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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 16, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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you talked to some of his colleagues? >> in fact we finished interviews with two marines that served with brad stone in iraq when we got word a body had been found just outside of pennsburg. when we arrived, we texted them back to let them know it was in fact brad stone. the body they found just outside pennsburg put an end to what friends and military colleagues says was brad stone's volatile left. >> he was my direct supervisor, deployed to iraq with him in '08. >> reporter: adam perrone heard about the murders on television. >> when it was bradley stone, i was shocked but part of me knew that they were a volatile couple. they were a bad mix. in 2008, both our units got activated. >> reporter: this marine served in the same unit in iraq. >> pretty much it was an easy deployment. nothing really happened.
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no combat, no ground fighting, nothing like that. >> reporter: both tell nbc 10 that brad stone was consumed by a bitter divorce before ever deploying and were stunned to hear media accounts citing combat-related post traumatic stress disorder. >> i'm not sure where he's getting that ptsd from. >> when something happens like this or we see the word marine or iraq war veteran or afghan war veteran, we jump to a conclusion and think ptsd. that couldn't be farther from the truth. >> reporter: they both tell nbc 10 to them, the murders were only partly shocking. >> i haven't seen him since 2011 but part of me wasn't surprised that with the dynamics of their relationship that he would carry out something like that. >> reporter: and both of those marines say they send their prayers to the families of the victims, live in upper hanover
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township, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. this killing spree happened within a matter of hours in several communities across montgomery county. members of four generations of the same family died, a grandmother, a mother, two daughters, a niece and a brother-in-law. 17-year-old anthony flick who you see here is the only survivor of the killing spree. he was injured at his home in souderton. his mother, father and sister all killed. flick is in serious but stable condition at the hospital. we also know stone's current wife and three children are secure and safe. >> nbc 10 is learning more about the victims and getting the latest information on this investigation. stay with nbc 10 and for updates. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a gray, sometimes wet but mostly mild day across the philadelphia area. >> taking a live look now at the center city skyline. you can see the fog hasn't left yet. really sticking around. some places are even seeing rain
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now. >> for more on that, here's nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. sheena? >> some areas will have a wet evening commute as we go through the next few hours here. a lot of the heaviest rain has moved through philadelphia and the lehigh valley already. we're seeing it closer to the shore, also delaware beaches. that's where we have heavier rain at the moment. through parts of burlington county, nearing little egg harbor. this is where we see heavier rain. this extends down towards galloway township, atlantic city seeing the rain. this will move closer to the shore and eventually offshore. cape may county also parts of sussex county, rehoboth beach, oceanview, georgetown and into maryland, all this rain continues moving offshore within the next hour or so. as we go through the rest of tonight we will see gradual improvements. before the rest of this evening we'll continue to have the showers around and then they slowly start to clear out. temperatures are mild, though,
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50 degrees in philadelphia right now. it's all coming in from the south and southwest. we're not as cold today. even tonight, we won't be as cold either. the colder temperatures do move in later this week and i'mç al tracking a chance of snow for the weekend. all those details, coming up. new information this afternoon on a major case of alleged union intimidation involving local ironworkers, three more people pleaded guilty today in an extortion case. richard richie, william o donnell and christopher profit. they allegedly used violence and intimidation to get union members assigned to jobs on nonunion work sites. a trial for the last suspect, joseph doherty, will begin january 5th. tonight, new jersey's red light cameras will go dark. they have been controversial from the very start. for those who don't know, why
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are the cameras finally being shut off. >> reporter: i will explain. beginning at 5:00, just an hour from now, the companies that operate these cameras, together with police, one of them called red flex, the other american traffic l traffic solutions will shut them down across the state. first, the strobing red lights we see and then the cameras will shut down from a remote server all because the pilot program has ran its course. whether they will physically be removed is a decision that can vary from town to town. there are 73 intersections. >> red light cameras, yes. >> reporter: in 24 towns statewide, equipped with these. but by midnight tonight, new jersey's red light cameras will be unplugged, possibly for good. >> i am glad to see them go. >> reporter: gloucester township operates ten of them. they are reminder drivers that they have 09 days to issue
