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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 3, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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officer darren wilson. as we've been reporting there have been protests all across the country and in philadelphia since that grand jury's decision not to indict that police officer. also even though we haven't been hearing this from the protest today, this protest this afternoon comes as a grand jury in new york decided not to indict a police officer who was involved in the death of a man who was arresting eric garner. again a chokehold situation but that grand jury decided not to indict that police officer so you can imagine the emotions in this crowd are running very high today as they chanted, they have been chanting through the streets of philadelphia, they have been saying black lives matter. we'll continue to follow them on this march. as i suspected we're heading down towards ben franklin parkway getting closer to the art museum. we'll continue to follow this. they have been trying to get on 76 and vineway expressway but philadelphia police have been adamant about keeping them off the highway.
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reporting live in center city i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. let's recap. demonstrators gathered at 30th street station just before 4:00. as you heard at 4:10 the group dropped to the ground lying on the concourse. rosemary will follow the protest. count on nbc 10 to stay with this demonstration as it happens live. nbc 10 is also following several breaking stories this afternoon clueding more trouble now for bill cosby. >> within the past two hours two more women have come forward with allegations of sexual assault. nbc 10's renee chenault-fattah live is in the operation center. those two women along with another accuser is represented by gloria allred. >> reporter: that's right. and gloria allred, she suggested that bill cosby waive the statue of limitations and that would allow the accusers to take him to court. now a news conference with
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allred and the accusers just wrapped up. the attorney asked cosby to put $100 million into a fun. then any accuser who won a civil suit from cosby could take money from that fund. bill cosby's lawyer has not responded to requests for comment and it's important to note that, again, bill cosby has not been charged with any crime. reporting live from the digital operations center, renee chenault-fattah. back to you. >> more breaking news out of new york city. as mentioned earlier, a grand jury has decided not to indict a white police officer on criminal charges in the chokehold death of an unarmed black man in july. an attorney for the victim's family said he was told there would be no indictment for officer daniel pantaleo in the death of eric garner. police stopped garner in staten island for selling loose untaxed cigarettes. video from a witness showed
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garner refusing to be handcuffed. officer pantaleo responded by putting garner in an apparent chokehold which is banned under nypd policy. let's talk about the weather outside. people had their umbrellas out. now the temperatures are starting to cool. >> sheena parveen is here with your first alert forecast. >> we're really drying out right now. as you can see across the area the rain has pretty much left us. we still have some thicker cloud cover in south jersey and delaware. rear at 41 in allentown, 43 pottstown, 49 northeast philadelphia. closer to the shore temperatures around the low 50s. but as we go through tonight those numbers will be dropping off. so the northeast has already seen the sunset. sun is already down.
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skies are darkening. clouds even though you won't see it will be clearing as we go overnight tonight. so by 6:00 still the mid-40s, damp and chilly, by 10:00 p.m. closer to the 30s, more clearing as we go overnight tonight and you'll notice more sun as you wake up tomorrow morning. but i am tracking another stretch of rain in the forecast. this one happens to go into your weekend. i'll show you the timing of that weather coming up. >> three people shot right in front of a southwest philadelphia daycare center. police tell us before the gunfire two grownups of men were arguing at 54th and pascal around 11:30 this morning. four of the men were armed. two fired their weapons. thankfully no one was outside at the daycare center playground because of the rain. investigators are now looking over surveillance video. >> one of the males pulled out a gun, started shooting at thee males running from the scene, from the area. three males continuing to run southbound. one is struck in his back.
