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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  December 11, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00, snow is falling across parts of our area. a live look over market street in center city philadelphia. drivers in the lehigh valley were dealing with snowy conditions there throughout the morning. nbc so w10 was along main stree. now a live look at the radar showing where the know is falling right now. snow showers moved across our region overnight. nbc 10 in chester county. we found snow coming down along lancaster avenue. you can see it covering cars there and covered some of the roads. all of the roads are postally wet. fresh snowfall in the poconos as
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well. a live look outside at camelback mountain resort. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. snow is the talk of the day. >> it's all related to this same nor'easter that we have been following all week. you can track the moisture coming all the way around and right back into our area. you can see that there's some pretty significant bands of snow that have set up. parts of montgomery and bucks county, near the border. it has been snowing hour after hour. it's getting heavier in northern burlington county as well. there's bucks county covered with mostly light snow. but it is a little bit heavier in some points. it's also near the freezing mark. the new area of snow that has been developed from chester county and new castle county, delawar delaware, salem county, new
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jersey, it's generally melting. we will be watching this band of snow as we go through the afternoon. visibility tells us how heavy the snow is. reading, three miles. quakertown and doylestown, less than two mile visibility. eight miles in philly international. wrights t wrightstown is down a good bit. no restrictions to the south. as we go through the day, we will watch the temperatures. 32 in pottstown now. it's still marginal there. it's in the upper 30s to the south. still windy, still cold. 20s for windchills throughout the area. as we go through the afternoon, we will be following those snow showers some more. temperatures leveling off, not going very far. and we get a little burst of snow, the temperature can drop and get things slippery. more detail about what to expect for the rest of the day and the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. the icy road to several
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accidents this morning, including one that injured a police officer. nbc 10 as randy gyllenhaal is live with details on what happened. tell us what happened. >> reporter: very busy day for first responders on many roadways doubecause of the icy conditions. the police officer was here. he was placing road flares into the road intersection here when another car spun out of control and hit him. according to the police, the officer was thrown to the side of the road. he was rushed to the hospital with multiple internal injuries. right now, it appears that driver lost control because of ice on the roads. spinning out, slamming into the officer. for a few hours this more than, the roadways in the area were very slick. we had heavy snowfall that froze on the pavement. the driver in that out of control car did remain on the scene and cooperate with police. this was just one of many accidents in the area blamed on the slick roads. we have been watching road crews
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putting salt on the road up and down the area. it's still slippery. in this case, police say that officer who was hit is expected to survive. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. icy road s led to this accident this morning. authorities tell us the driver lost control, then crashed into a guardrail. sky force 10 was over the scene around 6:00 this morning. another car was also involved. we're told there were some injuries but they were minor. count on nbc 10 to bring you the latest information on the nor'easter. updates on air and online. download the nbc 10 weather app at a fire destroyed one house in philadelphia's kensington section this morning. sky force 10 hovered over what appeared to be a transformer and power lines exploding. this was about 6:15 this
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morning. you can see flames coming out of the windows shooting from the roof. officials say the house was vacant and no one there was hurt. firefighters in lower marion township nobknocked down a hous fire this morning. crews had it under control quickly and no one there was hurt. we are learning more about the investigation of the fire that killed joyce craig, the first female firefighter in philadelphia to die in the line of duty. craig was one of the first firefighters to enter a burning home on tuesday. nbc 10 news got to listen to fire radio recordings indicating craig pressed her emergency button. a call went out of a firefighter trapped in the basement. the fire union president said she was found on the first floor. there will be two viewings for the fallen firefighter tomorrow night and again saturday morning at bachelor brothers funeral services in north philadelphia. joyce craig's funeral will
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follow the saturday following at the same location. also on pennsylvania -- pennsylvania governor tom corbett ordered flags to be flown at half staff in her honor. philadelphia police are vestivest i gating a crash. an owner pistol whipped a driver along north 58th street in the city's overbrook section. he had to be taken to the hospital. the investigation there continues. this morning the fbi is searching the banks of the schuylkill river and a canal for any clues in the disappearance of shane montgomery. we got this video a few minutes ago showing agents. new video shows shane walking near the canal early thanksgiving morning after he left the bar. his family posted on facebook that authorities are taking their investigation in a new direction, but they did not elaborate on the direction.