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citations for anyone caught running red lights up until midnight tonight. if you see a flash, any citation accidentally generated won't hold up in court. >> we'll have to increase our patrol even more along this corridor. >> reporter: police here say red light related vehicle crashes are down ç44% during a four-ye run overall. they don't want the cameras being turned off to be an invite for violators. >> is that a fear that could happen? >> it is. i'm concerned that people may just think it's okay to start running red lights without consequences. >> reporter: assemblymen declan o'sc o'scanlon says many municipalities have begun rejecting cameras but new jersey is the first state entity to give these machines the boot. i'm proud of new jersey and thank our governor for coming down on the side of motorists over money. >> higher taxes, higher insurance, give us a break. we've been nickel and dimed
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enough. >> reporter: here's what motoristists will notice on the road. the enforcement signs warning drivers of the cameras will be taken down over the next couple of days. the cameras themselves will not physically be removed, at least here in gloucester township. at least right away. that is because some of the data that's been compiled across the state that new jersey's d.o.t. will send to lawmakers could eventually pave the way for this program to be reinstated. but it remains to be seen. live in gloucester township tonight, cydney long, nbc 10 news. and now nbc 10 has exclusive details about the police officer charged with murder. >> that same woman called nbc 10 investigative reporter harry hairston. harry, what did you two talk about? >> we talked about previous relationships. she con tacked me because i had done several stories about officer steven stalking other
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women. she contacted police and told them, quote, if you find me dead, referring to the officer, he did it. >> she called me last night hours before she was killed. she told me she feared a cop she dated would kill her. about five hours later she was shot to deathç inside her home. the district attorney office tells me roznakowski also wounded her teenage daughter. norwood police served him monday evening with a court order to stay away from morrow. morrow requested and got the emergency order earlier in the day. back at the scene today we founded this gun imagimagazine d with bullets.
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>> my wife said there's a lot of cop cars across the street. and that's when something was said what had happened. >> during what would be the final hours of her life, morrow described how she dated him for months. she end the relationship on august 30th and reunited with her husband. morrow said roznakowski called an texted her dozens of times with threatening messages. she also said he vandalized her new 2015 jeep wrangler. marrow went to philadelphia police for help. philly pd says they were getting a warn the to arrest roznakowski. i tried to interview the police chief, ryan hill. he refused but told me roznakowski was angry about the protection order. >> that was the police chief you saw simply driving away, refusing to come out and give us an interview. we first told you about roznakowski when plymouth
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township police arrested him on 75 counts of stalking his former fiance. i'm working to get more information on that case and other women he allegedly stalked for 5:00. for the investigators, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. >> just chilling, harry. two state lawmakers from pennsylvania facing charges tonight. >> prosecutors say they were caught in an undercover sting accepting money or gifts. ronald waters and vanessa brown have been charged with conspiracy, conflict of interest and bribery. >> nbc 10's lu ann cahn has been following this case. she's joining us live in philadelphia. lu ann, this investigation has been going on for some time. what finally led to these charges. >> well, it was a grand jury investigation, the district attorney decided to pick up an investigation that the state attorney general decided to pass on. i can tell you, today, the representative ron waters and vanessa brown's office will not comment. the d.a. says both personally told the grand jury they knew they were selling the influence
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of their office. >> fully admitted that they knowingly took illegal cash payments. >> state representatives ron waters and vanessa brown are among the five representatives that were accused of selling their office in an undercover sting investigation. an investigation state attorney general kathleen kane said she could not prosecute. today, district attorney seth williams said the grand jury found much of the evidence against these two representatives as simple as hitting the play button. on undercover video. the d.a. says waters took an envelope stuffed with $1,000 worth of cash during his first meeting from a confidential informant. >> at the next meeting the informant reiterated he was paying waters to, quote, exercise that god-given right of leave leverage. he passed waters another $500 in cash. all together, representative
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waters took illegal cash nine separate times. >> reporter: the district attorney says waters introduced state representative brown to the confidential informant. >> and accepted an envelope containing $500 in cash. the inform and the told her to count it to make sure there were five 100 dollar bills. she answered, cheerfully, if there was ten, i wouldn't tell you. >> reporter: prosecutors say brown introduced the confidential inform and to the then traffic court chief judge. >> the informant handed the representative an envelope containing $2,000 in cash. brown was elated. brown wa&háhp &hc& said. >> reporter: the perceived response about the attorney general's office about these indictments, the e-mail said prosecutors candice agree but kathleen kane supports district attorney seth williams' effort.
