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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  November 20, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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news," "nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m." starts right now. >> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. and all morning, we've been following breaking news at florida state university. gunfire rings out on campus. the gunman gets into a shoot-out with police there. three people are hurt. in the past few minutes the school president released a statement about the situation on campus right now. much of the area is getting a brief slight reprieve from the freezing temperatures but you're still going to want to bundle up this morning. it's still cold. we'll tell you how much of a warmup you will see if the "first alert" forecast. it's significant. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. a little reprieve a little bit. let's cold out there. let's get the forecast with "first alert" meteorologist bill henley. bill. >> temperatures back in the 20s and 30s. coldest is north and west. but the temperatures are falling right now. now, northeast philadelphia's in the 20s along with trenton,
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pottstown, allentown in the 20s while reading has actually warmed up in the last half hour. 32 degrees. and 36 aphiladelphia international. the bus stops this morning it is going to be a cold start. the center city in the 30s. we will see sunshine, warm the temperatures into the low 40s by lunchtime but it's not going to go much warmer by that this afternoon. by later this afternoon, the temperatures start dropping, 38 degrees later this afternoon. your hour-by-hour future wherear when i come back in less than ten minutes. jillian mele is watching traffic. >> good morning, bill. for an hour and a half i've been watching an accident out of berks county closing 422 between pineland and fairview. we've got an update that the eastbound side is reopened. westbound is still blocked. you can take lincoln road as your alternate. this accident involves a tractor trailer, brought down wire it's in area.
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that's why it's taking a long time to at least get the eastbound side open. chesting not chester county. drive times between 30 and 76 on route 202, that will take you about 12 to 13 minutes right now. no significant delays to report on 422 in montgomery county, 202, chester county, even the route 30 bypass still quiet. hilltown township, we have an accident, following an accident out of newtown, buck road at mill pond road. if you're waking up in delaware, we're not reporting any accidents on the majors there. this is actually philadelphia pike at 495. vai. >> jillian, thank you this morning, we're following breaking news on florida state's university campus today. all class are cancelled after a shooting. right now, three people are hurt and a suspected gunman is dead. chris cato is live in the digital operations center following the breaking overnight developments. chris, bring us up to speed. >> right now, we're wait, for a news conference in tallahassee.
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wire expecting that any minute. meantime, i went on facebook and found this video shot by one of the students inside florida state. you can hear the audio, the announcement that went out over campus after that shooting. listen. >> there has been a shooting at the library. stay where you are, we'll be coming to each floor and taking care of everybody. >> so, again, three people were shot. we don't know yet if they were shot by the gunman or during the shooting that followed when police were shooting the gunman. one is said to be in critical condition. another is in stable. again, we're hearing that audio of what happened inside the library there. >> that's scary. it's scary. >> like this is something that you never want to have happen, especially like we're all freshmen. this is something that we never want to happen obviously. >> yeah, they said they saw hundreds of people running out of the library.
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the school president just released the statement that reads in part "the florida state university community is extremely sadden by the shootings that took place early this morning at the strozier library in the very campus. the three students who have been injured and this is the first time we're confirming that it was students injured, by the way, are our highest priority." we're continuing to follow developments. we're waiting on the news conference to begin with the tallahassee police department. and some are saying they shot the students on the steps of the library. we haven't heard his name yet. we'll bring that to you on nbc10. live in the digital operations center, i'm chris cato for "nbc10 news." two official death sentences. that's what's in store for a man who killed an infant and her grandmother during a botched kidnapping in montgomery county. last month, a jury convicted
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yandamuri. he abducted the baby girl and killed the grandmother when she tried to stop him. prosecutors said yandamuri planned to hold the baby for ransom to pay off debts but then he killed the baby as well. here's what we know, michael abuseo is charged with making false reports. he told them that frein asked him for a forged identity so he could go into canada. authorities say he first lied to barrett county police and state troopers before admitting it wasn't true. frein was accused of killing one trooper and injuring another and then on the run after seven weeks would be captured. police tell nbc10 a man tried to rob a temple student near 18th and diamond after 11:00 last night. it's the seventh robbery at the campus in the last weeks. investigators say robbers used