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a pizza delivery driver in delaware county may never walk again after being shot on the job. he was making a delivery at a home near 9th and ward streets late tuesday night. before she could get out of the car, someone walked up, robbed her and then shot her. the bullet pierced her spinal cord and lung. the daughter was just working part-time to help pay for school. >> i don't know why they decided to shoot my baby. we just want justice. >> she's listed in critical but stable condition this morning. her mom says doctors told her there's only a 1% chance that she will walk again. the gunman is still on the loose. police are looking for the man who robbed an employee in the lingerie section of a busy department store. this happened monday night inside macy's. a man wearing a mask and gloves pulled out a gun and demanded the clerk empty the register. he got away with nearly 1,200 $
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in cash. >> it's unfair to those of us who have to work for a living. it's unfair to those of us who come out here and need to feel that sense of security. >> the employee was not hurt. police in the mall security force are working together to increase patrols. happening today, a look at the new body cameras philadelphia police officers are testing. about 30 officers are wearing the cameras this week in a pilot program. police say the technology is part of its continued push for transparency and earning community trust. a majority of new jersey voters say no to a presidential bid for chris christie. the poll finds 53% of new jersey voters believe christie would not be a good president. 49% say the u.s. is not ready for a jersey guy like christie. those polled say they favor
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democrat hillary clinton and other possible republican candidates. he could announce a bid for the presidency next year. lower marion township is paving the way for a complex, but not everyone is on board. residents spoke out against the redevelopment. a developer wants to build luxury apartments and a parking garage. the township board of commissioners voted to vacate part of the property. many residents have signed petitions opposing the towers. they fear small businesses will suffer. philadelphia city council's final session is under way. on the agenda, council members will discuss the future of the royal theater. the theater has been vacant for more than 40 years. it hosted musical legends. now several developers in the
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neighborhood are talking about turning the royal into rental apartments and retail stores. people we spoke with seem pleased something will be done with the theater. >> i'm hearing there's going to be apartments and some commercial on the bottom floor, which is great for the area. >> we like the idea that the building is going to be redeveloped. we're not opposed to that. we're not opposed to that. we are concerned about the height of the building. >> the royal theater is on city's historic register. just under 13 hours and counting. the steps congress need to take today to avoid a government shutdown. california chaos. people in the northern part of the state are getting pounded by one of the windiest and rainiest storms in five years. huge storms on each coast. more snow showers in parts of our area today. drier and warmer weather is on the way. i will let you know what to expect for the weekend with my
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nbc 10 exclusive first alert forecast just ahead.
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the head of the cia will respond today to the senate's report on torture tactics. john brennan is expected to dispute the report on harsh treatment of suspected terrorists. the report concluded no useful intelligence came from waterboarding and other techniques. brennan acknowledged mistakes were made but said information
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was vital in preventing attacks. congress has less than 24 hours to avoid a government shutdown. tracie potts has the details from capitol hill. >> reporter: this $1.1 trillion spending plan cuts millions for protecting the environment, makes school lunches less healthy, big campaign donors could contribute ten times more and rules to prevent another big bank bailout would go away. >> this is a lousy way of doing business.pelosi is pushing to renegotiate. >> reporter: there's no way she will support a budget soft on wall street. >> this is about reckless behavior. it's about a give away to the largest financial institutions in this country. it's up to us to say no. >> reporter: republicans need democrats, 60 or 70 to vote yes because the party is expected to
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lose dozens of their own. congre conservatives who want to stop the president's immigration plan. >> we need to hold funding back for who knows what else he is going to do. >> easy to say no around here. easy to thump your chest. we need to get things done. >> reporter: it's a budget with money for ebola, fighting isis, food safety and a small raise for military. federal employees are bracing for furloughs if congress can't work this out by midnight. if they don't get it done today, we are told the backup plan is to pass a temporary budget keeping things as they are through the next couple of months. tra tracy potts. this woman filed a defamation suit against bill cosby. cosby's lawyer issued a statement that reads --
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cosby has never been charged in connection with any allegations against him. the official start of winter is more than a week away. some parts of the country have seen a lot of snow this season. look at this. this is in new york, just outside of syracuse. bands of snowfall in our area today. a wicked storm slamming the west coast. residents struggling with downpours, wind and snow. we learned tens of thousands of people are without power in the san francisco bay area. the super soaker could bring up to three ink inches of rain. eight inches in the mountains. the storm will continue through today into tomorrow. many san francisco schools have canceled classes for today.