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live in north philadelphia, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, lu ann. the three people accused of assaulting a same-sex couple in center city philadelphia will stand trial. kathryn knott, kevin harrigan and phillip williams faced a hearing today. they are facing aggravated assault, conspiracy and other charges. investigators say the suspects attacked a gay couple because of their sexual orientation. this was back on september 11th of this year. one of the victims testified that harrigan used slurs to ask if the victim and his partner were gay. the victim says he used the same slurs to answer harrigan and that's when the dispute got physical. the defense attorneys claim the sexual orientation was not an issue. the exgirlfriend of kurt busch sobbed in front of a judge today. the ex-girlfriend testified that busch choked her and smashed her head into a wall during the fall race at dover. the alleged attack happened not
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long after the couple broke up. the exgirlfriend also asked the judge for busch to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. attorneys for busch deny the allegations, dover police are still investigating the september attack. to the casino crisis now, the days are numbered for the trump taj mahal in atlantic city. today the casino's owner asked billionaire carl icahn to keep the tarnj open well into next year. that request comes at the same time the union is challenging a court ordered cost cutting plan. trump entertainment resorts has demanded that the union drop its appeal. the casino is scheduled to shut down saturday morning. new information on the taliban attack in pakistan.ç that killed 142 people, most of them children. the pakistan military says they've retaken control of the
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military school in peshawar where the massacre happened. the taliban claimed responsibility, saying we targeted the school because the army targets our families. we want them to feel our pain. u.s. secretary of state john kerry said the attacks in pakistan and australia this week indicate a larger threat. >> the attacks in peshawar and sydney underscore that threats locally are also threats globally. in today's world, next door is everywhere. >> a taliban spokesman also said the suicide bombers were told only to target the army personnel and not harm the children. clearly that did not happen. back in this country, sony's hack crisis entered a new phase. two people who described themselves as former employees are suing the media giant and accuse the company of failing to protect employee data. sony is facing the fallout of a
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massive hack. that dumped personal information on to the internet. the same hammers are threatening to release more data in what they're calling a christmas gift. sony failed to secure its computer network and failed to stop hackers. a man with a name familiar with the white house is taking his most definitive step yet toward running for president. former republican florida governor jeb bush told his followers on facebook and twitter today he has decided to actively explore the possibility of running for president of the united states. bush is the son of president george h.w. bush and brother of president george w. bush. a bush spokeswoman says he hasn't made a final decision on whether to run but he will make that decision next year. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we have the rain around. it's not too cold outside, though. temperatures are rightç around0
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degrees. but the showers will be here as we go through the rest of the evening. maybe not for everybody, some of us are in a bit of a break right now. after the rain does clear out as we go into the end of the week we have colder temperatures ahead, especially when you wake up in the morning. we will be back around 20s for parts of the area. as we go into the weekend, we are tracking the chance for snow, especially the second half of the weekend. here's a gloomy view of center city. low clouds, fog still in the area. temperature 50 degrees and the rain is till around, too. most of this has pushed towards the shore and the delaware beaches. a few more showers are starting to develop through parts of the lehigh valley. this is all part of the same system that did bring us the early afternoon rain. it's still here. it's taking its time to get out of the area. it won't be clearing up until about after midnight. closer to sussex county, long neck, lewes, delaware. this does extend towards cape may. there is heavier rain moving towards cape may right now. this will continue moving in the
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direction of east/northeast. morris river seeing heavier rain, this extends into parts of atlantic county where we have lighter rain moving up towards toms river and ocean county. we're not seeing the rain in trenton as much as we did about 30 minutes to an hour ago. we have new showers moving into the lehigh valley, popping up around allentown, across the major interstates there. 476, kutztown, reading. there you see a big area of low pressure spinning towards our northwest. the overnight hours will see improvements. here's what future weather shows as we go through the evening hours tonight, 8:00, 9:00. we could still have scattered showers around. we don't expect anything aside from that. temperatures will be too warm. we start to see more cleaning so it will be a dry morning commute for you. we watch the system going into the weekend. dry from wednesday to friday. by friday afternoon we'll be
