all because of a threat against the union.
6:40 am
i mean, this might be the best wedding dance ever. the very special moment this couple shared with the world that's tugging at heart strings.
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revealed through the work of its scholars and graduates. it has inspired strength and purpose. an enduring symbol of passion and excellence that is not static, but moves among us. a feeling...a shared experience, a reminder that we are connected for life. we are penn state, making our mark on the world.
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septa continue running its subway trains all night on weekends despite the cost. keeping those trains rolling costs about $34,000 more than the night owl buses that they replace. but the transit authority says weekend business is booming. an average of 15,000 people road the trains each weekend through the end of october, according to septa. the company that owns the trump taj mahal in atlantic city is threatening it main union with a december closing date. trump entertainment resort says
6:44 am
it will close the taj on december 12th, if unite here local 54 doesn't drop its appeal of a court savings package. a bankruptcy court order that terminated its contract canceling health insurance and pension coverage. trump entertainment ceo robert griffin says the appeal has to be withdrawn by the end of this month and the loss of 3,000 jobs. meantime, these numbers are new. atlantic casino revenue fell 4.4% from the month of october compared to a year ago. the casino took in last october they brought in $216 million. if you exclude the four casinos that recently shut down, the surviving casinos they actually increased their revenue by 20%. happening today, postal workers in philadelphia plan to protest the planned closure of 82 mail processing centers. those workers say the move will virtually eliminate overnight delivery and delay all mail delivery. today's rally will be held at ninth and market in philadelphia.
6:45 am
president obama will soon unveil a series of executive actions on immigration. those actions would shield around 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation. the protection would go to parents of u.s. citizens and those with high-tech skills. there's no word on when the president might sign the executive order, but he is expected to do so before the end of the year. critical security failures are being blamed for the white house security breach back in september. a texas man armed with a knife climbed a fence to the white house grounds. homeland security reviewed what went wrong and they say poor training and a lack of communication led to the failure. investigators found the response team didn't know the layout of the white house and they hesitated to go in after the intruder. another doctor with ebola is now headed to the united states for treatment. the surgeon is a citizen of sierra leone. he will be flown to omaha tomorrow becoming the tenth ebola patient this country has
6:46 am
seen. leaders in trenton are raising awareness about ebola and the city's preparedness. the mayor is expected to announce plans for the trenton awareness walk that will be tomorrow morning at 10:30 starting at city hall. and today we'll actually hear from those two window washers who got stranded outside the 68th floor of one world trade center. remember the fdny had to rescue the men from hanging scaffolding. best video of the day. a veteran that was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident gave his bride a surprise on their wedding day. a first dance. joey johnson wanted to stand for their first dance as man and wife. so he and his military buddies came up with a way to suspend him with ropes and a vest. and as you can expect, there wasn't a dry eye in the house as they started dancing at their reception. >> i was crying and he's like,
6:47 am
so, you can sway back and forth. >> you can sway back and forth, it is a dance. >> and i was just so amazed. >> i had to do something just to show her my affection for her is as much as what she feels for me and this is how i did it. >> that is so nice. the couple says that they're glad they could share their special moment with more than 1 million people who watched that dance online. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill menially. . >> that beats anything i can show you this morning. i can show you, however, things clearing out nicely. the sun is up and it's been up for 3:30. we will see bright sunshine and also see that wind continue. a gusty wind is blowing and bringing temperatures down. a few icy spots if it hasn't completely dried out in your area north and west in the city, it's 36 degrees as clouds break. still some clouds over cape may at 37 degrees. and look at the snow in the
6:48 am
mountains. this is the view from the pocono mountains. some of the slopes getting the first snow and it's a start and it's a start. more is on the way. you know, as we head towards winter. 30 degrees right now in doylestown. 36 degrees in philadelphia. temperatures just above freezing by a couple degrees for camden and voorhees is at 35 and feels colder with the gusty wind that will be with us right on through the day. last clouds across delaware and south jersey. look how quickly it's clearing for areas north and west. don't expect a big warm up this afternoon. 4:00 this afternoon. your hour-by-hour forecast, 43 degrees in philadelphia. and then it quickly cools down overnight. we'll see less wind tonight and drop down to the 30suqf by 9:00d poconos in the 20s and below freezing in doylestown and by tomorrow morning much of the area will be below freezing with sunshine in store for us tomorrow. we'll get a cold start. that's 33 degrees at 7:00 tomorrow at philadelphia
6:49 am
international. a cold one today with gusty winds making it feel like it's in the 30s. high temperatures will actually peak in the lower 40s today. tomorrow morning is a cold start. 30 degrees some of the suburbs in the 20s and by the time the walk to defeat als starts, citizens bank park, the temperature will warm to 40 degrees at 11:00 a.m. and sunshine will warm us to 44 saturday afternoon. sunday that we'll see the return of clouds and by sunday evening we could see a mix of rain and snow. rain will be chilly on monday and it may end with some snow north and west. high of 45 degrees on monday and then here comes the real cold for tuesday and wednesday and thursday mornings. the temperatures will be in the 20s. and last check we had an accident on both the new jersey and the p.a. turnpike and if we're lucky we get a check on mass transit rbs as well. >> let me tell you what is new and happening right now. in the lehigh valley we have volume building on route 22 at airport road and we just got
6:50 am
word of the southbound side. the onramp from the allentown service plaza. it's not on the highway itself. it is on that ramp and still be causing a slow down as drivers pass that scene. keep that in mind. our only accident so far on the northeast extension. still have one on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound approaching valley forge and moved over to the shoulder and that's where we see some volume westbound anywhere in the morning as it lingers and makes its way. drivers make their way from fort washington out to valley forge. live look in chester county. route 30 bypass isn't looking too bad. typically at this hour we're used to seeing a heavy slow down eastbound. don't get me wrong, we're seeing volume, but traffic is still moving and that's a little bit of good news there. accident near keystone drive and new jersey turnpike southbound still have an accident there just past route 322. that's exit 2. the right lane is blocked in that area. if you're taking new jersey transit river line, keep in mind system communication issues yesterday and that's still happening this morning.
