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tv   Today  NBC  December 14, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning. breaking overnight. big spenders, congress approves a massive $1.1 trillion spending bill in time to avoid a government shutdown again. so what's in it and what does it mean f you? day of protests. tens of thousands take to the streets across the country over the use of deadly police force. we'll speak exclusively to the family of a 12-year-old boy shot to death by a cleveland police officer. king of the box office. the biblical exodus set to roll at the movie this is weekend. the latest film to roll with the mass and with it a healthy dose
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of controversy. and prince charming. the royal family releases photos of everyone's future favorite king hearing aww heard around the world. today december 14, 2014. from nbc news, this is "toda "today." with lester holt and erica hill live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm lester holt after long side shanel jones and dylan dridry dryer back up. >> he's royalty now. >> he's a little too perfect. his cheeks are almost as good as guthrie which means perhaps we should arrange the marriage now. taken under add vooizment.
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we begin with our top story. this $1.1 trillion spending bill on its way to president obama's desk. the senate after proved the measure late last night to avoid the government shutdown. it capped off a tense week in washington. chuck todd is moderator of meet the press and joins us. good morning. >> good morning erica. we have this government shutdown averted, washington insight. you say those phrases and eyes glaze over when we talk about political wins and losses. let's look at the standpoint of the american public. where did the american people win and lose on this? >> where they win is continuity, the fact that most government gets funded for r almost a year to the fall of next year. what does that mean? it means you can't blame the government for sort of up-ending the economy, hurting the economic recovery. we're in a good cycle with the economy now. looks like it has momentum, looks like excel ration.
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big picture, that's good use. what eed people on right and left were the things that got stuck into it that meant nothing to funding the government. whether it was a pay raise for political operatives that raised money for two parties or this deal that weakened part of the wall street regulation that had a lot of people upset and gives power to financial institutions to do trade which some believe were behind the great recession in the first place. >> those things get slipped into bills that get the american public riled up as well. i want to ask about former governor jeb bush saying this weekend that he's going to release an e-book and 250,000 e-mails from his time in office to promote transparency. is this -- we're missing all the announcements for a 2016 run? >> i was going to say i've talked to people close to governor bush overnight. this is the biggest sign yet he is more likely to run than not run. i've been a skeptic.
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my own reporting has been mixed in you ctalking to people that e him. this seems to be the close to a definitive decision. he says he's going to make a decision in short order. that's what he says in this interview in miami. this is clear you're getting stuff out of the way you would have to deal with in a presidential campaign. he was a big e-mailer nor -- governor in florida. a day of protest marks the biggest rallies we've seen yet over the use of deadly force by police. we speak to a mother and sister of a boy who was shot to death in cleveland. kristen joining us first from the white house. >> reporter: good morning to you. tens of thousands of protestors hit the streets in washington
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d.c., new york and across the country to demand in their words justice for all. it may not be a movement yet, but organizers say their calls for change are gaining momentum. it was a day of protest that stretched from new york, oakland, boston and washington d.c. a chorus of voices, a singular message. >> our justice system is broken. it needs to be fixed. >> there's a time and place in this country where you have to stand for justice. i think now is the time. now is the place. >> there is a problem that our black kids are being murdered. >> reporter: rallies in the name of eric garner, michael brown, tamir rice and at a von martin, all killed in confrontations with police and in martin's case with a security guard. all their families are joining in the emotional day. >> it's sad this is which a brings our nation together, the death of innocent, black,
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unarmed mention. >> their demands are better training for authorities, body cameras for police and changes to the legal system. al sharpton founded the national network, the lead organizer of the event. >> we have the same goal, and that is equal protection under the law. >> for some, this is a reminder of the 1963 march on washington. while the crowds aren't as large, some say many of the sentiments are the same. >> this is i think the new civil rights movement. >> it's 2014. people need to wake up. >> martin travelled from ohio, tamir rice's homestead who's death was recent ily ruled a homicide. he said this is personal. >> to see that. >> reporter: now the day was largely peaceful. 23 were arrested in boston for disorderly conduct. new york city police say two officers were assaulted by
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protestors on the brooklyn bridge. meanwhile, president obama called for more funding for body cameras for police and ordered a task force abled at improving relations between police and their communities. >> thanks very much. i'm joined by tamir rice's mother and sister, their attorneys. good morning to all of you. let me start with you first of all. our deep condolences. so much has happened. it's been over three weeks since you lost your son. you find yourself in washington in front of ten temperatures of thousands of supporters black and white. can you describe what that moment was like? >> it was very overwhelming, but i'm blessed to have the support in me in the nation. that's keeping me standing. >> what is it that you want? what did you ask of that crowd and what are you asking of this country? >> i'm sorry. could you repeat that?
