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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 16, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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anthony flick. we have learned in court papers that flick apparently tried to fight off his attacker. he tried to fight off stone, even though his mother and father and sister were killed according to investigators by stone. he managed to ward him off. and get to a third floor room of his home in souderton where he stayed until at least noon yesterday. that attack, investigators believe happened first, around 3:30 in the morning. they believe the 17-year-old was able to get himself hidden where he survived until the s.w.a.t. team found him and took him to a hospital. investigators say this he are still numb from the discovery of those six bodies and one survivor. >> this is just a horrific tragedy our community has had to endure. as we're all standing here today, we're really numb from what we've had to go through over the past two days. >> let's talk about the two children that apparently stone and his estranged wife were
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fighting over, the two little girls we're told that he took from their mother's home after he killed her yesterday and left them at a neighbor's house. we're told they are still in protective custody and the courts are now going to have to determine what happens with them because their mother, their father and grandmother on their mother's side now dead. we can tell you that some are trying to give these little girls a merry christmas by putting together a fund to try and help those children. no word at this point on stone's current wife and current child. we were told earlier today they, too, are in protective custody. we're not sure if that's where they stand at this point. much more to come out of this. to recap, brad stone found dead and this manhunt now over. reporting live in eagleville, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> as deanna just mentioned, 17-year-old anthony flick who you see here is the loneç survivor of the killing spree. tonight, flick is in serious but stable condition at the hospital. we also know stone's current five and three children are
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secure and safe. two marines who served with bradley stone in iraq say they're not surprised about his alleged connection to multiple murders. nbc 10 spoke with them as police were phoning bradley stone's body not far from his home in pennsburg. the marines served three months with stone in iraq in 2008. they told us they're angered by claims that he had post traumatic distress disorder from combat. they claim stone's unit never saw battle and that he was consumed by a bitter divorce long before deployment. >> i'm not really sure where he's getting his whole ptsd thing from. >> when something happens like this and we see the word marine or war veteran, we jump to a conclusion and think ptsd. okay? that couldn't be farther from the truth. >> both marines say their prayers are with the families of the victims. our team of reporters and photographers are camped out in montgomery county and delaware counties gathering new details on the shooting spree and the
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surviving victim. ahead at 5:30, new information about how the community is remembering those killed. stay with nbc 10 news and now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> right now rain is falling across the area, making the evening commute a wet one. you can see traffic here on interstate 95 approaching the girard point bridge. >> the rain will be with us a few more showers. meteorologist sheena parveen has tonight's forecast. sheena? >> rain will be with us for a few more hours depending on where you live. a few showers move into the philadelphia area. some of the heaviest rain has been along the shore in parts of new jersey, ocean, cape may counties, stafford, galloway township in atlantic city seeing some of the heaviest rain, that shows you where the yellows and oranges are. that's the heaviest rain across the a.c. expressway going into atlantic city and through the coast or the shoreline along cape may county. avalon seeing some of the
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@eavier rain. cape may see something of the heavier rain. this will slowly continue to slide offshore. sussex county after the heavy rain you see out in the atlantic has cleared up quite a bit. this is the last batch of heavy rain we expect as we go through the rest of this evening. there are a few more isolated showers developing, smyrna, wilmington, approaching the philadelphia area, we could have isolated heavier showers but for the rest of this evening, tonight we will just be seeing scattered, lighter showers possibly. so until all this moisture moves out we'll keep the clouds around, a chance for showers for the rest of tonight and those temperatures won't be as cold either. going through the overnight hours they're not going to get very cold. 49 degrees in philadelphia. we still have a warm wind direction coming in from the south. as we go into tomorrow, temperatures not so cold until the end of the week. then they'll drop off more. our next chance of snow is coming in the seven-day forecast, too. i'll show you details on that, coming up. now the nbc 10 investigators
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police say a cop called his boss, quit his job and killed his ex in front of her husband and teenage daughter. >> they tell us stephen rozniakowski broke down the door, wearing a bulletproof vest guns blazing. hours before her death, valerie morrow called nbc 10 investigative reporter harry hairston to share her story of fear. >> she saw my reports on how stephen rozniakowski stalked and threatened other women. well before last night's deadly shooting stephen rozniakowski showed signs of being overly possessive and possibly violent. the nbc 10 investigators first told you about officer rozniakowski in an exclusive report this past april. that's when plymouth township police arrested and charged him with 75 counts of stalking. police say he stalked his ex-fiance after she called off their wedding in september of 2013.
