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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 2, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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a lot of moisture is on its way here. we still have more rain and possible freezing rain in tonight's forecast. to take a closer look at those temperatures, possible trouble spots, let's head over to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the temperature is going to be critical. it is borderline right now as we go into night time. the temperature got up to 65 yesterday. so it kept the roads relatively warm. now that we're near freezing or below freezing, you'll have to be some icy threat, especially on driveways and your sidewalks. some icing on trees, reading, coatesville, allentown, doylestown, all 31 degrees. 32, right at the freezing point, quakertown/pottstown. generally north of the pennsylvania turnpike, west of the blue route, coatesville, you have that issue of potential icing on some spots. as sheena showed you, we're not talking about anything that is especially heavy and it's plenty
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warm down to the south. but as we go through the night tonight, the temperature of anything is going to go up. and so the icing generally early in the evening and temperatures going up along with fog later on tonight. more on weather trouble as we head toward the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> see you then. in the meantime, here's a live look at interstate 380 up there in the poconos. drivers are telling nbc 10 they're slowing down because of slick conditions on these roads. nbc 10's doug shimell is live in milford township, bucks county. >> what are the conditions like where you are right now? >> it's a light rain, temperature at 32 degrees according to my phone app, my ipad has it at 31 degrees. when you talk to the turnpike crews, they say they are pretty much all salt all the time. the turnpike crews were out ahead of it. a snow and sleet mix along the
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northeast extension that truckers hoped would not be like last week's thanksgiving storm. >> that was bad. it come quick. it was real bad, real quick. >> today not much to worry about. >> i don't think so. it's on the verge of being frozen. >> and that is where they stayed much of the day. >> temperatures about 34 degrees. i came up from doylestown, 36 down there. i think we'll be fine. this is good. it gets cold, we'll have to watch it. >> reporter: for most drivers, it was so far, so good. >> i'm coming from k of p, king ofç prussia, going to lehigh valley, not far but the roads are fine, no one is being super slow yet, brake happy. >> reporter: in these conditions, perhaps brake happy not a bad thing to be in these conditions. the turnpike crews say they're not worried about accumulation, no plowing event but they say they will be monitoring the road surface temperatures just to make sure that all of this moisture doesn't turn into one
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invisible slick spot. live in bucks county, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. take our nbc 10 first alert weather forecast with you wherever you go. download our free weather app on to help you plan ahead. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a hepatitis scare at a new jersey restaurant. >> a confirmed case of hepatitis a was traced to a restaurant. cydney long is live in mercer county. >> there was a concern about a shortage of he agag agage of he. >> reporter: along with fellow employees, his family needed to be vaccinated before they could turn to the premises. that is why those vaccinations,
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shots are in short supply. it's something the health department is working quickly to resolve. >> i was there on black friday for lunch with a few of my girlfriends. >> reporter: for linda stag, rosa's restaurant and catering, what they ate for dinner or lunch could come back to haunt them seriously. >> diarrhea, stomach pain, fever, the normal gastro symptoms. >> the health department a worker who handles food prep in the kitchen and house operations contracted hepatitis a, the least severe in the hepatitis family. health officials shut the restaurant down yesterday in order to throw away anything that wasn't frozen and to clean and sanitize all areas of the restaurant. >> we helped them but it was to their approval. >> reporter: the health department is reaching out to as many customers as possible on catering receipts but a huge part of the popular business is takeout. too many to track down.
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employee donna severino spoke to us on the owner's behalf. >> this is an unforeseen thing, unfortunately. the poor fellow that's sick didn't plan on this, didn't realize it until unfortunately yesterday. >> we don't know how much this person has handled the food. >> reporter: rosa's also feeds children at nearby st. raphael's parish school. they did not wish to comment. the health department is urging anyone who ate at rosa's to call their doctor and schedule shots immediately. >> i think probably yes. we won't want to take the chance on getting contagious. >> reporter: you can see patrons did not shy away from the restaurant today. we just hung up the phone with the hamilton township health department. they are purchasing the vaccinations directly from a pharmaceutical firm, not neighboring townships. they areç leaning towards thursday to have a health clinic.