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>> what is it you want to come from this? what are you looking forward to? >> justice for my son and change for the nation so nobody's else's child has to go through this. >> let me turn to taje now. you have not spoken publicly. you were inside the rex center when your brother was shot. can you tell me what you saw and heard when you went out? >> first i was in the bathroom because i had to use the bathroom. then i came out the bathroom and i heard a gunshot. and then i went to see what happened. they said a little boy just got shot. i said no, you're lying. then they said oh, that was your brother. i ran to the gazebo. i couldn't get all the way to him because the officer attacked me, three me on the ground, tackled me on the ground, put me
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in handcuffs and put me in the back of the police car right next to his body. i was upset and everything. >> did you did you see any attempt to revive your brother, cpr or any help coming to him? >> when i came running out, he tackled me and they didn't do nothing. they were just standing there looking really lost. i think one of the officers or the ambulance was pushing on his thing right here. that was it. >> must have been a horrible thing for you to witness. samaria let me ask you. so many cases have been put together. the eric garner and michael brown. so much racial tension over this now. do you think the officer that shot your son did so because he was black?
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>> we don't know what was in his heart. we don't want to speculate lester. we think the matter would have been handled differently if it was a different community and the officer had been trained better. >> that's what i'm getting at. do you think it was racial or do you think this was a panicked, fearful cop that did something stupid? >> when you watch the video, it shows everything you need to know. within two seconds he made a decision to shoot a 12-year-old kid playing on the playground. as taje said, how many seconds passed before they tried to save this young kid. that's the problem in their community. it's different police. you see all protests going on in america because they shoot our children then try to attack the victim. trayvon martin, michael brown. how are they going to try to attack this 12-year-old baby? that's the issue. these grand jurys have attacked our children and exonerated the
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kill hers and stereo typed and demonized our children dead on the ground. >> the cleveland police are still investigating. we'll a wait the results of their investigation. we appreciate you being here taking part main this conversation. wish you the best. a man hunt underway in alabama and other headlines from shanel. >> good morning. now the fbi has joined the search for three inmates including two accused killers. they escaped from a jail in alabama after one inmate faked an illness. the guard opened the cell door to help, and the inmates jumped the guard and fled on foot. also in alabama a, police are looking for the gunman that shot and killed an auburn university freshman football player. he was gunned down near campus over night. now to mississippi in a massive farewell to the 19-year-old woman burn add live. hundreds of mourners packed the
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chapel saturday to say good-bye to jessica a chambers brutally murdered last weekend. her father tells us his daughter left a battered women's shelter a few months ago and was getting her life on track. a hack attack to put sony pictures into the worst state. amy pass equal referred to leonardo i did cap rio as despicable. others slammed will smith and others talked about the script of the james bond movie. oregon junior quarterback wins the heisman trophy award. he led them to the first ever record playoffs with a record touchdowns. it was an emotional night to be the first from his home state of hawaii to score the award. >> so many times in hawaii we're
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told we don't have the same opportunities mainland kids do. i want people back home to realize you can take your opportunity and make the most of it. >> he's also the first oregon player to win the heisman. talk about a smashing wedding proposal. a dutch man goes to great heights hiring a crane to lift him up to his girlfriend's window to pop the question. before he could put the ring on it, the crane toppled over and crash into the roof. she reportedly said yes after it was over. >> he gets an a for effort. at the reception he should try to redo it or something sweet with it. maybe he should leave the crane alone. she said yes. dylan, a look at the weather. nice in new york today. >> it is nice today and tomorrow
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too. we need to focus on california where we have more rain. too much rain causes mudslides because of recent fires. want to take you through today and show you how the rain is going to get closer and closer. we go to late this afternoon. that's when the rain approaches san francisco and will eventually move to southern california by the time we go to monday. today in san francisco bay area, tomorrow and monday an inch or two of additional rain it i'm brittney shipp. the rest of day, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. chilly, 42 to 46. so it will be a cold start to the eagles game. by the fourth quarter, down to 38. by the time you you head home, probably mid-30s. "7-day forecast" shows warmer temperatures by wednesday.