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rozniakowski denied the charges but these call logs obtained by the nbc 10 investigators show rozniakowski made dozens ofç calls a day, many of them just seconds apart. yesterday just five hours before her death, valerie morrow told me she did not believe my reports until she broke up with rozniakowski to reunite with her husband, back in august. she told me rozniakowski started calling and texting her dozens of times and even followed her. morrow also told me she contacted philadelphia police after rozniakowski vandalized her jeep in a philly parking garage last week. back to you guys. >> rozniakowski was shot by her husband who is also a police officer. >> valley morrow's husband is a morton police officer. he is with his daughter. their daughter was shot in the arm. she was taken to krcrozier
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hospital. the district attorney's office tells me rozniakowski is in critical condition. they say rozniakowski does appear as though he'll make it. >> all right, harry, thank you. two pennsylvania state representatives from philadelphia have been charged with bribery and conspiracy. representative ron waters and vanessa lowery brown turned themselves in to state police in harrisburg. their arrest are the result of a grand jury indictment announced by district attorney seth williams. >> both officials personally appear before our grand jury and fully, i repeat, fully admitted that they knowingly took illegal cash payments. >> state representatives waters and brown are among four state reps and one traffic judge accused of selling their office in an undercover sting investigation and investigation
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state attorney general kathleen kane said she could not prosecute today. the attorney general said in a statement she supports the efforts of the d.a. in just hours, red light cameras across the state of new jersey will go dark. they've been catching drivers in the act for years. why the money-making spáe ticket program is about to become history. nbc 10 has video that philadelphia police want you to see. it starts as a knock on the door of a bar but quickly turns violent. what the bad guy is accused of doing next. >> and pot by the pound. 100 pounds of the drug were found in cherry hill. how they made the bust and where it was headed.
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drivers despise them and have for years within the red light cameras. >> their time is about to run out. nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter cydney long is live in gloucester township to explain what's happening now. who exactly turns them off? >> reporter: well, jacqueline, i can tell you that you can be issued a citation until 11:59 tonight and police also have a three-month window. 90 days to send you to citation in the mail. starting right now, 5:00, from online servers out of state by the companies that operate the cameras, red flex and american traffic solutions begin to turn off the switch. first we'll see the strobes go away.
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by midnight all of the red light cameras in new jersey will be offline. >> what this is saying is that the program is copping to a close. >> reporter: new jersey is bidding farewell to its controversial red light cameras, many of which have been citing drivers at 73 intersections statewide for five years. >> until 11:59 tonight, the cameras will still be on. at 11:59 tonight the cameras go dark. >> reporter: nina bloom got caught for two red light violations last çsummer. she's glad they'll be unplugged. >> very upsetting because i could see if i was going through the intersection. i was making a right-hand turn into a parking lot. >> reporter: lieutenant brian mckendry says he will increase patrols at some of the red light intersections to make the transition. >> starting tomorrow through the 19th, the signs that are in advance of the cameras, they're taken down by the company. >> okay. >> they take those down.
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the cameras stay on the pole for now. >> reporter: we did some checking and found out cherry hill which operates one red light intersection issued almost twice as many citations this year as gloucester township which monitors four intersections, pushing $1.3 million in red light revenue to cherry hill. motorists are anxious for data town to town to be reviewed. >> get the bugs out, do the data, give people a say where the money goes when it comes in. >> reporter: now, cherry hill township mayor chuck khan issued a statement which reads in part, the red light program has always been about changing driver behavior and making the roads safer. he says they have budgeted accordingly for any loss of revenue. live in gloucester township, cydney long, nbc 10 news. a majority of americans agree with the harsh interrogation practices used by the cia after the 9/11 attacks.