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looking down in the gulf of mexico. developing area of low pressure gets closer saturday. late saturday intoç sunday wil be the best chance for rain or snow showers across the area. we'll have more details on that as we get closer. as of now, doesn't look like a big storm but it does look like our next chance for snow. scattered showers ending late. we could see more fog developing, mid-30s north and west. mix of clouds tomorrow and sun. it will be a drier day, also breezy. temperatures around 50 degrees, another day where it's not as cold outside. we go into thursday and friday. we drop back down to the mid to low 40s. morning lows around freezing pretty much every morning and over the weekend, we watch for the chance of rain and snow. we continue to follow breaking news once again, waiting for a live news conference to begin on the discovery of bradley stone's body. montgomery county authorities confirm the body was found in a field not far from stone's home today. it's believed to be stone and he
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is believed to have gone on a killing spree yesterday, taking the lives of his ex-wife and five of her relatives. count on us to bring you the news conference as soon as it begins. six people murdered in a montgomery county killing spree. this victim in serious condition. how close friends and classmates are taking action to help him. coming up on nbc 10 news at 4:00.
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this is nbc 10 news. a new rutgers-eagleton poll shows 56% oppose raising the gas tax, 41% support the tax. lawmakers have discussed raising tax to replenish the transportation trust fund. the survey found the majority of people polled say state roads
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are in good shape compared to fair condition. high cost of flying has one u.s. senator asking what's up? new york city chuck schumer is calling for a federal investigation. schumer wants to know why ticket prices haven't gone down even though the cost of fuel has taken a tumble. the high-ranking democrat asked the department of justice and transportation, figure out if airline mergers play any role. he wonders if airlines are taking advantage of flyers. >> well, that's the looming question, are consumers being taken advantage of? signs point to yes when you have such a significant drop in fuel prices over such a long period of time and airline prices continue to go up? something's wrong. >> schumer says the free market doesn't seem to be working. however, officials from the airline say money saved from lower fuel price is being re-invested into new planes and employee perks. frontier airlines will bring back its round trip delaware to tampa flight next week. starting monday, sun seekers can catch a morning flight from
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wilmington to tampa. the flight was cut back in october but promised to bring it back this winter. nbc 10 following the latest developments out of montgomery county this afternoon, the suspect accuse of killing six family members has been found dead. we're awaiting a news conference to begin. >> also coming up at 4:positive, we'll have more on those victims and how they're being remembered. i'm also tracking rain through the area. now coming up, i'll show you when it will finally leave and colder temperatures in the forecast, too, that's straight ahead. coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, take a good look at the man in this surveillance video. he's caught knocking on the door of a bar but things quickly turn violent. who he's accused of punching out and why.
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we're following breaking news in the case of suspected killer bradley stone. this afternoon, montgomery county authorities confirmed they found stone's body in the woods of pennsburg. we are now awaiting a news conference with investigators. today's discovery ends a more than 24-hour manhunt. >> authorities say bradley stone killed his ex-wife and five members of her family yesterday. law enforcement sources say it appears stone killed himself, police also found a video recorded by stone on a cell phone. >> tonight a vigil will be held in souderton to remember the victims of this killing spree. >> there was one survivor with be anthony flick remains in the hospital tonight. tim furlong spoke to some of his friends and joins us live. >> tell us how they're showing support during this tragic time. >> these teenagers are raising
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money to help anthony flick. they'll be here at this vigil at emanuel lutheran church, starting at 6:00. you can imagine what it will be like for anthony flick when he realizes his entire immediate family is gone. >> he had a guardian angel on his back. >> she can't believe he survived when his former uncle brad stone went on his rampage, the flick souderton home the first stop. he killed his ex-wife's sister, her husband and niece nina. anthony is in serious condition but is expected to survive. he'd been in the house, quite seriously injured for a long time. >> he needs to realize we support him and we love him and care for him. you know, anything we can and will do, we will. >> reporter: his friends from souderton area high school and the north montco technical career center are springing into action. they started a go fund me page