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just as soon as we know when and where that will be, so will you. cydney long, nbc 10 news. good news just in concerning atlantic city's casino crisis. the lawmakers sent a letter to labor secretary thomas perez asking him to approve a grant. new jersey applied for $29 million in federal help last month. that money would go toward job training and re-employment orientation for some 8,000 casino workers who have lost their jobs. burlington county investigators are trying to figure out what led to this driver driving into this flower shop. no one in the store was hurt and the driver only had minor injuries. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with the ongoing search for missing westchester university student shane montgomery. nbc 10 spent the day with investigators as they searched for video showing montgomery
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leaving a manayunk bar. so far, investigators haven't had any luck from video. they tell us eyewitness information is key. deanna durante live in manayunk with the latest on the investigation. >> right now investigators are combing the bars and restaurants and stores here in manayunk. just a little while ago we saw them coming in and out of restaurants here, looking for surveillance video that may show which direction shane montgomery went when he left kildare's irish pub early on thanksgiving morning. a big key in this case could be people who were here that morning who may have seen shane montgomery and saw which direction he left in. >> we don't have any information about him getting into a car. we know he didn't have a car there. could he have gotten into someone else's car? that's a possibility. we're not ruling anything out. >> reporter: it's been six days since shane montgomery vanished, last seen leaving kildare's thursday on thanksgiving
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morning. it's believed he was walking to his parents house. the distance is only about a mile. investigators say video collected so far doesn't show any sign of shane. >> we have to review all that video and see do we think he's on that video and sometimes that's going to involve getting those video images in front of family or friends, someone who will be able to recognize him. obviously who knows him better than we do. >> reporter: only nbc 10 was there today as philadelphia police visited a bar after manayunk's main street, collecting video from wednesday night into thursday morning. the bar owner tells me he's not sure shane was inside his bar that night but he did turn over video to police who are now going through it. >> police collecting video from up and down manayunk's main strip here. police tonight asking if you have any information to call them. reporting live in manayunk, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. pennsylvania's governor-elect heading to the nation's capital, tom wolf is
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set to meet with president obama on friday. wolf and other newly elected governors will talk to the president about job creation and other economic issues for their state. he defeated tom corbett in last month's election. mayor michael nutter says philadelphia is well represented on president obama'sç new task force designed to build trust between the community and police. that task force was created in response to the unrest in ferguson, missouri. the president appointed philadelphia police chief charles ramsey to lead the group. he was sitting next to the president during last night's announcement. the task force will recommend ways to support accountability, transparency and trust in police. >> how do we further engage in a positive way, communities and their involvement with the police, police and their involvement with the communities. there has to be trust. that's a daily effort. it's not just one and done. it's not one training program. it's something you have to do on a continual basis. >> the president has also asked congress for funding to buy body cameras for police officers.
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he also wants a review of programs that provide military style equipment to police departments around the country. nbc 10 spoke with commissioner ramsey after his visit to the white house. coming up at 4:30, what he's saying about his new role and the honor from president obama. today nbc 10 is learning what led to bill cosby's resignation with temple university's board of trustees. just within the last hour, nbc 10 spoke with the chairman of the board of trustees. rosemary connors is live in center city. what is the board saying about cosby's resignation. >> renee, patrick o'connor is speaking out on this really for the first time. he told me the board most likely would have voted on cosby's role as a trustee but it didn't come to that because cosby resigned first. i asked the chairman what cosby's high-profile had in terms of an impact on discussions over the past week. did his celebrity and obviously his financial support of the university make things difficult
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for the board to come to a quick decision? >> no. we would have decided the same way if his name was bill crosby and had the same sort of allegations. it would have been no different. it was just a more painful discussion given all he has done for temple. >> many people all over the city are weighing in on cosby 'resignati 'resignation. today i caught up with mayor michael nutter to get his comment on what happened. take a listen. what's your reaction to cosby's resignation? should the board have acted first? >> he's a trustee. he took action on his own. i'm not going to get into who should have acted first or any of that. we still to this day don't know all the details involved in this particular situation but in terms of temple university, i think as mr. cosby's statement laid out, he did what he thought was in the best interest of
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temple university and the board and the students, most importantly. >> reporter: coming up later at 5:00 and 6:00, you'll hear more from temple's chairman of the board, patrick o'connor, about what the university will do next, what led up to the resignation, again, that's all coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. reporting live in center city, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, rosemary. new at 4:00, we learned philadelphia rapper meek mill is set to be released from a jail today. his real name, robert williams.ç he spent five months for his role in a drug case. a judge ordered him to take etiquette classes and sent him to jail in july over an outburst at his parole office. now to a story you should pay close attention to especially during this busy shopping season. philadelphia police are looking for a thief who held up a woman at an atm. robbery happened last monday
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night around 11:30 outside the wells fargo bank on caster avenue. the robber got away with the woman's money but she wasn't hurt. a brutal attack, a 15-year-old beat his own uncle. police found the uncle unconscious and bleeding at his home in long crest. the teenager punched the man. they found a pliers and screw driver next to him. >> we don't know if it was just a punch or if some of these objects that were found right on the scene, right in the blood, a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, if they were used. >> the victim was taken to einstein medical center. he's still in extremely critical condition. police are looking for that neph nephew. governor chris christie joined the mayor, superintendent and local business leaders to announce a $50 million investment. the district will use that money to rehabilitate and renovate camden high.