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that's according to a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. 51% of those polled say the interrogation tactics were acceptable under the circumstances. and 45% said they should be used in the future. compare that to the 28% of people who said the cia went too far and were wrong. a senate intelligence committee released the report last week detailing how terror suspects were treated shortly after the 9/11 attacks newing waterboarding. the numbers show a divide on capitol hill. a majority of republicans and independents say the practices were acceptable, most democrats disagree. in an attack today in pakistan, taliban gunmen invaded a school and killed more than ç 100 children. it's a reminder that in pakistan and afghanistan, the taliban is gaining strength as the u.s. military presence in afghanistan was supposed to be ending. nbc 10 national correspondent steve handelsman is on capitol hill with the latest. >> reporter: they're burying the dead tonight from the taliban massacre.
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soldiers rushed to the school in peshawar, pakistan and finally stopped the attack. 132 children were dead and 10 staff shot by the 7 taliban terrorists before they died. some surviving kids had watched a teacher set on fire. >> wherever you live, wherever you are, those are our children. >> reporter: secretary of state kerry in london and spokesman bjorn ernest at the white house condemned the taliban. >> the depraved decision that one has to make to storm a school of innocent children. >> reporter: 17-year-old pakistani malala yousafzai who won the nobel peace prize after the taliban shot her urged defiance today. >> we should stand up together and fight against terrorism. you should make sure that every child gets safe and quality education. >> reporter: but today's attack is about more than schools. peshawar is near taliban strongholds in waziristan on the afghan border, where the pakistani army is cracking down on the taliban and many of those
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soldiers send their children to this school. >> today was a warning sign that the taliban is alive. it's active, it's capable of inflicting great deal of instability. >> reporter: which is why 10,000 u.s. forces are staying in afghanistan to fight the taliban. despite this formal withdrawal ceremony last week. >> president obama changed his pullout plan before today's attack. worried that the taliban could rise like isis in iraq. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. for the very latest on today's school attack, watch "nbc nightly news" with brian williams, beginning at 6:30 right here on nbc 10. well, tonight a grim reminder of the dangers of journalism sits outside the eiffel tower in paris. the group, reporters without borders is responsible for this container. the group issues anç annual report on violent attacks against journalists around the world. this year, the report found 119 of them were kidnapped. of those, 66 were killed.
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inside the container people will find the images and stories of those journalists. a man with a name familiar with the white house is taking his most definitive step yet toward running for president. former florida governor jeb bush told his followers on facebook and twitter today, he has decided to actively explore the possibility of running for president of the united states. jeb bush is the son of president george h.w. bush and brother of president george w. bush. a spokeswoman has said he has not made a final decision on whether to run but will announce that decision next year. the vatican is praising american funs. the sisters were thanked for their contributions to the catholic church. there's also been a steep decline in the number of funs in america. it gives suggestions on how they can survive. the vatican also went out of its way to mend fences promising to value the fun's feminine genius. experts say this reflects the
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gentler, more encouraging tone of pope francis. some funs welcomed the report. >> your message to us today shows that you do understand our ongoing struggle to faithfully serve the church in challenging times. despite our shortcommings and limitations. >> there are an estimated 50,000 funs currently living and working in the u.s. a fire chief in upstate new york isn't backing down from the controversy swirling around his station's christmas sign. the isis reads happy birthday jesus, we love you. firefighters in utica started putting the sign outside their station following the september 11th attacks. the chief says several groups sent him letters asking that that sign be taken down but he's not budging. >> 9/11 brought a lot of the guys closer to god and, you know, they justç wanted to giva
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show of their faith in jesus and, you know, they made it themselves. no city paint, no city material. >> the chief says he found out the sign is not a violation of any kind. a massachusetts doctor cured of ebola says he's returning to the same clinic in west africa where he contracted the virus. dr. richard sacra said he plans to go back to liberia in january. he'll spend four weeks outside monrovia where he's served for two decades. he contractsed ebola back in august. doctors say he's immuned to the virus. dr. sacra is a faculty member at the university of massachusetts medical school. we're getting a look at spectacular time lapsed video of a meteor shower over china. >> it lit up the sky over northeast china late sunday night. they were visible for an hour