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guns in at least two of the holdups. a fifth casinoer the trump taj mahal has moved a step closer to closing in december. and the bid bad has gone wrong. the company has backed out of the deal. nbc10's jesse gary is live with more. if revel doesn't reopen as a gaming hall, what will it become? >> reporter: well, vai, perhaps a center for higher learning. that's one plan put to paper by the runner-up in the bidding process. the problem right now, anyway, the winning bidder, brookfield management backed out of the deal. it cited $31 million in annual costs as the reason. the next is glenn strauss. his man will turn it into an elite university. live in atlantic city, jesse gary, "nbc10 news." and the casino crisis is not the only business troubled in
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atlantic city. united airlines will soon pull out of the atlantic city airport after eight months of service. united is ending its service from a.c. and houston. they said it did not bring enough business. a truck driver admit he is fell asleep at the wheel. steven bernier appeared before a berks county judge for arraignment. police say he caused the crash at route 222 that killed two and injured others. three survivors said they walked away from that mangled red car in the middle of that pileup. >> it just seemed like it didn't stop. when it was over, i'm sitting there not knowing if i'm dead or alive. the sound is something that i'll never get out of my head. and i just don't know how i'll deal with that honestly. >> bernier is charged with homicide by vehicle, involuntary
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manslaughter and aggravated assault. investigators look intoed his past and found a criminal record. he shows up on the list known as megan's list he's on patrol for sexually assaulting a child under the age of 3. police gave him a track ticket for operating unsafe equipment this past september. he pleadeded guilty in that case. the truck driver's company released this statement, we're praying for owl those involved in today's terrible accident. we cannot sufficiently express our deepest condolences by all who. >> reporter: impacted by this tragic event. we will cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation agency the facts continue to unfold." decision 2016. anthony williams is now a candidate for philadelphia mayor. williams is the fourth democratic candidate to declare for the election less than a year away. also declaring yesterday former district attorney lynn abraham.
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they join terry gilliland and ken trujillo a former solicitor. speaking of trujillo, he was in the audience do for a panel on improving education. jim rosenfield moderated that event. trujillo speaks with us about the importance of learning. >> education is not just a political issue, it's a seminal issue of our generation. it's something that we have to get right. it connects everything. it's been the differencemaker in my life and the differencemaker for everybody knew who has been successful. >> trujillo said it's time for the city to elect a bold new leader. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. we'll see a lot of sunshine around today. there are a few clouds in the area that will be clearing out. the wind will be picking up this afternoon, and after we reach into the 40s, the temperatures will drop late this afternoon. another blast of cold returning
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for tomorrow. right now, it is cold in allentown and northeast philadelphia. back in the 20s this morning look at atlantic city. much milder right now. 37 degrees. it's a view from center city. you can see the clouds that are moved into parts of the area. but there are some blue sky to be found. and you'll see more and more of that blue sky this afternoon. the clouds are not precipitation but we're looking for clouds in the pocono mountains. it's not going to be a huge warmup today. just warmer than yesterday afternoon. a lot of talk this morning, because the 40 degrees in philadelphia, and the 40s in wilmington and most of south jersey still chilly north and west. we will peak in the low 40s early this afternoon at 2:00 this afternoon, 42 in philadelphia. watch as we go into the late afternoon hours, the temperatures come back down. the cold air moving back in. and we'll drop back down to the 20s overnight tonight. stand by for sunshine and 40s
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but another blast of cold before things warm up over the weekend. we've got the seven-day forecast. back in less than ten minutes. we heard jillian talking about earlier, two cars hit deer. i've done that before. it's scary when that happens. >> it is the season. >> you know, we've seen a number of accidents this morning, actually three or four of them involving vehicles that have hit deer. the good news, those accidents are cleared. we have seen a number of them definitely keep your eyes peeled. this is a live look at vine street. and nothing out of the ordinary there. 76 is looking pretty decent at montgomery drive. no delays. time frame 14 minutes both ways between the blue route and the vine. the accident involving a tractor trailer that took down wires 422 westbound is blocked off between pineland road and fairview
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chapel road. take lincoln road as your alternate. both directions were blocked earlier but now it's westbound. and 422 looking good. happening right now, a strike at philly international. nbc10's katy zachry is on scene. she'll have details on who is striking and if it will impact travelers. plus this -- >> somebody is missing a lot of marijuana. >> two special deliver police two days turns into one big mistake in delaware county.
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at 6:15, we're following breaking news. that shooting on the campus of florida state university. and we are getting an update now on what happened. let's listen.
