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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 8, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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so you do want to be careful as you're driving tomorrow. so here is that big area of low pressure. some moisture off the carolina coastline, but this will eventually come together. move up the eastern seaboard and give us a loth of rain and wind. as so from now unmidnight, rain and a mix. midnight to 8:00 a.m., watching for coastal flooding along with high tide, rains, high winds. from 8:00 to noon, we could still have periods of heavy rain and high winds again some of the highest winds at the shore as that area of low pressure will be right offshore. so it is going to be a windy, cold, rainy day tomorrow and depending on where you live, you have a better chance of seeing a wintry mix. standing by is glenn "hurricane" schwartz with a closer look at the some of the flooding concerns. >> yes, we have flooding concerns inland and at the coast. a flood watch has been issued for much of the area during the
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day tomorrow and into the evening. maybe enough rain in a short period of time to create some flooding. but because of the circulation around this storm and the wind coming in off the ocean, day after day after day, we've just had a full moon, that didn't help, and so the flooding at the shore is going to be more serious tomorrow morning than what we saw this morning. winds still out of the northeasnortheast but it will be a different story. temperature will be going up, but heavy rain on top of the coastal flooding will lead to even more flooding at the shore. sheena will be back with more on the timing of this long lasting storm in just a few minutes. >> communities along the coast could be flooded because of the nor'easter. >> some parts of the jersey shore already saw high water
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today. ted greenberg is live in ocean city. >> reporter: we already have some beach erosion and there is a good chance the nor'easter will take away even more of that sand. but some communities spent the day trying to get ahead of the storm. in seaside heights, public works crews were on the move today, moving sand. they piled it up to build temporary dunes, basically an extra wall of protection gurg high tide tomorrow morning. at that point, the surf should be churning with rougher waves fueled by thexpected to be significantly worse than what we saw today. heavy rain will just add to the flooding problems which could last a while. >> the prediction is for the on shore flow or winds to be coming
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on shore, so even the low tide won't look like low tide for the next 24 to 48 hours. so be prepared for the pile u s situation. >> reporter: people are urged to move cars to hire ground and also people who have outdoor furniture and items like christmas deck racdeck races to move them inside or secure them because they could blow away. ted greenburg, nbc 10. make the nfl 10 nebc 10 new part of your morning routine. join us tomorrow morning at 4:00. stay ahead of the wind and rain with the nbc 10 first alert weather app. it's a free download on
5:04 pm breaking news out of maryland. a small private jet crashed into a house. at least 60s peopsix people are confirmed dead. jim rosenfield is live. what have you found out? >> within the past half hour, in addition to the three people on the plane, we've learned that three people in the home have also died in that crash this morning. the victims of the crash, they haven't baby identified yet, but authorities said a family of five lives in this home and that a man and a school aged childba authorities said a family of five lives in this home and that a man and a school aged child are safe. two parents and three children lived in this home. the small plane was just getting toward land when it crashed into the house in gaithersburg. the plane caught fire along with the home. the plane was headed to the nearby montgomery county air park from chapel hill, north
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carolina. the house was gutted by the impact and fire. ntsb has sent a team to investigate. >> we'll be looking at air traffic control, we will be obtains radar data and communications data from air traffic control to reconstruct this accident flight and we will be interviewing air traffic controllers who handle this aircraft. >> and they already have two key items in their investigation which is still in its very early stages. the dock mitt, voice and flight data recorders have both been recovered from the crash scene. jim rosenfielrosenfield, nbc 10. police involved deaths have fanned outrage. leaders are calling for immediate policy change.
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lieu u ann cahn is here to tell about it. >> reporter: some of the leaders said that perhaps there needs to be changes in what they see as the see doctcretive grand jury . but they say there will have for be many more changes to move forward in a positive direction. >> our lives matter. we believe that they matter. we have been treated, however, as they they don't matter. >> reporter: members of the black clergy and black caucus say constituents are asking what are you going to do. the death of eric garner in new york and michael brown in ferguson brings the conversation and protests to the streets of philadelphia where leaders say they're also frustrated with the attitude of some officers in their neighborhoods. >> they step out of their vehicle with their hands on weapons and tone of voice that is instantly provocative.