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and a half about 10:00 sunday evening. at its peak, there were 120 meteors per hour. the meteor shower can usually be seen from december 4th to the 17th. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we still have rain showers around the area right now. a little too mild for anything but rain. still tracking showers as we go through the rest of your evening, clearing overnight tonight. temperatures get colder to end out the week, not so much tomorrow afternoon but thursday and friday you'll notice a difference in those temperatures. then going into the weekend we're watching the chance for snow. this would be saturday night and into early sunday. i'll show you that in just a minute. 49 in philadelphia, 50 bensalem, through the lehigh valley. temperatures holding at the mid-40s. the mid to upper 40s through much of south jersey and delaware. it's too warm outside, we only have the rain around. most of the heavy rain is confined to areas along the new
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jersey shore, delaware beaches. a lot of the heavy rain in delaware has moved out. a few more showers developing around philadelphia. county has moved offshore, cape may seeing showers, closer to the shore around avalon, heavier rain, this is stretching up near the shore in atlantic city. the green color shows you the lighter rain, the yellows, reds and oranges is the heaviest. this is mostly on the lighter side. philadelphia area seeing lighter rain developing across 476, 95 around the philadelphia area, even into delaware county, lower montgomery county, just some light rain at the moment. a few light scattered showers through the lehigh valley and the poconos. there won't be a ton of dry air moving in tonight. that won't be until tomorrow. heaviest of the rain is moving offshore and will continue seeing improvements overnight tonight. future weather takes the rain, continues moving it out by by 10:00 we could have lingering
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showers. more clearing take place overnight into early tomorrow morning. and temperatures will be in the 30s, some areas for tomorrow morning but not extremely cold, not until we end out the week. i wouldn't call that extremely cold either but we'll be around freezing. future weather as we go into friday, we stay dry wednesday through friday. by friday afternoon we'll be watching down the gulf of mexico, area of low pressure develops, moves up along the eastern seaboard over the weekend. it could be swinging snow showers. as of now, doesn't look very impressive as far as amounts. tonight, scattered showers around, ending late tonight. 40 for the low in philadelphia, mid-30s north and west. tomorrow, clouds and sun. it will be a breezy day, temperatures anywhere from the upper 40s to low 50s. not as cold tomorrow afternoon. but then we go into thursday and in the morning hours we'll be near freezing. thursday and friday, temperatures mid-to-low 40s. rain and snow chances around as well. coming to bill cosby's
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defense, one day after the embattled comic's wife stood by him, cosby is getting more support. what his daughter is saying about the father she says she knows. now to breaking news and the discovery ofç bradley stone's body. according to montgomery county's district attorney, stone's body was discovered this afternoon in a wooded area not far from his home in pennsburg, montgomery county. police say he died of self-inflicted stab wounds. stone was wanted for killing six people including his ex-wife and five of her family members. the lone survivor in the killing spree, stone's ex-wife's nephew who is in very serious but stable condition. we will continue to bring you new updates on this story as they come into our newsroom.
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for our south jersey bureau, cherry hill police made $500,000 drug bust inside a storage facility. they launch an investigation after spotting some suspicious bev at a self-storage unit. nelson anderson was arrested. investigators say they found 100 pounds of marijuana in his car and 150 pounds in the storage unit. you see the drugs right here with police okay nene mika who helped sniff out the drugs. the marijuana was being distributed in camden and has a
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street value of $500,000. we continue to follow breaking developments in the montgomery county killing spree. >> nbc 10's tim furlong is live in souderton with more. tim? >> reporter: that's right, jacqueline. this is where we are about to have a victim for the attacks getting under way at souderton tonight. we'll tell you how the friends of the attack's lone survivor are trying to help him out. not very lucky. the reason two states are no longer rolling the dice on one brand of lottery games. plus, all new on nbc 10 news at 7á00, a christmas card controversy. the holiday greeting that got a local fraternity suspended.
