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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 24, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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the year is right around the mid-to-low 50s. we were about 20 degrees above this today. high temperatures ranged anywhere from the upper 60s to low 70s. allentown, reading, philadelphia, trenton all coming in in the low 70s today. as i mention and glenn mentioned, big changes coming later this wiig. glenn will haveç more details plus the timing of what you can expect locally. that's all coming up. count on glenn and sheena to bring you updates on the stormy weather coming our way. they're posting first alert weather updates on twitter. be sure to follow them there. now to the breaking news in ferguson, missouri. a grand jury reached a decision on whether to indict a police officer in the deadly shooting of michael brown. >> just minutes ago, the prosecutors office sent out this statement. the grand jury hearing the michael brown/darren wilson investigation has reached a decision. it will be announced later today. to get the latest on this we go to nbc's jay gray live in ferguson, missouri, where we are
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expecting to hear what that grand jury will decide. jay? good evening. if it's possible the anxiety and intensity here has been ratcheted up a notch. now with word that the prosecutor's office will announce a decision from the grand jury a bit later in the case. police are staged and standing by across the area, barricades line the st. louis county justice center braced for a decision and whatever may follow. and this afternoon we've learned the prosecutor's office is expected to announce a decision from the grand jury considering charges in the august shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. ferguson police officer darren wilson said he acted in self-defense when he shot brown. the grand jury has been meeting for three months. >> there are cases where a grand jury needs to go over several days but to have it stretch for as long as this jury has is really unusual. >> reporter: but prosecutors said here from the start, the process would be different, that
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they would present every piece of evidence available in the case to the grand jury. as they've reviewed that evidence and testimony -- >> shut it down! >> reporter: -- protesters have kept up their calls for justice, marching most every night since brown was kill. now this community and much of the country waits to hear what's next. we are hearing from local college ji members now that missouri governor jay nixon has requested a meeting with them this afternoon. that is the latest, live here in clayton, missouri, jay gray, back to you now. thank you, jay. taking a live look at ferguson, many businesses here have actually boarded their windows in case protests get out of hand. a convenience store quick trip said its four locations will be closed as a precaution tonight. we are keeping a close eye on developments in ferguson, missouri, as soon as the grand jury's announcement is made, we'll bring it to you live. with more breaking news, philadelphia is a step closer to hosting the democratic national convention in 2016.
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that word came less than two hours ago. nbc 10's keith jones is live in our digital operations center. >> keith, who's our competition? >> the big announcement is made by the chair of the democratic national committee. let's get right to it. philadelphia is up against new york and columbus, ohio. the committee visited dozens of possible sites ahead of making their decision, including philadelphia. we heard the update this afternoon from debber wasserman schultz. city leaders showcased philadelphia as a viable candidate because of its history and previous experience hosting the republican national convention in 2000. rains are planning to hold their convention in cleveland, ohio beginning either june 227th or july 18th. the dnc is considering the weeks of july 18th, july 25th and august 22nd. the committee will announce a final city and time early next year. reporting live in the digital operations center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. skyforce 10 over the scene of a deadly fire in hunting
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park. it happened this afternoon. you can see these flames pouring from the roof of this home on west wyoming avenue. philadelphia fire commissioner tells us the fire killed a young boy. eight others managed to escape but two of them had to be taken to the hospital. right now we're waitinoç for moe information about those injuries. nbc 10 also received this video from a witness at the scene you can hear the fire popping as firefighters try to get the flames under control. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> a jackknifed tractor-trailer caused some big backups this afternoon on the new jersey turnpike. skyforce 10 over this scene in deptford, gloucester county. there you see the mess that it made. one lane of traffic crawled past in the southbound lanes as crews cleared that mess. no one was hurt. >> his words cost him his job. the president of a chester county university is out this