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>> reporter: commissioner ramsey co-chairing the special task force says re-establishing trust between officers and minority communities is essential. >> we've been engaged in community listi ingpolicingdeca communities have been left behind. communities of color that feel that police are part of the problem. >> reporter: this mother came to saer what lead hear what leaders plan to do. >> our young men are brutally attacked by police in this community. and it's like a quiet storm. >> reporter: and that is the way many in this community feel. leaders today said there must be police training, education, policy changes going forward. lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. today police are investigating a possible threat against a peaceful protest
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outside lincoln financial field. a bucks county high school guidance counselor is at the center of the investigation. a message appeared on twitter which read, quote, in my child cannot get to the eagles gaming due to protesters, i will personally shoot every one of them. you've been warned, idiots. the central bucks school superintendent confirms that the name mary-kate blackenburg is the same as a guidance counselor. >> as a steteacher, you have a responsibility to set an example. >> the comments are wrong whether or not you say them, think them or write them. >> the school district tells us she's on administrative leave until the investigation is finished. montgomery county detectives tell us they have been called
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in. things got heated in philadelphia as they took the next step to increase the number of charter schools. rete protestors were there as they discussed new applications. they claim no one is properly monitoring charter schools. the public hearing will continue all week. the school district will hold a second round of hearings next month. nearly half a dozen teachers in our area hope to be named pennsylvania teacher of the year, but the top honor went to mari cooper, a music teacher. stated indication officials held the ceremony in hershey, today. cooper has been teaching music, theory, piano and world music for 14 years. we want to show you this now. happening now, a protest and "die-in" are under way in lower
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merion township. this is a live look. let's listen to what is happening out there. >> we are starting the "die-in". remember, are you not lying on the ground. are you standing in solidarity or you are sitting in solidar y solidarity. >> these are students from bryn mawr as they're marching along lancaster avenue. part of the "die-in," they're upset over the michael brown case. parts of the busy roads will be closed this evening. after the protests, the students are planning to have a candle lit vigil. top secret until now. tomorrow we could learn details about ci a torture procedures. bright, festive and full of controversy. this hanukkah wrapping paper is being pulled from store shelves. why some say the holiday wrap is full of hate.
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here is a live look at what we can expect t. very high winds. this will be bringing us rain, but also flooding concerns especially along the shore. i'll update you on that and show you all the details coming up.
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let's go back to what is happening. a protest and "die-in" under way. that's why these people are lying on the pavement in lower merion township. a live look now as students from bryn mawr a bryn mawr haverford colleges, upset over the handling of the michael brown case. parts of the streets will be closed. after the protest, students say they're planning to have a candle lit vigil. this is a big week for those who worked with bernie madoff. today former director of operations got ten years in prison. and daniel bon venture is just the first to go beyond the judge. four others will learn their
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fate. they were convicted of help to go steal $17 billion from investors and hiding the fraud sentences could range from 8 to 20 years. madoff is searching 150 years in prison for his part in what is the biggest fraud scheme in u.s. history. 38 people have died and 51 others have been hurt in crashes involving faulty ignition switches in cars in general motors. that's according to a lawyer hired by gm to compensate vehicvicti victi victims. so far only 89d clai claims hav eligible for compensation. the company knew about the problem for more than a decade. a chain reaction crash caused by a bear leaves three people dead and several more hurt. police say it started when a driver hit a bear on a road in florida's broward county. a second driver stopped to help
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people in the first car and then a third hit the crowd in the road. three people died, several others ended up in the hospital.bear was also killed. a senate report about cia interrogations expected to be made public tomorrow. the focus is on methods used after the september 11th attacks. many lawmakers fear release of the report will incite violence abroad. andrea mitchell explains. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy this egypt is one of many on alert as the u.s. embraces for the release of the report. ordered by president bush after 9/11, one of those briefed, the house intel againligence commit chairman. >> our own intelligence community has assess that had this will cause violence and death. >> the report is expected to being a crews t accuse of cia of lie to go congress and the american