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>> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks. this morning we are getting a new glimpse at the boy who would be king. the royal family releases photographs of prince george just in time for the holidays. nbc is in london with more on that. he's giving every christmas card a run for their money. >> how pinchable are those cheeks? i mean really. these pictures are an early christmas gift to newspapers and media for giving george a little privacy over the past few months. three adorable photos of the boy they're calling his royal cuteness. a rosie cheeked prince george on the steps of the palace. the pictures were last month when it was warm enough for knee high socks and sweater vest. is he spitting image of his dad or more like his mom? >> his mom had chubby cheeks and
8:16 am
same eyes. he looks naughty with the mischief smile. >> last time we saw him was in july on his first birthday. he's had quite a year for a boy who's only 17 months old. the future king went on his first trip abroad, played nicely with the whole world watching, and showed all of us his throwing skills. not once but twice. he's been on magazine covers and started baby fashion fads. those overalls worn for his first birthday photo shoot sold out. even when he's not around, prince george is the center of attention. in new york when music royalty met british royalty on the basketball court, they didn't talk sports or songs or fashion. >> it was a brief chat about their kids and about children. yeah, i think they seemed quite cool really. >> talk of play dates and christmas presents. >> so what do you get for a boy who lives in a palace and who's
8:17 am
great grandmother is the queen? last year george was more interested this the wrapping paper than what was inside. this year all he wants is mom and dad's ipad. mom and dad are thinking of more modest gifts. teddy bears and maybe a new sweater vest. erica? >> kelly, thanks. up next on "today," how one father is paying tribute to a beautiful life lost in the sandy father is paying tribute to a beautiful life lost in the sandy hook tragedy two have been masters of jewelry design for centuries."ly this levian collection is amazing. maybe it's time to start your own. kay jewelers presents today's levian collection... featuring exclusive levian chocolate diamonds. including incredible limited edition styles like these. one more reason kay is the number-one jewelry store in america. it's...(she can't find the words) a work of art? ♪ every kiss begins with kay.
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when you feel good no one is immune. with antioxidants, electrolytes, and b vitamins plus more vitamin c than ten oranges. emergen-c transforms more than just water. emergen-c. let your awesome out. two years ago today, 20 children and six adults were murdered at the sandy hook elementary school. >> for one grieving father, the answer was in his hands. his music speaks with intensity and emotion. when his little girl died, so it
8:19 am
seemed, did the music for jazz man jimmy green. >> when my daughter was killed, there was a period i couldn't even drive my car. my body was weak and shaky. i couldn't do normal everyday things. >> two years have passed since 6-year-old green and other precious lives were taken at sandy hook elementary. >> there are bad days and worse days. on the worst days you pray for a bad day. >> as much as jimmie and his wife nelba wanted to forget that awful day, they wanted to remember and honor their little girl. >> it started just with me picking up the instrument and playing some long tones, kind of exercises to regain strength. >> with the encouragement of a record executive friend that donated studio time, jimmie set out to tell ana's story in the
8:20 am
language they shared. >> she called her dad a jazz musician. my daddy is a jazz musician. >> one of her favorites may have been from the musical "annie." it's one of the songs on jimmie green's new album released "beautiful life" he arranged and composed for ana. it's a tribute featuring other big jazz artists. in one song ana herself. taken from home video of ana and her brother isaiah a year before her death. >> they printed the lyrics with the him. the all mighty king. my daughter wanted to participate in whatever he was doing. >> the family is also honoring their daughter through the ana grace project which promotes
8:21 am
healthy social and emotional connections in schools. >> we wanted our message to be through this that you don't get a choice in life. what happens to you sometimes. you do get a choice in how you respond. >> earlier this month, the greens appeared at the dan bury, connecticut college where jimmy teaches music. >> her life was so beautiful. >> many in the audience were closely impacted by the sandy hook shooting and clearly moved. we all know what happened to ana and the 19 other children and six adults. now through the power of music, her family hopes we can also now say i we know something about ana herself. >> she was such a bright little girl. in the after math of her murder, we felt we needed to do all we could to keep her memory alive. >> proceeds go to charity in her
8:22 am