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afternoon. >> it didn't turn out the way that he wanted it to turn out, guess what they did? they said he raped me. >> that was robert jennings speaki speaking at an all-women's convocation last month. parents criticized his comments as appearing to blame women for sexual assault. dr. jennings resigned today. the school named valerie harrison as acting president. a major development in the search for a missing woman in our area. the d.a. is calling the disappearance a criminal case. 33-year-old jessica padgett was last scene at the duck duck goose day care at northampton borough where she works. she went on break and didn't come back. police found her car and cell phone about a mile away. nbc 10's deanna durante spent the day talking to investigators as well as jessica's friends. deanna, any new clues? >> reporter: not that police are elaborating on at this point. they won't tell us how they
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think that jessica's car ended up in a parking lot halfway between the day care and the place she was going. her father, stepfather's place of business. the district attorney says right now investigators are on high alert. this is not a standard missing person case and what's leading them to have this concern is the length of time this wife and mother have been missing without contacting anyone. >> they're a wonderful family, a normal, all-around good family. again, just -- you just never think something like this would happen. >> co-workers are at a loss for words. she left for lunch on friday and never came back. police and her friends have spent the weekend passing out and posting flyers for the missing 33-year-old. the newlywed and mother of three was last scene wearing her day care uniform shirt with the logo on the front. her youngest child was enrolled at the day care where she was working and last seen. when she left the day care, she
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left that child behind, making her disappearance very upsetting. >> it's extremely unusual. this is something that you don't think would happen in your neighborhood. >> wilkins lived across the street from jessica. state police were at his home today. her husband didn't want to talk on camera to us. police say her cell phone and purse were inside the car. investigate ares say it does not appear she was abducted but have not said what they think happened to jessica. >> we can give clues as to what happened, what she looks like, maybe it will spark something out there. somebody may have seen something and they don't know they've seen something. >> reporter: now, pennsylvania state police talking to people on the ground for most of the morning. their chopper flying above the scene, looking for any information they could find that could help them lead to this missing woman. volunteers tell us they have been searching on the ground along riverbank he's and retracing her steps from the day care to the parking lot. tonight they are asking for your
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help. if you know where this woman is, call police. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. a guilty plea from the former republican chairman, he's accused of sexuallyç assaultin an employee. robert kerns pleaded not guilty today but the plea was rejected so it became a guilty plea. he will serve two years probation and register as a sex offender. he was accused of having nonconsensual sex. the employee passed out after a night of drinking. hernandez is accused of killing etan paetz. they said hernandez had a low iq and didn't understand his rights. the judge disagreed. hernandez's trial is scheduled
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to start in january. a 92-year-old woman robbed and punched in the face. now philadelphia police have made an arrest. investigators have charged 21-year-old shane daughtry with robbery. he's one of two men who broke into aubrey washington's home back in july. nbc 10 spoke with washington after the crime. she told us one of the thieves punched her in the face and knocked her out. they got away with her rings and a television. police were able to get back several of those items. an army veteran who died in a massive pileup in berks county was laid to rest today. family and friends gathered for jeremy augustine's funeral in macungie today. an out-of-control tractor-trailer crushed his car and several others on allentown pike in maidencreek township last wednesday morning. police say the driver of the big rig, steven bernier fell asleep at the well and was speeding. he's facing dozens of charges, including homicide by vehicle. bernier was not hurt. closing arguments began
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today. christopher wheeler is the former head master at a prep school. officers say they found 2,000 images of child pornography at his home. if wheeler is convict on all 25 charges against him, he could serve at least 50 years in prison. a con stan reminder of the sacrifice police officers make every day. today the philadelphia police department honored one of their own. it came nearly 33 years after officer daniel faulkner was murdered. the 25-foot tall mural of officer faulkner now sits outside the 6th district police station where he worked. fellow police officers and faulkner's family were there for the tribute. officer faulkner was 25 years old when he was shot to death on december 9th, 1981. mumia abu-jamal is serving a life sentence for his death.