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people. it says waterboarding use order three detainees did not produce results. former cia leaders are already firing back. >> to say that we relentlessly over expanded period of time lied to everyone about a program that wasn't doing any good, that begs the imagination. >> reporter: gender e defendersa officials believed congress repeatedly. president obama acknowledged the torture program last august. >> we tortured some folks. we did some things that were contrary to our values. >> that was andrea mitchell reporting. president obama has acid reflux. the president was diagnosed with it over the weekend. mr. obama saw doctors because he had a chronic sore throat. acid reflux is caused when
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stomach contents flow back up into the esophagus. symptoms include a burning sensation, nausea or sore throat. it can be treated with medication an changing your diet. taking a turn now, let's go pack to what is happening live along philadelphia's main line, no justice, no peace. that's what protests here are chanting in lower merion township. the "die-in" is happening here, a live look at students from bryn mawr and haverford colleges marching along lancaster avenue. hers upset over the handling of the michael brown case in ferguson. as you can imagine, lancaster avenue in this area shut down. they will be busy as these people continue to march out there. after the protest, these students are 34r57b to go have a cap dell lit vigil. it wasn't what cheryl shapiro had this mind when she picked out holiday wrapping paper. shapiro was at a wall green's when she saw what she call as disturbing pattern on a roll of
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wrapping paper. she noticed a swastika. she said she was so upset, she didn't know what to do. >> i had no idea what to do. first i called my rabbi i couldn't get in touch with him. and i just called for the manager and the assistant manager and they came out and i explained what was going on and how upset i was. >> after complaining to the manager, the wrapping paper was removed from the store. walgre walgreen's says other stores are doing the same. typhoon hagupit is rumbling into manila. 12 million people are taking cover. the now tropical storm killed at least 21 people. more than a million people left their homes and some regions, y power is out. mudslides are a big worry.
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get ready for a lot of wet weather over the next 24 hours or so. we have an approaching nor'easter through parts of the area, so that's why we have a first alert weather day into wednesday. flooding rain with high winds especially at the shore will be the case tomorrow morning for the commute. and even a wintry mix possible areas north and west where we have a winter weather advisory. so we'll start with all the flood threats out inland and i-90 coi i-95 corridor and flood warning for delaware beaches and juerse shore. a winter weather advisory out through parts of the poconos and lehigh valley. we could see sleet, win friday mix or even freezing rain in those areas. so is this also another part that we'll be watching very closely. although most of us will be freezing through most of the day tomorrow. it's out in the atlantic, so
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we'll gain more moisture into the late hours tonight. basically it will track up the eastern seaboard and eventually bring us some chevy rainfall as we go into tomorrow morning. future weather shows the area of low pressure moving up the coastline as we go through the overnight hours tonight with more moisture, you see how much rain will be with it. 4:00 in the morning, a chance we could have a wintry mix areas north and west forming. heaviest rain should be right along the shore even the delaware beaches through the morning commute, it won't be a pretty one, we'll have on shore winds pretty strong at times. area of low pressure right offshore and much of us, much of the area at least east of the area could be dealing with her have i rain. could be seeing winds in excess of 50 miles per hour. high tide also occurs at this time anywhere between 8:00 to 10:00 a.m., so we expect moderate coastal flooding. also heavy rain. so if you are along the shore, we do expect coastal flooding. tuesday the rain will start to
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pull away, but on the back side, snow could drop down wednesday morning and even through parts of the day wednesday. so areas north and west will have the best chance for that. as far as the coastal flooding, i mentioned high tide. 10:00, 11:00, tomorrow morning. atlantic city, around 8:57 in the morning. to for tonight, though, rain mostly after midnight. wintry mix north and west. temperatures around freeze north and west. tomorrow rain in the morning, some could be heavy. this will be around the morning commute. coastal flooding, as well. temperatures just about mid to low 40s. so we will be above freezing. this will mostly be a rain event. a rainy nor'easter which on the back side could provide some
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snow showers. but after this, it looks like we should be try goidry going into weekend. septa riders will soon be able to use cell phones to pay for rides. it will be a welcome change. septa is among the few major transit agencies in north america to still use metal tokens. it this time of year, we haer all about the joy 6 giving to others. but for customers inside a pennsylvania store, it was more about the taking. what they escaped with that was earmarked for the less fortunate. and in big trouble because of a game. why candy crush is the center of attention inside britain's parliament.