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it becamest dhae esvident te say lot of impact on a lot of students. that seems to be the thing to do. we will continue to work with students and support them as we always do. and we'll make sure this has been made. and now i'm going to introduce our mayor-elect. >> here's what we know, three people were injured. one critically, a gunman opening fire on the library of the campus. we'll continue to monitor that news conference and bring you any updates to come out of it. >> happening today, police will announce a $10,000 reward in the shooting of a delaware state trooper that happened a year ago today. police say someone shot the roomer in the arm while questioning him had about stolen clothes. the state trooper association will announce the award later on
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today. radnor township police arrested vincent paola yesterday. a woman said she was sexually assaulted while in milwaukee. detectives told us that paola, a business student camden county was in wisconsin for a class trip. it's hard to forget these images. remember this? a woman attacking a mom right in front of her toddler, the 2-year-old trying to help his mom. well, this morning, the alleged attacker is indicted in salem county. latia harris is facing aggravated assault charges. harris turned herself in after cell phone video of the incident went viral. this morning, upper darby police are looking into an apparent marijuana mistake. yesterday for the second day in a row, a clothing store manager called police after opening up a fedex package that was filled
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with marijuana. police say the drugs carry a street value of $300,000. the manager of city blue said the shipments were addressed to the store and delivered but he was clearly not receipt sithe r. >> somebody is missing a lot of product, marijuana, in the streets of our community. >> police believe they expected that the marijuana would be intercept outside the store. more than a dozen pennsylvania lawmakers are calling for the ncaa to release documents in connection with the jerry sandusky child sex abuse case. the lawmakers say the ncaa put itself in a criminal matter that was not under its jurisdiction. the documents in question have to do with the fines and penalties that the university faced following the sandusky scandal. 6:19, let's check your ride to work on a thursday morning. >> here's nbc so's "first alert"
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traffic reporter jillian mele. >> good morning. we're just starting to see volume building on some of the majors. eastbound, some pockets of volume but no delays just yet. we are seeing slowdowns on girard, 35 miles per hour. 36 is what we're seeing on 76 websd near the vine street expressway. no delays on the blue route. heading to berks county, still have an accident shutting down the westbound side of 422 between pineland road and fairview chapel road. this was all morning long. it involves a tractor trailer. meantime, take lincoln road as your alternate. then for drivers in lehigh valley, 78 near 22. looking good, no accidents on 78, 22, 309 or the northeast extension. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> about half an hour away from sunrise. and we'll see sunshine. look how clear it is in the view from center city. the temperatures warmer, 36
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degrees at philadelphia international. winds out of the southwest at 13 miles an hour. the windchill still a factor. feels like 28 degrees in the city. much of the area is colder in the city. one spot that's not. beach avenue, 41 degrees right now. in cape may. and look how nice and clear it is. it's going to be a sunny day at the shore. in fact, a sunny day for the rest of the area. we need it, too. look at the temperatures below freezing at 20s for northeast philadelphia. trenton, pottstown. and just inland away from the river, colder temperatures. 28 degrees at right at 31 degrees for st. david and newtown square. so it is a cold morning, with a few thin clouds that have moved in north and west. don't expect those clouds to last. they'll be clearing out. and we will see sunshine today. but the blast of cold is still on tap for tomorrow. mostly sunny skies.
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with highs in the 40s but this had afternoon, the wind kicks in, and the temperatures come back down. 25 to start with. 36. lots of sunshine for friday. another cold start on saturday. saturday afternoon will warm into the low 40s. and we could see 60 degrees on sunday. depends on when the rain moves in. if it holds off to evening time, we could see 60 degrees. with showers earlier, it will be 50s for sunday. warmer weather ahead for monday, potentially 70 degrees with a chance of showers. the cooling process, it must be bad tuesday, but look at highs of 47 after a low of 28. following breaking news this morning, florida state is trying to calm students after police try to figure out what sparked a shooting at the library campus. three people are in the hospital. a gunman is dead. we'll get an update on the fsu shooting. business as usual.
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fire won't stop this popular farmers market from opening on schedule. >> announcer: this portion of "nbc10 news" is sponsored by family chrysler dodge jeep ram.
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here's a live look at atlantic city at 6:25. 35 degrees out there. looks nice, but it is cool out there so bundle up, sunrise is still about 25 mingtss away. and bill will be along with the "first alert" forecast. a judge will hear arguments from both sides of the sports betting debate in new jersey. lawyers from the state and major professional sports leagues and the ncaa will argue the temporary ban on sports betting. that ban is set to expire tomorrow but the league and the ncaa want it extended. also happening today, just two days after this fire, the outdoor portion of the columbus farmers market in burlington county will be open for business. the fire destroyed some on tuesday.