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high water levels have many residents on edge. >> be careful. judge the water. we have grown up here. it can be really dangerous. >> it's fascinating. it's amazing. but it's very, very dangerous. they are telling us waves will be 25 feet. >> most of california has little rain. severe drought have hit the central and southern parts of that state. rising tides and beach erosion destroyed two homes along the washington state shoreline. the home owners cleared out monday. believing there's only a matter of time before the homes collapse into the pacific. that's what happened. western washington has been battered by high winds and rain over the past few days and more is expected. that's a powerful storm on the west coast. we have a powerful coast in the northeast and around that storm
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we're getting bands of snow, even into the philadelphia area, even in delaware and new jersey. this storm is not over yet for us. we do have a dry fairly pleasant weekend ahead. it's not exactly going to be balmy. the visibility not too great. we have some snow showers in the area. 37 degrees in philadelphia with some snow reported at the airport. 22 mile an hour wind gusting to 32 miles an hour. it's five degrees koer s coldert was at this time yesterday. all of this is circulating around that gigantic nor'easter, still sitting over in new england. we're getting more of a westerly flow right now? we're actually picking up moisture from the great lakes that's helping to enhance this snowfall that we're seeing in eastern pennsylvania. of course, the temperatures are critical and some places near
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freezing. it's 30 degrees in doylestown, 32 in quakertown. there may be slick spots, especially on the bridges and overpasses, sidewalks. snow sticking on cars. barely above freezing in reading. well above freezing in philadelphia. snowing in delaware, barely above freezing there. keep an eye on the temperatures. don't think they will drop a lot, but wrightstown, 32, the snow brings enough cold air down to cause the temperature to drop. nowhere near that in southern portions of the area. a fair amount of snow on the radar. the live picture now just a little bit of light rain toward the jersey shore. this band that's been near the montgomery bucks county border for hours starting to pivot and curve toward trenton. this other band is getting a little bit bigger to the south. you see bucks county has been
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having snow for a few hours here. the temperatures marginal. there could be slick spots there. then this other area of snow from lancaster coming into chester county, new castle county and delaware, salem county in new jersey. places that haven't seen very much. the hour by hour forecast by 1:00, we have the main band still across northern delaware and parts of south jersey. briefly heavy. by 2:00, it's tilting a little bit more. still delaware and south jersey, getting much of the action as we go through the afternoon. later today and tonight, things do quiet down. then watch what happens. we have some more snow showers coming around. not as many. and then it may actually be sunshine during the day tomorrow. not much during the day today. visibility is down in the last couple of minutes. snow showers today, temperatures
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generally below 40. the wind gusting to 30 miles an hour. the seven-day forecast, still cold and breezy on friday. not too much warmer on saturday. sunday, for the eagles game, well, it's going to be sunny during the day, but a night game, temperatures will be dropping. 42 by the start of the game, 36 by the end of it. and then we start to warm up as we go into early next week. more reasons to get a good night's sleep. new findings that show the serious long-term affects of a lack of sleep. as well as what you should not do before you hit the sack. later, a big move by a fast food chain. some of your favorite items could be on the chopping block.
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condoms are used by all woman who took part in the study. we are seeing snow falling through parts of our area today. here is a live look at traffic moving along i-95 in south philadelphia. glenn will let us know in a minute what to expect through the day. we will see the return of dry weather just ahead. creepy, crawly crime solvers. the research using these insects that's helping authorities in criminal investigations.
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just about 11:30 this thursday morning. bands of snow are moving through the area. a live look at the skyline of center city philadelphia from our camera atop the adventure
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aquarium. a live look at the radar showing where the snow is falling right now. people woke up to snow in delaware county this morning. you can see cars in drexel hill had a coating of snow on them. the drivers will have a few minutes of brushing off snow before they can head out on the road this morning. a blanket of snow throughout our area. a scene near bethlehem pike. this is fort washington. we can see light snow falling there. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with the forecast. >> we are seeing snow in a good portion of the area. in some places that haven't seen it over the last couple of days. we have a few flakes here on i-95 in south philly, actually had a few more flakes a couple of minutes ago. but this is all associated with the giant slow moving nor'easter. you can see the circulation right around that. as we zoom in, this is one area
11:31 am
that has had the persistent snow for the last several hours. montgomery and bucks county. it's shifting a little bit more toward the delaware river and getting away from the border. but they also have temperatures that are marginal there, maybe some slick spots. the bigger area now developing across northern delaware and into salem and cumberland counties in new jersey, also burlington county getting some. the temperatures generally above freezing. so it's melting there. watch this because the snow is getting a little bit heavier in the core of that. we can tell how heavy the snow is by the visibility. quakertown and doylestown still pretty well restrictive. wilmington, delaware, has a visibility down to two miles. that's fairly significant. wrightstown at three. the temperature, of course, the other significant thing. it's barely above freezing in pottstown. trenton at 32 degrees. it is marginal.