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police commissioner charles ramsey said officer faulkner will be watching over police officers for years to come. >> see everyone who's standing here, veteran officers, officers that are retired that worked alongside him, brand new officers that have yet to hit the street. all part of one family. >> officer faulkner's widow, maureen, thanked the more than 100 people of the ceremony today. she called the mural a beautiful tribute to her husband. philadelphia's archbishop returned home from rome today. last week pope francis announced he'll visit our area next year. we talked to the archbishop about the pope's visit. lu ann cahn outside the archdiocese headquarters in center city. the archbishop revealing anything new about the pope's visit? >> i think what he revealed today was that there are a whole lot of details that have to be worked out in the next ten months. there's a little bit of pressure to get this right. >> i'm excited and scared at the same time.
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it's a big responsibility. >> the archbishop says they expect more than a million people in philadelphia for the papal event since september and several cities the pope visits. >> there is talk and it is this level of talk now he may also go to new york to the united nations and to washington to speak with the members of congress. >> the archbishop said the pope's advance team should arrive in february. by then there should be a clearer picture of the agenda. half of the $45 million has been raised that will be needed to support the pope's visit. the archdiocese is hoping the federal government will kick in a substantial amount. there are about 11,000 in greater philadelphia, the archdiocese will be asking prigser ins and others to become host families and welcome visitors to stay in their homes. archbishop says he's known the pope for 18 years and was
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thrilled to hear the words from the pope himself that he's coming here. >> if it goes well, i'm the one that was sponsoring it. >> i'm glad he has a sense of humor. i did ask where the pope would be staying. frankly, they don't know. they do know a number of people in the area have offered to open their homes. the archdiocese says with this pope you never know, anything is possible. live at the archdiocese, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. a shake-up today inside the obama administration. secretary of defense chuck hagel is stepping down at the pentagon. president obama made that announcement today, praising his class and integrity. secretary hagel is a republican in a democratic administration and senior defense officials tell nbc news that hagel was forced to resign because the white house had lost confidence in his ability to lead the department of defense. hagel said the job was, quote, the greatest privilege of my life. >> i will continue to support you, mr. president, and the men and women who defend this
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country every day. i am immensely proud of what we've accomplished during this time. >> hagel has led the department of defense since february of 2013. he's going to stay on the job until a new defense secretary is confirmed. >> we are enjoying record warmth today. it's amazing out there. don't get used to this. we're tracking rain and snow for the middle of the week. now to nbc 10's doug shimell live in the lehigh valley. covering that approaching storm. >> and doug with temperatures in the 70s today, hard to think snow but people are busy getting ready for whatever comes our way. >> it wasn't very hard for them to focus on what they have to do over the next day and a half when they know they have a nor'easter in the offing. this is what you use to keep a nor'easter off a runway. >> how are we looking? good to go? >> yes. >> reporter: brian knows the
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lehigh valley international airport may get the brunt of the nor'easter on the business jeesl days of the year. >> they go out, they are brooming the snow off the runways. >> inside the terminal, the poinsettia tree is almost done for the 3,000 passengers who are hoping their wednesday flight will arrive or depart before any snow gets here. the airport is begging you to check with your airline. >> they will cancel the flight rather than letting it depart and get stranded somewhere in the system where they can't retrieve the flight. they will cancel well in advance as opposed to waiting until the storm is here. >> going to the airport or going to someone else's table, the obvious applies. >> i would say leave early wednesday. leave early wednesday. >> it's always better to be safe than sorry. >> reporter: so will leaving early wednesday get you around the storm? well, examine some scenarios coming up in just a little bit. live in lower macungie township,
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doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> let's get mosu specifics on this storm. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking its every move. glenn? >> renee and jim, these types of storms can move very quickly. sometimes the snow can come up faster than a lot of the computer models which suggest. so wednesday morning may not be early enough to leave. you may want to wait till thursday or go tuesday night. we've got heavy rain and snow in the forecast for much of the area. most snow, north and west, as a typical storm. that rain changing to snow in the philadelphia area and south and east. right now, nowhere near snow. it's 70 degrees. the wind 22, gusting to 32 miles an hour. hard to believe that in 48 hours it will be snowing. it's 70 in philadelphia, 71
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northeast philly. as sheena showed you, several places have set record high temperatures today. and we still have winds gusting to 30 to 35 miles an hour in parts of the area. now we're not the only ones that will be affected by this storm. it's going to be affecting the mountains, well down into maryland, all the way up into new england. so driving to the west, going to get into it. driving to the north, going to get into it. only up toward new york city and long island or down toward washington, d.c. can we expect minimal amounts of snow. accumulating snow with dangerous travel possible, especially in the mountainous areas that cool off faster. here's some of the moisture down along the gulf coast. that will combine with the storm in the pacific northwest. it's not going to combine completely. so i'm not expecting a monster storm with lots of wind.