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the search is on for a couple who stole donations meant for the salvation army. these photos show the man and women. the couple walked into a deli friday night and started shouting with people in line and the man behind the counter. but what happened next no one expected. >> he just, you know, stretches out like holding the door with li his leg, grabs the bucket and takes off running. >> the police want to hear from anyone with information about the couple or that crime. here is a number that will grab your attention.
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nearly $10 million and don'ting. >> that's how much the jam investigation has already cost state taxpayers. today political parties are still miles apart about what a just released report reveals about the scandal and the governor. >> and ten years later, still unsolved. nbc 10 gets an update about the murders of two young people in our area. ahead at 6:00, vandals target a high school football field. now a fight about the fence that could be the cause of the crime.
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right now at 5:30, you can see parts of the storm that will develop into a nor'easter and stay with us for days. it will drench our area with heavy rain and threaten the shore with flooding. >> the same system could also bring a wintry mix to regions north and west of philadelphia. we have team coverage from sh n sheena parveen and glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we can expect rain to start to move this overnight tonight, mostly after midnight. and then early tomorrow morning, for the morning commute, some of you will be dealing with heavy rain and wind. so first alert weather day tonight through wednesday. this won't be a fast moving thing. it will be a slow nor'easter causing flooding rain and wind, most of that being at the shore especially those higher winds causing coastal flooding
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concerns. glenn will talk about that in a minute. and wintry mix possible areas north and west. area of low pressure which will be our nor'easter is still far away. but there is going to be a lot of moisture developing. it will ride up the eastern seaboard and that will be giving us that heavy rain come early tomorrow morning. so from now until midnight, the approaching rain will be heading this way with a possible mix areas north and west. and then from midnight to 8:00 in the morning, rain, high winds and mix possibly north and west causing concerns for coastal flooding closer to shore. that will be through the morning showers. and 8:00 to noon, possible heavy rain and still those high winds. standing by is glenn "hurricane" schwartz to talk more wiabout t flooding. >> we have a couple different flood threats. the fresh water flooding just from the rain itself across a good bit of the area has prompted a flood watch tuesday and into tuesday evening. some places could get a couple inches. this is where the storm is now.
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it will redevelop along the north carolina coast and the flow coming this off the ocean for hundreds and hundreds of miles. that will create some problems. and we had flooding, with the high tooifide this morning, we' have more tomorrow morning as the storm stays offshore before the winds start to turn out of the west. on shore winds, 50 plus-mile-an-hour tomorrow morning. moderate coastal flooding. worse than what we saw this morning. and the high tide generally between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.. so that plus heavy rain on top of it should cause significant flooding at the shore. sheena will be back with more on the time table of the long lasting storm with the 7 day. stay ahead of the wind and rain with the first alert weather app. get the extended forecast, radar and important weather information delivered right to your smartphone or tablet, it's free on we have new information about the jersey jam bridge
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scandal. >> today lawmakers officially released a lengthy report about what the investigation has uncovered. political finger pointing is far from over. cydney long is live in trenton with more. >> reporter: before it was voted on today right along party lines to release this document, both sides of the aisle accused one 5069 releasing 1936 page report for political gain. republicans are blasting testimonies saying they are abusing their power to, quote, destroy the governor. in the meantime, democrats are defending the probe saying this investigation is very much getting to the heart of how public trust and safety have been violated. >> this has been playing by day one and you have country nothing to stop it. >> reporter: $11 months and more than $9 million to find out who and why the lanes of the george washington bridge were shut down last fall. >> this committee and its predecessor transportation followed the facts wherever they