11:32 am
on, for example, exit ramps, bridges, overpasses, you could see slick spots as we go into the next couple of hours. the snow showers are going to continue through the afternoon. the temperature not moving very far. more on the timing hourly hour of what's going to happen with the seven-day in a few minutes. this morning's ice and snow led to a difficult morning commute for a lot of people in counties across the area. randy gyllenhaal is live to show us what the situation is like there right now. what can you tell us? >> reporter: icy conditions for much of the morning. right now a rogue snowflake or two. it has died down. you can see it actually stuck to the ground. we have a dusting on the ground. it will stick to the grass and dirt. if you go to the roadway, that snow is not sticking. it was icy earlier. 8:30 this morning, a steady snowfall, picking up less than
11:33 am
an inch or so. the cold weather and all that precipitation did make the roads very click. a number of accidents across the area, including one here where a police officer was struck by an out of control vehicle on the icy roads. again, the snow does not appear to be sticking much to the pavement right now as it is getting warmer. we have been watching road crews salting this intersection for much of the morning. they will continue to be out here, even though it's not snowing right now. we expect the bridges, especially in the area, to remain slick even into the afternoon. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. the light snowfall was a nice backdrop for the holiday decorations. nbc 10 along fayette street, this was early this morning. count on nbc 10 to bring you the latest information on the nor'easter. updates on air and, of course, online. download the nbc 10 weather app. it's free at bad weather is hitting the east and the west coast of the
11:34 am
u.s. today. we have you covered with nbc's dylan drier. we start with dylan. >> reporter: tuesday's nor'easter is sitting and spinning in new england right now. we are still dealing with the snow on the back side of it. one to two feet of snow has fallen in new york and new england. it made roads treacherous. a woman was killed in an accident involving a car and a pedestrian. i-81 south of syracuse was shut down for a time yesterday because of the dangerous road conditions and the accidents. now we see the conditions along i-90 near buffalo down to erie, pennsylvania. until the storm pulls away completely, we will see light to moderate snow showers across the northeast that could produce another few inches of snow. that's the storm in the northeast. there's a big ager storm on the west coast. >> reporter: the steady,
11:35 am
pounding rain has begun to hit the san francisco bay area. we can expect to see the rain over the next 48 hours, up to eight inches of rain. we expect localized flooding and some high winds. gusts topping 75 miles an hour. that's category i hurricane strength wind. local school districts have shut down for today. workers have been told they can stay home at office buildings across the region. we are expecting a wet and wild day across the bay area as well as other parts of the pacific northwest. new this morning, a three-hour standoff in atlantic city is over after a suspect barricades him self in a home ad threatened police. this was in atlantic city during a morning raid. the fbi tells nbc 10 nine out of ten federal subjects were placed under arrest without incident. the tenth arrest, locked himself
11:36 am
in his home forcing a three-hour barricade situation. the fbi s.w.a.t. team together with the dea and atlantic city police closed the streets and escorted residents from their homes interrupting their routine for work and school. he finally surrendered. witnesses noticed a sniper setting up as this situation unfolded. nbc 10's cydney long spoke to the agents involved along with some neighbors. >> statements that he made. he was not going to go quietly. >> i was taking my girlfriend to work. i seen cops in the alley, on their knees. i feel like us being citizens, we should know what's going on. you know what i'm saying? >> police say the arrests were part of a long-term narcotics and money laundering operation. the suspects will appear in court in camden this afternoon. the cia strikes back after the report on torture was released earlier this week.
11:37 am
cia director john brennan is expected to make public comments about the report in an appearance at agency headquarters. andrea mitchell reports, dick cheney is joining the debate. >> reporter: john brennan is going public after spending days trying to repair the agency's shattered moral. after the scathing senate report, the cia has a strong defender in former vice president dick cheney. >> i think it's a terrible piece of work. it seems it's deeply flawed. >> reporter: he was asked about the waterboarding. >> what are we supposed to do, kiss him on both cheeks and tell him, tell us what you know? of course not. we did what needed to be done to catch those who were guilty on 9/11 and prevent a further attack. we were successful on both parts. >> reporter: now coming out of the shadowed, james mitchell, one of two psychologists who designed the interrogation techniques. >> it's not always pretty.