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one is struck in the leg. one struck in the arm. >> the three men who were shot is being treated at the hospital, university of pennsylvania. all three had run ins with police in the past. we have new information on this house fire in camden county. the house belongs to joseph marini. he wasn't there when the fire started at 10:00 this morning. his stepson and another man were. stepson is a volunteer firefighter in mount ephraim. in the past few minutes we learn his stepson was critically burned. >> we had reports one 0 you can pan trapped in the basement. police extricated that individual from the steps of the basement to the rear and immediately turned him over to ems. >> crews took the other man to the hospital as well but wasn't as seriously hurt. investigators say the two men were using paint stripper in the basement when that fire started. a robber force ad woman inside her house in southwest philadelphia overnight and stoll
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$75. tonight police are on thunder for the man responsible. it happened around 2:00 this morning on 56th street. investigators say the woman was walking home from a take out restaurant when the robber attacked. it has been seven days still no sign of shane montgomery but family and friends aren't giving up hope that the westchester university student will return home. in the rectory of manayunk church family and friends handed out flyers and fanned out across the area to post new pictures of shane and advertising the increased reward of $31,000 for information leading to him. >> people don't just vanish and people have not seen anything of shane since thursday a.m. and that's just somebody saw something. >> a vigil is planned at westchester university tonight. we'll take you there live on nbc 10 news at 6:00. the aclu says some delaware
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charter schools don't offer all kids the same opportunities. today they filed a federal complaint against the state department of education. nbc 10 in wilmington today the aclu says delaware schools have been resegregated. it says some of delaware's better performing charter schools unfairly favor kids from wealthier families while lower income students and students with disabilities are relegated to lower performing schools. the group says some charter schools require kids to get their own ride to school and charge fees you don't see in traditional public schools. >> these requirements are insurmountable barriers for most low-income african-american or hispanic families. special need students. single parent families and the like. >> state department of education tells nbc 10 that officials are now reviewing the complaint. for now the aclu wants the state to stop issuing new charters and wants guarantees that charter schools can't charge any fees public schools do not. we've been hearing a lot
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about this lately, airbag maker takata says it's not necessary but honda is expanding its recall of driver's side airbags for all 50 states. a senior executive with takata corporation appeared before the house commerce subcommittee that's examining the defective airbags. he said takata will focus its recall on areas with high humidity saying prolonged exposure to heat can cause the propel lent to burn faster. >> make no mistake we'll take all actions necessary to advance the goal of safety for the driving public. including working to produce additional investment to support any further recall that may be announced by automakers. >> at least five deaths and
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dozens of injuries have been linked to the problem. more trouble new accusations this afternoon against bill cosby. plus, a closer look at the new lawsuit that claims cosby molested an underage girl. they can afford new surveillance cameras so reading police are asking the public to chip in. we'll have more on the unique fundraising method. plus diagnosing concussions. the new tool being tested in pennsylvania and how teams can use it on the football field.
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new information about a possible case of ebola in massachusetts. officials at massachusetts general hospital says an initial test for ebola is negative, however the patient has tested positive for malaria. further diagnostic testing is needed to rule out ebola and other diagnoses. an apology from nbc news chief medical correspondent dr. nancy snyderman said she's violating for voluntary ebola exposure. dr. snyderman left her house after medical officials asked her to quarantine herself. an nbc cameraman traveling with her was diagnosed with the virus and has since recovered. dr. snyderman told matt lauer this morning on "today" she
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failed to fright jee jee jeen - understand how frightened the american public was of the disease. nbc had kept snyderman off the air for about a month and a half after the quarantine incident. >> a company is on the front line for the effort to better dedebt concussions. pittsburgh area company's work is still groundbreaking. we got a firsthand look at what they are doing. >> reporter: you may have heard the saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul. >> we've often grown up that poetic license but there's real science behind that. >> reporter: but they are proving that your eyes could be key in helping doctors better diagnose concussion. >> the eye is essentially telling us what's going on inside the brain. >> let me go this way.
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>> reporter: we got a hands on look. >> we don't want you thinking about this. we want the brain reflecting to this. >> reporter: much of it involves this closed unit that has a chair, goggles and high end video technology that tracks how are you eyes respond to a number of tests. abnormal result kos shs could s have a concussion. >> there's objective data they can look at and say at least now i have some barometer, some measurable barometer of what's going on here with this concussion. >> reporter: they are testing a portable way to detect concussions. it's small enough to keep in a team's locker room or out on the battlefield. the nfl just awarded the company along with researchers at pitt and university of miami a $500,000 grant to help speed up its development. >> reporter: i think the world of doctors is fairly anxious to get a tool that will help them.