name. the am bum is available for purchase and download online. >> what a beautiful testament to her life. >> he has the gift of music and shared his daughter with us. >> we'll be right back. after seeing everything, but let me take one last look. sure. take your time. built-in nav, heated seats for mom, dvd with wireless headphones for the kids! and tons of room for the golf clubs! golf clubs, and strollers. shhh ... i love this part. so what do you think? i think it's everything we wanted. great. discover for yourself why more people find their perfect car at carmax. carmax. start here. the holidays are full of surprises. that's why, whenever the need arises...
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a book is the gift they'll remember long after the holidays are over. dave, i'm sorry to interrupt... i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine.
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good morning. i'm rose harry cir mayor re con. it's a little cloudy out there. >> but we will see a mix of sun and clouds. right now you can see boathouse row there, clouds barely moving. so light wind speeds. wind speeds will pick up just a bit, but it will be fairly comfortable apart from the cold. if you plan on heading out to the eagles games, 40 degrees. we will stay in the mid-40s. temperatures dropping into the hid 30s by the fourth quarter of the game. this morning a family in philadelphia germantown section says that their house was fire bombed overnight. and it's not the first time their neighborhood has been a target. something came through the front window before the fire started around 1:00 this morning on culture street. firefighters had to rescue five adults and a 3 month old in-fachbt from the roof.
8:28 am
they all scrambled up to the roof for safety. the baby and a woman inside the house were taken to the hospital. their injuries are not serious. investigators are calling this fire suspicious and the fire marshal is investigating. nbc 10 was on the same block less than two weeks ago when the house next door had a similar incident. two philadelphia police officers were hurt in this crash in the frankfurt section of the city.officers were responding to a call when their van collided with a car. now back to the "today" show.
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december 14, 2014. as always a great group of folks joining us on the plaza. thanks to them for coming out to say hello on this chilly morning. thanks to you at home as well.
8:31 am
>> we have so much to get to this morning. we want to get you caught up on the morning's headlines half past the hour. a massive $1.1 trillion spending bill on its way to president obama this morning after win ago profl in the senate last night. that measure funds the government through senate and helps washington avoid a possible shutdown. in the biggest protests yet, tens of thousands took to the streets in washington and beyond to demonstrate against the use of deadly force by police. the protestors demanding better training for authorities, body cameras for police, and changes to the legal system itself. and the fallout continues at sony. those behind the hacking scandal reportedly making new threats. this comes amid new leaked e mals from officials that refer to leonardo as being despicable and also the script from the james bond movie. the cast behind "the night
8:32 am
at the museum" open up about working with robin williams in his final performance. should you bring a gift to a friend's cocktail party? we'll have those answers to hopefully alleviate your holiday stress level. the dad turning break fant into art. he's made pancakes in the shape of animals to michael jackson. he's cooking up a surprise for us. >> that's cool. let's begin this half hour with a final check of the weather. >> we have a 10-year-old celebrating a big birthday today. this is sydney's birthday. are you having fun in new york city? >> yeah. >> what's your favorite thing? >> being here. >> just general all over being here in new york city. we are looking at pretty good weather across the eastern half of the country. in the western half, going to see the chance of snow in high elevations. we've got winter storm warnings
8:33 am
and advisories in effect. most areas near casper, wyoming we'll see snow, 6 to 9 inches. tomorrow, we'll see snow in central anybody nebraska. today that snow is through the rockies with rain showers. could see strong storms kansas, oklahoma, the ex tex. tomorrow, that area of snow will spread to the northern plains, south dakota and nebraska. from minnesota down to louisiana, we are looking at the chance of heavy rain. the east coast enjoying a warm-up. i'm brittney shipp. as we head to the rest of today, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. chilly conditions. temperatures between 42 and 46. so if you're planning on heading out to eagle gai game, it woulda
8:34 am
cold start. down to the mid-30s when you head home. "7-day forecast" shows warmer temperatures by wednesday. and that's your latest forecast. erica? >> dylan, thanks. this weekend proved once again religious films can be a huge draw at the box office. "exodus" is the late toast hit the screens. a good book often translates to hollywood success. >> "exodus gods and kings" is a story told in epic hollywood fashion that should make the movie number one at the box office. >> clearly being the year of the bible and the year of religious films, it kind of makes sense this movie is doing so well. >> not without mixed reviews and the hashtag asking people to boycott.