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>> what's held them back is the building itself. not the quality of the teachers, not the quality of the students, not the interest of the parents. it's been the building itself has held them back. >> governor christie says these changes will help ensure all students get a 21st century education. coming clean about a violent attack on his wife in an atlantic city elevator. >> former baltimore ravens running back ray rice told nbc's matt lauer he's hoping to a second chance with the nfl. denise knack cnakano continuing our 20 minutes of nonstop news. >> one bad night, that's what ray rice says he and his wife had. rice spoke with the "today" show's matt lauer alongside his wife jenay and her parents. arbitrators threw out his indefinite suspension. now he says he's see a counselor and hopes to return to the field again someday.
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right now he says his focus is on his family. >> that's what i'm more worried about fixing. i want my wife, my daughter, my family, to -- we all want our lives back. >> rice says he and his wife would also like to help victims of domestic violence. as for what's next for ray rice, he's a free agent now that a suspension has been tossed out. that means he can play for any team willing to sign him. according to several reports, at least four teams have already expressed interest in him. now, on the "today" show this morning, rice told matt lauer he hopes any team interested in signing him will look deeper into who he is. i'm denise nakano, nbc 10 news. adrian peterson is fighting to get back on the football field. he was suspended for the rest of the season after pleading no contest to reckless assault on his 4-year-old son. anç appeal hearing began todayn new york city. the players union calls
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peterson's punishment unprecedented, arbitrary and unlawful. in light of these high-profile cases, congress taking a closer look at domestic violence in professional sports. represents from the nfl, nba and nhl and major league baseball are testifying before the commerce committee. troy vincent is the executive vice president of football operations. he spoke just moments ago about his own experience with domestic violence. and he got very emotional as he talked about watching his mother get beaten when he was a young child. >> i relate to the 20 million victims, survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse in every community across our great nation. >> you feel his pain there. lawmakers say they want to know how the policies of each sport punish those who commit acts of domestic violence. they also look at new policies
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that could be implemented in the future. back to our weather and that wintry mix depending on where you are. >> let's check in with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn, it is winter almost. >> i think we're finished with the snow but we've got an issue with potential icing in parts of the area. and that's our main concern over the next few hours. north and west, north of the pennsylvania turnpike, west of the blue route. it will be warming again, not just tomorrow but even overnight tonight. so by tomorrow morning's rush, i don't expect an icing threat. i do expect rain this weekend, though, maybe not just a couple of showers. well, we have a little bit of light rain, drizzle and we're going to have more and more fog as the night goes on. it's only 36 degrees in philadelphia. with a northeast wind, the wind chill is 28. and it's 26 degrees colder than it was this time yesterday. we're right at the borderline of
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temperatures in westchester, pottstown, allentown, reading. right at the freezing point. because it was so warm yesterday, the roads are going to take a little while longer to get icy. but there is that threat. now that we have night fall. along i-95, no issues at all. it's plenty mild to the south. we're not going to have an issue with freezing rain tonight. look how cold it is. 25 to 30 degrees colder than at this time yesterday. plus we have wind chill on top of that. not much in the way of precipitation now. it's very, very light. drizzle drops, too small for radar to detect for the most part. we do have a little bit of rain in there. the atmosphere is warming up overall. it's warming up up there first. that means it's not going to be snowing. we don't have that concern. a little bit to the west but
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farther to the west, that's the main area we're watching. moving to the east, this is icing, freezing rain in the mountains of western pennsylvania. that's why there's a winter weather advisory for all of these counties, north and west until 1:00 a.m. for some çicin. temperatures will rise after midnight. now all of chester county is in that, the upper portion of bucks and montgomery are in it. it's a close call. we'll have to watch this hour by hour as we go through the afternoon and evening. futurecast showing more and more rain coming in from the west. yes, it is just rain. it is not snow. and then as we go toward day break, it's patchy, it's light. there's some fog around. the temperature at least is above the freezing mark. as we go through the rest of the night, we have that icing. it's mainly on driveways and sidewalks as we go into the next few hours.