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which raised thousands of dollars in funeral costs and anything else he might need. he's going to need some things money can't buy, though. his friends say they'll provide it. >> we'll be here for him. we are his family now. that's all he has left. we'll be his family. >> very sad. that's tim furlong reporting for us. want to go live to eagleville, montgomery county authorities are beginning their news conference, we understand to bring us up to date. >> which gives you some summary of the investigation to date. but our most immediate news is that approximately 1:38 this afternoon, the body of brad stone was found. was found in a wooded area in new hanover township, just outside of pennsburg. he was actually found in the rear of the 1400 block of 4th street and it was a location that is approximately halfç a mile from his home in pennsburg. i'm going to turn the podium
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over for a moment to upper merion police chief tom nolan. chief nolan is also the head of the -- was the head of the tactical operation and so he was leading the operation today as the body was found and rather than my trying to summarize for you what they found today, i'll let him step up and share with you himself. chief. >> thank you. yesterday three s.w.a.t. teams from the county were called out to three different locations in montgomery county to lansdale, to souderton and to pennsburg to search three locations. two of those were looking for possible actor, initially and the third location we were looking for brad stone in his house. we searched his house and a neighboring house and a detached garage. he was not located at that time. other s.w.a.t. teams took up overnight and stationed themselves up there in case we had any other areas to search. this morning, all the s.w.a.t.
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teams from the county met back up in pennsburg and we started a grid search going block by block, each s.w.a.t. team in addition to the pennsylvania state police and the federal marshalls fugitive task force were each assigned an area to search. sometime around 1:00 brad stone was located just off in a wooded area just about a half mile from his residence. thank you. >> we have not received official confirmation from the coroner as to the cause and manner of death but based upon what we found at the scene we believe that he died of self-inflicted cutting wounds in the center part of his body. that's the information we have to share with you about the discovery of the body. i know that many of you have questions. so rather than my trying to summarize the documents in front of you, i'll take any questions you have.
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>> when you discovered you had crime scenes related to oneç person and then when it was determined you would -- looking for? >> it was a very fluid event. certainly as i talked to you about it yesterday, at about 4:30 in the morning the first call came in, then the second call and as we started to make the connections between the victims that were found at those first two locations, we realized we had family members involved. we knew we had nicole stone, we had her mother and her grandmother. as then law enforcement started to distill the information they had, we realized there could be other targets. it was identified that there was a sister that nicole had, trisha flick, that she lived nearby, in souderton. and the chief suggested we started doing well-being checks. we had no information anything had happened in souderton but we wanted to go check on the
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well-being of the family members. we went to that location, we initially found tragically trisha and her husband, aaron, who goes by a.j., we backed out briefly and went back in and were able to find the children. >>. [ inaudible question ] >> we're awaiting the autopsy report and final determination. >> was the source found at the scene. >> i don't know the answer to that. i believe there was a knife found ott the scene. >> go ahead, mr. hunter. >> is there a rough estimate, how soon after these acts he may have taken his own life? how long he may have laid dead there? >> anything that i would say to you in response to that question is just pure speculation. i would expect that the coroner would be able to give us some indication of how long he was there. >> that information about
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anthony flick, fighting off stone while attacking his sister? >> we certainly don't have information about the timing but from the injuries that anthony suffered they were significant cutting injuries and soç it certainly appears to us they were defensive in nature and he was fighting off his attacker. how that event evolved and how things transpired at this point we don't know. we're hopeful that he will be okay and he'll be able to share that with us. >> did you find any information on his phone or among anybody you talked to about what set him off? what started this course of events? >> we did not find information about that on his phone. as best as we can tell right now, the two individuals, nicole stone and brad stone, had ongoing custody disputes involving the two children. and that was a very contentious, protracted set of disputes. and we learned that just last week he had made an effort in court to try to secure custody, emergency custody of the children.