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investigators say the cause of the fire does not appear to be criminal. good morning, we have a problem here on 95, right near cottman avenue. that's the headlights that you see. we have the normal volume building. northbound, we have a disabled tractor trailer blocking it and ahead, another tractor trailer blocking it on the northbound side as well. let's go outside to a live look at the comcast center in center city philadelphia, bill, it's another puffy coat kind of bay. >> yeah, you need to bundle up. we're about to see sunshine. just into the 40s this afternoon. right now, there's some cold around, pottstown, doylestown, trenton all in the 20s. northeast philadelphia right now, roxborough, 32 degrees. there has been a shooting in the library. stay where you are. we'll be coming to each floor
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and taking care of everybody. >> shots ring out on the campus of florida state university in tallahassee leaving three people hurt and a gunman dead. we're following this breaking news story. and mass exodus. more and more companies are severing ties with bill cosby as the number of sexual assault allegations go up. we'll have the latest on the latest fallout.
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nbc10 breaking news. 6:30 this thursday morning, breaking news, a gunman opened fire on the campus of florida state university injuring three students. new at this moment, we just now found out home students were in harm's way before police shot the gunman. happening right now, an airport strike starts early. we'll tell you how it will affect travelers. and the bitter cold is just
6:31 am
your garden variety cold. it's cold out there. we'll get your "first alert" forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's get you up to date with bill henley and the "first alert" forecast. >> it is indeed cold outside. in some areas the wind is still blowing. in one of those areas, center city the wind running at 13 miles an hour. giving windchills in the 20s. the actual temperatures still falling. 29 degrees in forth east philadelphia. 27 for trenton. wilmington, though, above freezing. and it feels like 28 degrees in philadelphia. while the actual temperature is 36 degrees. so sunshine will be nice and bright. starting to come up and we'll see enough to warm us to 40 degrees at lunchtime. but the cold is actually returning later this afternoon. and the temperatures will be dropping to 38 degrees at 4:00. your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast when i am back in less than ten minutes.
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let's check in with "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele. >> good morning, we have an accident near cottman avenue. penndot is moving the camera along with the trucks attempting to get to the scene right now. we can't show you the accident. but i'll tell you what's going on, this accident along the northbound side, cottman avenue, two tractor trailers. a box truck involved in the accident. one is blocking the right lane in that area. traffic is getting by but as you can see on the northbound side, there you go, a penndot truck putting that arrow over. traffic getting by but it's causing a big slowdown in the area. as you can see, normal volume on the southbound side of cottman avenue. hopefully, penndot can get that situated. we're still following this out of berks county at 422. westbound on pineland and fairview that's blocked off.
6:33 am
6:32, we're following breaking news out of tallahassee, a shooting at florida state campus leaves three people hurt and the suspected gunman dead. chris is monitoring a news conference. >> tracy, that news conference just wrapped up. this gives the clearest picture of what happened on what must have been a terrifying deal on the campus of florida state university. i'm going to walk you through what we just learned. police get a call at 12:30 someone saw a man on campus with a gun. police arrive on campus and they encounter a person that's been wounded. that person directs police towards a man walking up the steps to the library. at this time, 300 to 400 students are inside that library studying for finals. police see that this guy has a gun. they ask him to drop it. he shoots at police. police shoot and kill him. somewhere along the way, two other people were shot somewhere on campus. police are not releasing those
6:34 am
details but we do know there were three shooting victims total. in fact, the university president has confirmed that all three of those victims are students. now, we just heard from police in the news conference. here's what they said about the gunman. >> there's no indication of any additional threat to the university, to the students or our community at this time. all indications that we have, from the information right now, this is an isolated incident and one person acting alone. >> a lone shooter scenario. they're not identifying the shooter only to say it's a man. they're not saying if it's a student or not. this investigation, they say, is going to take a long time to complete. three people wounded. a hospital in tallahassee reporting two patients one is in critical, one stable, and another had a graze wound.