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this is nbc 10 breaking news. >> new information continues to come in about the discovery of bradley stone. the former marine was wanted for killing six people, including his ex-wife and five members of her family. stone's body was discovered by detectives today. the d.a. says stone died of self-inflicted stab wounds. count on nbc 10 for the latest updates on this breaking story. only one of the killing spree victims survived. >> 17-year-old anthony flick is in serious but stable condition at the hospital. nbc 10's tim furlong is live in souderton where the community will remember the victims
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tonight. tim? >> reporter: that's right, jacqueline. in about a half hour, they'll have a vigil for the victims at the emanuel lutheran church on west broad street. the flick family lost three people. anthony survived. he's in the hospital but his friends are finding ways to help his recovery at least on the emotional side. >> it's shocking. i don't think any of us knew how to completely react to this. >> reporter: this group of friends not sure how to react to the news that their friend, anthony flick was attacked along with his family in their souderton home. >> we'll be here for him. we are his family now. because that's all he has left is us. we're going to be his family. >> reporter: the flick family home was the first stop on bradley stone's killing spree. hez his ex-wife nicole's sister, her husband and stabbed their 14-year-old daughter nina to death.
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somehow anthony survived an attack, even after laying in the house bleeding for quite some time after the attack. in the meantime, his friends from souderton high school and montco tech have started a good found fund me page. >> he's going to have a lot of trauma. he needs to realize we support him and care for him. anything we can and will do, we will. i think all these kids will jump through hoops for him right now. >> reporter: as you come back live, that go fun me page has raised thousands of dollars to help anthony. in another half hour, members of his extended family who lost loved ones will get a show of love and support from the community. driving all over this county for the last couple of days, it starts to hit you. there's so much sadness here. after two days, there's so much sadness here.
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live in souderton, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. stay with nbc 10 and for the latest developments in the killing spree investigation. our crews are gathering new information for nbc 10 news at 6:00. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> rain continues to fall across the area. this is a live look at rush hour traffic along the vine street expressway in center city. pretty busy out there. >> nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen is here. sheena, how long before the rain moves out? >> parts of the area are already see something of the rain moving out. there's still moisture in place. we could have a few lingering showers as we go through the evening. the heaviest rain has moved offshore although atlantic city still dealing with some of the heavier rain. you see it mainly in the atlantic. that's mainly the direction it's moving to out in the atlantic from west to east. atlantic city, heavier rain to strathmere. a line of showers towardç smyr,
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towards parts of creek and cumberland counties. and glenside, the pennsylvania turnpike and just south of norristown we have showers across 476 right around the philadelphia area. we'll be watching all this rain as we go through the next few hours. temperatures have not been very cold today. they've been on the milder side. 49 degrees northeast philly, 49 philadelphia, mid-40s through the lehigh valley, south jersey and delaware, temperatures mid to upper 40s. it is not cold enough for snow. we're only seeing rain. there is a chance of snow in the forecast. it may come as early as this weekend. the details on that coming up. a man posing as a trash inspector commits a violent robbery in philadelphia's west oak lane neighborhood. the suspect knocked on the door of brownie's par 4 lounge monday afternoon. once inside he punches an 83-year-old man, knocking him to the ground. police say he pulled a knife, handcuffed the victim to a railing and robbed him. the victim started screaming when the man took him outside to
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access the second floor of the building. that's when the guy ran off. philadelphia police also want you to take a good look at a guy wanted in a pair of holdups in rittenhouse square. this is him at the walnut mini market last saturday afternoon. the stores at 15th and walnut. officers say this same guy robbed a nearby dollar tree on walnut street a week before that. call police if you know anything. the exgirlfriend of nascar driver kurt busch sobbed in front of a judge this morning. the exgirlfriend testified today that busch choked her and smashed her head into a wall during the fall race at dover. the alleged attack happened not long after the couple broke up. the exgirlfriend also asked the judge for busch to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. attorneys for busch denied the allegations. dover police are investigating the september attack.