8:35 am
there's controversy about the interpretation of the old testament and actors covered in makeup and casts to play major roles. the director said he can't mount a $140 million film and say month ham mad is so and so from such and such. i'm not going to get hit financed. that prompted one journalist to say it's hard to know where to start. >> the author of the variety article points out other big budget bible movies also feature white leads. in noah it was russell crow in 10 commandments also. >> it's wrong to single out one film as being the culprit. >> this has been a wildly successful year for biblical movies. epics like "noah" and smaller films like "god's not dead,"
8:36 am
"son of god" and "heaven is for real." >> hollywood has made these popular and big at the box office. >> hollywood's year of the bible could get a long extension. from nbc news, los angeles. >> you have to brace yourself. if you do a biblical theme movie, not everyone is going to agree or like it. >> there's going to be backlash. true. from tipping to gift giving. we'll help you navigate the most stressful parts of the holiday season. that's right after this. wellllll... ♪ ♪ earlyfit ♪ latefit ♪ risefit ♪ fallfit ♪ ballfit ♪ wallfit ♪ pingfit ♪ pongfit ♪ pingfit ♪ pongfit ♪ rowfit ♪ throwfit ♪ slowfit ♪ olliefit ♪ oopsfit ♪ otisfit ♪ thiswayfit ♪ thatwayfit ♪ daddyfit ♪ pappyfit ♪ datefit ♪ weightfit ♪ goalfit ♪ gooooooalfit ♪ stepfit ♪ stairfit ♪ smartfit ♪ heartfit ♪ spinfit ♪ bikefit ♪ hikefit ♪ yikesfit ♪ wheeeeefit ♪ wowfit
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we want to to talk about tipping. >> thank you. >> we have this discussion every year. every year when it comes time, it's like what do i give and who -- who's on the list? >> the people you care about who take care of you are on the list. what's most important is that it is not mandatory to tip all of these people. it is common. what you want to do is stay within your budget. at the same time there are guidelines. the first is child care. our children are the most precious to us. we want to give to those people. it's typical. one week to one month. if you didn't save already, you need to scrape the pennies together. household services like lawn care, housekeeper, pizza guy that comes every friday. >> the newspaper or delivery person. >> yeah. >> what is one session worth? for the newspaper guy, it would be -- give like $20 or so to somebody like that.