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took us. unfortunately, for this administration, the facts took us right into the governor's office. >> reporter: lawmakers reached a road block, republicans blasting their democratic colleagues for, quote, a runaway political fishing competition they say aemed at damaging governor krigsity. >> there has been no evidence that suggests to this point that governor christie was a part of planning the closure of the bridge. but somebody was. >> reporter: a uncovered a series of deleted texts between the governor and his chief of staff. republicans say they have been strategically left out of the so-called joint panel and the chair today not interested in discussing a 119 page statement the republican minority # is asking new jersey eye attorney general to investigate. >> since when are you in the business of telling members what they can say and they cannot say? >> reporter: the panel agreed there was a clear abuse of power with serious questions that remain unanswered, including
5:35 pm
what the if of potential criminal indictments. >> under what scenario would it be plausabiliible that the u.s. attorney would allow us as a legislative committee to cause in any witness that was material to provide testimony to us during and ongoing criminal case? >> reporter: the republican minority issued this, their own 119 page statement today. and they are sending this directly to the attorney general for their review. the panel right now on hiatus to determine what if anything the u.s. attorney grand jury probe hundred cover and we could see indictment or indictments as early as january. cydney long, nbc 10.cover and w indictment or indictments as early as january. cydney long, nbc 10. we have new information about the death of a woman found outside of a south juriey jerse
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in the trunk of a car. jesus garcia has been charged. nbc 10 was there as investigators searched the woman's home in olney. the victim's name has not been released. an autopsy is being done to determine how she died. today we learned the name of a security guard murdered in southwest philadelphia. he is 69-year-old james williams. a manager found his body yesterday afternoon in a van outside locker room storage on 62 pd street. investigators tell us someone tied up williams and beat him to death. no one has been arrested. turns out the hands of a suspected burglar may be the keys to his arrest. take a close look at this video from inside a grocery store on elmwood avenue. the man broke in, stole cash and cigarettes and then took off. but take a look at the man's hands particularly the tattoos. if you recognize this guy, there are his hands, police call
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police. a man hired to do work on a home in wilmington is now charged with stealing from the very home he was supposed to be fixing. homeowner hired a 33-year-old william martin to do framing work on a house on dupont road. while he was there, martin stole copper from the home and sold it. now he's charged with selling stolen property. he's free on bail tonight. and how about this. tense moments for a gas station cashier in machinery couontgome. two men walk in wearing surgical masks. one man walks up with a gun, forces him to empty the cash register and then walks the cashier to the back of the store. see if you recognize him. the other man grab as trash bag ir . the employee was in the hurt. today pennsylvania's first lady opened the doors. governor's residence to start
5:38 pm
the tour season. all the christmas trees in the harrisburg homespired buyer tay roaring twin ining 20s through . >> we think it's fun for people when they come to visit to remember those decades if they are old enough to do so. but it just adds another element to enjoyment. >> holiday tours are free and open to the public. check the governor's residence website for more information. in trouble because of a game. why candy crush put a politician in the international spot light. plus who else is now under investigation. ten years later and still no justice for two young people murdered at work. next, what one man's friend is doing to keep the case alive.
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but first, me's what's coming up tonight on the nbc 10 news at 6:00. new at 6:00, crime in pottstown on the rise. what authorities are putting on the streets to make criminals position twice. how much students tuition is going in the presidents' pockets.