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tools that could help doctors have the science they need to see concussions. now let's head out live to rosemary connors following the protests. >> reporter: that's right. we're live by the art museum by 22nd in a ben franklin parkway. protesters here are met with police, philly police bike officers. they are blocking off this ramp that gets on to the vine administrate expressway and 76. here's what we're talking about. you can see this is one of those ramps that comes off of vine street that would eventually go on to 76. this is where police are trying to keep the protesters at bay and not have them get on the highway. we've seen them all afternoon the 30th street station once
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they threat grand hall they made their way to vine street and 76. they were met with the same bike overseas. these bike officers, three or four people deep. it looks like the protesters may be starting to turn down 22nd street. moving in for chestnut towards market street. again we'll continue to follow them. i do want to point out as we've been updating you, we've been documents it but so have philly police. i've seen a few police officers with cameras to make sure they are recording what's happening. we'll continue to walk with these protesters. you can see right here there are some tense moments between these protesters and the police officers but the police officers are standing their ground. we'll continue to update you and send it back to you. >> as we're following the protest in center city tensions have been easing a bit in ferguson, missouri. police there are now investigating michael brown's stepfather. they are considering whether to
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charge him with inciting a riot that fold the grand jury decision not to indict wilson. moments after that decision was announced brown's mother and her husband were captured on video venting their anger and grief. protesters burned and vandalized businesses leading police to make 125 arrests during the next five days. today lewis released a statement responding to possible charges. it reads in part to place blame solely on me for the conditions of our community and country after the grand jury decision goes way too far and is as wrong as the decision itself. well new concerns tonight about ion batteries and whether it's safe to fly on a plane carrying large shipments of this. this is an faa test of a cargo plane packed with ion batteries
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and a heart. when the temperature rose the container exploded and caught fire. investigators blame the batteries for several accidents like in 2006 when a u.p.s. plane barely made to it philadelphia after a fire broke out. pilot unions are calling for tougher rules. all system are go for tomorrow morning's launch as the unmanned orion space capsule. the launch atop a delta 4 rocket from kennedy space center. it's the nation's first new spacecraft intended for true outer space travel for humans since the apollo moon program. the test flight is a major step towards nasa's effort to send a human to mars or an asteroid. the bay area, drenching rains continue for a sixth day. ohio state are flooded. mudslide threat. in some areas cars have become almost submerged. the almost to the door handle of
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that car. high wind advisories were also issued. dozens of flights delayed. guess what? even more rain is in the forecast for the area. and while the west coast is dealing with rain we are finally getting rid of our rain so we'll continue to clear out as we go through tonight and the overnight hours so the clearing continues, clouds will start to clear later tonight and then the temperatures will drop. overnight tonight we'll get to freezing in philadelphia. areas north and west in the 20s. then a rainy stretch that will be coming back to the area and this time it will be going across the weekend. we'll show you that in a minute. here's a live look outside. still some low clouds but starting to see a bit of a break in a lot of the cloud cover. 47 degrees right now in philadelphia. feels more like 43 degrees especially with the dampness outside from the rain earlier today. yesterday that dampness the ends to make it colder.
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41 now in allentown. 36 in mount pocono. numbers will be dropping. 51 in millville. 52 degrees in dover. and atlantic city 51 in stone harbor. locally we are really starting to clear out the rain but we have more cloud cover in south jersey and delaware overnight tonight so we'll see more improvements, drier air also to the west so that will start to move in but then we'll see more clouds moving in as we go later into the day tomorrow. here's future weather. we stay drier as we go through tonight. notice no rain on future weather forecast. by 10:00 tomorrow morning we'll be seeing sunshine. it will be a chilly day and then through the afternoon those clouds actually start to come back. so we start off with sun and see increasing clouds once again. then as we go into friday for the end of the week we have another system that's approaching. this is the rainy stretch i was telling you about. rain starts to move in from the west on friday. this goes into saturday
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afternoon. notice much of the northeast now seeing the rainfall even into sunday. area of high pressure towards the north gets pretty close so that will cause windier conditions sunday afternoon especially along the shore. we could look at very high winds along with rain. leading to coastal flooding concerns. this is the case sunday afternoon could linger into monday and as that air of low pressure turns morneau a nor'easter we'll watch this very closely for any wintry precip of mix or snow throughout much of the northeast. tonight clearing and colder, 33 for the low in philadelphia. our temperatures will be dropping down. then tomorrow afternoon we're in about the mid-40s, mid-to-upper 40s. a chilly day starting off with sunshine and seeing increasing clouds. then as we go into friday rain later in the day. rain saturday. we see the rain sunday. so, so far the eagles game could be rainy and windy and those temperatures will be kind of chilly too. for the start of the game sunday 43 degrees, chance of rain and
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rainy questions by the fourth quarter upper 30s. a rainy stretch as we go into the weekend and by monday we'll be watching some wintry precip. more details coming up. >> a u.p.s. employee accuses the shipping giant of discrimination because of her pregnancy and now the supreme court is taking up the case. how their ruling could impact female workers across the country. one airport needed better security from its own workers. find out how they were stealing from passengers.