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but by tomorrow morning it's well above freezing. we have fog, patchy areas of rain early but milder in the afternoon. high temperatures in the low 50s. the seven-day forecast, one sunny day, it's thursday, the rain comes in friday night with this next system. it doesn't look like it wants to move very much, which means rainy day on saturday. more rain sunday with the eagles and even into monday. this is illegal. what you're doing right now is illegal. >> pretending to be part of the military on black friday. nbc 10 looks into why this fake soldier may not face charges. highway tolls rising but not everyone has to pay. the nbc 10 investigators look into who's exempt and if that money would stop the price from climbing. plus, commissioner ramsey on his new role, joining a nationwide task force aimed at making sure what happened in ferguson doesn't happen again, coming up on nbc 10 news today at 4:00.
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well, after all the spending on black friday and cybermonday, today is the day for giving, giving tuesday is a new campaign designed to celebrate generosity. in melbourne, chester county, nine businesses are taking part by donating some proceeds to charity or nonprofit. at julia's place their money will go to baker industries which helps people find jobs. >> we may give people work that may not be able to get work otherwise, whether they're recovering drug addicts, getting out of prison. >> experts say if you do choose to give, be sure you're donating to a reputable charity or nonprofit. according to the financial website wallet hub, our area has work to do when it comes to giving. on the list of charitable
4:25 pm
states, pennsylvania, delaware and new jersey all rank in the bottom 15. jersey almost at the bottom with 47. the list based on several factors including the percentage of taxpayers who donate to charity. a wintry mix could be making messy conditions on the roads for the evening commute. our team of meteorologists is using first alert radar to track the different conditions depending on where you live. glenn? >> it's a very close call in some areas. we're getting a mix of rain and freezing rain. we're dealing with that drastic drop in temperatures for this time yesterday. i'll let you know when we'll warm back up in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. a free pass for some drivers on the turnpike. the nbc 10 investigators found out who's getting by the gates without paying up. then coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, trouble with a tribute. why plans to regame this pennsylvania bridge after a fallen officer suddenly went wrong.
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ç a drastic drop on the thermometer since yesterday. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has been tracking and wintry mix and this roller coaster ride with the temperatures. >> we have wind on top of that making it feel like it's more than 30 degrees colder. we have some weather issues tonight. one of them is the fog. you can't see very well and the fog, if anything, will get more dense as we go through the night. just a little bit of patchy, light rain and drizzle now. the snow is pretty much gone, even poconos have changed over. but this is a large area of rain and some freezing rain in western pennsylvania, moving in our direction.