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sentencing day for a california man. who caused a disturbance on a u.s. airways flight out of philadelphia. a judge todayç ordered robert k coppack to pay restitution. he admitted he was extremely drunk when he groped three women and a u.s. airways employee back in may. the plane was on its way from philadelphia to london and had to be turned around. one day after bill cosby's wife spoke out against his critics, another family member is standing up for him. what the embattled comic's daughter is saying about bill cosby show knows and loves. when an ex-wife and five of her relatives are kill, the impact on victims of domestic abuse can be profound. that next on nbc 10 news at 5:00. first, here's what's coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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this police officer has a history of stalking women but has been able to stay on the force. now he's wanted for murder. we're looking into his case and if laws are working to protect women. couldn't the on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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this is nbc 10 news. the infamous missing child case of etan patz heading to trial. prosecutors want a tool used when patz first disappeared thrown out. they underwent hypnosis in hopes of getting more information about etan's disappearance. this man pleaded not guilty in patz's murder. one of bill cosby's daughters is coming to her father's defense. 38-year-old evan cosby said in a statement obtained by "access hollywood" that cosby is, quote, the father you thought you knew. in recent weeks at least 15 women have accused bill cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. evan cosby wrote this one facebook quote saying men and women need to stand up and say
5:40 pm
something. there are plenty of them that have experienced being accused of a major crime that they never committed. bill cosby has never been charged. a federal agency has proposed fixes for the clinic that treated joan rivers. the clinic has until january 7th to comply with the fixes or lose medicare ag rivers' daughter me lace sa has hired a lawyer to look into her mother's death. tonight a legal victory for thousands of current and walmart employees in pennsylvania. the state supreme court ordered walmart to pay $188 million to settle a class-action lawsuit. it was filed by hourly employees who said their breaks were routinely cut and were owed millions in wages. a lawsuit was originally filed in 2002. it represents about 186,000 current and former walmart employees. the company is considering
5:41 pm
filing an appeal. i'm nbc 10's vince lattanzio with this exclusive. as the brad stone rampage story began to unfold, local shelters for domestic abuse shelters got to work. they knew other women they were trying to help would back slide and question doing the right then by reporting their abusers. on the nbc 10 app right now we have more details on why, how they try to combat it and how you can get help if you're in that situation. denise? >> thanks, vince. you could say it's just not worth the gamble. next, why lottery officials in both pennsylvania and new jersey aren't taking their chances on a brand new game. i'm still watching showers moving through the area. when they'll all move out and colder temperatures, plus our
5:42 pm
next chance for snow. when this rocket exploded midair, some local students saw their science experiment go up in flames firsthand. all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, when they'll get a second chance at making history.
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here are some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news. the man wanted in montgomery county for killing six people is dead. police found the body of brad stone just before 2:00 this afternoon, about a mile from his home in pennsylvanburg, montgom county. people, including his ex-wife. police say stephen rozniakowski killed valerie morrow at her glenolden home.
5:45 pm
hours before the deadly shooting police served the suspect with a court order to stay away from morrow. tonight, new jersey's red light cameras will go dark. the controversial red light camera pilot program is ending at midnight after all of the cameras are unplugged, the new jersey debt of transportation will review the data and submit a final report to the state legislature. new predictions from aaa show how many americans will hit the road during the remainder of this holiday season. according to aaa, 98.6 million americans will travel at least 50 miles from home over the holidays. that's between december 23rd and january 4th. this number is up by 4% over last year and is the highest number since aaa began tracking those numbers in 2001. the majority of travelers, 91%, will reap their destination by car. with the holidays come many festive occasions. >> now there's a new tool to make sure you get home safely from all those parties.