6:35 am
they caught this person up the steps in the library, 300 to 400 students studying for finals. some fast action by police. lives may have been saved. and we do know that one person, the gunman is dead this morning. we'll continue to monitor the developments. they're having another press briefing this afternoon. we will bring you that live on nbc10. live in the digital operations center, chris cato, "nbc10 news." and right now baggage handlers are striking at the airport. katy zachry has a look at what this means for the busiest time of the year. >> reporter: this is the group that's striking. they're taking a few minutes break from the active picketting that we've seen. the men and women, they're baggage handlers, wheelchair attendants and those who help those in and out of the ticket
6:36 am
lines. biggest question is will this affect airline travel? the airlines we spoke to say no. these workers say, yes. most of them walk behind the ticket line, they're responsible for directing your lug avenue to the right plane. they're subcontractors who are not unionized. they make minimum wage. they tell me they do not get vacation or sick time. >> we don't get paid $9. we get paid 7:25. >> do you have sick days? >> no sick days, no personal days. we got to wait two years to get vacation. who waits two years to get vacation? nobody. >> reporter: and a spokesperson for us airways and american airlines talked to nbc10 and said about 50 of these workers are supposed to work for those two airlines today. they are clearly not working. they have walked off the job for today. the protest is only supposed to last through the end of the day. airline employees tell me they will handle the duties that are
6:37 am
usually done by these men and women you see here. reporting live at philly international, katy zachry, "nbc10 news." a delaware county gym teacher who is facing charges for having sex with a teenager is expected in court. bill barber is scheduled for a preliminary hearing. he's accused of having a sexual encounter with a 15-year-old. he has been suspended from garnet valley middle school. he began teaching in the school in 2002 and was well-known in the community because of his daughter's battle with cancer. keeping alert and staying safe. that's the purpose behind a public meeting tonight on some recent crimes in south philadelphia. town watch and community members will hold the first of two meetings tonight at 18th and johnston. that's where a robbery and attempted rape took place last friday. the second meeting is set for tomorrow night at marconi park. the scene of an abduction attempt on monday. president obama will give a prime time address tonight on immigration reform.
6:38 am
the president says he will take executive action to allow up to 5 million undocumented immigrants to stay in the u.s. republicans vow to fight the move. none of the three major broadcast networks will carry the president's speech. and a new nbc/"wall street journal" poll show more americans disapprove of president obama taking executive action under immigration. 48% of americans disaproven of any executive action on immigration while 38% approve. when it comes to democrats, 53% back the president compared to the other percent. of course, you can watch the president's speech to the nation at 8:00 on our website. we'll stream is live on >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a acold start this morning and there are some clouds around, but they will not last all day. we'll see the clouds clear out for sunshine. and temperatures will climb into the low 40s. but a wind developing this afternoon will bring the numbers
6:39 am
right back down, plunging temperatures for tomorrow. the cold returns. heading out the door right now, it is cold. mt. pocono, 28 degrees. trenten is at 27 degrees, while wilmington is at 34 degrees. just above freezing. you see the clouds over the mountains from ski big bear, they're making snow this morning. just scattered clouds in view from the nbc10 studio, we'll see a lot of clouds and the clouds will clear out. a few flurries trying to make it to the ground. most of them evaporating in the very dry air. 33 in mt. pocono. upper 30s for allentown and reading. low 40s for northeast philadelphia, trenton and mt. holly. rehoboth, 51 degrees. upper 40s for cape may and atlantic city. move inland, and the chill will be with us. 39 degrees. high temperature in west
6:40 am
chester. and we'll reach 42 degrees in philadelphia and chester early this afternoon. then the temperatures start coming down late this afternoon. i'll show you what that means for tomorrow with the seven-day forecast when i'm back in less than ten minutes. 6:40, as the traffic ramps up, we also have a problem at 95 and cottman. >> let's get details from nbc10's "first alert" traffic report jillian mele. >> good morning. 95 northbound, we have an accident. penndot a camera looking at the accident. that truck is blocking the left lane. literally right at the exit on cottman avenue. police to the scene. penndo penndot's out there as well. 25 minutes from woodhaven and southbound that trip is 35 minutes. heavy in both direction on i-95 and cottman interchange. the bridges looking good. ben franklin bridge, out of camden, no delays.
6:41 am
but we are following an accident in hatfield. we still have the one in berks county. it's been with us all morning long, an accident involving a tractor trailer. 422 westbound ablocked off at pineland road and fairview chapel road. lincoln avenue is your alternate. more information is coming out on the shooting at florida state university. three people are hurt. the gunman is dead. we'll have information coming up.