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one of the biggest holiday traditions in the big apple
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watched by millions across the country. a live look right now. christmas tree at rockefeller hours before its lights come on. tens of thousands of people are expected to stand behind the police barricades. lady gaga, mariah carey, tony bennett are expected to perform. you can watch it right here on nbc 10, coverage begins tonight at 7:00 right after "nbc nightly news." cyber monday is fading away and turns out this cyber monday was the big engineer online shopping day ever. that's according to analytics firm that says e commerce sales hit just over $2 bill. first time cyber monday sales surpassed the $2 billion mark. walmart said it had its biggest e commerce day on monday. a sweet idea from hershey.
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the candy maker is looking to replace high fructose corn is your rupp. it's in the early stages of exploring a move to sugar instead. the company hopes to appeal to those who avoid high fructose corn syrup. it's gained a bad reputation for weight gain and diabetes but neither have been proved medically. controversy tonight over another grand jury decision. >> the officer who put an unarmed black man in an alleged chokehold will not face charges in his death. we'll have reaction that decision coming up next. keeping reading safe. the city wants new surveillance cameras to do it. we'll have more on the unusual way they are trying to pay for it. >> plus all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00 the story you want to hear if you take the commodore perry bridge. new plan is in the work and how it could affect drivers. >> happening live. live picture of a protest in center city philadelphia over the grand jury's decision in ferguson. these protesters now walking
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down 21st and market towards city hall. demonstrators have been moving all across the city. they gathered at 30th street station. rosemary connors is following them right now. count on nbc 10 to stay with this demonstration as it happens live.
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happening right now at 5:30 a protest in center city over the grand jury's decision in ferguson. >> nbc 10's rosemary connors has been following the demonstration. they started at 30th street station. rosemary i understand they are making their way to city hall now? >> reporter: they are. we looped back to market street. this is the end of the protest. we stopped for a moment. ambulances, police cars, really the city has been shut down for much of the afternoon. as you can see at 20th and market street officers are on street directing traffic. so they are letting some cross streets come through but, again, the protesters are heading towards city hall so that area around broad street will be shut down. this all started this afternoon at 4:00. the group that organized this protest is called in defense of black bodies and what they did at 30th street station they staged a die in in which they dropped to the crowd for four minutes and 30 seconds to treatment time michael brown was
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onto ground four hours and 30 minutes after he was shot and killed by police officer darren wilson. there have been protests all across the country and here in philadelphia. people who were angered by the grand jury's decision not to indict darren wilson. as we've been reporting this afternoon, this protest has been a little fluid and some tense moments, emotional moments for the protesters and police. they tried to get on 76 and vineway expressway at various points, back by the art museum at this point they are headed towards city hall. we're at 20th and market street. traffic is starting to move. they opened it up. this is the rush. traffic has been snarled this afternoon but police are trying to help people get home safely. we do have a crew down apartment city hall and we'll be heading there in the next few moments and continue to update you. reporting live in center city, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. new information on the
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recovery mission for a man's body at the port of wilmington. the u.s. coast guard has suspended its search today for the man. the worker went missing after a bargs capsized last night. rescuers were able to pull two other men from the our immediately. investigators believe the victim may have been tangled in the equipment under water. this afternoon's rain has moved out but the clouds have stuck around. >> meteorologist sheena parveen is here with details on your first alert forecast. >> as the clouds break up and move out we'll start to see temperatures drop-off but for today we were not as cold as yesterday, if you remember we had some mixed precipes and sleet north and west. we're in the mid-40s in the philadelphia area. all the rain has moved away. we're starting to see clearing. some cloud cover is still around but by tonight we'll see more clearing taking place and that will be dropping our temperatures so as we go through the rest of this evening the
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numbers will be dropping off slowly and by tomorrow morning we'll be around freezing. by 6:00 p.m. tonight still in the mid-40s. by 8:00 p.m. dropping a degree or two with clouds breaking up by 10:00 tonight. temperatures will be closer to the 30 degree mark in some areas, coming up i'll show you that colder forecast plus our next rainy stretch of weather that's just ahead. >> police in reading want to make the city safer by improving its surveillance cameras. >> but they don't have enough money to do it. the city is asking the public to chip in. randy, the city needs what $80,000. how do they plan to raise that money? >> reporter: well, since the city is considered financially distressed they are so cash-strapped that they can't use any tax money to fund this project. instead they are going directly online using a crowdsourcing website, go fund me. you may have heard about it. we spoke to a lot of neighbors who say these cameras have been effective solving muggings and
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murders but $80,000 price tag is a lot to ask for in a recovering economy. inside the surveillance control room at reading police headquarters -- >> we have about 46 cameras in the city, hand tilt, zoom. >> reporter: live images are baemd back to detectives. these cameras caught drug dealers and murder suspects even as budget cuss here have left fewer officers on street. >> cameras have become an integral part of the investigation. it's one of the first things we do. >> reporter: the police chief wants more eyes watching many more intersections. some of the cameras are getting old and blurry. a new wireless high-definition system will cost $80,000 but reading can't afford it. >> expanding the camera system, we're making improvements to the camera system. simply something we don't have in our city budget. >> reporter: so like many cash-strapped families they start ad go fund me page online asking for donation from businesses and private citizens.