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and it also means that it will move faster. so here's the timetable for the philadelphia corridor. i think it could start pretty early, 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. it will start as rain in philly. heavy rain will come in and change to snow. well before noon, i think. and during the afternoon it's mainly snow with accumulation and it's really tapering off in the evening. no snow of any significance on thursday. the north and west areas, lehigh valley, poconos, 4:00 to 8:00 a.m. it may start as rain and then briefly changes over to snow as it gets heavier. the heaviest snow may occur before noon. the snow continues in the afternoon and ends in the evening. south and east, starting early but starting as rain. rain all morning. rain may change during the afternoon and just a chance of snow later on. so this storm, it's not going to
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be arriving tuesday night. it will be on wednesday and as it goes offshore, there's that heavy snow. and how much? 8 to 12 inches in the poconos. 5 to 8 inches in many other northern and western areas. 3 to 5 in part philadelphia, i-95 corridor. 1 to 3 inches farther to the south and east and less than 1 toward the shore. a big difference from north to south. partly sunny tonight, unseasonably mild. 574 for the low in philadelphia, 48 north and west. tomorrow windy and colder day. i wouldn't call it cold. temperatures near 60 degrees. and the seven-day forecast, look at the drop in temperature. it's going to drop from 39 to 32 as the rain changes to snow on wednesday. by thursday, it's just plain cold. then it's just plain cold on friday as well. but by the end of the holidayç
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weekend, it's warming up, especially on sunday. we're up to near 60 degrees again. so weird things can happen with storms early and late in the season. >> i'm glad you said weird because that's the word i was thinking. the roller coaster. >> yes, this is something that happens in march and april, too. there's a lot of moisture with these kind of storms. they do have potential if it's coming down hard enough, you can change rain to snow and have it accumulate pretty quickly when you're not expecting it. >> which is what people will have to be following with you. >> very tricky forecast with lots of potential for some changes as we go through the next two days. >> i know you're watching it. thank you, glenn. it's something of an unsafe condition and frankly it's becoming dangerous. >> septa's safety procedures in question. new at 4:00, what officials say they're doing to engineers that's putting riders in danger.
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and the holiday season could do some damage to your wallet. coming up, three things you can do today that will save you from going into debt.
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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. >> nbc 10 first alert weather is tracking a holiday storm. >> it's expected to hit just as millions travel to their thanksgiving destinations. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here to tell us which areas will be the most challenging for travelers. sheena? >> renee and jim, much of the northeast as we go into wednesday is expected to receive a good amount of snowfall. for your thanksgiving forecast, if you are leaving tuesday, that is perfect timing, because we are going to be dry tuesday into tuesday night, here you see from washington to boston. temperatures expected to be above freezing. buffalo could be seeing snow by tuesday night. however as we go into wednesday morning, we do expect a nor'easter to start to impact much of the northeast, rain changing over to snow.