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for the sixth time, state police in delaware arrested the same guy on dui charges. troopers booked michael tucker tuesday night. a trooper saw him driving in and out of his lane in traffic in dover. a computer check reveals tucker had five previous dui
6:45 am
convictions between 1998 and 2011. this morning in delaware county authorities are holding an 18-year-old on a $125,000 bond he's accused of sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl and giving her a sexually transmitted disease. the assault happened positives ago but doctors discovered tuesday when the girl's mom took her to the hospital with symptoms of a sexually transmit disease. now we have not released the name because he is related to the victim and we want to protect her identify. >> a 5-year-old girl, as horrible as that is, and then to pass on a sexually transmilitiaed disease at 5 years old is unconscionable, i just can't imagine it. >> the police superintendent said the suspect denied the rape but admits to having the std. we have new information about a stabbing at a state office building in camden.
6:46 am
leaders have say that security has been stepped up after a caseworker was attacked on monday. it happened at the building that houses new jersey's child protection and child welfare agency. the victim leah coleman is in critical condition. the suspect, kiesha edwards is charged with attempted murder. we're following new development it's in sexual assault allegations against bill cosby. more networks are pulling cosby from the air and the associated press just released an interview with the cheedian. >> on a separate note, i didn't want -- i have to ask about your name coming up in the news recently regarding the comedian -- >> no, no, we don't answer that. >> okay. i just wanted to ask if you wanted to respond about that at all whether any of that is true? >> there's no response. >> meanwhile, tv land announced will no longer air reruns of the cosby show. also, nbc scrapped plans for a cosby sitcom. netflix post toned a new comedy
6:47 am
special. three women came forward in the past week with claims the comedian sexually assaulted him years ago. a philadelphia teen who pulled a police officer from a burning car and the officer himself told the story on the ellen show. if you missed it, el endeyearn russ welcomed 17-year-old mark chambers in the pink and you can see the officer in the gray. there's video. see the car caught fire. kimsey got trapped. joe chambers a roll tear firefighter ran to help. chambers told ellen what happened next. >> like how are you? he said, your car's on fire. he's staring at me. yeah. i tried to open the door. the door wasn't opening, and i said i'm going to have to drag you out through window. he put his arms up.
6:48 am
>> officer kimsey said he doesn't remember much from the crash but he will always remember what chambers did to save his life. america is about to take a big step forward. and once again flying into space in two weeks an unmanned spacecraft is scheduled to launch from cape canaveral. it will be the first test flight that nasa uses to carry astronauts that land on the moon and eventually mars. nasa hopes to find a manned mission to mars in the next decade. >> let's go to the "today" show. >> we got a preview. >> hey, coming up the show, we'll be live at the florida state campus on the terrible shooting overnight. and also willie had help sign a light on children who have no life of their own. and a robot that will shop. live in studio 1a.
6:49 am
vai and tracy, back to you in philly. >> okay. all right. >> see you guy in 10 or 12 minutes. >> you've got it. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. it's a cold start this morning. and clouds are moving in. but they're not going to stay with us all morning. you can see the clouds moving into center city right now. that's a view from the mellon bank building. 36 degrees. that's one of the warm spots. much of the area is dropping down to the 20s, one of those area, niagara in extreme eastern pennsylvania, it's still falling but ice formed on the rocks. it will be a warmer afternoon, but certainly for this time of year, definitely cold. 70s are going to be a possibility later in the weekend and early next week. but right now, we're looking at 20. 27 degrees in horsham. allentown 26 degrees while blue bell is down to 30s.