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sfw later this month, it's ten years since would employees were killed in execution-style shooting in the basement of a wilmington big and tall clothing store. matt's friend is trying to keep the case alive. find out more on mbs oig. a british lawmaker apologizes for a very unusual room. he was caught playing a video game on his tablet during a
5:42 pm
hearing in parliament. eches seen playing during a meeting with pensions and insurance. this is what he was play, candy crush. it can be addictive. meanwhile an investigation is under way to find out who took those pictures of him. recording images without permission is against parliamentary schedule. eagles have their sights on cowboys. and there is encouraging news about their injured quarterback. >> we'll have an update on nick foles plus the eagles are getting over the loss to the seahawks. find out good intel on why the eagles will rebound against the hated cowboys sunday night. and we are watching a developing nor'easter. it will start to impact the area overnight and in to tomorrow morning. i'll show you what you can expect in your neighborhood coming up. a local school district trying to determine if one of its employees wrote something threatening on social media that
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has got the district attorney's involved. the story coming up. ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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here is news make headlines at 5:45. six people are dead after a small plane crashed in to a house in maryland. the victims include three people on the plane and three people who live in the house in gaithersburg. members of philadelphia's clergy and state legislatures came together to talk about police brutality. the recent decision not to prosecute two police officers in connection with the deaths of two black men sparked this conversation. some suggest more police training, education and policy changes are necessary going forward. after yesterday's disappointing eagles loss, all eyes are now sunday's showdown
5:46 pm
against the cowboys. >> a pivotal game and of course you'll see it right here on nbc 10. >> john clark joins us live. an important match-up. >> absolutely. eagles always get up for the cowboys. and here is a good stat. over the last 21 games up sder chip kelly, the birds have not lost two in a row, only patriots and broncos can say that. they respond well after bad losses. eagles were man handled by the seahawk s idea. 139 yards of offense, fewest at home in 31 years. birds have lost to the elite teams in the nfc like the seahawks, packers. but eagles can win the division again if it they beat the cowboys and win one of their final two games. bag yoi think this team hasd resolve and i expect them to be flying high when they get in here tomorrow and get ready to
5:47 pm
go. there is no better thing than playing cowboys at home in front of our crowd. so i think they will be fired up. >> we got to flush it. we have a very good dallas team coming in here and we have to learn from it. >> it's easier to flush. we got a big game and i'm excited for that chance. just like last year, we got to have this. >> got to have this one. nick foles will not be back sunday night, but he will be getting checked out again next week and maybe he possibly could come back. coming up, seahawks talking trash and also mccoy said he had trouble focusing. we'll tell you why. all eyes are on dallas and nbc sunday night football. cowboys face off against the eagles right here on nbc 10. coverage starts at 7:00. we'll have special postgame coverage right here on nbc 10. heading back outside to what
5:48 pm
is happening along the main line in philadelphia. they have stopped marching after the chanting no justice, no peace. in addition to black lives matter. college students have stopped along lancaster avenue, a protest and die in oig already happened in lower merion township. this live look right how as these people watching with rapt attention to speakers upset of course over the handling of the michael brown case in ferguson. parts of these busy roads will be closed this evening. be aware of that if you're hitting lancaster avenue. after the protests, students are 34r5 planning a candle lit vigil. we have been watching an approaching nor'easter. so first alert tonight through wednesday. we expect heavy rain, peebl flooding especially along the coast. it's not going to be fast
5:49 pm
moving. this is a slow nor'easter. at the shore the highest winds and wintry mix north and west. so here is a look at the flooding threat. inland flood threats through the philadelphia area. i-95 corridor surrounding cou y counties. coastal flood warning for the shore communities. and this is combined with high tide. winter weather advisory for the lehigh valley, winter storm warning up in the poconos. we expect at least parts of the lehigh valley to see a mix of sleet, freezing rain, rain, maybe pieces of snow mixed in. but through the day tomorrow, most of us will be above freezing. so at least that is good news as far as accumulation is concerned. here is the developing nor'easter. area of low pressure in the atlantic. all the moisture comes together and it will move up the eastern seaboard. future weather takes all this rain, moves it in 3:00 in the morning. we should already start to see heavy rain along the shore. delaware we'vebeach, even inlan.