4:30 pm
we need those temperatures to go up just a couple degrees and we'll be okay. it will eventually go up tonight. we have the patchy, light rain. watch what happens after 7:00, 8:00. that comes right through and some of that rain could be on the heavier side. now, temperatures are going to be rising overnight and they certainly need to because it's right on the borderline of freezing. allentown actually down now a degree to 30. 31 in reading and 32 in several other areas. so we've got to watch those temperatures hour by hour, sidewalks, driveways, might get some icing on some of the car wind shields, for example. and then -- well, we've got more rain issues in the seven-day, going to affect the weekend, too. that's coming up in a few minutes. taking on the task right now at 4:00, philadelphia's police commissioner telling nbc 10 about his new role with president obama's task force. the president created that task force because of the fallout
4:31 pm
from ferguson, missouri. nbc 10's tim furlong spoke with commissioner ramsey this afternoon about the new position. >> tim, how did the commissioner find out about his new role? >> he got a very exciting call from the white house last week. they vetted him out and brought him to washington yesterday. i asked him, i said, what do you think when he got the call? he says when the president calls you and ask you to do something, you pretty much just go ahead and do it. it will be a big task in front of him, trying to fix a complicated problem that exists in many cities and towns across america. >> yes, it was pretty exciting. >> reporter: pretty exciting for philly's top cop to be asked by the white house to find a fix for the problems between many american communities and their police departments. the president says ferguson shows many americans, particularly young people of color don't feel they're being treated fairly by police. charles ramsey has to figure out why and how to fix it. >> we're starting to get our battle plan together. our task is to create that framework and provide some concrete recommendations for the
4:32 pm
president. and we can do that. >> reporter: body cameras could be part of the solution. he says the real improvements will come the old-fashioned way, hard working with more police walking beats, building relationships with the communities they serve, finding time for positive interaction and better defining what types of crimes are bringing officers to neighborhoods in the first place. the president has given ramsey a tough deadline. >> i have an idea of what needs to be done. >> reporter: commissioner ramsey has 90 days to come up with the plan.ç of course it will take a lot of local departments chipping in and trying to help make the whole solution work. he also promised me his responsibilities in philly will not take a back seat. we're live in philadelphia, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, tim. from our south jersey bureau, tonight, camden leaders
4:33 pm
will take the next step in the demolition. city council will discuss awarding the demolition contract to the lowest bidder. some say this project will say this project will reduce crime and get rid of hazardous building conditions that put neighbors at risk. and this is just the beginning. the city has a list of nearly 600 buildings that need to be demolished. this holiday season, millions of us will hit the highways and turnpikes. >> in some cases paying toll after toll after toll. but harry hairston and the nbc 10 investigators found out while the rest of us pay, some drivers get free rides anytime they want. harry's here with who's riding for free and how they're doing it. >> jim, renee and you at home, every time you pay a toll, you help pump millions of dollars into a turnpike or tollway system. but not everyone has to. >> good afternoon, this is tommy. >> flower shop owner tommy strauss says, the pennsylvania turnpike is the quickest way to make his deliveries.
4:34 pm
>> we're on and off the turnpike at least six, seven times a week. >> he says paying the tolls is the cost of doing business. >> i'm paying these tolls every day, money out of my pocket. i don't really deduct it from my customers' delivery charge. >> reporter: but not everyone has to pay. the nbc 10 investigators discovered more than 2,000 turnpike employees don't have to pay tolls. >> it's actually a benefit that our commissioners have decided to grant our employees. obviously it's something we plan to continue to do. >> reporter: p.a. turnpike commission spokesperson bill capone says employees get to ride the turnpike for free any time they want, even when they're not working. how many times a day does an employee travel? >> i really can't tell you that, harry. >> reporter: that's a costly problem, according to this 2013 state audit.
4:35 pm
it says toll-free rides are costing the turnpike commission millions of dollars in lost revenue. capone disagrees. >> we don't view it as lost revenue. it's always been a practice that's been followed at the turnpike. >> reporter: the audit also states, quote, this generous perk comes with little oversight at a time when the turnpike raises tolls for other travelers. >> things change all the time. should this change? >> should it change? >> reporter: yes. >> you know, obviously i'm an employee. i benefit from it. so i'm going to say no, we don't think it should change. >> reporter: in new jersey, about two-thirds of turnpike employees get free tolls twice a day. once on the way to work, once on the way home. the employees pay for all other tolls. delaware's system is the most restrictive. >> the only time that a state employee can use that nonrevenue transponder is when they're in a state vehicle. >> reporter: mike williams is a