4:25 pm
even by 9:00 a.m. wednesday, i would say not a good time to drive. through the afternoon wednesday, you see the clock moving. temperatures start to drop off. by wednesday night, it still may not be a good time to drive. worst time to travel, anywhere from washington to the new england area. thursday, thanksgiving day, things dry out. it will be a colder day on thursday but at least through the morning hours we are dry. then we go through thanksgiving night. we stay dry. we stay cold. the one day you will really want to avoid is mostly going to be wednesday. i would suggest tuesday night or extremely early wednesday but this storm could start pretty early, too, or if you want to wait until thanksgiving morning. glenn will be back in just a bit with the details on the timing. they've reached a decision. >> now we wait. that is our top story on nbc 10 news today at 4:00. a grand jury in missouri decided if criminal charges should be
4:26 pm
filed against a white officer who shot and killed michael brown, an unarmed black teenager. couldn't the on nbc 10 news to bring you the decision as soon as it's announced. we're monitoring things in ferguson and here at home as well. then coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, more fallout from the casino crisis in atlantic city. thousands of people have lost their jobs and now it's hurting those most in need of help this holiday season.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> nbc 10 following breaking news out of ferguson, missouri. a grand jury has decided whether or not to indict a police officer for the deadly shooting of a teen. darren wilson shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown in august. taking a live look right now in
4:30 pm
ferguson, the prosecutor's office says the grand jury's decision will be announced sometime this evening. governor jay nixon has declared a state of emergency and activated the missouri national guard. sin the shooting, the ferguson area has been the scene of violent protests. nbc 10's george spencer live in center city this afternoon. >> tell us what some organizers here are planning as the grand jury's decision is made public hundreds of miles away? >> jim, right now we know that a group of faith-based organizations will be gathering at this arch street church within the next half hour. they are expecting rallies as a result of tonight's announcement and just about half of block south from where we're standing at city hall, we saw philadelphia police, staging for their response. that's expected when the grand jury decision is announced tonight. just within the past 30 minutes, two local pastors who spent time on the ground in missouri said they believe officer wilson will
4:31 pm
not be indicted. >> i think tension is palpable right now, not just in ferguson but around the country. people all across the country, especially people of color are struggling at this moment. >> every indication that we received from st. louis county is that they are not going to indict him and that's not going to go well with a lot of people. >> reporter: an air of tension is what you heard both of these pastors describe. the grand jury has been weighing evidence in this case for several months now. just within about the past half hour or so we spoke to mayor nutter who said citizens of philadelphia have the right to protest this decision if they so choose. he onlyç hopes any protests wi remain peaceful. this is obviously a fluid situation. it does look like the city hall area is the center of it. we'll have another update coming
4:32 pm
up in about an hour from now. live in center city, george spencer, nbc 10 news. skyforce 10 is over a house fire in west philadelphia right now. here are live picks from skyforce 10 at the scene. looks like firefighters have this thing under control. we don't have word of any injuries right now but there still is smoke rising from the scene. again, house fire at 51st and market street in west philadelphia. count on us to get more information about this fire. a storm many miles away is brewing right now. and it's coming to our area. just as millions willing on the move for thanksgiving. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking that holiday storm. >> glenn, this is a tricky storm as you said. what we get depends on what happens. tell us. >> with the temperature, with the track of the storm, with the intensity of the snow, there are a lot of factors involved in how
4:33 pm
difficult the travel is going to be during the day wednesday. but we have issued a first alert because we certainly expect difficult travel in at least a portion of the area, in probably much of the area. heavy rain changing to heavy snow in some places. the greatest amount of snow will go north and west. it will change from rain to snow in some areas south and east. how about for the timing? it could start pretty early. 4:00 to 8:00 a.m. probably starting as rain in most places although some snow to the north and west. and the peak of the storm, 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. could be coming down pretty hard and starting to taper off by wednesday night. we'll get more about the detailed timing and how much snow to expect where you live with the seven-day in just a few minutes. >> everything from travel to picking up ingredients for their
4:34 pm