5:50 pm
rain and possibly a wintry mix. temperatures will be pretty cold. early tomorrow morning, heavy rain especially closer to the shore. a lot starts to pull away, but on the back end of this system going into wednesday, we can have wrap around snow especially if you're north and west of philadelphia through lehigh valley and the poconos. so some of the main concerns will be coastal flooding. here is a look at future winds. it starts tuesday, tomorrow, 4:00 in the morning. areas of low pressure to the south and you see the winds around. faster the wind arrows, the faster the wind. so we expect on shosh swells early tuesday morning. this combining with high tide. so jersey shore communities, these are the areas we'll be watching between 8:00 and 10:00 with those on shore swells and also heavy rain and high tide. we do expect flooding. some of that flooding could be moderate coastal flooding. on shore winds could be around 50 miles per hour. at least wind gusts. and high tide again will occur anywhere between 8:00 to 10:00.
5:51 pm
so really depends where you live. high tide tomorrow morning for lewes, 10:00, 11:00. cape may, atlantic city, 9:30 and 9:00. so these are the times wooer we'll be watching. rain tonight mainly after midnight. we'll be in the 30s. tomorrow rain, some of it heavy, coastal flooding mainly in the morning. temperatures from the mid to low 40s. so you see we'll be staying above freezing. this is mostly a rain event. rainy nor'easter tomorrow can which could turnover to snow showers for some of us wednesday. and temperatures stay cold, but at least in the weekend, it looks like it should be dry. make sure the nbc 10 news team is part of your morning
5:52 pm
routine. beginning at 4:00. bear hunting season is under way across new jersey. >> ybut the season comes with plenty of controversy. >> and coming up, magsly ranked not just for their academics. just how much money four local universities are paying their president.
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new jersey's controversial bear season sunday wis under wa. >> it began this morning and continues through saturday. but as jen maxfield reports, there is a disagreement over where the hunts have achieved their goals. p. >> reporter: 25 protesters heckled hunters as they drove off with the bears they just killed. >> the bear hunt is not about the population or public safety. it's about trophies. >> reporter: new jersey six day bear hunt starts today, more than 7700 permits have been sold and it was busy here at the weigh station with more than a dozen bears in the first three hours. because of the heavy rain predicted, many hunters went out this morning in the cold. when they bring them back here, they get a black bear recipe guide with everything from recipes for bear bacon, bear
5:56 pm
jersey, even bear gumbo. >> the very first bear i've ever shot. i wanted to get a deer or bear and i happened to get a bear. >> reporter: wildlife officials say the bear hunt it work. the statewide population is down by 20% since the hunt began in 2010, but nuisance complaints are up. >> when there is something that is out of balance, our job is to deal with it, to make sure that we manage it properly. in the case of bear rngs we', w problems. they can't send kids out to play because they have to worry about bears. >> a senior was mauled to death. >> they're against killing the bears about a thbecause they the nice and friendly. they're not necessarily that way. >> reporter: protesters counter the mauling shoes the bear hunt
5:57 pm
doesn't work and that more effort should go into teaching people how to keep bears away by securing their food and garbage. jen maxfield, nbc 10 news. next at 6:00, tracking a nor'easter right on our doorstep. once the storm moves in, it could be a few days before we're through with it. glenn and sheena. >> rain, sleet and a chance for snow. >> we're tracking the timing to help keep you prepared. moving sand before the nor'easter moves in. >> low tide won't look like l tide. >> what some communities are doing to prepare. and taking a live look as protesters send their message through montgomery county. we'll explain how one of these recent demonstrations led to an alleged internet threat from a
5:58 pm
local school guidance counselor.
5:59 pm
heavy rain, wind and even a chance for snow. first alert weather is tracking the nor'easter moving in late tonight.
6:00 pm
>> strong winds, flooding already a problem down the jersey shore. a coastal flood warning in effect for tomorrow morning. >> and here is a live look at the schuylkill expressway. heavy rain could certainly put the brakes on, so you might want to build in extra commute time. >> our team isdicated to tracking the different threats. so let's begin our live team coverage with sheena parveen who is tracking the timing of the storm. >> that's right. and as you both mentioned, during the morning commute, we expect some of the heaviest rain and highest winds for parts of the area and we could see a wintry mix. so tonight through tomorrow being even wednesday, it will be a first alert weather day. slow moving nor'easter with flooding rain for parts of the area. high


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