4:37 pm
and that was denied. so i think right now i would say it's speculation but it certainly from a timing perspective seems to be related that it was just another event in their ongoing custody dispute. excuse me. >> do you know if mr. stone was suffering from ptsd as a former marine? >> we know he was a former marine. he was not to my knowledge diagnosed with ptsd. i do know he was in treatment by virtue of supervision of the court for a dui. go ahead, mr. hunter. >> this is no longer a potential criminal prosecution obviously. can you tell us in terms of premeditation any evidence that indicated how long he might have planned this or evidence going the other way in terms of other additional people that may have been on a list or a diary or something he intended to also perhaps kill? >> to be perfectly honest at this point in the investigation, that was not fully fleshed out.
4:38 pm
certainly when you think at the three different locations, the number of people killed, clearly we are looking at a premeditated killing, a planned killing, an intentional, deliberate killing. in terms of how long that was sought out or planning involved, we just don't know that yet. go ahead. >> it was early morning you went into the home.ç in souderton? >> correct. >> you went in and saw the bodies at that point did you know it was brad stone? his picture wasn't released from several hours later. can you explain what was going on? >> during the course of the early hours yesterday and through the morning and then the afternoon, we were making efforts as chief nolan described to locate mr. stone. we had reason to believe throughout the course of the day he was barricaded in some different locations. so during most of the day we were looking for him in these locations and we were very methodically going through and thought he would be there. when we got to the point in day yesterday when we realized he
4:39 pm
was not in any of those locations, at least obviously we thought it was prune the to notify the public that he could be on the loose. >> any documentation indicating -- >> no. >> were there any weapons found around his body when the body was discovered? >> in terms of weapon, as the search warrant indicates, we found one firearm in nicole's home. there is another firearm that is missing right now but it could be with his body. i do not believe his body has been completely moved. i don't think i can comment right now on everything that was found there with him. we were preserving the scene for the coroner to arrive. >> who has custody of the children right now? >> the children are in protective custody right now. ultimately it will be the determination of the courts as to where they will go. most importantly they are saif and they are secure. if i could add as it relates to the children, we've had a number of inquiries about the children
4:40 pm
and people who want to support the kids and the souderton rotary has stepped up and they have agreed to quarterback that effort. chief leery who's here with us now is the chief of the souderton rotary. there will be a fund that's established to raise money and collect donations for the kids, certainly in the hopes we could do somethingç for them this ti of year, right before the holidays. >> tell us about anthony's injuries. >> i'm sorry? >> the injuries to the survivor. >> anthony's injuries are quite significant, cutting to his hands and head. >> he lost three fingers? >> i believe that's accurate. >> how many died from gunshot wounds and how many died from cutting injuries. >> what i can share with you --
4:41 pm
i don't have the specific from the coroner, the causes of death but i can share with you that patricia sustained gunshot wounds to her arm and head. that aaron sustained gunshot wounds to his head and hands along with cutting injuries to his head. that nina, 14-year-old nina, endured cutting injuries. nicole was shot multiple times. patricia hill sustained a gunshot wound. joanne gilbert sustained a gunshot wound as well as a cut to the neck. and then anthony's injuries were all cutting wounds to both the head and the hands. >> and did he leave behind any explanation, whether video or written, for these slayings? in video or writing, explain -- indicate any remorse? >> no.
4:42 pm
>> nicole went to the police recently for a pfa or anything like that? >> no. >> he was being treated for post traumatic stress disorder according to court records. and wouldn't that automatically disqualify him from legally purchasing a gun? >> i don't have enough information about his treatment records. i know he was being supervised by veterans court. i know he was getting some treatment but i do not have any information which wou$d suggest to me there was a legal prohibition against him purchasing firearms. that's certainly something we would have been looking at in more depth. i know he had a firearm from some time ago. i don't have information right now as to when they were purchased. >> what kind of weapon was the one that was founded? >> all the information -- there's a beretta that's missing and another one. i can't recall the type right now.