5:46 pm
the department of transportation kicked off its annual drive sober or get pulled over in washington today. police will be out in force cracking down on drunk drivers. that's nothing new but what is new is the safer ride mobile app. >> this free app helps users connect with a safe ride home via taxi or a sober friend and shows you your location so you can tell your driver where to be picked up. >> the safer ride mobile app is available on google play for android devices. and it should be available for apple devices soon. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> we still have showers around the area but temperatures have been on the milder side today. showers still in the forecast as we go through the rest of this evening, then overnight we'll see more clearing. colder temperatures as we end out the week. low 40çs, freezing morning temperatures come back into the forecast. we are still tracking a chance
5:47 pm
for weekend snow. live look out at center city shows you where the low clouds are. we still have areas of fog right now, light rain being reported at philadelphia international airport. temperatures still in the upper 40s. it is too warm for anything but rain across the entire area. even mt. pocono coming in at 37, 45 allentown and pottstown, mid-40s in reading. 49 bensalem, 48 in mt. holly. for the rest of south jersey and delaware, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. the clouds and some showers will be staying around for the next few hours. most of the heavy rain has been along the shore over the past couple hours. a lot of that is moving out. atlantic city to ocean city, just see something of the lighter rain and this is all extending up into parts of ocean county, egg harbor across the ac expressway, seeing light rain. this continues to extend farther to the north. the heaviest stuff moved out into the atlantic. philadelphia seeing lighter rain, surrounding areas across 476 glenn side, across the p.a.
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turnpike, norristown, light rain. where you see the embedded yellow coloring, moderate rain. this is starting to move into parts of bridgeton, also down to dover, smyrna seeing some of the lighter rain. the clouds and moisture will be sticking around. it's all part of a weather system slowly moving through. as we go into tomorrow, we'll see more clearing. future weather takes the rain as we go through the next several hours. it keeps it around, lungering through 10:00 tonight. the clouds will be with us. overnight into early tomorrow we'll see more clearing and for your morning commute it will be on the dry side. for tonight, the scattered showers will be around for the evening hours but ending late, mostly overnight with areas of fog. 40 degrees for the low in philadelphia, mid-30s north and west. not exactly at the freezing point until tomorrow night. for tomorrow afternoon we stay right around 50 degrees. mix of clouds and sun. breezy but drier than today. then we go into thursday morning and we drop down around freezing for the morning hours for thursday and friday afternoon. temperatures in about the
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mid-to-low 40s. over the weekend we watchç a chance for showers late saturday night. rain and snow showers, the temperature's dropping. we go into sunday and that rain and snow chance continues across the areaarea. future weather shows the snow moving in during the overnight hours into early sunday. remember that we have rain and snow in the forecast for the weekend. more details on that coming up. ♪ tonight's the night, will this local new jersey man win the live finale of "the voice"? we'll know in just a few hours when the results are announced. matt mcandrew grew up here. he's hoping "the voice" will break open his career. >> the amount i've been able to
5:50 pm
do because of the show has been incredible. i just remember being like a kid in my room playing music. it's just crazy. >> mcandrew is part of team adam. don't miss the live finale of "the voice," beginning at 9:00 tonight, right here on nbc 10. chances of becoming a millionaire in new jersey and pennsylvania are about to get slimmer. officials are suspend the monopoly millionaire's club game. the $5 ticket game launched in 23 states in october but citing poor ticket sales, the final drawing is set for december 26th. there's a top prize of $25 million. it's played in new jersey and pennsylvania. talk about unsportsman-like conduct. >> this was a huge rut. >> soccer fields used by kids now scarred after someone tore them up with their tires. >> just like an attack on your quality of life. >> i'm ted greenberg.