11:38 am
it should be an honest debate. >> reporter: his firm made $80 million on the program despite having no experience in counterterrorism. >> do you sleep comfortably at night? >> i always sleep comfortably. >> reporter: the cia insists the harsh interrogations at secret prisons produced results. most importantly, the clues leading to the take down of osama bin laden. critics say the agency is misleading the public. >> director brennan and the cia today are tipping to willfully provide inaccurate information and misrepresent the efficacy of torture. the cia is lying. >> that was nbc's andrea mitchell reporting. today's appearance is awkward for brennan. at his confirmation, he said he disagreed with the interrogation practices but did not suggest stopping them because he had no authority over the program.
11:39 am
a chinese official accused the u.s. of hypocrisy and double standards when it comes to human rights. it came in response to comments made by the u.s. ambassador to china. the ambassador criticized china's human rights violations. in response, china pointed to a racial discrimination and torture of prisoners in america. the cia torture report is expected to be in bookstores soon. they announced it could hit stores by the end of the year. the report accuses the cia of torturing prisoners. it claims that information agents received from rough interrogations saved american lives. it's part of the public domain. so it will be available for free. new information this morning on a car that crashed into a storefront in new york city. police tell us none of the six people hurt in the accident have life-threatening injuries. the car smashed into the forever
11:40 am
21 store on manhattan's east side last night. authorities are investigating why the driver lost control. you may be dodging garbage when you swim at the delaware beaches this summer. nearly 270,000 tons of plastic is floating in the world's oceans. researchers say that translates to 5 trillion pieces. there's more on the ocean's bod tom. no si they want to know if it's harming fish and wild life. the pope will add cardinals to the flock. he plans to introduce them in a ceremony in february. the names have not been announced. before the ceremony, advisers will meet and brief other cardinals about reforms in the catholic church. the jimmy rollins area is over in philadelphia. they traded their shortstop to the l.a. dodgers for two pitching projects. he played 15 seasons.
11:41 am
he had four gold gloves, a league mvp and the world championship in '08. here is fans' reactions to him returning to california. >> i go to spring training every year. going down and not being able to see him is not the same. >> i was sad about it. he was really a great player. very clutch. >> he brought tons of energy to philly. you can't replace energy. >> the team is getting old. it's good we are getting new players. >> rollins is the all-time leader in hits. perhaps more importantly, through the found day, he and his wife raised more than $1 million to help feed families in the delaware valley. he will be missed. a golden moment for so many this morning. the nominations are in. see who is in the running for the upcoming golden globes award. snow falling in the area today. i am tracking the return of dry air and some warmer temperatures, too. what to expect and when just ahead. hey! it's mister monopoly.
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enforcement. the insects can represent researchers learn how a person died. the bugs have helped solve crimes from el paso to tyler, texas. >> can offer a quantified of how long they have been on the body. >> makes me aware that i am a citizen and i have a civic duty to the other people around me. >> there are just 17 board certified forensic enter molgists in north america. cars, clothes and electronics. that's what people are snapping up this holiday shopping season. sales were strong in november. falling gas prices could be what's driving people to buy, paying less at the pump frees up money. sales are up overall even though black friday shoppers kept their wallets closed. happening today, apple is supposing the hour of code by offering free workshops at its stores, including the stores on walnut street in philadelphia and king of prussia.
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kids will get a one hour introduction into the basics of computer programming. the hour code is a movement sponsored by its goal is to give 100 million studen students around the world a chance to learn computer science. mcdonald's is slimming down. they plan to drop eight items from the menu. you will now get one quarter pounder option instead of four. mcdonne they said they failed to keep up with changing diets. he would not reveal which items are getting the boot. it's not the only holiday season, it's award season in hollywood. the screen actors guild announced the nominations. this morning, it was the golden globes. >> we had it all. >> you were a movie star.
11:47 am
remember? >> "bird man" took flight. >> don't play with me. >> rival for best actor include bill murray whose film is up for best musical or comedy. "into the woods" and "pride." "foxcatcher" scored a punch. it was a similar story for "the theory of everything." best drama and best actor. >> you ready to have some fun? >> "boyhood" earned five nominations.