4:36 pm
spokesperson-fo for delaware's department of transportation. >> if they choose to take route 1 where there's tolls, they're paying for it. >> reporter: not the state? >> correct. not the state. >> reporter: no reimbursement? >> no reimbursement. >> reporter: with no plan to change the no-toll system, he calls it unfair. >> i'm paying for the upgrades and the pavings and they're abusing the system. that's a lot of money. >> reporter: the p.a. turnpike commission does add they expect employees using the turnpike on personal time to look out for problems on the roads and report in. tolls on the turnpike increased by 5% in january. for the investigators, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, harry. hiccups for new health care signups in pennsylvania. >> first, here's what we're working on for nbc 10 news at 5:00. right at 5:00, a hepatitis scare inside a south jersey
4:37 pm
restaurant. the warning they're giving customers. then, u.s. postal workers stealing gift cards in the mail. how employees were busted pocketing the money. plus, general motors recalling over 300,000 suvs. what is now failing in their cars besides air bags. also, a new jersey lawmaker's push to help atlantic city casinos still in business. how he wants to save them money to avoid another crisis. count on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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♪ he's got the moves. >> that's nbc 10's own vai sikahema getting people motivated at the campout for hunger. wmmr holds the event every year. they are broadcasting from the parking lot of xfinity live and collecting donations. vai was there this morning along with tracy davidson, lu ann cahn and sheena parveen. >> people also in the giving mood at the support center for child advocates in philadelphia. the organization kicked off its holiday toy drive. it serves abused and neglected children. last year the group collected more than 5,000 toys. it's almost show time for the rockefeller center christmas tree. the annual lighting celebration is set for tomorrow night. you may recall the 85-foot norway spruce that came from
4:41 pm
hemlock township, pennsylvania. it weighs about 13 tons. tomorrow's event will include musical performances from mariah carey, lady gaga and cyndi lauper. >> all the great trees come from pennsylvania. notice that? >> and some that had holes in them. >> yes, absolutely. all trees. we love all the trees in pennsylvania. >> all right. overwhelmed with calls and requests. >> more pennsylvanians are now signing up for health care but first day of enrollment wasn't without problems. the jam on the health care hot line, plus what the expansion and coverage means for you. >> i've got a wintry mix of rain and freezing rain making a mess tonight. tracking the system moving through parts of our area now, plus a midweek warmup and weekend rain in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, back to the drawing board. this pennsylvania bridge was supposed to honor a fallen officer but officials now say
4:42 pm
they got wrong.
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people are flooding a state hot line with phone calls as they try to enroll in pennsylvania's expanded medicare program. so many people called the hot line that it jammed up the phone. the state is assuring people there's no deadline to enroll. single adults under 65 could apply if they make under $16,000 a year. state says that makes about 600,000 adults newly eligible. a sexually explicit photo led to a big scandal at princeton university. one of the school's prestigious eating clubs has removed from of its officers, according to "the new york times," one of the officers e-mailed the photo of a sex act happening inside one of those?xclubs. a spokesperson for princeton says the school is also
4:46 pm
investigating what happened and will determine if any other action should be taken. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> wow, what a change from yesterday. we were 65 degrees yesterday and now we're talking about some possible icing. northern and western suburbs. we will be warming again, a little bit later tonight and considerably more tomorrow. but we do have rain in the forecast for the weekend and not just a little bit of it. you can see how low the clouds are, the tops of the skyscrapers kind of cut off because the clouds being that low, of course that means flight delays, among other things. 36 degrees and rain in philadelphia, northeast at 13, 26 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday. wind chills are in the 20s. the temperature is what's really critical. the temperature determines if there's going to be icing, not the wind chill. 30 in allentown, 31 reading, 32 pottstown and westchester.
4:47 pm
that's at the interim level about four feet. at the ground could be a couple degrees warmer. eventually the colder air may make it down to the surface. we have to keep watching the areas north and west. i-95 southward it's way warm enough to not worry about any kind of icing at the shore. it's almost 50 degrees already and warmer air coming in. and look how much colder it is than yesterday in many places, 20 to 30 degrees colder. plus the wind chill. now not much on the radar close by. those drops are tiny, too small for radar to detect. that's just some drizzle. unfortunately with those temperatures it's freezing drizzle in some places. now, this is not drizzle. back out to the west, that is a solid area of rain and some of this is freezing rain, moving eastward. we don't have any snow to deal with during the night tonight. this is all about freezing rain and freezing drizzle. so some icing to 1:00 a.m.