8:41 am
beauty stylists. this is particularly women but a lot of men go to the salon too. the cost of one service which could be high depending on how many things you do. and teachers. >> no cash for teachers? >> cash, no. it could be a gift card to staples or a place where you buy supplies. often they love hand made gifts from the children. a lovely card made by the children showing your sentiment. >> let's move on and talk about another difficult situation. talking family isituations. you've got family and your in-laws. everybody wants a piece of you hoe over the holidays. >> plan and communicate. if everybody is in the same state, they want you to come to their house. plan in advance. try to make it so that you don't do everything on the same day. you really need to think of your immediate team because if you get completely worn out, stressed out and have little
8:42 am
kids, people are frustrated. it goes south. plan, talk to each other, negotiate. >> communicate. >> communicate. >> always the key to good family relationships. i want to talk now about all these parties and hostess gifts. what's the rule on gifts? >> if you're going to someone's home, it's customary to bring something. doesn't need to be expensive. if you bring wine, it's a gift not for you to open. if you bring flowers which is common, make sure it's in a container. it's difficult for a hostess to go to the kitchen, find a vase. a poinsettia or something in a case. >> this came in via twitter. the question is what's the best way to handle someone giving you a gift when you weren't expecting it and don't have one for them. #awkward. >> so the thing is, if you receive something, say thank you. you don't have to go oh i'm so
8:43 am
sorry. i didn't get you anything. that's not completing the cycle of giving. thank you so much for thinking of me. i really appreciate it. the end. >> i want you to have this, please don't feel pressure to reciprocate. >> that diminishes it too. just i've been thinking of you. i'd love to share with you. then the person says thank you and really means it. >> good to have you. >> appreciate it. let's send to dylan in the orange room with the plaza fan of the day. hi guys. >> good morning lester and everyone. i have felix from tampa, florida. you're always tweeting us. this is the your fourth time to weekend today this year. we finally brought you to the orange room. >> today, shanel talks to the cast of "night at the museum" about the film and role of robyn williams. but first, these messages. >> have you done thi [coughing]
8:44 am
dave, i'm sorry to interrupt... i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine. hey! so i'm looking at my bill, and my fico® credit score's on here. we give you your fico® score each month for free! awesomesauce! wow! the only person i know that says that is...lisa? julie?! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and see your fico® credit score.
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its is one of robin williams last performances. the newest film "night at the
8:47 am
museum" trilogy shanel sat down with the cast. >> it was a great assignment and talent packed in one room. it's already garnering box office buzz. its stars ben sh s ben stiller wilson tell what happens after dark. >> $1 billion in global ticket sales? >> i don't know. >> that's a lot. come on. why do you think it has such appeal? >> it has a tone about it i think you can connect with the characters. it's funny. >> you and i both know there's something magical at the museum. sun goes down, everything starts to glow. >> it has a real story. i don't know. it seems something people can identify with. >> this one i did the computer thing, the lol. the first one i don't know if that texting was a big thing.
8:48 am
>> do you know how in movies everybody is giggling. you get the person that laughs really loud? you got the most votes. were you giggling in between too? >> i sometimes get so into my character i never laugh. i never find anything funny. >> what was it like for you to step into this world as he mentioned? >> i was a huge fan of the movies anywhere. i was thrilled to step into the tin suit and get crazy with them. >> your eyes are fantastic. >> i'm going to have to ask about robin williams. the first scene when we saw him, it kind of took my breath away. >> before robin's passing, that scene had a lot of people tearing up. now obviously that he's not with us, it has depth. >> he was a genius. he was always incredibly kind to
8:49 am
everyone and made everyone feel as if they were equal. >> leading up to this, do you get anxious? >> i was anxious when we were making it. when i saw it, it was like okay, this feels like it deserves to exist. i'm excited for people to see it. >> when you watch the finished product, what's your take from it? >> i feel we made a fitting third and possibly final chapter. >> whoa. where did that possibly word come from? >> it leaves more room. >> "night at the museum" opens next friday. there's so much more to that interview. it was so much fun. i asked a lot about robin williams. there's a scene at the end where he does a salute on horse back. i don't want to say it was eerie because obviously when they wrote the script they had no idea of what was going to happen. but he says good-bye, farewell. he gets on horse back and does the salute. we were all sitting here
8:50 am
thinking wow. it was so well done. he was larger than life on that skrooen. there were moments even though it was comedy that i cried. i got teary. there's a part with ben stiller and his son. it was a good story. >> it's such a good trilogy. it's great for families and funny too. >> it's funny. it was a great time. it's worth your time. >> fun people to hang out with. >> a lot of talent packed in one room. >> they need to join us on the past. >> we're buddies now. >> thanks. you've eaten pancakes i'm sure. none of us have eaten pancakes like this. meet the guy that brings this to the table. this is far beyond mickey mouse. first, these messages. okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all?