5:51 pm
how the fields were vandalized just weeks after they were renovated. >> a puppy dog napped. a thief caught on camera.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
this is nbc 10 news. narcan, the drug that reverses heroin overdoses has
5:54 pm
saved 22 people in ocean county. starting in just minutes at 6:00 tonight, members of the ocean county opiate task force will teach the public how to administer the antidote. plus they will give away 75 narcan kits. the training happens at hope cathedral church. anyone may attend. delaware education officials say that principal's leading six turnaround schools in wilmington must be replaced unless the state agrees to an exception. the move could disqualify all but two principals out of the six priority schools. christina school district officials asked all three of its current principals be allowed to lead the turnaround efforts in their schools. education officials sent letters to the district saying federal rules and state law require that new principals take over schools targeted for that turnaround. the philadelphia regional port authority will meet today to discuss the future of about 200 acres of vacant land. the area is known as southport
5:55 pm
in south philadelphia. 16 companies have expressed interest in developing the land. those include energy companies, marine terminal operators and auto processors. with ideas for the maritime properties, south of the walt whitman bridge on the delaware river. two newly renovated youth soccer fields in ocean county got a workout over the weekend but there were not any games played on it. >> ted greenberg walks you through this costly crime and a late afternoonç arrest. >> they definitely went around in circles. >> reporter: a surveillance camera captured the glow of headlights from what's believed to be a small pickup truck. >> each time they were leaving and spinning doughnuts. >> reporter: a pair of 17-year-old boys allegedly used to rip up two soccer feels in brick township saturday night by driving all over the grass. the suspects were arrested late today. >> this was a huge rut. >> reporter: some 1,200 kids with the twin county soccer association play on the fields
5:56 pm
at the drum point sports complex every year. >> in 20 minutes somebody comes in and does this with no regard for what the kids, you know, that use this and this club. >> reporter: the timing of this vandalism is especially frustrating for league officials. you see, the nonprofit organization just spent more than $4,000 to renovate the fields this fall. >> we've spent a lot of money here with the town's joint effort. to see it ruined less than a month later, it's disheartening. >> you get everything looking nice and you're proud of it, then something like this happens. it's, you know, back to the drawing board a little bit. >> reporter: township crews quickly worked to fill in the tire tracks with new topsoil and grass seed. the vandalism happened after the fall season. no one will have to play now on the scarred fields. >> it's an attack on the quality of life. that's how we felt. >> reporter: the 17-year-old suspects have been released to their parents' custody.
5:57 pm
ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, remembering the victims of the montgomery county killing spree. >> the vigil that's about to begin and what we've learned about the suspect in the violence. and still some showers around for this evening, colder temperatures ahead. also a chance for snow. that's all in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast, coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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5:59 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. tonight prayers are under way in souderton. these are live pictures from the church where a vigil is about to begin in honor of the victims of a killing spree in montgomery county. >> just hours ago, the district attorney announced the suspect was found dead. we broke that news on our nbc 10 app that bradley stone's body was found in the woods near his home. there are several developments in this case, court documents are revealing new details about the violence that ripped apart a family. >> we're also learning more about the suspect's troubled past. our live team coverage begins with deanna durante live in eagleville. deanna? >> we have learned that stone was found dead just before ç2: this afternoon of a self-inflicted, according to investigators, knife wound to the center of his body. sources tell me a hatchet was
6:00 pm
found near his body in that field. crime scene investigators are still processing that at this hour. he was the suspect wanted for the murder of six people who were once relatives of his and investigators tell us that s.w.a.t. teams had fanned out all day today looking for any sign of him and finding his body. we want to give you a little recap. it was 3:30 a.m. that police believe he attacked first in souderton, attacking a family of four. it was the s.w.a.t. team that went into the home around noon, discovering three bodies and a 17-year-old on the third floor of that house. it's believed he was hiding on the flird flothird floor of tha after being brutally attacked. he was found alive, being treated at the hospital this evening. we learned from the district attorney that the motive to all of this was because he was trying to get custody of his children and he was dissatisfied, as she put it, that he wasn't getting his


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