4:43 pm
it's in the paperwork. >> if i can ask you to take your d.a. cap off for a moment. this situation, what is it like to have this happen in your backyard, in your community? >> we live here in a very peaceful community. we don't typically deal with events like this and particularly this part of montgomery county in the northwestern part of the community. it's quiet. there are families, it's really a wonderful family oriented community. so to have an event like this really shatter the peace and tranquillity of the community is very disturbing. i know that folks around souderton, lansdale, and pennsburg have been extremely distressed by this. it's no the what they see on a daily basis. as i indicated earlier today, the people in the community have been wonderful throughout the course of this, no matter how upset they were, disturbed, they were incredibly gracious to law
4:44 pm
enforcement. they understood the efforts we were undertaking and they are standing together. in talking with the school districts and in particular souderton school district where the kids attended school, they've been shattered by this. they've been devastated. but they're standing together and making sure that the kids, the families and the school community has the kind of support that's needed for everyone to heal. >> from the outside, so many people look at this horrible crime, they are hoping to understand why [ inaudible ] is there a why here,ç a motive, something that tells us why this happened? that you've been able to determine? >> i think when it comes to why do people do things, we can spectate about why. i can look at some of the court filings and say he wasn't getting his way and he was
4:45 pm
dissatisfied with that but there's no excuse, there's no valid explanation. there's no justification for snuffing out these six innocent lives and injuring another child. this is a horrific tragedy our community has had to endure. as we're standing here today. i think we're numb from what we've had to go through over the past two days. >> can you talk more about -- >> not yet. >> how long he was in the house? >> not yet. all right, everyone. thank you very much. >> is this the worst slaying in the county's history? >> we're going to finish now. thank you. >> you've been listening to a press conference of montgomery county d.a. talking about the end to this manhunt for brad stone. it came to an end at 1:30, his body found near his home in pennsbu
4:46 pm
pennsburg, the death speexpecteo be from self-inflicted knife wounds. >> the big question is why. the d.a., you heard her say it may be speculation but she can't help but point to the ongoing custody dispute between stone and his ex-wife. she was also asked whether he left behind any note or explanation or showed remorse. she answered with one word, no. >> stay with nbc 10 and for continuing coverage on this story. we'll continue to bring you the latest updates as they come into our newsroom. we're right back.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we have the milder temperatures around today but the rain is also here with them, the heaviest closest to the shore now. still tracking showers across the area. for part of your evening commute you may run into patchy fog or rain. colder temperatures will be back
4:50 pm
in the low 40s for the daytime highs, morning lows around freezing. we have a chance for weakened snow. still watching a potential system that could give us the rain and snow across the area. here's a live look outside center city. low clouds, hazy, 50 degrees in philadelphia. winds are fairly light and tonight they'll be light, too. we have another chance for some patchy fog around. here's a look at the satellite radar image. the rain is mostly along the shore and the delaware beaches across the area. that's where we find some of the heaviest rain along sussex county. a majority of this is moving offshore. this could certainly move up into parts of cape may county and along the shore in cape may, we are still seeing some of the more moderate rain stretching up to atlantic city. this continues over to little egg harbor and tom's river. we're mostly seeing the heavier rain moving offshore, the lighter rain lingering in that area. through the lehigh valley, around allentown, mostly rain on the lighter side. as we go through the next
4:51 pm
several hours we have the rain showers and cloud cover lingering not so much in the way of heavy rain. we're pretty much done except with movingç off the shore in cape may county. we have moisture that will linger for a little while before it clears out tomorrow. here's future weather. you still notice the clouds, rain showers around. nothing expected to be heavy. that's by 9:00 tonight. then we go overnight tonight, we see gradual improvements could be patchy fog in the morning but otherwise your morning commute will be starting on the dry side. so for your morning low temperatures we will be dry when you walk outside early in the morning. temperatures in the mid-30s through the lehigh valley, allentown, reading, quakertown could be close to the mid to upper 30s. 30 northeast philly tomorrow morning and mt. holly. drier conditions for the morning commute. closer to the shore, low 40s. 38 vineland, 39 dover. around philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, morning low temperatures tomorrow with the drying conditions will be right around 40 degrees. so as we go through tonight,
4:52 pm
scattered showers around, ending late tonight, fog also through the area, 40 for low in philadelphia. mid-30s areas north and west. for tomorrow, we'll see a mix of clouds and sun. a breezy day but it's not going to get very cold tomorrow. highs around 50 degrees. tomorrow night we drop back down into the freezing levels for many areas. as you wake up thursday, temperatures around freezing, mid-40s for thursday afternoon. friday, mid-to-low 40s. over the weekend, there's a chance for rain and possibly snow through the area. this will be in the forecast saturday night and early sunday. our future snow model not giving a lot of snow. this is going to stay in the forecast for the weekend. of course as we get closer, we'll have more details on that. tonight a pair of youth soccer fields ripped up by teenagers literally spinning their wheels. >> the timing of this vandalism is especially frustrating to league organizers.