6:51 am
as a result, new jersey transit river line is operating on a saturday schedule. vai? >> thank you, jillian. looking live right now at camelback where natural snow fell last night because it was that cold. tonight the ski resort will start making snow for the ski season which happens to open on black friday. that quick blast of snow did not have a major impact on travel or public transportation but a reminder nonetheless that winter is coming. let's take a closer look at septa and what is getting ready here. jesse gary has all that information for us. jesse? >> vai, very similar to what you would do to take care of your car. preventive maintenance to keep the septa system moving this winter. we'll talk about it right after the break. i'm katy zachary live in elkins park. remember all the problems with heal what is done to help the enrollment process a little smoother for people.
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i'm jesse gary live outside the terminal where septa officials learned lessons from last winter and how to keep their fleets rolling during the winter. a short distance from where i'm standing, workers performance maintenance on the buss and railline vehicles but increased frequency three-fold and stocked up on extra parts to make sure extreme moisture don't gum up internal machinery. hope much fewer breakdowns during the harsh winter ahead. live in upper darby, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. and i'm katy zachary live in elkens park. tomorrow begins the second enrollment period for the affordable care act also called
6:56 am
obama care. requires that everyone in the country have health insurance. starting this year, you'll be fined hundreds of dollars if you do not get coverage. the coverage enrollment period is shorter beginning tomorrow and ending february 15th. health care advocates are ramping up their efforts to make contact with the uninsured. i'm told that volunteers are more informed this year and those website kinks have been worked out. it is important to note that if you are renewing your coverage and you do not want to change insurance plans, you do not have to logon and go through the process. you will be automatically renewed. reporting live in elkins park, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. volume on 76 westbound and it continues to build. this is westbound and you can see a lot of people putting on their brake lights and that's the normal volume as drivers approach university avenue and then we also have westbound at city avenue and eastbound near montgomery drive and, of course, in both directions near the conshohocken curve. your drive time on 95 southbound
6:57 am
from wood haven to the vine, take you 20 to 25 minute right now. an accident and we've been following it for an hour at this point out near keystone drive a pickup truck that went off the road and hit a tree. as a result of the accident and that emergency response that is out there. that portion of route 113 is blocked off. fire police are out there directing traffic and take you a few extra minutes if you want to avoid that area. beth lehem pike is a good optio. approaching valley forge and still have an accident there on the shoulder and on this map you can see the yellow line on 422 eastbound and it is slow moving right around the st. gabe's curve but 422 as you approach oaks is not that bad. it is pretty quiet right now and that delay hasn't stretched back to route 29 just yet. drive time on 422 still looking good and nine minutes eastbound from oaks to route 202. what i want to point out in that shot is on the grassy surfaces,
6:58 am
so, it's actually kind of sad, but we are seeing that snow. we saw the first snowfall last night and i'm not ready to accept it yet. regardless, little bit of snowfall out there. take your time this morning, but if you're traveling 422, volume not too bad. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> i don't mind snow on the grassy surfaces, especially when those are surfaces eventually we'll ski on. in the pocono mountains, look at that, slopes nicely covered and that's the view from camelback and spotty in the mountains and blue mountain and they have a base going right now and you can see some of the grass making it through. cold enough that that snow may stay put right on into the weekend. you will see lots of sunshine and that will do away with some of the snow. skies are clearing and last few clouds moving through center city and live view past the comcast center. the wind, however, is blowing. it will blow the clouds over the shore out to sea. the rain has already ended at cape may. the snow has ended, also, for
6:59 am
the rest of the area. but the cold temperatures, well, they're just getting started. 30 right now at pottstown and concerned icy spots north and west and untreated surfaces and there may be a few spots that haven't dried out completely. but the wind will change that. the winds gusting already and we're going to see wind chills that start in the 20s only warm into the 30s right now and feels like 23 degrees in pottstown. so, a blustery cold start at the bus stop. 35 above freezing in center city and that is the wind that is going to be blowing through the day. we will warm to 36 degrees at 9:00 and then 40s this afternoon that will feel like they're in the 30s. >> brrr. >> you heard bill say be prepared for snow and the side effects may come later in the season. now is the time to sign up for school closings. alert you via text or e-mail if your school closes this winter because of the bad weather. "today" show is next and we'll see you for updates in 25 minutes. >> any time you can get updates
7:00 am
on weather and news on thanks for watching. have a great weekend. good morning. frozen. two-thirds of the country in the throes of an arctic blast, record snowfall, temperatures in the negative. and when this one's over, there's another system right behind it. the man who killed bin laden. the navy s.e.a.l. who says he fired the fatal shot that brought down the world's mos wanted terrorist. so why do some fellow s.e.a.l.s tell a different story? he will join us live this morning from an undisclosed location. on the loose. the hunt is on now for an escaped tiger on the streets near paris of all places. a massive search underway, as residents are told to stay inside. and, the final countdown. >> don't drive angr


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