8:51 am
hmm... the kind i have with you. me too. a typical male penguin shows his love... offering the female... ...a pebble. some males, however... are smarter than others. diamonds in rhythm. its continuous motion catches light from every angle. at kay, the number one jewelry store in america. and apparently antarctica. ♪ every kiss begins with kay. this weekend only, it's our best holiday sale of the season. save up to 60% storewide at kay.
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8:54 am
if you need inspiration for your breakfast this morning, boy, are you in the right place. this is something you and chances are your kids will love. we're making pancakes. these are true masterpieces. check out this art work. from animals like apes and caterpillars to famous faces including michael jackson and the beatles. this is the man behind the pancake works of art. this is awesome. >> thank you very much. >> we're very excited you're here. how did it start though? you wanted to impress your kids? >> it was about three years ago i wanted to make breakfast more entertaining for kids. >> you needed to go beyond the the traditional mickey mouse pancakes. >> life is short. >> i'm totally with you. >> the secret to getting the
8:55 am
self in addition and pictures had to do with your batter? >> yes. >> walk us through. that. >> it's simple. i use your basic pancake mix and soy milk. i mix them up and put this squeeze bottles. some of them i include the cocoa powder in. >> this is darker. that's how we get colors on? >> it helps make the darker areas darker. >> the other thing that is key, you have a handy tool from your back pocket you pulled out. >> this reads the temperature of the pan? >> i wanted to make sure we were at a good temperature. >> which is a better temperature? i'll take that one. >> they're about the same. >> we have your secret to batter. going from an image in your head to creating it in here is a big jump. >> it's a creative process. you just want to give it a shot. you know, if it doesn't go so well, you can taste it. >> you can still eat it. that's all that matters.
8:56 am
i'm going to bring in shanel. we both have little kids. anything we can do to get them to eat more right? >> let's start with pour dark color. we're going to try to make an octopus. why not? >> what's in your pan? >> nothing. let's start with the eye ball and big round head. >> just one eye ball? >> do as many as you want. >> what is this? that's the head. >> wow. let's get a bunch of those. you may have up to eight tentacles. >> thanks for clarifying. is that where octo comes from? i'm kidding. what is your biggest hit in terms of pancakes? >> i only tend to impress my
8:57 am
kids. their favorites were star wars or princesses. >> which are harder? >> princesses are tricky. >> are we just filling in? >> let's use light one to fill that in. >> this is so creative. >> you can use shadows. >> i thought i was going with mickey mouse pancakes. you can use those molds in the pan. >> is it possible to spend too much time making octopus and burn the pancake? like now. >> it's possible. >> hands down, mine looks like a pinwheel. >> it looks like a pinwheel, yeah. >> octopus was a good way to start. it's all arms. >> i like your thinking. >> you know what, it was fun. >> what you got going down there? >> an octopus. >> she had to get all eight arms
8:58 am
in. >> aren't we supposed to have eight arms? it's an octopus. >> it's a pancake. >> you did that so easily. >> it's not happening. >> did i let it cook too much? >> you might want a big one like mine. >> this is industrial size. we're going to work on pancakes while we check in with chuck todd. >> that's quite the transition going on there erica. thanks. obviously this morning we'll talk about what senate democrats dub the torture report. it includes the congress and bush white house and the use over interrogation. dick cheney is unapologetic insisting it saved lives. >> that's going to do it for us here. look what he did, all of our
8:59 am
faces. >> the whole gang. see you back here for nbc nightly
9:00 am
fire bombs. that's what one philadelphia family claims happened to their house overnight. why neighbors are worried their block has become a target. two philadelphia police officers are in the hospital after their van collided with another car overnight. we now know the details of how it happened. heading for a showdown. eagles take on the cowboys in the sunday night football match-up oi match-up. . we have the game day forecast ahead. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's 9:00. brittney shipp is watching the conditions outside for us. a lot on the line at tonight's game, but


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