4:48 pm
that's why the winter weather advisory is in effect for pretty much areas north and west of the philadelphia area. all of chester county, the upper portion of bucks, upper montgomery as well. but there still could be isolated places a little bit closer in that have icing, especially on driveways and sidewalks and on the car windshields. but eventually the temperature is going up. that will mean less and less icing overnight. the rain itself will get heavier late this evening. and by tomorrow morning, there still could be light rain or drizzle plus fog around. the temperature will be several degrees higher than it is now. so not anticipating any icing in the morning, no snow in the morning. tomorrow even though we got a lot of clouds we may see temperatures at or above 50. could see a couple of showers if any sun comes out. during the night tonight, we have temperatures slowly rising. we have rain and fog overall,
4:49 pm
but for the next few hours we have the threat of freezing rain, freezing drizzle north and west. even north and west, the cold spots, i expect the temperature to go up as the wind shifts into the southwest. that will warm us up more tomorrow, 50 or above. even with the cloudy day, patchy, rain, fog in the morning. not the prettiest day but not as cold as today. the one pretty day is thursday. it's going to be a little on the chilly side and rain comes in by friday night, lasts into saturday. that seems to be a pretty good bet that it's going to rain on saturday. and an increasing bet that it will rain on sunday and a chance that it will rain on monday as well, all from the same system that just doesn't move. stolen valor investigation. >> the story we first showed you last night that has everybody talking on social media. nbc 10 did some more digging on the potential dishonor, why a man dressed as a member of the military may not face charges. then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, this video
4:50 pm
looks like an ordinary sidewalk encounter but moments later it turned vial en. who police say is behind a surprise attack.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
a man dressed as a member of the military soliciting at a local mall on black friday. >> we showed you this video last night at 11:00 and our story got a lot of you talking. nbc 10's lu ann cahn did some more digging to find out whether that man was actually doing anything illegal. lu ann? >> reporter: you know, the fact of the matter is anybody can buy something that looks like a military uniform and wear it. it's not illegal and people come
4:54 pm
to buy clothes like that at this store all the time. but an army veteran took this video because he believes this man crossed the line. >> where's your combat patch at. >> i gave it to a little kid. >> reporter: we're not revealing the identity of the philadelphia man in this uniform because he's not been charged with a crime. this decorated army veteran who was behind the camera believes he should be charged. >> you're full of [ bleep ]. stolen valor, right here. >> to have this guy pretend he's done the same thing on the caliber my friends did, it's just -- it gets you infuriated. >> reporter: ryan burke called out the man at the oxford valley mall on black friday when he saw him telling war stories to children in a uniform that didn't look right. he doesn't know if he got store discounts, but if so, he could be in violation of the stolen valor act.
4:55 pm
i left a note at his home today asking for an explanation but we've received no answer. we showed the video to managers of i-goldberg, one of the only army/navy stores in philadelphia. people come in here and they want to pose -- want to dress? >> exactly, right. >> reporter: that's not illegal. it's illegal if you use it for monetary gain. in this store, the uniforms are replicas. they look good but they are not the real thing. >> unfortunately you can go online and it's not regulated and you could find the real stuff and it's -- unfortunately there's nothing you can do about it. >> reporter: all right. so if someone is posing as a soldier and gets monetary benefits, what can happen? i'm working on that story for 6:00. live in center city, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. next all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, surprise attack. a woman holding her baby is nocked to the ground being kicked from behind.
4:56 pm
who police arrested for the surprise attack and what the victim is now saying. and we're watching another chance for rain, even freezing rain through parts of the area. i'll show you that forecast, the timing of it and some milder temperatures, coming up. and a special honor, sort of, why pennsylvania officials have to rethink this bridge now named in honor of a fallen police officer. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> right now on nbc 10 news at 5:00, first alert radar, tracking a cold and wintry mix of weather in parts of our area. some places are actually seeing snow and for others it's rain or sleet. nbc 10's first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking it all on radar. sheena? >> some of the other threats we have across the area through tonight is going to be freezing rain. we've seen reports of that this afternoon. temperatures in some areas still below freezing. we are watching another batch of moisture getting ready to move in. here's what it looks like right now, just off to our west or central pennsylvania, we have quite a bit of freezing rain or sleet there. so an icing event possibly in some parts. locally we have extremely light precip. it may give us freezing rain through berks county, upper montgomery county and the lehigh valley and the poconos. we have a wintry weather advisory north and west of
5:00 pm
philadelphia for freezing rain which could be causing icy spots on the roadways. also through parts of the poconos, light snow or sleet being reported at times. we will continue to provide more moisture. a few areas of drizzle, as we go through the next few hours, a few areas of freezing drizzle. all that moisture is heading for us. we will have another round of rain moving in. i say rain because we expect the temperatures to start warming up a bit. here's chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn? >> that's right, sheena. we need the temperatures to go up. they only need to go up a little bit and we just have some rain during the night tonight. but they stay below freezing, now it's nightfall. you can sometimes get icing on things. allentown is 31. at least that's up a degree from a half hour ago. reading at 31 and right at the freezing mark in coatesville, pottstown, quakertown, doylestown, lancaster at 32


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