thanksgiving dinner. nbc 10's rosemary connors live at philadelphia international airport. >> rosemary, what changes are in the works before a drop of moisture falls? >> jim and renee, i've been talking to the airport today. they tell me they have snow crews on standby. both the airport and the airlines have workers ready to de-ice the planes and tarmac if it comes to that on wednesday. they are expecting a lot of travelers, 440,000 people will be passing through here between wednesday and monday. for folks who are going to stay at home, spend thanksgiving here, it's a different kind of concern. they have to make sure they get everything they need for their thanksgiving dinner ahead of the rush and ahead of the storm. >> it's crazy today. it's even crazier on wednesday. i've been here on wednesday, the day before thanksgiving. no way. >> the wait for produce required some patience at reading terminal market this afternoon but shoppers here today actually consider themselves to be the early birds. >> buy a turkey breast roast and
4:35 pm
a turkey thigh roast, everybody gets what they want, dark, white meat. i solve one problem right there. >> can't go wrong. >> can't go wrong. >> are you paying attention to the forecast? >>y he, that's why i'm shopping today. >> at the acme on city avenue, customers stocked their carts with the holiday essentials and plan not to make a second trip before thursday. >> i was going to get a fresh target at the last minute. but because of the weather forecast, i'm getting a frozen turkey and let it defrost slowly in the refrigerator. >> try to get in sooner than later and get your shopping done before the wednesday night rush. >> reporter: the crew at terminal brothers bakery is busy. rain or snowthey'll be here wednesday. >> we will be open. we'll get here. as long as the trains are running and the city's not shut down. >> i have to get out early. preparation is the key to having a thanksgiving dinner.
4:36 pm
you try to prepare early and get it done. >> that advice certainly rings true for anybody who's traveling out of the airport. you can monitor your airlines alerts over the next couple of days and of course check in early. reporting live at philly international, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, rosemary. the nbc's first alert weather team and news team already working on this approaching storm around the clock. be sure to get updates on the air, online as well as on your mobile device with the free nbc 10 first alert weather app and the nbc 10 news app. we have new information on a deadly accident on i-95 in delaware county. police now tell nbc 10 a woman was walking on the interstate and she was hit by a bread truck. police say the woman's car had broken down in the northbound lanes around 3:00 this morning. she and her other passengers got out and that's when a trick hit three of them. 63-year-old doris goldwire was killed. the others were seriously hurt. they're being treated at kr
4:37 pm
croshere chester hospital. two of the children died, the mom passed away yesterday and one wounded child now clinging to life. nbc 10's south jersey bureau reporter cydney long is live in tabernacle. what have you found out today? >> reporter: renee, we found out friends and loved ones who were trying to help this mother, jeanine lepage who was struggling financially may, too, have been struggling. also the children's father who lived out of state and was not recently involved in their lives, he is in new jersey right now. outside the lepage jennings tabernacle home as family members get ready to go back inside. they did not want to comment. police say she killed her oldest son and 8-year-old daughter thursday morning. she did not survive a single gunshot wound to the head. state police say an autopsy will be complete tonight, this as a community dealing with the grief will engage in a moment of
4:38 pm
silence inside the tabernacle town hall. as investigators dig into lepage's past, including all text and e-mail communication as well as bank statements in recent weeks, we got our hands on tax documents at collector's office today. shows the family was delinquent and had fallen behind on their $6,200 a year property tax bill. someone paid the overdue balance this morning. >> they were completely broke and she said that it would be easier for her and her kids to be gone. >> reporter: monique courier tells nbc 10 she wishes she had done more to stop her friend who confided years ago she would kill her children. >> i'm so heartbroken. i can't believe it at all. it's just the most selfish thing anybody could ever do. >> reporter: many now praying the sole survivor, 11-year-old alex harriman is not in pain and overcomes his injury. nbc 10 confirms the children's
4:39 pm
father has been at his bedside at cooper medical center. >> we spoke to new jersey's department of human services about this family tragedy. if anyone reaches out to ask for help, don't assume they are making idle threats and don't leave them alone. every county in new jersey has a crisis screening unit. if that person refuses to go, you can also take them to an emergency room and if you fear that children might be in any immediate danger, you can reach out directly to the department of children and families. live in tabernacle tonight, cydney long, nbc 10 news. today college controversy. >> the new jersey university facing(áráicism for spending a couple hundred thousand dollars on a conference room table. first, here's what we're working on for you on nbc 10 news at 5:00. nbc 10 following the grand jury's decision on the ferguson police officer accused of using deadly force. >> also new at 5:00, food
4:40 pm
shelters in atlantic city running out of food. and coming up, how the casino crisis is taking a toll on hungry families. gas prices at the lowest holiday amount in five years. now we're looking at what you'll pay in new jersey, pennsylvania and delaware. count on nbc 10 news at 5:00. revealed through the work of its scholars and graduates. it has inspired strength and purpose. an enduring symbol of passion and excellence that is not static, but moves among us. a feeling...a shared experience, a reminder that we are connected for life. we are penn state, making our mark on the world.