11:48 am
"selma" rounds out the category. jake gyllenhaal completes the best actor for his role in "night crawler." jennifer aniston was nominated. the globes will be handed out january 11th. we have been talking about this nor'easter for about a week and a half. it has been affecting our area all week. now we have bands of snow from the same nor'easter that has
11:49 am
moved into delaware and parts of new jersey, some places that hadn't seen snow yet are getting snow now. we expect a dry weekend. a lot of people are going to like that. this is a picture from atop of the comcast building in philadelphia. visibility is really restricted, because there's snow around. 36 degrees, temperature just dropped at the airport. 22 mile an hour winds, gusting to 31. look, blue skies at blue mountain. that's a sign of things to come. first place to clear out with this particular storm, at least temporarily. it's 26 in the poconos now. 32 in quakertown. 30 in doylestown. these are marginal temperatures. there could be slick spots, even at this time of the day. reading, pottstown borderline. maybe a little bit of a higher elevation, go up a hill that doesn't get much sun and could
11:50 am
be slick spots there. washington township, only 33. even in delaware, a couple degrees above freezing. trenton, 32. some reports in hamilton township of slick roads. we have to watch out there. farther to the south, it's well above freezing. we have the west wind today. it's coming around the giant nor'easter. the sustained winds pretty strong, 22 miles an hour in philadelphia. the windchill in the 20s. it's another very cold feeling day out there. the center of the nor'easter was offshore and now it's back inland. it's still affecting thousands and thousands of miles. we're starting to pick up a little bit of great lakes moisture that's helping to enhance these snow showers that we're getting. you can see on live radar that band to the south getting more and more impressive at the same time the one to the north is
11:51 am
weakening. this is where the temperatures are lower. that's where we have seen some problems in bucks county and mercer county. fortunately, that's weakening. in delaware, new castle county and salem county, cumberland county, this band getting a little bit heavier. keep our eye on that as we go into the afternoon. futurecast showing this band continuing into early afternoon and much of the focus in delaware and south jersey as opposed to pennsylvania this afternoon. this particular model has things really quieting down and dieing down by the late afternoon hours. another model here as we go into the evening, a few more snow showers. not nearly as organized as what we are seeing right now. then there's the clearing as we go into tomorrow. speaking of clearing, we will have mostly clear conditions for the eagles game. it's going to be cold, of
11:52 am
course. it's a night game in december. it should be cold. 42 at the start, 36 at the end. not a lot of wind. not nearly as windy as the last game was. temperatures struggling to get to 40 degrees later today. we are generally in the upper 30s. more snow showers. wind gusts to 30 miles an hour. seven-day forecast, another cold, breezy day tomorrow. some sunshine finally returns. we see a decent amount of sun over the weekend, too. dry weather friday, saturday, sunday, even into early next week as temperatures finally go up to 50 or a little above. we will be right back.
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen" is all knew. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. dangerous drivers on local roads. nbc 10 with new figures about the people in our region who are considered among the worst on the road in the entire country and why the rankings keep dropping. that's this afternoon at 4:00. glenn "hurricane" schwartz, i don't know if you can see the camera behind us, you can see flakes of snow blowing. >> you can't see the buildings that well because snow reduces
11:56 am
the visibility. that's kind of how we can tell how heavy the snow is. you can also get an idea by looking at the radar. you can see the darker blues in southern portion of new castle county now through cumberland county. millville is right in one of the target areas. it's going to be a snowy afternoon. at least the temperature is above freezing in delaware and south jersey, at least for now. it's going to be cold as we head into friday as well. a little bit less cold as we go through the weekend. a little bit more sunshine. finally get rid of this nor'easter and by the time the eagles play sunday night, things are nice and clear. >> then monday it's 52 and sunny. >> 52 will feel balmy. >> thank you. thanks for watching nbc 10 at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10,
11:57 am
have a great day. stay warm out there.
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>> jordan: did you forget something? >> rafe: yeah. >> jordan: we have said everything there is to say. >> rafe: not nearly. >> jordan: rafe, i'm done. we are done, so-- >> rafe: this isn't about us. it's clyde. >> clyde: wow, you're early, huh? >> jeremiah: you sounded upset. >> clyde: we're short. >> jeremiah: excuse me? >> clyde: of cash. we're coming up short. you've been sleeping on the job, haven't you? >> jeremiah: what? >> clyde: well, it's either that, or you're stealing from me.


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