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the chamber of commerce is sponsoring all eyes on reading because they think it will clean up crime and bring new development into town. >> we're using that site so the community as a whole can kind of get in the game. >> reporter: at judy's restaurant the owner said it might be difficult to get small businesses to donate. they too are struggling. but she understands why the city is the reaching out to the community for help. >> there used to be more communities involvement in individuals taking ownership and responsibility for crime in their neighborhoods. and to a large extent that doesn't exist any more. >> reporter: and just an anecdo anecdote. we spoke to a neighbor. he said he and his friends were out, got mug ad few weeks back. they solved the crime in 45 minutes since it was caught on one of those city cameras. an update on the breaking
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news we've been talking about all afternoon. a grand jury has decided not to indict a new york city police officer of the chokehold death of a man on staten island. eric garner's death was ruled a homicide and the grand jury said his death wasn't critical critics are demanding answers brian mooar has the story. >> reporter: the video of eric garner's lasts moments were captured on video. a staten island grand jury rendered its decision no indictment for the new york city police officer whose officially banned chokehold was cited as a contributing factor to his death. >> it's an outrage, a disgrace, a blow to our democracy. >> reporter: on capitol hill new york lawmakers denand u.s. justice department launch its own investigation. >> i can't believe that in the 21st century in the united states of america we cannot get
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a simple indictment for the murder of a man that was caught on tape. >> reporter: police confronted garner for selling untaxed cigarettes. as he avoided handcuffs the officer put him in a chokehold. the 43-year-old asthmatic's death added to the ongoing debate about police and race in america. new york city's mayor acknowledged there will be protests of this decision. he's calling for it to be peaceful and constructive. brian mooar, nbc news. >> meanwhile police charged seven baggage handers at new york's jfk airport with stealing from passengers' luggage. authorities say the workers took electronics, jewelry, other belongings from checked luggage between march 2012 and this past june. they say some of the suspects contacted a middle man to sell the items and that middle man turned out to be an undercover cop. >> more accusers against bill
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cosby are coming forward. coming up next what they are alleging and the change they are demandsing from the legal system. plus the 76ers could make history tonight but not in a good way. the road to an embarrassing record next. but first here's what's coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 6. delaware charter schools being called out accused of segregating students. at 6:00 what's being done today to make sure classrooms are accepting everyone. then it's the time of year we give the most but what donate doesn't always end up where you think. at 6:00. charities being paid for their name and where your gifts are really going. the search for shane. happening tonight at 6:00. how friends and family are coming out to keep his face on everyone's mind. count on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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oh, and 17 enough to give any phillies fan a heartache. >> their lackluster performance onto hardwood could be historic. john clark joins us. john it's tough to watch. >> especially for keith there. i can tell. sixers are becoming america's bunch line. if they lose tonight they will match the worst start in nba history. all that's standing in their way is the worst team in the west,
5:41 pm
4--12 timberwolves. they have the record for most losses in a franchise season. the sixers matched the most consecutive losses and more could be coming tonight. the sixers plan is to have one of the worst records in the nba and get a top draft pick. the head coach said basically hey the plan is working. >> nobody cares about that. i think, you know, people always try to say oh, you know the record. i don't know what records are around the concern. i know because you're here and the media starts coming more in droves. >> reporter: he does know the record. coming up at 6:00, sean mccoy talks about good history he could be making with the eagles this sunday. sheena, back to you. >> speaking of the eagles this sunday we're looking at a rainy stretch that could last the entire weekend. coming up i'll show you that forecast and some colder temperatures through the overnight hours. coming up a story you should
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see before donate. some charities are selling their good name to companies making a profit. we'll show you how to make sure your donation goes to those in need.