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the same or less than they did last year. the federation is telling shoppers to come up with a budget and stick to it. if possible, avoid running up credit card debt. these turkeys right here apparently hoping to avoid the thanksgiving table. an nbc 10 viewer took this photo after spotting a few birds in ast aston, delaware county. phoning it in. >> the new way to deal with traffic violations. you can phone it in. you don't even have to show up. also potential trouble on the tracks, the operators of mass transit in ourç area say danger is lurking for commuters. i'm watching a pretty big holiday hassle. rain and snow. some of that snow will be significant. see what i'm predicting where you live in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert holiday forecast. a secure retirement.
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a new jersey university is under fire because of a conference table. kean university in union bought the custom built table for $219,000. it's 22 feet long. it's made in china. lawmaker joe krein called the purchase unethical and a waste of taxpayer money but the university's president told the rutgers newspaper it was small-minded to focus on the school buying a table. people trying to pay traffic tickets in philadelphia can phone it in. today the city launched a new toll freeç interactive phone system that allows the public pay fines, respond to citations and get general information. the system is available 24/7. and so is glenn "hurricane" schwartz when it comes to these storms heading our way. >> 24/7. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with the latest track on that storm. glenn, what can we expect? >> renee and jim, the one thing we are not expecting is for it to go out to sea and totally miss us. it's not going to come close
4:48 pm
enough to the coast to put everything as rain. it's going to be a mixture and it's likely to start as rain, change to snow. the colder air from higher up is going to come down and make that change. we won't have cold air moving in from buffalo or anything. it may seem too warm at the beginning of the storm but that temperature is coming down. more snow is going to fall north and west. elsewhere and the rain changes to snow, south and east. eventually it's going to take a while. right now, it is 70 degrees. we reached a record high of 72 today. we're gusting to 32 miles an hour and it is warm everywhere. not quite as warm at the shore with the wind coming in off the cooler ocean. we set records in allentown and reading today for heat as well. we're still gusting 30 to 35 miles an hour in some places. this is a large area covered by this winter storm. winter storm watches from maine all the way down through
4:49 pm
philadelphia and into maryland and the mountains of west virginia. this is a large-scale event, accumulating snow and just at the wrong time, on the busiest travel day. moisture is already down there along the gulf coast. it will be building up. it's going to be combining a bit with this system in the northwest. they're not going to come together perfectly. we don't have a blocking pattern so it's not going to be lasting that long. so this is not the ideal type of storm for you snow lovers. when you have the leaves on the trees and you get heavy snow, you can get power outages out of this thing. 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. it can start early, starting generally as rain, becoming heavier and changing potentially to heavy snow very quickly at some point. and then accumulating more during the afternoon. north and west, you'll get the greatest amount of snow, may be
4:50 pm
briefly rain and then continue during the afternoon, south and east. again, it starts early but as rain, it didn't change over until much later. now, the important factors that we're going to be looking at, this is not the last word on this, is it going to be rain or snowing at the peak of the storm? what about the temperatures? is it going to melt? and how far south and east. it's going to change over. the greatest amount of snow, 8 to 12 inches in the poconos, 5 to 8 inches in the far north and west. 3 to 5 in the philadelphia i-95 corridor and less to the south and east. there's a lot of moisture involved. if the changeover happens earlier, there will be more snow in some places. partly cloudy, unseasonably mild tonight. 48 north and west. mix of sun and clouds, not as warm tomorrow. high temperature near 60 degrees. after that, 39 in the morning wednesday, dropping to 32 during