4:53 pm
ted greenberg is in brick township to show us what happened. >> reporter: these were some of the worst ruts that they did. turf, torn up by tires, damage done deliberately to soccer fields in brick township. used by children. >> it's just like anttack on your quality of life. that's how we felt. >> reporter: the glow scene in this surveillance video came from headlights on what they believe was a small pickup truck driven in circles all over two fields at the drum point sports complex late saturday night. the nonprofit twin county soccer association just spent more than $4,000 to improve the fields this fall. >> we spent a lot of money here with the town's joint effort to see it ruined less than a month later. >> you get everything looking nice and you're prout of it. then something like this happens. it's like back to the drawing board. >> reporter: township crews did their best to repair the damage
4:54 pm
by adding topsoil and grass seed. if there's positive here, the vandalism happened after the soccer season and hope the scars will be gone by march when the spring season kicks off. >> 20 minutes, someone comes in with no regard for the kids that use this and this club. >> reporter: and i just learned within the past half hour that two 17-year-old boys from brick township were arrested late this afternoon for the vandalism case here. the brick township police department is currently working with the ocean county prosecutor's office to determine what those boys will be charged with. both have within released to the custody of their parents. live in brick township, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. three men died after the car they were riding in went airborne, hit a tree in the lehigh valley. this accident happened on west macada road. excessive speed was the likely
4:55 pm
cause of the crash. the names of the victims hasn't been released. one of the men was 22 years old, the other two just 21. nbc 10 news at 5:00, next. >> we continue to follow breaking news. >> tonight, a shooting spree suspect is dead. officials addressed in the past few minutes, next we have more about what investigatmr&ur @r(tc say about the suspect. i'm tracking more showers across the area. we'll see how they'll be affe affecting part of your evening and colder temperatures to come. and take a good look at this guy. he's not just knocking on a door. he's about to commit a violent crime, next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:56 pm
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4:58 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. nbc 10 news at 5:00, the manhunt is over. the body of shooting spree suspect bradley stone was found in a wooded area not far from his bucks county home. it ends two days of tension across montgomery county and bucks county after six members of the same family were killed. >> there are still lots of unanswered questions about what prompted yesterday's shooting spree. deanna durante talked with investigators. deanna? >> reporter: the district attorney confirming what we had reported to you last night that there were a number of contentious court battles, especially having to do with
4:59 pm
custody arrangements with brad stone and now his deceased ex-wife nicole stone saying that that could have been some of the issues that he had, that he wasn't getting his way in court is how she explained it. we've learned new details about the discovery of stone's body. it appears according to the montgomery county district attorney that he died of a self-inflicted knife wound, some sort of large knife found at the scene. investigators are still at that crime scene where stone's body was found near pennsburg in montgomery county. now, we can tell you they are not able to tell us at this point how long they think brad stone was dead in that field but they had been looking for him yesterday after putting the pieces together, having three separate crime scenes, havingç discovered they were family members, estranged family members of his all dead and then on the hunt for him for most of the day. when the s.w.a.t. team did not find him barricaded in his home, that's when searches around the area commenced. again, today, finding him dead. we want to talk to you about the lone survivor, 17-year-old anthony flick.
5:00 pm
we have learned in court papers that flick apparently tried to fight off his attacker. he tried to fight off stone, even though his mother and father and sister were killed according to investigators by stone. he managed to ward him off. and get to a third floor room of his home in souderton where he stayed until at least noon yesterday. that attack, investigators believe happened first, around 3:30 in the morning. they believe the 17-year-old was able to get himself hidden where he survived until the s.w.a.t. team found him and took him to a hospital. investigators say this he are still numb from the discovery of those six bodies and one survivor. >> this is just a horrific tragedy our community has had to endure. as we're all standing here today, we're really numb from what we've had to go through over the past two days. >> let's talk about the two children that apparently stone and his estranged wifeer


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