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we have breaking news from a river search at the port of wilmington. authorities tell us crews have just recovered the body of a
5:45 pm
man. he went missing after a barge capsized in the river last night. rescuers were able to pull two other men immediately. they believe the victim was tangled up in the equipment under water. new developments in the sex abuse allegations surrounding comedian bill cosby. two new accusers have come together together with gloria allred claiming bill cosby assaulted them in the 1970s and '80s. allred vowed to fight for justice. >> this comes after a southern california woman filed a lawsuit against cosby. she claims cosby molested her at the play bowmantion in 1974 when she was just 15 years old. she's the first accuser to claim she was under age. so far cosby has not responded to this latest allegation. let's get a closer look now at this new lawsuit and a proposal from attorney gloria allred. nbc 10's legal analyst joins us now for some insight here.
5:46 pm
thank you for joining us. so far what we've heard is that the is a you want of limitations prevented many other accusers from taking action. what makes this case different? >> they have to show whatever this injury, emotional injury, trauma she suffered from the alleged sexual abuse she just realized within the last three years the emotional injury was because of the molestation or sexual abuse that took place 30 to 40 years ago. if you follow that carefully what that means is even though you're aware of the fact you were swully abuse allegedly 30 to 40 years ago it was only within the last three years that you realized that the emotional trauma and the pain that you're feeling today was because of what took place 30 or 40 years ago. if you can show that it's within the three years of statue of limitations. >> gloria allred asked cosby to waive the statue of limitations which would open the door for lawsuits from these other
5:47 pm
accusers. one is that legal and two what would compel cosby to do that? >> well it's legal. if you want to allow yourself to be sued, if you want to give up your right to defend yourself, you can. no attorney would ever suggest to mr. cosby hey allow yourself to be sued even though you legally have a right not to be sued you legally have a right to give up this defense. no one would tell that. this is a chance for mr. cosby to defend himself. he's being accused of these crimes and people are coming out of every where and you have people coming out 30, 40 years ago accusing him of stuff. he can be in a court of law to defend himself to have his day in court. no one recommends he give up that right to just allow himself to be openly sued by anybody that will come out and accuse him. >> sommore developments. nbc 10 legal analyst. thank you for joining us.
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well, the rain is finally moving out of the area so we're going to be clearing as we go through tonight. the rain is already clearing out. we're waiting for the cloud cover to clear and once that does temperatures will be dropping down. colder overnight tonight once those clouds break up and as we go into tomorrow morning many of us will be around freezing or 20s north and west. but we do have another rainy stretch of weather in the next seven days, this next stretch happens to fall across the weekend. i'll show you that timing in a moment. 35 in mount pocono, 41 in reading. these areas could be in the upper 20s. mid-20s in some spots. 48 degrees right now philadelphia. 46 in trenton. 46 glassboro. south jersey these temperatures hanging in the throw mid-50s. here's a live look out across center city. liberty one and two from the comcast center.
5:49 pm
some clouds are still around. hazy looking but at least the rain has cleared out so that's one thing we've been watching all day. on the satellite radar image we see clouds around. the rain will stay away as we go through the rest of tonight. much of new england at the moment. we're looking at clouds mainly south jersey and delaware but that will start to break up as we go through the rest of the evening. future weather does show clouds continuing to move out as we go through tonight. temperatures will be dropping when clouds break up more. by early tomorrow morning you'll notice more sunshine in the forecast tomorrow morning when you wake up. as we go through tomorrow afternoon you'll notice the increase of more cloud cover. so we start off with sun, see more clouds and those clouds will actually be leading up to our next weather system. that's moving in on friday. going into the weekend we have rain here. saturday afternoon looks pretty rainy across the entire area. this continues sunday and by sunday we do expect it also to
5:50 pm
become windy. air of high pressure to our north will get close to that low pressure and this will give us windier conditions and then that low pressure system turns into a nor'easter. that will be bringing in colder air. that's the potential we could see little bit of rain/snow mix, maybe a wintry mix. we'll keep you updated on that as we go into next week for sure. we will see the colder temperatures dropping down. for tonight colder conditions. clearing skies. 33 for the loin philadelphia. mid-20s areas north and west. colder start to your morning. through the afternoon sunshine with inclosing cloud cover through the day. temperatures from 44 to 47 degrees. kind of a chilly day but at least we stay dry. late friday that's when we see rain moving in. low 40s. saturday we'll be rainy and it does carry over into sunday. so for the eagles forecast at least as of now it does look like we could be seeing rain and wind to start the game, rain and wind possibly to end the game with some chilly temperatures there. then we go into next week.