6:50 am
most of south jersey. once you get to the shore. clouds, these are going to thin out. they can actually blow out of here. the winds will be picking up this afternoon and ridinging in on those winds more cold air. you'll start to feel it this afternoon. really feel it overnight. mostly sun? skies. the clouds will clear out, it will be in the middle 50s this time of year. about 10 degrees below normal. and dropping the temperatures later this afternoon. and by tomorrow morning, down to 25 degrees. just 36, with a blast of cold air that continues into saturday morning. down to 23 degrees and a high of 43 saturday afternoon. it's sunday that will turn warmer. 50s may top out at 60 degrees if the rain holds off. sunday may hit 70 degrees. 70s. 60 at least. warm wind blowing, and
6:51 am
temperatures to be there. >> let's go to work on a thursday. >> yeah. an accident on cottman avenue. involving this box truck here. you can see it's definitely disabled as part of the accident. penndot has been on the scene. we're dealing with a delay. 30 minutes from the vine to woodhaven road. that's pretty much southbound. heavy volume at the start of rush hour. pretty heavy volume in both directions of 95. also dealing with congestion on the vine street expressway westbound as drivers head out to 76. northeast extension northbound. you have a vehicle hire out there. it's unclear exactly what lanes are blocked in that area, watch for a slow down there and avoid that if you can. it shouldn't be out there too
6:52 am
long. in the meantime, you can take 422. and fairview chapel road and pineland, an accident that's been with us all morning. stick to lincoln. that's your best bet. there has been a shooting in the library. stay where you are we'll be coming to each floor and taking care of everybody. >> shots ring out on the campus of florida state university leaving three people shot and a gunman dead. we'll have an update in three minutes. and i'm katy zachry live at philadelphia international airport where dozens of employees including baggage handlers have walked off the job. i'll tell you what you can expect if you're flying out today. >> reporter: i'm jesse gary live outside the revel hotel and casino in atlantic city. the winning bidder backed out. what happens next? i'll explain coming up after the break. w
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i'm chris cato live in our digital operations center where we are following breaking news after a shooting on the campus of florida state university. police shot and killed a gunman. three students were wounded. a news conference just wrapped up. here's what we know, police got the call around 12:30 about a man with a gun on kafrs. they a arrived to find a shooting victim on the steps of the library. then they found the gunman inside that library where inside were 300 to 400 students studying for finals. what we know about the victims at this point, two of them were taken to the hospital. all three are students. one is in critical condition. one is in stable. one suffered a graze wound.
6:57 am
police have not arrested any information about the victim other than saying he's a man. not saying whether or not he's a student. we expect to learn much more at another media briefing this afternoon. live in our digital operations center, chris cato, "nbc10 news." >> reporter: i'm katy zachry live outside of philadelphia international airport where behind me dozens of baggage handlers and other workers have walked off the job. they are upset about their pay. they currently make 7:25 an hour. as well as the fact they are not unionized. these men and women you're looking at, in addition to being baggage handlers some of them are wheelchair attendants. others help people in and out of the tact line. the big question will this work stoppage scheduled to last through the end of the day affect travel four? many say, yes? many are responsible for directing lug avenue to the right aircraft. we talked with several spokespeople from the airlines and they say no. a spokesperson for us airways
6:58 am
and american airlines tells us about 50 of these workers are scheduled to be on the job today but airline employees will handle their duties. that's live outside the airport. katy zachry, "nbc10 news." >> reporter: i'm jesse gary live outside of atlantic city. management reps say it will cost $36 million a year for lights, running hot and cold water. they backed out. next is line ken strauss who wants to turn revel into a think tank. live in atlantic city, jesse gary, "nbc10 news." good morning, 6:58 we have a problem in radnor. a truck stuck underneath an overpass. king of prussia road between radnor chester road. congestion, we have it both
6:59 am
directions 95 at cottman. still have this accident. heavy volume used to seeing southbound, you can see delays about 30 to 35 minutes in both directions between woodhaven and the vine. >> announcer: now your nbc10 fgsfg "first alert" weather. >> we will see sunshine as the clouds move through. and temperatures this afternoon will be moving into the 40s. right now 28, pottstown, all allentown in the 20s. wilmington has just cooled down to 31 degrees. so a cold start at the bus stop. 25 degrees. some suburbs down to 33 degrees in the city. sunshine will break through the clouds as the day goes on. 40 at lunchtime but temperatures start getting colder later this afternoon. 38 degrees, back into the 20s tonight. >> but at least we've got a little bit of sun. >> at least we're not in
7:00 am
buffalo. >> yeah. >> "today" show is up next. we'll see you for local updates in 35 minutes. >> you can get updates at anytime on good morning. terror on campus a. gunman opens fire at florida state university's library overnight forcing students to barricade themselves pence. three people injured t. shooter killed by police. we are live on the scene. don't ask. a reporter questions bill kodz by about those sexual assault allegations on camera for the first time. >> no, no, we don't answer those questions. >> he asks the report tore edit out the whole exchange. >> i think if you want to consider yourself serious that it will not appear anywhere. >> six-feet under with more on the way am new blast of snow across the great lakes


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