4:51 pm
the day. on thursday, thanksgiving day, it's just kind of cold. it's cold the day after thanksgiving. but by sunday we're warming up and it will feel nice and balmy, near 60 degrees. we have a day and a happen to adjust as necessary. there's all sorts of new data coming in all the time. >> i know you're watching it. it's a potential danger that commuters may never see. >> the people who run mass transit in our area say this is a real threat. >> it's something of an unsafe condition and frankly it's becoming dangerous. >> lack of sleep and passenger safety. one group claims they're tired and overworked. today, the danger they say it poses to the public.
4:52 pm
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4:55 pm
a warn this afternoon to train passengers by septa engineers. they're saying some engineers work too many hours, risking fatigue that could put riders in danger. >> it's a warning that septa officials call unnecessary. >> the locomotive engineers are working ç14-hour days, six daya week. >> reporter: and that's too much according to union vice president steve bruno who represents train engineers. >> it's something of an unsafe condition and frankly it's becoming dangerous. >> reporter: the union says septa is not following safety rules for the engineers who fill in for sick and vacation coverage. rules that spell out how much time it takes engineers to get to work when they start in a location that's not their usual assignment. long commutes can reduce the amount of time an engineer has to recover from an already long day. >> we're seeing a the lo of engineers reporting for work having had their sleep
4:56 pm
interrupted and frankly in an unrested and unsafe condition. >> reporter: last year four people died when a metro north railroad train derailed in new york. the ntsb blamed the accident on a sleep-deprived engineer. here at home, the union says they've linked several accidents and violations to fatigued engineers but that's not true according to septa official ron hopkins. >> each one of those particular incidents, the individuals that were involved in it had more than 24 hours off before work on that particular day. >> reporter: septa follows all federal regulations when it comes to worker fatigue, according to hopkins. he says safety is septa's top priority. >> we believe that fatigue can be an issue. we pay close attention to it when we do our scheduling of our regular runs. we make sure if there's extra runs there's a meeting held between our management team as well as the union. >> septa tells us in the process of hiring and training more engineers. they say it helps reduce six
4:57 pm
days and overtime issues facing engineers. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> here are jacqueline london and keith jones. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, we continue to follow breaking news. >> an announcement is expected any time in ferguson, missouri. a grand jury has reached a decision over whether to indict a police officer in the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. stay with nbc 10 as we monitor developments. and i'm meteorologist sheena parveen. tracking a nor'easter just in time for some thanksgiving travel. coming up, i'll show you when we can expect some snow and who can expect it. that's straight ahead, next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:58 pm
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5:00 pm
now your nbc 10 first alert weather. right now at 5:00, record warmth. not quite beach weather but we're still at the low 70s and broke several november records all across the area. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here to tell us how long the warm weather stays with us. >> we begin with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz who's working a nor'easter that could bring us rain and snow. glenn? >> it's hard to believe that with temperatures in the 70s, two days from now we'll have snow on the ground in much of the area. we've issued a first alert about that. we told you about this storm late last week, that it was going to happen on wednesday. it will start as heavy rain and it can change like that to heavy snow. that's what happens with these storms. early in the season like november and late in the season


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