5:51 pm
we'll be watching for possibly some wintry precip. temperatures there could be in the upper 30s. protests at the supreme court. how they are fighting for equality for pregnant women in the workplace. >> plus all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00 breaking news philadelphia police say two kids were abducted before they managed to escape. details are coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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. demonstrators today took to the steps of the u.s. supreme court in washington, d.c. they are supporting a former u.p.s. driver who is now suing the shipping company for discrimination while she was pregnant. the high court is hearing the case of peggy young today. young says u.p.s. denied her temporary accommodations even though her doctor ordered her to avoid lifting heavy packages while pregnant. >> reporter: peggy young is hopeful that the u.s. supreme court will rule in her favor. >> i just want all the women out there to know that you have a voice an you need to use it.
5:55 pm
>> reporter: young was a delivery driver for landover based u.p.s. and when she became pregnant with her daughter she was forced to go on unpaid leave and lost her health benefits. she sudden and lost in the lower court so she took her court to the highest court in the land. >> no. this was not what we intended on from the beginning. we just wanted what was right. >> reporter: her attorneys argue u.p.s. was violating the pregnancy discrimination act by not allowing her to work or give her light duty. even though others were accommodate. >> it's a principle. it can't be right to make me choose to start my family and to support my family. >> reporter: u.p.s. contends its policy is legal but will provide light duty accomodation to pregnant workers who need it starting in january. moms and women's rights group staged a rally outside of the supreme court in support of
5:56 pm
peggy young who has been fighting this battle since 2006. >> i'm very appreciative of all and to let them know we can work and be pregnant at the same time. >> reporter: young walked away not knowing how the justices will rule. the supreme court decision is expected sometime in june. while peggy young had her case heard today she's still going to have to wait to find out what the u.s. supreme court decides. that decision is expected sometime in june. >> the co-owner of this landmark jersey shore pizza place may get his post back with the tourism board. they own the store on the ocean city boardwalk and a location at somer point. an indictment alleges that he and his wife failed to report nearly $100,000 in income.
5:57 pm
at 6:00 is next. coming up next, breaking news. >> right now there is major gridlock in center city as protesters demonstrate against the events in ferguson, missouri and tonight's announcement that a new york police officer will not be indicted for putting a man in a chokehold. >> if you thought today's rain was bad, just wait. i'm tracking more and some of it will arrive just in time for your weekend. tell you when it could impact your plans in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast.
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breaking news right here a live look at city hall where protesters could interrupt the holiday tree lighting. they are upset about the decision not to prosecute police officers in new york and in ferguson, missouri after two unarmed black men were killed. nbc 10's rosemary connors has been following these protesters throughout center city this afternoon. rosemary, what's happening right now where you are? go ahead, rosemary. >> reporter: we're inside the courtyard at city hall. as you can see some of the organizers of this protest have taken to the stage. they were singing just a moment ago and said it's out of love and peace. in city hall tonight it's supposed to be the holiday tree lighting celebration. protesters here are mixed with
6:00 pm
families who have come to be here for that celebration. it's unclear if that tree lighting will happen at 7:00. in terms of what's been going on this afternoon we started with these protesters at 30th street station at 4:00. at that point inside 30th street station they held what they call a die in. they got on the ground to signify the time when michael brown was on the ground after he was shot and killed by ferguson police officer darren wilson. as we've been reporting these protests are in reaction to the grand jury's decision not to indict officer wilson. let's take another look. this is probably the most tranquil of times this protest has been this afternoon. they are loud. they do want their stroivoices heard. they are gathered and want their voice to be heard. i checked in a moment ago with one of the deputy commissioners. there's a heavy police presence. he tells me at this point there are no arrests. as we've shown you throughout the afternoon and throughout our


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